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The following stories are true involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. These stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

Coontact Tale #251(October 20, 2004)

I'm still pretty angry about this one. I took my little guy to a thrift shop this morning to get him out of the house a bit and look around. This particular thrift shop is primarily white especially early in the day. It started off really nice,everyone was speaking English and uttered the usual pardon me and thank you when they were trying to get past me. About 20 minutes before we were ready to leave,in walks a stinky spic family speaking their spicish as loud as they possibly could. They started their typical rude crap of pushing people,grabbing items practically out of other peoples hands that had the sale tag,and letting their little roaches run around unsupervised. I headed for the checkout after my tolerance had reached its limit and I had the wonderful luck of getting 2 people behind one of the wetback sows and her putrid smelling offspring. Her little roach started spitting at people and of course she did nothing. He started heading for my son and spit at him. It was all I could do not to smack the little turd right across his grime smeared face. I finally looked at his mother and said "if you're going to bring your pets to the store,at least keep them on a leash" then I turned to everyone who was looking and said "well I guess this is what happens to a country when no one stops the shit from flooding in". The wetbacks left in a hurry and nobody said a word about it. I'm still about at boiling point.

The flood of Mexicans into our country will be the big issue on the 2008 election.
Coontact Tale #252(October 21, 2004)

The manager moved me to a different register. I turned my light off and got out the cash till. A (black) man comes up asking "you still open?" I said "No sir, I'm moving down to register 4 if you'd like to go down there". He responded by calling me a "slacker". I called CS (customer service) and told them about it. They approached the man and he exploded. He said "why you gettin' up all on me? I didn't call no one a slacker!" Well, things got worse, and I heard down the line he threatened to blow the store up. Luckily, we got his license place #, and called the cops.

Coontact Tale #253(October 23, 2004)

From New Zealand I received this heart warming Tale of Coontact which just goes to show niggers are the same world over.

We've just got rid of a total pain in the ass Nigger working in our dept. Christ, talk about total brain dead stupidity.

This guy is a pure Black Zimbabwean refugee straight from the jungle, and thick as two planks put together. When you gave him instructions, you had to make sure you only gave one instruction at a time else he'd only hear the first, if he heard any at all. Last week I made the mistake of saying to him "Clean the waste plastic up, move up some more product, wait 5 minutes then start running that product through the machine". No problems, right?


15 minutes later we were wondering why nothing was happening, and upon checking found he'd cleaned up the waste plastic and was sweeping the floor, thinking we'd finished work for the day.

A few days ago I found that the other guys working with him were so pissed at him that they were screaming at him to do things before he'd take any notice. Often they had to run to do the job they'd asked him to do as well as their own job because he wouldn't take any notice of you.

Working around niggers has always been a problem but my good friend Tom Shelly provided his insight on the problem of "working with niggers.

This guy is a pure Black Zimbabwean refugee straight from the jungle, and thick as two planks put together. When you gave him instructions, you had to make sure you only gave one instruction at a time else he'd only hear the first, if he heard any at all."

You see, the problem here is in the people around the nigger, not in the nigger. The nigger is a sub human animal and needs to be considered and treated as such. You might as well have been giving complex instructions to a dog, let alone a nigger. You'll get the same results: inactivity and perplexed looks.

Try treating the nigger like the animal he is next time. Give him one task such as, "Clean up the floor!". And then hand him the mop and motion to the floor. Perhaps demonstrate directly what needs to be done. When he's completed his task, give him a KFC chicken piece as a reward. Repeat this process over and over and I guarantee you'll have the best little floor moper you can ever hope for (except for the fact that he will smell badly and have a habit oogling the White women around him).

But even under these ideal training conditions, niggers are limited by their racial handicap to learning only a few simple tasks so don't try to overload them. Mopping the floor, cleaning the shitter, and taking out the garbage are their basic limitations. But once in a while you're lucky enough to find a nigger capable of shinning shoes or even becoming a house never know. All this can be achieved for as little as a KFC meal each day for under $6. If the nigger is particularly 'good', throw in a bottle of ripple or a 40 ouncer every now and then and you'll have a nigger ready to jump off the cliff for you.

Just remember, as ludicrous and humorous as this sounds, try it. You'll be surprised at the overwhelming results you'll get from this. You'll turn your niggers around from affirmative action worthless hires to fill a government quota to decent nigger slaves within a couple weeks or so. The cotton farmers of the Confederate South used these techniques just a hundred and fifty years ago and they still hold true today, especially when dealing with a species that hasn't advanced in over 6,000 years: niggers.

The biggest mistake modern Whites make is treating and interacting with niggers as if they are human.

See what I mean? Is Tom good or what?

Coontact Tale #254(October 24, 2004)

I used to be able to escape TNB by going to the library. Not so anymore. I had 3 coontacts in only a few minutes.

The first she-boon I meet is cleaning the glass in the main doorways. She's blocking both the entrance and exit. I could see people lined up inside and out waiting to get around her hundred acre ass. People were trying to excuse themselves and this bitch would bump her massive ass into them knocking them aside.

Finally, a white man just went right in knocking the cleaning coon aside. Everyone rushed to get in after him. She chimped out screaming about her job, authority, and civil rights. I started laughing under my breath and soon everyone (all white) started laughing, too. I don't know if the she-boon was smart enough to gather we were laughing about her.

Next, I heard a nigger buck whining to a white woman behind the reference desk. See, this library never had niggers until they put in computers. Now the niggers come in to learn how to make meth or crack and get child porn. The library has filters in place to discourage this and that's when the fun begins.

The librarian told KKKoontah KKKinte that he couldn't access porn sites with the library's computers. This guy argues that he's wanting pictures to help explain sex to his 12 year old son! God, niggers earn the name every day. The reference librarian holds her ground.

The nignog chimps out and starts yelling about his rights to view porn, and on and on. Their was a cop in there that stood by and did nothing while the librarian was threatened and assaulted. Eventually the baboon shut up and left.

Finally, I came across a she-boon blocking an aisle of shelves with her hundred acre ass. She was sitting in the floor just yanking books off the shelves. She was drooling. The ironic part was that she'd sat her fat ass in a section holding execise books. Hah! I couldn't get around her and asked if she could move long enough for me to get a book. She went berserk. She apparently had more rights than the average nigger turd.

When she'd done yelling, I told her just to go ahead and stay on her fat ass. It might kill her to try to move it. Here comes another wave. I just walk off giggling. The she-boon keeps yelling like I'm still there and give a rat's ass. If niggers could get red-faced, she would have been.

And, that was my day at the library. No wonder no one wants to support it anymore. What a shame. I'm afraid it's going to be niggerfuxated in a few years.

Two odd nigger beliefs are:

1) If you shout bullshit loud enough, it becomes true.

2) If you repeat bullshit often enough, it becomes true.

Neither of the above has ever worked for a nigger, but they all still cling to the above tenets as divine truth.

Niggers earn the name every day!

Coontact Tale #255(October 24, 2004)

This tale starts with my brother and his nigger co-worker going to work. The Nigger buck who is named "Herman" did not have a car, so my brother offered to drive him to work since it was on his way. I too needed a ride to my sister's place since I was below age at the time and did not have a liscense.

So we get to his house, well it is not even his house, it is his grand mother's delapidated shack in the poor side of town. My brother honks the horn a few times and no one comes so he goes up and knocks on the door, some old nigger lady comes out and he tells her he is here to pick up Herman. He comes back to the car and after about 10 minutes of waiting he finally waddles his nigger ass on over here and gets in. As soon as he got in the car smelled like shit and cheap cologne. We finally take off and as we are driving Herman spouts some niggerbabble about wanting to drive by his "baby mamma houze" to give his nigglet some medicine, so my brother wanting to avoid a scene says ok *it was on the way anyways*.

We get there and he goes inside for what seems like 20 minutes or so and comes back and gets in the car and we take off, everything seemed normal so we continue on our route and I get dropped off. Later that day my brother tells me the cops came to his workplace and arrested Herman for beating his "baby mama" and to top that off he had alot of painkillers in his pocket, I think he stole them or something and he got charged for that as well.

Stupid Niggers, Atleast the world is without 1 Nigger for a while.


Coontact Tale #256(October 27, 2004)

I had to get up in the movies last night and tell some niqqers to shut up

Couldnt take it anymore. A few males were 5 minutes late, and came rumbling into the theater. Then started to laugh and look for seats. One of them kept yelling "Fo some mo popcown" Finally I stood up and said "SHUT THE FUCK UP! NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SHIT"

I gave them a good stare down too but it was hard to see them in the darkened theater. They got the point. Not another peep the whole show.

Coontact Tale #257(October 28, 2004)

Well you know how telemarketers call and as soon as you answer they babble nonstop hoping you won't hang up on their asses? Well this one was an ebonics-talking niggress. LOL. Had to listen close for any words that weren't nigger babble.

Well after about two minutes of pure niggerbabble (during which I only got a hint of a few words - "insurance" and "protect your famileeeee") the nigger bitch finally stopped to catch her breath. The rest of the conversation when something like this:

WBP: Are you speaking English?

Nigger whore: Yes I be speaking inglish!

WBP: Well I didn't understand a single word you said.

Nigger whore: You din't understand nothin ah said?

WBP: Not a word.

Nigger whore: (moment of silence). YOU MEEN, YOU LET ME GO ON and ON and DIN'T SAY NOTHING?

WBP: Well, just because your skin color got you that job doesn't mean you can talk to me like a nigger.



Coontact Tale #258(October 29, 2004)

Just Saw The Funniest Black Outburst

I was just at the local pizza place, picking up a few slices of NY style...

As I walk in, I see a black baby sitting in a baby stroller, outside the front door. WTF is up with leaving your kid outside?

Anyway, as I approach the counter, I see this fat black woman and her two kids (approx 5 years old) placing their order. As expected, she orders the pepperoni-stuffed calzones.

After she pays...which takes her forever... she sks the guy how much a glass of ice water costs. He hands her one and says "no charge." She says "gimme two more."

She hands the kids two of the water cups, and the kids head straight to the drink machine. They proceed to fill the water cups up with Sprite.

On the way to their table, one of the kids drops his Sprite all over the floor. He store owner walks up and sees the "water" bubbling with carbonation on the tile floor. He looks at the black woman's water cup, and sees that she's filled it with Coke.

He asks her to pay for the three sodas. She starts going OFF. "I axed for soda cups!! I though you charged me for them!!!!"

She grabs the kids and storms out of the place. I was standing there watching it happen, I was thinking about all the FC posts I've ever read about black outbursts...and how true they are.

The little kids are taught from an early age that it's good to fuck over whitey. Get the water cup and fill it with Sprite.

Black skin is nature's warning color to STAY AWAY!

Everybody can see the truth in what you have to say, we've all seen it, but it but to "stereotype" is to be racist. Nobody wants to be labeled a racist and some will go so far as to claim TNB doesn't exist!

Coontact Tale #259(October 29, 2004)

Several years ago my brother and I were leaving a night club and just happened to interrupt a Negro who was getting ready to strike his white girlfriend with a brick he was holding. My brother snatched the brick out of his hand while I wrestled him to the ground. The next thing I know this white pig is screaming at us to leave him alone and to quit picking on him. So I let the "youf" up and sure enough the skank runs over to him and tries to hug and kiss with him but he won't have any of it and shoves her away. My brother just stood there with his chin almost on the ground while I picked up the brick, walked over to the Negro, handed it to him and said "Here, you might need this later." We then got in my car and drove off. I would be willing to bet that Negro beat her senseless later that night and many other nights after that. Hell he may have even eventually killed her, but I have never felt sorry for her or regretted handing that savage back his brick.

Coontact Tale #260(October 31, 2004)

Three black kids just showed up at my door Trick or Treating!

1. It's noon.
2. They weren't wearing costumes.
3. They all looked about 14 y/o.

What the fuck are they thinking?

