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The following are true true stories involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. A collection of Stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

Coontact Tale #301(April 11, 2005)

Now, I am at work just running through some late fines and the like and I see this big black she boon waddling towards the store.

Needless to say I am getting worried it is going to come in and I may have to serve it, I was the only one on in that shift so I was debating running the length of the store and locking up.

"damn", it is already at the door and looking in with its nose up against the window (leaving a nigger grease smear, ugh"Wink it takes about 20 seconds for it to figure the doorhandle out and it is in, my skin is actually crawling and I cannot stop shuddering, oh god I want to hurl, if it touches me I will cut off the offending appendage.

After about 45 minutes of picking every DVD up and saying "bullsheet" and "dis lies, no way a mofocka do that" it made its way to the counter, "oh god its coming" I say to myself.

"I WANNA SIGN UP, BECOME A MEMBA, YO BESTEST CUSTOMAAA", I replyed "pardon me?, did you say that you would like to become a member?", It retorts "mmmm hmmm, I's is gonna sign up here", I say "ok, it shouldnt be a problem, do you have two forms of ID?", it shouts "LIKE?, I'S NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY, WHY WOULD I HAVE SOME I DEEEEE!", "a passport and a credit card will suffice", I reply.

"I's gots mai veeesah card and mai passport on me right now, hows dat?", "yes that is fine" I reply in a more stern voice (the WNZ is getting annoyed), "Ok I will just get you a form and then you can fill it out" "OK, but I am in a hurry".

Now it gets good for me, I look under the counter to find a pad of forms and what do I see, a weta and I remember niggers chimp out when they see small animals or bugs, so I place it on the pad and bring the pad up to the counter, damn, the she boon is to perplexed by the back lit coke sign to notice the giant bug, "could you please fill this out and make sure that all details are correct" I say.

"Ahhhhhhh, what da fuck is dat?, why you do that, you loss mai buisness oh no, oh no , oh no, that bug come her I's whoop his asss, I's don tell no lie, I's whoop his mofocka ass, you loss mai buisness, I's gettin da hell outta dis dump, I's whoop that ass, mmm hmmm!" Now that is an exquisite example of a chimp out and it got rid of the nigger, thankyou Mr Weta, a pleasure doing buisness with you.

Coontact Tale #302(May 6, 2005)

Alright, I doubt you'll post this, hopefully, but i'll just tell you just to support the point that, niggers do suck.

Short tale: So my friend had just picked up half an ounce of some good bud, and my other friend refered this nigger to him, cuz this nigger is known cuz he's pretty chill, unlike the rest of his ghetto monkey friends. So the nigger is looking for $25 worth of stuff, so my friend takes him to his car and they get in. Stupidly enough, my friend takes out the whole half ounce of dro in front of this nigger, and this nog, unable to resist his instincts to 1) Steal 2)Do drugs 3)Be ghetto, snatches the whole half ounce from my guy and gives to flee. Now its hard enough to match a nog in athletics since they ARE the closest descendants to wild animals, now one that is running and his drugs depending on the running...well, noone caught him. Few mins later, my guy gets me and 2 other ppl in his car to go look for him, to try and talk to him, and when we find him he stops, picks up a fairly big rock and starts saying loudly "Get way from me fo', i'll fuck yo shit up, i dont even have that shit w/ me no mo mah guy gots it" and it's a half ounce, and we can see it bulging in his pocket. my friend just says "man, c'mon, i'll give you a good deal man, that aint right, lets just talk man" and the nigger goes off "nigga what? i aint got shit to say to u mufuckers, on the G i dont fo', i aint got shit to say, is gangsta in this mufucker" all this while swinging his arms up in the air throwing the "GD" gang signs. GD is ghetto disciples, a gang of ghetto, uncivilized, wild nogs, so my friend cant do shit and we just decide to let it go before it escalates to a point where my guys' car gets fucked up.

Moral of the story-dont trust niggers, you try to give them a helpin hand, they'll snatch your whole fucking arm.

In my opinion illicit drug use is for niggers, whiggers and losers with a few exceptions such as treating chemotherapy. I posted this Coontact Tale because it shows TNB and demonstrates niggermania's commitment to being politically incorrect.

Coontact Tale #303(June 17, 2005) TALES FROM THE FACTORY My job is overseeing the operations of a factory production line. The company I work for uses a temporary service for the bulk of their man power. Anyway... I had this dumb nig assigned to my line and I kindly instructed him dispose of a box filled with scrap. He walked up to the box as if he we reluctant and angered, then slowly backed away just to stand there like a lost child who was about to pout. I came back to the nig and instructed him again, and walked away to attend to my other job duties. At first glance upon returning I didn't see the nig, and then discovered him standing against a hopper masturbating!(he was doing the three finger shuffle) WTF is this shit! I then instantly lost all of my normal cool and began screaming at him "You can't fucking do that in here, it's a food grade production line you bastard!" "do that when you go home you sick motherfucker!" "If you wan! t a paycheck, drop your dick, go wash your hands and get to work!" The nigger gave me a dirty look as he flung his dick from his fingers, and then just stood there as if to ignore me. Finally after I turned my back he must of wondered off and got lost one his overly extended break, and never returned as most of them generally do.
Coontact Tale #304(June 17, 2005)

Hey bro, me again with another one. This happened tonight. I have a few more tales to tell but this is a good one for now :)

I just came back from getting a late night snack at the all-black McDonalds here in town. Yeah I know, I should have known better but it was late and cheap and I was starving. Anyway, I get 5.93$ worth of food and pay the nigress at the window with a 50.00$ bill. How much change do I get back? 4.07$. I showed it to her and she made a totally fake effort of trying to add up the total to somehow make it sound like she had given the correct change, until I told her I had given her a 50$. She goes to get the key to open the drawer and I said "Nice try" in my most sarcastic voice. She comes back with "un uh ah don need to do dat" and openes the drawer to get the rest of my money. She then gives me 35.00$ additional. Still a bit short. I count it out to her again and itemize the difference between 50.00 and the 39.07 I have in my have. She reaches back into the drawer and hands me another 1.00. STILL SHORT! I count it AGAIN and she FINALLY hands over a 5.00$ to give me the ri! ght amount. Then I get to wait 10 minutes or so for my food (which I fed to my dog because they probably spit it in while I was waiting).

Either this bitch was the most persistant ripoff artist I have met there, or she was just too stupid to count. Either way she shouldn't have been working with people's money.

I think she was trying to rip me. When I told her I had paid with a 50.00 she didn't even argue or feign shock, she just went to get the change-she knew how much I had given her.

Of course McD's has a sign in the door that PROUDLY states "We celebrate Black History 365 Days a year!"

And they wonder why we fucking hate them.

Coontact Tale #305(June 21, 2005)

My nephew used to work as a waiter in a seafood restaurant. And we all know how niggers love "skrimps".....well, there was a huge nigger family one day and they shared meals (typical) as well as ordering water as their drinks. When they finally finished their meals, my nephew walked over to the huge mess on the table. They stiffed him on the tip , and lo and behold EMPTY KOOL-AID PACKETS !!!!! The niggers made their own Kool-Aid with the water and sugar on the table. I couldn't believe my ears...but then again............TNB

Cheap bastards! Scientific studies have been conducted which subtantiate the claim niggers tip at less then half the rate of white people.

Coontact Tale #306(July 9, 2005)

Learned about niggers at a young age.

When I was about six, a nigger family lived down the street from my grandma. The father had four or five different names - his name was "Wilfred" but went by "Tony". How that's connected, I haven't a clue. Anyway, he had two niglet daughters. Anytime I was with these two girls by myself, of course Mom and Dad were never home with their two kids ,aged then 7 and 4, they would take their clothes off and the youngest one would "push apart" her "thing" and say, "Look! Look!" so I could see her "pink". Of course, being a male, I was amused, but just looking was cool enough. Now, I wondered why at 4 this kid was so quick to show me her snapper - TNB, I guess. Either that or their daddy was playing with them or something. I bet they both grew up to be major baby machines.

3rd grade, there was this black girl who was rather fat and I called her "Big Mama". That was it. Well, that and her actual name - Carletta. She made nothing of it and laughed about it - we were cool and got along fairly well. She was a loud kid - TNB - but I got a kick out of it because I was a loud kid too. Anyway, one Friday, her mom shows up to the school right in the middle of the day, the principal and her come to my class, yank me out of class to "lecture" me. The girl told her mom that I had been calling her "nigger" and "yard ape" and "porch monkey" and the principal laid into my ass, telling me if I did it again he was going to swat the hell out of me - this was the 80's when you still could get your ass blasted to hell by a teacher or principal's paddle. Firstoff, I never called this girl any of these things...and I had never heard "yard ape" or "porch monkey" before in my life. Normally, I would have laughed at ! those hearing them for the first time at 8 years old, but the principal was such a badass, I just agreed and said, "I'm sorry" like a total pussy.

Later that day, I asked "Carletta" why did she tattle and lie about me, but she just let out this HUGE yell that sounded like when chimps are threatened, "LEE-ME-ALONE!" over and over. All I did was ask her once why she made up something about me that I never did? The teacher called the principal, the principal came down, took me to his office and kicked my ass big time.

I told my parents about it, they jumped the principal's ass about me getting swatted for no reason - turned out, Carletta's mom was a legal secretary trying to get some ambulance chaser to bust the school on some racist shit because her older son kept getting detentions for, what else, but acting like a nigger and not doing anything the teacher asked.

When I was about 11, I invited a black kid over from my school. We would trade baseball cards and all that shit, but after he visited, I noticed a lot of my good ones were missing...the cool ones from the 80's...Boggs, Sandberg, Mattingly, Gooden, etc. My "Merlin" was missing as well as a few tapes - of course, Run DMC's Raising Hell was gone. I told my folks about it and they said "never invite him over again". My dad just said, "Don't invite blacks over here - they're trouble"

A week later, the nigger had my Merlin and my walkman I didn't know was stolen, so I went after him to try to grab it. Now, of course all the white girls thought he was "so funny" and the white guys laughed along with him, basically because they were afraid of him. I got the thing back from him after damn near having to tackle his black ass - he screamed that I took his things - principal came down, made me give MY OWN SHIT back to the nigger. Everyone in my grade acted like I was the biggest asshole because his "parents had died" because he was from the local orphanage - but it wasn't an orphange really. It was a home for kids who's parents were too screwed up or the kid couldn't be handled by their parents. Any bike that went missing in the neighborhood 99% was found at this "orphanage". Chuck full of nigger kids, of course. Turns out, the school that took care of these nutty niggers had to cut major funding, so the publi! c school I went too took the niggers in to get a little piece of extra cash.Anyway, I got tons of shit for trying to get my own things from this nigger kid because he told everyone his parents died - hence the euphamism for the nutty nigger kid home - orphanage.

Same principle as in the Carletta Incident threatened my ass with swatting me all over creation if I did anything to this kid. Little did I know, that also, these "orphaned" kids got special if they act up, they get "a talking to" whereas if we acted up, the principal was waiting there with golf champion swinging arms and a big ass wooden paddle.

