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Coontact Tale #1,254 (02-25-2008)

Goat Transport - The Niggerculture Way

Texas Coontact Tale #2

I grew up on a farm in a rural community that 100% human, so my Coontacts in younger years were limited to interaction with the beasts that worked for my father at a large company in the DFW area. As this was a manufacturing concern, he had lots of coons working there at any time, and niggerfuxation was a constant topic at the dinner table in my youth. Occasionally some of the niggers were employed to do tasks at the farm, thus producing my first eye-opening Coontacts.

One that I recall as vividly as if it were yesterday, even though it occurred in the very early 1970s, involved a billy goat that my Dad had acquired in a swap. We raised horses and cows, so the goat was an anomaly on our farm and we didn't really know what to do with it. Now this goat was not one of the little faggoty-looking goats that people like to raise and fuss over nowadays, this was the ugly stinking scruffy type that looked almost exactly like the billy goats in the old cartoons.

We quickly learned that the goat was completely useless. In addition to an absolutely horrifying odor, it had a penchant for trying to butt you and knock humans over- as well as any calf, dog, colt, or chicken it ran across. The miserable beast would get "excited" and run its unit out while engaged in these pursuits, and if you have never dealt with such a goat before let me tell you it is almost impossible to convince them to stop their idiocy - they are extremely strong and scrappy, and as stubborn as a sack full of hammers. In short, they are the niggers of the farm world. (Helpful hint: I was a young lad at the time and not happy about the goat knocking the hell out of me every time I went down to feed and water, so I resorted to my own improvised animal control methods. A few BB's to the dick from the trusty Red Ryder quickly convinced the goat to stay the hell away from me. All I had to do was walk out of the barn with that BB rifle in my hand and the goat would get the hell out of Dodge at high speed.

My Dad soon tired of the goat's niggershines, and asked around at work if anyone wanted it. One of his niggers jumped on the free goat like a chicken on a june bug, and that very weekend up our gravel road rolls a brilliantly polished new Cadillac Eldorado. Out jumps an old silverback in greasy coveralls, who my Dad instructs me to take down to the barn and get the goat.

Like any farm kid, instructions like this filled me with sinking despair knowing that I was in for yet another LITERAL goat-rope which would produce lots of work for me. Since the nigger didn't bring a truck or trailer, I figured it would be me catching the goat, me putting it in the trailer, and then Dad and me hauling if off to Niggerland as my treasured Saturday evaporated into another day of drudgery. So down to the barn I go, Red Ryder in one hand, rope in the other, silverback following behind babbling in what sounded like James Brown Swahili: "Hizzle! HUHH! Bhgoobadad"

I quickly corner the goat and rope it, which is something billy goats don't take kindly to. It puts up a bit of a fight, but a few quick loops over the back with the remaining rope and I had it trussed up and laying on the ground. I figured then that we would get the trailer and throw it in, but to my surprise the silverback walks up, picks up the goat in his arms, and heads back to the house. I trail along with Red Ryder in hand, and watch in silent mystification as the nigger reaches his Cadillac, sets the goat down, removes the rope from its feet, then throws it into the back seat.

The goat, not accustomed to such transport or handling, put up a good fight. As the nigger attempted to close the door, the goat whirled around and butted him in the chest and nearly knocked him down. Cussing, the shitskin held it off with one hand and fought to close the door with the other. Eventually he succeeded, and stood there panting as the trapped goat rampaged around inside his car. After catching his breath, went to the driver's side, and repeated the process trying to get in, only this time he had to hold the goat by the horns with one hand while trying to get into the seat. It took him several minutes of struggle, but eventually he was able to close the door and drive his Caddy off with his free goat inside. I would be surprised if he made it home with any of the interior upholstery intact, for the goat was really pitching a fit.

By this time my parents had come out of the house to watch the rodeo, and stood there in silence as the Caddy departed. Eventually my Dad uttered a phrase which was to come to mind again and again in various situations in years to come:


Coontact Tale #1,255 (02-25-2008)

Nigger wipes snot on bus window

I thought to commemorate my return I would begin with a truly lovely coontact I had earlier this month on the city bus. It is disgusting, but what better post to make to illustrate the depravity of your friend and mine- the nigger?

Just a few days after I left here, I had to take the bus downtown because Angela was at work. I was riding along feeling a little bummed out due to recent events. A couple seats ahead of me was one of our special recently imported Somalian niggers. This bitch was rooting around in her beak like she was digging for gold. Every few seconds she would pull out whatever treasure she had found and smear it on the window beside her. From the look of it, she had mined quite the collection of nose-goblins...

A little old white lady who had to be at least 80 was sitting across from her staring in disbelief. I just smiled. I am no longer shocked or disgusted by niggers. My previous tenure here at Niggermania pretty much desensitized me.

I was smiling and thought to myself, "Lady, if you think thats bad, you ought to check out the Crime section at Niggermania. It made me think of you guys.

Coontact Tale #1,256 (02-25-2008)

"Efferam te aethipois!"- Latin for: I will throw out/bury/cast away you nigger!

So Thursday I am sitting in my economics class, sitting in the back by myself, bored as hell just taking notes and half-paying attention (econ is very tangental to my major.)