I told them they needed to have costumes, then I asked them where their parents were. They said "nevermind" and sauntered off.

We give out whole candy bars (bulk from Price Club) every year...We don't skimp. The neigborhood kids love it.

Didn't recognize these kids, though.

And youre suprised because????

Coontact Tale #261(October 31, 2004)

Last year we went bike riding in costume...Bought a ton of fun-sized Skickers and put them in a plastic pumkin bucket attached to my bike.

We rode all over town, and I would stop when I saw kids and tell them to grab some candy. The white kids were very polite, and only took one piece of candy apeice...And they always said thank-you.

Then someone had the brilliant idea of riding twards the poorer area. I stopped even bothering to offer candy to the black kids because they swarmed the bucket like piranah and took handful after handful.

Never again.

Coontact Tale #262(October 31, 2004)

When we were living in a Baltimore suburb, my son came home from a neighborhood halloween party crying that an older black kid had punched him in the stomach and taken his candy and mask.

This black family had moved in about a block down and their kid was constantly causing trouble.

So I called the cops and met them over at the black family's house. The black kid denied everything even though he was wearing the mask when we got there. He claimed my son had "given" it to him.

When I told the father I planned to pursue assault charges, he got pissed off and called me a racist.

My son never got an apology, but he did get to see the black kid carted off to juvenile hall.

Coontact Tale #263(October 31, 2004)

we only had one black family in our neighborhood when I was growing up. they had one kid, a boy who was a year or two younger than I was.

never really heard much from them, actually didn't even know they lived 2 blocks down.

then I was driving home one day and there were little circles all over the street written in chalk or spraypaint (can't remember). they were numbered. you could follow them down the street.

they went along for about 6 blocks. down the street and around a corner. then at the end there was a big marked area with a number on it.

I went home and was like "what the heck was that"

Found out that the father had tried to run over the son with their car, a cadillac with the licence plate "muhcar". He didn't hit the son but he hit the mother who was trying to protect the son or something.

She got stuck under the car and the father drove down the street, leaving sanded off body pieces all over the road. at the end, he drove into a driveway, backed up and left her body there

I guess the kid was from the projects and maybe adopted and when the killing became public, the neighbors said they were always trouble and that the father and son "played gladiator" where one had a knife and the other a garbage can lid when there was a problem.

I brought my friends over to look at all the circles and "look for parts". While we were looking for parts, the black kid drove buy in a car and yelled at us.

Never really heard from them again. That was the only black family I knew of in my neighborhood.

Coontact Tale #264(November 5, 2004)

I was leaving the campus of the college I'm going to this morning....orgmuter college in a large Amercian city in the Midwest.

I crossed the side street, and saw two young black females walking toward me. They filled the entire sidewalk, that is, no romm to walk past them unless I completely stepped off the sidewalk.

I knew that the bitch closest to me was NOT going to shift to the side and let me pass by, so right before we "met" I came to a complete stop. The colored bitch closest to me did not take the hint, and instead kept walking and her left upper arm was pushed to the side by my left upper arm. SHe acted like she didn't even see me.

TNB, dudes. TNB. No respect for anyone. Like wild animals that can not be taught how to behave like normal human beings.

The sheboon is a dangerous creature. You are very lucky to be alive after your coontact.

Coontact Tale #265(November 21, 2004)


I have spent the last three days laughing my ass off at what I consider a genuine contribution to American folklore. It also made me homesick in a strange way since I am a native of Oakland, a proud graduate of Tech High, and later UC Berkeley, thus I have had my share of coontacts. I no longer live in the Bay Area, having decamped for Latin America in 1995, but reading your site has made me feel like I was back on those mean streets.

I request the privilege of contributing the following coontact to Niggermania, but before that, a warmup from my late father. Years ago, while watching the legendary Amos'N'Andy show of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, the old man turned to me with that look he had when he was about to vacate logic and said, "Those two white men are better at being niggers than real niggers are." I trace my expertise in niggers from a lifetime of wrestling with the meaning of that declaration, the only nigger koan on record.

Now to the story.

In the early seventies I worked an an estimatjor for the Claremont Ornamental Ironworks in Oakland. The shop was owned and operated by an Italian craftsman who knew how to design the most elaborate and elegant work imaginable, ornate doors, windows, and similar objects.

One would think that the business served the Carriage Trade, but Oakland being Oakland, instead the Black Aristocracy was our principal source of clients. The drug dealers in West and East Oakland needed their houses fortified against rivals, so they had us hopping.

One job I will never forget involved one of the Moore brothers, then the two most dangerous niggers in East Oakland. They lived out near the San Leandro line off East 14th right in niggerdom. I arrived at a modest residence and started to measure windows and doors. Since this Moore had a Dobermann, one of the bedrooms was its toilet. The floor was completely covered with dogshit, which I pretended not to notice. His woman was missing the middle four or five upper and lower teeth. Knowing niggers, I figured he had knocked them out to facilitate a smoother, more natural access for his daily blowjob.

I estimated the job at two grand, doubled him back to four, and told him I needed a deposit of of half the four thousand. He scrawled a signature on the proposal, pulled out the usual wad of one hundred dollar bills, and counted out "twenty of the muthahfuckahs."

We must have fortified every drug dealers' house in the East Bay, all for cash and all for a double markup. Only one job ever backfired. An elaborate iron door, which essentially replaced the traditional screen door, had to be remanufactured when it was totally removed and stolen by the expedient of removing the entire door frame, breaking and entering to steal a stash of drugs.

The irate dealer called us and after a sackful of muthahfuckahs, I agreed to redo the work at half the price, which would be our normal quote. For additional security, I told him that I would extend bars from the new door around the frame and into the house and then bolt the whole motherfucker from inside at no additional charge. He said, "Says which?" I repeated it and added a couple of more motherfuckers to raise his comprehension level. It worked and he finally understood.

We never had any trouble with those dealers, in fact, we were looked upon as a type of asset. I did get a call one day from the IRS on one of them. The Fed was calling around to see who had installed a major job of Ornamental ironwork on a house in Piedmont.I told the agent that I would go look and call him back. I had no recollection of a job in Piedmont, so if it was ours, it would have had to have been installed before my employment.

I could see from a block away that it was our work, which meant that we were in trouble with both the IRS and the niggers at the same time, a unique situation. I called the IRS and said that in fact it was our work. They wanted a copy of the paperwork for the job. I agreed to help, however I called the nigger and told him that I had to furnish evidence to the IRS, but I would lowball the figures. That worked with him since he was in a shitpot full of trouble and was actually grateful, so we were off the hook in two potential problem areas, one physical from the niggers and the other finanical from the IRS.

That double whammy taught me conclusively that it is never worthwhile to deal with niggers even for real money because the most intelligent person can never figure out what niggers will do next or what kind of trouble will come out of the association, Q.E.D., the IRS.

Coontact Tale #266(November 22, 2004)

The following are two coontacts that took place in years past and involvedtwo well-known people, Jack London and Ron Dellums, Black Congressman from Oakland. I hope that they are suitable coontacts.



One Saturday morning seated at the then Caffe' Lido situated between the Grotto and Sea Wolf restaurants right on the banks of the Oakland Estuary, I was drinking a cappuccino and reading when a middle-aged white woman approached my table and said, "Sir, may I ask you a question?" She had a midwestern accent and was with a tour bus group from San Francisco that regularly stopped there. Those tours generally included one day in the East Bay, Jack London Square in the morning, then up to Berkeley in the afternoon to stare at the stoned Hippies lounging and loitering on the streets and sidewalks around UC. Once the bus exits the freeway into Oakland, though, the sightseeing is not pleasant since it is chock full of Ubangis.

I said in return, "What can I do for you, madam?"

"Do you know who Jack London is?"

"Yes, I do. He is a famous American writer from Oakland. Actually, more admired in Europe and Russia than here."

"May I ask you another question?"


"Was Jack London a Nigger?"



I went out to dinner at The Grotto, for years a very popular bistro. Upon entering, the maitre d' was leaving the stand, two menus in hand, taking Congressman Ron Dellums and another baluba to a table. Once he returned, I said, "Table for two, please, and don't seat us next to or near that Jig clown, if you don't mind."

"Yes sir. No problem." He took us in the opposite direction. Very White of him.

Coontact Tale #267 (December 3, 2004)

Read this and weep.

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 18:50:23 +0100
Subject: My Nigger Nightmare- Advice Needed

I am posting this anonymously as Im unsure that I want my identity revealed. This story is 100 true. Help us please.

My wifes father died a few years ago. He was a business owner, worked hard and lived modestly. He succumbed to heart disease after living 72 years. He was always a kind and generous person. What no one really knew was the size of the fortune he had squirreled away over the years. His entire estate was split between his wife, who unfortunately has Alzheimers, and his two daughters. Which leads me to this problem.

A black man impregnated my wifes sister Tammy when she was 19. Her parents were heartbroken when they first learned that their grandson was a nigger. The boyfriend Antoine, fell off the face of the earth after the kid was born. Her parents were always very kind and supported her, providing for her financially as she needed it. She never finished college, and worked menial jobs to help support herself and this little bastard black baby. More than a few times I heard Tammy make comments about her racist dad. At the time I though I was a liberal, and I guess in a way I sided with Tammy. I even tried to explain to her that her father grew up in a time where that sort of thing was socially acceptable.

Fast forward 6 years. Dad dies, her mother needs full-time care in a nursing home (she lived with us for while) and both my wife and Tammy inherit a considerable sum of money. Tammy never owned her own home. With her inheritance she purchased a beautiful 4,000 square foot house with 4 bedrooms for cash. We also helped her purchase 2 annuities, one for her and one for her son, which pays her a nice income. She bought a nice car, a Lincoln Navigator, and lots of toys, like home theater with a huge projection TV and sophisticated sound system, which I had a lot of fun helping her purchase and install.

Somehow, Antoine, the old boyfriend shows up again. He said he had some problems with drugs, but hes over it now and wants to take care of his son. My wife pleaded with Tammy not to let this guy back in her life, but she insisted that Antoine was a changed man. Mind you, this guy never paid one penny of child support and I dont think hes ever had a real job. They met in college he was there on a scholarship. Anyway, Tammy takes him back and he moves in with her. I saw them briefly, just before he moved in, and Tammy seemed happy.

My wife and I went out to see them last week. I have NEVER in my life imagined things could go so bad so quickly. We took a limo from the airport to her house.

Upon arriving the first thing I notice is the very expensive landscaping is completely unkempt. The lawn doesnt look like it had been cut for 6 weeks. The gardens and shrubbery are infested with weeds. Some piece of shit Acura is with gold rims is parked on the street. One of the garage doors has a huge dent in it. The wooden bin for holding garbage is overflowing with hastily stuffed hefty bags. There are empty cases of beer stacked up in front of the busted garage door. Another piece of shit nogmobile is parked in the driveway.

We get inside the house. Its TOTALLY trashed. The first thing I notice is that the door to the bathroom door is cracked. It looks like a linebacker ran into it full speed. The coat closet in the foyer is stuffed with hefty bags of raggedy old clothes. Im not sure if this is dirty laundry or nigger suitcases, and it STINKS. There are FOUR nigger babies in family room. I also notice the huge TV is gone, replaced with some piece of shit TV sitting on MILK CRATES. There are toys strewn everywhere and they look new. There are videos games somehow hooked up to the TV and two of the nigglets are fighting over it. What the fuck is going on here? Tammy comes to greet us and she looks like she hasnt slept in 5 days. She apologizes that the place is such a mess, and that she thought we were coming on Saturday, when I tell her it IS Saturday.

There are filthy dishes with decaying food in them on virtually every surface. I can smell spoiled milk. The nigger babies are filthy, and one of them is still in diapers, just diapers. I notice what appears to be a nigger baby shit stain on the finely upholstered sectional sofa. The fucking video game is turned up so loud that I can barely hear myself talking.

