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The following are true true stories involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. A collection of Stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

Coontact Tale #401(July 22, 2006)


Love the Site, its great to get the word out that TNB exists and it needs to be counteracted. Anyway, I had a coontact that proved that coons have no idea how to handle money.

My father was one of six kids in a Boston Irish family. They weren't poor, but they sometimes struggled to make ends meet. He loved cars and he always wanted a Ford Mustang. A few weeks ago he found his dream car. A 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback with a new 350 big block engine. With a four speed transmission, the thing is a beast. He had waited too long already and he bought it on the spot. Little did I know that he had been searching for a car like this for almost 8 years. He got it for a steal for 15,000

Just a little background info, back to the coontact. We go to the bank on the following monday in order to obtain the cashier's check from his savings account. Even though i'm still 17 I have saved up considerable money from working for my father and at a golf course. I took out 5,000 cash and went to the bank with him to complete the transaction. There were three tellers. One was a spicarican of unknown decent and guess what, the other two were fat she-boons. We went to the she-boon who just opened up and judging by the looks of her she had just hit the pipe before coming to work. We went to her and provided her with all the necessary information. Then i proceeded to take my envelope stuffed with fifty one hundred dollar bills with the express instruction to deposit it in my father's account. She puts the money in the drawer and says she'll get to it later. That ticks me off a little but i decide at their pace its better to allow them to think they can function normally. So she goes to the check printer and prints a check. When i receive it, it looks like my cousin could do better, and he is in nursery school. I give it back to her and tell her to do it again. She goes back to the Machine and instead of 15,000 dollar check she prints 150,000. My father is about to explode with his famed irish temper and tells her to get the damn thing right already. She goes back and she manages to spell my father's name wrong. Jesus Christ. The name is on the damn check. How stupid do you have to be. My father tried to be polite and he told her to give him back the 5,000 and we would go to the guy in the office. Guess what the nigger tries to do. She denied the fact that i gave her the 5,000 dollars. I worked myself to the bone for that money, and the fact that this ignorant low-class piece of shit coon who only got her job because she loves barbeque sauce infuriated the hell out of me. I tell her to stop lying and give me my money. The manager of the bank comes over and I knew he would rectify the situation. I've only been best friends and teammates with his son since we could walk. He tells the nigger that if she doesn't get the money out of the drawer in less than five seconds, she would be back in the ghetto receiving welfare checks. she concedes but when she gets the money back out, guess what she decides to do. She starts a typical coon rant about whitey and how the man is keeping her down. I tell her that if she ever tried this shit again, we'd take care of her like we did in the old days. She got the picture pretty quick. We went back into the manager's office and he took care of us himself. By the time we left the bank, we see the she-boon waddling out. She saw us and started to scream about how she got fired because of us, not to mention her brain dead stupidity. We just leave and my father got the car he has always dreamed of.

Mustang Man.

Coontact Tale #402(July 24, 2006)

After moving from a small northern town to the south, i had a very eye opening experience. Soon after being hired into a large construction company that yielded about 70% niggers, it wasn't long before i was promoted to Manager. Listening to these coons cry everyday about some stupid racist shit started to get on my nerves. (Thank the good lord, i never see a nigger until i was out of high school and moved to Florida. Now i see this is what greatly accounted for my passing the TABE test with a score of 12.9 and an IQ of 132) but anyway...Managing this plant, i was overseeing 11 niggers. Upon entering the plant on a friday morning at 5:00 am, i see that someone had broken into the office the prior night. I had called the police and reported the incident, but as you all know...working with 11 niggers, we won't need the FBI for this. There was only 1 cash sale on that thursday for about $800, and that was gone. After the 2 policecoons arrived and accused me of the crime for 20 min, the rest of the employees started showing up for work and being questioned by police as to there whearabouts the prior night. But with all of the employees and police being coons, it was as follows: Police..."Whats crakin' bro?"

Employee..."Aint nutin G"
Police..."yew du dis"
Employee..."heeellll naw, i'z wuz at da crack crib allllll night brother"
Police..."Kman, go bat da wurk"

After going through all emoployees that morning the PO-lice left with me still as there prime suspect. Then after about 20 min. of TNB in the office, listening to these coons accuse each other of this crime, babbling on in whatever that shit comming from there dirty mouths is, I decided to pass out the checks that i had received late Thursday night. Noticing there was only 10 checks and 11 people, i went through them to see who's was missing....then thought..."I counted these last night when i received them and they was all there" Now this hurd had moved outside, looking out the window for the nigger who's check was missing i see him exit "the portapotty i had installed for them" with his eyes as big as coke cans. Calling him into the office i was sure i had my nigger, but was not certain. After all, out of the 11 niggers i had, he was the last one i would suspect. Upon telling him that his check was missing he looked at me, sweating like a nigger trying to read, and said "It's ahhight, i'z picked it up last night"

This coon was later arrested and in a very rare moment of sanity amongst niggers, admitted to everything, telling the police that he had broke in and stole the money and decided to pick up his check while he was here to support his crack addiction, and that he had broken into a convience store that he belived to be closed and shot and killed another black man earlier that week. Then to my amazement he reached into his pocket and pulled out what he said was $500 worth of crack and asked his buddy to sell it and come bail him out...right in front of the police officers (who were white this time) He was charged with Murder,breaking and entering, theft, and possesion of crack cocaine and is currently sitting his black ass behind bars.

Needless to say, I am living back in my home town, where the only coons I see are the ones in my trash at night. It may be less money but as EVERYONE knows, not ever seeing a nigger again is definately worth it.

Coontact Tale #403(July 24, 2006)

At the local Popeye's, I had two niggers in front of me, an old nigger great-great-great-great grandma (about 55 years old) and a young nigger buck, about 22 years old. Anyways, grandma orders her food and (miraculously) pays for it. Now it's young nigger buck's turn. He pulls out a paper and makes 5 different orders, presumably for all his sistuhs in da crib. Then the story gets a little more interesting:

Cashier: "That's $42.58, sir"
Boy: "Yo sho dat be dat much? Ring dat up sepuhtlee"
Cashier: "Alright, you owe 5 different totals now"
Grandma: "Hey Tyrondiquintee, if you pays fo five
diffunt meals you is gonsta pays five times mo taxes, nigga!"
Boy (to cashier): "Yo, rings dat up allstogethuh now.
I aint payin no extra taxes to da man, sheeeit"
Grandma: "Dat's right, uh huh"

Nigger produces a beat-up credit card with electric tape over the name. It's obviously weathered and appears to have been previously cut (by scissors). The manager tries running the card and for some reason, it works.

Niggers have no sense of money or economics. If you pay five different totals that equal $42, or if you ring up one ticket of $42, guess what? 5% of 42 is 5% of 42, no matter how you slice it. Dumb niggers!

Coontact Tale #404(July 24, 2006)

This Coontact Tale is rather long and different from most others because it is a collection of Hollywood professionals discussing in "private" their troubles with niggers.


I have spent a great deal of time shooting films in Los Angeles (16 years) and regretfully have to agree with you. No matter how fairly you try to treat blacks, they are never satisfied until they have fucked you over. Black businesses rely on a constant flow of new customers because their idea of a 'good deal' precludes any return trade. In the world of the monkeys, the laws of the jungle are extremely clear. If they can work themselves into a position of trust, they will steal from you or set you up to be stolen from and then secretly think that you somehow deserve to be ripped off because… by trusting them... you were "slipping". A great example... this black film crew calls me. They want me to do a job for them in Detroit...some black music video. Realizing what was coming; I thanked them but refused the job. The money they promised was great...but collecting money from a black outfit is next to impossible. Anyway, these crack-heads end up getting a competitor of mine to do the video in Detroit. I hear later that he got some of his equipment stolen by members of the ‘crew’ and never got all of his money. They didn’t have insurance, security or the correct permits. They hired the cousins and other relatives of the rapper artist to work as PA’s and all they did was talk shit to the women back ground players and smoke pot. Typical of all black productions, they were unable to finish and never paid the vendors for the services they received.

I will say this for them. Blacks who attempt to make film are entertaining to watch. They have no idea what they are doing. Part of film school should be dedicated to the black film makers and how fucking stupid they are and how and why we, as a society, carry their films and continue to give them awards for below average work...but that's another story.


Boy, I agree.

I've been in this city for over 25 years and run an advertising agency. From time to time, we have blacks approach us to do their advertising and promotions for their rap music bullshit or music videos. NO, thank you, I'll pass.

You can't collect the money and the steal from you. I had one guy give me a stolen credit card to pay his music promotion! And EVERY time, I've gotten a check from a black, it bounced or they put a stop payment on it for some bullshit reason.

One time, early on, I hired a black window washer for my building. I felt sorry for him. He did shitty work so I bitched at him. The second time he came, he tried to stage a fall and said he was going to sue me. Well, guess what? I had him on video putting a wet rag down and slipping on it. Pretending. The insurance guys loved that.

Hired a black woman once, she appeared white acting and normal. Big problem. Caught her doing drugs and fired her. She applies for unemployment saying I sexually harassed her.

Bottom line: Don't do business with blacks.


So true, was doing a tv pilot in Leimert Park , had all the permits, agreed upon fees for the shops , and the night before we shoot XXXX XXXXX (nigger director) and his gang of extornist ( sp) demand more money or they won't let us shoot. Budget be dammed we have to come up with more money . Guess signed contracts don't mean anything to these people. Oh and to add flame to the fire , the signs were posted no parking tow away and yet 5 people still parked there and tore down the signs, when we had thier cars towed so that we could put our trucks in , we then had to pay for these people to have their cars retreived.Stupid Fucks. Any reason why more shows are shot in Vancouver ?


I have a friend who is a manager for a restaurant chain that is somewhat high end. He always complains about blacks coming in, ordering shit, eating half of it then complaining they don't like it and try to get it off the bill. Which he never does because why the fuck would you want people like this coming to your restaurant? Also apparently they are the only ones that walkout on the bill.


I'll say it again: EACH & EVERY time I've done ANY biz with Blacks in The Industry (movie, tv, radio, etc.) , I've been the recipient of lies, bad checks, threats to "go straight up gangsta on yo ass." and if EVER any women are involved at any level, these guys just can't help but try to run game.


I've got some funny ones to share, funny and tragic, cuz it hurts good working blacks.

I met this guy on a plane, talked a bunch, he worked with this black church. i said i'd donate a few used computers. that led to him asking for more. so, I got more. not only do i find out he sold them a few days after I delivered them, he calls me up in a panic, says he has to borrow two grand to leave the country. i find out he molested a girl in church that was 12.

Next story, this black dude calls me to write a screenplay for him. he talks all up and down about his connections with a famous black actor/director, and how he is so in. it was a re write, really, and so, I take it on. Not only does his final check bounce, he sends some brutes to my house demanding that i sign a document giving him sole writing credit. I got the money because his dad was the signer on the account, too, and his dad made him pay.

next story, two black producers contact me, want to produce my script, they got will smith's son, and will is gonna do a cameo, they got this guy and that guy. spent two weeks trying to get them to deliver the front money for the option. what did they do? they got my script, took my name off it, submitted it thinking if will smith says okay they pay me later, it got covered and killed the chance of it being produced for a while.

next story, I hire a black sound guy on a set. he's the only one fucking up, and literally falls asleep during a scene. well, the power cuts out, which means he has to re-sync his sound, which he doesn't, and we have to pay about 7 grand to correct his mistake. but this isn't the kicker. the third day we have to move cars. there is a nice new lincoln in the lot, and it's an older guy's car. so, i ask him if that's his lincoln, and he has a shit fit, saying i'm prejudiced, but In fact I knew most of the cars the other crew people drive. asshole.

next story, i'm hired by a guy from chicago, a radio personality, known guy. he has some heat on an idea for a reality show. he presents me with all sorts of proof, signed documents, etc. he needs a bible and treatment fast. the cost is only $4,500. He sends me some sorto of doc from his bank, stating the funds are on hold but released soon. well, i work overtime to deliver a lot of it, and then, i have to fly to Asia, to Thailand. and his money is needed over there. he swears he's going to transfer the money, and i have most of the project anyway, still withheld. he starts sending me e mails with pleas from local chicago celebs and some others saying that if they could just present the project we'll all get paid. meanwhile, he's coming up with stories about why the deadline for the hold on his check from Burger king for product placement on his radio show did not clear. soon enough i'm in a jam in Asia, counted on the money. I was not that bad off, i had other money, so I was okay, but i start sending him e mails saying that if he doesn't come through on his promise i'll be in a Thai jail for not paying my hotel bill. he makes up more excuses, swearing the money will be there tomorrow. meanwhile, I have a friend start tracking down the documents, and find out that half are forged signatures. i call him and confront him, and in typical black fashion, he turns the fault over to me, saying it's my fault for not giving him the whole project within a week. and he never can come up with a reason his check was held for 24 days now. what a fucking liar, and what a fucking jive ass mother fucker for turning the blame on me for his being a liar and a cheat.

next story, I go on a shoot, and the blacks get caught with a shitload of pot in another country, and they all blame this innocent Asian guy, saying it's his, and bail on the dude. he gets off, but, not without a night in jail and some bribe money.

next story, i'm on a set, and three girls come up and say that the black dude is sexually harrassing them in a big way, saying he'll eat their pussy really good, do anal, etc. many warnings later, i have to reprimand him in front of the crew and actors when he says it again, and his black "manager" gets all over me for not being professional about confronting him.

next story, blacks on a set band together for a mutiny, standing up to the productoin as a unified team to get rid of a producer they don't like. they succeed, cuz the exec producer was an idiot. within four days, he entire production shuts down cuz the black guy they suggested loses all control of shooting and is two days behind in four days of shooting and money is missing.

next story, we go to Aruba to shoot a tv. show about gambling and vacations. the shoot is going great. then, 17 thousand dollars is missing. guess who? the black producer took it to gamble, thinking he would win, and also, hired a hooker. he lost, and the hooker didn't get paid and spilled the beans. the whole show gets canceled cuz the money man in the US who is white is pissed off.

this is just a partial list.

beware of biz with blacks


I just recently opened my own business in that caters to all types from all different financial and racial backgrounds. Many of my customers are African American. I equally treat every one with the same customer service I would expect myself regardless of whom they are. And I will always continue to do so. In the months I have been opened the only problems I have had are with the Black clientle. They have tried to run scams, passed bad a check, expect the MOST amount of of service for the least amount of money, are often confrontational and rude. Constantly complain about my rates but won't go anywhere else cause my location and service is more convenient. Often talking loud on their prepaid cell phones via speakerphone so the entire whole world can hear. My favortie is many of them will drive in gaz guzzling brand new SUVs w/ rent to own rims dressed to the T, only to cash their goverment checks across the street then do their laundry at the LaundryMat next door to that. No one else, Whites, Latinos,or Asians give me any problems. Only my black patrons, consistently! All the other businesses in the area share the same attitude as I do.