10 years later, I saw him in the newspaper in jail for shooting an innocent bystander. What happened was, a drug deal he was in at the local park went bad, he pulled out a gun, struggled with the other guy buying/selling, the damn thing went off in the struggle and popped a kid on the swing set quite a bit away in the chest. Luckily, the kid lived.

16 years old, big race fight at my high school. Some kid mouthed off to a nigger the day before, so a band of niggers - and I mean A BAND, like 40 or so - jumped this kid who was walking to school, by himself of course, and beat him senseless. I mean beat the living shit out of him - ambulances, cops, the works! But what turned out, the kid they beat up wasn't the kid who mouthed off and the kid they beat up hadn't a clue what had happened. He was one of the main creators at our school of the "African American Culture Club" which was a club for niggers to celebrate their niggerness. He helped the niggers out with what they wanted - you'd think they'd remember the white guy who helped them, but of course they never do - and beat this kid shitless.

So, the kids who were in a class called "Diesel" - which as you can imagine was chuck full of rednecks who learned truck engines - got together and it was open nigger season on the whole school. It was buzzing with all the white kids - not one of them, even the wiggers (wiggers were new, Vanilla Ice was just a year before), didn't say anything either.

When lunchtime came that Friday, about 50 white guys just beat the living hell out of the niggers in the lunchroom. The teachers couldn't do anything - these niggers were caught off guard - and just about all of them were laying on the floor, some groaning, some crying, but beat to a pulp. The white guys kicked the nigger's asses with nigger tactics - trash cans, stomping, kicking, whatever was a hard object within reach, was pounded onto these niggers. It wasn't too hard to get the niggers either - like everywhere else - they were easy to spot in the doorways, breaking up the lunch lines, dancing around - you know, acting like niggers.

The local news showed up, cops, ambulances...of course, the news made the school look like the "Big Bastion Of Racial Tensions".

Since all of this, I've disliked niggers. Sometimes a black guy would speak some good English, sort of change my mind - because let's be honest, no one likes hating anyone - but after a while and getting to know the black man, he always turns out to be a nigger who blames everything on everyone else.

The city I grew up in has always had racial tensions though - it' s in our blood, I guess. We live right on the Mason/Dixie line and had big race riots in 2001. Guess the city.

Of course, the riots were triggered by the cops shooting some nigger downtown at night. The cop was chasing the nigger because the nigger had 17 warrants on his ass back in Chicago and had to move because the Chicago Police probably could pick him out of a hip hop concert within five seconds, so he moved and started shit in the city I lived in. Cops found him, nigger took off running, cop cornered him, the nigger's pants were drooping and the nigger pulled to pull them back up - cop thought he was reaching for a piece - so the cop shot the nigger, dead on the spot.

Next day, niggers in the city went nuts. Nevermind half of the niggers killed by police were shot by black officers...the niggers thought the police was "trying to exterminate" niggers. Of course, some self-proclaimed nigger pastor (last name Lynch, go figure) became the self-proclaimed "spokesman" for all the black folks in the area, started a boycott of business frequented by police - problem was, those businesses were black owned and the black business owners went down thanks to this dumb nigger preacher! How's that for stupid?

Anyway, the shot nigger's mom was on camera with her bullshit stories about how nice the kid was, how he was "planning" on going to college (Dead nigger moms always say their son was planning on going to college - yeah, right...and of course, she had a different last name than her son did.

Even the liberals in the area can't stand niggers. You could have the biggest tree hugger, muff diving, hippie loving flower chick - chances are, she won't trust a nigger with a dime. There's a joke that goes on in the area because it has a lot of old school rusty belt union guys who are very Democrat...

What do you call a Democrat who openly hates niggers? Retired.

I moved up North where hicks back home think we all over niggers up here. Believe me, these Blue State folks do NOT love niggers by any stretch of the imagination. When a group of cops get a few niggers that have pissed them off lately, they take the niggers into the basement of the police station and beat the shit out of them. No media, no press, no nothing.

I think, within the next 30 years, with the oncoming Mexican boom - thanks to Gee Dubs being a huge wetback ass-kisser, white people are going to get fed up with the niggers big time. There's room for white people and one other people - the Mexicans actually work. They aren't going to put up with two non-white running the US. It's a matter of instinct to protect the land and if white people really wanted to take out the niggers, they could within a week.

I, like many Northern Democrats, will turn a blind eye to the nigger beatings, killings and jailings because before politics, preservation is necessary.

This is probably too long and won't get posted. Haha. Oh all came to me when I was writing this and it went into a huge long drawn out story. My apologies.


No reason to apologize your story is why people hate niggers.
Coontact Tale #307(July 9, 2005)

Dear Niggermaniacs,

I put swastikas, SS's,, Stormfront, 666 in three stars of david, The American Nazi Party, The Jewnited Snakes of America, NAZI... etc. on my car in a kind of collage of ideas, organizations, websites and phrases... My post office, where i work, freaked out, and gave me a DIRECT ORDER to not drive my car to work... i did anyway the next day and then received a fact finding which should lead to a letter of warning friday, etc...

Are any of your members/supporters as bold and in as much trouble? Wanna help this blond haired blue eyed aryan dutch, scottish, english, irish mick? I promise i'm not a jew, never had sex with a negro and have grabbed, slammed, fought and chased negros while stealing a bike, art, cigarettes for crack etc... as a part of security for a walmart and in my own neighborhood... i live in the 5th highest crime rate city, as per USA TODAY article based on the 2000 FBI UNIFORM CRIME REPORT, Gainesville, FL - could tell you so many cootact tales... - must be mostly the over 20% of G'ville that is black... i confess that i have a walter payton poster on the side of my refrig - hope you can manage this into your screening process as to whether you can help me...

The plant manager came in to have my car towed the day i drove it in to work after they gave me a direct order not to - that was last saturday... so i drove it up to the entrance and parked it at on the right of way... and since then i've been driving my other art car, a nazi made 1970 hitlermobile VW bug... minus the word nigger and minus swastikas and the above i listed...

Got any niggermaniac activist suggestions so i can drive my newer work of art/expression/niggermania etc. to work? - a 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra no less...

Thanks for any assistance you may render.

Your negro crime rate aware supporter, mick

Coontact Tale #308(July 9, 2005)

Last year in college, my friends and I decided to go out late at night for our last night of the year. We go to school in DC, so you know that the place is crawling with the niggers. I remember one time, we were walking on O St., and this nigger was just sitting there, and as we got closer, I knew that he would get up or try some shit as we got closer. Of course he suddenly got up when we were right by the nig. I won't lie, my heart skipped a little because it was so sudden. He said that we shouldn't be walking around at this time in "his" neighborhood, and he'd have to teach us how to act in his neighborhood. I have NO idea what the nigger was thinking when it was just him against 4 Whites. Suffice to say the nigger got a good ass kicking. We fucked the shit out of the nigger, then left as soon as we could because we didn't want to get caught by the police(of course the nigger would say it's racism, etc.), and we weren't too far from campus. One of my friends got him in a headlock and pretty much squeezed the shit out of the ape. I gave him a few punches to the stomach, etc. Pretty good stuff. The nigger ran away like the animal that he was. Niggers really are bitches. When a White steps up, they suddenly think everything's cool, and we're just "nigging".

Coontact Tale #309(July 9, 2005)

I remember once when i was in school a group of niggers came up to me and my friends acting real tough because we were playing football on the field they wanted to anyhow one started pushing me so i cracked him in the jaw he went down then i kicked one of his friends in the shin with my steel capped boot the rest just ran off, to get the teachers i got suspended it didn't matter that they started it either all they had to do was bring race into it.

Coontact Tale #310(July 9, 2005)

i've been in more fights with niggers than anyone. i've found that you needn't do much and they crumble. i hit one in the stomach after he came at me and it wasn't really that hard.....but he dropped like a sack of potatoes.....some white girl started crying because i hurt him.

Coontact Tale #311(July 9, 2005)

It seems negroes always have attitudes and are always trying to intimidate people and for the most part I usually let it slide (most of them are not smart enough to teach tricks, like when their ass is kicked use a lot more caution next time) but every now and then I'll admit to getting quite violent.

I also caution anyone who gets into a confrontation with a negroid due to their tendency to commit crimes as a group. This came home to me when I was 17 during Christmas vacation period as I was walking out of an arcade about 1 am (my parents were lenient on my payday allowing me to stay out since there was no school the next day), when I got to my car I could sense movement behind with someone about a foot taller monkey babbling "give me yo mon cuz".

In high school I lifted weights twice a day (even had a class for this), played football (defensive end, I was 5'8" and 205 very stocky), and thru out childhood took the various martial arts/wrestling where ever we moved (my father was military) so as I turned around thinking "the nerve of this punk..." I was stunned and scared at what I saw (I always viewed myself as a predator if I wanted to be and not as prey of someone's choosing), about 6'7", 300 lb+, muscular, and wearing a cut-off Raider's coat shit-skinned ape looking very pissed with grinning White-teeth demanding my money.

I'll admit I thought I was going to get hurt badly or killed on this encounter because I only carried a fixed amount to the arcade and when spent I leave. Knowing I didn't have any money but knowing I had a fist pack (literally a grooved bronze bar) that was attached to my keys, I said in a scared voice to the groid "I'll need to get into my car to get it". What a stupid and cocky primate as he wasn't worried the least bit about this and told me "ok then git it". Turning my back and making it look that I was eager to get into my car (this felt like an eternity as I expected to be jumped), reaching in my coat pocket slowly, I wrapped my fingers tightly along some of the grooves so it wouldn't slip on repeated strikes, and started to pull it out real slow. At this time the warrior blood of my ancestors started awakening as I felt this chilling tingle move thru me and rage, how dare he pick me as his victim. I made the decision I'm going to fight fuck the consequences.

As soon as my hand cleared my pocket, I spun, positioned my feet firmly, and swung aiming for his nose as I had every intention to smash it in and hopefully give myself a chance if it breaks and he bleeds. As I swung at him my plant foot (left, I'm right-handed) slipped on the patch of ice that a fraction of second felt firm bringing my right hook down low due to the sudden loss of balance. Instead of hitting his nose, my fist smashed hard into his throat.

It's like time froze for a half a second, as this ape started moving his hands to his throat trying to breathe and myself recovering from the slip. I was enraged and to this day I don't know what I said but I kept hitting this walking then crawling punching bag for a good 15-20 seconds (I had him on the ground pounding the crap out of him) until he was unconscious. I was so pissed I started to drag him to the curb as I was going to run over his knee-caps, this is when reality sit in, around the corner of the building I heard few voices monkeying "you got the mon", "did he give it up", etc.

I went to my car immediately and took off with two of them trying to open my door (I always kept my doors locked and when I entered I locked the door immediately) and another two or three trying to pick up their friend (hard to see that part in the dark from a distance).

To this day I know I was very lucky to survive this encounter on so many levels, I assume the groid's friends thought it was me that was getting punked when it was their friend. The funny part is this isn't the end of the story though...

