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The following are true true stories involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. A collection of Stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

Coontact Tale #351(October 30, 2005)

Now, I am at work just running through some late fines and the like and I see this big black she boon waddling towards the store.

Needless to say I am getting worried it is going to come in and I may have to serve it, I was the only one on in that shift so I was debating running the length of the store and locking up.

Coontact Tale #352(October 23, 2005)

Hey all! Great site and great forum. Niggermania rocks! Hilarious and very informative. The one stop shop of everything jiggaboo.

Anyway, the wife and I were heading home a few nights back after working and some nigger hit us in the ass while we were waiting our turn at the stop sign. Right when that happened, first thing into my head "Uninsured nigger".

Right as rain, got out of the car and got really pissed off. You have to let the nigger know who's in charge or he'll walk all over you. Anything less will result in lying and monkey shines.

The boog got out, asked ME for my insurance card...but he hit me. So I asked him for the same.

"Uh, uh...I ain't gat no insurance. But I gat money", he said.

"What's in your pocket isn't going to pay for my bumper!", I yelled.

"Oh, you gonna call the police now, right?", he asked.

"No, I don't want to turn this into a problem. Just let me see your license", I said, staring him down.

"Ok, ok. Here", he said, handing me some State ID card for Georgia or Tennessee or some state like that.

"The f**k is this?", I asked.

"My license", he said. Right on the card it read in big caps: NON-LICENSE

I wrote the boog's address down and his plate number down even though I knew it was bogus. I was in Kentucky for god sakes, not liek the cops would go looking for this idiot.

"Now let me have yo address", said the boog.

"Haha. Bullshit! You hit me", he said.

"You gonna tell da poh-leese, ain'cha?", he said.

"Nope", I said heading back to my car.

My wife was holding the back of her neck, obviously sore and that pissed me off. "Goddamn nigger sprog piece of shit no good garbage coons!", I yelled.

After that, much to my wife's anger, I drove around the neighborhood seeing if this nigger was going to follow me. As I figured, shaking him was a bitch. I turned down all sorts of streets in the residential area. Finally, after TEN MINUTES the nigger finally lost interest and took off like a well fed monkey throwing down a banana to look at some tree branch or something of other interests.

Then I went to the police station...wouldn't you know it? Nigger cop behind the counter damn near asleep. He gave me the wrong form to fill out THREE TIMES! Motorcycle, commercial vehicle and company car...I guess "Car Owner" report was out of his mind. Probably thinking about hitting on white girls at the college down the street later that night. You will always see nigger cops hitting oogling and telling jokes to the white girls down at the hangouts around.

Nigger cop got pissed off because I didn't put my address on the form. I told this boog with a badge I didn't want to give my address because if they pick this guy up for driving without insurance and a license, it'll turn into a court case and his attorney will get a copy and there will by my address. No way, no how.

The nigger cop told me it would be "whited out". I bet he loved saying that..."whited out".

Finally, I asked for the cop in the glass walled office behind where the nigger cop was standing. The white cop came out, I handed him my form, explained the situation and he goes, "Oh, he hit you? Was it a bright yellow car?"

"Yes. Looked like a banana", I said, knowing that would humor him.

"That's his dad's car and his dad reported it stolen. I have to let the guys know this felon is in the area. Thanks. I'll call you guys if I find anything out", said the cop.

Two hours later at the doctor's office to get my wife' s neck looked at - for insurance reasons - the cop called me on my cell.

"We got him! He's in lockup and he's being taken down to Georgia for something he's wanted for. Then when he's done with that jail time he'll come back up here and do time here. Do you want to press charges? You probably won't get anything, sad to say", said the cop.

"Nah, that's alright. Thanks for getting him", I said.

"Thanks for letting us know he was in the area", said the cop.

See? Now if I would have let the nigger cop handle it, the nigger's father's car probably would have been left in some creek somewhere.

Far as I'm concerned, a boog with a badge and gun is really not that much of an evolution than a neighborhood boog with a gun. All the nig cops do is keep the nigger sh*t at a minimum and make special sweetheart deals to keep their friend's little sprog offspring out of jail.

Coontact Tale #353(October 31, 2005)

A white girl goes to an all nigger college and is converted to racialism!

I am about to reveal to you the truth. I graduated high school early because I was one of those “whiz kids”. However, the money available did not match my skills. The local HBCU (Historically black college/university) offered me loads of money since I was probably the first student who had a GPA over 3.0. This was before my awakening on the truth of race, so I went. I had already been a dual enrollment student at the local community college when I was in high school. Community colleges are supposed to be the lowest of the low but even this community college was so much higher than the nig college that I *attended*. If I had to do it over again, I would’ve simply worked and then took my behind out of state to a real school once I had enough money.

Anyhow the ape college was pathetic. Small wonder that most blacks are fat and/or unhealthy. Take a look at what they serve in the cafeteria. All they had everyday was cheeseburgers, fried fish, fries, pizza or some variation thereof. If they actually had something different, you knew it was going to freaking snow. If you wanted to actually eat in a way that didn’t encourage cancer or heart disease, then you’d go to the salad bar and that’s the only option you had everyday. Meals cost over $5 so I wasn’t paying that for some lettuce and fatty dressing (no blacks haven’t heard about fat free dressing yet). Whenever they would have veggies as a side dish to the cancer causing fried junk, they’d be so smothered in butter that every vitamin in them was likely saturated in a bubble of saturated fat. The food was not half bad (tasting that is) for cafeteria food, but I see why African Americans have the health problems that they do.

Don’t get me started on the computer labs. My small two building community college had a large computer lab, a small computer room and a library full of computers with high speed Internet access. The local HBCU was huge and had only three labs that would be full to the brim with nigs on the day before something was due. You couldn’t even get a computer. How about a little advanced planning people? And then you couldn’t even print more than 3 pages at a time. At the community college, the limit was 25.

Then the computers wouldn’t be working a lot of the time. One of the computer labs was supposed to be open at 9 o’clock, I get there at 10:30 and the place is dark and locked because the coon who was supposed to be running it was slacking. And on Fridays, the computer labs (all of them) closed at 5 o’clock. Even the community college computer lab stayed open until 9 or 10 even on weekends. What about the students who lived on campus? What were they supposed to do (the few ones that took education seriously)?

Every Friday, loads of kids would be missing from class. And yet the majority of them lived on campus. You live at the school and you still can’t overcome Friday-itis enough to bring your ashy behind to class at least two Fridays a months? Give me a break.

Every time you’d try to get somewhere, it would be the loud spitting skinny Negro men hanging around wearing clothes that Rosie O’Donnell would be lost in walking all slow and blocking the sidewalks. The women were just as bad hanging around talking about people and breaking into laughter whenever someone who actually looked different walked by.

And the campus shuttle was another story. It was supposed to arrive every ten minutes, but they were so slow it was more like every 20-minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes the slacking Negro that was running it would be like “I’m getting off and going home. I’m not going any further. Wait for the next shuttle.” before he would even let us on.

And don’t get me started on the employees. The old bus catching Negro men who worked in janitorial or the cafeteria fields would always try to date the girls that they were supposed to be looking out for (not to mention that they were young enough to be your daughters). Talk about predators. You should be able to feel safe at school and not constantly be watching your panties with someone who has 30 more years of sexual and dating experience than you do.

Speaking of panties, they didn’t even have toilet paper in the bathrooms a lot of times. Then the cafeteria and the tables were so nasty and dirty because blacks don’t clean up after themselves and they eat like pigs. Even the teachers were late to class. I couldn’t count the number of times we’d be there waiting for one of my professors to bring his little black pot bellied self to class. Anytime the teachers are late, you really can’t say too much about the students.

I am stuck there until this semester is over then I am gone! Believe me when I say that I—probably more than anyone on Stormfront—have been in the belly of the beast. I know that the truth so when I tell you something about the black race, then you’d better take heed. I know first hand. I have other stories too about other things that I will tell as time permits.

Best of luck to you and may you finish your education without having to endure endless TNB!

Coontact Tale #354(November 5, 2005)

Hi again all. Sorry I don't get to post more often but I've been busier than a white man working for the nigger. OH, wait - no,, I am a white man working for the nigger. No , not directly but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I almost couldn't contain myself this morning. I saddled up and headed out the door about 7 this morning to run a few errands. Ride down to the edge of coontown to the ATM for cash, the drugstore to pick up some AA & D cell batteries, and the local ghetto mart to grab a couple packs of smokes. The weather was outstanding considering this is Connecticut in early November. It was almost too warm for the leather jacket.

Fast forward to the drug store. Your average run of the mill every day chain drug store found in suburbia and the ghetto. They got everything from film processing to pantyhose, oh and a small drug counter tucked away somewhere in the back.

Seeing how it was early, and I had nothing much to do for a while I just wandered around for a bit. Noticed a large exceedingly ugly niggress pawing around behind the counter where one drops off film and whatnot. Sheeboon picks up a box with an alarm clock in it and waddles to the checkout. Didn't think much of it. I was watching her to see if she was stuffing batteries down her shirt or single use cameras in her handbag.

Wander around some more. Almost bought a small flashlight that I could use. Picked out the batteries I wanted and headed for the checkout. WTF? There's the big-ass ugly sheeboon standing there at the counter dicking around with the alarm clock. Decided she didn't want that one and took it back and grabbed another. Meanwhile, I'm patiently waiting in line. She brings the 2nd one back and starts "aksin" questions on how to use it. (by now I'm almost laughing) Then she starts niggerwhining about how it's too big and won't fit in her purse. Yeah, strangely enough she didn't have one of those typical niggerpurses that could carry 2 large buckets of KFC and a nigglett. So the cashier suggests that she asks me because "men know how to fit things together". (her words, not mine. I think she took a liking to me) I said, "yes ma'am, no problem getting that thing in your little purse" being polite.

Sheboon then gets her panties in a bunch "NO, no mens know bouts dis sheet. Dey knows nuthing"

Cashier is getting nervous, and I'm trying my best not to burst out laughing. What a stupid turd. Couldnt quite see that an alarm clock that measures maybe 3" high would fit in a purse that was at least 6" high. Well, maybe the bottom 4" was filled with drug paraphanalia and crack pipes, who knows? If I were 1/2 as ugly as this sheeboon I guess I'd be smoking crack too.

Well, she pays here monies, and gathers her crap and starts to leave. It's not over yet. Then she aks "Does this thing need batteries?"

Now my endurance is being tested. I so much wanted to say "NO, it runs on rat dropping fumes, just put it next to your kitchen table" but I didn't.

Finally, I paid my money for the batteries and received the correct change. Oddly enough, for the first time ever, it was a white girl working the register so I didn't even count the change. She also complemented me on my leather jacket and asked me where I got it and how old it was. I would have engaged her in more conversation, but I just had to get home and out of coontown ASAP.

Stupid niggers.


Coontact Tale #355 (November 11, 2005)

I work in London for a large US Investment Bank. The managers of these companies are racked with white-liberal guilt, and as a result, there are a few nigs promoted above their natural state (ie toilet cleaners etc). This Jig I work with is one of those gobby thick really black nigerian niggers. Thick as pigshit and only in her position because she is a yard-ape.

Anyhow, I bought a load of books from Amazon - brand new, so I could teach myself a new skill. I put these on my desk. The following Monday, I arrived in the office to find all books missing. The next day, this sow nigger was in, and she slinks over to me.

"Oh, bi de way. Hi shaw de books on yo desk, an I took dem to reed. Hif you need dem, dey are on my desk."

Unbelieveable, but worse was to come. The brand new $60 books were frayed at the edges, and the jig had been 'looking at dem' while eating her Kentucky Lunch. Dog eared pages and chicken grease all over the pages.

This nig is now on my radar

Coontact Tale #356 (November 17, 2005)

These are classic.

While we're sharing funny stories, here's a work-related story that has made me laugh this afternoon.

We've had an RFP come in re an oil refinery in our favourite continent, run by our favourite race. It's labelled 'strictly confidential' so I better not reveal which country we are talking about, but basically the client is an international organisation tasked with pissing away white taxpayers' money on shithole countries. This is how foreign aid often works in practice: the suboids get a few hundred million bucks of aid which has to be spent in the donor's home country.

I digress. The potential client wants some experts to look into some, ahem, operational and accounting issues around this refinery. What sort of issues? Let the RFP speak:-

"[There have been] a number of shutdowns resulting from the constant breakdown of machinery at the refinery, which has had no major reinvestment...

(i) The Refinery was shut down for turnaround in early October 2004. The expected period for shutdown was 25 days. The plant finally came on stream in late December 2004.

(ii) The Refinery was again closed for unplanned catalyst regeneration in July 2005. The plant operation since then has been intermittent with four shutdowns within a period of one month."

Translation: niggers are fucking dense and cannot run anything as sophisticated as a refinery.

"Unplanned catalyst regeneration" is a hoot. If they are screwing the catalyst, it's usually because they are processing crude which is unsuitable because it contains metals such as vanadium. Metals deposit onto the catalyst and stop it working, so metal-heavy crudes carry a cost in the form of a need to add more catalyst.

Humans consider this before they buy crude and as a result they buy the right crude. It is lesson one on day one of Refinery Operations for Dummies.

Niggers don't even notice the metals issue, much less value it or manage it, so they fuck up their refineries and have to shut down unexpectedly.

It gets better. Check out this additional problem:

"Operational losses presently stand at 10% as compared to the design stipulation of 7%. These operational losses are too high by international standards."

Actually, 3% would be high by human standards. Gee, could those niggers possibly be stealing gasoline?


"...the Refinery is in a poor financial position. The company incurred huge losses in the first six months of the 2005 financial year..."

Fuck knows why, the refining industry is currently making more money than at any time in history. Margins are fantastic...unless you have a bad case of NIC (Niggers In Charge). This should be a new financial metric: as well as their EBITDA, companies could report EBNIC.

But for me, the real gem in this RFP is right at the end:

"The Consultants shall be expected to analyze, interpret, summarize and present complex financial and business related issues in a manner which is understandable."

LOL! Of course there are two words missing from the end of that sentence, aren't there? " a manner which is understandable *by niggers*."

And that's the toughest part of the assignment....

Coontact Tale #357 (November 17, 2005)

Here's the 2nd saga of an armed-coontact:

It's the first week in August 1993, I'm on my second week of vacation. I decided to go for a 40 mile ride on my Kawasaki ZX-11 Ninja up to Perkins drive on Bear Mountain NY.

Perkins Drive is a popular spot for bikers and tourist alike especially on the weekends, however this was in the middle of the work week. At the top of Perkins Drive you have plenty of parking and a view of 4 states from the mountain top.

