Niggers and Nigger-Lovers Respond

Funny response from someone trying to defend niggers

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Liberal fruitcake holding up a signLiberal fruitcake marching against racism



Obviously, this guy misses the point of many of the things that I wrote. My Responses to Nigger Defenders page is just that: A RESPONSE. But he seems to think that I'm making claims:

1) Nowhere did you show that Egypt was not black or black influenced. You merely showed that there are extreme claims made by afrocentrists. Egypt is but one of many ancient African civilizations.

The links clearly prove that sub saharan niggers were not Egyptians.

Notice how you say 'African civilizations'.? As if niggers are from NORTH Africa. Common ruse among nigger defenders.

Moroccans are not niggers, Libyans are not niggers, Saudi Arabians are not niggers, and neither are Egyptians. You can not claim the achievements of those people as belonging to niggers simply because they reside and have inhabited the northern continent of Africa.

3) Blacks and Whites are serial killers.

Niggers are twice as likely to be a serial killer than a white in the U.S. where records are reliable. I was RESPONDING to claims made by others that ALL serial killers are whites.

4) Yes blacks commit disproportionately more crime. Most of that crime is intra-racial (within race) and has much to do with environment and culture (the culture of a black as a "nigger" - and ppl like you maintain it, so you reap what you sow) :o)

So, the fact that niggers are so violent and prone to criminality is my fault because I 'maintain the culture of blacks as niggers'?


Unbelievable mentality.

Total lack of personal responsiblity or accountability.

It's whitey's fault.

By the way, over 90% of all interracial crime is commited by blacks against whites.

5) Blacks and Whites molest children

Niggers are four times more likely to molest children than whites in the U.S. where records are reliable. My post was a RESPONSE to others claiming that whites commit all the child molestations.

6) Poverty doesn't cause crime, it's merely one antecedent. As pointed out above, culture and poverty combined would predict increased crime.

Oh, so now their NEW excuse for nigger crime is that poverty AND culture causes high crime.


Not just poverty but poverty AND culture !


And again, I was RESPONDING to the nigger defenders claiming that poverty causes all the crime among niggers.

7) Correct, blacks are overrepresented on welfare because they're a minority of the population. Why not? If the Tom Shelly's of the world refused to do business with you and referr to you as a nigger. More of them should milk the system (it's a shame so few do)

Niggers are overrepresented on welfare because they are a minority?

How come Asians aren't overrepresented on welfare?

Opps ! There goes yet another argument and excuse for nigger laziness.

I love how it all goes back to 'whitey's fault'. He even states that niggers should milk the system because racist whites won't give them jobs or more money.

Give me, give me, give me...and if you don't, it's your fault that I'm destroying your country, killing your families and raping your wives.

Since the average white man already works until May to pay the taxes used to support niggers, I think that's enough 'give me', don't you?

Why don't niggers try something new, something unique, something never tried before:


8) There is no doubt blacks contributed to inventions; what you're arguing over is to what degree and significance those inventions are.

Yet you are unable to provide me with any.

Unless of course, you consider using cow shit as insulation in their straw huts as an invention.

The only time niggers become a non-drain on society and only halfway productive is when you introduce white blood into their gene pool.

9) Blacks are human - they can do all the things Tom Shelly does (and more), including interbreed. Africans don't have black skin. Apes have straight hair and thin lips. I guess it's all a matter of perspective :o)

Niggers are ape hybrid animals and nothing you wrote above contradicts the facts I presented.

Ever hear of a mule?

Ape holding up sign 'Stop Comparing Me to Niggers"

10) Not just sports skills, but also entertainment - comedy, music etc. I'll take Otis Redding over Skrewdriver any day as would most civilized humans :o)

Now nigger defenders are stating that niggers are more entertaining in comedy and music?


Who do you think people will be listening to 300 years from now? Snoop Dog or Mozart?


And I'm sure niggers and nigger defenders like you are sitting around listening to rap and consider it better entertainment. I also know some retards that sing Tele Tubby songs and consider that the height of entertainment too.