In comes this little punk ass gangster wannabe nigger that has to sit right next to me, he sits down and immediately starts playing with his iphone (or whatever the hell it is, I don't even wear a watch.) The whole time he is shucking and jiving in his seat, I look over and he writing some sort of rap lyrics into his phone.

Now we are in a class that for success detail orientation is a must and notes are important, he has nothing on his desk! He is not even pretending to be a student (I guess he is going for business so he can be a businessman n' shit.)

Now I know niggers are easily freaked, so I start doodling in my notebook violent and gory images and muttering under my breath "Avesne Imperium Satani, aethiopis?" (Why don't you hail Satan's power nigger?) and other stuff to make the monkey uncomfortable.

It worked well enough for his ass to stop fidgeting and annoying me.

Fucking niggers, they must cheat their asses off to get through college, I am guessing that the BSU has standard cheat sheets for distribution courses.

Coontact Tale #1,257 (02-25-2008)

Coontact From The Summer of 2003

In the summer of 2003, my brother and I went to my aunt's house to stay there for a week in Broken Arrow, OK. This is an aunt that spoils us, so she took us places like a waterpark and took us out to eat at restaurants almost every day. One place she also took us was this place called Celebration Station or something like that. It had go-carts, bumper boats, mini golf and some other stuff. We arrived there one morning and there was a bus there from a church. We paid our admission fees to get in and went to stay in line at the go-carts. Guess what the church bus was full of? Nothing but niggers. The niggers from the bus were standing in line at the go-carts and we got in line behind them. They were all teenapers. We were just waiting our turn patiently. A batch of niggers would get off of the go-carts and get back in line, and guess what? They would all cut us. They did this a few times and I told them that they can't cut and they just ignored me. We went to get the manager and he came back and said that they couldn't cut. As niggers do, they denied it and said that they weren't even cutting. The manager stayed out there for quite a while and the cutting stop. I didn't see it, but my brother said that one of the niggers cut in line a little later and the manager ripped her wristband off that she needed in order to go on any of the rides. This was probably my first personal dose of coontact. I already knew that niggers were lower than us before it happened, though. The bad thing also is that the nigger church director didn't even try to keep them under control. Damn niggers!


Coontact Tale #1,258 (02-26-2008)

The Life And Times Of Mankind:Coontact Summary

I think I started out like most of you here. That niggers were just put down because of their skin by the media. I always felt dirty around niggers. Even when I didnt know alot of them. When one would by me on the street,I'd feel like I had worms crawling on me.In my mind I thought I was just being prejudice.Now I know it was my natural response of stay away from niggers.

Coontact one:

When I was about 16 I started being a "rowdy" teenager. I started to experience girls,parties,staying out late,and the "hell with school" rebellion attitude.Mike(not real name but the nigger lover I posted about) and I started drinking and smoking weed during these days.He met all types of niggers to get the beer and stuff.I was kind of a pussy. Mike wanted me to tag along for the ride and "chill wit sum of dem home boyz".I was like "No,Im not going screw that."He finally convinced me to go along with him.We got to the house and it was nigger chaos. Loud music,all types of drugs,and just annoying in general.I experienced every type of TNB in one night. Lying,stealing,breaking the law,etc etc. The niggers pushed me around and were saying "dis muthafucka beez a po po n sheet". I started laughing.Cause I was only 16 and not even old enough to be a cop.I told the niggers that. They were like "yoo musta bee a CI or sum sheet".They had these looks in their eyes like I was the devil. But then they'd have such mood swings and try to get some "bank" off me. When I wouldnt give it a chimpout would occur. I told Mike lets get outta here.He said "they were just busting on me and to chill out."As soon as I could I got outta there and walked home. It took me awhile to get home but I did. I thought all the way home.I had "white guilt" and thought maybe I did something wrong to offend them.But how wrong I was. This wasent even the beginning of me troubles.


Coontact Tale #1,259 (02-26-2008)

Gigantic sheboon sighting.

I was driving home from work today when I spotted the beast.

She was at least 400 lbs, about 5.5' tall and was sporting a purple hairweave. She was literally ROUND.

I'm really surprised the sidewalk wasn't cracking under her hooves.

Apes my ass. This thing looked like it was part wildebeast.

Anyone heard any mention of this from US Geological Survey? Any record of this on the Richter Scale?

Coontact Tale #1,260 (02-27-2008)

Surgery Coontact

A brief true coontact tale from long ago. Back in the 80's I had to go for hernia surgery in Miami. I was heavy into pot and acid (never did much else) and had a high tolerance for drugs. I told the anesthesiologist to make sure I was out cold and that I had a high tolerance, he laughed, put the gas mask on me and that's all she wrote...or so I thought.

When I woke up, I woke up to a dream that I had come out of it and a she-boon was holding me down. A white nurse came in and asked how I was, I said fine. She said "we sure had some trouble with you. You woke up during the procedure and tried to leave the operating table. A nurse tried to hold you down so you wouldn't hurt yourself".

I told her that "I remember waking up and all I saw was an ugly nigress in a showercap trying to rob me, so I punched it on the face, I thought it was all a dream".