As I got to the top of Perkins I noticed only two parked cars. My bike has stock pipes which means I usually don't get noticed since I'm quiet (stealth). I parked my bike like I usually do and noticed something strange. I see a nigger running low as if he was trying to sneak up on someone. I look to the ledge of the mountain and there I see two white co-eds sitting with their backs to the parking lot and enjoying the four state view.

I now see another nigger running towards them from another direction. I'm thinking this ain't cool. The niggers still don't notice me. I moved to the nigger to right attempting to out flank him, holy crap, at this vantage point I see 3 more niggers getting closer to the co-eds. One nigger was approaching from below (a lower ledge).

I can't believe this 5 niggers and no one else in the parking lot! Five to one odds again, how do I get in these situations? As I'm sneaking and performing my recon, I hear one chimp reporting to the main chimp, nigger asks "how do them bitches look", 2nd nigger replies, "manz, eyes don't care, lets just do them".

I'm now only armed with a pocket knife, I can't even find a decent stick or rock. I left my side arm at home trying to obey NY stupid gun laws. Big mistake! OK I'm alone, got to use my head and uncle Sam's 13 years of military training. My plan was to grab the nigger nearest me and threaten to throw him off the mountain, in doing so getting the rest of the apes to back off. Nearest nigger to me is about 30 yards in front of me and brush between the two of us. Anyway I tried to get closer but one of the niggers on the opposite side furthest away spots me.

I see this and at the same time I went to my armed carry walk, while having my right hand go behind my rear pocket feinting that I'm armed with a side arm. I'm doing the SWAT shuffle, left foot in front, right foot in a 45 degree angle, shuffling my left foot towards my right foot before stepping off again in the same manner, my upper body turned side ways. The nigger spotting me sounds the chimp alarm, 5-0, 5-0! The chimps now all seeing me, now all take off running from every which direction, two of them bumping into one another. All trying to get into their Jap-jeep. I follow them with my shuffle and a look that I'm going to get them. They got their jeep started and took off like bats out of hell, racing down the mountain.

What a relief! I now go check up on the two co-eds and asked if they were all right, both looked up at me with surprise, "why wouldn't we both be all right"? I asked if they knew what just happened, they were clueless. Geez, I calmly explained how close they were to getting rapped. Both now were in shock. I said not to worry, but next time to always be alert to their surroundings. I escorted both co-eds back to the parking lot and they thanked me for looking out after them.

Just then one of my buddies came roaring into the parking lot on his bike. He told me that there was this jeep full of niggers that nearly ran him off the road trying to get off the mountain. I just started to laugh and explained what just happened, he asks, "do you want to get them?" hmm, good idea, we turned to the motorcycles and just as we were walking towards them a sweet looking female cop drives up and asked us to wait, since their was a wreck at the bottom of the mountain.

Seems a jeep full of teenaged ghetto youths lost control and crashed near the bottom of the mountain and were awaiting ambulances to arrive. Hot dam there is a god! I explained to the cop what just happened moments before, wrote out a statement and was thanked once again.

About two weeks later I was back up there on Perkins Drive, news travels fast, one of the park rangers asked if I was involved with the ghetto youths incidence, I said yes. Well he said, three of them had out standing warrants, and two were still in the hospital not knowing if they'll ever walk again or even breath on their own. Then he shook my hand and whispered, "too bad you didn't throw those fucking niggers off the mountain". From that day forward I had my own parking space up there in the base of the look out tower if I so desired. And now, I don't leave home without "IT".

Stay tune for the third (and hopefully last) real life saga of armed-coontact.

Cpt. Denny

Coontact Tale #358 (November 17, 2005)

It was April of 1978 11:15 PM. I just left a late night large discount store in Fayetteville NC walking to my customized van in the parking lot. A little history, I was born and raised in the Bronx, NYC and I was then stationed at Ft. Bragg NC as a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division.

As I got to the driver's side of my van, facing away from the store. I noticed a 1970's vintage, Buick 225 Electra coonmobile with its engine running with 5 male yard apes sitting inside. I was on guard and alert, I knew I had to get my door open in order to be safe.

One of the coons asked me for the time using his native ebonic language, (here it comes, I said to myself) my back was to them and I answered, 11:15, while at the same time opening my van door. The lazy coon now demands my wallet and now informs me that his buddy got a shotgun pointed at my back and warned me not to try anything stupid. Keeping my head, I tell him that's why I came back to the van, I forgot my wallet, while reassuring him I didn't want any trouble, just give me a second.

I reached under the seat and got my chrome S&W 44 Magnum. I then said, I can't find my wallet but will this do? I turned around drew my sidearm, aimed and squatted to nearly a sitting position, all within a second, just in case they really did have a shotgun, they couldn't get a shot off. My finger was already pulling the trigger as the coonmobile with its now screaming and panicking niggers fishtailed out of the parking lot with the smell of burning rubber and burning oil in the air.

I thought for a second, should I shoot or let them go, I was pissed, how dare they try and roll me. I was insulted and wanted revenge. I jumped in my van, got it started and chased after the coonmobile. The prey became the predator in a blink of an eye. I got the van up to 100 mph driving through city streets. The coonmobile was smoking something fierce, where the hell is a cop when you need one? The coonmobile was able to top out higher than 100 mph, so I never got close enough to get a plate number.

I wonder if I did the right thing to this day by not firing my side arm. Did the coons go "straight" from that day forward or did they end up killing someone latter. I'll never know. I just hoped I did the right thing.

This was the first time I had to draw a firearm in self defense, there'll be two other times to this day. If interested, I'll post them.

Cpt. Denny

Coontact Tale #359 (November 21, 2005)

A Brief enCOONter at the pharmacy

Well, I had to run to CVS last night for some whey protein and a box of smokes. Just my luck, the store was packed full of niggers and mexcrement. You'd of thought they were giving 50 percent off all foodstamp purchases.

After dodging my way past niglets, dayworkers and welfare mammies, I arrived at the "diet needs" section. I look towards the protein bars, and what do I see, but a 300 pound stinking, sweating nigger mammy. In the name of good health and proper nutrition, she was eating not one, but two Balance Bars at the same time. It looked me in the eye and exclaimed "Goddamn! Dees things taste like shit, nah mean? Fo' reeyal do, dey do! She promptly took another bite.

I picked up my whey protein and a couple protein bars and headed to the checkout. Needless to say, the 2 cashiers were having a tough time keeping up with the influx of niggers. The nigger bitch from diet goods was one register screaming that she "ain't gone pay fo' no fakeass diet candy shit" and that she was going to sue because "I eated 2 of them muhfuckas already, and some Snickers. I still aint got no muhfuckin energy!"

Meanwhile, at the other register, another nigger mammy, only slightly less obese, was berating her young niglet for wanting candy." You cayn't have shit, little bitch! You's a worthless nigga ju' like yo' punkass daddy!" Her male niglet, about 5 years old, began to sniffle, crying softly and quietly.

His mammy KICKED him in the back, sending him flying headfirst into the candy rack! I mean, that was a KICK, and I do Muay Thai.Good god, did that little monkey scream.

Now, I normally would use public child abuse as an excuse to kick the shit out of an unfit parent. This time, though, I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter. I was really afraid I was going to piss my pants, I was laughing that hard. Of course, the dirty customers were staring daggers at me, and no doubt knowing WHY I thought it was funny, but none of them had the balls to say anything to my face. That's how niggers are when they know a White man isn't intimidated by TNB.

I wish you guys could've seen that little sprog hit the counter. It really brough some joy into my life.

Coontact Tale #360 (November 21, 2005)

More comedy at work...

As I've mentioned before, I'm a kitchen manager at a fairly busy bar / restaurant at a resort area in ******. My line of work sadly employs a large number of niggers and other undesirables.

For the past 3 months, there has been this nigger waitress, let's just call her "nigger" for lack of anything more appropriate. Needless to say, nigger wasn't very good at her job, constantly messing up orders, showing up late, if showing up at all. I had fired this same nigger twice from a previous restaurant, but alas, my advice was not heeded this time around. A few weeks ago, nigger hit up the owner with this sob story about being thrown out of her house and not having a place to stay. The owner, naive fool that he is, loaned nigger a fairly large sum of money with the understanding that nigger would pay it back. Of course, niggers always bite the hand that feeds and she wasn't in a hurry to repay this generous loan.

Then some other TNB began, other servers began complaining of their tips missing from tables, nigger stealing all the large party tables for herself, nigger not pulling her weight when it came to sidework. I simply sat back in the kitchen, smiling smugly, as I knew what was coming down the road. Remember, I had worked with and fired nigger previously.

Saturday comes around and guess who shows up at the restaurant around 12:30, none other them a uniformed member of local law enforcement. Nigger was promptly handcuffed in the middle of the dining room and hastened out front to a car. I simply stood by enjoying the "perp walk", laughing aloud.

Seems that nigger was padding credit card reciepts, adding to the totals, tips, etc. A regular customer notified me, and a anonymous complaint to the PD resulted in the aforementioned arrest. Seems nigger had several warrants already issued for her arrest.

Did I mention nigger has 6 kids?

Did I mention that I also fired nigger's live-in boyfriend a few months ago?

Just doing my civic duty.

Coontact Tale #361 (December 3, 2005)


Plain and simple. Nigger*Mart..

There's one not far from where I live and it's a fucking zoo. It's a brand new Super Nigger*Mart, less than 2 years old. And it was fucked up by the hurricane so they had to do MAJOR repairs to an already new place.

When you enter the parking lot the first thing you see is bling-bling niggermobiles all over the god damn place, mainly jamming the handicap spots up.

Filthy nigger savages dragging their knuckles back and forth all over the place, that and an equal amount of greasy burrito smugglers..

The first thing you notice when you get out of your vehicle is the stench. The parking lot stinks so bad from niglet diapers, poured out malt liquor, half eaten McNiggers burgers and fried chicken bones that you want to vomit.

Ever gone to a carnival that's been open for 2-3 days and notice the bad smells from all the dropped food and over flowing trash barrels? That's the same way the parking lots smell at the local Nigger*Marts (there's 2 around here)..

Then, as you walk in, you are greeted by a fat ass nigger mammie door greeter.

Just before school started there was "back 2 skoo" signs hanging from the ceiling featuring the photos of burr headed niglets. Hmm.. Hanging from the ceiling would be about right... Anyway, all the promotional displays and signs feature niggers and niglets. Forget the Whites.

All through the store all the employees are fat ass nigger ho's that just shuffle around in a crack stupor passing time until they can clock out and hurry out to their gold trimmed Nissan to run to da likka sto fo sum MAD DAWG 20/20, then it's off to da shack for some fightin wif day boyfriend and beating the niglets..

And most of the customers are nigger or spic animals too.

Nigger*Mart is a miserable experience around here.

When I walk through the door the first thing I do is check the line of cashiers. If there is no White cashiers I just turn around and leave. I'll just go back another time because I never go there for life and death stuff I can't live without.

If there is a White cashier then I go get what I want and go to that cashier. As you walk along the end of the checkouts there is always a few nigger ho's trying to direct you to go to certain registers. They will ask you if you are ready to check out and if you say you are they will point you towards some nigger ho cashier. I finally learned to totally ignore them as if they don't exist and just do whatever I want to do and go to whatever cashier I want to go to.

Sometimes I may be in a line and a nigger cashier will be open near where I am and will make monkey noises towards me indicating that I should go to her line. I just ignore them and stay in the White line. I know they don't like it but fuck em.

A few years ago I went to Nigger*Mart and went to the shoe dept. I was looking for red boot laces. I couldn't find them of course so I walked all around the shoe section for quite some time, checking and rechecking every isle and display for red boot laces. As usual, I was wearing my standard attire, US Military issue woodland camo BDU's, steel toe boots and red braces.

Well, some nigra ho in a red Nigger*Mart vest saw me walking around and approached me. "Can I be heppin U?" the nigra grunted at me. I said "Where are the RED BOOT LACES?" and the nigra ho went bat shit. "OH NO!! WE DON'T HAB NUN UH DEM, NO SUH, WE DON'T HAD NO RED LACES, UH UH...." Well from the nigger reaction I knew that someone had clued this nigger into to the boots/braces/laces thing. I guess the ADL hold classes for Nigger*Mart employees to instruct them on how to file racism claims against anyone that looks at them sideways.

I'm very surprised that the niggers in this area are very much aware of Pro White regalia and symbolism. Maybe they run instructional videos on BET or something, I dunno.

Personally, I despise Nigger*Mart, I wish the entire company and everyone that works there all the ill will in the world. I hope that the company fails and that all the corporate big wigs are publicly executed, hung with piano wire from lamp posts on public TV.

Furthermore, I would have all the abandoned Nigger*Marts destroyed and bulldozed and local branches of the Neu Gestpo built on the site in each town. We would then have bases to bring about peace, order and nigger control..

Coontact Tale #362 (December 3, 2005)

I knew better but I went to Wal*Mart anyway, after all it was in a white neighborhood.

Not sure if this belongs here or in Coontacts.

I tried to time it right this evening by going to Wal*Mart after 7:30 PM on a Friday night. I needed several things as did my "house-mouse".

Few niggers in the store but not much of an issue. Then it happened, time to check out. Choices are, have a nigger cashier with mexicoons in line, or a white cashier with niggers in line.

I chose white cashier. The first set of niggers went through without much fan fare, truth was I went over to the magazines section to see if the November issue of Cycle World was still being sold. Wife was standing in line.

I got back a few minutes later and in front of us was these two Haitian niggaress with one infant chimp in the cart. What I didn't know was that these two niggaress were using the same cart but shopping separate.

First niggeress get all her crap rung up, second niggeress loads the conveyor belt but leaves us enough room to put our half filled cart right behind the second niggeress.

The stage is now set! The cashier asks for payment, the first niggeress looks dumbfounded. She's searching all her pockets and now claims she left her purse/wallet in their car. The first niggeress looks at the second one for help, the second one looks away and ignores her. Now she's looking straight at me and I give her my famous Drill Sergeant stare right back at this work of art.

She now stares at the cashier for an answer to her dilemma. The white cashier looks at me and I mouth, "fucking niggers", the cashier flashes a smile my way and a wink. Now this niggress stands there in the isle for a good three minutes. Finally the second niggeress tells the first one to go get her wallet. She finally moves her ass and goes outside, she actually thought that either I would pay for her groceries or the cashier would let her take her groceries back to the car and trust her to come back and pay.

Mean while, the second niggeress is all of a sudden in hurry and wants to get checked out. The cashier ask for her supervisor to reset the cash register, the second niggeress gets checked out and now the first niggeress strolls back in while talking on her cell phone. Some nerve of this hole! TNB for sure. My ice cream is melting and my hot chicken is getting cold!