So, I write a dvd for a known model who is going to appear in Playboy. I meet her film crew, and there's a lot of blacks. I'm not automatically against blacks, but these guys were just steeped in ultra Jive Talk & Walk.

they were reading my script and jabbbering away to the model holding the audition that it was just a bombass work. Now, this is some boobsy car model, and the script was more VIP than Chinatown, so all of the compliments on its genius made me a little nervous.

All of the black guys were gawking at every babe that came in for the audition, so I was given even more reason for concern.

One of the guys, Jeff S. starts calling me later regarding the script saying he doesn't understand what's up with it. I couldn't get an idea of what he couldn't understand, because it was VERY simple.

So, I told him it was in a new form that will one day come to be called BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END!

I broke it down into small, ite sized chunks of analysis from there: Girl Gets Mansion, Girl Loses Mansion to the IRS, Girl Holds Celebrity Car Wash and Gets Mansion From Proceeds.

And talk about a poker face, the guy kept asking with emphasis why I was only billing $500 ffor the script. I told him it was because I like the client, and I didn't want to up her production costs.

But he kept hammering the question: was that all I wanted out of this deal, were there no back end profit participations, etc.

Simply, the guy was telegraphing that he thought I was charging too little for the project.

Now, I billed the client and let her pay half.

When I get to the shoot, it's total chaos, no call sheets, no irection, and the jive dude Jef is running around looking busy as hell while doing nothing constructive.

They are shooting, and the scene is nothing I've writtten. I ask the model what page of the script they are on, and she sez they making up their own lines now.

Sufice it to say, the blacks hadn't blocked out any of the shots, were completely unprepared to go with the script. But rather than admit this, they convinced the CAR Model (DdR) that my script maically sucked and that by making up lines aas they went along meant she didn't have to pay me the balance owed to me becasue they be materially change things 'n shit.

Meanwhile, the directore who seemed to have TUNNELVISION (clue) was wearing dark glasses and had these dread extension things spillng out form a baseball cap. Everyonce in a while he yells cut.

Looked like he was asleep behind the glasses.

After the disaster, this Jeffrey guy calls/writes and is talking major shit about how I fucked up their production, bla bla.

And to this day, my client who I got into Playboy hasn't paid me.

Moral of the story: even if you are not doing bis with Negroes directly, run if they are involved at an indirect level.


I got more than one e mail asking me why I then continue to do biz with blacks. Now, I don't. But for a long time, I was a shining example of a white guy who bought into this idea that blacks should always be given the best chance to succeed, and the benefit of the doubt. I did a lot to aide blacks in the city, with charity drives, etc. I wanted to bridge that gap. But finally, I turn them down most of the time right off the bat, unless they pay up front and there are agreements in writing that are collectable. I do all I can now to avoid hiring them. And it's not my fault or prejudiced. As someone put it, they questioned my common sense. Well, common sense now tells me, that fuck racial equality, if this group has earned their bad rap,, then, I have to let my common sense overule and say NO MORE. Prejudice is "to pre judge" and in this case, they have earned this as a whole. I pre judge that too many of them will not act as honorably as I will act, and so, to preserve myself, I have to cut them out of my biz life.

I also got mail saying that I should keep on giving them a chance and not to hold the actions of a few against the whole group. but, why the fuck is it my job and life to keep helping people who fuck me over or not? I don't see them helping much. and, right now, the percentage of blacks who rip me off compared to those who do not is about 85%.


I will tell you that I yet have to meet a black person who comes to the place where I am a waiter at and order full service,usually demanding people and of course I bust my balls for them and never get anywhere near the proper tip. Matter of fact last night I had a party of 5 and their bill was like 156 bucks and they left me 8.00 fucken dollars.

When we see black people coming in to eat we cringe and actually fight amongst ourselves who is going to take that table. Why is it that black people suck at tipping??


I agree. I stopped doing business with them a long time ago. I couldn't afford it anymore.

I have a family, house to pay for and kids to feed and send to college. EVERY single black person I've done business with has ripped me off and costed me money. EVERY single one.

And I already have given them chance after chance after chance. They ALL ripped me off. So I cut them off years ago and my business is much more successful and stress free. If a black calls, we just hang up. No explaination, they don't deserve one. They know why.

I manage and run the front desk at a high end spa.

The white customers are lovely. The asian customers are lovely. The hispanic customers are lovely. But the black customers treat my workers disrespectfully, complain about the service, bounce checks, and charge back their credit cards.

As a child, I was always raised to respect human beings of all races but now that I own a business and have been screwed multiple times by overly entitled or outrightly deceptive black patrons, I do everything possible to avoid serving them.

Political correctness is so last decade. If another cheap demanding and dishonest black customer never again darkens the doorstep of my establishment, it will not be too soon. If I happen to be at the desk, I will deny them service with the most apologetic smile even if we are slow. In the event they get in under my radar (my workers book them inadvertantly, they are instructed not to...) and then push me, I turn into the worlds biggest and shadiest bitch as it is the only way to effectively protect myself, my employees, and my business from black abuse and extortion...


I used to work at a regional Shakespeare theater. We had one single black actor in the company. A year ago, I heard from old friends that he had been hired as a recurring character on Desperate Housewives (now you can find out who this is if you really want to...). After shooting only 1 or 2 episodes, he was accused of "sexual misconduct" towards the actresses on the set, and they immediately fired him and wrote him off the show. If you remember last season, a black character who appeared for a SECOND before disappearing - that was him.

Self-control, brothaz.... just because you're working with her does not mean that Teri Hatcher wants to fuck you.

Coontact Tale #405(July 24, 2006)

I am a former cop from this general area.

Here is an interesting story.

It is a TRUE Story. If there are any dis-believers, I can dig up these stories from WTMJ and the Sentinel and post them.

When Nigger Lewis was appointed Cheef O Po-leez, one of his first actions was to appoint an affirmative-action, Nigger Sow to a position equal to Captain status. The union was wild. This was a low rank Nigger with no particular training or skills. She made the job in the first place purely, because she was a Nigger and a woman. Maybe he had a "Thing" going with her, I do not know. Ordanarilly, this position would go to a seasoned Police Officer of Rank (At least Lieutenant) and in today's Law Enforcement World, somebody with at least a BA degree from an approved university. Pissed a lot of rank and file off. Big Time!

On her first day as Captain, she blew a red light and hit a school bus. NOT responding on a call.

A few months later,Nigger Lewis approved her to attend a Police Seminar in NYC. The Nigger Sow decided to bring her brother along at Tax-Payer expense. While she was attending the seminar, her brother took her service weapon and went out to explore the Big Apple. Some alert NYPD Patrolman spotted the weapon that this Ape was carrying and arrested him. It turns out he had active Warrants in Milwaukee and Chicago! If Sista, had run an NCIC and CIB check on Brotha, she would have been bug-eyed at the screen. But then again, she may(Probably)have known he was "HOT" all along.

The straw that broke the Camels Back.

This Nigger Sow was off-duty and went into a custard stand to buy some screem on the NW side. She accused the Nigger Wench behind the counter of short-changing her (It). When the Nigger clerk refused to refund her, she went behind the counter and proceeded to choke her! Chimped Out!

That was even too much for the liberal Civil Service Commission.

Now talk about TNB, this takes the cake!


Claim: In some CVS stores, of all the hair care items vended there, only those marketed to African-Americans are tagged with anti-theft devices.

Haha, it is TRUE!

Niggers are theives and everyone knows it!

Coontact Tale #406(July 25, 2006)

Okay, i have recently been in a little trouble with the law. I caught a couple assault charges, and have been doing what is called pre-trial. It is basically, (for those who dont know) like probation, but it takes place before you are convicted, it is basically to find out how you will do on probation. Anyway, today was my court date, and i got off, basically, i pled guilty to a disorderly conduct.. whooptyshit. Big fuckin deal. I got 6 mo probation before judgement. Anyway, it all started when i got to court this morning at 7:30. Im sitting there in my car, waiting for the doors to open, and i look to my left, where the court house is... one white guy. The rest are all fucking coons. Well, i take that back there were like twelve spics, too. Anyway, that was the tip of the iceberg. I look to my right, where i hear a commotion, and words like pimps and hoes. Low and behold, a group of about five moon crickets are walking by, all wearing ignoarant striped shirts, and doo-rags or whatever. This one looks straight at me and i just started laughing. Not only because he was uglier than a pile of chopped up dick, but also he had a fucking afro pick sticking out of hiw doo-rag. I couldn't help myself from laughing. He looked at me, trying to intimidate me, he way they all do, and he said the fuck you laughin at? I just looked at him, still chuckling and said, dude, youre going to court looking like you just got out of jail. And your friends with you. What the hell do you expect.? Well at that he got angry and sprouted off some niggerbabble that i couldnt follow so i rolled up my window. He and his friends started yelling shit, calling me racist, shit like that. Finally i couldnt stand it anymore. I opened the door and said, what makes you think im racist,? They said the rebel flag on my back window. I was like, oh, well yeah. good point. Fuck off niggers. They didnt do anything, it was right outside the court house, i guess they have some manner of intelligence, even if rarely attributed or used. Anyway, after tht i went into the courthouse, had my hearing etc. etc. and then afterwards i had to go check back with pretrial. This is when i really got mad. I went in there, to the main obby, and as usual, there was the general crowd of no white people. Just a bunch of niggers. And today Nigger 1 had his 6 yr old kid with him. Who brings a kid to pre-trial? Anyway, the whole entire time im there i can hear them yelling, not talking yelling about the "niggas they beat up" or hung out wit or what the fuck ever. Basically they were bragging about their criminal behavior, and i finally said, you guys know that what you say in hear gets translated directly to court, right? And they just looked at me and told me to shut the fuck up, i was a stupid white kid who dont know shit. Well after having dealt with all this shit today i was fed up. I said, okay, you know what guys? I may be a white kid, but i just went from having a potential of 76 years in jail to having 6 months probation. When wa s the last time a judge did that to a niger like you? And then i walked out. It was appaling. I was in awe at the audacity of the niggers in this area. Every day it just getts worse. I really hope some niggerific plague comes along and wipes them all out. How great would that be. Oh, and if any of you stupid black pride idiots are going to respond to this, i dont care what you have to say. Your words mean nothing to me, because niggers' actions speak a lot louder than your words. So grow up and take a look at eh world. Ill see you in twenty years when you realize that the liberal meda is WRONG

Coontact Tale #407(July 30, 2006)

I work for an insurance agency, and up until a couple of years ago, coontact on the job was rare. Then my boss, who only worships the almighty dollar, bought out a retiring agent's book of business. The agency in question was located in a black neighborhood and serviced that neighborhood.

Well, the coontact began. "Whatchoo mean my in-shoance cancel? I done PAID my 'shoance!" "Whatchoo mean I cain't take that off? It bees my 'shoance policy!" "Why y'all move ovah they-ah?" "I doan care if I paid or not! I wants my 'shoance cads!"

One case of coontact really stands out for me, and is the gold standard of coontact for my office. A woman who had been insured with the insurance agency my boss bought out called our office, wanting insurance once again with that firm. I explained that the office in question no longer existed and offered an automobile policy with our office. She came in to provide the information - auto information, drivers' license numbers and so on. One of the questions I am required to ask is whether there are any other drivers in the household. She told me no, only she and her husband resided in the household. Duly noted, policy quoted, deposit collected, policy bound, applications signed and scanned into our system for posterity.

About three weeks later, I get a notice from the insurance company advising that they are cancelling. The reason? She's got two children - twins, a boy and girl - and her son doesn't believe in following the rules of the road. He's got tickets and accidents up the wazoo. I call Mrs. N and let her know that the company is cancelling, why they are cancelling, and that we can insure the whole family with another company, albeit at a higher premium. She says she'll think about it and call me back. The next day, Mrs. N comes charging into the office, chimping out, screaming at me. "Why you tell dem I gots kids?" My response? "Mrs. N, until I received that notice, I didn't know you HAD children!" I had to show her the scanned application, showing her and her husband, before she would stop chimping out.

Then I had to get the glits OFF the policy. No easy feat, as the glits and their father (not Mrs. N's husband) were uncooperative at first, refusing to provide the necessary documentation and threatening legal action. They finally complied, and I was able to remove them from the policy. Not more than a week after I received the revised policy, Mrs. N filed a claim. Her son - who allegedly had no access to the car - had crashed the car. I duly informed the underwriter, who set up the policy for non-renewal - the only recourse we and the company had.

A month later, she filed another claim. This time, her darling son had totaled her car, nearly totaling himself in the process. As she now had no car, we cancelled the policy for her. I was so relieved I almost bought champagne for the entire office. (I think I did bake cookies, though.)

Two weeks later, she called again. She was buying another car. I bluntly told her to take her lying business elsewhere.

Proof positive you should never deal with niggers.

Coontact Tale #408(August 1, 2006)

I went out to do some business early today. Banking,shopping,get gas and cigs and buy my daughter a birthday present. I pull in at the local mini mart thinking it will be pretty much empty of coons this early in the morning. As I round the corner I see the lot is filled with a varied assortment of yard apes and shitskins.I had forgotten it was welfare check day (1st of the month)and the local spear chuckers were already starting to flood in to buy cheap cherry flavored blunts and gas up their pimp mobiles for the day in antisipation of partying and hustling fat ugly white bitches ("I wants a dolla fiddy on pump nummer five!!"). The police call that corner "Danger Island" but I always refered to it as "Coon Lagoon". In the lot there is a monkey with an old wreck of a car with 20 inch chrome rims and tires and the other jigaboos are admiring it. It reminds me of an old John Deere tractor that some Nigger tried to pimp out with wheels 10 sizes too big. As I start to pull up to the pump,2 seperate carloads of Niggers cut me off and take the spots. I back in to the other spot,slowly lining up to the pump. In my rearview and side mirror I see an uglyass crack-whore on foot approaching. The nappy haired she-boon walks right into my car,slaps it with her hand and starts yelling "He hit me! He hit me!!" I ignore the sub-human Probiscus Monkey and continue into the store to buy gas and cigs. The Nigger bitch continues to rant but even the other Niggers are ignoring her. When I come out the shitskin has gotten the attention of a spook driving a carpet cleaning van. The Monkey in the van says I should at least apologize to her. I stare at the Nigger and say "No one hit her,she walked into the car".The Nigger then says "She's a cousin of mine and I beleive her." I stare at the coon and say "beleive what you want,no one hit her". The Ape continued to babble that I should at least apologize to her as I drive off. I stop at the driveway to enter traffic and I spot the skinny uglyass crack-whore walking down the middle of a side street about 50 yards away. Suddenly a light goes off in my head and I remember the guy on this forum that loves to drive through a Nigger neighborhood on the way to work giving the she-boons the middle finger and then drive off laughing while they rant and chimp out.I slow down down as I approach the filthy Nigger and make eye contact. I then stick my arm out the window,give her the finger and yell,"FUCK YO MAMA!!" Man that she-Boon went off like an organ grinder's Monkey on meth. She called me 47 diferent kinds of white motherfuckers and a whole lot of other names I couldn't understand because she was babbling so fast.I could see the spittle flying from her mouth as she chimped out.As we drove off,my son laughed so hard I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Kinda made my day.