The nurse laughed and said yes, I did punch a [email protected] nurse in the face where upon they rushed to knock me out again with harder drugs. I have been afraid of surgery ever since.

I guess I should have sued but I was too naive to know any better back then.

Coontact Tale #1,261 (02-27-2008)

whisk broom incident

Today I was reminded of an incident that my husband told me about that happened in the late 1960's but which is just too hilarious not to share with you folks. My husband grew up in a small, rural southern town and he shares this anecdote about a good ole country boy who ran a small gas station near his home. This was back in the good ole days when you got your windshield cleaned, oil checked and tires checked along with your fill-up at your local gas station. Also as a courtesy they would sweep out your floorboards with a small hand-held broom called a whisk broom. Someone had run off with Bubba's whisk broom one morning and it was weighing heavily on his mind when a carload of nigger sows drove up and one sheboon got out of the car and asked him if he had a REST ROOM. Bubba didn't hear too well and also he had WHISK BROOM on his mind and he told her, "Naw, I ain't got one, but if you'll back up here to this air hose I'll BLOW it OUT for you." The nigger sow slammed Bubba upside his head with her purse three of four times before they drove off in a huff, leaving Bubba perplexed about the situation until a bystander explained to him what she had really said. LOL

Coontact Tale #1,262 (02-27-2008)

False Report of a Gas Drive Off

Last night a friend of mine was at the Chu's Market at Bull St. & Derenne Ave in Savannah, Ga. . He used a credit card to pay for his fuel at the pump . When finished, he took his receipt & departed . A block away @ Montgomery & Derenne he saw Blue Lights behind him . He pulled over & the police Ofc. told him it was reported that he drove off without paying . My friend told the ofc. that he paid at the pump & showed the receipt . The ofc. told my friend to return to the station . The ofc. followed him there . The 2 went inside told talk with the ( you guessed it ) NIGGER clerk on duty .

The NIGGER refused to come out from behind the Bullet Proof Booth because of company policy . The ofc. ordered it to anyway . The ofc. told my friend to show his receipt, which he did . The NIGGER said it didn't matter because my friend didn't pay IT . The ofc then then asked the NIGGER is there any other reason that my friend should be detained any further ? The NIGGER said yes, he has to pay me again . The ofc. told my friend he was free to go & started to berate the NIGGER regarding false reports of crimes, unlawful arrest, misuse of police resources etc etc .

Now here is the biggie .... In order to activate/operate the pump, you either have to use a credit/debit card or prepay inside . So how did my friend steal the fuel in question ?


Coontact Tale #1,263 (02-27-2008)

False Report of a Gas Drive Off

Last night a friend of mine was at the Chu's Market at Bull St. & Derenne Ave in Savannah, Ga. . He used a credit card to pay for his fuel at the pump . When finished, he took his receipt & departed . A block away @ Montgomery & Derenne he saw Blue Lights behind him . He pulled over & the police Ofc. told him it was reported that he drove off without paying . My friend told the ofc. that he paid at the pump & showed the receipt . The ofc. told my friend to return to the station . The ofc. followed him there . The 2 went inside told talk with the ( you guessed it ) NIGGER clerk on duty .

The NIGGER refused to come out from behind the Bullet Proof Booth because of company policy . The ofc. ordered it to anyway . The ofc. told my friend to show his receipt, which he did . The NIGGER said it didn't matter because my friend didn't pay IT . The ofc then then asked the NIGGER is there any other reason that my friend should be detained any further ? The NIGGER said yes, he has to pay me again . The ofc. told my friend he was free to go & started to berate the NIGGER regarding false reports of crimes, unlawful arrest, misuse of police resources etc etc .

Now here is the biggie .... In order to activate/operate the pump, you either have to use a credit/debit card or prepay inside . So how did my friend steal the fuel in question ?

Coontact Tale #1,264 (02-28-2008)

Chimpout At The Dr Office

I had to take my mom to a Nephroligist this morning. She is 82 and has no business driving. We got there about 15 minutes before her appointment. There was a 250+ sheboon sitting in there wasting oxygen and smacking on gum. It had on so bloody much "scent" you almost needed respirator to breath. At just about the time for my mums appointment they called her back. The sows jaw dropped as a look of anger and puzzlement sank in. It groidled up to the receptionist window and starts the niggerwhine, "why dat woman git cawed bfow me?" It sounded like the receptionist had already covered this with the sow. She said, " as I told you before you were late for your appointment, and we have a full schedule. The only way you will be seen is if the dr works you in, or someone cancells, and that is not likely. You are free to make a new appointment"

I was laughing to myself because this office is the only nephrologist in town and it takes about a month to get in. The sheboon reacted as expected and said "aint dis a bunch o shit, i bet if was white id be seed" I could barely contain myself, then it threw its purse down which promptly popped open spilling the contents on the floor. Out came curlers, tampoons, its celphone, change, "perfume" and other assorted nigger goodies, but when I saw the pack of Twinkies I lost it. I busted out laughing loudly, and the boon almost fell over trying to grab her shit rolling on the floor. It axed me what the fuck was I was lookin at. I said ,"im just watching the circus" and laughed even harder.