After I get checked out the cashier tells me she's sorry that we were put through this, I smiled and said I was surprised the niggeress didn't chimp-out, she laughed. However I figured on TNB. We left after wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

Coontact Tale #363 (December 11, 2005)

one time my friend and i drove to Glenwood (a neighborhood full of niggers) to illegally purchase alcohol. as we were exiting our vehicle, a colored man approaced us and asked if we had any spare change. Being white, we obviously possessed an abundance of money, however, we denied the man of any funds. The man showed us a disgusting cut on his hand, saying that a crack fiend had recently stabbed him with a broken bottle. He claimed that he needed one dollar for pampers for his "baby girl." His cut was green and disgusting, and I responded by saying that he was obviously the crack fiend and rather he had stabbed himself with a broken crack piece. The nigger became roudy and boisterous, displaying typical nigger behavior. My friend and I purchased our beer and drove off, leaving the nigger to hastle some other white folk who were not quite as apt to the fact that niggers are lying pieces of shit.

P.S. we think this site is hilarious, keep up the awesomeness.

We plan to be around for a long, long time.

Coontact Tale #364 (December 11, 2005)

When I was in college, I worked part time, second shift, at a local fish packing plant. We used to make those cute little salmon pinwheels you see in seafood departments. You know, the ones rolled up with different stuffings and cut into circles? Anyway, I had the distinction of being the ONLY WHITE BOY in the ENTIRE PLANT, other than the manager and the owner, of course. Fuck it. I wasn't intimidated by shitskins. I'd had to put up with them i every other facet of life, so why not here. Christ, the job was literally 5 minutes away, the pay rate was decent, and the benefits were great. I actually kind of liked the fact that I was alone in my race. I was the minority, and could therefor administer a dose of irony now and then, though wasted, on the monkeys.

Two of the niggers I distinctly remember. The first was J. Higginbotham. His nickname was "Cricket." After he'd introduced himself that first day, he waited impatiently for me to inquire about his unusual nominclature. I did no such thing. I learned very quickly in elementary never to acknowledge ANY form of expression by these sub-beasts. It only gives them an avenue for more monkey shines. Simply watch them dance and eat salty snacks in public places, without shame or regard for anyone. Let them "roll the dozens" on each other's mammys, or swing blind their chocolate fisticuffs and powdery paws at one another in simian rage. Whether they are lecturing astro-physics in a tweed jacket, trying hard to pronounce words their Wernick's Area and blue gums were never meant to command, or they're shitting in a pizza box by a deli dumpster... DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM.

Finally, Cricket breaks down and asks me: "Don't you wanna know why they call me cricket?" He's got this boastful posture, squaring off with the quiet, reserved, white boy, as if the next thing to come out of his mouth is gonna be the most amazing and entertaining thing I'd ever heard in my 22 years on planet Earth.

"Nah," I said, politely, with an innocent grin, the same one you might use when refusing to sample a cheese at the supermarket. This galled at the ape for quite some time. He would intermidently approach me and try to innitiate conversations with me for weeks to come. I continued to politely negate his advances with a painfully disarming smile and a calculated brevity. After a month, Cricket's head was about to explode. His approaches became more menacing, more taunting. I knew what to do immediatley. After a few days of the fidgetly little orang testing me, I decided it was time to pull the crazy white-boy card. The one that had worked, without fail, every fucking time.

After a month of near silence, and accomodating, yet firm responses, I was happily prepared to take a measure that had always secured my status and safety among the primates.

Cricket sauntered into the plant, a half hour late, and high as a fucking sea gull as usual, and immediately performing his monkey shines with everyone. He eventually mentioned something to the effect that I should be working somewhere else in the plant, and that I always got the easy jobs, and he was always getting stuck with the shit work. this was partly true, as I was a reading, writing, and mathematically inclined Homo sapien who could handle complex jobs like, say, settiing the proper date on the coding machine, or answering the phone and speaking English to a customer.

"You know, I know why they call you Cricket," I said, not looking up from the box I was taping up. The packaging room went, and I shit you not, dead silent. This was the longest sentence I'd uttered in more than four weeks now, and I was speaking to the most antagonistic and menacing nigger under the roof. The slow, steady hum of the refridgeration units, and the collectively held breath of every nog made the tension palpable.

"Oh yea? Why you think dat's my name?"

He put a little extra bass in his voice for that one. I did not.

"Because you're small, Nigger, and after a few minutes of hearing you chirp I'm ready to step on you."

Shakey, the fork lift nigger, standing by the walk in freezer door, fell to the red tile floor in convulsions. Haseem, the resident nigger-babbling Muslim collapsed on to one of the work stations, heaving and jerking under muffled fits of laughter. Mr. Wendell walked away from the cryovac machine and into the hallway by the breakroom to whoop and holler in his native Zulu.

Cricket stood there for what seemed like a good fifteen seconds; perplexi-cooned. I tell you this in comlplete confidence, that I am the only white man I know of, to have ever turned a nigger red. He could offer nothing but a stammered "Yea, you wan step on me. Dere the door. We can do dis right now," still not looking at me, shaking his head at the ground. I did not wait for the door. NEVER wait for the door. Giving a wild animal time and space is bad. It thinks too much, becomes frightened, and ultimately dangerous. Better to take hold of the creature immediately, subdue it by force, and let it respect you as its superior. It amounts to a physiological shut down of the offensive nature. Go in hard, go in fast, show no fear, and it will submit. I whirled around the work station, grabbing the collar of his white stewar's jacket, and swung his fudgy frame into one of the stuffing hops. He caught me with two right jabs but they were rabbit punches and I hardly felt them. Still having him by the coat, I took my left hand, brought it up to his face and neck, and choke slammed him to the floor. Once my knees were on his chest, I took one, two, three, hard right smashes to the nose, and his eyes rolled back into his brainless skull. The paticular product we were making that day used Panko, a Japanese style bread crumb that looks like rice crispies. It was all over him and the floor. With his hands to his mouth, Shakey the fork lift nigger shouted "Oh SNAP!!," the nigger equivalent of "Oh my Lord. I can't believe that I've just bore witness to this event." To which I cooly replied, with perfect, off the cuff timing, "...Crackle...Pop!" and flung a handful of the cereal looking Panko in the face of the semi conscious blue gum as I climbed to my feet.

I continued to work at this particular plant for another year and five months, with not so much as a steppin-fetchit smile from any of them.

Niggers are animals, and will respect nothing but power. You can appeal to the sensiblities of a white man. You can articulate and he will comprehend. You can explain, and he will empathize. Physical conflict is the LAST resort to use with your fellow man. It is closer to the first when dealing with suboids

Coontact Tale #365 (December 11, 2005)

stupid niggers cant do anyting right, including fast food.

i just came back from the drive thru at Taco Bell. all the people working there are Nigger.

i noticed an item mising from my order and the guy working the window was polite about it. at first i thought they mixed up one of two things, but after lookin thru the bag i saw they got everything wrong in my order! so i then told the Nigger bitch who was helping him that they got my order totally wrong and would they please correct the mistakes. that was when the Nigger bitch started shouting off some nigger-garble (ebonics?) in a very rude tone of voice. i dont have to take shit some any nigger, much less some fast food working gorilla whore. i just told her to fix it and gave her the bag of food. after like 7 or 8 minutes who sheboon comes back with my corrected order, still talking in a rude tone of voice and giving me a dirty look. she continued her evil stare as i drove out of he parking lot. remember this was their fuck up and i was being totally nice and patient about it. on the order reciept it had a number to call for comments or complaints.

so i called the number to complain about this rude-ass nigger bitch.

i hope she gets fired!

if a nigger cant or wont act half-way civil, then they shouldnt work in jobs where they come into contact with people (humans).

Coontact Tale #366 (March 11, 2006)

Just when you think that the entirety of Black Trash cannot sink any lower, you are yet again amazed, over and over and over again.

Now, keep in mind, I am a very, shall we say, "equal opportunity" bigot. I live in an extremely White city on the West Coast...a nice old liberal city surrounded by an ocean of meth-addled White Trash. In fact, the worst area of the entire place has been referred to as "Methlahem" lately, meaning where the very meth epidemic itself was born. These lower-grade Whites display many of the behavior patterns of your average spear-chucking, idiotic Negroid Criminoid.

I have driven a cab here for years, at night, and believe me, I am most qualified to comment on how horrible those people make most normal poor Whites look.

But then...the niggers...oh, lawdy, the niggers...

...there are the NIGGERS in the part of town I have to live ! in, for now, that is. It's ceaseless, the monkey shines around here. When they DO pay for anything, like cab fare...that is, when I am forced for some reason or other, usually economic, to pick them up...they never, ever, ever have enough. Again, it's ceaseless...the constant panhandling, the ever-present abominoids who steal anything from behind my tall fence, including tin cans and broken lawnmowers, the moment I have to leave my place unguarded.

It's like they have some sort of Negro Telepathy or something..."NASTY, MEAN AND ARMED WHITE MAN GONE TO WORK...SEND IN ALL BUCKS OVER THE FENCE, IMMEDIATELY, DO YOU COPY, LEROY ?"

I'm ready to set out steel BEAR TRAPS in the yard at this point.

I have seen a 65 year old negro sow, probably a great-great-great-great grandmammy of literally hundreds of mud colored criminals, do the "in-the-front, out the back" scam on a 5 dollar cab fare. There are times I cannot even believe my ey! es, and I've seen everything. The other day, on my very birthday, I woke up to see the very tags clipped right off of my license plates with sharp metal shears by some shambling, welfare birthed nigger thief.

So I head down to the local unSafeway for some cheap beer and cheap food. All of it I pay for with cash, and every item is what is on sale, usually, unless I'm celebrating for some reason or other. The basic idea is to get through there quickly, you know ?

Every nigger puppy-pumper in the area is in there too, at all hours it seems, and every last one of them pays for their greasy grub with our taxes, electronically, slowly, and with even, pure hatred of the slowest and simplest type. You might be tempted to call them less than sub-human. I bet the poor checkers do, after hours.

Every one of them has the nastiest attitude possible, too, as they pile pounds and pounds of the most expensive goods they can find onto ! the registers, and then nit-pick every tax-payer funded detail, as the line grows 8 or 10 or 14 deep. As I leave the store, the beggars close in.

Even the bleeding-heart granoma gobblers here...the most liberal liberals you have ever seen, are beginning to show signs of strain in these situations. They too look back and forth at each other and me, as we all wait there in amazement at the utter idiocy and malicious arrogance displayed by the evil dark demons we are forced to subsidize. And they breed like rats. The city I live in is about 3/4 White, if not's hard to tell with those phony statistics including non-Whites as White. But the public schools show, year by year, a fantastic, cancerous rate of growth among the dusky young'uns. We are talking an average family size of 6 children and an average first pregnancy at 16 here, people. I have seen hog-black breeding sows in their early FORTIES at this store with multip! le GRANDCHILDREN, and GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN on the way...all of them doomed to life on the Welfare Plantation. Of course, not a one of these silk-pajama clad legions of leeches has to work anywhere nearly as hard as, say, an average working class White guy, and even the few commie idiots among you reading this know that in your hearts.

So I finally get my grub and go home. Another Day, Another nigger. I'm at the Western Union. I wait my turn in line, and I'm in a hurry, as it is nearing 4:30, meaning the other nigger line at the Post Office across the street is a sure headache. Dear Reader, can you guess what happens when the White dude gets to the front of the line ? Why, it's time for all three nigger tellers to go to the back and loudly gossip next to the safe. I wait, and wait a little more. Finally, I rap on the glass. I wait some more. It's now 10 'till, and I have to mail the money order. I loudly ! ask through the slot if they are still at work.

"OOOOOoooh we at work all right, IN THE BACK."

"Ok, yeah, I just need to purchase this money order and get to the Post Office before it closes."

I wait some more.

"YOU SHOULDA DONE BEEN HEER FIB-TEEN MINUTES AGO," hollers the lead Negress as she makes her way to the counter.

"I was. I waited in line. Please, I work nights, lady, and I'm in a hurry."

"WELL, I'VE WORKED NIGHTS TOO" comes the reply.

The tone in her voice was of pure hatred and was clear why I, the sole White in the immediate area, was being made to suffer. By the way, such displays of racist hatred are enough to get just about anyone fired, in any profession.

Finally, she slowly, deliberately counted out every bill that I counted out in front of her, and I made the sprint to the post office in record time. If they were managed by a single White, I wou! ld complain, and if there was another option nearby, I would happily go there.

It was like dealing with a 40 year old retarded child that didn't want to do it's simple, stupid job.

Day by Day, Hour by Hour, these foul pickaninny parasites wake one White up after another, and yet they have the gall to pretend that they have no idea why. All you can do is just laugh at them from a safe distance if you can, and treat them like the dangerous animals they are if you have to live among them, as I do.

Coontact Tale #367(March 11, 2006)

I was stationed in Hawaii in the marine corps and took leave to visit my family in new orleans. On the flight home my seat just had to be right next to a big fat niggress. Not two minutes after I sat down this bitch looked at me and said, "munchees?". My response what the fuck? Then she repeated, then I ask what the fuck are you talking about? She was begging for food! What a nigger!! She could afford a plane ticket to what ever her destination was but was still begging. Niggers are all sub human savages, they are animals. Fact of the day, an apes nose is one fused bone, so is a niggers, whites are seperated.

Coontact Tale #368(March 11, 2006)

I have yet another interesting tale from the "small midwestern university" I work for. (see my last tale #335)

Today my rant is about the director of our foodservice division. ( I was inspired by tale 353 to share it)

The director of foodservice got his job for the color of his skin rather than his business acumen. When this director first got his job he re organized our well-established foodservice department so that instead of the healthy food the department used to have; it now provides "soul food." As a result the already small white student population living on campus has dropped almost 50%.

Anyway, the nig director recently managed to convince the old farts that run the college that the Student Union needs a fancy four-star restaurant in it. There are a number of problems with that idea.

1. The nigger is copying the menu, concepts and decor of a similar restaurant at the white university three towns over. (Niggers have no ideas of their own)

2. The nig school has tried to find investors to run the restaurant and the only interested party wants $1 million cash upfront after the school supplies ALL of the furniture, fixtures and equipment necessary.

3. The nig students won't go to a restaurant that doesn?t serve chicken wings, fried catfish or "collards".

4. The whites three towns over won't come to this nigger-ridden town to eat when they have plenty of good restaurants in their own town (Including the one the nigger is copying).

This same director convinced the same old farts (White people should know better) to build a "lake house" with a fried fish stand and meeting space around a drainage pond two years before. (That project failed miserably and cost about a million in donated funds.)