What does that tell you about taste?

Man in black faceNigger woman wearing Sponge Bob pajamas

11) It's all relative. There is no doubt that racism effects blacks in society. Are they better off than living in Africa. Surely. That doesn't mean the first statement is untrue. Logic - use it.

I am using logic. If whitey is the root of all problems for niggers and keeping niggers down, why is their lowest living standard in Africa, a place abundant in natural resources with NO WHITEY?

Why are niggers living there living in absolute shit and sqaulor if there's no racism and certainly no other race around to oppress them and keep them down?

Niggers by hut in AfricaVulture stalks starving nigglet

12) Nobody wants to live in areas that are violent and wretched. People who can afford to own their own houses don't want to live near trailer parks either. My guess is that you don't own the place where you reside.

That's right.! And the places that are violent and wretched are nigger neighborhoods.

Are you learning yet?

(notice how he slips in the personal attack by claiming that I live in a trailer? The very thing I address he just couldn't help himself from repeating)

13) You hide behind your computer and PO Box's (why isn't your real address listed in WHOIS? lol). Your site attracts nothing but white losers - your attempts to have other non-whites side in your one-man brigade is an utter failure and laughable. Those who are held in contempt by all in society are your ilk - which is why you hide.

I'm not hiding behind my computer or PO Boxes any more than you are or anyone else on the computer is. Since when is it a requirement to post your real name and address with every web site message or email? This nonsense that I should post my name and address or I'm hiding or weak is ridiculous and used by people who have no argument other than to attack me or try to blackmail me in an attempt to censor the truth.

(and I noticed that you failed to provide me with your name and address too. haha )

Where do you get the idea that my site attracts only white losers and that I am making attempts to have other non-whites side in my 'one-man brigrade'? Are you privy to my web site's logs and have you tracked down each and every one of the hundreds of visitors that I get each day?

You sure do have a lot of information for a guy who thinks that Cleopatra was a nigger and that niggers invented the light bulb.

14) Only Asians compare to whites on IQ. Arabs and Hispanics perform similar to blacks. Are the tests slanted? Not likely. Does culture and environment play a role? Surely - known facts. The authors of the Bell Curve agree that environment and genetics both are the basis for the results. They actually encourage more assistance for blacks. Get a copy, it's a great read.

No actually, Arabs and Hispanics score higher than niggers. In fact, EVERYBODY scores higher than niggers on IQ tests. If they didn't, they would be labeled as retarded and put in special classes where they wear football helmets and do finger painting all day.

So this is the new excuse for inbred nigger retardation: because it's their culture and environment?


Let me guess, that's whitey's fault too, huh?

And you even admit that genes play a role in IQ's. Opps!

Thanks for agreeing with me.

And we should give assistance to niggers when they take IQ tests? Why? Are they special? You know, I bet if I taught a monkey to put dots or marks in some of the square boxes on an IQ test sheet they would score higher than the average nigger. It's just a theory of mine so far but I sure would like to see it tested out. I bet the monkey would score higher than the nigger.

15) You've shown no sources (legitimate or otherwise) that support your beliefs about niggers.

I guess the hundred or so links throughout my web site is just a figment of my imagination huh?

I love how nigger defenders just brush aside facts and sources and completely ignore reality. I've gotten this a lot over the years. I could painstakenly list source after source and link after link to verifiable sources and facts totally backing up what I write and nigger lovers will just completely brush it aside either pretending that it doesn't exist or just simply saying, "It's wrong." Thats one of the reasons why I did this web page, so I don't have to argue with them. It's pointless.

16) Stats are not facts. And you're right, the interpretation of stats are important. You see the numbers and you understand proportion, and you think that says it all. Take a stats 101 course for the other "stuff" you're missing in the equation - or just use common sense.

Stats are not facts? That's interesting nigger-logic.

The statistic that niggers commit over 50% of the murders in this country but are only 12% of the population is not a fact, huh?


(and notice how he doesn't present any of his own. Just the 'you're wrong!" nigger defender argument.)