It gets better! I open the door to the bathroom, the one with the cracked door, and am totally shocked when I see that the beautiful designer pedestal sink is broken. Im not talking about a broken knob, the fucking sink has a chunk of porcelain smashed out of it, and its lying on the floor under the sink, and I can see that someone tried to glue it together! I gagged when I realized that the toilet has been turned off, and Im not sure why, but it is full of human waste. Thats right, somebody crapped in the busted toilet and just left it there. This house has 4 fucking bathrooms! I heard Tammy mumble something about the bathroom being broken. I keep thinking this must just be a bad dream.

I hear my wife let out a gasp as she walks into the kitchen. There is one of those little baby gates across the kitchen doorway, which looks like it had been broken off and then DUCT TAPED back on. I go to open it and the thing just falls off. The kitchen is also completely trashed. Her Viking stove has a black cast iron frying pan full of bacon fat on it. There are two more pots on the stove, one has something that looks like week old Chili in it. The garbage is over flowing. Every inch of counter space has stuff on it. On one counter there is a boom box and a bunch of CDs. The kitchen table is covered with empty fast food containers, over flowing ashtrays, and chicken bones. There are beer bottles everywhere. I also see one her salad master pots (very expensive cookware) had been used to cool champagne, the empty bottle sitting in the pot still full of water. Even though there is a built in microwave, there is a piece of shit microwave plugged into an extension cord on one of the granite counters.

My wife is making some sort of feeble attempt to clean up, Im not sure why. I tell her that I think we better have a talk with Tammy. Right around this time, Antoine greets me. He walks into the kitchen in a sweatshirt and boxer sorts and mumbles some sort of niggeresh that I dont understand. He oesnt shake my hand, he instead tries to tap my fist with his, and spews a little more niggerbabble about "bean sorra da howse beez suck a mess, " but "iz awl good". He tried to flash me a toothy nigger smile, but I cant understand the black talk, and this guy looks like hes high. My wife and I are both in shock. A little more niggerbabble came out of his turd lips, something to the effect of "uze wans sum brefast?" Its 1:30 in the afternoon.

I really didnt want to see anymore. I took Antoines invitation as my cue to get the hell out of there. I told him we were going to take Tammy to breakfast, and quickly ushered her and my wife out of the kitchen towards the garage. A little more niggerbabble, something to the effect of "doan be dat way" spewed out of Antoines lips. I ignored him and told Tammy to get her keys. I practically had to shove her to get her to move. I found the keys, grabbed my wife and Tammy and headed through the door leading into the garage.

More nigger stuff. The garage bay with the dented door was stacked up with what looked like broken down garage sale furniture. I noticed that the wheels on the Lincoln Navigator had been replaced with gold pimp car rims. There were fucking neon lights on the bottom of the SUV. The inside of the truck smelled like an ashtray. The floor was strewn with fast food wrappers and there was beer in the cup holders. The seats were reclined back so far that I couldnt see how a human could drive. There was a garter hanging from the rear view mirror, and I almost went complete deaf when I turned the key as my wife was loading Tammy into the back seat. This thundering boom emanated from this gigantic speaker thing that occupied the back of the truck.

This HAS TO be a bad dream I thought, as I started the car and fumbled with the buttons to open the garage door. Tammy told me that the door opener was broken, and she got out of the car and manually opened the door. Antoine and one of the nigglets were standing in the doorway now Antoine seemed to be holding his dick. He wanted to come with us, but I told him we would be back soon.

My wife turned towards Tammy in the back seat and she looked like she was crying now. She kept saying "Im sorry, Im sorry" , over and over again. I asked her if there was a place we could go sit down and talk. We found our way to a diner and sat down. Im sure I was trembling, and I could see my wife was in total shock. I remember the look on Tammys face when I finally blurted out "What the FUCK happened, Tammy?"

I started to get the story. It seems that Antoine had moved in with Tammy as soon as he somehow found out that she came into a little bit of money. We knew that he had a problem with drugs, but Tammy had previously assured us that he was clean and sober. The clean and sober thing only lasted a few weeks. This is what actually happened:

First the nigger moves in and after a couple of months, Antoine invited his welfare mammy to move in with them she had been evicted from her housing project apartment. The nigger mammy showed up with 3 niglet grandchildren she was taking care of Antoines sister was in jail. The sister, name Tonicia or some nigger name, came back to get her kids after she got out of jail, and saw the comfy living at Antoines new place. What Antoine failed to mention to Tammy was that nigger mammy and sis are both crack heads. Before long Tammy was smoking crack and letting Antoine spend her $4,000/month annuity checks because Antoine was a "financial planner". He even convinced her to get him a Visa, Mastercard and American Express card on her account! He started spending money on toys for all the little niglets, clothes, pimping out the car, (she says that he almost convinced her to lease him a Lexus, but thank god the leasing company turned them down!) Pretty soon the 4K a month she was getting for living expenses wasnt enough to cover the credit card bills Antoine was racking up on her credit. The $8,000 projection HDTV went to buy more crack, and provided Antoine with some spending cash. The busted up bathroom was from some of Antoines boys getting a little rowdy at a party.

Before long the boyfriends of Tonicia and the nigger welfare mammy are showing up at the house to party. As Tammy broke down and started telling us everything, it even turned out that the kids werent all Tonicas but one of them was another of Antoine illegitimate bastard nigger babies. Apparently on more than one occasion Antoine let his buddies use my sister-in-law sexually. She was pregnant again and did not know who the father was. She was also addicted now to crack cocaine.

Up until this point in my life I always believed that a person should not be judged by the color of his skin, but the content of his character. Now I just plain hate niggers in every way.

What happened next: We did get Antoine out of the house with the help of the State Police. Tammy went to a drug rehab and we took little Antoine (the niglet baby) to stay with us for a while. Tammy has been away from drugs for a little more than a year. Antoine spent a little time in jail (I will have to tell you the story about how we got him out of the house another day that was an adventure in itself. ) but now he is back.

He is somehow demanding shared custody of the baby, and even more bizarrely child support. Tammy now has a restraining order on him, but is still living in the house. The other day he showed up again. Im not sure what to do next. The nigger mammy also is trying to claim we owe her money, because after the police came and arrested them, we threw all of her crack head junk furniture, clothes, etc out. I keep telling Tammy to sell the house and move to another state, but she says this is where all of her sober friends live.

I guess the advice Im seeking is what do I do about these niggers? Is it time for Antoine to get a birdshot enema? What about the nigger welfare mammy who is trying to sue for damages? She is claming her junk was worth $15,000 and has a nigger lawyer trying to recover damages. Does ANYONE have ANY advice, comments or suggestions? Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!!

My friends,

I received the following email, from MWN, with advice he would offer the above afflicted citizen and found it worthy to be included.

Thank you MWN

Dear Afflicted Citizen,

The only real way to deal with the situation of Antoine and the black baby is to disown your sister-in-law. The real problem is that when she received a black joint in her vagina, and consequently conceived therefrom, she became a Nigger by irrevocable choice. The same critical thinking applies to homosexuality. If a person only performs one homosexual deed, just one in a lifetime, then that individual may be correctly characterized as a homosexual.

The legal ramifications are somewhat complicated, but since there seems to be money at stake that even Nigger crackhead Antoine has not yet smoked, to protect property in your family, it is necessary to draw up a will that praetermits your sister-in-law, Antoine and any Nigger offspring. What that means is that you name these people in your will and leave them each a dollar, stating the reason for the niggardly inheritance. You can even go so far as to try to regain your sister-in-law's remaining inheritance, the annuity, et cetera for mental incompetence, but that would involve you with Niggers, which is what you really want to avoid. Some things are not worth money. As for that Nigger who wants fifteen large for the crap you threw out, give her a nuisance settlement of $500, five crisp one hundred dollar bills. She will get so stoned that she will forget the whole matter.

It is impossible to reverse devolution, which is what Tammy did when she encased a black cock in her cunt and then pushed out another criminal nine months later. She will never change. If Antoine disappears, his alter ego will appear, another Nigger Crackhead, a Denny's Grand Slammer, waving another black cock at civilization.

Cut your losses now because you can never win with Niggers. Look at Coontact 265 in which a seemingly lucrative business relationship turns into a mutual confrontation with the IRS.

All the best in your Nigger-free future.


Coontact Tale #268 (December 8, 2004)

Ok I'm back again. This story deals with the time I had just passed training for loss prevention for Fred Meyer and was alone for the first time in a brand new store.

One afternoon in the fall I see thru our video cameras a tall young buck come into the store, go to the mens dept and start stuffing merchandise inbto his baggy sweatpants. The adrenalin kicks in because I know this nigger is either going to a) run, b) fight, c) both so I watch as he heads for one of the doors.

I cut out the employee entrance and come up behind him, he turns, sees me and off he goes. I chase this nigger all over the lot and damn if I don't tackle his ass and get him cuffed.

He had ran out wind from all the Salems he smoked.

What really made my day tho was when he said: "Damn, your pretty fast for a white guy."

Coontact Tale #269 (December 10, 2004)

Little black boy attempted to make a play on my daughter..

he grabbed her by the arm in our yard and my German Shepherd chewed him a new asshole. The little punk has been crawling around for weeks and I have been on his ass. he keeps coiming back and this time I have a video of him grabbing her. His parents have called animal control. They came out but I had all shot records in hand along with the video. I have witnesses that heard me tell him to stay off my property and I have my property posted, along with beware of dog signs.

The police came out 30 minutes after animal control. They left satisfied.

Moral is, cover all bases, then let the dog loose on their punk ass.

Coontact Tale #270 (December 24, 2004)


Respected Friends,

Living in the Bay Area has always given rise to a great variety of Coontacts, both direct and indirect. I remember very clearly a series of Coontacts I had one fine day in San Francisco. It was 1962 and one fall Sunday the 49ers were playing the Detroit Lions. Jack, the owner of the Redwood Cafe, located at College Avenue and Broadway in Oakland invited among others me and my brother nicknamed Lilly to the game.

Our tickets were in the end zone, which is where the Niggers normally sat due to the cheapness of the seats in those days. They were passing around a bottle as we sat down and they included us in their merrymaking, really quite friendly and enjoyable.

On the field, the Lions were handing the 49ers their butts. One one play, Bill Kilmer, unable to find a receiver, decided to run out of bounds. He jogged nonchalantly to the sidelines. When he was within two yards of the sideline out of nowhere came the formidable Richard "Night Train" Lane, who gave Kilmer a modified version of the Night Train Necktie Tackle. Kilmer looked like a flying Ferris Wheel as he went ass over cunt ending up on the other side of the 49er bench. There was no flag on the play even though it was almost a bench clearing incident. Kilmer always paid attention after that hit and actually lasted another 16 years in the league. He had received the best education possible.

Night Train was the greatest cornerback in the history of Professional Football. The league eventually outlawed his tackle as too dangerous, but that never stopped him from achieving greatness. He was born to a mother who was a prostitute and a father who was a pimp known as Texas Slim. They threw him into a dumpster when he was three months old, a crime which he survived. He was married at one time to Dinah Washington, who died from a heroin overdose. Although he had every reason in the world to turn into a criminal like many with a harsh background, he channelled his aggression into Professional Football. He should be an inspiration, but it appears that he was one of a kind. To my mind, Night Train was not a Nigger, but a superior type of human being who was mightily tested in life.

As the game wound down, I started to collect the seat cushions that Kezar rented due to the unbearable hardness of the stands. Kezar paid five cents for every return. Lilly acted as my guard because roving bands of Niggers tried to steal the accumulated cushions. Lilly loved to mix it up with Niggers. He even at one point had a job as a process-server so that he could duke it out with the Niggers in West and East Oakland as he served them eviction notices and other legal papers. His goal was to become a boxer and he used Niggers as speed bags. He punched it out with two of them at Kezar, and they took off mainly due to the resistance.