Oh did I mention that there is allegedly $80,000 missing from the foodservice budget? Hmmm. Well at least the state is finally investigating this place. I hope the auditor is white.

The moral of the story: Don't take financial advice from niggers and always watch your money.

Fan Mail Alert!

We occasionally receive niggermania fan mail and I've decided to start sharing the more coherent ones.

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 01:14:40 +0000

From: Kudakwashe Chakamba [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: HELLO



Coontact Tale #369(March 11, 2006)

I was waiting in the waiting room of my Gynocolgist when a conversation started up about birth control.. Talking of the pill diafram.. rythem method and there sat a black woman..One asked (not to exclude her) What method do you use???? She replied. "I use da bug eye box method"... The other woman replied.. " How does that work"??? She replied.. " Well Shorty my husband and me does it standing up.. When Shorty Gets bug eyed I kickes the box out from underneath Him....

Coontact Tale #370(March 11, 2006)

Went to the grocery yesterday, the TNB was EXQUISITE!

The cashier (about 18) was talking to another girl (also about 18) the whole time she was ringing me out.

Cashier: "Hab yo' seen Snoopy lately?"

Girl: "I talked to his babbymomma yestaday"

Cashier: "Tarisha?"

Girl: "Naw, das his otha babbymoma. Shawnique (sp?)."

Cashier: "I wants another baby"

Girl: "Me, too, but I's told my boyfriend we needs to be together fo' one year before we have one"

Our tax dollars at work
Coontact Tale #371(March 11, 2006)

I was in McDonald's this morning getting some breakfast to take to work (the restaurants in my town are usually pretty niggers; thus, no TNB), but there was a church bus in the parking lot, so they were pretty busy.

Well, they got the churchies (the term we used for them when I worked at BK back in the day) taken care of, and I was just about to order, when this nigger family of four sauntered in. You know the type: fat daddy (surprised he actually stuck around to see his niglets) and mammy, teenage son dressed like a thug, and a niglet of an unidentifiable gender with naught but a sagging diaper on.

I place my order and move to the side, and watch the inevitable TNB. What follows is true hilarity.

They two adults niggerbabble through their order, then the mammy told the thug-teenager, "Tell 'em whatchoo want, JeKwon." (or something like that...that's how they pronounced it)

Then she asked the niglet what it wanted, and I heard her pronounce the name, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. Luckily for me, one of the churchies (a brave soul indeed) went up to her and asked, "That's an interesting name you gave your child. How do you spell it?"

And I listened to it, and pieced it together in my head, and here's what I came up with (as she spelled it twice):

J'Que'Que (pronounced juh-KWAY-kway)

And I would have busted out laughing (as most of the others did), but my order was up and I was running late, so I missed out on what surely was a grade-A chimp-out.

JeKwon and J'Que'Que. Oh my fucking god. The damn nogs probably had NO idea how much fun would be had at their expense.

Here's an interesting fact about some nigger names, though: Apparently, there is/was a tribe in Africa that based a child's name on the first non-crying sound that it made. Thus, you have names like LaQueesha. It sounds like a sound because it originally WAS a sound.

Then you have niglet factories nowadays who want to give their feces white-sounding names but they don't want other niggers to think they sold out to Whitey, so they add unnecessary letters to the names to make them sound more exotic. Thus, no nigger would dare name her daughter Linda...therefore, you have LaTrinda (I used that name as an example in "honor" of the newest boot-lipped negress to join my department at work...more on her in another forum).

Truly pathetic...then they wonder why white people laugh whenever they say their names.

Coontact Tale #372(March 11, 2006)

when i was working at a camera store a couple of years ago, my jew boss used to get pissed off when i passed the nigs off to the other associates, that was until he had to deal with one who "visited" him 6 times in a week and had him work up a package on a pentax ist slr, with 2 lenses, flash 1gb card , and a lot of other accessories, well after all that, the nigg didnt come back for a week and when he did he had the same camera, and accessories and was asking us for a lens cap!!!! The look on my fatasshole jew bosses face was priceless, (the only reason i didnt take a pic of it or record his chimpout in front of a store full of customers, was that i at that time wanted to keep my job) after that, i hadno complaints from him about discriminating against niggers.

Coontact Tale #373(March 11, 2006)

Ha Ha another perfect lesson in TNB for my son

So the little man has to go to see 'harriet nigger tubman' for the 3rd time and I wasn't going to make him go but did. So I ask him how it was this time and here's his commentary (I almost choked on my soda from laughing so hard).

He starts off pc...
"well you know they were all 'nigger' except for the 2 white guys who were the meanies, as usual" "but mom, there was this one nigger, what do you call them? Oh yeah, there was this one sheboon (he laughs) and she was bobbing her head and waving her arms like some crazy person" "I had to stop from laughing out loud because I knew it was TNB. Right mom?? Typical Nigger Behavior? In the play, she was doing this, can you believe it?" "and I don't think I was the only one who noticed because when she started that a lot of us were looking at each other and making faces and trying not to laugh"

He's giggling now, remembering it vividly.

At least it was an educational field trip!!!

Kids say the darndest things!

Coontact Tale #374(March 11, 2006)

My wife left me a coontact tale..

"Guess where I am?"..

That's my wife's voice on a call to home as I hear her scared voice punctuated by niggerbeast whooping and hollering.

That place was Milwaukee's only nigger Wal-Mart, located on 60th street and Capitol drive, in what used to be a proud white "mall" called Capitol Court.

For anyone with any sense of history, this once used to be a proud white mall that completely disintegrated in the late 1980's due to the effects of niggers. They bulldozed the whole thing after nigger crimes such as nigger-on-white-grandma assaults became a daily occurance.

According to her, she went shopping there with my 5-year-old son because "they have younger fashions" than the suburban Wal-Marts. She said that as they were walking in, a "horde" of 20 noisy niggers immediately pushed past her towards the electronics section.

She was trying on clothes in the dressing room (while my son waited outside) when the noise level increased outside to a roar, and she began hearing pleas over the intercom for "Will the manager please report to department ___". This degenerated into a plea for "Will ALL managers please report to department ___", since obviously the nigger manager of that area had no intention of responding to that call.

My wife says that she wasn't sure whether to hide in the dressing room area or to venture out, but she did anyhow, to find a newly opened lane staffed by a 16-year-old nigger.

As the noisy fighting nigger horde approached the checkout counter area, my wife started getting nervous that some gunplay would follow. She was frustrated that her cashier seemed more intersted in talking to the nigger bucks in front of her than to actually ring them up.

The arguing nigger mob was finally centered around the checkout area, and according to my wife, the niggers were in full-throated whoop-gobble, knocking displays over and getting nostril-to-nostril in haranguing each other. My son was terrified, and was clinging to my wife's leg and my wife (as the "only white person in the store"Wink was telling the cashier to "ring her up" so she could get out of there.

The 16-year old nigger bitch, after about two minutes of inactivity, said "I AHM RINGIN YOU UP, SEE?" as she made a great show of swiping one object past the scanner. My wife said that she was heretofore watching the brawl and issuing comments like "Oooohhh" and "You go girl".

My wife (god bless her) said "No, you're NOT ringing me up" and says that the nigger behind her went "WHOOOOO" at that point. She says she turned to him and told him to "fuck off".

When my wife finally made her way around the mass chimp out, she decided to call me with the message "Guess where I am?", with all of the nigger hooting and hollering in the background.

I missed the guess. I thought it was my son's public school.

According to her, no store management except for the lone white manager was in the middle of the fracas. The nigger managers and assistant managers were all hiding.

She now wishes she has a camera phone, because she's 100% PISSED AT NIGGERS.

And my wife is the one who usually cajoles ME for being "overly racist!"

A true coontact tale.

maxx_rainbeer commented on this Coontact Tale with some insight I felt worth sharing.

Yep, that's excactly how niggers do.

It's like they're "activated" when they get around each other.

The louder and dumber the bunch hooting and hollering are, the bigger the "activating reaction" that "standy niggers" will act as well.

The cashier nigger was a dormant nigger virus; just needing a cue from a host to approve and applaud the nigger host bunch.

Sort of like how African viruses and bacteria that come out of the jungle. That's exactly how they function. Does really nothing until "activated" by a mobile bunch, which it is then instinctively programmed to reak havoc and eventually work the host over for a slow recovery or kill the host all together.

Sort of like...anywhere niggers reside, which explains why there's no really nice nigger neighborhoods.

Coontact Tale #375(March 11, 2006)

Brother Coontacts With Truck & Kikeyshines

Coon/Jewtact over the past week from my brother.

My brother's been home for a while after two years (tours) overseas and he got his old job back with the raises as if he had worked there the whole time.

Well, he makes deliveries for a company and makes quite a nice bit of coin doing so. He drove along a road and someone opened their car door, which he ended up knocked the door clean off the car, almost taking the idiot who opened it right with it.

As he's always stated with his delivering gig, Niggers and Jews are the most oblivious idiots on the face of the planet with absolutely zero awareness of their environment and an automatic "It's not my fault!" mentality.

This one was a nigger...ripped the door completely off her car. He stops the truck, gets out to check on the nigger sow and she's fully engaged in complete chimp out. Screaming, "You dumb f**king honkee messed up muh door!" and "I be gettin' a law-yuh to sue yo white ace!"...the typicial chimp out from a nigger sow taking advantage to blame whitey when she can for some "funds" that she'll piss away herself and on her useless niglets.

He called the police for her and she said, "Tha police is gonna get you fo diss shit". He ignored her chimp out.

Here comes a b'lack cop in a cruiser. My brother thought, "Oh, hell...he's going to take this fat gorilla's side".

When the cop asks for him to answer questions on what happened, she doesn't let him answer and monopolizes the whole conversation interrupting and basically answering questions the cop was asking my brother that the cop had already asked her before.

At any rate, and surprisingly, the cop takes my brother's side.

"Ma'am, should have been looking. It's against the law to open your car door on the driver's side and blame a passer by. I'm sorry, but the report is going to make you at fault."

Complete chimp out ensues. "You'z gonna take dat honkee's word over a sistah? You tom mutha fugga!" and the usual barrage of nigger sow blabberings came out. My brother stood there with the cop calmly.

Then the sow literally threw herself on the ground, crying like an idiot, screaming, "Aw Lawd! Aw lawd! Deh world's trying to git me! Pleeze lawd! I need you nah!"

The cop handed my brother a carbon copy of the report, put one on the rolling around sow's windsheled, he got in his cruiser and left with the fat nigger sow muddying herself on the ground and rolling around like a pig in slop. The cop didn't look back once or stop out of guilt.

My brother got in his truck while the fat sow was still on the ground and saw the woman get up and start jumping up and down, yelling some more as he drove off.

He couldn't make out what she was saying; claimed it sounded like "high volume monkey chatter."

After that, he picked up his partner to drop something off at a Jew's house. Delivering items to a Jew is like trying to give a gallon of battery acid to someone who's suffering from multiple lacerations.

Immediately, something's wrong with the item before it enters the home. The jew has to look at it from all sides repeatedly, makes comments, stands up the delivery men's asses the whole way - and I mean CLOSE - offers no glass of water afterwards and soon as they pull out after dropping off the item - it never fails - the jew comes running out telling the delivery men that something's "wrong" with the item and that they should take it back.

This is a tried and true Jewish tradition. What they do is get a perfectly good item, call the company they bought it from, say that the item is "scratched and dented" and INSIST FOR THEIR TROUBLE that they get the item ONE MODEL UP FOR FREE. This makes the delivery guys come and get the item and have other delivery guys deliver the new and one-better-model free of charge.

Well, this time my brother lost his manners and asked the kike sow, "DO YOU HAVE TO STAND UP MY ASS WHILE I BRING THIS INTO THE HOUSE. GODDAMMIT, SIT DOWN!"

The kike bitch called the company and reported him. Fortunately, his boss has delivered for Jews years ago and knows their game. However, it did get to the big boss who was, guess who - A JEW! My brother got called in for a "talking to" and now has to take a "sensitivity training class", which basically is a "let niggers and kikes do what they want" course.

He's already been "Pee Seed" to death from the military, now this.

He now says, "I don't blame those sand niggers for blowing up those dirty bastards. They're the most greedy ungrateful bastards on the face of the planet and they act like rich niggers".

I told him that Jews ARE niggers and to look at the shapes of the heads of Jews - it's like a green colored nigger ape.

Coontact Tale #376(March 11, 2006)

Ok, looks like I'm going to have to come up with my OWN good nigger COON-tact story here .. this is true I'm not making it up ..


ok .. ok .. here's one ..

I stayed at this Ramada Inn the other night and they had this morning continental breakfast and this nigger buck in front of me in line said

"scuse me"

after he got in my way while I was trying to pour myself some frosted flakes from that bin. (niggers LOVE them free continental breakfast's at dem hotels that FEMA pays for)

(they might not get up early to go to work but they SURE will get up early for a free continental breakfast that FEMA is paying for)

See they're ALL (the coons) not that bad of a lot.

He said "scuse me" and deep in my heart I KNEW that the darkie MEANT it. Every word.

The nigger then went back to his table and finished HIS continental breakfast.

true story I didn't make up a word of it.

Coontact Tale #377(March 11, 2006)


I rolled up on a Mustang on the street today. I was in my Monte Carlo SS street machine, so the nigger in the Mustang wanted to race. He had a redhead mudshark in the car, which made this incident all the more special and satisfying. Coonboy starts flexing his lips at me and squinting (the "hard nigga" stare), and repeatedly revs his engine. The redhead gives me the typical mudshark sneer. I saw what he didn't, though. A police cruiser in the other lane concealed from his view by a van, and this cruiser had no strobes on the roof, making it harder to spot.

When the light turned green, I was able to easily goad this simpleton into launching full throttle. I gave my car enough gas to launch the nose in the air, and then immediately let off. The nigger took the bait and launched full throttle, blasting by the cop. I waited at the intersection long enough for them to pull to the side. When I cruised by them, the nigger was still giving me that "hard nigga" stare, but this time he was pissed off rather than cocky. The police officer was white, so I can imagine how angry he must have been upon finding the mudshark in the car. He was already most displeased at the negro's antics.

Today was most certainly worth getting out of bed.

Coontact Tale #378(March 11, 2006)

Ah, coontact... always comes about like that unwanted, unexpected visitor that always knocks at your door. Oh wait, that's the nigger next door to me always wanting to borrow my car so he can pick up one of his "ho's" at the base gate. I always wonder why it is that I see jig's with young Japanese girls hanging off their arms.. disgusting. Poor girl doesn't know what she's getting herself into. But that's another story for another time.