Coontact Tale #409(August 4, 2006)

A few months before summer vacation of '04, a gaggle of niggerettes HIT ME WITH THEIR FUCKING CAR. I was clearly in the crosswalk, when this piece of shit came barrelling down the street. I was 3/4 of the way down, when they slammed directly into my side, and I quickly fell off my bike and onto the pavement. I quickly started to bleed profusely from the various abrasions I had sustained falling (lucky me I didn't get a blow to the head). Naturally, anyone with any sort of sense would get out and help me, right? Well, mind you niggers possess no compassion, even if it's directly their fault. So there I laid, bleeding on the pavement with these nigrettes screaming at me to get out of the way. I shit you not, they fucking owned me with their car, now I'm in their way? Oh, lucky fucking day. So it was my fault they hit me, and my fault i fell in front of their car. Yep...Fucking right nigger.

After about 5 minutes, I'm still lying there, with a a dislocated shoulder and broken arm, wailing in pain, being screamed at by a car load of niggers to get out of the way. Great. Then I see a cop fucking savior. I relieved only to find out it was a black cop, who was RELATED to one of the women in the car. I seriously shit you not. Although, to his credit, he told all of them to shut the fuck up and stay in their car, which they did...for about a minute. He told me not to move anything, blah blah. Then I hear him talking to his cousin who is driving. She tries to completely play it all off, it was the "crackas" fault, I rode into their car and everything. He didn't believe any of it, and apparently this bitch was high on crack. He quickly radioed for backup, and two white officers came and helped him sort it all out. An ambulance came for me pretty fast and unforunately I missed the rest of it, which was relayed to me the next day by one of my friends I was riding with (and later at the trial).

Apparently, the nigger cop had to apprehend his own goddamn cousin. In fact, the whole lot of them went to jail. Apparently they were in such a hurry because they had a shitload of crack and weed in the car. They had just come from a drug deal! Man the impending trial was a joy to watch. It was better than fucking cable. I don't really blame them for wanting to get the fuck out of there...but what didn't make sense was the simple fact they didn't just shift into reverse, back the fuck up, and leave me there. Why they didn't do that and elected to sit there and yell at me instead boggles me to this day. I guess their hatred of the white man was enough to cloud their already hazy judgement.

After all those years of being abused by niggers, that finally did it for me. My left shoulder still bothers me 2 years later.

Empathy is a human trait that niggers lack because they are not human. Just look at how niggers treat their own; murder, rape, robbery and general TNB serves to reinforce the idea niggers are not human.

It is all part of the fambly tree.

Though somewhat closely related, chimps and apes being closer to being human then niggers are, it is unfair to expect human qualities from a nigger.

Coontact Tale #410(August 4, 2006)

It was the last day of the month so one of my co-workers had to take his lunch going to the BMV. He decided to pick the closest one thinking it would save him some time. I told him that it would be easier to go to the one about ten miles away because the DMV location that he was going to was right on the edge of Niggertown and there were probably niggers working there. He just rolled his eyes at me as if I had nine heads. "Suit yourself" I told him.

He leaves around noon and an hour goes by. Then another hour. I call the idiot on the cell phone, he doesn't answer. About a minute after I had hung up he shows up through the door looking pissed off and tired. Virtually drained. I knew he had gotten a full does of Coontact.

He went into this massive tirade about how the line looked like something out of lines to vote in Africa (haha) whenever they'd show an arial view overhead a bunch of niggers standing in line to vote for their favorite fundie/terrorist politician. It's never a line with corners, its just this non-sensical loopy line that has curves and you never know who is in front of who. Apparently this is "niggerline" which is done that way to create telepathic nigger-signal to keep Whitey stuck in the back of the line or create a possible confrontation of "Hey, you're in my place!" kind of deal.

The niggress behind the counter said, "Ya'll just gonna have to wait for (so-and-so) to come. I'm goin on muh break!" So he stands there for about ten minutes; about three nigresses standing in a little huddle looking at the people in line then laughing while two other nigger bucks are sticking in their seats and taking care of the patrons...or well, as much as a nigger buck could.

It's already known that the DMV wherever you are takes a long time but when you have a niggerfuxated one, you might as well take a half day to get it finished. Or, spend the extra ten bucks and truck yourself on over to the white DMV.

He went on and on some more but I didn't catch it all. It was probably the usual monkey shines.

All I could say was, "Yep. I told you".

You can add this to Coontact Tales if you want. I don't know if this can compete with those golden stories of true monkey misadventures.

Government of all levels has become the nigger employer of last opportunity which means we get shit in the way of service.

Go into any federal office building and you see niggers polishing their nails, snacking food and talking to their baby daddy on the god damn cell phone.

Coontact Tale #411(August 5, 2006)

A buddy of mine was telling me about his days in his first two years of college and how much hell it was. He says he's surprised he got any work done with all the monkey shines going on in the dorms. The building was PACKED with niggers mostly all on free tuition. The only nigger he knew who actually did anything pertaining to school was a half-breed, probably the chimp's white side trying to take control. Of course the other niggers gave that half-breed a lot of shit for being half white.

Night after night, loud screaming at 2AM, fights at least once a week, bathrooms trashed, niggers literally beating on his door because the niggers would get drunk and forget which dorm to knock on. They wouldn't get the hint when no one would answer, they would just beat louder each time. Cops showing up once a week. Fire alarm set off every few nights. Nigresses leaving their dorms a wreck because they got knocked up and had to leave. Just pure chaos in it's true form.

Finally he got an apartment for he and a fellow white roomate outside of the town. Yeah he was surrounded by white liberal types where he had moved but they all had hand cannons and rifles just in case. I believe these White Guilt type of people deep down know that they must have arms just in case the niggers get out of control. I suppose this college in Alabama, go figure, was nigger filled to the gills.

George Wallace knew exactly what he was talking about at the college entrance door.

Coontact Tale #412(August 6, 2006)

I worked for a company that made gourmet food products. We had to observe their production lines, which were staffed primarily by niggers. I could only understand one out of every ten utterances... I wondered what they were talking about, but this just dawned on me... THEY WEREN'T TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING. Niggers are social creatures, just like African chimpanzees. When they're happy and playful, they make happy and playful sounds... when they're angry, they make angry sounds. Now whitey has provided them with electronic devices they can use to make sounds at one another.

Coontact Tale #413(August 6, 2006)

I was at my local Walgreen's pharmacy yesterday at the checkout line. The checkout clerk was an Indian man around his early-sixties and spoke broken English. He was helping the woman in front of me, and there were two women in line behind me.

This she-boon walks in and interrupts the clerk, asking him for a plastic bag. This was a negress who looked the part of a NOLA nigger. She had her dreadlocks pulled into a ponytail, ashy tar-black skin, and very tight clothing wrapped around he disgustingly-skinny carcass. She was holding the latest Motorola Razr phone to one ear (FEMA perhaps?), and the niggerish body odor was emitting through the store.

Being that he spoke broken English, I could understand why the clerk couldn't understand the darkie. It was difficult for even me to decipher the horrible ebonics. In typical and predictable nigger fashion, the shegroid chimped out. "AH SAID GIMME A MUHFUGGIN BAG, MUHFUGGA!! SHEEIT! YOO CAIN' UNNASTANDS NO ENGLISH?"

I had to say something. I had to. So I spoke up, "You have to speak English for him to understand it, gibbon." She stood there in shock for a moment, and even almost dropped her phone, and then said, "MMMMM-MMMMMM! HELL NAW, YOO DIN'T SAY DAT TO ME, HUNKEY, NAW, MMMMM-MMMMMM!!" I said to her, "did I stutter, bitch? If you want a bag, buy something! What, did you waste your FEMA funds already? Get the fuck out of here, you smelly feral beast!!" It made a threat to me, "AH BE WAITIN FO YOO OUTSIDE, MUHFUGGA! WE FINNA SEE!" I told her, "you'd better not be anywhere around when I walk out. I don't hit women, but you are not a woman. You are a feral nigger, and I'm going to put you on the ground and stomp you like the cockroach you are." She stormed out like the typical nigger, screaming obscinities, and the clerk even threatened her by saying he was going to call the police. As expected, nobody was offended by what I said, with the woman behind me even thanking me for standing up to the nigger.

When I walked out of the store, the nigger was nowhere to be found.

Coontact Tale #414(August 6, 2006)

Went to the drug store this morning to pick up a Sunday paper and some odds and ends.

The niggeress at the cash register rings up my stuff in slow sullen nigger fashion.

Nig: "That's five-eighty-one."

I hand her a five, a one, and six pennies.

Nig (perplexed): "I said that's five-eighty-one."

Me: "Just ring it up."

The change is exactly 25c. The niggeress is bug-eyed like she's seen a ghost.

Nig: "How did you do that?"

I just smile, take my quarter, and walk away.

Coontact Tale #415 (August 7, 2006)

Niggers at Motel 6

My girlfriend, our daughter and I took a little weekend vacation and decided to stay at Motel 6 as it was the closest. While sitting in the pool area conversing with another white couple, along comes this 40 year old niggress wearing her Wienschniztel uniform (fast food hotdof joint) and a 8 year old nigglet in tow. She speaks to the white lady" Yo be the wun dat be yelling at my son?" Yes I asked him to control his dog "who duh fuk you think you is speaking to my son dat way?" Mam, I have 2 small children and your dog was not on his leash."sheeeet my dog will not go up to other peeeeople,he don't like the smell of other peeeepole he only goes up to his masah!!" Mam the dog is supposed to be on a leash."You donts be talking to me that way I be here for 4 months and we have a routine and MY sun is gonna walk his dog when ever he wants. If you peeeepoles have a problem with my son, you talk to me or his daddy" Mam, maybe I should've.. " Fuck you all"

First Issue. 40 year old lady working in fast food and living in motel

Second Issue. I doubt that she knows who his pappy is

Coontact Tale #416 (August 7, 2006)

Once at an eight week long Professional Military Leadership Academy 8 niggers were disenrolled for cheating on a project. All 8 recieved serious disciplinary action and career ending paperwork. One of the 8 actually did the project, he then gave the project to another nigger on diskette. As we all know these beasts are lazy so in keeping with that theme the only change the nigger made was deleting the originators name for his. He then passed it on to nigger number 3 and so on. When all papers had to be turned in the grading official noticed that out of 105 papers that 8 of them looked awful familiar. All 8 had the same typos, same student ID#, same opinions, same date etc. After a full investigation including the Commanding General the race card that was thrown in was thrown out and all 8 niggers vanished. This is an all time classic and just drives home the level of ignorance and arrogance these fuckers operate with everyday.

Coontact Tale #417 (August 9, 2006)


first Let me say that I am Japanese, so if you do not like Asians don’t even bother to tell me off, I hear you are not a Skinhead sight so I figure I will give it a try! I am now living in United States and think it is the tops. Learning English in Kobe (where I am from) was a good thing but nothing like hearing it in my new surroundings! Americans are first rate and very friendly plus you know business and want to be sucesful. Well most of you. And you can guess who it is that has driven me silly.

I work for a company which deals in textile manufacturing and sales. We import a lot of merchandise through the West Coast, this is where I am now working. First let me say that if there is a black person in Kobe or anywhere else back home I have never seen him! I hope we never have your troubles but it is sad enough to see how this “black culture” is taking over. You must do something before your great country is over run with absolute rubbish!

There is a black American fellow who works in our little warehouse and of course he is a laborer. Do you know that when he met me he started speaking like he thought a stupid Japanese would speak??? He wished me “rotsa ruck” which is a very funny joke if you are a stupid nigger I guess. He is a forman but still he spoke far out of his term when he said this. Fortunately my new friends here (all of them caucasian gentlemen) apoligized profusely and we went to lunch. It was then that I got a shock.

We were sitting and having lunch when I said to the fellows “why would you have a nigger working here if he does not know how to behave?” My English was very very bad then. I had only textbook usage and some silly video tapes to work with. Now with real Americans it was rough. But I knew what I meant when I said nigger.

They were very upset andtried to explain why you don’t say that. Why I asked? Here is someone forget the color, he has met a new supervisor who is his BOSS and he makes cracks about my nationality and how I speak? And him with his wooly hair and inability to conjugate basic English verbs? No, he is a nigger. I said to my new friends they would have to get used to it as I did not want to associate with someone like that.

What I would say is this. Why is it that common sense is a thing which is so very American, much more than a Japanese would have in many things, but when it comes to the most important part of your society you have been brain washed about the niggers? I am baffled by this. Our troubles are long past us. Japanese greatly admire America and if you came to Tokyo especially you would feel right at home. But here you have turned against yourselves? Your niggers are uncouth and slovenly and yes, they smell like piles of shit. I have dealt with them several times in my time here, all of it has been a headache. All of them are lazy and incredibly stupid. Every American reads well and you take great care with directions, better than the English or any other people I have worked around. Except the niggers. They do what they want and things end up destroyed or on fire. I have seen it about 200 times. This is just the first story which came to mind.

I will leave now. I enjoy the sight and all of the stories are funny. I hope America wakes up and gets your niggers back in line or best yet back to where they belong. It is not here. You are too great a people to give in to such beasts.

- Kenzaburo

Coontact Tale #418 (August 11, 2006)

Las Vegas Niggers

I just got back from the weekend in Las Vegas. I didn't see a single nigger the whole time! I guess needing disposable income to be there keeps most of them away. However, I sure heard some, I was unlucky enough to be put in a room right next to a whole tribe of niggers.