The following week I went shopping with my girlfriend at the time, at the local mall and luck would have it so did the cut-off Raider's jacket wearing walking felon, he was wearing a neck-brace, his face was still swollen, and now there was blood stains on the jacket. We locked eyes for a short moment and I could see fear in his eyes as I marvelled at the sheer size of the person in better lighting (thank God it was dark that night of the fight, he was much scarier with good lighting). Though nothing was said he could tell I learned something from that encounter, this time I carried a knife and we wouldn't have a third fight if we fought that day.

Though I didn't awaken completely from this experience at that time in my life, I became much more weary and conscious of TNB.

Coontact Tale #312(July 13, 2005)

I learned everything I need to know about niggers in college.

My junior year I was stuck in the dorms and didn't select my own roommate, big mistake. When doing the paperwork while moving in, it looked like my roommate had a chinese name, I thought, well this will be an interesting cultural experience. But when I got up to the room, there were posters of basketball players put up.. I'm not sure what happened to the Chinese guy, but I was in for a cultural experience of a different kind, yep, my roommate was a nigger!

Now at first, this didn't bother me too much, I had a couple of black friends from working summer jobs and they seemed ok, and so did this one at first, he was from a middle class family and dressed nicely etc. But soon, the trouble started.

First of all, he stank!! I don't know if this is normal for all niggers but the smell at times was unbearable. This was a small dorm room, saturated with nigger stench.

He'd come home at all hours of the night and watch TV (this was my TV). He'd call up his friends and talk, at 2 or 3 in the morning, didn't matter if I was trying to sleep. One time he called up some girl, trying to get her to have sex with him. The idea was that she'd come up to the room and have sex right there, he insisted that I was asleep and wouldn't even notice. He tried every ruse in the book to try and get her up there, after an hour of running through all of them, he started over back at the beginning for another hour. Usually in white culture, there is some kind of flirting, romance, or seduction involved in sex. But, I guess for niggers, getting laid is all about peer pressure and trying to lower the girl's self esteem, I guess that's why they have so many teen pregancies.

His friends would also just barge right in to the room at all times of the night without knocking, whether he was home or not. I had to make sure and lock the door, and slept with a knife under the mattress.

I even complained to the residence hall coordinator several times about all this stuff, the RHC was openly gay, so of course he had a soft spot for jungle bunnies and other "downtrodden" peoples, and wrote this all off to a big cultural misunderstanding, and I'd have to learn to get along.

If the nigger said anything about me to his friends, he called me "cracker". Now, imagine what sort of trouble I'd get in if I called him a "nigger" and he reported me to the RHC, I'd get reprimanded for sure. But, niggers are allowed to get away with this sort of thing, you don't want to damage their self esteem.

First time I went home for break, the TV went home with my and stayed there. Boy, was that nigger pissed that there was no more TV!

Like all niggers, he also didn't mind stealing. He ordered a bunch of clothes from J Crew, the package showed up via UPS, and then I overheard him talking to them on the phone, insisting that the package had never arrived and he wasn't going to pay for it! Later when he wasn't there, someone from UPS called up, I told him the package was right there in the room and read them the tracking number. I'm not sure if this helped or not, maybe they finally realized they were dealing with a nigger and wrote off their losses.

Finally, my ordeal was over by the next semester, he moved into a diferent room with one of his friends. Later on he was arrested for credit card theft. Turns out he and another friend, the VICE PRESIDENT of the campus nigger group (the Legion of Black Collegians), both worked in the dorm mail room and stole credit cards out of the mail, then used them to buy clothes at the mall. Any white person who tried this would probably get kicked out of college, but since they were niggers, I'm sure they only got a slap on the wrist, so they could continue going to college on their "affirmative action" scholarships at the taxpayer's expense.

This is symbolic of niggers as a whole, their leaders are all philanderers (Jesse Jackson, MLK), corrupt (Mugabe) or outright insane (Farrakhan), and they will never better themselves with these sorts of "leaders" to look up to.

A few more college nigger anecdotes:

There was a black fraternity, but they didn't have their own frat house (last time they had one it got burned down). To join their frat, the members not only were hazed by being beaten to within an inch of their life, but they were also BRANDED. You can take a nigger out of the jungle, but...

As a freshman, a group of us had a black friend (who was black but acted otherwise white and civilized). As we were returning to the dorm late one night, some nigger football player didn't like to see a black guy hanging out with white friends, and pulled a knife on us!! We called the cops who came and found the guy and arrested him. But, the police report was filed by our black friend, who got threatened by the other niggers not to prosecute, so the case was dropped.

At one time I was on the committee that brought different speakers to campus. The campus nigger group came to us and wanted money to bring Stokely Carmichael, the Black Panther to come speak. We voted and I was the only one that voted against it, my reasoning being that we shouldn't spend so much money on a speaker that only benefits a small percentage of the campus population, or at least get someone that they could look up to instead of some criminal. So we ended up giving them the money, he came to speak, it was a travesty, nothing but a long, racist, rambling rant, I think he was probably high on some kind of drugs during the whole thing.

The campus nigger group insisted on having their own homecoming. There was no special homecoming for Chinese, Indian, South American groups, I have no idea why the niggers thought they should get their own.

A friend of mine from high school, always commented on how racist his grandfather was. We grew up in a small, all white town so my friend had no experience with niggers. This all changed when he went to college, and ended up in the all-nigger dormitory, he and his roommate being the only whites in the building! The niggers would blast their ghetto music and run up and down the halls screaming all night, every night. There were a few African foreign exchange students at his college who were quiet and polite, and they were scared to death of the American niggers! Anyway, all it took was one semester and he graduated from Nigger 101 as well. I don't think of it as becoming "racist" but just being realistic, you learn from experience and figure out what to expect from niggers.

Coontact Tale #313(July 13, 2005)

This happened about a month ago... TNB. I work at a MAJOR department store in the lingerie/ bra department. About half way through my shift, in walks this huge sow with 2 extremely loud nigglet boys. She waddles up to the counter and says she ordered a bra from the catalog because they didnt carry her size in the store (no wonder it was a 54 H, what a fat cow!!) She said she didnt think it fit her and she wanted me to go in the dressing room and LOOK at her naked ass wearing it to see what i thought!!!!!

Well i was nice and said i would, so she changed and i went into the fitting room. The niglets were screaming and yelling the whole time saying "We wants money for popeyes chicken!! Theres a popeyes chicken in this mall!!" No joke!! Other people were looking and shaking their head.

Well i went into the fitting room and the sight could have blinded me!! The woman was so obese that no bra on earth would have fit her correctly. She actually had dark black scabs or calluses or something nasty between the back rolls.. i thought i would be sick!! I told her i thought the bra looked ok and got the hell out of there quick!! Amazingly, the bitch still returned it!! If she didnt want my opinion, why did she bother asking? To take up my time i guess!! I guess theres no pleasing niggers....

Coontact Tale #314(July 15, 2005)

I'm out of Green Tea and I know I should drive the extra 10 minutes to a white supermarket but I've been awake for 20 hours after working all night and just go to the Nigger Dixie (Winn-Dixie) instead. TNB and hilarity ensues as Massa Sickle Cell gets a lesson in nigger time management.

It's about noon and the parking lot is half full. I go in and am immediately confronted with niggerfuxation. Other than a poor looking old white lady in her 80's, I'm the only human in there.

Sitting at the bench near the shopping carts is some nigger buck, early 20's, all dressed up in his gangster gear with one of those shiny do-rags on his head. He's feeding a nigfant (infant niglet) a bottle of what looks like apple juice (so that the young savage gets a foot-up to diabetes and our white offspring can pay for her healthcare down the road). He gives me a "fuck you cracker" look which I exchange for a "fuck you savage coon" look and I move on to get my green tea.

After dodging multiple fat-assed nigger mammies who take up the entire aisle with their huge hottentot bubble asses and carts filled with WIC-Approved junk food, I grab three boxes of green tea and head to the check out. Time elapsed: 90 seconds.

There are only 3 lines open and of course none of them are express lines and there is at least 4 niggers waiting in each line. I do a quick scan to which ones seem to have the least items and take my place in line at register 3.

All checkout clerks are nigger females. The courtesy desk (what a misnomer) is staffed by a niggress and a nigger buck (the manager) with what looks like a 10-inch afro.

The nigger currently being checked out in my line is an old coon, about 65. I'm scanning the trash tabloids laughing at the bullshit put out for public consumption by our jewish masters:

"Lose 20 pounds in a week"

"Secrets of a lasting marriage"

"Brad (Pitt) talking marriage (with niggerlips Angelina Jolie)"

And other bullshit about how jewish starlets are losing too much weight..

The old buck scampers back through the line because apparently the "pork chops" are 2 for 1, the niggress checkout creature told him and he only has one. He quickly returns holding a bag of meat products, squeezing past me an the old niggress in front of me and exposing me to his putrid niggerstink. It was like a combination of gasoline, cheap cigars, shit and foot odor.

I notice the nigress checkout creature has blond hair, florescent purple press-on nails with glitter that are at least 2 inches long and has a tattoo of a tigers paw (like Clemson University) on her right niggertit.

Tiger-paw niggertit rings up the old coon's pork and various nigger items and then she looks at the receipt and says "You nebba gibs me yo Winn-Dissy card. The 2-fo-1 is only if you habs a Winn-Dissy card." The old coon is flustered with this new niggerstanding. The old niggress still in front of me offers her "Winn Dissy Card" but it's too late. Tiger Niggertit scans the card and prints off a receipt and tells the old buck to go up to the unCourtesy Desk and get them to refund the difference back to your card (the nigger buck paid for $10 of groceries on a credit card). Nigger takes his bags and walks away.

Tiger Niggertit gets on her intercom and says "LaShonda, pick ups yo red phone." She then picks up a phone and tells the nigress at the courtesy desk that old coon doesn't really have a card of his own - that old nigress let him borrow hers and to just refund him the $2 anyway.

Meanwhile it's been 10 minutes and the line hasn't moved. I'm bored with the jewish tabloids so I look around for alternative entertainment.

There is no less than 5 checkout nigresses working the line adjacent ( I guess it takes 2 to ring things up and 3 to bag). I hear them niggerbabbling about "5 fo 3" and "sebbin fo 5". The oldest niggress blurts out: "I told Miss Betsy to take downs those sebbin fo 5 signs yesterdays but it still beez up there." A fat niggermammy in that line is yelling to her niglet half-way across the store: "Gets two mo of doze. They be sebbin fo five!" This will of course hold up that line while the niglets try to find the shit the fat niggress is babbling about.

Back at my own line, Tiger Niggertit is ringing up the old niggress' generic items. When done, the old niggress of course has to pay by check and hasn't started writing the check at all before the checkout was complete. I've been in the store for 25 minutes now. While old niggress is writing out her check and register in niggerscrabble I noticed Tiger Niggertit look over to where gangsta nigger buck and nigfant are and wave and smile. How cute! Gangsta buck must be the baby-daddy and is performing in-store daycare services while mammy Tigerpawtit is earning the benjamins doing checkout at "Winn-Dissy." It's the fucking AmeriKwan dream.