My coontact, although fairly brief, was rather despicable. Here we have a Master at Arms, First Class. For those not familiar with Naval terminology, that's a Naval Military Policeman with the rank of Petty Officer First Class, which is a rank that entails pretty serious leadership. This MA1 here however is a nigger. I'm sitting in the base McDonald's waiting for my order, and talking to my wife on the phone while doing so. I hear a ruckus come from one of the street entrances and here comes that nigger with a multitude of younger, junior nigger sailors. Off duty and drunken as would be expected. They waltz in and proceed to jump in line, the MA1 cutting in front of another person who had just stepped in line and they all start barking out their orders to the cashier. I'm sittiOops! I should also mention Liz is a white female who has allowed a nigger to inject his demon seed into her, producing a bigger, lazier there hoping he won't notice or talk to me, but since he's with my unit...well, he comes over and starts niggerbabbling at me. Mind you, I'm still trying to hold a conversation with my wife while this jig is hooting at me. He then proceeded to "aks" me who I'm talking to, which I replied simply "My wife." and turned away. He leans over to me and barks "Hiii wiffe!" loudly into my phone which further irritated me. The rest aren't much quieter either, following in the footsteps of their leader. My order number is called up and I proceed to the counter to pick up my food, thanked the cashier and started to leave. By this time I was off the phone getting ready to go back and enjoy my food in the peace and quiet of my room. Well this coontact isn't quite over when he promptly snatches my bag and starts rooting through it. Ugh... nigger grease.

"Whachu ain' gots no french frahs fo'? You cain' eat dis now!" Without so much as a word, I promptly regained my food.

"Maaain, you ain' gonna eat that. I'z tellin you ain' gonna eat that right now."

I just shook my head and started my way out the door.

"You bettuh not tell NOone 'bout me bein' dis way n shit, muhfugga.." and mumbled some other niggerspeak as I made my way to my car.

I'm tellin you folks, most don't get much more civilized even with military training. TNB is rampant as ever around here.

Well, there's one of my small coontacts. I have many more to share at a later time, just need to dig em up and sort em out.

Coontact Tale #379(March 11, 2006)

True story. The names haven't been changed to protect anybody. Fuck 'em!

A good friend of mine was hired about a month before I was. During his training, he had to sit in the "control room" with a female partner. (We worked in a county jail, there had to be a male and a female guard 24/7 because of our population)

One afternoon, Chuck was at the desk across from Liz when he saw a big fat nigger buck approach the window and pick up the intercom. Before answering, my friends instincts kicked in: "Who's the tar roll?"

Liz replied: "My son".

They forgot to clue Chuck in on the ixnay the iggernay facts.

I swear this story is true. Chuck even kept his job...she never even reported his little mistake. Of course, that was a dozen years ago. Today it may be different. Liz is a bigger bitch now than ever, and her son is the laziest nigger in Niggerville.

A sad story we see far to often.

Once a white woman shits a niglet her fambly tree is destroyed forever.

Coontact Tale #380(March 11, 2006)

I am absolutely BLESSED living in a largely white town, and working in an environment that is all but nigger free. Plenty of nigs on one side of the factory, but where I work I have almost zero coontact.

I should be happy, but sometimes what should be a small trivial bit of coontact just sets me off and puts me in a real bad mood for the rest of the day.

Yesterday on the way to work I was stopped at the end of a 3 lane exit ramp. I was first in line. I see another set of headlights coming my way. What was obviously a niggermobile was at least 50' to 75' away and I could begin to hear ghetto music pounding out of the shitbox. My radio was on, windows rolled up and defroster going at 2/3 speed. Still, "THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA MUTHAFUKKA THUMPA THUMPA" was well over the ambiant noise level of my truck. This was just after 6 in the morning so it was still dark out. Didn't need any daylight to know that what I had next to me was a full fledged useless nigger.

This just pissed me off big time and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I need to learn to relax I guess.

I don't need to hear that damned ghetto music to know there's a nigger around. I can sense a nigger when it's within 50' without it. Do niggers go out of their way to be annoying or is just one of their few natural abilities?


Coontact Tale #381(March 11, 2006)


I cope having to come to expect nigger behavior from niggers knowing it is a natural thing.

I was once driving down a busy four lane road when just ahead of me this piece of shit car was kind of weaving all over the road, no turn signals and when in the "passing lane" it slowed to a crawl a good 10 mph slower then the vehicle in the "slow lane".

I must admit I was a little pissed. What kind of driver would so uncaring of his fellow road travelers I wondered.

I finally went to pass him, had to pass on the right side because he wouldn't get out of the damn passing lane, and I saw the driver.. a nigger with his right hand buried into a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken sitting on the passenger seat. In his left hand he was holding an ear of corn on the cob and between his legs balanced some sort of soft sugar laden drink. One has to admit this was a nigger feast in the making.

But I got to tell you the moment I spotted the driver was a nigger all anger left me and I was filled with a calm knowing "it's a nigger" and niggers driving like is is to be expected. Who was I to expect anything different from a nigger? Really, what right did I have to expect a nigger to behave in human fashion?

Haha, you see I was the only one at fault for my unhappiness for expecting a different sort of behavior from a nigger.

Let me scold you a bit.

You happen upon a niggermobile and get upset when you hear the "THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA MUTHAFUKKA THUMPA THUMPA", blasting forth like a bad case of explosive diarreah, but I have to ask you who the hell do you think you are to expect anything else? I suppose you were expecting to hear the collected works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or perhaps an opera by Richard Wagner?

Of course you weren't so what right do you have to get upset to the sound of "THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA MUTHAFUKKA THUMPA THUMPA" blasting forth the the nigmobile?

You will live happier and longer if you accept the fact niggers are niggers and will always behave like niggers.

BTW I really like the "THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA MUTHAFUKKA THUMPA THUMPA" it's so descriptive.

Coontact Tale #382(March 11, 2006)

Milwaukee: Bowling With the Chimps

Bowling used to be a mainly white interest, but that was long ago, when whites still lived within major urban areas, and major cities thrived. Now niggers run free in those same cities, the whites are gone, but yet the bowling alleys remain. (Or some do, anyway.. the bowling meccas in this town that fell within the nigger infestation zone are now closed, like everything else of any significant value that niggers surround.)

What to do? Suburban whites venture back to the urban lanes for league bowling, but what about those in-between times when the bar is open but no leagues are running? This is known as "open bowling", or in Milwaukee, as the "gorilla run".

If you thought that niggers wouldn't care for bowling, you're 100% wrong - niggers LOVE bowling! They treat a night of open bowling as an extended family outing, one to which they can take twenty or more of their greasy kin to slouch, slump, drink, whoop, holler, run around, and carry on, all for the nominal price of the actual games bowled.

Niggers see bowling as a high-class, "white" thing to do - it makes them feel self-important to strut their stuff on lanes graced with the names of bygone "300" bowlers such as D. Leskowski, B. Mueller, R. Kreutzer, S. Reitzlaff, B. Zeznanski, A. Vanderhoff, et. al. Take that, whitey, we be here and we be near, in yo' face and in yo' place! Whooooo!

So niggers really do enjoy themselves while they bowl, but as always, rules apply. Here, then, are the bowling rules for niggers:

* Only purchase bowling shoes for the initial number of bowlers that you (pre-)paid for. Everyone else - who wants to - can have a good chuck at the pins wearing their cruddy street shoes. Whitey's a sucker, remember!
* Pick the lightest ball you can, so that you can palm it like a rock and try to impart maximum spin to it, just like those bowlers on TV. Niggers should never worry about what those holes in the ball are for. Remember, rules are for whitey. Refer to the last sentence of the first point
. * Clowning is critical aspect of bowling! Heave your ball straight up in the air, to crater the lane with a comical thud, as your inner chimp directs. You don't own the alley, and you paid yo' good money to be there, so why should you care about how you leave the lanes?
* Every nigger considers himself to be a V.I.P., so don't worry about whitey's hangups about courtesy. If you gots to bowl, BOWL! Rush right by the person to your left or right and do your chimp thing, even if they are obviously trying to line up for a difficult spare.
* Shee-uh, them pins be tough to get down, so when you happen to hit them, it be celebration time! A game of bowling gives you twenty chances to shake your ass, grab and shake your crotch or tits, fall flat on the floor with feigned shock or delight, do your kung-fu, in-yo-face moves to your counterparts slouched around the lane, walk into the other lanes while your monkey head is turned to watch the pin catcher sweep your shit shot away, etc. Again, U.B. da V.I.P.. don't worry about what your monkeyshines might do to distract serious bowlers next to you.
* Six-year old children should probably be in bed by about eight-o'clock to get the requisite amount of sleep for the next day. But dat be DEY six-year ole childrens.. YO six-year ole childrens kin stay up all night long! Make sure that you bring at least five or six little niglets along with you to run around, spill their complimentary water on the lanes, mimic your fly fung-fu celebration moves, cry, snivel, complain, and touch other people's stuff. There's nothing funnier than watching your little niglet try to lift someone else's $200 custom bowling ball. Tha's so cute, Jawaan!
* Bumpers don't jus' be for babies, they be for niggers too! Don't bother with the finer points of the game.. just get those bumpers up and celebrate every strike like you be Earl Anthony hisself, even if it took three caroms to get there.
* When you're all done, don't worry about throwing away any trash, or returning the 10 bowling balls you and your tribe picked out during the course of your evening. They got white people to do that.

These are all true observations from repeated bowling at local alleys with my wife and son. I don't know if the paradigm of niggers and bowling has been explored here, but please feel free to add any more insights!

Maybe we should go back to scoring everything manually on paper again.. all of that "arithmastatics" would definitely help keep the niggers away! Wink

- Brewski

Coontact Tale #383(March 11, 2006)

Brewski - hilarious and all too true!!!

I'm in a suburb of Chicago and while most of the time it's not too bad, the alley near my house has it's moments.

Usually during the weekdays, it's the retired vets and their ladies. What a pleasure it is to go on those days!

However, on Friday and Saturday nights their is 'cosmic' bowling (they turn almost all the lights off, play loud music and there's a 2-3-4 hour special price.) it is fun to do sometimes.

My son is just now old enough to go and we got to enjoy it twice before the niggers and spics got to be too much. If it were just that they would stay in their lanes and do the chimp shit, I might be okay with that (get a lane as far away as possible).

The last time we went, we had finished bowling and were in the arcade and I'm waiting for my son when all of a sudden 5 young bucks come in. I didn't say anything right off the bat (we were almost done anyway) when here comes 4 spic boys....I call to my son, he was just about to argue and ask to stay longer, but his eyes went to the niggers and then to the spics and then to my face and he said, 'ok, let's go'. No arguments, no discussions...unfortunately, he's seen enough of niggers and spics and he's smart enough to do the math and realize that even if there wasn't any trouble right at the moment, TNB and TSB guarantees there soon will be.

Coontact Tale #384(March 11, 2006)

I had another TNB coontact encounter while driving back to work on my lunch break. It was fairly dead on the streets and I was the only one traveling down the road. I spotted two she-boons up ahead at the intersection, they looked like Katrina refuse-gees from the way they acted and dressed. Well, the closer I got to them, the slower they decided to shuffle their nigger feet to get across to the bus stop. Seeing this, I floored it and blasted by the niggers, one was only about a couple of feet from the car as I flew by. My windows were down, and I heard the typical, shrill loud scream that these she-nigs let loose, "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" ( when they are afraid or when their "boos" beat them ). I looked in the rearview mirror, and it looked like one was trying to calm the other, the other jumping up and down very fast ( as if scared or exited ). My car is loud, so I imagine the noise rattled her as well. I had to turn the corner and stop into a parking lot because, at this point, I was laughing my ass off and would have hit something if I had kept driving.

It would seem that, in this instance, the immovable object lost.

Coontact Tale #385(March 11, 2006)

Coontact tale: TNB on the road!

Before I found a job here where I live, I worked as a truck driver for just over a year.

It wasn't bad work, and if I weren't married I think I'd probably still be doing it, but I definitely wouldn't be training.

Six months into my new career, the company I was working for decided to promote me and make me a trainer.

It wouldn't have been so bad, but wouldn't you first student was, of course, a nigger. By this point, I was starting to have second thoughts about niggers, but if ever I had to point to the catalyst that changed my way of thinking, this would be it.

This stupid nigger was a joke. I didn't like him, neither personally nor professionally. He just wasn't cut out to be a truck driver...or anything else that required that he take orders from someone else.

First of all, he ate all my food: a BIG no-no in my book. We hadn't been on the road two days yet. I was able to stop at the house to see my wife, and when I came back a few hours later, my food was gone. MY food. The stuff I keep around so that I wouldn't have to stop at truck stops several times a day.

I get back to the truck, and there are empty bread bags, chili cans, lunch meat half-eaten and thrown away, and all my snacks were gone, some wound up in the trash, the rest of the stuff wound up in various parts of the bunk.

All I could do was simply ask why he ate all the food, to which this fucking nigger replied, "You mean dis be yo' food? I's be thinkin' dis beez fo' everybodies!"

Why I didn't kick him off my truck right then is beyond me. Maybe I was just thinking of the extra money. Besides, I doubt that I would have touched the food again anyway after knowing he got his monkey paws on it.

But what really got me more than the food incident was his work ethic, or lack of one.

Case in point: he does okay for the first day. He gets on my truck and drives fine. A little shaky, but it's something I can work with, no problem. In that day, we receive a load that is going to Reno, NV. The second day, I give him a little break, drive a little, then have him drive at night, just to see how he does.

The third day, we get to Reno, drop off our load, and then wind up at a truck stop. I tell him he can do what he wants there until we get another load. I take a shower, freshen up, then go back to the truck for some well-deserved sleep.

About 5 in the evening (it was just before noon when we pulled in), he RIPS open the curtain and is like, "Hey man, weez be needin' ta tawk."

OK, sure, I said. No problem. What's up?

He's like, "I've beez doin' sum thinkin'...and I decided dat if dis be gonna work fo' me, then weez be needin' to have us sum ground rules heah."

I'm sitting there, half asleep, thinking, OK, well, we went over the ground rules the first day, but I was interested in what he had to say.

He's like, "First of all, I's not gonna be drivin' no 10 hours if I don't feel like it. I'mma drive what I be feelin' like drivin', and I's not drivin' any fahda' dan dat."

So I tell him that I'm sorry to hear that he feels that way, but I think that with a little bit of conditioning, he'll be able to drive 10 hours, no problem. It's just a matter of getting used to it.

He might as well have ignored me. In fact, that's exactly what he did, because he launched into his second rule: "I ain't drivin' 'tween da hours of 10am and 10pm, and fuck you, white boy, coz you can't make me."