To make matters worse, it was the next door room with the double doors, the kind you can open and go between the two rooms. This made their babbling and screaming even louder than it would have been. Here I am trying to sleep, and they're in the next room screeching away. Imagine trying to sleep on a cot in the middle of the primate house at the Oakland Zoo. That's what this experience was like (I told this to a friend and she said "that's hilarious".. no it's NOT).

They didn't even sound human, the tone of their screeching sounded closer to a monkey or a chimpanzee than a human. I'm pretty sure I never heard them utter a single intelligible word. White people, Asian people, Hispanic people.. nobody else in the world ever acts this way, only niggers!

Coontact Tale #419 (August 13, 2006)

Last night I walked in the local Speedway to get a fountain coke. For the past two days, they had been breaking in a mulatto clerk. I had accumulated 2 of the coupons for free cokes, so I got my drinks and handed the coupons to him -- you know, the ones I had got at THAT VERY STORE that said FREE FOUNTAIN DRINK on the front. Unfortunately, the White clerk had just stepped away from the counter.

"Oh hell!"

"What's the matter?"

"I forgit how to do these." Then he starts hollering for the other clerk who is out of hearing, back in the cooler.

"Man, I don't know how to ring these up! These coupons keep f***in' me up, man!"

"Well," I said, looking at the line of people behind me, "since they day free drinks, why don't I just leave them here, take the cokes, and she can ring them up when she gets back?"

"Oh...yeah, I guess dat'll work."

-Greg Kay

You all feel free to stop by and check out my personal site at , or go to for more information on my novel, now in print and ready to ship.

Coontact Tale #420 (August 15, 2006)

I live in a part of America where coontact is inevitable. From the time I leave my door to the time I return at night I am engaged in coontact. I have too many stories to submit them all, but I am working on typing up an all time classic chimp out. It will take a little while to do it justice, but for now I will just describe what happened when I went out to eat yesterday .

I leave the front door and immesdiately notice a "chimp out" in progress. A nigger is dancing and hollering in circles around a car stopped at a red light. I can't make out what he is saying, I couldn't even tell if it was niggerbable or straight savage tribal speak. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a tribal language to go along with primitive and savage dancing. This goes on for awhile and I feel sorry for the poor driver of the car. I have to thank this site because once upon a time I would have been confused by the scene and tried to figure out what was goin on. Thanks to the reading I have done here I was able to classify it immediately as TNB and just kept moving. The chimp out was still in progress when I left so I have no clue what happened.

Anyway I get a block further when I see a huge nigger walking towards me. As he gets close he starts calling out "cappy, cappy". When translated from Niggerbable to english "cappy" aproximates, " I have crack cocaine for sale, could I interest you in a rock or two sir". I pass by totally ignoring him. Later on the same block a nigger in a do rag also tries to sell me drugs, the niggerbable he used was so hard to understand I can't even aproximate what it was, but I know it was a drug solicitation. When a nigger talks to you in this part of town it is to beg for change or sell you drugs (or if its a sheeboon to sell her sloppy coont). Anyway as he is spitting out bable he gets chirped on his nextell. It is the stereotypical black drug dealer in living color.

I keep going and a well dressed nigress ends up in front of me. She is skinny and wearing skanky clothes(well dressed in the previous sentance meaning not wearing dirty stained rags). Some negroes come from the other direction and "hey girl sup'" is shouted, and immediately followed up with bable. I finally get to the resturuant and order my take out meal and start heading home. On the way back I pass a sheboon under the influnce of crack or something sitting in the street weaving and begging for money. The part that I wish I could forget she was only wearing a t-shirt and panties and her pubic hair was sticking out from the sides.

Anyway I swear to God, this all happened yesterday and within the space of an hour. I am jealous of everyone who only has occasional coontact. As mentioned previously I am grateful for this site because it has saved me from trying to figure what the hell is wrong with these people. I used to try to figure out what the possible cause was for this behavior and could never come up with a good answer. I no longer bother myself thinking about what might be causing this because now I know. Its Just TNB.

Coontact Tale #421 (August 20, 2006)

I have many classic stories of coontact with TNB but this is one of my best.

Several years ago I ran a large Hospital Cafeteria in Texas. Within this cafeteria we ran a small deli serving the usual Deli fare like cold cut sandwiches and the like. Since we were a rather large and diverse operation, we did most of the prep work ourselves.

As you could guess, being located in Texas gave us a large percentage of nigger workers (this was a few years prior to the wet-back flood thatwas to come.) As any of you that have been responsible for the apes can testify, they do NOT take orders well and have heads made of cement! They DAMN WELL do what they want and defy you to try to tell them other-wise!

Well, one morning one of the Older She-boons (leader of one especially nasty pack) was working with the Deli Meat slicer. Anyone who has ever been involved with one of these slicers knows IMMEDIATELY that you treat it with RESPECT or it will hurt you as you've never been hurt before! This particular She-beast was involved in cleaning and sanitizing this machine after it's use that morning.

Again, as anyone who has ever delt with one of these can tell you, the FIRST thing you do prior to cleaning is UNPLUG IT!!! At least render it powerless before it hurts you! All of my apes had been warned time and time again about dealing with these pieces of equipment and we even had very simple to understand industry safty posters up to look at if you weren't sure how to proceed. Do you suppose any of this ment ANYTHING to my niggers? Are you kidding? "I noze what Iz doin and Iz doen need no poster tellin me what I already noze!

So anyway. I come around the corner and hear the distinct sound of a meat slicer running at full-tilt boogie! "Odd" I thought to myself "All prep should have been done an hour ago and there is no reason for any of these machines to be running." I investigate a little further and am HORRIFIED to find my she-Boone cleaning the rotating blade with the guard OFF and the blade running at top speed. She has found a new and quick way to clean the hard-to-reach blade! Remoeve the hand guard, turn the machine on to full power and press a cleaning rag up against the spinning blade! Presto! It cleans itself in a jiffy! Nice idea - stupid nigger on the other end.

As with all She-Boons, the job (what ever it is) will ALWAYS come second behind the chance to gossip and socialize with the other Females of the pack. This one was no different. Here she was, hand pressed aginst a rotating, surgical steel blade just jabbering away to another She-Boone and paying absolutely NO attention to what she was doing. The only thing between her and that blade was a thin towel.

Before I could say anything the blade zipped through that towel and sliced directly into the webbing of her hand between the thumb and fore-finger. As the blade was surgical stainless and razor sharp, it did it job before the ape became aware of it. She happened to feel a 'tug' and looked over at the machine. At that instantshe saw a stream of red running from the white tile wall down to the slicer. THEN the pain hit! The spinning blade had taken the ape's blood and splattered it on the wall in a straight line before she even felt it! If you've ever wanted to see screaming TNB, this was the place! That Niggress Hollered! And she SCREAMED! And she ran around like a banshee on speed! It took three other She-Boons to grab her and get a rag on that hand. Luckily for her, we were on the common wall with the emergency room so it was only about two hundred feet out the rear entrance. They bundled her up and led her to the ER where she took a good 50 stiches to put her hand back together!

After she took her 'recovery' time off, she transfered to another department within the hospital, hopefully away from anything sharp! Gee, I wonder if she ended up in the laundry? I would have LOVED to have seen what she would have done with one of those 'Manglers' (sheet pressers!)

Coontact Tale #422 (August 22, 2006)

This is all in third person so there is probably some minor flaws.

My buddy called me a few hours ago who moved down to Alabama a while back and he stopped on the way home to get some gas, smokes and soda. He saw this fat nigger sow shutting the front doors of the gas station - it's 9PM, mind you - and no one else is around. Not good when no one's around a gas station at 9PM except you and a 400 pound female gorilla He didn't tell me if it was a nigger area but I'm sure it was since he gave me those two simple details.

He went towards the gas station and this fat sow started up on him with "Nuh uh! I gotta go to vuh baffroom! You just gonna hafta wait!"

He told her he just wanted cigarettes, he'd pay and leave her alone. Then she got all shitty with him, "Lemme guess! You want Mar'broz!"

He told her that he didn't want an attitude, just the cigarettes and he'd get out of there.

She launched into full thrown monkey shines giving him constant nigger babble about how she's "gotta take a shit" and "I been on muh feet all day" and just simple niggerwhine.

He just ignored her b.s., handed her ten bucks, she cashed it out and the whole while she kept her blubber lips going. Amazing that niggress could multi task though - working the register and flapping her piehole.

He left the counter and on outside to his truck where it was filling up, waiting for the gas pump to spit out his receipt. As usual with anything nigger-run, it was out of paper. Simple stupid stuff niggers are too lazy to fill back up, such as simple paper. I imagine the washer-fluid bins were probably missing their wipers and filled with 2 week old rain mixed with paper towels mixed in it that probably looked like gray fish batter. Niggers don't understand the concept of refill at all in any environment.

He looked at the gas station where he could see the whole place; the nigger sow didn't have to go to the bathroom. She let her nigger buck in through the back and they were all huggy and kissy. Probably took her in the back and pumped her full of groid-seeds, which is like throwing water on some Gremlins.

Soon as he was getting back into his truck, three cars full of niggers rolled into the gas station lot faster than hell. He claimed he couldnt' even hear their cars because the bongo music on the speakers on the poles holding up the shelter over the pumps was banging out loudly in all it's transistor-radio-speaker glory.

The niggers passed him and were in complete monkey shines, one saying, "Yo, you got some money! You white, you got money!"

He got into his truck and got the hell out of dodge.

When he moved down there I'd make nigger wisecracks talking to him and he'd kind of ignore it because I could tell he didn't like it. I wonder what he thinks now being down there with the porch monkeys day in and day out.

Coontact Tale #423 (August 26, 2006)

A few friends and myself were out at a cookout, nigger free, and one of my single buddies started talking with a friend of one of the people who was having the party. I was just getting my burgers and beers, hanging out and talking with the people there, no problems whatsoever.

Anyway, I'm sitting there with my buddy, trying to get the goods on this chick he was talking to - I'm a nosey bastard, can't help it - and she goes into this story about how her old hometown is "racist" because she dated a black guy.

Now my friend has been in such a dry spell for a while so he probably had his eye on the ring, meaning, hooking up with her and bedding down. When you live in a virtually all white area and have been raised around nothing BUT whites, the thought of some girl who bedding down with a nigger before and she likes you particularly, the thoughts of her past doesn't really come into consideration. That "brass ring during a dry spell" obviously becomes paramount and all other factors are thrown to the wind. This is how many fellow whites end up in a world of shit with relationship due to previous coal burning.

I launch right into the conversation because I had heard her talking about her two kids before but never talking about being married or divorced or anything like that - although I figured it's just one of those things you don't talk about right away.

"You divorced?", I asked.

"No", she said. "Never been married"

"Okay. So how do you know your old town is racist?", I asked.

That confused her and I think my buddy was sensing I was just about to throw a monkey wrench in whatever it was he was trying to do with this woman.

Of course, she replies, "Are you racist?" That's a sure sign of a coal burner when they break that question out towards a fellow White. Jackpot.

"Depends on your definition", I said, giving her the Clinton-esque "Depends on what your definition of is, is".

She ignored me and I ignore her, my buddy went back to talking his attempts to get with her. After a while, my buddy and I are drinking our beers, the coal burner is off with her friends doing something else and my buddy breaks into, "Dude, what are you trying to do back there? You're cock-blocking."

"I'm not doing anything. Just trying to see what you're up against. You hook up with her and all hell will break loose. I know how you are with women and relationships. Just dive right in", I repled.

"Whatever. Let me handle it", he said.

"Okay. Knock yourself out", I said.

He and the coal burner started talking again, lo and behold, they left together. I figured she took him back to her domain and they got down to business.

A few days later, he comes over and tells me that she's got two half breed babies and while they were "making out" - such a childish term - a car with pounding beats rolled into her driveway. Two nigger bucks got out and started pounding on the door. Luckily, he was parked on the street. This girl didn't live in a nigger neighborhood either, but apparently the niggers knew where she was.

The nigger bucks were yelling from outside the door, cursing this woman with a million profanities and then she actually let these two bucks into her home. My buddy, so he claimed, ran to the bathroom, crawled out the window, went around the backside of the house, got into his car and got the hell out of the area.

The buddy of ours that had the party called my friend who was messing around with this coal burner to not get too involved, that she was a "work-friend" of his wife's and she always had lots of "problems".

"See? If you just would have taken that hint about her breaking out that racist bullshit and sublty given her the hint that you weren't interested or would have left early without her, you wouldn't have had to put up with this. Good thing you didn't have sex with her either. Probably be pissing razor blades for a month.", I replied.

I tell you what, after reading so many Coontact Tales, my nigger radar has gotten fine-tuned tenfold. Some call it paranoia. I call it precautiousness for my fellow Whites. I'm no hero or anything but I've seen many coal burners either end up in a world of shit over the years or go on the prowl for Whites in hopes of taking his money or bringing him down into Nigger World via White Trash, which is virtually the same as Nigger World far as I'm concerned.

It's just instinct that you stick up for your buddies and try to keep them out of trouble.

Coontact Tale #424 (August 26, 2006)

Last night my wife and I were coming home when I suffered two nigger encounters.

Two, different niggers, different locations but all in the same evening.

First nig encounter is when I stopped to fill the tank only to find the card reader was out of order meaning I had to go inside to present my card in order to fill up.

Of course there was a lottery nigger ahead of me in line. I say of course because I was in a hurry.

I've never seen anything like the way niggers play the lottery. Lucky numbers abound while slower then hell niggers clog up the waiting lines especially for people in a hurry.

Fat assed baboon "Gimme two of dem 'lucky days' tickets, three o dem 'Grand O Week' tickets, one of dem 'Shure Winner' tickets and fo of dem 'Super Tuesday' tickets'" and the list goes on like he has nothing else to do except purchase lottery tickets which they handle as if it were a business transaction. The pondering, the thinking....

Don't niggers get the idea the odds are the same regardless of what tickets purchased or numbers picked?

The sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 has the exact same odds of winning the super lotto as any other combination of numbers but don't niggers get this?

Don't niggers get it that the odds are the same the exact same numbers that popped up last week could pop up again this week?

Don't niggers get the idea the biggest rip off in gaming is the state lottery with only 50% of the proceeds being returned to "winners"?

After this fat-assed nigger made her 20 minute purchase she hunched over the counter scratching her instants so she wouldn't lose her place in line should she have a winner.

Second encounter, both happened with shegroids, happened crossing the Missouri River. Traffic was light but traveling 35 mph in the left lane is some nigger bitch jabbering into her cell phone oblivious to to anything else going on around her.


Niggers need be caged.