It managed to gather its shit up and stomped out yelling "mf this, and I be callin de medical bowed." After it hooved on out I looked up at the receptionist window and she was standing there with two nurses watching the show, I gave them a smile and we all busted out laughing.

Coontact Tale #1,265 (02-28-2008)

Jailz an sheet
I haven't been on the inside of jail as an inmate but when I worked in the system, I worked primarily in a woman's jail.

9 out of 10 inmates were niggers.

Working at a women's jail was WORSE than a men's. Buck niggers just want to sleep their time away as much as possible and it affords them that privilege of being the lazy apes that they are except inside the jail. She-boons on the other hand...ALWAYS want to have sex with the officers. All of them want to have sex with the officers, not just the she-boons.

I think the white human inmates wanted to do it because they were bored or because we had a "special duty of care" for the inmates therefore we took on that "protector" role so they fell madly in love with the officers...but the she-boons just wanted to because (and forgive me) "they poosaaay, needz sum attenshun"...

Another interesting fact is that the niggers that had AIDS (and trust me, that was a LOT of them)...would always get with another inmate and I'd catch them together. Their non-HIV partner would KNOW that they had AIDS but they'd still be performing oral sex on each other. They TRULY did NOT care...and this is JAIL...NOT PRISON!!! So, a lot of them were going to be out in less than a year but still wanted to make sure they contracted AIDS before they left. FILTHY FILTHY FILTHY APES!!!

a reader replies:

Unfortunately I also spent a night in jail and witnessed coonery at it's finest. At one point, when I looked to the other cell (I was trying my hardest not to) I saw one taking a shit. He was crying about when the food was comming right after that and said he wanted a juice box. It was pretty clear he had been there many times before.

While I was there another coon entered and his eyes were red like rudolph's nose. He kept snoring, snoring and snoring so loud I told him to shut the fuck up. After that he asked me what time it was and asked one of the guards for food just like the other nigger. After we finally got our food ( I got mine first because I wasn't a cursing nigger), one of the niggers who was complaining about food the whole time threw half of his burger out of the cell onto the floor. He then threw his juice box all over the floor too. Shortly after I was being release I told the guard "I can't believe that ass hole threw all his food everywhere after complaining about being so hungry". The guard told me that "they always do that". He then told me he once saw a nigger shit in the sink and started THROWING it around the cells just like a monkey. Being in jail is a guaranteed coontact and should be avoided at all costs. Run from the cops if you get in trouble or just stay out of it because you will definitely have to deal with niggers no matter what.

Coontact Tale #1,266 (02-28-2008)


Special Needs Human Knows Niggers Are Shit

I stopped by a customer's today to take a couple laptops down to XP...I guess they didn't like Vista. Big shocker, huh?

Anyway, I get into one of the offices and there's this man who's obviously "slow" by human standards, but he's a nice fellow. He cleans the offices and the shop in the adjacent building; I always ask how he's doing and all that stuff.

Then he sees a nigger walking into the shop and he goes, "I don't like those guys", he said.

"Who? What?", I asked, not seeing the nigger walking into the shop.

"You know. B'lack people. They always want something and don't do anything but whine about how they're b'lack and we all should give them things", he said

"Oh yeah, dude. They suck. Worthless", I replied.

Point being, whether you're highly intelligent or a little slower than the rest of us, niggers are detested by all walks of human life.


Coontact Tale #1,267 (02-29-2008)

Bless My Wifes Heart.

We were headed home from work today and stopped at Wal-Mart
for a few things we needed at home.So, my wife pulls the old trick
on me.

A sheboon is checking out our items at the register and my wife gives
me that look gotcha with a mean smile.

She looks at the sheboon and says"My you smell good girl.What are
you wearing? Smells mighty nice!!!

I have been laughing off and on for the past two hours.The sheboon looked
really puzzled with me laughing till I cried while my wife was paying and
helping me control my laughter.

I'll get my wife back next time....

Coontact Tale #1,268 (03-01-2008)

Groids A Miniature Golf Course

This dates back a few years...When my daughter was about
4 or 5 I took her to a local miniature golf course on a Sat
afternoon..We went to the office and I paid the fee to play and
asked if I could use my own putter, They said sure but you've
got to use our golf balls..No problem.. Well we get to the 5th hole
and I hear a ruckus behind me and turn to see 3 teeniggers
with a busted up 9 iron and some dirty golf balls keek-keeking
and ook-ooking around the first hole and generally just acting as
niggers do..Th manager approached them and told them if they
wanted to play they would have to pay and use house equipment.
The burrhead points at me and babbled "He ain't bees usin yo quipment"
The mgr says "yea..But hes using a real putter"..Nigger gos on and
on about how it has a real golf club too and "It bees racisis not to
let him use it" and how they owe them a free game because of how
their being treated ya..ya...ya...ya..
They where asked to leave which of course caused a chimp-out..
Mgr called the sheriff's dept and they arrived in just a few minutes
and asked what was going on..As the Mgr began to explain the nogs
ran over to them and started yelling "He racisis..He racisis!!"
To make a long story short, The niggers caused so much trouble the
deputy did a check on all the nogs..2 had warrants on them and
they found drugs on the other one..They drug them off to jail..The
whole time nigger was yelling "DIS BE RACSIS"!!!