Alrighty...and I tell him that, actually, yes, I CAN make him drive whatever hours I feel like making him drive; I am his over-the-road supervisor, and although I'm open to compromise, I want him to drive at all hours of the day (and night) to get practice for all different driving conditions. (I'm still being civil, for fear of losing my job otherwise.)

He says, "No, fuck you, *YOU* will do what *I* say, because I will KILL any mo'fugga that be disrespectin' me."

I said, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Why don't you go to the TV lounge and calm down, and I'll see if we can't get another load, one that'll make driving a little easier on us both." I couldn't believe that he actually listened to me, but he did.

So off goes this stupid nigger buck...and immediately, I get dressed, head to the pay phone, and call up the training manager and dispatch and tell them what's going on. By this point, I was ready to kick the dirty nigger off my truck, but I knew that the company wouldn't really approve of my leaving him in the middle of Reno with nowhere to go, jackass nigger or not.

So they want us to pick up a load in California from a truck that broke down and take it to Chicago. I am to drop him off at company HQ in Cedar Rapids, IA for a sit-down with management and the possibility of him getting a new trainer, one who is better matched up to his attitude. I figured they'd just match him up with another nigger, then they could both chimp out when they talk about what a "raciss" I was when they get together.

So we head to Citrus Heights, CA. We have a truck that is broke down on an exit ramp there. I have the coon hook up to this load and tell him to go back east; we're to stay on I-80 the entire way. Simple, yes?

Wrong. Somehow the retarded ape gets turned around, and then he yells for me telling me that we're lost. We're in downtown Sacramento. Lovely. And a non-truck route. Even better. So I pull us out of there without incident and get him pointed in the right direction.

The trip to Cedar Rapids was surprisingly incident-free...up until we got there. See, he wanted to go in and meet our dispatcher, a lovely twenty-something girl whom I actually got along with rather well. She's a good boss; I'd have gone to the moon and back for her because she treated me so well.

But see, her and my relationship was such to where I would say what I have to say, ask what I have to ask, and go along my merry way because I knew that she was very busy. So that morning, I settle some petty business with her and introduce her to my pet, student, then start walking towards the door, leaving her to do her work. My student isn't following me. I didn't mind; I figured that he had some private questions to ask her and that he'd be along for his meeting with management shortly.

Two minutes later, he comes bounding up to me with this silly grin on his face...apparently, he noticed that she has a tongue ring. No big deal to me, but apparently he couldn't keep his big nigger mouth shut about it. He told me the EXACT same thing he told her: that the tongue ring was sexy, and if she gave him half a chance, he'd make her happy in more ways than she ever knew, etc, etc. I asked him if that was really a smart idea, and he said that she just smiled and said "thank you." "She be wantin' muh dik," he said. (Note: This was actually the first time I had been exposed to the nigger "muh dik" philosophy, and at the time, I was shocked at the crassness of it.)


I went in and talked to one of the safety guys (he had requested to talk to us about the incident in Reno; I didn't want to go in with the nigger so I went alone and ahead of time), and I told him exactly what went on. This guy is like, "Well, he pretty much sealed his fate this morning."

Apparently, my dispatcher called him immediately following my now-former student's callous comments towards her, and that wound up getting him fired on sexual harassment grounds.

So it just goes to show that you just can't teach a nigger to work; he's incapable of such an act.

I thought I'd share this example of coontact with you guys...add it to the Coontact tales if you want to.

Sorry about the length of the post...I tend to get wordy when I tell stories.

A nigger let's us know what he thinks about us.

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Coontact Tale #386(March 11, 2006)

TNB @Son's Basketball Game

My son is 17 (6'6/230) and plays BB for his HS team and a County team. HS team is majority coon and the County team is all white. HS team isn't doing all that well this year, but the County team is undefeated. County team played an all turd team last weekend and I was amazed at the TNB. Things started off bad for my son's team (behind 18 points). Heard chanting shit from the nigger parents (visitor side) like singing the Brady Bunch song, white men can't jump, etc... Funny how shit turned around when my son and two his buddys got hot hands and the niggers found themselves down by 12 w/5 mins left to play. Arrogant nigger coach sent in players just to foul or I should say hurt our players. My son went to take a shot and a nig punched him in the chest (should've been thrown out). 2 more points. Again my son was passed the ball, went for the shot and the same nig grabbed him by the hair, put an elbow across his face. Blood running from his nose. 2 more points. The niggers in the stands (thank gott they were across the court from us) were going ape shit. Throwing whatever shit they could muster out on the court. Heard them yelling my son's number out and to get on that cracker. In the final seconds the same nigger that had been giving my son shit, went for a shot but my son stepped on his foot and let out a hellashish elbow shot to his jaw. This left the nigger knocked out w/blood dripping outta his mouth on the floor. I was amazed. Game over and my son's team won. The place erupted w/nigger ramblings. We grabbed our shit and got outta there. Driving home my son said he was sorry for jacking jaw, but he said that nigger wasn't playing fair and deserved it. I hadn't ever heard the word nigger come from my son's mouth. What he did and said made me and my wife proud. Actually, brought a tear to my eye. Great kid!

Coontact Tale #387(March 11, 2006)

What follows is a rare triple coontact tale. Imagine, three run in's with niggers in just a few short hours!

Liberals are Insane

I know this isn’t exactly news to the Gentlemen on this site, but I want to tell you a few stories anyway, and apologize in advance for this being such a long post. But I think you might want to see what a typical day for me might be where I live.

Fittingly, the day in question was this past Martin Looser Koon Day, January the 16th.

I had a real run in with a liberal for my morning coffee. I stopped for a latte at the Starbucks and as I may have mentioned here before, I’m not exactly shy about my beliefs. I won’t say the “N” word in public, because it might get you accused of a “hate crime” (I’m dead serious- I’ve never been arrested and don’t plan on starting just to make some nigger feel better about his godamn wooly-haired self) but I won’t let somebody talk about these savages in reverential terms without me letting them know how I loathe them and their worthless pets, the yard ape vandalobookaris.

So I say something to myself about “Doctuh” Koon, and of course some pissy white liberal sticks his nose in. “How can you say such a thing on Dr. King’s birthday?” he intruded, when all I said was that we had nine goddamn paid holidays already (and I was really just bitching about the post office- I had some letters to mail and boxes too, but the niggers at the post office never work when they’re there anyway, so what the hell did it really matter that their nigger asses were plopped on de sofa eatin’ dem chips and thankin’ whitey fo’ dey check).

I tried to lecture this interloper on the truth of “Doctor” King and how he was a communist dupe and how he was probably killed by a pissed off coon rival, just like Malcolm X-Lax, but this little liberal shit (20-something, piercings, a real “rebel”- hanging at the Starbucks, right? Piss ant.) dropped that “R” bomb in record time: “YOU ARE A RACIST” he parroted “AND THAT YOU CAN SAY SUCH A THING JUST A FEW MONTHS AFTER NEW ORLEANS AND KATRINA IS AN OUTRAGE!”

Yeah, he really said that.

Calm down, my friends, I know it was tough not to vomit from laughter after that bit of bullshit, but I kept my cool and lectured this prick real quick, even as the whole damn coffee shop looked on in discomfort at this scene playing out at 9:05 in the morning.

“You want the truth, pal?” I began, not caring who heard me, “I’ll tell you what Hurricane Katrina taught me. How you could have watched that madness, the second major nigger riot in America in the last 15 years (LA after the other King got his ass kicked) and not seen what the REAL problem is, huh? You saw those animals in the Superdome, in the Convention Center, in the streets and in the rubble and you FELT SORRY FOR THEMHuh When they were shitting in the aisles and raping each other in the dark, too goddamn stupid to get out of Dodge when the whole world knew the END WAS NEAR? Show me once in history where whites would have behaved that way, ONCE! When the Germans or the English were being bombed to hell in WWII, and all those people crowded into those shelters, were there packs of vandals loose on the streets up above stealing whatever they could, AT THE RISK OF THEIR LIVES TO STEAL POSESSIONS, while their neighbors were being incinerated?

“What I saw convinced me that there is a REAL lasting problem in this country with the races, and no, I don’t mean with US as the agressors or the villains. I mean that there are 30 million SAVAGES loose in this country, with only a few of them fit to be called ‘civilized’, and the rest worse than any barbarian Europe ever had to face. They will lie, cheat, steal, take benefit from their poverty and misery and the whole time blame it on US, the people who pay half of our goddamn taxes to send them to school, pay for their child care, bail them out of jail, PAY FOR THEIR GODDAMN FREE LEGAL ADVICE (one that has always infuriated me!), abort their unwanted, care for them when they’re sick, buy their food, clean their streets and even put a GODDAMN ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS, and you have the nerve, boy, (YEAH I said it!) to tell ME that I’M the problem!!! That I’M the racist, I’M the bigot, I’M the opressor! ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK LIKE THE GODDAMN SPOOKS YOU KEEP AS PETS, ASSHOLEHuh”

That was about enough for the staff at Starbucks. The kid was shocked into silence; I’m 38 years old, but in no way “old”; you can look at me and see I wrestled in high school, even if I have a few extra pounds on my gut these days. No matter, when I get loud, I get LOUD! I intimidated this fuck into silence; and when it comes to “da hero of mah peoples”, that arch nigger “Doctor” Koon, I get ANGRY. Especially when it’s from a white kid who knows NOTHING about these savages or what it is to live around them or see their savagry day in day out; I know, only too well. And it has made me HATE and DESPISE niggers.

Three guesses as to who was asked to leave the Starbucks; oh, and told “not to come back” with my “hateful rhetoric”. True enough, I just said I hate niggers; but the problem is, everything I said WAS TRUE!

It is now officially a crime to call a spade- forgive me- a spade. We all know the truth. How many of you MEN on this board have EVER been unemployed for any longer than you absolutely had to beHuh Have you ever “soaked” whitey because you “deserved it”, got “yo repa-ray-shuns” or whatever else these coon extortionists have cooked up in their fevered little burr-headed brains? FUCK THEM ALL, AND PLEASE, GOD, SEND MORE AIDS TO CLEAN THIS PACK OF NIGGER SCUM OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

You can imagine the mood I was in after I left that fuckin’ Starbucks. I walked out and into the streets, and put my headphones on because I thought that some WHITE music (Bach, Schumann, Schubert) might calm me down. Sure enough, about a block away I stopped to change the CD in the player, and here comes Jiggerboo Sam, right up behind me and heading my way. Gee, I wonder what the fuck he wants? Directions to the employment bureu? Maybe he needs to know what time it is because he has a job interview? Oh yeah, dream on Mr. I Have A Dream Liberal; there’s only one reason a nigger speaks to you, and it’s to BEG.

“Yo man, I jus’ got off da bus from Los Angeles, and I’s busted. I jus’ needs a coupla dollahs ta get...”

“No,” I said, trying to get the the headphones on my head, infuriated.

“Yo man, you din’ even let me finish...”

“You’re finished, buddy, and I said NO!” I paused and looked him right in the eye; no problem I would have had in my mood to kick his spear chucking ass back to the Greyhound station. “I am not going to say it again, either. I’m not a fuckin’ bank!"

You should have seen that boy scurry off. When an Irishman gets pissed, it sure can be trouble, and all that bullshit about how “tough” niggers are is just that; they are flesh and blood, and you can kick their teeth in if you just know how to handle them.

A few hours later, I end up in line at a McDonalds because I’m running late and just need some quick lunch. Now what the hell was I thinking going into the Official Restaurant of JiggerBoo America on THEIR FUCKING COON HOLY DAY for a quick bite? Part of me thinks I deserve what I get even allowing myself to get near these porch monkey coon-boons.

Well, I never got my cheeseburger happy meal (ha ha). No, I had to stand in line in a clusterfuck that led to the goddamn door while ONE cashier was open (guess who be da culprit!) who was obviously half retarded (or full nigger!) and couldn’t ring in properly one of those classic nigger rip-off grifter orders, the one that goes like this:

“Yeah, I wants da Big Mac value meal, but I don’ wants no cheese. Can I gets mo fries ‘stead?”

She-boon teenaged coon cunt vacuously responds: “Uh, nah suh, dat ain’ be on muh screen. You gots to get what da meal says.”

“Ah, c’mon now sistah. I says I don’t wan’ no muthfuckin’ cheese! Shit be nasty! Can I gets mo Coke?”

And if you think I’m lying, I’ll fight the first person who wants to meet me anytime, anywhere and discuss the ordering habits of these goddamn Kalahari Burger Traders.

This goes on for like five minutes; it now occurs to me that in the time I “saved” getting this shit food, there was a really nice Thai place around the corner that was staffed by polite Koreans and made delicious food with lots of vegetables. One thing I’m not is a racist; Koreans come here and work, great. I just hate niggers, and all the subhuman trash that crawls over here to be with them (Hmong, Assorted Spics, Laotians, god you can understand why the Japanese were such hard task masters!).

Anyway, while this is going on, I have to stand in line behind a nigger security guard and her goddamn boyfriend, wearing one of those coon zoot suits you see them in. Yeah, “bruthah”, you be lookin’ real fly; ever go by a ghetto store and see those suits in the window that they sell for 39 dollars? How do these stupid fuckin’ apes think you can get a good suit for 39 dollars? How much you want to bet that the die in the pants stains their nigger asses red or orange, one of those subtle colors that only a nigger would choose for a suit?

Well, Mr. Jigg was wearing one of these suits, and he smelled like a gallon of the cheapest spook disinfectant you can imagine. Where do niggers buy their cologne? People make fun of Italians for wearing too much perfume, but they have nothing on the vandals, stinking like a hot house and thinking it makes them “ir-ruh-zitah-bel” to the white women they all want to fuck (and all of them fat and horrible, so that no white man would want one of them!).

Now, with a nigger security guard and a nigger in a 39 dollar suit in front of me, guess how I spent my time at McNiggers? Yep, they were fighting the WHOLE time, and could have given a fuck about who heard them! On MLK’s special day! Live the dream, you goddamn dirty niggers!

“I TOLDS you, woman, I gots shit to do dis Satahday,” said the buck.

"Bitch, I don’ give no shit ‘bout yo ass, I tolds yo ass muthafuckah two muthafuckin’ weeks ago my SISTAH be gettin’ married, yo ass be my BOYFRIEN’ yo need to be there, niggah I bus’ yo ass yo leave me go dere ‘lone!”

No shit, no lie. There were CHILDREN in the line (fortunately, only niggers, but still) and a poor old blakk woman who I actually felt sorry for in the first booth. When she grew up, things were different; her kind had a place, and they stayed in it. Now, they’re “free” and look what a mess they’ve made of it. Just like Africa. Niggers are no better than pets, and if you let a dog shit on the rug even once, he’ll do it forever and think it’s his right.