Coontact Tale #425 (August 27, 2006)

As i was pulling in for my pittance of overpriced petroleum last night i saw this beat up old shit box of an early 80's 4 door cutlass sitting by one of the pumps, with 2 sprogs farting arpund under the hood, well i just kinda kept an eye out for some monkeyshines and while there wereno major chimpouts, there was a funny little bit of tnb after they ut i guess 5 or 10 worth of gas in said shitbox (our gas is $2.52 at the moment) and got their newports and blunts they tried to thunder out with the bongo music roaring, but they got about 50 feet from the pump when the car died, so 3 ofthe 4 sprogs jump out and start fiddlefucking around under the hood again after about 4 attempts to get the heap started, one of the sprogs said "this muhfugga aint gettin no gas through the carb" so 3 of the sprogs start hopping up and down on the trunk while the driver hit the starter and lo and behold the thing started, well this time they got out of the parking lot through the redlight and then right in the middle of traffic the damn thing stalls again!!!!! Well when I went past again there were 3 sprogs hopping up and down on the trunk with the 4th trying to get the thing to turn over with a dead battery, I kinda wish I'd stayed around to watch, because im sure the north augusta public safety dept probably made an appearance and they are NOT found of tnb or niggers.

Coontact Tale #426 (August 27, 2006)

The TNB started early in the day Friday as a nigger truck driver in an 18 wheeler started to tailgate me on the freeway. I was doing 75 MPH, so there was no reason for the gibbon to tailgate me. I simply slowed down to under 50 MPH and broke the nigger's momentum to the point that he missed his exit by not being able to change lanes fast enough.

About thirty minutes later, I'm in a muffler shop having a muffler replaced. There's a nigger in the waiting area who keeps getting phone calls, and it keeps setting off a niggerish hip-hop ringtone. To make it worse, he is loud in his niggerbabble. Five minutes later, a Nigerian walks in while on his cellphone, just as loud as nigger #1. He has on a nauseating cologne that is emitting throughout the waiting area. How it didn't burn my nostrils, I'll never know.

About ten minutes later, nigger #1 is finally done with his niggerbabble, and he is opening the door for a Mezstinko sow that looks like she's ready to pop out the latest addition to the anchor baby population. Not that he's being polite, of course. Niggers are incapable of politeness, and only think of "MUH DIK". He's checking out this pregnant beast, licking his lips at the thought of being inside her. An hour later, two other niggers walk through the door, but I'm spared the TNB because the car is ready.

A few hours after that, a nigger cuts me off and slams his brakes, wanting me to hit him for the insurance fraud. I barely avoided him, and was almost rear ended myself. A little further down the road, I was able to get around him and cut him off. He wasn't expecting it, and blew out a tire on the curb. What goes around, comes around.

Finally, I stopped at a convenience store. I walked into the store, and saw a fat nigger sow behind the counter (I thought they were replaced by Pakistanis long ago!). She was the typical coal black, long fingernailed, "big" haired sow. She had on so much lipstick, it was almost blinding. Knowing that TNB was sure to come, I immediately walked back out of the store. She gave me a dirty look when I walked out. My guess is that she knew why I walked out.

I thought the TNB was over, but I made the mistake of watching the 10:00 news. The Houston Rockets niggerball team was looking for someone to display TNB at halftime (a mascot). They showed a clip of a fat nigger sow jumping up and down screaming. It was the typical, shrill nigger scream, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" Then the newswiggers were interviewing her, and she was crying while saying that it was an honor to be in her position, as if it was her life's mission to be a niggerball court jester! I wondered, "my God, how is the floor able to support her weight??", as I turned the TV off to avoid anymore niggerdom.

When will America reinstitute slavery?? Or at the very least, segregation! If this had happened to anyone who thought niggers were human, he would have been driven to insanity!

Coontact Tale #427 (August 27, 2006)

Subject: TNB fucking niggers!

Well, I have a coon tale for you to add if you think its good enough for the site!

So I decided to go out with some friends last night and have some fun, we're driving around looking for a place that's going to serve a full line of alcohol and have food, after careful consideration, we went to buffalo wild wings, we get there order the first round watching football on tv, things are going great, get the second round and things are still fine, next thing we know, here comes jiggaboo jerry and his "white chocolate" pants sagging friends, if its not bad enough they already start with their hooping and hollering and other ape bonding antics, one nigger "c walks" his way to the jukebox, and starts playing rap music, so he plays 2 songs, i bare my way through those, until i see the nigger going back for round 2, he inserts his money and choses more bongo beater music... so i glance over and i see this wigger on the end of the table leaning towards the nigger exchanging lyrics with him, such a disgusting fucking sight, this must be some type of bonding ritual with spooks and wiggers, so i look over at my friend and i said watch this i'm going to ruin their night.... so i go to the juke box and put 20 dollars in it and use nothing but 'play next' credits so they couldnt override another song for atleast an hour... so the niggers are bouncing up and down off their seats having a good merry time, when the song ends, skid row comes on, the looks on their faces went blank, they started complaining the white wannabe nigger was yelling and saying fuck this yo skip this shit, putting his hands over his ears and everything, do somethin fa real yo, so tyrone black foot goes back to the jukebox and uses the 'play next' feature, which is rendered practically useless for time being and sits back down smiling and exchanging high 5's with his nigger crew, skid row goes off and bam!, here comes white zombie, well that was the straw that broke the goverment cheeses back, OHHHHH FUCK DIS SHIT YO I PUT MOH MONEY IN THUR FOH MY SONG TUH PLAY NEXT, WHAT DA FUCK IS THIS SHIT, waving their hands and yelling and making an absolute scene because they couldnt hear bongo drums and uncomprenhendable lyric babbling, what made it even better the table next to them were "rockers" guys with pantera tattoo's and beards, that were drumming on the table and singing along, the nigger crew was so annoyed they ended up leaving 10 minutes later, it was pure fucking justice!, i loved every second of it and glad i was there to uphold our real white brothers that didnt deserve subjection to nigger bullshit like they were trying to pull off!

Niggers these days are just absolutely ridiculous.

Coontact Tale #428 (August 27, 2006)

If you've read my introduction in the new members section of the forum, you'll know that I'm a student. Anyways, here's a story that happened last year.

One quiet day on the school bus home(very uncommon with the niglets on the bus), I overheard some nigger babble on the bus. Now, let me introduce the niglets I know of. There are 5 c00ns total.

Duana - What can I say? She's about 100+ pounds overweight, stinks, is ugly, and as loud as can be. She usually walks around the school full of herself, spewing bad breath everywhere and saying the white kids who don't want to talk to her are "racciss whaaaat boyzz".

Timothy - Typical nigger name, but timmy is alright, or maybe high all day every day. He's the oldest of the niggers. I wouldn't consider him a niglet anymore because he's in my grade. But nevertheless, he's an untrustworthy nigger.

Dominique - This little niglet defines the word monkey. He's skinny like a monkey, has a face like a monkey, and smells like a monkey.

I don't know the other niglet's names, but there are a couple more of them.

Anyways, I'm overhearing some nigger babble when they start to get really loud and start screaming "white boy! white boy! youz be hatin'!". Apparently one of the kids who lives on my street made a comment to one of the niglets and pissed him off pretty badly. So, they went back and forth talking shit to eachother for the next few days on the bus. Then, on Friday, they decided they were going to fight at the street corner near the nigger's house(ofcourse, a nigger would only fight on it's own turf...pussies). So everyone shows up, all 5 of the kewns, me and my best friend, a couple other white kids, and some white girls. So the fight began with one of the little niglets(not the one who was supposed to be fighting) charging at the white kid, and slipping on the wet street and falling right on his ass(I was laughing so hard). Then 2 niggers jump the white kid at the same time, throwing punches as the white kid stands there and takes their weak blows(the niggers are underfed and suck at sports). Then fat ass Duana(I shouldn't even capatalize her name) runs outside screaming and hollering and wooping about how whiteyz be gonna getz his azz whooped son! By now, 4 niggers are after the white kid, and one by one, the white kid just grabs them and throws them onto the ground as the niglets flail their arms in their stupid nigger fighting style(very funny). I think they managed to knock the white kid down one time. Then the white kid's neighbor came outside, told the niggers to go home, and told the white kid to come home. Ofcourse a year later the niggers are still making comments and babbling on about how "wez won yo!". I guess my questions are...Do niggers have any sense of what is fair? Do niggers have any honor? Do niggers have any pride? I Think not. What do you think?

Coontact Tale #429 (August 31, 2006)

In a lifetime of witnessing TNB and experiencing many forms of coontact,this one that happened tonight might be the best so far...

After work I decided to visit my local indoor pistol range,to look at some pieces I can't afford and shoot some .22 for practice.Over the last few years,more and more niggers have been coming to the range,and thats truly unfortunate.One time I witnessed a male boon shooting targets with a 12 gauge loaded with birdshot,while getting so exited he was literally grabbing his crotch and jumping up and down in exitement.This caused no small degree of unease in myself and friend..but let me tell you all what happened tonight.

I arrive at the range,look at a few guns and notice a young male nignog wandering aimlessley,looking at all the shiny new firearms,he seemed out of place and young...well I went about my business and proceeded to pop off some .22's for an hour.When I finished I again went to look around,spoke with an employee for a minute and left...noticing that the aforementioned young bongoloid was still there...

As I walked to my car and prepared to throw my bag in the trunk,I hear the door slam open and the employee I was just speaking with come running out,yelling"stop!,I'm armed"...I,being the careless type,I ran toward the noise and what do I see? I see the employee chasing the little nignog around the parking lot,so another customer and I join the chase,after about 50 yards we were all huffing and puffing,sad,I know,and the little nigger came up against a fence and just gave up as we surrounded him,he started crying!!!..Oh sweet joy,he showed us his home incarceration bracelet,said he was 13 and now he was going to jail!,yes,yes he was...

Turns out he reached behind the display case and grabbed a big .40 caliber,1911 type,then dropped it as he hit the door,'s funny you know,I could see a little tnb induced twitching earlier,as he saw all dose gleaming gats,it turned his coon- o- meter to overdrive and he just couldn't resist,he had to grab one...

Well, the cops showed up and sent him off to his new home..he's lucky he didnt get shot,all those guys carry while working....dayum,that was fun...3rd one I've sent off in life,and this was the easiest...,well,I helped really,It felt good tho,he might have shot a human with that thing...

After all the bullshit I've taken from those niggers through my life,on the streets,in the workplace,all the bullshit rap,all the nastiness I've seen firsthand,It really feels fucking good to win one...don't let a chance pass you by!,If you have the means to use the system to hammer one down,DO IT!,you might save a White persons' life,down the line....keep it White,......Billy Bones

You mean to tell me a nigger goes unarmed to a firing, range populated by armed white guys, looking to do some TNB? I vote this nigger the dumbest ever.

Coontact Tale #430 (September 1, 2006)

Last year my boss hired a nigger to work in our catalogue department. He dressed well, arrived on time, and used a minimal amount of niggerbabble around the office. He appeared to be a hard worker, and he would often take a late lunch so he could finish shipping the orders he was working on. Then we started getting customer complaints on the orders he had been shipping. Our catalogue manager went up to him and started inspecting his work and found a large box of miscellaneous merchandise that did not belong to any orders. When she asked him about it, he said he had to go to the bathroom. He left and never came back. The nigger had been stealing stuff right off the shelves and shipping it to his friends. We had no way to tell just how much he had stolen or how long he had been stealing (our record keeping isn’t all that great). It screwed up our inventory, and we lost several customers because of him. The moral to this story is that while a nigger may be able to pass himself off as respectable, he is still a nigger and not to be trusted. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH NIGGERS!

Coontact Tale #431 (September 1, 2006)

We had a female nigger in the service who the govt put up in a hotel because she lived more than 50 miles from the unit (she was in the reserves and that is policy). The way the policy is written is that you pay for one weeks stay and bring the receipt for the room to the unit and get reimbursed. She stayed the first week and brought in the receipt no problem. She then decided to shack up with a buck and photo copy the original receipt, change the dates and nobody would be the wiser. Well, she was wrong and got caught. By the time she got caught she defrauded the gummint out of over 13 thousand dollars. She was sentenced to a year in the Brig, reduction of rank to E-1 and a Bad Conduct Discharge (equivalent to a Grand Jury Felony conviction). She of course didn't go down without a fight, the guy that caught her was accused of being a racist. Never trust a monkee!!!!!!!!

Coontact Tale #432 (September 10, 2006)

My buddy and his wife invited me to their block party today because one of their neighbors supposedly knew me from years ago. When I was on my way into town and got to his area, I saw a few nigger bucks walking down the sidewalk (amazing they weren't in the road) and saw another few. I thought, "Oh shit. Niggers smell this block party and they'll roll in."

I park my car and everyone's hanging out. Mostly Whites, a couple from Jordan and a few other sand scratcher looking folks. They were nice and friendly people who made some really good dishes that I had never had before. Looked like some crap in a bowl that represented lawn clippings and some off-white creamy stuff, but I gotta tell you, it was some damn great stuff.

Then I saw coming down the sidewalk this just unbelievable black ugly she boon. She had all the characteristics of the worst kind of nigger. Black as night, small face, big blubber lips, walking like she had just gotten past knuckledragging and I knew she was just going to shuffle on in, fill up her plate that could compare to Mt. Rainer, belch and fart once or twice and then leave. And that's exactly what she did.

No one said anything and I didn't because this wasn't my gig, but she was getting looked at quite a bit and she just acted like it was all her own and started loading up her plate with hamburgers, sausages and god knows what else.

Then came about five little loud niglets, probably the oldest was 7 or 8. They were all saying, "MA-MUH! MA-MUH!" They all went to feed onto the neighborhood trough. By that time, the fat gorilla she boon had waddled her way on back and her little niggers jumped at the trough. One of the people there asked, "Do you live on this street?" The little niggers wouldn't answer this white woman and just went on to the tables full of food, putting their little greasy mitts all over the place.

More niglets showed up ranging age 8 to 14 and one of them was a white coal burner, maybe aged 12. They had all come for the feast and they were not from the street at all.

Then my buddy goes, "The hell did these niggers come from?"

"They smelled the food outside and sounded their bullhorn. I don't know. Isn't my problem", I said.

Next thing you know, the little 12 year old coal burner has one of her straps of her bra hanging off to the side where two nigger bucks were saying, "You gonna show us your new titties? Let's see dem titties, girl!"

Then a few white males got up and started talking to the kids, telling them that they didn't live on the road and to get lost. The niglets obeyed, turned around and left. Or so everyone thought.

Then about ten minutes later, the niggers came from the other direction of the street along with even more niggers with them than before.