Finally, old nigress is done. I think it will be my turn but lo and behold old nigger buck is back and he can't find his essential pork chops. "Where muh pork chops at?" he asks with some niggerspittle dripping from his toothless waddymelon hole. TigerNiggerTit tells him that he must've left them at the discourtesy desk, that he took them "wif" him when he left the register.

I'm stupified at this point. Fat, ugly, smelly retarded niggers everywhere and I just want my fucking green tea so I can go home and go to bed.

Ah the moment of truth. Niggertit rings up my tea without looking at me, hands me my receipt and I walk out in amazement of the utter nigger stupidity I have witnessed. 30 minutes to buy 3 boxes of green tea. If I had drove the extra 10 minutes each way I would've still saved 10 minutes and not had been exposed to TNB but that's what I get for being lazy.

No wonder "Winn-Dissy" is going bankrupt.

Coontact Tale #315(August 2, 2005)Your wish is my command Smiley I posted in a brief mention of this somewhere a while back but here's the whole story, such as it is. . . .

Let's see, hmm . . . Well, it was 1989 and I was in Cleveland.

I had my own business back then. I bought and sold rare books. I used to travel a lot and this trip, I was in Cleveland.

I am walking down the street minding my own business; I just walked from a bookstore and had purchased a couple of books. I was on my way to the next appointed place.

It was incredibly cold up there even though it was early in the year, so I had my small jacket pulled shut. I 'm strolling along freezing, when this skinny nigger cruises up. (One must take into account that I am quite the country boy and unacustomed to pathetic, derelict, nigger bums.) I am pretty nervous. He says: "Hey mane you gots a couple dollahs?" I said: "Nope".

Now at this point I become convinced that this sack of shit does not comprehend the English language, as he immediately asks again. Again, I affirm my first answer, that I do not. So, then he says: "C'mon mane just couple dollahs, you know yews gots it." So, I offer to write the nigger a check, sarcastically.

Next thing I know, the nigger is reaching around behind him and mouthing, at this point I put an end to all contact with a straight left hand to the chin. This nigger hit the sidewalk and had people walking around him. I immediately left the area, glancing back occasionally, and continued on my way to my next stop. I spent a very long time in there, just to be sure there were no police around.

Coontact Tale #316(August 6, 2005)

Nigger stole my shopping cart

So tonight I went to WinCo, which is a 24 hour grocery store. I know, bad idea to begin with, but where else can you go at 2 am? Normally at this time of night it's just white trash shopping there, which I can deal with.

I started shopping, had several items in my cart. Then, I needed something from down one of the aisles. Being nighttime, this is when they stock the shelves, so some aisles are blocked with boxes. I left my cart at the end of the aisle, walked down to the other end, when I came back the cart was gone!!

Since they were moving boxes around with the forklift I thought they might have moved it out of their way, no luck. I started looking for the cart to see if it had been moved or if someone was pushing it around. Then the thought hit me, I wonder if there are any niggers shopping here?

Sure enough, the single nigger in the store was in the checkout line with a single item, a case of Corona. I started looking around to see where you'd get Corona from. This led me back to the location exactly where the cart was stolen, and then noticed my items which were sitting up on the cases of beer.

By this time, the nigger was already headed out the door (despite having some sort of problem in the checkout line as all niggers always do). I got a new cart and replaced my items with new ones, untouched by nigger hands. Of course he was still out in the parking lot when I left, sitting in his niggermobile, probably drinking his ill-gotten beers, so I took down his license number in case I feel like giving someone some payback (probably should have waited and followed him, to call 911 and report a drunk driver).

The real kicker is, within a 20 foot radius of the scene of the crime, there were about 6 or 7 obviously unused carts (some stacked together etc). If he had bothered to take just a couple of steps in almost any direction he would have seen them. But, it was much easier to just take someone's cart because it happened to be right where he needed it.

No wonder they have those anti-nigger devices on shopping carts (to keep them from being taken out of the parking lot), because niggers will steal ANYTHING that's not nailed down, without any thoughts regarding what's right or wrong. I guess hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, surviving by taking anything they want that happens to be laying around the jungle, has not been bred out of them by modern society yet.

Coontact Tale #317(August 12, 2005)

This story comes from my sister in NY. She was eating in her dining hall when this big fat black woman walked by. When this black woman got to the table where all the football players sit she suddenly stopped and goes "UH! Sumtin' ain't settlin' right!" She turned around and put her big fat black ass up on the table and let out the loudest fart my sister said she had ever heard. The guys at the table (which was a mix of blacks and whites) just sat there too stunned to do anything. The black woman just simply walked away and left the dining hall.

Coontact Tale #318(August 12, 2005)

One of my friends works at a small local ski resort. My friend tells me that every year this group of black kids comes up from Washington D.C. However, this year the chaperones of the group demanded that none of the kids be given ski poles. When asked why, the chaperones explained that last year one of the kids stabbed a fellow student with a ski pole and he had to go to the hospital.

I really wish I could have been there to see all these little black kids trying to get around without ski poles.

Other local black people use the resort. My friend told me how one day he was working the lift and these black kids kept on going straight to the front of the line, cutting everyone else who was waiting. My friend caught on to what was going on and yelled at the kids to wait their turn in line. The kids went and got their parents who started screaming at my friend who wouldn't budge on his "no cut" policy. They started calling him a racist before finally giving up and walking away. However, as they walked away they yelled, "It's safe now! The black people are leaving!!!"

Coontact Tale #318(August 13, 2005)

Reading these stories reminds me of a summer day 2 years ago on Lexington Avenue with my dog. We were waiting to cross the road alongside a black guy wearing a very smart suit for work (or court?). Anyway he bends down to pet my dog, tells me how adorable she is, smiles at me, then looks straight ahead again. The dog goes to drink from this puddle in the road which has rainbow colors in it, which means gasoline so I say "don't drink that baby" and yank her away. The coon flicks his head round all startled and says "hey man did you jus' call me a nigger?" I think a lot of coons have this fucked up brain circuitry which translates anything they hear into something racist.

We've all seen niggers do this very thing and I believe it is a power thing. Being called nigger in public, being a victim, gives great power to the shitskins.

Playing the race card absolves niggers of personal responsibility in the way they conduct their lives. Whitey made me do it.

Coontact Tale #319(August 15, 2005)

Coontact Tale #317 reminded me of a story a friend of mine related to me a few years back. Perhaps my sense of humor is a little warped, but this is just about the funniest thing I've ever heard:

My friend was in a Mall one afternoon and decided to get two hot dogs for lunch. After eating the hot dogs he decided to head for the bookstore to buy a magazine; as he was walking he felt his stomach churning, and knew he was going to blast a fart just before entering the bookstore. Before cutting loose he turned to see if anyone was behind him to avoid any embarrassment. As the pressure mounted in his stomach he saw two fat nigresses with their brood of niglets about 15 feet behind him. Not able to hold it any longer he ripped a silent, but deadly fart into the air and ducked into the bookstore.

As the hoard of niggers walked into the noxious area that my friend had just exited he heard one of the sows exclaim - "YUMMM, somepen smell like popcone (popcorn)!"

And, the sow's nigress friend deadpanned- "Smell like shit to me!? If this wasn't funny enough he heard one of the little niglets scream- "Mammy I want some ah dat popcone!"..."Shut the fuk up Twaneeda!? Mammy said.

Coontact Tale #320(August 20, 2005)

I hope you can post this on the coontact site...

I work as a campus safety officer at an Ivy League university, located, as universities generally are, in a very politically correct town. As it stands, much of my work involves dealing with nigs who wander onto campus while following the multitude of girls who attend the school, so I have more than enough experience with the ghettofabulous attitude the niggers in town exude.

Anyway, slow night in the summer of 2005, and I decide to have dinner with some friends at a local bar/pizza place just off campus. It's about 6 pm, and my shift starts in two hours, so I'm relaxing. There are two clean-cut white kids at the table next to us, eating a mexican pizza (very good) and daring each other to eat the habanero peppers off the top. Sure enough, they end up washing it down with several shots of pepper vodka, gin, and tequila. So there I am, around 11 at night, picking up some caffeine at the local P&C, when I spot one of the two kids from the bar. He has a 12-pack of Honey Brown in his left hand, and a 12 of Yeungling in his right, both cold from the cooler. I eyeball him, and he grins back at me, so I figure he's not nervous enough to be underage and I let him by. A minute later a scrawny niggress steps in line behind him, and I stand behind her. And then it starts...

The nig is on her cellphone, "damn, sorry Marvin, I'm in line and sheet, but eez takin' so damn long! ...shore thing... bye, Marvin." At which point she shuts off her phone. Tapping her foot, she starts complaining, "why you takin' so long, woman? I got sheet to do and mah people to see. Damn, takin so loong."

The white boy with the beer looks over his shoulder at her, and she glares at him. "Damn, boy, why don't chyou take yo beer to tha express lane?" He stands on tiptoe to look over the display and replies, "uh, the express lane isn't open, that's why I'm in this line."

She steps right up to his back, and I switch my soda to my left hand in case they get physical, and she bawls at his ear, "sheet, I know that, white boy! What the fuck, you think you smarter than me? I been comin' to dis place since befoah you was bohn! Now you fuckin turn around and hurry up in dat line with yo beer, unnerstand?"

I'm just waiting for him to blow up at her, but he just takes a sniff of her, wrinkles his nose, and looks away. And then, without pause, he cranes his neck over his shoulder, grins toothily at her, and lets rip with the longest, wettest, foulest fart I've witnessed in years. Peppers and liquor exiting in gaseous form all at once.

I literally gag from the smell, and I'm still ten feet behind him. The niggress hoots, flaps her hands in front of her nose, and exclaims, "oooooo, damn, boy, what the fuuuck!"

And with that, she scoots into the other register line. I follow, because let's face it, that smelled like shit, but I'm smiling, white boy is snorting with laughter, and the two bagging employees who saw the whole thing are crying from laughing so hard.

And you know what? I caught a whiff of her as she swept out of line with her groceries. She smelled worse than the fart. I do not envy Marvin.


P.S.- I love half-drunk college kids when the niggers get uppity, because they don't give a hoot about being politically correct. So unless they're getting violent or destructive, I'll be more than happy to let them handle nigs on their own. Besides, it lets me laugh myself to sleep most nights.

Coontact Tale #321(August 21, 2005)

A small but typical example of nigga fuxation

Greetings all - haven't had much time to post here but I've been lurking. At times this niggerfuxation gets depressing.

Today, all I wanted to do was go to the auto parts store and restock on some supplies. Oil, solvents, cleaning stuff, etc..... The choices now are between the national chains and Walmart. The 2 Walmarts closes to me seem to have a policy of English as a second language. But that's another tale of woe.