Once again on the field, the players were finally walking off. Some Niggers were harrassing a group of Lions as they were leaving. They were trying to grab the football that quarterback Jim Ninowski was carrying. Finally, pissed off, Ninowski threw the ball as hard as he could at a Nigger ten yards away. The force of his pass knocked the Nigger head over heels. The rest of his friends ran as fast as they could leaving him writhing on the ground, windless.

Finally, in the car on the way to Oakland, the traffic was heavy outside the stadium. We were moving slowly when a Muni bus started to move into traffic from the curb without regard for right of way considerations. Jack hit the horn, but the bus continued into the stream of traffic. He hit the horn again and an arm appeared outside the driver's window in response. Then the longest, boniest, black middle finger in the world slowly unknucked and straightened out right in front of us, followed by the bus itself. Probably the Muni Man of the Month.

It was a humorous end to a solid day of multifarious Coontacts.

I remember Kezar Stadium well when I was a kid having lived in the area with a relatives after the premature death of my mother from cancer. It was in the 1960's my cousin and I went to all the 49er games purchasing the cheapest tickets which were in the end zones with the niggers.

It was the dawning age of the Black Power movement, Afro hairstyles and we I remember we threw popcorn into the air to attract the seagulls to annoy the niggers.

I'll never forget the day some coon comes in with four niggabitches, takes his seat to watch the game and a white seagull took a huge nasty went dump that penetrated all four layers of Afrocoon hairdo. He was carrying on with the four baboons trying to pick white seagull shit out of his hari with napkins.

Instead of getting the seagull poop out they just kept kind of smearing it around. Oh dear God was that ever funny.

Coontact Tale #271 (December 30, 2004)

I was up at the Court House researching some deeds. Seems this nigger has 4 kids with 4 different woman back in 96/97 and refuses to pay any child support even tho the DNA proves he is the dad. His arrears is around 15,000 and rising. Judge issued an order to appear and the nigger blew it off. So they sent him a jury summons just to see if he would fall for that. Nigger showed up right at 8am as told. Man he was cursing up a storm as they took him to jail. I was laughing so hard I had to walk outside for about 10 minutes.

Before I left they said they had found his safe deposit box in another county and the judge immediately issued an order to cease any valuables there to make his payments.

Happy New Year white folks.

Niggers, pay for them kids.

Coontact Tale #272 (January 5, 2005)

I worked at a truckstop for a number of years. It was the only one for 50 miles, so EVERYBODY stopped there.

Even the niggers.

Well, I was standing at the counter ringing up somebody's order when I heard something get knocked over by the clothing area. Honest to God, when I looked over, a nigger popped his ugly head and looked me in the eye. His baby's mamma/girlfriend/wife (if that's possible) followed a second later. I thought they were fucking over there. A few minutes later, he came walking up with a coffee and a styrofoam hot-dog container. I asked him to open up the container so I could see inside so I could ring up the proper dog (we had 4 different kinds). He told me "No" so I took it, opend it up, and there were FIVE hotdogs that were stuffed in there. See, what these niggers will do is get a container, stuff it with as many hot dogs as possible, and then use their own buns out in their tuck. They only have to pay for one (TNB).

I rang him up for five hotdogs, then noticed the tag on his shirt. The tag was one of mine. I looked at his shoes, which were ones from the shelf, along with his pants. I called over one of the men that was working with me and I asked him to go over and check to see if he found older clothes over there. He calmly walked over, gave me a nod of "Yes". I then asked for the nigger's drivers liscense. He said no, that he does not have to provide it to me. I asked him "Are you going to buy those clothes that are on your back?"

He ran out the door to his truck, leaving his nigger woman behind. I had my buddy call the State police as I ran out the door. Then his nigger bitch stated making a scene saying "This must be racial! I'm not surprised because this is in West Virginia!" I turned around and told her "It isn't racial. It's because YOUR OLD MAN IS A THEIF!" I ran out to the back of the truck, bent down to write the liscense plate number. I saw the reverse light switch on, then the truck jolted into reverse. I grabbed onto the door handle on the back, saving mysefle from getting killed. He went back about 20 feet, then threw it in drive. He went around the parking lot, then as we got to the edge of it I jumped off. Like a movie, three cruisers pulled up, seeling me jump off. One car came over to me, the other two went after the nigger. They stopped him on the ramp, then hauled him off to their natural habitat.

He got 8 years for attempted murder, lost his job, was fined well over $20,000 for various charges.

Coontact Tale #273 (January 7, 2005)

One more thing niggers are no fucking good at - LargeBiker

Up here where I live (and looking to leave) we need to deal with snow and ice and shit.

Yesterday, it was a snow / rain / freezing rain mix on the way to work. Fuckin nig in a typical nigmobile comes tear-assing up my ass on the way to work. Do I need to say it was I that was going to work? Nahh, guess not. Nig was probably late for a drug deal.

Well, the shiner gets so close to me that his headlights dissapear below my rear view mirror.

I get to work and put on my turn signal indicating my intent to make a right turn into the parking lot. Why? Habbit I guess. Nig yanks it to the left, and almost spins out passing me. I swear, I could here him screaming "muthafucka muthafucka" over his ass-sound fart can ghetto muffler. Guess what? He's only got another 75' to go between the driveway I'm turning into and the stop sign. Dumb fucking nigger locks the wheels up, and almost skids in front of a snowplow. Too bad he stopped.

Now, you might ask "Largebiker, just how at 6:30 in the morning, how could you tell that was a nigger taiilgating since it was dark, and snowing".

I'd say, years of experiance and astoot observation and a sense of self-preservation have taught me to instinctively identiify TNB. Turns out I was definately 100% correct as when the niggermobile passed it had all the typical outer signs of niggerdom. Black car, blacked out windows, $5000 set of wheels that spin while the car isn't moving, fart can muffler. I also noticed a window was cracked open (probably to let out the stink of weed and general shitskin odors) and could see the wool hat in stripes of orange, blue, green and other colors not occuring in nature.

But the real clue was that fucking annoying africoon green and black trunk sticky flag thing. Oh, that and the fucking aftermarket Xenon / HID headlights that flash all the colors of the rainbow between nigger purple and homo yellow depending on angle.

Damn I wish he had been going a little faster and slid out in front of that 10 ton snowplow truck.

This is not the only example of really bad nigger driving, only this mornings. There are 2 more stories of really bad nigger driving from my trip home. But I won't bore y'all with those right now.

I still can't figure out how they can maintain control of a vehicle when their black ass is in the seat, and their melon hed is centered over the center console, or how the fuck they can see where they're going when they're driving in a reclined position. I think they do that to minimize the chance of getting shot. Like the cheap tin door is going to stop a .45. Well, maybe the magnet in the 500 Watt door speakers will deflect the bullet.

Coontact Tale #274 (January 26, 2005)


Here's one for you:

I know an individual who is a paramedic for a very famous city -- where they hold a huge New Year's Day parade and the biggest college football game of the year...

Well, beautiful Pasadena which you see on TV as the floats go down Colorado Blvd., isn't so beautiful if you travel a few blocks north of the parade route -- it's an area commonly known as "Nigger Heaven."

Well, my paramedic friend and his engine crew respond to an auto accident call, apparently a nigger had rammed his 1980s Mustang GT into a telephone pole. My friend goes to the car, and he's trapped inside. He screams, "Oh Lord, gimme sumthin fo da pain man, gimme sumthin fo da pain. My legs, my legs is broke."

Looking inside, my friend determines that this is true, his legs is broke. But he also has had his scalp severed -- the entire length of his hairline across his forehead, and the scalp is folded back all the way to the crown of his head!!!

My friend replies, "Well, I think you've got a lot more problems than your legs right about now."

But that's not the end of the story. A large crowd of niggers numbering around 50 had gathered to watch the action. As my friend and the other firefighters work feverishly to free the wounded wildebeast from the wreckage with the Jaws of Life, a commotion breaks out behind them -- apparently, two 300+lb sows in the crowd got into it -- apparently, they were "throwing down" like Mike Tyson! They each landed several blows before the match went to the ground, just like in the octagon in the UFC!

Soon, about half of the nigger crowd became involved in the melee, and the lone police officer on the scene retreated to his car and called for back-up -- officers responding Code 3 from all over the city to break this one up, wearing full riot gear -- helmets, face shields, and carrying peper spray and nightsticks. Six arrests were made, pepper spray had to be used to disperse the crowd of savage beasts, and the paramedics had to call another unit to the scene to treat the injuries from the fight, from the police deployment of their PR-24 nightsticks, and to rinse the pepper from the eyes of all the fighting niggers.

Just another day in North Pasadena!!!

From reggiN

Coontact Tale #275 (February 3, 2005)

A Canadian visits Kansas City

I live in Western Canada, and drove to Arkansas to attend a Bible Conference. I was driving by map, being totally unfamiliar with the territory. While driving home, I encountered a long stretch of new highway #71 running up to Kansas City The low fuel light came on, and I drove mile by mile watching for any indication of a gas station, even if I had to drive off the new highway to get to it.

I did not want to stop in Kansas City because I had driven through it on my way south. I had followed a map route that took me down #71 right down Prospect Avenue. I was totally out of place--white, alone, in a white BMW with Canadian plates driving right through the heart of the ghetto. On the way south it was still daylight. Because of the new highway with no gas stations, and an almost dead empty gas tank, I knew I had to exit the freeway right in Kansas City to find gas, and in the dark of night.

I saw a gas station sign, and drove off the freeway, and pulled into the gas station. I was totally aware that I was the only white in sight, and could see many beady eyeballs taking note of the fact. Of course it was "pay and pump", so I hustled over and slid $10 through the iron mesh, and hurried back to my car to do my fill as fast as possible. I pumped and jumped into the car and drove. But there were no signs telling me which was to go to get back onto the Interstate.

Then I spotted a community Police Station in a converted old gas station. What a relief!! I wheeled in and asked, "How do I get back onto Interstate 435?" The reply from the fat stupid shit black cop was, a shrug and a mumbled "I dunno, where-i' z at. Never hear-ed o' dat one". I started to drive, and fortunately found a entrance ramp onto 435 North. It was no more than about 5 blocks from the Police station. I still consider this one of the most dangerous events of my life, and cannot imagine the stupidity level of someone dressing this stupid asshole monkey in a cop uniform, and even giving him a gun.

My home town!

If Canada ever feels the need for more niggers we would be happy to send you about 40 million of them.

Coontact Tale #276 (February 5, 2005)

100% true story:

After college, I worked for a non-profit agency that was funded with Gov't money.

We were starting up a new branch, and had to hire a director for the program. It was strongly suggested by our funders that we hire a minority for the position of Director. In other words, find a black person with a PhD.

We found this guy...questionable, at best. But he was the only candidate.

No lie... three weeks after he started, he had filled all 20 positions in his department with black friends from his community. None of them had any experience in the field, and some of them were convicted felons.

One day, I dropped by the new offices to see what was going on. About 6 of them, including the Director, were hiding in a back office playing cards at 10am in the morning.

Coontact Tale #277 (February 7, 2005)

I used to work for a large chain department store, and the manager told me that, when he worked in a larger city, he had a classic coontact.

It seems that some over-sized Negress came into the store demanding to return some lingerie. Besides the fact that the stuff had been worn to the point of ruin, being dirty, stained, and even torn, he explained to her that, due to sanitary reasons, such personal items were non-returnable.

A few minutes later, the fire alarm went off. The angry Liza had gone back into the lingerie department and set a whole rack of it on fire!

Coontact Tale #278 (February 7, 2005)

I was in a South Carolina Wall-Mart on the Grand Strand, walking down the main aisle, which was, due to the time of day, not at all crowded. In front of me, headed in the same direction, was a large White man who looked like a fisherman or farmer. He was built like a professional wrestler and weighed in at least 275. He was walking along on the right side of the aisle, peaceful and placid and at peace with the world.