Parents kept eyes on their kids, all of them white, and were playing Around The World or Hopscotch or some other game where they do the chalk in the road, draw the borders and improvise. They were happy and all you'd hear is the occasional yelling from one kid to another over who's cheating or some stupid shit like that. This is before the niggers - the ten minutes later/from the other direction of the street - had made their presence be known.

But this time, we heard one of them scream and start crying, the niggers who came from the other side of the road took this white kid about maybe 6 or 7 and threw him into the cupcakes on the tables nearby and he got icing all over himself. They took his ball and started pushing all of these white kids out of their games.

Finally I got up, picked up a ballbat that one of them had laying around, my buddy asked what I was going to do and I said, "I'm going to break some nigger skulls".

I came on over to where they were, they saw me with that ballbat and they all ran like hell, including the coal burner.

"Get the fuck out of here and don't come back or I'm going to beat your fucking asses!", I yelled. I came back and sat down and just said, "That's how you deal with those little bastards".

I got a couple dirty looks from some of the white parents but the Jordanian couple were laughing and the husband said, "Sometimes you have to be mean to those kids because their moms don't beat their butts" I imagine some of the white parents were upset because I said "fuck" in front of their children, which really perplexed me because it was their kids that these niggers were picking on.

I talked with the couple who invited me, talked with the guy I used to hang with years ago and he said to one of the other people, "He's from Allentown. They've got that racist in them. That's why I left there."

I finished by soda, thanked the couple who invited me and went home.

Un friggin believable. Goddamn niggers. It simply boggles the mind how parents will look at defense of their own children and make racism the bigger issue. They pretend as if TNB doesn't exist...I mean INTENTIONALLY as if they know it exists but exaggerate and emphasize the racial issue much more than their own children's well being.

I'm never going back to that street again. I'm sure I probably wore out my welcome since this couple I'm friends with are tight with their neighbors and they're all like the women in Edward Scissorhands, all gathering in the afternoon and gossipping like hens in a henhouse.


Coontact Tale #433 (September 10, 2006)

Hey there I love this site and it has opened up my eyes even more to the monkeyshines of niggers.

I will give some background info to set the story up. I attended a predominately white high school ( private Catholic school). I was fortunate enoguh to have only one nog in my graduating class, and thank God his parents taught him in the old way how to respect whites.

So now I am attending a military school in the southeast where there are unfortunately more nigs. I have never been used to sitting in class with them, nor interacting with them (always gotta watch my shit). I have 2 in my company and one is pure nigger. I can not stand him, he yells, carries on , fights over nothing, takes other people's stuff without asking, etc... all the regular TNB. Well I have been waiting for a chimpout to share with yall and I finally have a decent one. A few days ago our nignog comes to mess a few minutes after we get seated. Pizza was on the menu. There are two types here: the flat square economy pizza and the round individual pizza. Usually people rush to the individual round pizzas because they are supreme topped. Well since the nig comes in late all the rounds were gone and he wants one (of course). The white guy sitting across from him is sorta a pushover and he has a round pizza. The nigger starts using all this head bobbing and mad niggerish in order to scare the guy from his pizza. We try to calm him down and tell him more is coming (hell no ones wants to see a chimpout). Without even turning his head the nog tells one guy to "geta da fuck outta muh face". We further try to calm him down. And he keeps telling us to get out of his face. He does not understand that just asking nicely (in his terms) does not mean that the guy will give up the pizza.

The nigger eventually gets a round pizza, but not after a entertaining chimpout.

Just to add, the nog is disgusting and has the typical nigger stinch on him.

Thanks for the enlightenment

Coontact Tale #434 (September 14, 2006)

Here’s a contact tale from Northern Ireland.

I should start by saying that there are (thankfully) very few chimp-a-nigs here in Ulster, but there are some, and their numbers are increasing. I have also noticed a number of mud children in our town, I’ve seen them with their white mothers. Needless to say, not a wedding ring in sight.

Last night, I went out to get some beers in for the big European Football (soccer) match on TV, then went to the petrol (gas) station for fuel and smokes. As I stopped at the pump (I drive a Range Rover which is high up, and has limited visibility out the back). I heard a thump, and thought I had hit the pump. When I got out of the car to see, there was a fucking furhead lying on the forecourt next to a bicycle, jabbering about how I had knocked him down. WTF? Sure enough, there was a dusty mark from the bicycle tyre on my back bumper.

Fuck this shit, I thought, and phoned the police. The police arrived in less than 4 minutes, and one cop went into the shop to ask for the CCTV footage while the other questioned me and the jigaboo.

After only about 2 minutes the cop came out of the shop and took the monkey inside to show him the tape. The cop told me afterwards that the coon had been hiding around the back of the shop, and when he saw me driving in he pedalled his bike like fuck and smacked into my car. Furthermore, the policy of the station owner was that bicycles were not allowed on the forecourt.

In this country, the cops drive 4.5 ton armoured Land Rovers which can repel an RPG7. Both chimp and bicycle were fucked into the wagon and carted off, but not before the cops made the nig apologise to me and the cashier! The bongo is to be charged with wasting police time, attempting to pervert the course of justice and some charge on attempting to obtain restitution by deception (can’t remember exactly this one).

The town where I live was established over 1000 (yes one THOUSAND) years ago, and has survived invasion by the Normans, attacks by Vikings, The Black Death, being besieged by the French in the 17th Century, bombardment during the Second World War and I.R.A. bombs. I’m fucking damn sure I’m not gonna let it be overrun by niggers.

Keep up the good Work!


Coontact Tale #435 (September 17, 2006)

Drove into town today as I always do on Saturdays to get some food and other necessities, this trip adding on a part for the old man's Toro Groundmaster 3500 (big ass lawn mower). The parts store which specializes in Groundmaster parts is in one of those "industrial" areas which means that without doubt niggers and white trash are nearby. Get it? Businesses pay the taxes, niggers and other undesirables come to feed out of the trough like the pig bastards they are.

Niggers driving everywhere too. Laying down in their cars, going 10 under the speed limit, weaving, thumb in their ass at the green lights...the usual TNB behind the wheel. Man, niggers cannot drive!

I finally wiggle my way between two nigger cars in both lanes - amazing since they'll drive alongside each other and slow down a bit, not saying a word to one another or even looking in each other's direction - the usual sprog telepathy.

I see this nigger buck and some fat white girl come walking right out into the middle of the road, I push the gas a bit so they see me coming, her Whiteness kicks up in her ass and she gets out of the way FAST while her nigger buck just moseys across the street in typical nigger buck style where I damn near hit the bastard.

Oh Lord, the feeling of running over a sprog and getting the hell out of dodge if no one else was around, but if I did, his mudshark would have told the police and I'd have the Allen police beating on my door by sunset.

But what's amazing is that even a mudshark, while a nigger herself from copulating with the sprog, does retain White characteristics and knows when the hell to get out of the way. It just goes to show that we're not really ones to put ourselves in danger like the self destructive stupid nigger is, at least not in the fast sense like this traitor White has done.

She was your typical coal burner female. Short, blonde, mile wide ass and arms that are the size of the average leg thigh.

Then again, I have a strong distaste for mudsharks. Niggers are niggers. Some Whites should know better.

Coontact Tale #436 (September 17, 2006)

My friend john had a 350+lbs. she-boon teacher in NYC she failed him just because he is white so he told his mother and she decided to call the school. at the accusation of failing him because he was white she immediately chimped out and automatically as if by some primal instinct played the race card, telling his mother he called her a fat, stupid nigger. his mother responds: you are a fat stupid nigger John and i were hysterically laughing and the dumb nigger was speechless. now that's truly a gift; the ability to make a nigger speechless i only wish more people could do it.

Coontact Tale #437 (September 17, 2006)

Some friends of mine visited South Africa a couple years ago. They had met there in the late 1970s, when they were doing one of those "Junior Year Abroad" programs offered by their university. So they decided to go back there to have a "second honeymoon" and celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They tell me it was the most depressing travel they have ever done. Apparently, anyone who remembers South Africa of the late 1970s would be shocked and horrified by just how far the country has declined since then.

Coontact Tale #438 (September 21, 2006)

Just got back from the grocery store. What a niggerfuxated mess. I was "greeted" at the door by an obese elderly nigger sow, who mumbled some untillegible nigger gibberish. I naturally assumed this was an insult, so leaning close(gag), I whispered "and ooga-booga to you too". I figured this was vague enough that I couldn't be charged with any kind of hate crime. The look on the beast's face told me that it understood just fine.:)

As I walk inside, I notice the nigger whore at customer service is glueing some kind of bling-bling onto it's ridiculously long plastic nails. I wonder to myself how any creature that spends so much time glueing on fake nails and horses hair(more on this later) can neglect basic personal hygiene. A nigger my buddy knows admits that he will go down on White, Asian or Spanish women, but that the females of his own species are way too dirty. He also said "I'm tellin' you, black wimminz be havin' crabs an' shit".

A third nigger is picking through the watermelons. I've seen this so many times that I rarely laugh anymore. Apparently picking a good wahddymellin requires a nigger to dig their filthy unkept nails into the skin, smelling, and occasionally licking, the fruit. Niggers do this with all food. Never, ever pick up anything a nigger handles. None of the melons suited her, so she opened a prepared fruit salad. Taking a fork from her ugly floral print hat, this creature quickly gobbled 5 or 6 pieces of fruit before shoving the container back onto the display. As the sheboon waddled away, it spit several melon seeds on the floor.

I hurried to the meat section so I could purchase it before the it became nigger-tainted. Yet another nigger bitch was approaching, and they push carts the same way they drive. I accidently hit it with my shopping cart, but it knew better than to say anything. For extra security, I've taken to wearing several small but SHARP knives in plain view. Nothing concealed, no blade longer than the legal limit.

After I got my much needed protein, I made a stop in the beverage isle on my way to get some frozen veggies. A skinny middle aged nigger buck was looking at the generic drink mix. Maybe Kool-Aid can't be bought with food stamps? He had cheap K-Mart style camouflage pants, obviously not real BDU's. Along with his filthy "US ARMY" tshirt, he had a had baseball hat proclaiming him to be a Navy SEAL! This fucking jig stunk so bad my eyes were watering. "Fucking smelly niggers",I mutter to myself, apparently a little too loudly. The shitskin gave me a quick dirty look and shuffled off.

The cashier was a nigger, too. This store has a deal with a local group home, and in addition to niggers, there's a dozen or so employees with Down's Syndrome. These drooling mongoloids are infinitely smarter and harder working than the niggers. This nigger cunt didn't even attempt to help me bag my groceries, but that's really OK with me. Last week I had to throw away a nice sirloin because the package had a nigger pawprint on it.

Coontact Tale #439 (September 21, 2006)

Man car-related TNB is wunderbar.

So I was driving down the road in the ghetto and down main street was the weekly nigger gathering. All you smell is BBQ and weed.

Anyway, I had no intention of going, and had no idea it was happening and I couldn't care less.

Next thing I know, the car full of niggers in front of me completely stops. Why? So they can all drool over some nigger sow that was walking down the sidewalk. She wasn't the typical fat nigger sow, so their reaction didn't even remotely surprise me.

So what do I do? I recognize this TNB and lay the horn on them, then drive past them while giving them the finger.

Then the car starts catching up to me, so I slow down and continue to give the driver the finger with a huge grin on my face. You could see the driver's nigger lips flapping in the wind, and his big bug eyes buldging out of his skull.

I speed up again and he gives chase. This same little dance goes on for the next 20 minutes, and I couldn't have been laughing harder. Every single time, he speeds up, I flip off the lot, and speed up myself, then let him catch up and repeat.

Eventually, I make a sharp ass turn into a side street, then another quick left cutting off a motorcyclist. I drive away laughing all the while, and being thankful they weren't armed.

I came back later on to just temp fate, and sure enough they come down the road in the oppposite direction and I honk and flip them off yet again.

So that's that.

On the way home I ran into even more TNB. I felt I was on a streak and there would have been no point stopping right then. There was this new car, a Nissan Altima, with two rich preppy white girls and their nigger boyfriends (one who had a huge umkempt afro). Naturally, there is some nigger bongo music blasting out of the speakers. We were collectively sitting at the most notoriously long stoplight in the city... which provided plenty of time for the TNB to run it's course. At first I just started laughing hysterically. They look at me, puzzled, then I yell coalburners and give them the finger. Much to my chagrin, nothing happened....for the first few seconds they just stared back puzzled. Maybe they wondered what I was laughing at. Maybe they had no fucking clue what a coalburner was. Next thing you know, one of them had a nigger lightbulb above his head and acknowledged my comment with his TNB. Typical chimp out, death threats, etc. The best part was, I kept getting called a cracker over and over again. The stupid coalburners weren't that dumb, and quickly started yelling at the niggers! So the niggers get out of the car, and start doing that retarded chimp walk towards me, talking shit the entire way. Guess what? The fucking light turns green, and the Altima speeds off, leaving them standing in the middle of the fucking road! It was the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. They became distracted by this, so I just sped off, laughing my white ass of. Best day ever.

Niggers never, ever fail to disappoint me.

Coontact Tale #440 (September 23, 2006)

This happened to me about 5 or so years ago, when I was working at Burger King. I had forgotten about it, but a former co-worker of mine that I ran into tonight reminded me of it, and I thought I would share it with you.

First, a quick question, though: Has anyone seen those little jug-like things filled with blue water with little platforms inside? The ones where, if you catch a coin on one of the platforms, you win a free something? They're usually found in fast-food joints (like the one I worked at). Well, that's what this story is about.

It's about 7:30 in the morning, and I was the only person on the front line. It wasn't busy (in fact, it was completely empty), so I was all smiles when this dirty nigger walked in (I say "all smiles" because I hadn't been completely convinced that niggers were less than human just yet). He insisted that he wasn't ready to order just yet, so I let him be.

Well, about ten seconds later, he starts hooting and hollering and dancing around like he had won the lottery. He flagged me down (Hey, man! Yo! etc.) and said, "I caught me a penny. So what do I win?" I looked, and sure enough, there was a penny on one of the platforms in the jug.

Now see, if you caught a nickel, you won something; if you caught a dime; you won something better; and if you caught a quarter, you won something worth more than that. However, if you caught a penny, you got jack shit.

So I'm like, "Um, well, I'm not sure, but I don't think you win anything for a penny. But let me go get the manager, just to be sure." That, of course, was SOP for a jug win anyway.

So I came back with my supervisor Eric, and this jig proudly exclaims, "I caught me a penny! Whatchoo gonna get me?" to which Eric replied, "Nothing, sir. You don't win anything for a penny. See, it says right there: you win for a nickel, dime, or quarter, but nothing for a penny."