Coontact Tale #1,269 (03-02-2008)

Nigger Drivers

Been a while since I posted any coontacts from niggermart. TO be honest, I think it's the cold weather that keeps those vile bastards inside. Which does make it nice, no niggers=no trouble.

But today, it was a semi nice day, wasn't too cold (bout 50) and the sun was shining. I went out to wash the road salt off my car when it happened...BOOM and my car was HIT by a nigger sow.

It all started great, went out with the old man to get some breakfast (thought about the Hardees but remember dear readers, they had the magic nigger who could change sausage to ham wif her nigga mind) so we went to IHOP, and guess what? NO NIGGERS! Amazing!

When I got home, I wanted to take my car to wash off the road salt. I then head out to the local car wash and was sitting at a red light when BOOOOM! something hit me from behind shoving me thru the intersection. God damn it I yell and look in the rear view mirror to see a god damn nigger sow huffing and puffing cussing for all it's worth. I just sat there, shaking my head. You know this nigger has NO insurance. Bout that time, nigger throws the car in reverse and pulls my car back. I guess the bumpers were hooked or something when RIPPPP...and off comes her front bumper clanging in the road. I then got my first view of the niggermobile. Big Delta 88 like a 80 model, one of those land yachts. She whips around me and heads down the road. I think to myself, she's leaving and gonna claim it wasn't her. The guy who owned the car wash comes out and gets her tag number and asks if I'm hurt. "Nah, just pissed off" I tell him. He tells me to just sit in the car, just in case I've got whiplash or something.

In a few minutes the local Po Po arrives and starts in with the paperwork. He askes if I seen who hit me and I tell him, was a fuckin nigger sow. I describe the car and tell him she drove off in this general direction. The guy who owned the car wash gives them the number and in a few min, another cruiser comes with sow in back seat. They went to the house (bout 3 blocks away) and got this fat nigger out of her house, and was taking her to the station for leaving the scene of an accident. She tells the cop exactly this:

"Aint no way dat white cracker seens mez inna car. I was asleep on da couch when you'unz beat the damn dor off the hinges. I thought I seez dis cracka bitch throwing a beer canz down apter dat accident"

After her self confession I didn't have to say another word. She did it all to herself. I don't know all the charges they put on her, but I heard she had several pending. Hopefully she spent the night in jail. You can be assured that she's going to get a PD, my insurance will end up fixing my car, nothing else will happen to the ape. Damn it, I really liked that car too. My brother in law works for toyota and he says that it busted both transfer cases. Husband said I should have told them that my neck was hurt and sue the nigger but I told him what for? You know she aint got a pot to piss in. I guess I'll be in the market for a new ride now.

the reply from a reader:

Back in '04 2 days before my birthday I was returning home from a very late night of work, heading southbound on I-95 down a very dark stretch of highway. As I drove head into one of FL's infamous rain squalls my car suddenly THUMP! ed from the front and I feared I hit a dog in the downporing rain. I was going 70mph. No airbags no injuries, just a very loud pronounced THUMP!

I pulled over and saw that my car had a huge v-shaped crush in the front end, crushing my radiator and nose of the car. No animal was found. What was mysterious was I was in the inside lane, the other 2 lanes has slowed to a stop the moment I had braked, so whatever hit me went across the other 2 southbound lanes as well.

I called AAA while standing in the pouring rain. the car was too close to the lane to stay inside while big rigs and speeding cars whizzed on by. To my left was a 20 ft wide and 6 ft deep ditch seperating the other 3 lanes going northbound on I-95.

While I called and waited for AAA to answer (which they never did, but thier phone service assured me that my call was important to them) I finally hung up after trying for 20 minutes and called 911. While I was waiting for the cops, I saw something you don't see every night. A nigger was walking southbound in the northbound lane of this lonely dark stretch of 95, wonder where it came from? and in a storm? Another 30 minutes and a female state trooper finally arrived.

The trooper shone her flashlight on my hood and noted the tire marks on my hood, obviously I had not hit something, a tire had hit me! We hopped into her car and drove down the road seeking a car with only 3 wheels.

We drove to the next exit, the rain still pouring down heavily. That exit was about a mile from where my accident was. On the inside median was a shitty old craprice classic with - the front driver's bumper buried in the ground. I asked the trooper to stop but she wouldn't, she told me that it was physically impossible that if whoever lost that wheel that they made it for a mile on 3 wheels. I was pissed and was sure that was it, lazy puta.

The cop wrote up a repot and said she would contact me first thing in the morning. My wife showed up and we called a tow truck to bring my car to the local shop. It was totalled as I thought.

The next morning I took my wife's car to work, this time down the Northbound stretch of I-95 and lo and behold! - two niggers putting a tire on that craprice classic I saw the night before! I turned my car around and went 1 mile south to the site of the accident, got out and walked around looking in the tall grass of the outer lanes. Violla! there it was, a large steel rim with a 16" tire with the same color paint as my car on the treads. The bolt holes were ripped to shreds, indicating that the wheel had come off during movement. I put the tire in my trunk and turned around headed towrds the two niggers a mile northbound.