Monkey face

17) It was Whites, not blacks, who initiated the idea of larger endowment. Read historical literature for a change.

Funny how I never get emails from white racists telling me how much bigger nigger dicks are. Only from anti racists and the niggers themselves.

18) All races kill children

And again, you miss the point.

Niggers are 4 times more likely to kill their children than white are. I posted that in RESPONSE to others telling me that whites are the only ones who kill their children.

19) You may not owe them reparations (although the precedent has been set with reparations paid to Asians for WWII camps, and Jews), but you certainly owe them an apology for your site. Maybe not, they would get a kick out of somebody who puts so much effort into fighting the demons in his own mind.

Now I owe niggers an apology for my site, huh?


For what? Presenting the truth?

So, in your mind, people should apologize for pointing out the behavior of niggers to others.

How about the niggers apologize to all of us for the destruction, crime, and drain they have done to our country?

Niggers in violent protestWhigger fruitcakes protesting racism

20) I've attached more porn for you. It's not to say that white women love black guys (which I'm sure is also true - not reflected in marriage - but rather dating, and affairs - due to the cultural reasons you cited - money, status, etc), but because guys like you are the biggest fans of interracial porn. The best customers of nigger porn are the so called nigger haters.

It's hard to decifer the nigger babble above. He seems to be trying to say that white racists (realists) are attracted to nigger porn.

Would you care to post proof to your claim that 'the best customers of nigger porn are the so called nigger haters'?

After all, I back up my claims on my web site, now it's your turn.

Let's see your proof. Do you have scientific studies at hand?

Or were you just talking out your ass?

let me guess......

21) Your site has been online for 2 years. It's definitely funny but for different reasons than you think. I don't think you hate anybody or treat anybody "accordingly". I think you're a middle aged man afraid to speak his mind openly and only finds an outlet anonymously online where you feel you're safe. I'm just trying to look at what I see objectively and this is really the only reasonable conclusion one can come to.You see niggers making it while you wallow alone, meek, afraid, and feeling powerless. you gain all your glory not by your own accomplishments (you have none) but on the backs of those that lived before you who you happen to share ancestry with.

And you made all these sweeping generalizations about me on the basis of reading my web site and without meeting me at all? Wow ! Where did you get your psychology degree from?

If you don't mind, I'll just consider your opinion bullshit. Anyone who thinks niggers were Egyptian isn't worthy of considering their opinion on much of anything.

By the way, I'll be waiting for your proof that:

'the best customers of nigger porn are the so called nigger haters'?




Here's a typical argument by nigger defenders, they try to pass off their opinions or guesses as facts. They will demand fully sourced facts from you and check it carefully but they will never suppy verifiable sources or links for their own wild claims. When arguing with these types, stop everything, stop the debate, and call them on it:


Hello Mr. Shelly

These are just some of my thoughts on the subject of race.(Thought you might find them to be interesting.)

First off, I should point out that your serial killer statistics are incorrect. I'm guessing that it includes mass murders and or gang killings, neither of which are technically serial murders. There have actually only been a few black serial killers.


"""" I'm guessing that it includes mass murders and or gang killings, neither of which are technically serial murders.""""

I don't have to read any more of your message to stop you right there. You can not 'guess' you have to be factually accurate.

""""First off, I should point out that your serial killer statistics are incorrect.""""

You are wrong and you are basing your statement and claim on a GUESS that you made.

Whereas I posted FBI Statistics that clearly state: "....of all convicted serial killers are black...." It says that in the official FBI publication. It's absolutely ludicrous for me to take your 'guess' over official FBI statistics. You look like a damn fool for trying to pass off your guess as a fact. But that is typical of nigger lovers, you feel that you are so right that you feel justified in 'adjusting' and 'modifying' information to make it fit into your unrealistic opinions about niggers.

When you can't win with facts, you simply present your 'guesses' as facts.

That will be enough out of you. I hope this has taught you a lesson that in an uncensored and open debate, we racists win every time.

Tom Shelly


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