Well, guess what happened: I got to witness my very first nigger chimp-out! I kinda wish I would have gotten it on tape.

"What da fuck yoo mean I don't win nothin'? I spent mah muh'fuggin money on dis. I won, an' I want mah muh'fuggin' free food!" More was said, but as it's been so long ago, I don't fully remember.

There was a little verbal sparring back and forth between my increasingly pissed-off supervisor (who hated niggers with a passion anyway and wasn't scared of them at all) and this feral nigger who wanted his handout.

Finally, the nigger shouted, "Gimme mah muh'fuggin' penny back, then!" So Eric got a penny out of the cash drawer, threw it at the nigger, and told him to get out.

Of course, the nigger being a nigger, said, "This muh'fuggin place beez raciss! Y'all doan wanna serve me 'cause I'm BLACK!" And Eric, being quick-witted as he was, said, "I ain't kicking you out because you're black. I'm kicking you out because you're an asshole!"

The nigger babbled some more in his nigger-ese (which I don't remember) and left. After he left, Eric said, "You just can't deal with niggers. They don't respect anything."

That was the first time I ever witnessed, firsthand, a nigger chimpout. Of course, back then, I had no idea it was so common. I guess now, looking back, I should feel lucky that the nigger wasn't armed.

Coontact Tale #441 (September 24, 2006)

Revenge against TNB!

Many of you out there may feel that TNB has no recourse. Once its done, it's done or so you thought! Not so! Paybacks can be sweet and doubly so when paid back to a nigger! Here's my story.

Several years ago I was doing contract work for a large Retail chain. I didn't work directly for them but for another company who was contracted by them to have me perform a service which they either couldn't or wouldn't do. You get the idea,

So anyway, my number came up and I was assigned to one of their especially busy stores for a period of one year. Nobody wanted this particular assignment but sooner or later, your number was bound to come up. Mine did so off I went.

Now, any of you that have done contract work anywhere for any length of time knows that you sort of become a fixture there. The line between you and the client?s employees sort of blurs and they begin to accept you as one of their own. You laugh with them, share things with them and react pretty much as they do when tragedy happens. Over all it can be a nice experience if you are a good person and are accepted into their group. That is, unless the place has become infested with the black plague. In that case, you will continue to be treated as an outsider and basically ignored. Not so much if you are a nigger to begin with but if you are ANY other race (ESPECIALLY White) you will get a taste of TNB on a daily basis. Most can simply be ignored. Some will just plain have it out for you and want you out of there. That was me. I had a nigger-whore that, for reasons known only to her, had it in for my lily white ass and was bound and determined to get me, one way or another.

Well, I had a nigger assistant at the time by the name of Kim. Actually, a pretty good kid once I got her trained. And inoculated against the local TNB. We worked well together and she has gone on and done pretty well for herself (considering she's a niggress.)

One day I happened to be doing some work at my desk and just happened to look up and see a pack of especially nasty she-boons coming our way. The head of this pack was the afore-mentioned niggress that had it out for me. I should have used my head and just shut up when I saw her and her pack heading our way but sometimes my over powering hate of the black ones gets ahead of me and does things before I can react to it. This was one of those times. Damn it!

I look up and say "Hey Kim! Your friends are here?" I meant no harm by the remark (at least I don't THINK I meant any). It was just that I tried never to communicate with this particular beast and Kim was handy to do it for me so I just gave her a friendly heads-up.

Oh man. That niggress looked at me with DEATH in her eyes. She and her pack stopped cold and she just GLARED at me. With that, she immediately did a 180 and stomped off with her pack of niggresses following closely behind. I knew right then there was going to be hell to pay and I was right. That whore made my life miserable. My Jew boss chewed me a new asshole and I damn near lost the assignment. I was made to write a letter of apology that he had his assistant hand deliver to the store director. I was walking on egg shells for about the next two months until the stink of this went away. And I really didn't say anything Bad! It's not like I said "Hey Kim, your stinking Nigger-whore friends are here! Please take them out side so they won't mess up my floor with their monkey feces."

And then I began to think about this. How could someone in that low of a position get a hold of my boss so quickly? They would have no idea of how to contact him and even if they did, they would be directed immediately to a lower level and that person would have cleaned up the mess. Nope, this one went directly to the top. No passing Go and no collecting $200. How WAS that possible?

At that time, I learned another of life's valuable lessons concerning niggers. No matter how educated and up scale a nigger appears, they are still a nigger deep down and they will ALWAYS stick together. I say this because I had a real good working relationship with one of the nigresses that managed there. She was college educated like I was and we frequently discussed local and world affairs. Things that no regular chimp could possibly grasp or even begin to understand. This was one classy, sophisticated niggress, or so I thought.

I noticed immediately after this incident that my friend (the classy niggress) avoided me. Completely stopped coming around to chat or just say "Hi!" Very unusual behavior from her. That is until I found out that SHE was the one that made the call! The head of the afore-mentioned pack went crying to her and she called my boss on this nigger's behalf! That ended that friendship immediately as I then avoided HER at all costs, just as she did me. (Eventually, she was transferred away and I never learned where. God help her if I EVER find out which store she's in.) Anyway, to continue.

The storm eventually blew over and I was brought back home. Someone else was sent there until we finally lost the account and some other poor schmoe from some other company had to put up with these chimps. You are asking now "Where did the revenge come in?" Patience, grass hopper. Patience! All things come to he who waits!

The community I live in (which houses this particular store) isn't terribly large. Most people don't move around much so if you?ve got a job and you are getting by, why change? That seems to be the general attitude here and that goes for the niggers as well.

I knew this niggress wasn't going to give up her 'status' amongst the other niggers in that store. Being 'Head Nigger' means more to most niggers than life itself. They fight amongst themselves for the spot and will do anything to keep it. And once it's attained, you'll have to kill them to get them out of that position as they will use every know legal (and illegal) recourse to stay on top. This niggress was no different. She remained in that store for years. There was NO removing her as many of her bosses that I have known have related to me. She was there for LIFE, BY-GOD and Damn-your-soul-to hell if you DARED challenge her position! Huh! Silly me! Guess I didn't read that part of the nigger training manual?

Flash forward seven years. It's today and little has changed. I still live in the same community and that store is still there. And, low-and-behold, that niggress still works there! At least she USED to. Haven't seen her in a while. Heard a rumor that she got canned by her corporate masters. Huh. Strange. I wonder if I had anything to do with it?

See, I don't look a lot like I did when I was assigned there. I'm older now and have gained a few pounds (I'm being , uh, modest?) My hair and moustache are also some what gray. All in all, if you hadn't seen me in seven years, you probably wouldn't recognize me. And THAT'S how I killed me a nigger!

I was in that store a few weeks ago returning an item. Just patiently waiting in line for my turn to return my item. After a few minutes I notice a short, fat niggress in a store smock step in front of the person at the head of the line and perform her own return! And it wasn't just one item! She had a bag full. As you might have guessed, one of her niggeress cohorts was manning the return register so she was allowed to do what ever she damn well wanted. The other White people in line with me grumbled and whispered to each other but in typical gutless, White Beaten-down fashion, nobody said anything. They just grumbled and stayed silent. That was until I received my gift from God! There, returning her assorted nigger booty was MY NIGGERESS!!! The one who almost lost me my job in that very store seven years earlier!!! Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift of which you have bestowed upon my most unworthy ass!

That's right, no one spoke up..except for me! I let the niggress have it! I acted like the typical asshole customer and went nuts. What do you think you're doing cutting in line in front of these people? Did someone die and leave YOU in charge? What's your name, honey? I wanna call corporate and tell them what a FINE establishment they are running here!? Let me tell you, she was pissed! The more I said, the more pissed she became! It was GLORIOUS!!! She tried to burn a hole right through me with that evil nigger-whore stare but I was immune! NOTHING was gonna stop me now! I have waited seven loooong years for this moment and NO ONE was going to take it away from me!!!

I continued my barrage until finally she SNAPPED and attacked back!!! Aw God! It was beautiful! Every vile, evil, white-hating thing she had in her came rushing out! And here I was, this poor, innocent PAYING customer who had done nothing to deserve this! She eventually did a 180 (just like seven years ago) and stomped off! But who was she gonna complain to? My Boss? She didn't recognize me and besides, I wasn't working and especially not there! I was just a poor, innocent customer who was viciously and ruthlessly attacked by this employee whileI was trying to make a return/ And that's EXACTLY how I explained it to her STORE director when I met with him and how I explained it to the 1-800-corporate folks whom I called and cried to a couple of days later. But do you think I was finished with her evil black ass? Nope. I had to make sure this one was really dead and niggers have a funny way of coming back to life even after you think you've finished them off for good. Had to put a final nail in her coffin then piss on her grave!

A couple of days lapsed between the incident and when I called the corporate number. In that time, I haunted that store looking for her in her department. One day I found her. That's was all I needed. I immediately went home and called my best friend in California (3000 miles from here) and gave him her name, the exact time I saw her and all the details like which department she was in, what she was doing and so on. See, my pal hates niggers as much or more than I do. He was more than happy to help! The very next day HE called the 1-800 number and made up a beautiful story of how he was on vacation out here and his wife stopped in to get something. Well! It seems this niggress was SO rude to my friend's wife that she left the store in TEARS! And now she won't let him go anywhere NEAR one of their stores! It was beautiful story (almost brings a tear to one's eye) and all backed up with times dates and events!

And that, my friends, is how I gained my revenge on one especially evil and nasty nigger-whore. Yes, my dear reader, I have inquired to my friends as to the where-a-bouts of this particular niggress who used to work in that store. Seems she Really pissed-off a couple of customers a while back and the store director had to let her go. Huh. Let her go, eh? What a pity as she was such a nice person, too.

Coontact Tale #442 (September 24, 2006)

Chuck E Cheese from quiet to niggerfuxated in 1 hour

My daughter usually enjoys going to Chuck E Cheese for some over priced pizza and some arcade fun. What turned out to be a quiet afternoon suddenly took a turn for the worse for a nigger birf-day part was a brewin'. Niggers everywhere, plus counted 3 coal burners.


Watching them sit there and smack their flubber lips on the chicken wings, guzzle beer and the niggerbabble was insane. No more Chuck E Cheese for the FaraKoon family. Next time its Johns incredible pizza.

Look at the fuxation

BTW someone niggermaniac in another post was so right!!! They have their birf-day party and bring their own food and cake. Looked like Albertsons chicken and "tater" salad.

- LouisFaraKoon

Editors Question: Are those banana's on the table wedged in between the niglet tie-down cables?

Coontact Tale #443 (September 25, 2006)

I was in Brainerd a while back staying at a golf resort up there, and took my family out to dinner at the club house. Nice place, great food, spendy as hell. As we're enjoying some appetizers before the main course arrives, in walks (struts) two white bitches with their nigger boyfriends in tow. Everyone in the place just stopped and stared at them in disbelief. As luck would have it they were seated at the table next to ours. Within minutes my young daughter speaks up LOUD and CLEAR, "Daddy, how come those girls are with them black-skinned boys?" You could have heard a pin drop in the place. I turned to my daughter and said, "Because their daddy's didn't love them," Gasps are heard all around, then silence once again as my daughter asks, "Daddy, do you love me?" I replied, "More than anything my little pumpkin!" She began clapping her hands and said, "That's good daddy 'cause I don't wanna ever date no black-skin boys - they're UGLY!"

One of them girls got up and ran to the bathroom in tears with the other following her. I just looked over at the gorilla's almost challenging them to say ANYTHING to me. Of course they didn't as they were WAY outnumbered. Five-minutes pass and the girls emerge from the bathroom, grab their nigger boyz and leave. As soon as they exited there was a round of laughter throughout the clubhouse and all went back to normal. After enjoying a delicious meal I got a nice surprise; an annonymous person there picked up the tab for our entire meal! I understood their message loud and clear.

Whites: 1 -- Niggers & Whiggers: 0

- PrivateCitizen

Coontact Tale #444 (September 26, 2006)

I was picking up some beer after work at a corner store close to my house, and I noticed an antsy she-nigger bouncing around behind me, somewhat agitated. If I'd have cared to look, I probably would have witnessed her rolling her head and eyes in some kind of exaggerated nigger display of impatience while my sale was being tendered. Of course I'm only speculating - niggers aren't worth looking at even through peripheral vision.

As it was, I stepped aside - as is my custom - to bag my purchases and pocket my change. Peripheral vision again: I saw that she was a typical ass-forward negress complete with fishook spine, the starchy-looking pressed-straight hair, earthtone clothes, and roughly six months pregnant - a typical Milwaukee mudcarp if there ever was one.

Anyhow, when the nigress bellied up to the counter, she delivered this in staccato nigger:


No "please..." No "I'd like..." Not even "Could I have..?" It was a demand! GIMME MY GRAPE CIGARS! God only knows how nasty GRAPE cigarillos taste or smell, or why a woman six months pregnant would be smoking such a thing. She then started arguing over the price with the store owner as I walked out, convinced as she was that "DEY TWO FO A DOLLA! TWO FO A DOLLA!"

So I got to thinking: I know how I conduct a transaction, no matter how small.. with me it's always "please" (being the buyer, even when not necessary) and "thank you" (to the merchant for the service and exchange provided).

When was the last time you've heard a nigger use the word "please"? Or "thank you" - or, if you're keeping it casual, simply "thanks"?

I'm thinking about following this up with the owner tomorrow, to see how often he hears those words uttered from flappy nigger lips.

Have any of you encountered a nigger with manners lately?

- Brewski

Coontact Tale #445 (September 26, 2006)

This is a true story from several years back but I remember it vividly because it was my first real exposure to the dreadful consequences of Affirmative Action. The Astor & Tilden Branch of the New York Public Library (one of the largest in the world) had built a modern annex two blocks away because the had run out of room at 5th Avenue and 42nd St. I had requested something at the old library and was told it was only available now at the annex. So I walked over and immediately saw the collection was immense---there were four or five floors in what once had been a department store---and it was packed with people. In the lobby was a circular desk with an INFORMATION sign over it. I approached and saw that two people were standing inside the desk; a young blond woman and a 40ish Negro male. The blond had a long line of people but seemed to be fairly quickly directing them to whatever they were asking about. There was no one on the Negro's line and he seemed to be very happy---grinning and bopping around. I thought to myself, "Should I get on the blond's line and wait and wait---or should I ask the Negro---although, very apparently no one seemed to trust his judgement?" I decided to go with the Negro because I assumed the library would only have hired someone qualified for the job. (????///!!!!)