Now I'm a short guy but not afraid of anyone and as pissed as I was stupidly not afraid of a nigger. I pulled my car off to the right of the road safe away from the beasts and crossed the highway where they were still putting on the spare tire.

It was a huge dreadlocked nog and what appeared to be it's ol pappy nigger. They drove there in a rusty ol POS S-10. I politely walked up to the nigs, them thinking I was just being a good samaritan and asked if they lost a tire last night.

The nog looked puzzled and said "mah bruddah dun laws hid wheel in duh rain las nite, dunno where it wen'." So I looked him in the yellowy eyes and said softly "I know where it is, It hit my car last night and it's in my trunk now". With that ol pappy nigger sez "oh sheet", jumps in the S-10 and leaves his nig-ling there. Now I know what happened and I'm pissed, but Im gonna play this nigger along and let the cops handle it.

The nog says nothing, trying to haul ass to get the spare on so it can flee this terrifying threatening short YT guy, haha. So I walk up , pull out a pen and paper and begin to write down the plate #, the nog yelps "whayya doon?" I walked over to the write the VIN and said "So my insurance can handle this, yor brother has insurance, right?" I then noticed that this bondoed up rusty POS had the VIN acided off. The nog sez "Ahm a gunna gib yoo mah phone numba. Yoo caw me an come over our hows an we gwan gib yoo sum munny, we ain'ts gots no insurants". Yea, right nigger.

I went to look at the tail lights to verify it was a '78 when the nog ran to the front wheel, threw one nut on the wheel, jumped back in and hauled ass like it was on fire. I ran across to my car and tailed it at a distance, called 911 and the FHP. The nog turned off to the next exit and I continued off to work.

When I arrived at work I got a call on my cell. FHP had apprehended the nigger. The car and the tag was stolen (duh) and FHP had contacted Riviera Beach Police where the niggers lived and were on the way to arrest them.

A few hours later the female trooper from the night before called me. It was all solved.
The teenaper brother was in a car theft gang with his big nigger brudduh. They stole the car from a local repair shop. The bolts on the wheel were not tightened. FHP estimated that the nigger was going Northbound over 110 mph when the wheel came off, crossed the median and slammed into the front of my Southbound oncoming car as I was going 70 mph. You do the math. She said thank God my car had crumple zones or the tire would have come thru the windshield and I would definately be dead.

FL law says if I pressed charges, they have to let the suspect know all my info, so I didn't presss charges. None the less, the cops said that they had been looking for these nigs for months and put them away to nigger college.

Coontact Tale #1,270 (03-03-2008)

Niggers Can't Fight.

I try to avoid fights as much as I can. But once in a while, just once in a while, I find myself in the situation where I have to fight. It happens, and I am prepared for it.

Today, at about 5 pm or so, I was walking with a friend to the local pharmacy for his eyedrop pickup. I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at my job at the pizzeria, and on Sundays we work from 9am to 4pm with his stepfather, hanging drywall. This was after work, and we were walking to the pharmacy on the way to his place, when we found ourselves accosted outside of the CVS/Pharmacy by a gaggle of bucks for a 'few dollas' for some cigarettes. My response was; "Get a job.", like it always is.

Don't get me wrong, I have lent and borrowed money many times, but I have never expected or given a handout that wouldn't be returned, especially to a nigger. Of course, having to be cool in front of 'dey homies, a couple of the bucks decided to start a fight.

We were keeping level heads, and ignoring them, until as I was walking into the automatic door after my friend, one of the bucks reached out and grabbed the back of my jacket that I was wearing over my work shirt. The collar of my jacket was torn, and I turned to shove him back instinctively. He threw a swing, I caught his arm and gave him a solid hook to the face with my free left arm, knocking his ass to the pavement. At this point, the niggers ran so quickly that I thought the manager had come out waving around job applications. We got my friend's perscription and laughed about it later over lunch.

A note to all Niggermaniacs; Less than a year ago, I weighed 259 pounds, I was very fat, badly coordinated, and unhealthy. Within six months of high intensity cardio and a strict regimen of weights, I lost almost 65 pounds and gained back a good amount in muscle. To this day, I consider myself very disciplined, and organized, ready to defend myself against the nigger menace, and anybody else that is an obstacle to me. I do light exercises every morning and meet my cousin for weight training four days a week. I am working on a six pack right now, I have what my girlfriend calls a 'washboard four pack', and all it took was a total of four hours a week for six months. Whether you are fat, obese, or just lazy, it can be changed. You are not a nigger, thank God for that, whatever God you may believe in, every day. You have the will to change, and the abilities, no matter what your bank statements or pay stubs say.


Coontact Tale #1,271 (03-03-2008)

Car shopping with grandpa

When I was about ten I went with my grandfather to pick out a new Oldsmobile. He was a disabled WWII army vet and a mean crotchety SOB.

Every car we looked at was no good. The silver one looked like a nigger pimp car, velvet seats are for niggers etc... I was laughing my ass off as the car salesman got redder and redder.