From the opposite direction comes this black girl about 14-16 with a strut in her step. She began walking on the wrong side of the aisle with a snotty expression, expecting this middle-aged White man to step aside out of her way.

He didn?t do it; he just kept walking and she was so startled by his refusal to defer to her that she didn?t step aside herself. She impacted chest to chest with the big man (who was probably at least 150 pounds heavier) and ricocheted like a pinball, first off of him and then off an end cap shelf. The man never changed either his expression or his pace, just kept on walking and leaving her with her eyes and mouth hanging wide open


My mouth was wide open too, because I was laughing my butt off!

Coontact Tale #279 (February 7, 2005)

Here's another, and it typifies Negro sexual morality.

When I was working as an assistant manager of a security company out of the Myrtle Beach area that supplied guards to condos, hotels, lounges, construction sites, things like that, I had this Negro working for me who I'll call B.

Well, B seemed to be a pretty good guard. He was always on time, clean and neat, and scrupulously polite. He was in his 20's, thin and wirey, but always seemed to be eating. Every time you saw the boy, he was eating, sometimes whole cakes or whole pies in one sitting. You?d come to check on him at midnight on a block of condos, and here he?d sit, chowing down on an apple pie right out of the pan.

Where'd you get the pie, B?

Miss Smif up in 208 baked it fo me, or some variation of that. I thought nothing of it since a lot of the folks were always giving the guards food, coffee, etc.

Despite what he ate, though, B started seeming tired: just plain wrung out. Where he had been alert before, I started catching him dozing frequently. He kept getting skinnier, but he was eating more than ever.

Then he stopped answering the radio, sometimes for hours. When asked, he?d say he was in the building?s dead zone (All of them had them) or answering a prowler report in a room, or it had got accidentally turned off.

I got tired of it, and once when I couldn?t reach him, I showed up at the site, a block of condos. I figured B was slipping off for a while, but his car was there and he was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly a door opened on the 3rd floor and B let himself out, still buttoning up his shirt. Straightening his clothes, he breathed deeply for a minute, then walked about 4 doors down and knocked, and another woman let him in.

It turned out that, besides having a wife (pregnant) and a steady girlfriend (pregnant), B had several sex partners on each site, and was nailing as many as four or more of them per night, both black and White, ranging in age from 18 to 65 didn't matter.

In an effort to salvage what otherwise had been a good employee, I reprimanded him and tried to talk some sense into him.

B, aren't you afraid of the AIDS?

He just shot his cuffs straight and grinned real big.

Sheeeit, I done had the burn (the clap) four times, and it ain't hurt me none. Yo wants to have yo fun, yo gots to take yo chances!?

Needless to say, B ended up literally screwing himself out of a job. TNB I reckon.

Coontact Tale #280 (February 10, 2005)

First, thanks for having me here; I'm still figuring out how to use this particular forum.

Second, if I understand right, negroes are claiming to have invented the horse shoe. I'm sort of curious just how that could be, since the horse shoe in Europe dates back AT LEAST to the Middle Ages.

However, I can't accuse negroes of being un-inventive (Well, I could but you know...); I know of one particularly complicated case of Afro-engineering that might have actually worked if not for that damnable lack of attention to detail. This was relayed to me by a career military man who was present when it happened.

It seems that a negro soldier (Who I'll call Private Rastus.) had been selected for a urine test that, since he had been smoking dope continuously, he was certain he would no pass. Rather than face disciplinary action, Rastus hatched a plan.

He went down to one of the "adult novelty" stores near the base and and bought a very realistic plastic dildo. Taking it down to the shop, he bored a hole through it length-wise so liquid could squirt through it. The base end was connected to a plastic bag full of clean urine sealed over it. He secured the whole contraption in his shorts, and then he was ready... or so he thought.

While the bored sergeant required to do so watched, Rastus stepped to the urinal, unzipped his pants, pulled out his artificial organ and squeezed the bag with his other hand, squirting a stream into the vial. He was almost through when the flaw in the plan became apparent when the sergeant, wide awake now, suddenly shouted "HEY!" in a loud, startled voice.

It seems that Rastus had thougt of everything except for one, tiny little point: the dildo he had purchased only came in one color - White flesh tone. The sight of a very black negro apparently peeing out of a white penis startled the sergeant into the involuntary yell.

Startled by the shout, Rastus funbled the "penis" and dropped it right into the urinal, freaking the sergeant out even more. Suddenly at a loss as to what to do now that the plan had fallen through, Rastus panicked and ran from the latrine, leaving his equipment behind. During the several seconds it took him to figure out exactly what happened (It's hard for a man to see another man's organ - even if it is the wrong color - just fall off right in the urinal!), they sergeant thought he had entered the twilight zone and was ready for a Section 8.

Rastus was caught and kicked out, of course, but my source said the sergeant wasn't right for days after seeing that!

Coontact Tale #281 (February 10, 2005)

A girl I used to work with decided to have a volleyball party in the park next to the condo she was living in. When we got there she told us she had found out that drinking alchoholic beverages was not allowed in the park and there was a cop parked at the other end of the park watching for people drinking. The beer and plastic cups were placed in the trunk of a car parked around the back of the condo building and if we wanted a beer we were instructed to pour it in an opaque plastic cup so the cop couldn't tell what we were drinking. After playing volleyball a while we went back to the condo to cook burgers on the patio. While we were eating about six or eight blacks showed up at the party. Before going back to play volleyball some more the situation with drinks was clearly explained to them. As soon as we went back out to the park the blacks immediately took out their beer bottles and started drinking from them in plain sight. The cop of course came over and told them if they didn't get their beer out of the park right away he would write them a ticket. The blacks' response was to start screaming "You just fuckin with us cause we black!" and things of that nature. I was amazed both by their complete inability to follow such simple instructions and their blaming racism for the consequences of their own stupid actions.


Nothing surprises me about niggers.
Coontact Tale #282 (February 11, 2005)

So I'm out looking for a used van. I pull in to a local dealer to get a price on a likely vehicle on his lot. There are two Spic-a-ricon niggers filling out papers on a car they wanna buy (with a thick wad of crisp $20). Neither of them speak "Ang-lase" worth a damn. The salesman asks to see a drivers license, neither of them have one.

Niggers: Ahhh, we gonna get dat next.

Salesman: But you can't drive it off the lot unless you have a license. How exactly did you get here?

Niggers: So-kay, we got a guy who brought us, he gonna dribe it home.

Salesman: Well, OK. But how's he gonna get his car home?

Niggers: Look at each other, start babbling in Spanglish.

Salesman: I can sell you the car but you gotta sign a waiver saying you know you can't drive the car, OK?

Niggers: More babbling and they walk away.

Geezus fuggin' Christ. I woulda called Homeland Security, I bet these two are illegals, that's why they got no damn license. How did they drive cars where they came from? Foreign licenses are valid in the US. All this crap about letting illegals get a license is just a gimmick to get them new ID to hide the fact they don't belong here.

Coontact Tale #283 (February 28, 2005)

I went to Wendy's to grab a quick lunch today. While I'm waiting in line to order the huge black woman (had 4 kids at her table) practically charges the counter and interrupts the order taker. She has a tray in her hand with two piles of fries and two fry boxes, one biggie sized the other "great" biggie sized. She starts going off on the guy at the counter about how many fries she got, something like "I jus' got deese fries and dey ain't even hot. Dey also be small. I done counted dem and deres only foe mo'e fries in da great biggie size". The young man kept his composure, apologized about the mistake and turned around to fix the problem. The big beast went off again saying "Those be de fries dat you had when I gots here. I wan' hot fries. I'll be back in three minutes. Doan go an' pull dem fries out befoe day cooked. An don't sho't me 'gain 'cause I knows how many fries be in da biggie size".

I found it hard to hold back my laughter and I let a bit of a chuckle out. The big woman just gave me a dirty look and headed back to her table muttering about it. When the fries were finished, the guy at the counter called them out and the lady just yells across the whole place "Well bring dem to me muthafucka". I finished my meal and left before more antics happened.

Coontact Tale #284 (February 28, 2005)

I was in town yesterday and stopped at the local Mcfastfood to grab a quick bite. I was sitting there at one of the tables where I happened to have a real good view of the counter (front row, center seat!) Two Fat mammies came plowing up just as full of themselves as can be (is there any other kind?) Mammie #1 orders and tells the little girl behind the counter "Now U make sure Iz gets the HOT fries! I don wan none of dem cole ones over dere, I wants mines right outta da grease! U unnerstan? Hot Fries!" The little girl says she does and yells over to the fry boy that she needs a basket down. Mammy #2 orders and tells the little girls that she also wants "Da same Hot fries." The girl completes the transactions and tells the two fat sows the Mike Nelson will be out to kiss their puss, er, um "That their order will take a few minutes on the fries and could they wait at the end of the counter?

So both obese whores move down to the end of the counter which happens to be on the same side as the french fryer. Its just a few feet back, BOTH niggrabeasts assume the "Arms folder over the chest" typical nˇgger whore "I'm waiting" pose! Both stared a hole right through that fry boy but to his credit, he wasn't fazed. He just ignored them and went about his duties.

So the few minutes pass and fry boy does his thing. Dumps the real hot fries and salts them real pretty like. He carefully scoops them up there the bagger girls IMMEDIATELY picks them up and puts them in the bag. The whole thing couldn't have taken mote than five or six seconds. ( these kids were fast!) Yet another counter employee takes the bag with the hot fries in them, folds it neatly and hands it to Sow #1 thanking her and warning that the fries just 'came out' so please be careful!

Now a NORMAL Human would have smiled at the girl, taken the bag while thanking her for the hot fries then left (ohhhh, you see this coming, don't you....) Without a WORD, Whore #1 IMMEDIATELY slams the bag on the counter, unfolds it and thrusts her fat paw into it grabbing a couple of the recently cooked fries. Now understand here that the time from the fries removal from the fryer and to the nˇgger whores fingers couldn't have been more than 10 seconds. She glares at the counter girls with that defiant, superior nˇgger glare and shoves the fries into her pie hole.

It was a show that I would have paid to see! That whores eyes became as big as silver dollars! She jumped and she bucked and she flailed her hands in front of her face as if to fan the fire in her mouth!!! She grabbed the drink from Whore #2 and must've sucked half the cup down before coming up for air! When she finally regained composer (is there such a thing with niggrawhores??) she bellowed and she hollered and she cussed! ":What the fuk you tryin to do ta me??? I burned my muthafukkin mouff! I'm gonna sue this damn place! All the while her buddy, whore #2, was standing there lending typical nˇgger whore support! "Baby, is you Otay? Can I gets you sumthin? Dat's rite, hunny! Dem peoples is gonna pay! What dey think they's doin tryin to burn up da customers like dat? Uh Huh! Dat's rite baby! I unnerstan! We get you to da hospital rite now!" Both whores turn to leave with #1 still whooping and bellering about "Suing dese muthafuggas-i gonna send dem my hospital bill-they ain't heard da las o' me-Iz gonna OWN dis place!"

As they left I happened to glance around at the other patrons to gage their expressions. Ever single one (that I could see) had a big smile on their face! Thank you Fat nˇgger whores! Without knowing it, you have bought laughter and amusement to many people on an otherwise dull day!

Coontact Tale #285 (March 2, 2005)

Even more 711 tnb - Orlock

These places just are magnets for tnb I guess.Just two nights ago I went into my local 711 to buy some of that Arizona green tea I like.I notice there is this fat nigger mammy,some nigger male with a wild wooly looking head of hair,and five nigglettes all crowded around the slurpee machine making a commotion.I hear the nigger mammy say to one of the nigglettes.."You wait yo turn YOU HEAR!"then she smacks the young female niglette.