About another minute of this was all I could take. The teenage boon was still arguing with the Fry Trader of Kinshasa up in front, who was, naturally, threatening to “take his business elsewhere” and “write a letter.” Two observations: yeah, nigger, I’m paralyzed with fear that you might take your $4.19 elsewhere for- what?- a value meal at Wendy’s or Taco Bell? There’s goes the neighborhood! And, Two: You’re going to write a letter? I FUCKING DARE YOU! Has anyone on this board EVER seen a written communication from a spade, spook, boon or vandal? PRICELESS! Writing takes work and a level of intelligence utterly alien to these savages; if it wasn’t for cell phones, niggers would never communicate with each other except when they were fucking and making niglet babies (or screaming in the street at 4 am in front of your apartment building, making crack deals or callin’ fo dey “bitch” to “get yo ass in da apar-men’ womans!”).

Anyway, enough was enough and I stormed out of that McDonalds with more “fuck niggers” under my breath than maybe I’ve ever had in my life.

Oh, and we still have one more Coontact in this ONE GODDAMN DAY. And this is a city where niggers are rare- but, obviously, not rare enough.

Just once I wish I could say, “Hey, guess what, a colored fella was helpful to me today,” or even “I saw a blakk today that I didn’t immediately want to kill.” But I’m still waiting, gentlemen.

As a final example on this splendid Martin Looser Koon Day, I’m later walking in the downtown area (hungry, I might add) and here comes one more jiggerboo. A bright shiny nickle to the first fella that can tell me what he wanted when he sauntered up to me. Guess! That’s right, “some spare change, man.”

One day, it will be legal to do to that jigger-spade coon-boy nig-a-spook what I was thinking at that moment. God, how I just want to see one of them have the life leave their bug-eyes and know that justice had been disbursed by your’s truly. Free money, free money, spare change...FUCK ALL NIGGERS ALL FUCKIN’ TIME, THEIR WHOLE GODDAMN SAVAGE SUB-HUMAN RACE!!!!!!

I wish you could have seen that final nigger. A real fine representative of his “equal race”. You could SEE the piss in his old nasty jeans, big hunks of shit sticking to his velcro-afro, flat nose, vapid eyes, big- and I mean BIG- liver lips, half drunk at three o’clock in the afternoon and desperate “fo mo”...yeah, a typical goddamn low life nigger, fit for plowing, fit for cleaning outhouses, fit for being thrown in a re-fired Auschwitz...and fit for nothing else, certainly not life. God, I swear to the world, I hate them more than I love life.

All right, there’s my story for one day. Thanks for listening. I really needed to get that shit out of my system.

- Signed, Patrick J. Lillis, Disgusted Irishman

Coontact Tale #388(March 12, 2006)

Mom gets nigger bitch fired

A few days ago, my mom was grocery shopping. she paid for her groceries with a credit card. but the she-boon working the register did not give her her credit card back after the purchase.

So later that day, when mom realised her credit card was missing, she called her CC company to report it stolen.

Then she called the grocery store about her lost credit card.

It turns out the niggerilla kept my mothers credit card, and then during her lunch break she went across the street to buy a $800 laptop with my mothers credit card.

About this time my mom called the store about her lost credit card, and the she-boon who stole the CC was the one who answered the phone when mom called. the nigger bitch got scared and tried to return the laptop, but it was too late.

The gorilla-whore was BUSTED!

She got arrested and fired from her job!

When mom was telling me this story, the first thing i asked was the race of the perp, and of course it was a nigger.

That is a differnce between white and nigger. whites try to earn, niggers try to steal. oh well, i guess thats typical TNB.

Coontact Tale #389(March 12, 2006)

When i worked at a camera store, i had this dumbass coon come in with what looked like an 8mm camcorder that he needed a tape for, after about 5 min of looking, I discovered that it was a cassete player, yes a cassette player, not a camcorder. the chimpout was spectacular "but i paid $25 for this muhfucker and yo telling me its not a camcorder?!!!" after a bout a minute of this shit i had an associate push the silent alarm button man about a minute late you should have seen the look on the boons face when 4 cops walked in (the store was a hlaf block from a police substation) after he was escorted out he was found to be wanted, (of course) and to be in violation of probation and will be a guest of the state of sc for the next 5 years. needless to say my jew boss had any mention of this in the local paper quashed and i got yet another talking too about harrassing the customers and my poor view of the nigger race(this is also when he pulled the silent alarm button out too)

Coontact Tale #390(March 13, 2006)

Warning: This story contains (for those with vivid imaginations) graphic visual depictions of TNB. It isn't for the weak at heart. Reader discretion is advised.

I tell my wife about a lot of the monkeyshines that we all report on here, and the whole time I had forgotten that she had a good one of her own. So, by her own request, she asked me to pass along this tale of coontact featuring her dad, a sales clerk, and a smelly fat she-boon.

Set the WayBack Machine (TM) to about four years ago and a trip to a familiar (for us) shopping destination approximately 15 minutes east of St. Louis, MO. (this would be before her and I got together, so I'm not in this one)

My wife and her parents went to go do some Christmas shopping one Saturday afternoon. Usually they go to the mall, but her dad wanted to stop and check out the stuff in the Burlington Coat Factory. He saw a tie he liked, a Mort Kuntzler (sp?) Civil War tie (they're Civil War reenactors--they belong to a Confederate regiment, although some of them galvanize [play both sides] if they need more accurate numbers), but for some reason, decided not to get it.

They went to the mall, shopped, and were getting ready to go home, when her dad decided he wanted that tie after all, so they drove back to get it.

He found the tie and went to get rang up at the checkout counter, ran by one white guy. There was NO other help at the store.

Well, unfortunately, there was a giant nigger sow in his way and she was in line before him, so he quietly waited in line. The clerk is helping the people one at a time.

The nigress turned around, looked at my father-in-law, saw his Civil War tie and gave him the dirtiest go-to-hell-whitey look that she could muster.

(I'm editorializing here, but I imagine that it involved pooching out her already-huge nigger lips, bobbing her nappy head, and smacking her lips a lot.)

By this time, a couple people had gathered behind him and the nigress was the next to be checked out, when it happened:

The nigress FARTED. Or so he thought. He said it was the foulest, most disgusting odor that he had ever smelled in his life, when he saw it: a brown trickle, slowly dribbling down onto the floor.

This nigress SHIT on the floor. And did nothing about it except turn around and look at the people behind her turning green and convulsing and saying, "Whatchoo starin' at? Mine yo' bit'ness."

Two of the guys behind my father-in-law put their stuff down and left. The poor sales clerk, bless his heart, just kept doing his job, even though his face was turning an equal shade of green as the rest of the grossed-out humans. He quickly checked her out and she ambled out.

My wife's dad asked the poor clerk why he didn't throw her out when she did that, and all he said was, "Lawsuit. And I don't want to lose my job."

So he got the tie and left, and related the story to my wife and her mother, and they haven't been back. My father-in-law tells me that he's too scared that there'll still be a big ol' brown stain where the nigress was standing.

Told you this story wasn't for the weak of heart.

So there you go...a coontact tale for you to post in the gallery. Now my wife will stop bothering me to tell it to you guys.

Coontact Tale #391(March 13, 2006)

Absolute Disaster at Work Today

I'm in the cafe early today. Old Patty cut out after lunch, and the boss knows why and it may be the end for me at my job. You're not going to believe why.

I didn't report this last week because it was such a nothing to me. There's a nigger sow who works in my office and I never see her because her project has nothing to do with mine. But occasionally we all get together for "team spirit" type bullshit exercises, since we're, you know, "all on the same team". Whatever.

Last week the cooness interrupted one of the guys while he was speaking and said that she felt "intimidated". It was all business stuff, there's no way to explain it here, but what it led to was this piece of affirmative action trash actually "declaring" (that was the word she used- just the audacity of these spooks kills me) that there wasn't enough diversity in the work teams and that she felt she couldn't speak.

My boss is a good guy, and I respect him. He cares about the company and doesn't want it wiped out by coon-suits. So he asked her, polite as could be, if she wanted to speak, we're all valued here, blah blah blah. Of course, she had nothing to say; she's a nigger after all and we weren't talking about when her "boo" would get out of the joint or other things nigger sows excel in discussing. She just wanted to "declare" the situation (used that word again, and man was I ready to throw a roundhouse at her liver-lipped monkey mask) and be "respected". End of situation, pretty bizarre, but hey you can never tell with a nigger.

A few days go by. It's Monday morning today. I go in the office ready to get to work. The big boss man is there, and he announces that we all have to get together in our teams and report to the big conference room. IMMEDIATELY.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that as of next Monday morning, EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE is to take a MANDATORY diversity class that will take THREE DAYS and then be concluded by a fucking TEST! Oh no, I am not kidding! Three days of work lost, and I actually care about what we do! And it's going to be niggers, faggots and jews- I just know it! Maybe even a few sand scratchers thrown in too, we don't want to offend them, nooooo!

This is bullshit! We were in that conference room for two hours listening to how this bitch went to senior management and said the work environment was "hostile". Why? Because she's the only nigger! And no one listens to her, even though she never says anything- but that's just because she is "intimidated" by how hostile we are! Can you say circular reasoning?

The worst part is, all of my co-workers are so liberal that you guys would want to gut them. She's intimidated by a bunch of Berkely MBAs and tech engineers? This ain't an Einsatzkommando we're talking about here, it's tech support and information management! Pussies in Dockers and all of 'em voted for Kerry! I hate most of them to death, and keep my opinions as quiet as possible- but there are limits. And the very idea of spending three days learning to "love" these animals, and bask in the "rainbow of diversity"- Jesus, what am I going to do? I just can't do it! They really do get their way EVERY TIME just by opening their goddamn mouths! I'm shaking with rage right now- how in the hell am I going to take three days of spook-a-gandaHuhHuh

If you turn on the news next week and there's been a massacre at a major office somewhere out west, and every faggot, jew and jigg was shot TWICE- you'll know I have decided decisively to "protest" this mandatory brainwashing!

What's the white version of a chimp out? I'm having one! Where's the Reverend? There's someone on this board that can match his anger- now I know exactly how he feels!

Oh muh God! The divershitty group will expect you to kiss and hug niggers and faggots all the while bemoaning your whiteness.

Raptorman had to attend one of these bullshit sessions which only heightened my hatred of niggers.

Coontact Tale #392(March 14, 2006)

So I'm at 7-11, and there is a long line of about seven people. I patiently wait about five minutes until it is my turn next. In walks a black girl about 17 holding four ones presumably to pay for gas or get cigarettes. She ignores the line of about ten people and just stands by the register!! Finally the counter guy asks "Who's Next?" Immediately I say "I am!". The girl is then pissed to which the guy tells her there is only one line, not two. She ignores him. Finally when done with me the guy tells her again and then she becomes moderately irrate and does not want to wait in line. She leaves the store cussing the whole way!

WHAT THE HELL? What do you think you are some VIP? I know all black people aren't like this, but damn.

Coontact Tale #393(March 18, 2006)

My parents went to Cozumel Mexico early last October for their wedding anniversary and encountered niggers exhibiting typical nigger behavior during a catastrophe. After a few days of being on the island my father was informed that Hurricane Wilma was heading straight for them. The resort they were staying arranged to have the guests moved to another hotel which was farther from the beach. There were not enough rooms to accommodate everyone so they had to put multiple people to a room. Fortunately my parents were put with another couple around their age. The group of young niggers were put in their own room thankfully. When the storm hit full force the guests were moved down to the boiler room where they waited 48 hours for the storm to calm down. After they were allowed back to their rooms and got a few hours sleep most of the women were able to get a hold of a few brooms and swept about 1 inch of water off the floor. They also too! k any bedspreads that had already gotten wet and used them as a squeegee and got most of the water off the floor. The niggers did not lift a finger to help.

4 days passed before they could get on an airplane to get back to the states. During this time the guests did what they could despite the conditions. They used the pool on the roof as a bathtub (the only source of semi-clean water), got buckets of water to flush the toilets to keep them from getting too out of control, and rinsing out clothes. Did the niggers help? Of course not. The resort provided guests with one meal a day which wasn't good enough for the niggers. One nigger in particular was convinced that the resort had more food but was hoarding it for themselves. He marched up and down the hallway at 2 in the morning (with his sunglasses on that never left his face the entire time they were there) hollering and trying to rouse all the people up against the resort staff who were providing the food ! out of their own personal supply. One time a maid (an elderly woman) was trying her best to clean up around the hotel. While she went into one of the rooms to clean she left her cart out in the hallway with a little bottle of drinking water for herself (half empty). My mother saw one of the niggers go and steal it from her. The niggers would make so much noise that my mother eventually had to close the door to their room which she felt guilty about. Their room had a breeze coming in so they would leave the door open so the breeze could get to other guests but the niggers became so loud that my mother could not sleep. She later apologized to the other guests for doing this but they understood and said they didn't blame her in the least. Later a woman asked the niggers to please keep it down because they had children with them who could hear all the language they were using. One half of the other couple witnessed a nigger and his nigger bitch having sex with the door t! o their room wide open for everyone to see. I don't know what was worse. The storm or the niggers?

Coontact Tale #394(April 12, 2006)


Ok, here is my story:

PLEASE POST MY EXPERIENCE! Ok, here is my story:

I stopped by McDonalds on my way to a Microbiology final. I am a college student. I noticed several nigs standing in front of the main entranced, but thought it would be ok. Boy, was I wrong. When I entered the restaurant, they (nigs) followed me in and yelled at me and said I dogged them (whatever that means). I told them “I have no idea what you are talking about” then proceeded to get in line to order breakfast. They blew cigarette smoke in my face and told me they would wait for me. I decided to just leave at that point. When I tried to leave they ( a group of 7 nigs) kept me from advancing to my car once I exited the restaurant. They said typical nig verbalization like “ you betta get da fuk outs befoe we kick yo ass”. I tried to oblige because I was so out numbered. However, one of the monkey fuckers started punching me from behind as I walked away, then they all started to part! icipate in the beating. It all happened very fast, but I somehow knew to run. While I ran they yelled “ yeaaaaah, you better run!” I suffered a laceration above my right eye(8 stiches), several knots on my head, and my glasses were lost. All this was for nothing, I never did anything wrong, I was attacked. I have so many nig stories, but this one was the one that made me wise up. I now know “when around blacks, never relax”. I hate that race! I now carry a blade.BH.

Coontact Tale #395 (May 13, 2006)

This is a strange Coontact tale in that it doesn't have niggers.

As you know, I recently spilled a Guiness on my prize laptop, utterly frying the keyboard (but fortunately- amazingly- nothing else). I had to take it to a local computer repair store, and with labour it cost me $225.79 to get it fixed. That was one damn expensive beer, fellas.