Don't know where everyone else is but I suppose it doesn't matter. No doubt it's the same everywhere. All or most of the good auto parts stores around these parts have gone out of business driven away by Pepboys, Autozones, and the like. Sometimes you can get lucky and find what you're looking for. Other times, if you have to ask someone at the counter for help - forget it.

But I digress - back to the story. I grabbed the oil, some rags, some cleaners. Now I'm digging deeper and looking for some specific items burried somewhere on the shelves. The first few items I found within 30 seconds. Now I had to stop & think. That's when the pain and bad attitude started. It was then that I noticed that the background music was anything but in the background. It was that awful talentless nigger rappacoon crap. I guess the head nigger / store manager of the day was the shitskin with knotted hair trying to help some poor white guy find brake parts for a toyota. Nig could only say "I gots no idea what you beeze aksin fo". True, customers can be trying at times but this was just stupid.

By now I'm getting chest pains and the urge to get out as quickly as I could. Not because I was in danger, but I couldn't take any more of that brainless bass thumping log beating jungle music.

Enough is enough. I took what I had in my arms and headed for the register. 1 shitskin and one spicarican are chatting and showed no interest in checking me out. Finally after a good 3 or 4 minutes of standing there, some other border jumping gay looking wetback steps to the register and adds it all up. It came to $20.34. The only satisfaction I had was the knowledge that I wiped out his change drawer because I gave him 2 $20 bills even though I could have given him $21. I might have done that if it weren't for that moronic looking dumbass of a shitskin with the knotted rope hairdo and the nigger music.

It really started out as a good day. That trip to the store just screwed the rest of the day up. Well, at least I got enough 20W-50 to change the oil in the HD and ride somewhere whiter tomorrow. I've really had enough of this crap and no knowledge about how to escape it. I'd love to find a place where white people sell auto parts.


Coontact Tale #322(September 11, 2005)

Went and saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose tonight with some friends. It was a decent movie - but would have been far more enjoyable had there not been any niqqers. They kept talking, and talking, and talking. A few kept getting up and walking/running back and forth throughout the theater. This went on for all two hours. One niqqer even had two cell phones.

Upon leaving, there were shitloads of them just sitting in front of the building - some leaning up against a State Trooper car parked directly in front. I could hear a little English here and there, but it was mostly incomprehensible. Others were content with playing slowed-down rap music at the highest volume level their stereos were capable of producing.

This was one of the most enlightening experiences I've ever had.

Coontact Tale #323(September 11, 2005)

A few years back we had a family of niggers move in next to us in a house that went section 8.

I moaned right away to my wife that this was gonna be a bunch of bullshit.

And it was.

First clue was that they used shopping carts to move their shit in with. Then came their useless fucking kids. One was probably no older than 3---it walked around naked most of the time. Disgusting! Then came the mother. What a fat useless piece of shit! Of course every time it spoke, the whole neighborhood could hear it.

I told my wife that there's no way they would live there long; niggers don't have money for long periods of time.

Sure enough, after about 4 months of non-payment, they were evicted.


They stayed there! Not inside mind you. But they lived on the back porch!!!! Fucking useless stupid fucking niggers!!

After about 2 weeks of watching them camp out at night in sleeping bags, a neighbor finally busted on them.Wink, wink!

In a perfect world whites should be permitted to shoot and kill these useless, fucking non-evolving, ebonic speaking, non-working, welfare stealing, non-contributers to society!

God do I hate niggers!!!!!!!!

Coontact Tale #324(September 11, 2005)

I've been volunteering at the Astrodome all week.Never thought I'd say this but those "people" they saved are little more than pet apes


They are animals of the lowest form even lower than dogs and horses which are actually useful.

99% of them should have been left where they were until they rotted out.

They just wait for "the Man" to feed and clothe them. They have no apparent skills other than eating, defecating (feces and niglets), fighting over trivial shit and threatening to kill the people trying to help them.

One old fat negro woman was recently adopted into a white Christian family along with her 4 low IQ babies and the only thing the old fat negress could say was, "I'd never hurt or kill my new family, never".

Coontact Tale #325(September 12, 2005)

Went to the grocery yesterday, the TNB was EXQUISITE!

The cashier (about 18) was talking to another girl (also about 18) the whole time she was ringing me out.

Cashier: "Hab yo' seen Snoopy lately?"
Girl: "I talked to his babbymomma yestaday"
Cashier: "Tarisha?"
Girl: "Naw, das his otha babbymoma. Shawnique (sp?)."
Cashier: "I wants another baby"
Girl: "Me, too, but I's told my boyfriend we needs to be together fo' one year before we have one"

Our tax dollars at work

Coontact Tale #326(September 15, 2005)

Coontact Tale from ATL, GA

I live in a rural area about 75 miles south of Atlanta. Yeah, a daily 150 mile round trip sucks, but my closest neighbor is 3/8 of a mile away, and no niggers within 3 miles of my family makes it well worth the travel. Anyway, I pass through an affluent area off of I-85s called Peachtree City, 90% white, mostly airline execs, and I enjoy stopping at the BP gas station for fuel, soda and a snack for the rest of my trip home after work. I decide to run my car through the wash, one of those that you pull into and 1) large + 2) small brushes move back & forth, you know the type. There was a car ahead of me, so I get out and spray some brake dust remover on my two front wheels, it takes 30 seconds at most. The car ahead of me had just pulled out, so I stood up to get into my car just in time to see this Niggress in a $80k Mercedes pull in between the coin box and the front of my car with no room to spare. No one was behind me less than 1/2 min. earlier, so the shit skin, stink whore obviously pulled up straight from the pump and cut my white ass off. As the Afro Queen entered the wash code, vile verbal abuse flowed from me, and I work construction around nigs all day, so I know the lingo and can hurt some feelings with it too, being quite fiuent. ("I speak Jive.", June Cleaver in "Airplane" comes to mind) So, she laughs, says some thick lip shit with added bobblehead to make a point, I guess. So, I back up and pull my car along side of the wash, the wall has plexiglass starting at about 4 feet up. As the large wash brush was at her windshield, and the small side brushes were at her doors, I reach around the exit opening and throw the disconnect switch to the 'off' position. Now this whole time, the folks filling up their gas tanks are watching our little comedy play out, all white people by the way, all that I could hear was her car horn, lots of people laughing, and a couple of 'good ole boys' applauding my performance,or so I like to think. The cashier told me a couple of days later that the uppity Niggress was stuck in the car wash for about 15 min. blowing her pimpcar horn and yelling out her window for some help before he finally went out and switched the power back on. See, because none of the Caucaisian customers would! hahaha!

D.J. in Niglanta, GA

Coontact Tale #327(September 16, 2005)

in my neck of the woods we callem"O. T "s,(oxygen thief ) . this random act of niggerness happened 2 yrs. back on thanksgiving eve of all dates! i just cashed my check and was heading home on the highway when i see a 300lbs+ sheboon on the side of the road looking at a flat tire (in a vary heavy mist) me being dumb ass capt. save_a_hoe, i pull over to assist this behemoth(and her 2 nigglets ) while im changing this O. T.s tire i let it and the nigglets sit in my truck so they can use my cord cell phone (my boss is a cheap fucker) anyway i finish up and she says thankyou very much.she didnt offer any money and i didnt want it.(theres that capt.save_a_hoe shit again.well im almost home, and i look up at my visor and my just cashed check is GONE! can you believe this shit! thats it! nomore! hanging my fucking capt. save_a_hoe cape up for good! all of this ,thanks to a sheboon oxygen thief and her 2 nigglets.and my ever trusting nature.GOD NIGGERS SUCK!

Coontact Tale #328(September 18, 2005)

When I was living in St. Louis, I used to spend my Sunday mornings at a coffee house with the paper. Right next door was a Chinese buffet.

Pretty much like clockwork, when the clock struck noon...These huge fat nˇggers would waddle in, apparently having just gotten out of Sunday services and dressed in their church clothes.

In particular, I remember these three ENORMOUS nˇgger women dressed in these bright, gaudy dresses and elaborate sunday hats thundering over to the steamed snow crab legs and emptying the steam table of them.

They then waddled back to their table...There would be this flurry of cracking, dipping, slurping and finger-licking.

Then they would sit there...And wait for the diminutive chinese girl to bring in more snow crab legs. When the chinese girl emerged from the kitchen, said fat mammies would rise and menace the poor thing until she filled the steam table with more crab legs.

Then the mammies would take them all, go back to their table, crack/slurp/smack/lick and the whole thing would repeat over and over and over again.

Coontact Tale #329(September 20, 2005)

Here's a story for witnessed by my dad and mom.

At the state line between TX and LA, there is a HUGE, brand new rest area.

It's NICE.

Okay, here's the story. Last Friday, my dad, who works for TxDOT, answered a call for TxDOT employees to go help with the refugees at this rest stop.

So, after working ALL DAY Friday, he and three guys from his office left for the state line at I-20 and Waskom, TX. Working that evening was a state trooper, several sheriff's office deputies, Red Cross workers,TxDOT employees, and other local volunteers. These buses from New Orleans start pulling in. They let the people off to potty, eat, and rest. As they get off the bus, they are greeted and shown to the restrooms — where they pee all over the walls, floors, mirrors, etc. They did not even flush the toilets.

Left the restrooms in a HORRIBLE mess. The local Burger King resturant donated burgers and hotdogs and had people there cooking. Two niggers walk over to see what's being cooked and one says to the other, "Man, I don't want none of that shit." Other volunteers are handing out bottles of water. The niggers take them, drink two or three drinks from the bottles, and throw them on the ground. My dad and his coworkers spend their time picking up trash and taking it to the very large and OBVIOUSLY placed trash cans. (They ended up hauling off two HUGE truck loads of trash from these people). He said WASTEFUL wasn't the word. Other volunteers had brought in snack items, such as chips, crackers, gum, small candy, etc. There were ladies there making snack bags for the people and handing them out. These nasty, nasty niggers would take the bags, dig out what they wanted and throw the remainder on the ground. BRAND NEW FOOD ITEMS! Daddy said one deputy got so mad he yelled at them to "STOP WASTING THESE GOOD FOLKS MONEY BY THROWING THE FOOD AWAY. IF YOU DON'T WANT IT, THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS RETURN IT TO THESE NICE LADIES!" He was hot! Daddy worked pretty much all night. He and my mom said the niggers were HORRIBLE. Nasty, filthy mouthed, ungrateful. TxDOT had to pretty much scour the Rest Area and restrooms after they left. My dad went home and slept most of the day Saturday, got up sick and had to go back to bed. Remember, he'd been in the hospital not two weeks ago with chest pains (he's okay now, but still!). The man went to help these NASTY niggers after working ALL WEEK!!!

So, after hearing this, I could really care less about a lot of them. Idiots and human debris. I am more resolved now to send MY donations to the officers and firefighters. Forget these IDIOTS! They are fools and it's mean, but Texas does not need any more niggers! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to add one more thing.....

Why are all these fat niggers laying around on cots sleeping while white people are lining up by the thousands to SERVE THEM MEALS???