I asked him, "In what area is there material concerning agriculture, poultry operations, and animal husbandry?" The coon looked at me and threw back his head with throaty Negro laughter, guffawing and disturbing the whole library he said, "Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa, mofo' I ain' nebba herd o' no animal husban! Where you think yu is, a lyberry o Tiajuana! People on the blond's line glared at me, I guess they figured it was all my fault. I knew at that moment what Affirmative Action would do, and that the Library and America had changed for the worse.

Coontact Tale #446 (September 27, 2006)

Educated, Upscale Niggers? Think again.

My wife has been teaching in our local High School for close to twenty years now. Recently, it was decided that the area had grown large enough that a second High School was needed in our fast growing, neighboring community. Thus, her school was split in two and all students living in that end of our area would now attend the new school. All was well and good and the new school was quickly built.

Of course, the new school was going to need a new Principal. There were many good choices from the existing schools as many of the assistant Principals had been in the district for many, many years. It looked to be a tough decision as so many existing administrators were so qualified. Who was going to get the ‘nod?’

The choice was made almost immediately, somewhat surprising those in the ‘know’ in the community. She was a thirty two year old niggress who had all of five years administrative experience behind her. There were others who had close to twenty years administrative experience but they were passed over in favor of this young nigga-beast. It was quite a shock until one looked a bit deeper into her background.

Her Sister-in –Law is Chair Woman of the county school board and she has several other family members scattered in various positions through out the county. Was there EVER any question? Remember one of the Primary laws of Niggerdom : “A nigger will ALWAYS strive to take care of another nigger, no matter what the situation. And if that nigger is family, this becomes a fore-gone conclusion.”

So why am I writing this today? Because today, our new Nigga-Beast Principal flexed her nigga-political muscles for the first time. Many close to the situation are shocked and outraged. I see no reason to be. The following is a prime example of what a community can expect when any nigger is placed in any position of authority.

Seems my wife’s Principal (White Woman) floated an idea to help both the community as a whole and all the various clubs in the two schools. All the various clubs in the two opposing schools would hold a Blood Drive in their respective communities to raise money and Blood for the local Red Cross chapter. Each school group would use what ever talent they were best at in a combined effort with all the other groups in their High School to see which School could raise the greatest amount of Blood and donations. There were plans for prize donations from local merchants to the winning groups and possibly even a new car being used as an incentive to give blood. This was gonna be great. The local paper and news stations were also to be involved.

The winners and prizes were to be presented at Half time during our annual High School football game between the two schools at the close of the season.

Wasn’t to be. Nigga-Beast Principal shot the whole thing down. She basically stated that she had previously promised her High School Cheer Leading squad that they would be the featured attraction at that particular game and she just COULDN’T go back on her word. And that was that.

Many are questioning “Why?” Wouldn’t it be easy enough to move the Cheer leading show to pre game or even another home game entirely? Easy enough for YOU, maybe.

You’re not a nigger and, thus, have concern and compassion for those who may be in need, like the recipients of that donated blood. You are dealing with nigger mentality here.

First off, the idea came from a competing school. Bad enough, but acceptable for the good of the event. No, there was something much larger going on behind the scenes.

Think about it, children. Who thought up the idea? A White woman. At who’s school were the prizes and all the ‘media-hoopla’ to take place? The Black Woman’s. Who was going to get credit for the idea in the local press and media? Who was going to be in the spot light?

No, dear reader, this was completely unacceptable from a nigga-beast’s stand point. It didn’t matter who was benefiting. If it wasn’t the nigger’s idea then it simply didn’t take place and that was that!

It’s a damn shame this event won’t take place as many people out there would have benefited from that blood and money. It is my sincere hope that this nigga-beast suffers some sort of tragedy like a car crash or a house fire where she will beg for the Red Cross to come and save her black ass. Then maybe she will remember what she has done here….but probably not. She is a NIGGER, after all….

Coontact Tale #447 (September 28, 2006)

I recently stopped for lunch at a Chinese take-out in Syracuse, NY. These kind of restaurants are common in Northeast USA; They're usually in ghetto, not-so-good or in commercial/industrial areas. The better sort of Chinese buffet is out in the burbs or at a "nice" mall. Anyway, I went to one near a housing project riddled with welfare Negroes, and when I asked for the menu the Chinese girl at the counter pointed at the wall. Two entire walls were covered with 8"x11" photos of ALL the dishes the take-out could prepare. I thought this was odd because some of the photos were only very slightly different: with egg roll/without or white rice/pork fried, etc. I asked the girl about this and she told me most of the customers were illiterate and needed to be shown pictures. She also said many of them were innumerate----can't add, subtract, etc. So, they had to lay their cash on the table and she would tell them whether they had enough to purchase what they wanted.

As I was waiting for my fong wong gai, a short, dumpy and dirty street Negro came in with a container of food.

"Mama-san, why u be cheetin' me? Why u ain' be gibbin' me mah food? The girl got very upset and answered, "I no cheet! I no cheet! I no mama-san!" She opened the container and determined that somebody had made a mistake but that he would have to pay a dollar more for the dish he wanted. He chimped out big time but finally produced a dollar. The Chinese girl was annoyed and she took the money quickly, causing the Negro to scream, "Dontchu' snatch mah money like dat yu slant-eyed bitch!" The ruckus caused the cooks to come from the back and brandish cleavers and wok implements, and then that Negro settled right down. It looked to me like the Chinese had seen this all before and knew how to handle scumbags like him.

-Bwana McAllister

Coontact Tale #448 (September 28, 2006)

A friend of mine is in charge of recruiting and training for a large union in the construction trade. He needed to hire some drivers, which normally wouldn't have been such a big deal, except now there is a push to be politically correct (which means hire LOTS of niggers). He hires about 10 Whites and 15 blacks, and what happens next is remarkable:

Out of the 15 blacks, 5 were let go because they failed their drug test, (and they were warned A WEEK IN ADVANCE they would be given a drug test!) Another one was let go because he failed to disclose that he was a convicted murderer. This decline continued until there were only two blacks remaining. One of them couldn't drive a freakin' tonka toy truck to save his black ass, let alone a real one. He was assigned a full-time instructor - a man who had won the National Truck Driving Rodeo THREE TIMES! This instructor worked with the one black guy full-time for several weeks (most White guys got about a half-hour one-on-one instruction a day - MAX.) The nog was scheduled to take the driving test on the last day of training, thus providing him with the maximum amount of training possible. How does the nigger say thanks? By quitting the day of the test! Only one black guy passed, JUST ONE out of FIFTEEN.

Number of White guys who passed? Out of the original 10, NINE passed the course.

But wait - there's MORE!

One of the nogs who quit went to one of the unionized companies and said he was with the union and wanted a job. The company was so desperate to hire blacks they put him to work right away (without verifying whether he was with the union or not) - delivering large construction dumpsters to job sites. His first week on the job went fairly well - until Friday that is. End of his first week he's delivering a dumpster (huge one on massive wheels - heavy as f*ck) to a private residence where some major remodeling will be done. Despite being told not to drop the dumpster in the driveway THREE TIMES, he puts it there anyways, then starts to drive off. Too bad the dumpster was on wheels because it rolled down this driveway, crashed through the garage door, and TOTALED a BRAND-NEW Chevy Suburban! Guy gets fired and the company calls my friend, the union rep., to tell him the union owes them for all this shit. My buddy has to tell them no f*cking way are they liable because the nog had already quit the training program, and they never did a check on him before putting him to work. Company pays BIG $$$ to the homeowner and loses their asses on the remodeling job.

- PrivateCitizen

Coontact Tale #449 (September 30, 2006)

My wife and I stopped at a Jimmy John's restaurant (they make arguably the best sub sandwiches around) for a quick lunch. After we placed our order the Mrs. got her pop & chips and sat down while I waited for the sandwiches. We both ordered the same thing except I asked for mine without mayo. When the first sandwich is placed on the counter I asked a White guy if it's the one with, or without, the mayo. He said he didn't know, then asked the guy next to him who was assembling the food.

As luck would have it the guy actually making our order was your typical nigger. (Damn-it, I don't like niggers touching my food!) When asked what that sandwich was he says, "Dats de wun widout toomatoes." Huh? I asked for NO MAYO. Where's my sandwich without mayo? "Uuhh, I think I'z makin' de foood fer de next orduh." Crap - where's my food? "Uh, I getz it ina minute." I look at the people next in line and they're about ready to ask for their money back and leave.

Finally the nigger gets another sandwich ready and has the White guy hand it to me. I unwrap it and discover that this sandwich was also made wrong. I look right at the White guy and say, "I'm in a hurry, can YOU just get my order ready?" He bumps the nigger out of the way and wastes no time getting everything ready in about 1 minute flat - and got it right too!

As he hands the food to me he says, "Yeah, he's new." I replied, "He'll be the same in a month from now, so don't expect much!" The White guy laughs - the nigger just glares at me. F*ck him, at least my food wasn't touched by his monkey hands.

- PrivateCitizen

Coontact Tale #450 (October 1, 2006)

I must have been age 9 or 10 and I had "befriended" a nigger kid at school who rode the same bus as I did. We talked about sports mainly and girls, stuff like that. He wasn't all nasty or anything and anytime other boys would talk stupid grade school dirty stuff about girls, he would say "Aw, dat nasty. You all nasty."

The teacher told us all while he was not at school - niggers always miss school - that all of us needed to refrain from using "profanities at Josh" because "Josh goes to church every other day with his mom".

Well, he and I still got along okay and he wanted to come over to hang out. I knew back then my parents would not be too welcoming of a nigger in their home, but without letting them know Josh was coming over, Josh showed up at the door, rang the bell and I let him in.

We went back to my room and hung out for a bit, but he kept going to the bathroom quite a bit. He told me he had the shits, but as soon as 5:30 came and my mom knew there was a nigger in the house, she was anxious as hell to get Josh out of there because of dinner time. Right on the dot, she yelled for me up the stairs that dinner time was soon and it was time to "wrap it up".

Now before when white friends would come over, we'd offer them to eat dinner with us, my pal whoever it was would call his parents to ask if it was okay and they'd eat with us nine times out of ten. But in this case, my father coming home to see a nigger at the dinnertable was going to be hell on earth as soon as Josh left. I knew not to say anything like, "Can Josh eat dinner with us?" and leave my mom with some lame ass excuse.

Turns out, Josh was stuffing anything he could stuff in his sweatpants when he'd go to the bathroom. His biggest grab? A pocket Simon game. Remember that with the red/yellow/blue/green sections and you'd try to remember the pattern the game made so you could repeat it?

After dinner, I noticed some things were missing. A few cassette tapes, my Simon and a few other things - I forget what.

About a week later, Josh brought it in for "Show and Tell" - niggers absolutely love to show off their stolen booty. I kept quiet and while he was messing with it at his desk, I took it away from him and told him it was mine.

The teacher and students thought I had lost my marbles completely, told me to give it back to Josh and to apologize. I claimed up and down it was mine and all'be damned if I was going to apologize. I grew up in a neighborhood full of redneck asshole kids with barslut mothers and the last thing you ever do is apologize if you get into a fight with them. It was seen as a sign of weakness overall.

During the bathroom break, Josh couldn't resist his inner chimp and started kicking my ass, but then I remember both of us being on the floor wrestling around and seeing the bottom edge of the urinal right in the line of fire with this boon's head. I rolled real hard to the left and the nigger's head, right above the eyeball, went right into that hard corner of the bottom of the urinal busting open his eyebrowe.

He cried to the teacher, the kids acted like I was the biggest asshole ever and completely took Josh's side. The principal came down to class, took me to his office, called my parents to let them know he was going to beat my ass - my parents would always say, "If he disobeyed, let him have it!" - so the principal sunk that hardwood paddle right into my ass a good two or three times. Hurt like hell.

When I got home after school, I knew my mom was going to be steaming something fierce. The point of the principal calling the house to beat a kid's ass wasn't exactly to get permission. It was essentially designed to let the parents know and thus have the parents waiting to beat some ass once the student got home. This is before most parents started thinking their own children are fellow adults and should be reasoned with like an adult, therefore negating the school rules and making the principal the automatic asshole.

She was ready to lay out the yelling, tell me "Your father's going to beat your ass when he gets home" and all that shit - you all remember that threat while growing up, I'm sure, but I told her the situation and she goes, "Well, you invited him into the house. You should have known better".

She didn't say "You should have know because he was a no-good nigger" but I got the hint.

As for my father, my mom told him the situation but also my side as well which my father went completely bonkers in yelling at me for inviting a nigger into the house. Compared to a nigger being in the house versus a fight at school, obviously the nigger being in the house was paramount by leaps and bounds compared to a fight at school.

Well, the rest of my grade school days were kind of marred a bit. Josh was the "Oh so funny cool guy" who everyone loved and I was the bigot asshole who pushed Josh around in the fourth grade.

In 1996, my mom was going through the local papers and found an article written in the local news.

"2 Year Old Killed At Local Park From Botched Drug Deal"

Josh, then aged 24, met a dealer at a park to get some product and since Josh being a kleptomaniac and a nigger (which go hand in hand - niggers ARE kleptomaniacs by default and design) Josh handed the dealer the money, then pulled a gun on the dealer and told the dealer to give the money back - nigger indifference and the usual nigger "It's gonna be my way no matter what" took over, so the dealer just ran and took off.

A mother and her 2 year old were in the park at the same time near the swing sets and when Josh shot at the dealer, he missed completely and the bullet nailed the 2 year old girl right in the gut. Josh took off and by the time the cops got there, the 2 year old was already dead from bleeding to death and if that wouldn't have gotten the child, the preforated intestine's shit mixing with the bloodstream would have.

I don't know what happened to Josh as far as the courts were concerned.

After running into an old acquaintance from grade school at a party, he and I brought up the whole Josh fight I had in fourth grade and how much of an asshole I was to Josh back then. Then I told him about the two year old getting killed, so I asked him, "Who was the real asshole?"

You know what he said? "Well, that was back when we were nine years old. He probably got caught up with the wrong crowd."

Not that I really cared, but this was coming from a guy who was now Mr. Anti-Faggot/Limbaugh, which really perplexed me. This also adds to my major hatred of nigger loving conservatives that are taking the country over by storm in the past few years. Hate to get political, but you all know what I mean.

Unbelievable how our schools, the media and everyone else thinks that niggers are human, useful and moral no matter what they claim to believe personally. Just boggles the mind.

I have many other coontact tales from childhood if you'd care for me to add to the pile. But if you're bored by this point from my rambling, thanks for putting up it.

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