Well, as long-time fans may know, I live in a liberal town. Very liberal. We have gay pride parades, diversity, all kinds of BS. I think it's so liberal because we're 80% white (only 8% nigger)- if these people actually had to live around their pets, like I have in the past, they wouldn't love that goddamn rainbow so much.

This mindless liberalism extends everywhere. Including the computer store. I recently had something which I believe to be unique in the history of Niggermania- a disastrous, near-violent coontact without ever once encountering a coon during the entire event! In a way, I'm proud. In another way, I'm just more pissed than ever.

I dropped the laptop off last week at a store that shall not be named. Everything was fine- they did a diagnostic, were completely professional and courteous, I felt good about giving them my business. Then, when I returned after the four days it took for the part to arrive and everything to be rendered Hunky-Dory, I walked in, took one look at the counter guy, and knew they had been poking around on my hard drive.

I used to have it set up so that when you turned the computer on, the "dead nigger ghost" would play- that's Tom's best animation, to me, and I laugh at it no matter how many times I hear it. There were still all of those animations on the desktop, so that was what started this "phishing expedition" by these assholes.

"I'm here for the Toshiba laptop," I said.

"Yeah, I was told my manager needed to speak to you," the geek replied.

"About what?"

"Just hold on. There's some concern about some files you have."

Oh boy, here it comes! I knew exactly what it was going to be- there's no porn on the laptop (ok, maybe a little- but nothing "bad") and no stolen music or movies, so that left one thing- niggers. Four MF'n gigs of them.

The manager guy approached. "Mr. Lillis, we have some real concerns about some of the content on your hard drive."

I smiled- no laws had been violated, and I was about to hand it to this prick for being so nosy. "Uh-huh. What exactly were you doing picking around my files? I brought this in for a diagnostic, keyboard replacement and mother board cleaning. Why the hell were you searching my computer?"

"The technician found some very disturbing stuff on your desktop. When we see that, we have a duty to the law to investigate."

"Ok, so what? What offended your little techie so much?" I said, and I knew it was going to be a conflagration. I was ready, knowing I was right, and this guy was going to get an earful.

"Mr. Lillis, there were hundreds- thousands, actually- of files of violently racist content. Were you aware these were on your computer?"

"Of course I was. I hate blakks. And I don't much care for Jews, either. Arabs and other sub humans who like to blow my country up and kill our soldiers when we try to help them tend to incite my dark side too. What's the matter- you have a problem with free speech?

"This is hate speech. We were seriously considering reporting this to the authorities. This falls under domestic terrorism laws."

That did it. "Terrorism? Oh, I'm a terrorist, huh? Let me tell you something right now, asshole. I'm going to get my check book out, write you a check, take my computer out of here and then we are done. Do you hear me? DONE. Never again will I have anything to do with you or your Big Brother computer store. I've tried to be nice in all this, but you guys need to lear to respect your goddamn customers. What do you care if I have a few files on my computer..."

"It was thousands, Mr. Lillis. Thousands. 4.2 gigs of content. Pictures of dead African-Americans, racist essays, cartoons of African-Americans..."

"You mean niggers, right?" I interrupted, just thrilled to be able to drop that bomb on this prick- to his face.

"You know, I have an African-American gentleman on my staff here, and..."

No, he's not finishing that one, either. "You mean a nigger. You have a nigger that works for you. Fine, this is America. But I'll bet he breaks more than he fixes."

"What if he had seen this computer? What if he had been assigned for the repair?"

"Then I would have thrown the computer away if I had known you'd let some coon get his paws on it. The thing already smelled like beer, you think I want it to smell like barbecue sauce?"

"Mike, call the police."

And you know what? He did! I swear to you this is as accurate as I could remember it. The manager had his flunkie call the police, and when I started laughing he really got mad. "Do what you want, douche bag, but I'm not going to be here when the police come. Here's your check, now I'm taking the Toshiba and leaving. And, like I said, you'll never see me again. And I'm telling everybody I know how you snoop around on people, call them terrorists or whatever, all because of a few cartoons that are- and if you were honest, you'd admit it- absolutely hilarious. Yep, I got pictures of dead jiggs. I collect them. They make me smile on rainy days. I see that and think- well, there's one less vandal nigger in the world. And if you don't like it, fuck you."

You could have heard a pin dropping a mile away when I got done. Absolute, stunned silence. I hadn't had an outburst like this in a long time. But I was so furious over the snooping, this BS that he had a coon working for him and if a computer came in with racism on it then he would be contaminated by its mere presence- no, I had to unload. And it felt good.

I threw the check on the counter and took my computer. As I was leaving, the manager yelled that I "was never to come back to his store again." So, now I'm banned from a Starbucks and a computer storet you'd like to know how things are out here for a simple, quiet man who just so happens to hate niggers. No justice, and no peace.

Coontact Tale #396 (June 4, 2006)

"I'll Hook You Up". All over niggers. Pathetic.

If the police actually came, I wouldn't know. They never bothered me, and if they had, I wouldn't have cared. Just though

Friends, how much does the simple phrase quoted above cost the American economy each year? In terms of lost product, wasted inventory, replacing the things given out as booy by our experiment gone awry, the American nigger? The "coon graft" that the phrase "I'll Hook You Up" encompasses must easily run into the billions and billions of dollars, year after year.

I saw such an example yesterday when I went to the little deli which is near my home. I was there for bread and milk, and in the next aisle was a nigger being waited on by the lone chicken-chucker who works in this store. Incredibly, the nigger in line was there to buy fried chicken. The deli is famous for it; it is delicious, but of course I wouldn't want it if it was handled by this dirty nigger. I'll leave it for his fellow yard apes.

The nigger wanting his chicken made it clear to his "boy" that he would like some "preferrential" treatment. "Yo man, gimme two thighs and wing and some fries, and..." he didn't say anything, just nodded his head in a conspirational way. "Don't worry dawg, I'll hook you up" came the response from the spade clerk.

What happened next was ridiculous. That nigger loaded that box with a breast, THREE thighs and numerous chicken wings. I watched it all, in disgust and amazement. Then he packed it shut with fried potatoes (we call them "Jo-Jo's" here) and the whole thing looked like a relief drop the Air Force would have made for a whole fambly of Katrina niggers. This box was packed with swag. Grease dripping out the side, fries mashed out the top...and a big smile from the conspiring niggers as they finished their theft. "Awright yo, I gots you man, you hooked me up!" said the nigger, and he got in line. I was ready to bust his burry head in.

Just for kicks, I decided to wait and see if the white kid working the register paid any heed to the massive amount of fried chicken that this nigger had in his box, all of it stolen. Incredibly, he didn't bat an eye. That nigger got a meal for three days and all he paid was $1.99- the price for a two-piece meal they usually sell.

Just wanted to let you know I have my eye on niggers all the time, and they never let me down. When you watch them, they will be stealing something, or breaking it, or just being up to their usual monkey selves. How many times a day do you see similar "Hook Ups" where you live, and wouldn't you like to get a piece of this "affirmative action" for fried chicken? Of course not; you're white, and you actually PAY for the things you have. I want to do something about this nigger chicken slinger, but I don't know what. I'll keep you updated.


Coontact Tale #397 (June 16, 2006)

Some of you guys may remember me speaking of a friend who was dumb enough to let a nigger move in with him. Tyrone is still there, and showing more TNB by the day. Here's a little example:

Yesterday morning, I'm out on the deck doing my weight routine when I hear the phone ringing. Now, I never interrupt my workout, but 30 seconds later, when the phone began ringing again, I decided to check, in case it was important.

Picking up the reciever, I say "hello?". "Yo, man, it's Tyrone", babbles the coon. Trying to be civil for my buddies sake, I reply "hey, dude. What's going on?"

Now the real niggerbabble begins."Yo, I'm trying to spark up this L, and I'm tryin' to see If you wanna blaze a L of dat good shit".

Finally grasping his meaning, I said "that's what you guys are up to, huh? I'm getting my workout, man". I added "maybe later", though I really had no plans to smoke anything soaked in nigger saliva.

"Well, I's TRYING to blaze dis shit, but I needs a ride to Englewood(pronounced Ingohwoo)". Now it made sense. See, Tyrone always tries to disguise his endless mooching as an effort to do YOU a favor. Niggers think they're slick as shit.

"Fuck that", said I. "I'm don't have any gas in my car anyway." So Tyrone says; "well, I could gib you fidallahs or sumpin', cuz I gots to get dis shit."

Now I understood the situation fully; this goddamn shitskin wanted me to drive him into niggertown so he could buy dope! Not a small quantity either, mind you; I later found out that he was going to buy an ounce of high grade cannabis, individually bagged for resale.

I wouldn't have helped this jig for any amount of money, but, fuck, five bucks to take the risk of being charged with a felony, not to mention the risk of being around nigger "business" transactions? I'll pass, thank you.

Personally, I consider marijuana much less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Nevertheless, remember that buying shit like that is putting money into the pockets of filthy coons like this. Do you have a heavy pot habit? You probably helped a jig to get those spinners he has on his Escalade.


Coontact Tale #398 (June 17, 2006)

Why me?! MORE disgusting coontact

Being the evil White devil that I am, I went to CVS this morning to pick up some milk for my mother. As I slowly turn into the lot, a 'rilla mammy's Cadillac comes flying at me, going the wrong direction, on the wrong side of the lot. I watched her park, but she sat in the car for a minute, so I said fuck it and went inside. I grab a gallon of 1% and get in line, when I see the she-boon waddle through the door. Now, I was in a pissy mood already, so I couldn't resist;

"Bitch, you you need to learn how the fuck to drive! You were driving the wrong goddamn way."

Now get this; this nigger has the nerve to reply "well, if you saw me going the wrong way, you should've moved, so it's YO fault".

You see folks, niggers go around with this rediculous feeling of entitlement. They honestly believe that the world belongs to them. This isn't a malicious belief, mind you; niggers are just too damn stupid to understand concepts like empathy, let alone guilt or responsibility.

This nigger bitch was really pissing me off. I can't remember the last time I've wanted so badly to put my fist between a nigger slut's eyes, but there were tons of witnesses. "You are a useless fucking cunt", I told the spook. As usual she replied with the typical, and creative, "whachoo say to me?"

"I said you're a cunt", I said as she approached. Holding my breath from the stench, I got nose-to-nose with this bitch. "Yo mama beez a cunt fo' habbin YOU", the foul Hamite told me. "Maybe so", I said, "but at least she knows how to read a street sign."

The TNB intensifies. "You ain't gon' be sayin dat shit if I gots a brutha wif me", she bellows.

I couldn't resist. Thinking of our own Patrick J. Lillis recent COONtact tale, I quickly replied "You mean a nigger? If a big silverback nigger was with you right? I'll give you five minutes to find me one. I've got shit to do, cunt."

Big surprise, no niggers showed up. It's a fairly small town. I'm sure I'll run into this nigger bitch again. Let's just hope there aren't any potential witnesses around this time. Shit, I've gotta get out of this niggerfuxated shithole. Jersey sucks the big one.


Coontact Tale #399 (June 17, 2006)

Ever notice how Niggers like to J-walk and walk across the center islands of roads real fucking slow and expect heavy traffic to come to a halt for them? A short while back I was making a right turn on a four lane road out here and 4 gang-banger type Apes walked off ther center divider just as I started to accelerate. Not only did I not slow down,I sped up causing those porch Monkeys to jump back on the divider at the speed of light.Shit,the last time I saw a coon move that fast,a police dog was chomping at his black ass.As I drove on,one of the Niggers yelled "BITCH!!" I stuck my left arm out the Driver's side window in order to better showcase my middle finger to the shitskins as I drove on.My son who was riding on the passenger side started busting out laughing. He said,"Hey Dad,that Nigger called you a bitch!" I said "Yeah,but did you notice how fast that Jigaboo punk jumped out of my way? From where I'm sitting,it looks like HE"S the bitch to me." Made me smile the re4st of the day.

Coontact Tale #400 (July 4, 2006)

After moving from a small northern town to the south, i had a very eye opening experience. Soon after being hired into a large construction company that yielded about 70% niggers, it wasn't long before i was promoted to Manager. Listening to these coons cry everyday about some stupid racist shit started to get on my nerves. (Thank the good lord, i never see a nigger until i was out of high school and moved to Florida. Now i see this is what greatly accounted for my passing the TABE test with a score of 12.9 and an IQ of 132) but anyway...Managing this plant, i was overseeing 11 niggers. Upon entering the plant on a friday morning at 5:00 am, i see that someone had broken into the office the prior night. I had called the police and reported the incident, but as you all know...working with 11 niggers, we won't need the FBI for this. There was only 1 cash sale on that thursday for about $800, and that was gone. After the 2 policecoons arrived and accused me of the crime for 20 min, the rest of the employees started showing up for work and being questioned by police as to there whearabouts the prior night. But with all of the employees and police being coons, it was as follows: Police..."Whats crakin' bro?"

Employee..."Aint nutin G"
Police..."yew du dis"
Employee..."heeellll naw, i'z wuz at da crack crib allllll night brother"
Police..."Kman, go bat da wurk"

After going through all emoployees that morning the PO-lice left with me still as there prime suspect. Then after about 20 min. of TNB in the office, listening to these coons accuse each other of this crime, babbling on in whatever that shit comming from there dirty mouths is, I decided to pass out the checks that i had received late Thursday night. Noticing there was only 10 checks and 11 people, i went through them to see who's was missing....then thought..."I counted these last night when i received them and they was all there" Now this hurd had moved outside, looking out the window for the nigger who's check was missing i see him exit "the portapotty i had installed for them" with his eyes as big as coke cans. Calling him into the office i was sure i had my nigger, but was not certain. After all, out of the 11 niggers i had, he was the last one i would suspect. Upon telling him that his check was missing he looked at me, sweating like a nigger trying to read, and said "It's ahhight, i'z picked it up last night"

This coon was later arrested and in a very rare moment of sanity amongst niggers, admitted to everything, telling the police that he had broke in and stole the money and decided to pick up his check while he was here to support his crack addiction, and that he had broken into a convience store that he belived to be closed and shot and killed another black man earlier that week. Then to my amazement he reached into his pocket and pulled out what he said was $500 worth of crack and asked his buddy to sell it and come bail him out...right in front of the police officers (who were white this time) He was charged with Murder,breaking and entering, theft, and possesion of crack cocaine and is currently sitting his black ass behind bars.

Needless to say, i am living back in my home town, where the only coons i see are the ones in my trash at night. It may be less money but as EVERYONE knows, not ever seeing a nigger again is definatly worth it.

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