The thing I found odd is you rarely see anyone at the Slurpee machine at this time of year.I continued to watch this family of niggers argue,yap,shriek like they were in the jungle,young nigglette still crying and whining about being slapped, and finally go up and pay for their slurpees.Then I got in line and paid for my tea.Afterwards I looked more closely at the slurpee machine.Well the trim on it was emblazoned with pictures of watermelons advertising their new watermelon flavored slurpee.No wonder they had such a serious episode of tnb!

Coontact Tale #286 (March 3, 2005)

fucking niggers...God help us

that reminds me of a day at work when coworkers and I stopped at a gas station to get something to drink. As I walked towards the building, I noticed a nigger bitch in front of me pick a disposable lighter up off the gound..she checked it to see if it worked. Must not have because she told the tendant that she had bought it there the day before and it did not work, and she wanted a free replacement...well I was right behind her and I couldn't let the nigger get away with it, so I told the attendant that she was lying, and she just picked it up off the ground...boy was that nigger pissed, she turned and gave me a stare..but the look I gave her told her not to fuck with me..she left and didn't say a word.

true honest to God tnb story...niggers are pathetic to say the least

Coontact Tale #287 (March 8, 2005)

Today me and my husband decided to go to Mc Donalds for lunch. While we was in line to put in our order, a nigger sow and three kids waddled into the restaraunt. Well, we was next, but the nigger sow cut right in front of my husband. So, my husband then cut right in front of her and leaned on the counter. You should have seen the look on that nigger sow's face. It looked like it was the first time she didn't get her way.

However, it seems that a lot of niggers aren't used to humans standing up for themselves when they act their usual nigger way. I wished more humans did.

Coontact Tale #288 (March 12, 2005)

Yesterday evening when I was driving home, I had to get on the highway via the local lane, but I had to get through the merge area first. The cars on the local lane were moving at a relatively low speed and they were no more then a ten feet apart from each other. As I cruse along to find a gap to enter, I noticed there was a considerable space between the car next to mine and the car behind it.

I did, as any courteous driver on the road would do, flashed the turn signal. As I begin to merge into the local lane, the car behind me, which was far behind, accelerated and came real close to my car. This in turn caused me to sway into the shoulder lane.

When I tried to get a glimpse at this rude and inconsiderate hoodlum behind the wheel, it turned out it was a nigger. WOW! I was amazed by his horrid idiocy. Then I thought to myself, “where is this moron going?” It wasn’t like there were no cars but an open road in front of him.

Then I thought to myself, that must be how niggers get ahead in life. One car at a time – nigger style!!

It was a pity he didn’t crash while being “I gots ta gets mine”, na mean - my whole ten feet of road.

Ever notice the lack of charity on the roadways which niggers exhibit on a daily bases? Next time you’re on the road, try to see if a nigger let you in. Take my word for it. Chances are he won’t.

Niggers should not be allowed to drive or even own cars for that matter.

We have all seen it; traveling 45 mph in the passing lane while everyone zips by to the right of the nigger going 60 mph. You know what is amazing though? When you look over and catch a glimpse of the nigger your mind instantly heals and you're not angry anymore. You expect niggers to act like this so how can you get angry?

Coontact Tale #289 (March 26, 2005)

I had my first experience with a ni99er yesterday....

I am from California, raised in a multi-racial environemnt and have always had asian, black and hispanic friends...

But, I am presently traveling in North Carolina. Last night I pulled into a gas station to fiull up rental car when a carload of black people (looked like a family) pulled up at pump next to me.

This apish looking troll got out of the driver's side and says, "yo cracker, give me some money for gas". I started laughing becasue I never thought anyone would be so fucking stupid. I am a purple-belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo.

So anyway I said "no". All of a sudden all of the occupants of the car start yelling at me to give him money. This broaqd in hte driver's seat was so fucking fat that when she yelled she looked like a pekingese dog. (Sounds like classic niggabitch to me).

So anyway just as this asshole starts eye-fucking me I caution him about getting close and ask him in a stern voice to keep his distance.

One thing led to another, he threw a punch, I then stepped in and threw a rear-naked choke. He was asleep within 15 seconds. The funny part is that the occupants of the car were too fat to get out in time to help his sorry ass.

As I gently sat him on the ground sitting up I told the rest of the car to stay put while I called the police.

I went inside to call the police and the fat pieces of shit wiggled out of their car, retrieved their groggy friend and drove away...

Do black people in North Carolina always behave like this?

Not just North Carolina but niggers the world over act like this. It's called TNB for Typical Nigger Behavior.

Coontact Tale #290 (March 29, 2005)

Before my class this evening, I had to print out some things in the library at my college. Since it's a small college, there's just one library for everybody's use -- we don't have departmental libraries or a separate undergraduate library. This means that while I don't have to see niggers in my grad classes, I do have to see them in the library.

Okay, so, in the library, all the computers for student use are connected to one printer, so we have to look our stuff over to make sure we didn't grab somebody else's print-out. I figured out pretty quickly that if you try to look at the papers as they're coming out of the printer, the next couple of sheets on their way out will get jammed. So I don't do that. I wait until the printer stops, and then pick up the pile & find my things in it.

So this evening, I'm standing there patiently waiting for the printer to finish, like any other civilized person would do in that situation, and this stupid she-nigg comes up & starts lifting up the edges of the paper, obstructing the paper path. The next two couldn't come out, so naturally the thing got jammed. She-nigg just took her stuff & walked away, leaving me to deal with the paper jam. It was down for probably the next five or ten minutes as both the technician on duty and I worked to fix it.

As soon as it starts printing again, she-nigg comes back to pick up more of her print-outs & doesn't even apologize or explain to the technician that she's the one who jammed it up in the first place. TNB -- niggers never take responsibility for their own mistakes, or for inconveniencing other people, or for abusing other people's property.

We have all seen this before. TNB.

Coontact Tale #291 (March 30, 2005)

Witnessed first hand a bit of TNB in the music dept. yesterday.Rap-nigger walks in music department of store and starts packing CD's into his carry bag.The store clerk and myself were onto his shit, it was obvious.Then he starts ditching the CD's and still hangs around even after he realizes he'sbeen spotted by the clerk and store mgr.The fucker had an attitude, though, about the fact he'd been discovered.He hung around for a long time, trying to pretend to be a actual customer and have faux conversations on his cell phone.See, its Blacks like this that fit the TNB description to a T.

Coontact Tale #292 (March 30, 2005)

I recall an incident many years ago whe I was flying a TWA B-707, cruising at 35,000' if I recall correctly, in the air space controlled by Indianapolis Center ATC. This had to be sometime in the 1970's.

This Center was the spot used by the FAA to train their new hires, and was infamous for it's problems. This was shortly after the enactment of the so-called Civil Rights bill. It was obvious from her voice that I was being handled by a black woman.

My F/O and I spotted an aircraft in the distance that maintained the same relative spot in the windshield, indicating a risk of collision condition existed. It's hard to tell which traffic is level with you at altitude, so I inquired of Center the altitude of the other aircraft, as it was getting bigger all the time.

No reply. At that point, I decided to take evasive action, and made a hard turn to avoid it, descended 500', and notified Center of my action. No reply.

At that point I transmitted "Center, this is TWA 123, requesting a white male controller, over". Immediately a white man was on with me, calmy reassuring me I had done the right thing, and advsied me of a new heading to resume on course. Meanwhile, the other aircraft whizzed by at my assigned altitude.

I fully expected to be hauled into the Chief Pilot's office for an explanation of my exhibit of sexism, racism, Chauvinism, etc., but NOTHING of the sort happened.

Coontact Tale #293 (March 30, 2005)

Any time blacks take over the jobs, the quality is sure to go down.

My sister's instructor is a black guy but does nothing but tells the students what to do but not how to do it. She said all he does is sit on his ass the entire class time.

Public transportation is used by alot of people in San Fran, even sometimes by people with cars. When the blacks became the majority of the drivers for the buses, they were always late, inconsistent, and rude.

People are not supposed to eat on the subway/train known as the BART. But fat black women with their kids (resembling what is shown on those sites) are eating, open mouthed, making a mess and being LOUD.

I remember a fat chinese woman eating sunflower seeds leaving a pile of shells next to her on the ground. These things happen all the time.

In general, in the mostly non-white neighborhoods, the dirtier and more run down the place.

Coontact Tale #294 (March 30, 2005)

*slow* customer service by negros

There is a paticular Lowes store that i have noticed several of the negros helping customers very slowly and with an attitude like they didnt want to be there. Tonight was the last time i will be going to that store, ill find another even if i have to drive to another town.

We were getting some new things for the house and i had asked a white lady for help, well she was busy and asked her "helper" to assist me. This negress moved slower than molasses, as if on purpose. I had a similar thing happen a few months back at this same store, but with a male negro. He wasnt especially slow moving, just very "reluctant" to move from the spot he was in.

long story short, i wont be going back there, at least not when i have the family with me. I might go back and specificially ask for help from one of the negros when i am by myself. Then, just like I do when a mule becomes stubborn or slow...i will whisper something "special" in their ear to see if they move quicker.

Im in my 30's and even i can remember negros being much more polite and courteous to my grandparents when we went to a store. nowdays, they got the "screw you whitey" look everywhere you turn.

Coontact Tale #295 (April 9, 2005)

This happened no more than 30 minutes ago..

I loaded the dryer (I'm doing laundry), grabbed the DVD's I rented last night, some garbage I had to take out and hopped in the truck. Dumped the garbage and drove over to Blockbuster to see if I could find something that didn't suck to watch tonight. Before I left the house, I stuck a stainless Walther PPK/S in .380 in my jacket pocket and made sure I had my CCW on me, as always.

So I pull into the parking lot. All the handicapped spots are taken (figures) so I had to park across the lot, about 100 feet from the entrance.

Near the entrance were two buck niggers, maybe 17 to 19 years old and all decked out in baggy pants, Fubu shirts, sideways hats, etc. They weren't next to the entrance, but about 25 feet off to the side. I get out and gimp up to Blockbuster and go inside, watching them watch me the whole time (I had sunglasses on, so they didn't see me looking at them).

I find two movies that only partially suck (Troy and The Village), pay for my movies and gimp out and towards my truck. The niggers are gone.

I get to my truck, unlock the driver's door and hear: "Hey, you got da time?"

I turn to look off to my right and here comes the two niggers from about 20 feet away. They were behind a big SUV that was near my truck. One was half smiling.

I opened the door to my truck and got halfway behind it, putting it between them and me and stuck my hand in my pocket, grabbing the Walther but not pulling it. I gave them the most evil look I could come up with and said "No, I don't." The two niggers stopped. Half-Smile said "Whatchoo mean you aint got da time?"

I said "I don't have the time" and just stared at them. I flipped the safety off on the Walther, which makes a fairly loud "click" noise and said "I'm leaving now."

The two niggers just stood there. I climbed in my truck without taking my eyes off them, shut and locked the doors. They were backing off, but one yelled "yeah, okay next time muhfucker" or something like that.

I blew them a kiss and drove here. First thing I did was call the police and report their asses (leaving out the "I have a pistol" part... saying that there are two niggers hanging around in a parking lot waiting for nothing is enough to get a unit to show up and shoo them away or make their lives interesting).

It just goes to show you that you need to carry a gun! Those of you who are old enough and don't have one, get yourself a damn CCW and carry every day! Did the two niggers do anything against the law? Unfortunately, no. They just asked me for the time. Of course, I wasn't about to let them get any closer to me, and you can bet your ass I'm not going to Blockbuster anymore, except for early mornings and mid-afternoon.

If either one of them had a weapon showing and were closer than the magic "21 feet", I would have been legal if I had used deadly force. But no weapon was showing, so technically they were not a "threat", even though we all know what they were trying to pull.