I am sorry but it's starting to piss me off that we're expected to serve these lazy assed niggers indefinately. Why the hell can't they line up themselves and help unload all these trucks and cars full of FREE stuff? Okay, let them have a day or two of rest but then put those niggers to work taking care of themselves. Why the hell should any of them want to get a job when they can lay around all day in free air conditioned stadiums where they don't have to spend a dime and they have TV, entertainment and education and great food? Houstonians are going nuts being nice to these people, free hamburgers, free admission to the Childrens' Museum and Museum of Natural Science, etc. Show your LA license and everything is free. Like I said, a short time is definately warranted after all they have been through but it's my opinion that the worst thing we can do for them is to allow them to do nothing.

One good thing about Katrina is people are finally waking up to the fact niggers are feral animals incapable of love, respect, remorse or empathy which are all human traits. Niggers are not human.

Here's another personal story about New Orleans and the breakdown of civilization once the city was left to the tender mercies of shitskins.

Don't be foolish and expect niggers to have compassion for anyone especially their own people.

Always remember niggers are shitskin animals as demonstrated by the New Orleans TNB.

Coontact Tale #330(September 26, 2005)

I worked as a cashier at a grocery store many moons ago. We all dreaded the first and fifteenth of each month, as that's when food stamps and welfare checks went out. The welfare queens always had 2-3 buggies overflowing with the choicest food that no working person could afford and were a pain to check out. One night, another cashier was at my station helping me check out and bag a large food stamp order. The register automatically separated food-stampable merchandise from non-food-stampable items. After the young nigress had surrendered her food stamps, I gave her the total she owed in cash. She was shocked by the amount and wanted to know what she had bought that wasn't food-stampable. I had to read the register receipt aloud to her while the bagboy picked through the rubble and pulled out the items. The nigress kept saying, "No, I can't put that back. I have to have it," for just about every item. Granted, they were necessities--detergent, tissue, hair grease, etc. When we got to a bottle of Cobra (malt liquor) and the bagger held it up, the nigress exclaimed, "No, I can't put that back. That's for the babysitter." Needless to say, all three of us whitefolk (me, 2nd cashier, bagger) all looked at each other in astonishment. The nig didn't even notice and ended up putting back some sort of necessity. This is the mind of a nigger for you. Pay the babysitter in liquor. Yeah, you'll be sure to get a real dependable person that way.

Coontact Tale #331(September 29, 2005)

I have a friend of mine that used to work for the corporate office of a retain chicken restaurant. Hahaha, I think all of you know where I am going with this.

He told me that they PURPOSELY built stores in nigger neighborhoods because their demographics showed that niggers would eat fried chicken seven days a week, whereas whites would only eat it once a week.

Anyway, one day he was in a store and this nigger walks in with a gun. He was attempting to rob the store, but he reeked of drugs and drunk from alcohol. This dumb nigger accidentally shot off his gun, which ricocheted and ended up hitting him in the leg. He was lying on the floor bleeding, and my friend asked the manager if we was going to help him.

You know what the manager said?

"Fuck him; let him bleed. We're busy anyway."

Customers were literally walking over this nigger while waiting in line.

Another time he was inside a restaurant, and the glass they put up temporarily was plexiglass or some other type with a lot of flex. He flipped this niglet off and so the niglet picked up a brick and threw it at the window. The brick bounced off the window and nailed the niglet.

Coontact Tale #332(October 1, 2005)

I think I've been infected, I need to be sanitized immediately! There was a meeting I had to go to in the union theatre today, so I'm sitting there for about 15 minutes, when NSP kicks in and I turn around and there is one of the fattest nigresses I've ever seen. I won't say mammy, because it wasn't old enough to be a mammy. So there's seats open all around the theatre, but where do you think this shitskinned eatbeast plops it's fat ass? That's right, the seat right next to me. As it lowers it's tremendous bulk into the oh-so-small seat, it's fat rolls flop onto my arm and side. As soon as I saw it beginning to sit down I immediately shoved myself hard to the right side of my seat to avoid coontact if at all possible, but no such luck. It's massive bulk took up it's seat and most of mine. It took me a few seconds to recover from the shock and absolute revulsion I was feeling, and I shook the nigger fat off of me faster than a nigger takes the meat off a fried chicken bone. I spent the remaining 45 minutes of the meeting perched on the extreme right corner of my seat, because I was trapped. There was nowhere to go on my right, and the nigresses' massive tonnage effectively blocked the aisle to my left. She didn't so much as say 'excuse me for slathering my stench-ridden niggerly flab all over you'. Just thinking about it now, it is taking a good bit of control to not vomit. I am very tempted to pour boiling water over my entire left side to remove these nigger germs, as well as light up a smoke to burn out the niggertoxins I inhaled.

Coontact Tale #333(October 1, 2005)

Subject: A funny Courtroom Tale & Other Tales of TNB

I had to go to court recently for a bullshit traffic ticket. Normally, I'd never argue one of these things, just pay my fine and be on my way, but of course, the cop that issued the ticked was, guess what, a nigger.

I showed up in court, in a suit, to be as respectful as possible as I could. I was shocked too see a line of 80 niggers around the courthouse wearing baggy pants, FUBU clothes and the like. I was thinking that they were there for tickets too - none were. There were mostly there to bail brother/sister/babydaddy/etc out of jail, or for a second appearance on some sort of charge that normal folk just don't experience.

Anyway, I knew I would be waiting for a while, so I brought a magazine with me. I had no idea that the TNB stories that these people were telling to the judge would be a million times more entertaining than Scientific American, so I laid the magazine on the bench next to me.

The stories I heard them tell the judge were HILARIOUS. One sow applied for something called accellerated rehabiliation, where you get off of your crime if you do what the court says, which in her case mean make resitiution to the TJ Max Company. Only problem was, she FORGED the letter from TJ MAX, got caught, and they hauled her off to jail on the spot. She was swearing like a truck driver when they put the cuffs on her, but it was HILARIOUS!

It gets better. I'm sitting on the bench in the courtroom, in there now about an hour and a half waiting for my 'case' to be called. (A violation, not misdemeanor or felony like most of the niggers). As I'm sitting there one additional nigger enters the courtroom an hour late for court and chooses a seat directly behind me. Now, I have NO IDEA what this guy was thinking, but two seconds after he sits down, he reaches over my bench and grabs MY COPY of Sci American. I whip my head around thinking 'WHAT THE F**K - THAT DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN IN A COURTROOM!

I turn to give the guy a look as in "excuse me sir, but I think you just took my magazine - " and what does he do, but give me that stupid nigger stare down thing that I have experienced twice before.

Now, I'm not intimiated easily, 6 years 82nd Airborne, so I just stared him back. Then the fucking STUPID nigger actually SAID something along the lines of "whadafukulookinat"

I listened to hear if my case was being called, and did not want to cause a scene in the courtroom, but would not and COULD not stand for this nigger bullshit. After all, can niggers read, much less read or comprehend a stolen copy of Scientific American?

I casually walked back to the baliff in the back of the courtroom and whispered to him my 'situation' (not really a situation - after all, it was just a magazine) He said he would take care of it.

A few moments later, the baliff called the stupid FUBU wearing nigger to come to the aisle, during which time he gave me a really dirty and menacing look. I did not hear the complete conversation between the baliff and the nigger, until the part about him sayin 'dat wuz mah fuckin magaizeen' -- which was REALLY funny - since it was a subscription and had MY name and address printed on it. What was even funnier, was when confronted with these facts the nigger LIED AGAIN.

I tried to tell the bailiff that I didn't want to make a big deal of this, I was just annoyed by the fact that this asshole took my magazine off the courtroom bench, while court was in session, and then the nigger tried to give me that stupid nigger mad dog look. Next thing I know, there are 6 cops in the court house surrounding this guy.

As it turns out, the asshole nigger was a perpetual troublemaker and everyone in the court knew him and were just ITCHING to bust him with something. The funniest part was that he was there because his girlfriend (is babymomma the right word) was arrested the night before.

They hauled him away in handcuffs, the baliff gave me my magazine back and THANKED me, saying, "they've been trying to nail that guy on something for a while." The REALLY funny part is that they asked me to file a report (actually INSISTED that I did, which I did) and later the guy applied for the same Accelerated Rehabiliation thing. All I asked was for him to pay me back for the magazine, which he said he would but never did.

I causally reported that back to the court, hence earning him an additional 30 days in jail on top of some other charges.

Be kind to niggers, cause they are awfully stupid. I have one other great story.

Coontact Tale #334(October 1, 2005)

I had a politically incorrect slip of the tongue once, which kind of worked out in a very funny way. I was a young man at the time, and really didn't know better when I was helping to move my employer into a new office.

As we moved in we encountered a problem with the new space - they had a large conference room with double doors (brand new) that didn't close properly. There were two guys that were helping on the job, both black, when the slip of my tongue occured.

For whatever reason, after moving the things into the new conference room we could not get the door to close right. That's when I said to one of the other white guys I was working with, "no big deal, we'll just nigger rig until it they can come in and fix it." Problem was, one of the niggers overheard it, and was upset by it.

Embarrassed by my gaffe, and having the niggers staring me down to correct myself, I very quickly changed my story and corrected myself saying instead that we were going to "JERRYRIG" it instead.

At the time I was easily intimated by the stare downs of ignorant niggers. That's when one of the niggers got in my face. "What-choo-meanz by 'JERRYRIG' boy?" he said.

Very quickly I explained to him that 'JERRYRIG' meant an quick repair that could be easily be done by a 13 year old retarded boy to hold us over until it could be fixed properly. The niggers relented, and we went about our moving business, leaving the nigger rigged door in place.

Fast forward 3 hours to the end of the day. The owner comes in and sees the duct tape job we did on the conference room door, and is wondering what the hell is going on.

One of the niggers, being a nigger as usual, takes credit for the job that I did, and quicky pipes up "oh dat, I wuz jus doin a JERRYRIG on dat till we can fix dat proper."

The boss, sort of scratched his head for a second, and turned to the nigger, and said "What do you mean by that -- 'JERRY RIGGED'?"

Quickly, the nigger, using his new found but stolen nigger wisdom, explained to the owner that JERRYRIG meant a repair that could be done easily by a retarded 13 year old boy.

What was really fucking hilarious, which of course I knew all along, was the fact that the owner had a young son, whos was in fact named JERRY, and who was in fact mentally retarded!

I laughed my ass off watching those two niggers get fired! The look on their faces was priceless!

Coontact Tale #335(October 4, 2005)

I work as a Security guard for a small university in Michigan USA. It was originally a well respected school that trained some of the finest public and private school teachers in the country. Unfortunately the nigs have flooded the school with their borderline retarded offspring and as a result It is actually very rare to see a white student here and when you do they generally are children of alumni who had no idea that the school had gotten so "dark." Needless to say TNB is common here.