Finally Grandpa picked out a nice blue cutlass and went in to sign the papers.

After a while we looked out the sales office window and saw a nigger porter with a plastic bag on his head sloshing with geri curl juice driving grandpa's new oldsmobile over from the detailing shop.

Grandpa stood up and yelled " I'm not buying that godamn car!"

The salesman started sputtering.."what's wrong sir?"

"You let a nigger get in my new car there's no way to get the smell out of it! Keep your f***in nigger car and I hope you find some stupid nigger to buy it.

Grandpa stormed out of the sales office and as we walked by the car, I noticed all the windows were down and saw a great big greasy stain on the car's headrest and the whole thing reeked of nigger pube chemical activator and sweat.

Grandpa may have been a mean old bastard but he was right about niggers.



Coontact Tale #1,272 (03-04-2008)

Rite Aid Pharmacy Coontact

Yesterday I went to one of my local Rite Aid pharmacies to get a few things. It was about 11pm here (EST,) and there was no one else in the store. I gathered my things and proceeded to checkout, and when I got up there all of the cash registers said "Lane Closed," except for the photo counter. A nigger employee was sweeping by the counter and an older white woman was floating around behind the counter. When I walked up to the photo counter, the nigger said: "This is closed, why don't you go over to where the woman is standing" in a very harsh tone. I do not like it when anyone talks down to me, and when a nigger does it it makes me angrier than ever. I said to him, "All of the lanes down there say closed. This was the only open lane. Why don't you take your attitude and shove it, asshole." The look on the nigger's face was priceless. I walked over to the the lane where the white woman was cleaning, and said, "He's a real jerk you know that?" She whispers, "Yeah, he should go back where he came from."

I hate uppity niggers.

Coontact Tale #1,273 (03-04-2008)

Met an exposed niggermaniac, grown tired of all the coontact!

Whoops, excuse that "of" in the thread title.

Today was a very interesting, and I admit very good day for me. Any day that I realize someone I know is an out-of-the-closet niggermaniac now is a great day.

I have of course constant coontact at work, but there is another white guy, let's call him "O", that works in our department as well. That's right, a grand total of two white guys. At first I thought this guy was a bit of a nigger lover, he was frequently interacting with niggers in a very friendly manner. He's from up north, so I almost passed him off as "not getting it", yet.

Apparently his coontact fuse ran short, and I'm not sure what provoked it, but he yelled loudly, "I can't ever get anything done for you goddamn fucking niggers!".

Reminiscent of yet another animal, the niggers were struck with a deer-in-the-headlights look. No chimp out, no insanity. I was bewildered. He, however, did get fired almost immediately, but fortunately caught up with him int the parking lot and had a long conversation.

I have actually known the guy for a while, and he admitted to me that has never been a racist until he moved here. He says that all of his friends that are from up north that moved down here say the same thing. He said he was a supervisor up there, and up there, if someone effs up, they're immediately terminated. Here, he said that he was TAUGHT that you are to give "them" extra chances, you basically have to hold their nigger paw and guide their useless asses along the way before actually being able to fire them. You had to have sufficient documentation of monkeyshines before termination, otherwise there could be problems.

It was pretty humorous, because at first he was apparently trying to get around saying the "nigger" word. I told him it was OK , and after that he threw around "nigger" like he threw around "the" . I'll be keeping in contact with him, and rest assure that he won't be voting for Obongo!

Coontact Tale #1,274 (03-04-2008)

DMV Coontact

I had to go by the DMV this morning to straighten out some paperwork on my vehicles. To my surprise there was only one person ahead of me, a Human man. As usual there were only a couple clerks working and they already had people they were helping. As with most DMVs you take a number and sit down and wait your turn. No problem.

About five minutes later a horrid 300+ pound sheboon waddled in and I was immediately assailed by the reek of piss and bacon grease. The sow looked around, looked at the sign that said to take a number, looked around again and then proceeded to go up to one of the desks. She interrupted the clerk and the clerk told her to take a number and sit down. The sow obviously didn't want to but she did anyway.

One of the persons being helped finished and left and the clerk called the next number, which was the Humans. He started to get up when the sow pushed her fat rolls out of the chair and tried to run up before him. He looked at her like she was stupid and said "that's my number, I'm next". The sow made an impatient clucking noise and snapped, "Iz be ina hurri soz Iz go nexs I ain'ts got no time fer dis". Before the clerk could say anything the man replied, "what hurry? To get home to your government housing and see if your welfare check and food stamps are in yet?".

I about died. I busted out laughing, I couldn't help it. The clerks were trying not do to the same too. Man, that obese sow chimped the F out! She got the head bobbing and was screaming "raciss" and "crackr" and "muthrfuggr" and "oh no u dint", she was flailing her arms everywhere and looking all around to see who would come run to back her up. No one did. The Human manager of the department came over and told her to calm down right now or leave. She was all indignant and said the man called her a "nigger", which was a lie. The clerks said no he didn't, that she was being rude and tried to take his place in line.