Heed my advice: Buy a good, dependable handgun (it doesn't have to be cutting edge or really expensive.. an old S&W Model 10 in .38 Spl will do you until you can upgrade). Buy a good concealable hoster and a shitload of ammo and go practice your ass off. Then get your CCW and carry every day. Find a like minded cop and get him to tell you the ins and outs of "shoot, no shoot" situations so you don't do anything stupid, dangerous or something that gets your ass tossed in jail so you can be Darnell's girlfriend and get AIDS. Stoke your pistol with good ammo: Cor-Bons, Glazers, Gold Dots, Talons, etc.. and practice, practice, practice! Practice till your hands hurt and you get callouses on your fingers. Practice until the powder residue on your hands is so deep that you can't wash it away.. it has to grow off or wear away. Practice until it feels like an extension of your own body.

Pistolcraft is a martial skill just as important and hard to master as any "real" martial art like Aikijutsu, Aikido, Judo, Taikwando, Escrima, etc.. keep your wits about you, know the law, and do not let them get any closer to you than they already are.

Did I make a mistake (no jokes please)? Yes. I did not check my rear. I assumed there were only two, and there were, but I could have easily been wrong and now in the hospital or dead instead of posting this on a blog. Next time, I will listen to that little nagging voice in the back of my head and not walk into an ambush like that again.

That little voice you hear from time to time is your survival instinct. We don't hear it as often as we should, but when it speaks up, please listen.

I don't want any of you becoming a statistic.

The write of this Coontact Tale followed up with excellent advice I felt was important enough to publish here.


Nobody wants them to happen, but they do.

A few more words of advice, if you all are willing to listen for a moment longer...

* If a nigger (or any mud) says anything to you, do not ask him a question in reply. This will only give them an excuse to either talk smack and distract you, or to create a situation where he can claim you 'dissed him'. If they mumble, ignore them.

* Make short, forceful statements. "I am leaving" "No", "Yes", "Goodbye".. all these leave no opportunity for an opening. Plus, niggers attention spans are notoriously short. And they're stupid. Don't use big words or try to get cute.

* Try to put something between you and them. Car door, vehicle, park bench, mailbox, anything large and heavy that will prevent them from getting within arms reach, even if only temporarily. It's harder for them to outflank you if you cut their approach off.

* Your car is your ally. If approached, floor it. Drive over the curb, sidewalk or bushes to avoid being trapped. As a last resort, aiming for your opponant will usually make them think twice.

* If you must use deadly force (no knives... too much effort to quickly end a confrontation), remember: Front sight, PRESS. Don't get cute. Two in the chest, one in the head. Practice this drill.

* Make yourself aware of everything around you at all times. Even from above. When I was in Panama, the skells would drop rocks or cinderblocks from 2nd story windows and aim for the police walking below. After they were knocked sprawling, a second skell would strip ammo, pistol, radio, money, etc.. off the dead or unconscious body. Don't allow yourself to get pinned.

* If like above, you suspect there are niggers waiting for you, there is nothing that says you can't stay where you are, pick up the phone and make a phone call. Make an anonymous phone call to the police about a couple of suspicious characters.

* The fastest draw is the one where the gun is already in your hand. If you have the right pistol, you can have your finger on the trigger and it be ready to fire right through your clothing (S&W 640) without having to draw. The Walther I carry runs the risk of trapping fabric in the slide and jamming. But I have at least one shot, which will gain me time to retreat and clear it.

* Keep your ammo fresh and use the appropriate type. Hardball ammunition is almost guaranteed to work in semi-auto's all the time, but is less effective against motivated targets. It does not expand. Make damn sure your ammo will work under all kinds of circumstances and is effective against your opponant.

* Your choice of weapon is important. Reliability is more important than lots of bullets. Revolvers are, on balance, more powerful than their counterparts and almost never jam, are not disabled by a bad round and do not have safeties to forget about. I carried professionally for years, and have carried for over a decade as of this writing. I carry revolvers most of the time.

* If you get involved in an incident and you are forced to use deadly force, do not talk to the police or make a statement until you talk to a lawyer. If you absolutely must say something, say: "I was trying to stop him (them)". Under no circumstances say: "I shot to kill him" or even the word "kill". They will use that against you.

Hope this helps some. Good luck.

Coontact Tale #296 (April 9, 2005)

Well, all this site has taught me is that TNB doesn't change from one place in the world to the other.

I grew up in an all-white town in Michigan. I had never had any real contact with people of non-caucasian descent in my life until I moved away at age twenty to attend college. Now, I was majoring in psychology, and I happen to be a very liberal woman. My father, who served twenty years in the United States Army, taught me that you don't judge a person based on the color of his skin... you look inside that person. I will agree with those wise words to an extent.

After I graduated, I worked in a city hospital, on the pediatric psychiatry unit. My nurse manager is your typical angry, racial, lazy, nigger woman who was actually heard saying "If *hospital name* would only get rid of all the goddamned whites, it would be a better hospital!" Really. A hospital where no one works, never gets cleaned, and where the doctors and nurses can't read? They can't give you medicine, but they'll give you all the fresh needles for your heroine that you can stand!

I left there and haven't looked back. I was also a domestic violence counselor in a secured shelter for women and children running from abusive situations. Better than 75% of the women served there are black. I can't tell you how many times they would come to our shelter, claim abuse (because that is the only condition required for a woman to stay), take clothing and money from our program to get set up in another house, just to invite their "abuser" back in. I learned the hard way that all they wanted was for someone else to get them back on their feet after they smoked away the rent money or foudn out they were too ugly to prostitute themselves out for REAL cash.

Now I work with troubled teenagers and their parents or legal guardians. Again, about 95% of our clients are underemployed or unemployed. About 90% of those people are black. The number of teenage girls under the age of sixteen that come in pregnant, addicted to drugs, full of STD's, and so on is amazing. What I admit I was surprised to learn (oh how naive I was back in the day) that they are just like their parents. A nigger woman coming in demanding that we do something about her kid, because she is too busy living off the system with yet another unemployed crack head, taking care of her seven other illigitimate coonlings, and bouncing from one eviction notice to another. They are so strung out on drugs, have prostituted thier kids out for crack money, have never had a job, can't read or write, beat their kids regularly because they have no ability or desire to be responsible parents...and they A) can't understand why their brats don't respect them, and B) want ME to do something about it. I actually had a grown male of that species demand that I take his juvenile offspring to court because the kid kept stealing dad's weed! He got pissed at me because I told him that it was against the law for him to have drugs anyway, and that the court would haul his bony ass off to jail.

That is all in a typical day at work for me. I tried to be tolerant, understanding, and mindful of the poor conditions many people in this country face. However, on any given day, I can pick out dozens of blatant examples of where the nigger stereotypes come from. I didn't start out racist...and I don't think I am really a racist now... niggers come in all colors, and white trash really does exist. I am just more aware and a hell of a lot less tolerant and liberal towards them.

Thank you for helping other naive folks like myself see that we are not alone in our observations, and are not wrong for feeling as angry as we do about all of the segregation that blacks demand on the one hand (black university scholarships, NAACP, etc) and continue to complain about on the other.

Pissed off on a regular basis in Michigan.

"When age fell upon the world, and wonder went out of the minds of men; when grey cities reared to smoky skies tall towers grim and ugly, in whose shadow none might dream of the sun or of Spring's flowering meads; when learning stripped Earth of her mantle of beauty, and poets sang no more save of twisted phantoms seen with bleared and inward-looking eyes; when these things had come to pass, and childish hopes had gone away for ever, there was a man who traveled out of life on a quest into the spaces whither the world's dreams had fled."
- H.P.L.
Written June 1922
Published 1938 in Leaves, Vol. 2: p. 107.

Coontact Tale #297 (April 9, 2005)

A coontact story from a continent away...

Recently, I experienced firsthand one of those Internet scams that originate in Africa - usually Nigeria. So the scam goes something like this: I'm informed by e-mail that I've won a share of a prize package worth 27 Million Euros from a South African Lottery - 1.8 Million Euros to be exact. My name, and those of the other winners, was picked at random from several thousand forms sent to America, Europe, and Australia. But due to some confusion over the winning numbers, it's best to keep this all to myself for now until all the details can be verified. In the meantime, can I send in my name address, banking information (for depositing purposes obviously!!), etc?

Here's what I replied to the return e-mail address: "**Take your scam and shove it up your fat black ass, nigger**". I was sure I wouldn't get a reply, but hey, it felt great to just get that message out. Damned if the next morning the wog at the other end didn't send me a message back! "Pay your reparations or !!!!!!!, white puss**". Reparations! So that's what they're calling it! It's not really a scam, just a way to get something back from the white devils who are responsible for the conditions of blacks in that basket case, hell hole of a continent - and the rest of the world for that matter. Well, now I feel so much better, knowing that the suckers who fall for this scheme are just giving back what's rightfully owed to those poor, victimized people.

At any rate, full marks to the dude from Africa for enlightening and entertaining me.

A thoroughly amused Canadian.

It is good to remember anything out of Africa is a scam.

The lastest scam niggers have been using is to use Ebay, and other auction sites, to steal money from people by using "Cashiers Check" overpayments.

Here is how it works.

A nigger finds an automobile on Ebay he purchases for $3,500.00 (he doesn't care about the amount as long as he wins the auction) and then he will tell you he is transporting this automobile overseas somewhere. You are told you will receive a "Cashiers Check" and as promised the check shows up in the mail a few days later.

A problem though, the check is made out for a considerable amount more then the purchase of the item (they will buy anything) usually just under the $10,000.00 IRS cash reporting limit. In this case you are likely to received a cashiers check in the amount of $13,000.00.

Opps, a problem!

Said nigger will email you advising you his accountant made an error and if you would please cash the check and wire the $9,000.00 (keeping $500 for yourself for the "trouble") to Mr. Obujukuo Obami.

This isn't a problem because it is a "Cashiers Check", right?


The check appears good so you take it to the bank and they cash it... must be good if they cashed it, right?

Wrong again.

Since the bank cashed it it must be good so being the honest person you are you wire $9,000.00 to Mr. Obujukuo Obami thanking your good fortune at picking up an easy $500.00. This is the last time you hear from the nigger.

A week later the bank informs you the "Cashiers Check" was fraudulent, they clean out what money you have in your account and demand you pay up the difference.

Are you stuck?

You better believe you are.

You are responsible for making that check good because you are the one who presented it. You just been screwed out of $9,000.00 and you can thank your lucky stars if the bank knew you well enough not to call the police to arrest you.

A little secret. U.S. banking laws require FDIC banks honor all Cashiers Checks on the spot... they are required to treat them as cash and all they will do is take a good look at it... it it looks legitimate they will cash it immediately leaving you on the hook.

Don't fall for this scam and if you get a "overpayment" check cash it if you want but wait a full 10 to 14 business days before wiring any money anywhere.

Another thing they do is make a purchase for computers or something using the same "Cashiers Check" scam and all to often the supplier not only cashes the check wiring overpayment but ships out computers and other goods as well.

The nigger earns his name everyday!

Coontact Tale #298 (April 9, 2005)

Bro, love the site! I have a few good tales to tell you, but this one is probably the most typical example I can offer. Use it well :)

(Thank you, it is a labor of love).