The most recent example is when a nationally known nig comedian (who recently had his cable show canceled) performed a show here at the school arena. To say security is tight would be an understatement. The "performer" insisted that all the staff be ushered into the back security office with the door closed so we could not see him enter the building. The nig then insisted that all the lights in the arena and box suites be turned off so nothing but these gaudy purple lights shined on the stage. This made the arena very dark and made our job as security harder as about 2,700 niggers were now in the dark. The jerk-wad then made the audience wait 2 hours (in their seats) before he came on stage. When he did come on stage he was stoned off his ass! His jokes consisted entirely of the garbage Richard Prior used to do with a few modern drug references thrown in. Lastly the nigger made $175! ,000 for 2 hours of work. meanwhile i pulled a 8 hour shift to make sure none of the other coons tried smoke his ass and I get $7.00 an hour. Nothing is worse than a nigger with money.

Coontact Tale #336(October 7, 2005)

I work for a large American investment bank in London, and we have our fair share of bucks and jiggaboos, doing low level work like cleaning the toilets, and brain-dead pc support.

One jig that i work with has been promoted above her natural level, due no doubt to white liberal guilt about slaves etc. Anyhow, this morning, the jig is having problems with her new laptop. She's muttering, "Now de picture was dher, but its not be dher now" and I could see her rebooting her laptop. This happened a couple of times and I watched her. What was happening is that she had a laptop docking station, and a monitor attached, everytime she reboot her laptop, the laptop screen would flicker, and go blank. This was because she had a monitor attached to her laptop, and she had set her laptop up so that the screen would be transfered to the monitor. Hence the laptop screen went blank, and the monitor should have got the screen - but it was powered down.

Anyhow, she's still muttering in her gutteral african accent, and she asks me for help. I explain that I'm not a PC expert ( he he ) and she should call the helpdesk. This the jig does. Anyhow, a little later over stolls one of the desktop support bucks, and, after 10 minites rapping together, buck and jig get down to business. They are trying to sort this for 30 mins. Many, many comments like "Oh dere me, is dis dead?" and "I tink its ded", anyhow the the buck goes off to get a new laptop, and the jig comes over to me and says "Looks like de new lhaptop is ded, im go and get me a new won". I say I will take a look, I switch on the monitor, and press a function key - hey presto, the screen flickers to life, and I see that the background of the screen is set to the jig and her 21 month old nigglet.

I must admit I was torn between letting the jig spend all day trying to solve the problem, or doing it for her and showing her how dim the shitskins are.

Typically, no thanks. The same jig - i recall - borrowed some money off me, she still owes it.


Coontact Tale #337(October 12, 2005)

I was driving on River Road in Piscataway NJ when the car in front of me began to merge onto route 18. The driver panicked at the last second and slammed on his breaks causing me to hit his rear bumper. I get out of my car as does the nigger. First words out of his big fat lips where "What's yo problum." I said that I was sorry and inspected the vehicles to see if there was any damage. There was no damage to either of the vehicles. We both wanted to file a police report but neither of us had cell phones. So we had to flag down a cop. Finally one stopped for us. He told us to move our vehicles to a nearby parking lot so we wouldn't hold up traffic. Then I noticed the nigger starts bitching to the cop. I sat in my car quietly while my blood began to boil because I knew what was coming next. He had his fat nigger bitch wife claim personal injury and they took her off in a stretcher. This from a less than five mile an hour bump to his rearend. (Gee I don't suspect anything going on here.) I went to court and the niggs never showed up. The prosecutor could not reduce my points because it was a personal injury claim. Now I have points on my license just because some dumb nigger wanted a free trip to the hospital.

Coontact Tale #338(October 12, 2005)

Coontact tale, and liberating of thoughts.

Here's one recent coontact tale to add on to the rest, and some personal points of view.

Not too long ago, I broke up a friendship with this guy (he's white, he's not the 1) who was "my friend", and turns out he didnt consider me a friend. So I emailed him and totally owned him, and in it I also emailed what I REALLY thought of the rest of the guys who were also my "friends". In the email, I mentioned this nigger, but the ONLY thing I said about him was that he should put his balls in place, and shoud've taken responsibility for his actions/admitting something minor he did to my car (for no reason since I used to give him rides), instead of just stop talking to me and avoiding me.

So the next day, I come home, and this NIGGER has left a message on my HOME answering machine saying "To [me], OR WHOEVER gets this message (meaning he doesnt give a shit if my parents hear it, which they did), yo mayn, ah herd you waz tawkin shiiit mayn, chu gots anythin to say say it ta mah face bitch i'll whoop yo ass. Yeah now what bitch"

I just wanna say, how BIG of a LOWLIFE, GHETTO, or GHETTO WANNABE, SHITSKIN NIGGER do you have to be to leave messages on people's home answering machines, basically disrispecting EVERY member of that household? I didnt "talk shit" about this guy, I just gave him a suggestion of being a fucking MAN that he's supposed to be and taking responsibilities for his actions, instead of denying it when I know for a FACT that he did it. He probably didnt even know what I said about him, he just heard I said SOMETHING about him, and being a NIGGER, reacted in a TNB fashion. I guess asking a nigger to take responsibilities for his actions is TOO much to ask for.

I would also like to take advantage of already taking time to write this to say FUCK YOU NIGGER to all the fucking ghetto, wastes of life, pieces of shit outthere deteriorating the environment they live in. I should clarify, I believe there are black PEOPLE out there, and most of those black people are immigrants from Africa, which is the only thing I disagree with in this site, putting Africans a step below African-Americans. I mean, it's the African people out there (at least that's what i've Witnessed) taking advantage of the Affirmative Action, and such to better themselves in life, and to make the image of Africa, and Africans better. They pay attention in class, and arent (nearly as) loud and obnoxious as African Americans. Now, the African Americans...basically enough said. They swear at the teachers, skip class, prefer to go smoke weed and not do shit, prefer to join a gang, jack people's shit (i've WITNESSED it near school, in plain day light), smoke crack, sell drugs (SHITTY weed) rape, sexually molest females other than their own kind, etc. These are the people I refer to as NIGGERS. BITCH NIGGERS.

I'll tell you,though im not white, it boils my blood everytime I hear of a NIGGER who abused an innocent, delicate, white or latina flower. Fucking SMELLY ASS NIGGERS who the fuck do they think they are to touch/ rape the educated, mannered white/latina females? It's just enraging to think of the helplessness of these girls in the hands of these good for nothing pieces of shit that probably have STDs. I CANT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HOW MUCH I HATE NIGGERS!!! FUUUUUUUUCKKK YOUUUUUU NIGGGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!! FUCKING ROT IN HELL, OR I SHOULD SAY JAIL!!!!! YOU GHETTO, HUMANOID WASTES OF LIFE!!! GET A FUCKING EDUCATION, SO YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO THE HUMAN KIND!!! Just as much, do i hate Mexican niggers, who basically do the same as A-A niggers.

These niggers dont understand that it's their OWN behavior which keeps prejudism/racism alive.

What happened to people like Martin Luther fucking King, or chill black ppl that dressed nicely to go out to jazz clubs, etc? Part of why this nigger culture is kept alive, is because of those gangster/rapping niggers who glorify the nigger lifestyle, and since the blacks dont see other role models, they imitate these sell out niggers like 50 cent, and them niggers that talk about killin/stealin/drugs/being niggers.

I should also mention that you should make the statistics of like the nigger to white ratio of murderings/rapes, as to warn these people of what the facts are. I also recommend that if you're doing well economically, and have a good looking wife/girlfriend, you purchase a GUN, or at least a knife, to protect yourselves from this N I G G E R S.

YOUUUUUUUUU FUCKINNNNNNNNNNN DIRTY ASS, STD HAVING ASS, SKUNK-SMELLING LIKE ASS, NO JOB HAVING ASS, HENNESY DRINKIN ASS, CRACK SMOKIN ASS, ASS-CHEEK-SIZED LIPS HAVING ASS N I G G E R S. Fuck you all niggers basically, fucking hate you. Black people out there, keep fighting (studying, being civilized) for the reputation of your race.

Thank you for your time, you should really try and make the facts more public so people realize what the deal is with these "people", and have time to act accordingly.

Coontact Tale #339(October 12, 2005)

This story isn't long or anything. Just hilarious


I'm at this mall here in Toronto, Canada, and I'm sitting on a bench waiting for my mom to come out of this store. I see this fat black as tar woman with blue weave walking along carrying her small infant in her arms, all wrapped up in some blanket. Some other fat women are walking along with her too.

Anyway, they're just walking along, being loud and obnoxious, TBN. As they pass this one store playing loud R&B music, the fatass mammy with blue weave STOPS abruptly, and starts to screech "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GUUUUURRLLL, DIS BE MAH SOOWWNG"

The blue haired sow then proceeds to PUT HER BABY ON THE ASS DIRTY GROUND OF THE MALL, and starts DANCING! The baby can't even sit up, and falls over, the blanket falls off it's head, and it just lays there while the black mammy starts dancing, body jiggling like rotten jello. I think I was the only one watching, and I couldn't help dying of laughter. All the sow's friends were laughing too, and they must have thought I was laughing WITH them. Black mammy finally stops, picks up the baby, and goes along on her merry way.

Coontact Tale #340(October 12, 2005)

As told to me by my cousin:

"Apparently some niggers in Lubbock, Texas had developed a pattern of following a white guy into the restroom and as he pissed into the urinal, they would walk up behind him and slam his head into the wall just in front of him knocking him out, then mugging him.

It was a perfect crime for these coons as there was no chance to get a description, defend yourself, or even barely hear the foot steps of the overpriced coonwear on their feet as they approached. As one watched for any bystanders, the other one could knock a person out with a quick slam of the head to the wall, and there would be no chance to defend yourself as your hands are full of wood and normal straight guy behavior is to mind his own business when taking a squirt.

Witnesses had seen niggers exiting quickly just before a victim had been found knocked out bleeding on the bathroom floor with a concussion and many stitches needed.

So I'm at the mall in Lubbock, Texas with my wife and I have to take a piss so bad I'm geting a taste in the back of my mouth, so I saunter over to the public restrooms. I had seen the niggers chimping around dressed up like wanna be gangstas and all and had laughed openly at them. I also noticed two of chimps cruise into the bathroom after me by barely half a minute.

As I pulled Elvis out to let him drain, I used my other hand to draw my concealed custom made Kimber 45. semi auto with special hand loaded ammo that utilized recycled car battery lead formed into pellets inside a hollow point filled with ballistic gel, and a plus P load of powder that allowed the bullet to fly at just under three thousand feet per second and would cut a spook in half. (proof had been shown in testing this load on a wild hog that weighed almost 400lbs.; in half....)

I listened carefully and I heard the foot steps behind me quicken, without hesitation I turned around and pulled the large weapon to head level, and the nigger walked right into it. The muzzle of the barrel fit perfectly between his eyes and I spoke first, loudly and firmly. "listen nigger, if you don't start pissing in the next second, you're gonna start bleeding...." His lookout buddy made good use of his track shoes and hauled ass, leaving his buddy for me.

He starts monkeying about how he was just going to take a leak and that I was making a thing out of nothing, etc...About that time a police officer walks in and the young gorilla starts screaming about how I'm robbing him and threatening to kill him cause he's black and he didn't do anything, and so on.

The officer looks over at me and without even waiting, says "I don't think that Detective ###### would mug you at all, and he's never "threatened" to to kill someone, he just does it. The oficer started tossing bracelkets in the boy and could't stop laughing. He had pissed himself and couldn't believe that he was cuaght!!! The look on that spooks face was pricless when I pulled my detective's shield and shared that I was also the west Texas law enforcement marksmenship champion in addition to being a cop.

In court, he ratted fully on his three friends who were involved in the mugging ring with him in exchange for a reduced sentence and full admittance to the twenty plus robberies and muggings they had committed as well as ones we had no idea that they were connected to!

I still laugh outloud when he pissed himself that day in the bathroom with my custom made Kimber held between his eyes for those priceless few seconds....Typical niggers though, no loyalty to their friends or family.

Coontact Tale #341(October 12, 2005)

I'm a racist.

I won't chop logic about being a "racialist" or that I just happen to like my own race better.

I %[email protected]#$*@! hate niggers!

I live in a mixed neighborhood of Chicago. Mixed this way: About half white, a handful of various Asian types both far east and Indian, a few Mexicans and the like, and the rest niggers.

I don't really hate the Asians and Mexicans. Though I certainly prefer whites. We all kind of get along by staying out of each others' faces most of the time.

These are middle class folks.

But all hate niggers, middle class or no.

As I have already noted, even niggers hate niggers.

This is a story of niggers hating niggers.

It went like this.

I was in the supermarket doing my regular shopping.

Down the isle from me was a nigger couple. The very image of domestic bliss. A man, a woman, a baby in the baby seat of the shopping cart, a couple of preschool niglets riding in the cart with the groceries and one about ten or so walking alongside.

They were talking to each other, but I wasn't listening.

All of a sudden, the buck yelled "Bitch!" and slapped the cow.

God bless her she kicked him in the balls. And he started howling.

Store security ran over, niggers themselves. In the midst of the struggle with the buck, the real police showed up. I don't know who called them.

One of the three cops was a nigger, not that it matters.

The buck was taken away in cuffs.

Bet not all, if any, of those niglets were his.

Coontact Tale #342(October 15, 2005)

6 African American teens came up to me today at McDonalds.

I was filling my drinks and behind me I hear: "Hey skinny! Yo skinny!"

I turn around. "yo skinny man, youz got a couple dolla iz could borrow?" I was like nah sorry man I'm out. Which was true since all I had was my debit card. WTF? These morons have the audacity to call me names to my face and then ask to BORROW money which I will obviously never get back.

Then to top it off as I was driving away they came out and were YELLING "Yo skinny get yo ass back here you owe us a dollar!!" they are all hooting and holloring at my car like animals. what a bunch of loser uneducation morons. they all had the same damn long ass white t-shirt on too.

Coontact Tale #343(October 15, 2005)

First of all I drive an 18 wheeler. I was at the Gateway truck plaze in east st louis a few years ago, and i had just pulled ahead of the fuel island when a negro climbed on the side of my truck and started to ask me something. While he was speaking his jive I was putting the window up and I said "get off my truck." He said "put down yo winda i cant hea ya" I lauged at him, but the truck in gear and started to drive and he stayed on LOL and started jumping up and down like a little monkey. He said "STOP STOP STOP". I got it up to 20 and i said "ok when i stop this is your LAST chance to get off the truck" I slowed down to 5mph and he jumped off. Fucking little ape. I knew if i had put down my window i would have been owned.

Coontact Tale #344(October 15, 2005)

I'm taking a class with a bunch of folks of varied ages and races. Me, white middle aged male. It, teenaged negro.

We're sittin around and he's bippin and boppin and shit and askin me if I know the current urban slang, the undertone is that i'm obviously not hip. Meanwhile I was reworking his writing because he couldn't write in complete fucking sentences that made sence and I was rewording it so the person who had to read it to the camera would have something that made sense.

Fucking nigger. I should have turned around and asked him if he can calculate the internal rate of return for a capital investment, or create create a database model and write scripts to store, access, and manipulate that date - Only a handfull of people make money off exploiting the use of urban slang, whereas the skills I have will get me a high paying job anywhere in the world I go. So fucking nignog should shut the fuck up because he's only just an ignorant nigger.

But I didn't. And I would probably be able to kick his ass if he started something (he is a scrawny little basketball playin wanna be, I'm skilled in martial arts and weight lift) - however the political incorrectness and having to work with him for the next 10 weeks made me bite my tongue.

Coontact Tale #345(October 16, 2005)

This isn't a Coontact Tale but an eloquent statement of niggerfuxation I thought deserved a special place on the web.

Ten years ago I was a firm believer in racial equality. I lived in Chicago, in a White locality of good homes and handsome apartment buildings. When blacks began moving into the neighborhood I almost welcomed them. Willy-nilly, I watched integration happen before my very eyes.

Six months later, the nice buildings were wrecks, the Whites were gone, and the area was a social and physical shambles. Filth, garbage, drugs and crime were rampant. White skins were the target of vicious, blatant, organized black racism. When it became totally unsafe to live in the neighborhood because of roving trigger-happy gangs, I moved my family to another part of the city two miles distant.

Again, it was an excellent neighborhood, with handsome single-family homes in the $100,000 to $125,000 class, near the South Shore Country Club, dotted with luxury apartment buildings. There I lived through precisely the same experiences I had moved to escape. It was like seeing a movie for the second time. Once again the black tide came rolling in on waves of drugs and crime. Once again roving gangs of heroin addicts and vandals made the night hideous with catcalls, boom boxes, smashing glass and gunshots. I saw blacks copulating behind hedges, standing in doorways, in cars parked along the curb, totally indifferent to public decency. I saw people mugged and autos being stripped. I saw crimes that deserved shooting on the spot. I saw theft in grocery stores. I found piles of human feces in the foyer, without benefit of toilet paper, and our janitor informed us this was a common occurrence in Negro apartment buildings.

In our three-story apartment building, containing 120 apartments, it was a nightly occurrence to see men urinating from upper floor windows. Daylight would reveal the dripping, reeking stains down the building's walls. Bloody, screaming fights to the accompaniment of smashing glass and splintering furniture were regular events. Not once did I ever see blacks clean up their mess. Garbage disposal consisted of tenants dumping trash out of windows, breaking every glass bottle in sight, throwing old furniture into the gutter, stuffing rags into broken windows and casting plastic containers and old paper to the four winds.

So I moved again, this time three miles further south to another decent neighborhood. Again I endured the same scenario, line for line, cue for cue. I left Chicago finally with a profound racial prejudice. I came from a background of White poverty every bit as pervasive and humiliating as that of a black slum, but instead of turning to crime or welfare I went to work. I didn't go around whining with my hand outstretched for alms and charity. Even in the midst of grinding poverty my home and the homes of our White neighbors were clean. No filth, no drugs, no public immorality, no illegitimate children, and no physical danger to our persons or our property. We slept with unlocked doors and open windows.

Liberals mouth the myth that the black population is the victim, not the cause, of the deplorable condition of the inner cities. They are wrong. Wholly, completely, entirely, absolutely 100% WRONG. They do not know what they are talking about. If they were to undergo the experiences that I and every other White who has lived in a black neighborhood has had, they would not make this palpably ludicrous claim.

Blacks want handed to them on a silver platter what Whites have worked hard for generations to achieve. Blacks try to excuse their rioting, looting, burning and killing on the grounds that they are "oppressed" by the White establishment. They weep tears the size of golf balls because they have been "deprived of their self-esteem". They would cheerfully destroy this nation in a racial holocaust beyond imagining. All the White racism in the United States and throughout the world cannot equal the insane, hate-filled racism of blacks.

Intimate contact with blacks proves that there is an unbridgeable gulf between the two races. To perpetuate this lunatic idea of "equality" is to drive further into the heart of this nation the stake of racial conflict. Only when it is understood and accepted as a fact of life that there are fundamental physical and mental differences between blacks and Whites, with new legal, social, and economic policies based on this recognition---only then will there ever be any kind of tranquility. Present-day equalitarianism is a tocsin of doom for America. How anyone can deny this, after what has happened in recent times, is incredible. Yet the government and the media continue to encourage and perpetuate the status quo.

Coontact Tale #346(October 23, 2005)

Just saw Stay at the Cineplex in Chicago. After 15 minutes into the movie, a group of blacks walk in, talking and laughing, talking on cell phones, sitting first here and then there, then sitting near us, talking very loudly, putting their feet up on the chairs, making such a noise that no one could follow the movie. They continued to talk right on through the movie for 10 minutes while everyone was shooting them dirty looks. Finally my wife and I got up and moved to seats in the third row where we could watch in privacy.

Isn't it just basic common decency not to talk through a film in a theatre where every seat is taken and people are trying to watch?

Coontact Tale #347(October 23, 2005)

I went to see Godfather when it was first released, about 1972 or so (yeah, I'm old) and there were some Negro youth in the front rows whooping it up every time somebody got shot or beaten up in the movie.

Then came the conference of the Dons. The Don from Detroit (notorious for repeating the obvious) said about the drug trade, "We must only sell this to the dark people. They are just animals and have already lost their souls."

The noisy teens sat their in stunned silence for the rest of the movie.

Coontact Tale #348(October 23, 2005)

You guys should consider yourself lucky to live in a theater where you have a lot of Blacks shouting at the screen. I live in Whitebread San Diego and would love nothing more than to blaze one up and watch a shitty horror movie the way it was made to be seen, on a big screen with surround sound and a bunch of Black people shouting "Get the fuck up bitch! He is going to kill you!"

Coontact Tale #349(October 24, 2005)

A few years ago, a nigger came to my office, a travel agency.

He was a street sailor selling crappy African "art", you know, that ethnic shit like ebony elephants, masks and so on.

One of my employee was sitting, writing something, and the nigger came, and, speaking in the strict dialect of my city ( each city in Italy has its own dialect ), shoved under the employee's nose a small manufact, and said "c'mon dude, c'mon".

The nigger of course didn't say "good morning" or "hello". Nothing. He simply put that piece of stinking afreakan wood straight under the guy's nose.

The employee stood like a granite figure and didn't move a face muscle. He took the manufact and said "50 cents".

The nigger chimped out, and went like "what the fuck are you saying, brudda, fuck you", he savagely took the manufact off of the guy's hand and simply left, babbling curses in his own ape language. He was very offended by the poor offer his nigger art pieces had received. I think he found it uneducated - LOL

I remember we were quite suprised and in awe a nigger could talk that good in a dialectal Italian form. We went on and on for days. It was surprising, like watching a gorilla talk, you know...

The nigger was fat and dressed in Afreakan clothes. I still remember him quite well, despite the years gone by since then.

Coontact Tale #350(October 23, 2005)

I'm tired of the Niqqers in Toronto.

1 shooting Friday night
2 shooting Saturday night
1 shooting noon today
1 shooting 3pm today.

4 fatalities. All niqqers.

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