About 1:30 am Jan 15, 2005 I went to a local convienience store for some food. I came out and a taxicab was parked very close to my Dodge Dakota. The nigger driver seemed to be asleep behind the wheel. I got in and was about to pull out when I heard him say "What the fuck you lookin at?" I looked back at him and he was staring at me. He said it again followed by "You got a fucking problem?". Why is it that whenever you even look at a nigger those are always the first two things they seem to say? I backed out and got his tag number, figuring to give an angry call to his boss, and noticed he was still staring belligerantly at me. I opened the door and asked him if the phone number on the side of the taxi was current, me said "yeah..", so i demanded to know his name. He got out of the car and started coming towards me, all the while running his yap with "you got a fucking problem>>" and the like. This boon was 50 years old and weighed about 400 lbs, all in the midsection. I got back in the truck and drove to the other side of the parking lot, to the pay phones. As I pulled away he yelled "yeah you get the fuck outta here bitch". I had decided that calling his boss wasn't going to cut it. i called the cops instead. Now, here in suburban Phila the cops by and large have a good attitude about niggers, and I am friends with a few, including the local chief. In the city the cops would have taken his side, but not here! As I started dialing 911 the nigger came stomping up to me and demanding to know "who the fuck do you think you are", ect. since he thought I was calling his boss. When he heard me ask for the police he got even more irate and grabbed the phone from my hand and began screaming at the 911 operator. not smart. The cops arrived and began sorting things out. There were about 6 of them and 2 off them I knew. Of course the nigger lied like a rug and claimed he had done nothing to provoke me, and he had NO idea at ALL why i would be calling the cops, but the 911 tape will tell a different story, since it mostly contains him shouting at me and calling me names.

Here is the funny part..

The 911 operator heard his yelling and said " I'm guessing this guy is black, right?" I said "yepp". The operator knew the score.

The cops who knew me also know I am licensed to carry, and you should have SEEN this niggers face when the cops asked to hold my Smith and Wesson .357 magnum while they did the interviews. Monkeyboy said at least 3 or 4 time "Shiit if I knew he was packing i wuddenve 've said nuthing".

Now, I also had pepper spray and a bigass MagLite handy. If this incident had not happened outside of a store I had just vacated, where everyone knew me, this nigger would have gotten a facefull of MACE and the beating of a lifetime.

The cops were ALL white, they are charging the nigger with Disorderly. I tried to get them to add Harrassment and Simple Assault to it as well but no dice. Since the moolie was on the job for a taxi company I will likely have some claim against them for liability, especially if it turns out he has any diciplinary marks on his employment record-- SUE EM!

The cops were impressed..all my papers were legal, the gun was registered, there were plenty of witnesses and the 911 call as evidence, and even though the shitskin lied about starting the whole thing he was still TOO STUPID to think to claim I had called him a nigger (which I had not).

The moral of the story..don't lose your cool. The temptation to mace this coon and beat the shit out of him was definatley there, but the situation was too close to home and there were too many people.

I won. No "hate crime" charges, no BS legal defense fees, no white man in jail for taking care of righteous business, just one pissed off nigger out 300.00$ and likely his job, plus more if I can manage. !


PS, he pled Not Guilty and I had to go to court a month later. He totally fabricated his side of the story, claiming that I had stood and 'glared at him' for several minutes before he said a word, and even turned the whole thing around by saying "Ahh dunno whut ahh could've dun to set dis guy off''. Finally the cop asked him a few pointed questions that contradicted his testimony and made him out to be a liar. The judge said she would mail him the decision. The judge is a bitch with a very half-assed attitude about her job, but hopefully it went right this time.

At least this chickenstuffer will think twice before starting shit with a stranger at 1 AM.

If you post this report I will be glad to send a few more, i worked in security and retail for years, believe me I have a bunch to tell!

Coontact Tale #299 (April 10, 2005)

Coontact Tales #299 and #300 are stories from South Africa the land of which TNB runneth over. Imagine being outnumbers by niggers 10 to 1.

I am a white guy from South Africa.

You should be glad in the US and other parts of the world that the pale skins still outnumber the flatnoses.

Here WE are outnumbered 10 to 1.

Do you know how frustrating it is to be surrounded by thick as brick, smelly as shit dark greens?

Look in the paper for a job and all you see is "AA" or "EE" (Affirmative Action, Employment Equity).

Basically saying, "If you are white, dont bother applying coz you wont even get an interview."

Now it may just be me, but isnt this racism??

Oh of course not, silly me, racism only happens in one direction. Racism against people of colour, IE the ones that smell a lot is just so evil and the whole world gangs up against you for it.

But racism against white people is just fine and dandy and no one says a word. In fact in South Africa now it is law!!

A look at the "Employment act" which every company has to have displayed for their staff, proudly notes in one line that no -one will be judged based on creed, colour, sex, age, religion, etc etc.

But at the end of the line it says "...except in the case of AA/EE." Translation: "South Africa is racism free, except when we wogs decide otherwise."

"We are all equal, except for AA/EE which is a way of saying the kaffirs are too fucking stupid to get jobs fair and square against the whites, so the government has to help them get jobs by making racism legal once more. Sorry, not racism, I meant to say policy, as afterall it benefits the wogs.

If you think one or two darkies in the States brings down the service quality. Just think what 40 million of the fuckers are doing to service levels in South Africa.!!

Last year I went for an interview. It went well and the guy said, " I can promise anything but its looking good" 2 Days later I get a phone call "I am sorry but we are being forced to take on a black guy".

About 2 months later another phone call. "The kaffir has totally fucked up coz he is so fucking thick, do you still want the job?"

Ok he didnt really say that. He was thinking it, but didnt say it.

Since the end of the evil that was apartheid, things have just gone downhill here. I would just like to mention here that in the 'old days' the boons were far better off. Hospitals for them were huge and fully stocked.

The Baragwanath hospital here in Johannesburg is the biggest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. Used to have the top surgeons and doctors. In fact doctors from all over the world used to go there for trauma experience, as the damage one kaffir can do to another is found in copious quantities here. This hospital built exclusively for the darkies by the previous "evil" government.

So evil, they built the wogs some of the best hospitals and schools in the world. Where are they now?

"Bara.." is a ghost of its former self. Everything has been stolen. From sheets to x-ray machines, there is fuck all left!!

Here a kaffir will steal anything that is not nailed down. And if it is, will steal a hammer, remove the nails and then steal it.

Last Saturday I was on my way to work, on a very busy road. Not a highway, but its 3 lanes of busy traffic. At one traffic light I looked to my right and there was this black savage ripping the steel inspection panel off a streetlight. Broad fucking daylight!

He would sell it as scrap for a couple of bucks. That cost of that plate has to come out of my tax money!

Do you think any of the other boons in close vicintity would even think of stopping him. No, coz he is black. One nigger will not in any circumstance stop another nigger committing a crime.

If I were to ask them where the money will come from to replace the plate, they would say the government. If I asked where the government got the money from, they would say "The government prints the money, so they can just print some more" Yes, I have heard this... "The government prints the money, so why cant they print more and give everyone some?"

Black taxis here are a law unto themselves. They are mini buses capable of carrying 15 smelly chocolates at once. I say capable as they are most times overloaded to the hilt. It is not uncommon for police to find 20-30 people crammed inside one of these things. Of course I use the term "people" in its broadest sense here.

We have the one of the highest death tolls in the world. Most of these are made up of accidents involving taxis.

Red lights and stop streets are just suggestions to these assholes. All the white people waiting patiently in a right turn only lane... Here comes an over loaded kaffir bus down the straight only lane, passes all the traffic and turns right in front of them. Why must I wait in line?? My dark brothers run the country now. !!

One taxi, and I promise I kid you not, was pulled over for inspection and the cops found the taxi boasted the latest in CARDBOARD brake pads !! Pig shit brains probably thought that real brake pads were so over rated, so hey lets use some cardboard ones, they are a lot cheaper.

Of course they dont have insurance so if one of them hits you, of which there is a pretty good chance of it happening, you are fucked and wont get a cent out of them. The only good thing, when they have accidents which is a daily happening. They can remove at least 20 non-reflectives from the planet in one go.

Most of the black taxis here are Toyota HI-ACE's. HI-ACE in South Africa, stand for High Impact African Culling Equipment.

Copper phone lines are stolen faster than the phone company can replace them. Manhole covers vanish all the time. A friend of mine who works for Johannesburg Water says that so many of their brass padlocks were being stolen they are now using PLASTIC padlocks so the boons wont steal them.

We have a president who is never in the fucking country. He is always globe trotting trying to sort out the rest of Africas problems.

Which will never happen. One boon will not take orders from another boon. Here in SA there are dozens of different tribes.

The Xhosa tribe will never live in harmony with the Zulu's and so on.

We have an ex president Mandela, who is revered the world over even though he was a terrorist. When the world embraces Bin-Laden of Saddam Hussein as great leaders, then I would say they know what they are talking about.

In the 80's a bomb went off in a pub in Durban, killing many innocent people. Just remember that in South Africa, the majority of the white population were against apartheid as anybody else was.

But the ANC bombed the shit out of them. Killing and maiming many.

Guess where the asshole is that planted the bomb in the pub???


Who says crime doesnt pay !!

These things still burn women as witches.

They sleep with their beds on empty paint tins as they are afraid that the "tokolosh" will get them in the night if they dont. Tokolosh is an evil imp. They rape babies and children like it is a national sport. Animals too. They rape babies and children coz they believe that having sex with a virgin will cure them of AIDS. And seeing that most boons start fucking at about age 5 they have to find younger ones to make sure they are still virgins.

If you get carjacked, they usually shoot you for the fun of it. Coz even if they get caught, they dont spend much time in jail. In fact at the moment President Thabo stupid kaffir Mbeki is considering releasing 28 000 criminals from jail !! A lot of them "lifers" Dont make me laugh !

If they rob you in your house, they will usually also rape your wife/girlfriend and then put bullets in you.

We say they are like animals, but thats an insult to animals. They are lower than animals.

One good thing, around 50% of them have AIDS. But its so fucking SLOW. Cant someone make AIDS work a bit faster??

Next time you are around one or 2 of the smelly fat ass, KFC eating fuckers. Just think of us poor 2 million whiteys in SA who have to put up with 40 million of them. !!!!

Coontact Tale #300 (April 10, 2005)

My white South African self here again.

Another story which fits with your site.

The postal service in SA leaves a lot to be desired. SA has a huge European population. White people like us that have come out from Europe to build up the country so it can be handed to them to fuck up like the rest of Africa.

Anyway, due to this large "foreign" population there is a large amount of mail from familes to families. This includes cards, letters. Of course a grandmother in UK would put in Ten Pounds into the birthday card for the grandchild. Things like that.Of course these things were going missing at an astonishing rate. Not just cards, but things like cheque payments, credit cards. You name it they stole it.

There is a TV programme here called "Carte Blanche" a bit like the USA's "60 Minutes" they do in depth reporting and digging up the dirt.

In conjuntion with the Post Office, they installed hidden cameras in the main sorting office in Johannesburg. They caught these kaffirs, one after another. Opening mail, examining what was inside. Putting back the boring stuff and helping themselves to the contents of the good stuff. Even putting parcels aside under desks to be perused later at their leisure.

This footage was then shown to their union officials who jumped up and down like a gorilla after a banana. They said "so what, we were not made aware of the cameras so it is illegal and there is nothing you can do about it".

Of course you weren't fucking made aware of it you stupid Zot. That was the whole point.

I am not racist, I just hate the fuckers.

One rule for the nig nogs and another rule for everyone else. And if you try to point it out that they are being assholes/theives/bad mannered/rude/smelly/obnoxious, they play the race card faster than you can say "I want to stuff this .44 Magnum up your ass and pull the trigger".

I have been reading the stories on your site, and have come to the conclusion that 400 years of being out of the bush have not helped in the slightest. There is a saying, "You can take the nigger out of the bush, but you cant take the bush out of the nigger".

This can be seen in every country in the world where there are niggers, there is the same shit going on. They are like black locusts. Decend on a perfectly good country/city/suburb/sucessful business and withing days its fucked, ne'er to be the same.

One thing that makes me laugh coming out of the States. "Blacks are the minority, but yet the people in jail are majority black." Like they want a crime discount or something. "yeah ok, 10 niggers committed the crime but we will only send 3 of you to jail otherwise you will be the majority jail population and we cant have that now can we?"

If someone could just engineer Ebola with AIDS and make it attack wogs only. What a wonderful place this planet would be.

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