The dumb nigger kept yelling so the manager told her to leave. She said "Iz not goin anywher yous not tell ME t leave fuck yous...". The manager cut her off right there by raising his voice and said, "you can walk out of here or I'll call the police and have you taken out in handcuffs! NOW!!!" The sow kept cursing, saying she was gonna sue as she waddled out. I was still laughing and she glared at me, but if she thought she was going to intimidate me she was wrong. I locked eyes with her and glared right back, still laughing. She said "dis not funni bitch" to me, and I said "depends on your perspective doesn't it". The sow started to stop but the manager yelled "leave!" and she kept going, cursing the whole way. The place still stunk of piss and bacon grease even after she left.

Coontact Tale #1,275 (03-04-2008)

Muffler Shop Fun

I took my car to the muffler shop one day to get a new muffler put on. I was sitting in the waiting room with 3 other white gentlemen. There were two employees working the front desk. I sat down, grabbed a magazine and started to read. I had nothing to do that day so I wasn't in a hurry and could care less how long I had to wait. So the place is quiet with people waiting and employees working when all of a sudden the front door opens. Some buck in his early 20's sticks his brillo head in and aks where da seben leven be at. One of the employees, in a very cordial voice, answers, "Go down that street over there and take a left. It'll be about three blocks down on your right." In my mind I'm picturing the directions he just gave and realize there's no 7-11 there. The buck babbles the nigger version of "thanks" and shuffles away. Just then, under his breath but loud enough for everyone to hear, the employee says "give or take a mile". Everyone in the waiting room laughs for about a minute. I look out the window and realize the nigger is on foot.

Coontact Tale #1,276 (03-05-2008)

Winn-Dixie Coontact

So my mother-in-law and her boyfriend stop by our house for an overnighter on their way home to Quebec from Florida on Saturday. They arrive in the afternoon and over a couple of cocktails, they tell us about their 2 months as snowbirds in the Sunshine State.

Everything went pretty well except the one time they patronized a niggerfuxated Winn-Dixie. The boyfriend (I'll call him Froggy) is a retired Dept. of Corrections guard for the Canadian Federal Penitentiary System and believe me, he hates niggers as much as the next human.

Anyway, he goes through the check-out line and as luck would have it, the cashier is a niggerbuck. The nigger rings up his chicken but puts it in the cart of the little old lady who was ahead of him in line. The stupid fucking nigger didn't even make the small effort to see which cart was his. But Froggy didn't notice the fuck-up until after he had already paid for his shit.

He's about to walk away and just happens to check his cart. Ah-ha! No chicken. So Froggy asks the nigger in his very strong French accent, "Where's my chicken? I paid for it but it's not in my cart."

The nigger replies, "Afta you done paid fo yo stuff, it ain't my problem no mo."

So Froggy argues for about a minute with it, sees he's getting nowhere, and asks to see the Manager.

At this point in the story I interject, "Let me guess. The Manager's a nigger!"

Froggy says, "Yup!"

So the Manager repeats the exact words the cashier nigger said. ""Afta you done paid fo yo stuff, it ain't our problem no mo."

Froggy is seeing red (plus he hates niggers) so he raises his voice and yells, "You're all a bunch of fucking niggers! You heard me right - NIGGERS! lazy, stupid fucking niggers! What the hell did I think I was going to get - an intelligent answer? Fuck you you daddamn niggers!"

Of course I reminded him that it was his fault in the first place for going into a store where only niggers were employed...

Coontact Tale #1,277 (03-05-2008)

Work Coontact

My profession takes me into some of the niggerliest shitholes. It has to do with the inspection of buildings that are mostly occupied by some of the most vile creatures (niggers) on this planet. One appointment involved an inspection of various damages to a 100 unit apartment complex. I was contacted by the owner to meet with his representative for a walk thru of the complex and access the valuation of repairs required by the Health and Safety Code. This place was inhabited by 90% niggers, ALL on welfare. As I made my way through the complex to the managers apartment I witnessed a scene right from the pages of Apocalypse Now. Close your eyes and just imagine the foulest, filthiest, stinkiest cesspool, rat infested aprtment unit and multiply by 100. Everyones door was wide open. NOT ONE apartment unit was even remotely liveable, and the entire site including the parking lot was full of broken down hoopties, smashed furniture, dead animals, you name it. Total ghetto. Chillins runnin around with no diapers or half clothed with no shoes. Anyway, I think you get the picture. I knew right then that after this meeting I was going to drive home 30 miles and disinfect myself b/f returning to my office.

I arrived at the designated time and knocked on the apartment managers door. After two minutes of knocking the door opened and I was greeted by the owners Rep. Yep, you guessed it, an unshaven, fifty something nigger in a wife beater and ragged jeans wearing worn out slippers. He greets me with "Hoo yoo?" when the shitskin already knows that I am arriving for a meeting at this time. I ignored his lack of manners b/c he is a nigger and that is to be expected. I introduced myself and briefly told him what I was here for and what I expected from him in a few brief sentences. Thats when it happened. The funk hit me right in the face and overloaded my olfactory senses. It was a dark mix of roasted pig shit, rotting meat and Channell No. 5.
As I peered into the living room a 300 pound sheboon was wallowing on a caved in, filthy, couch watching "The Price is Right". "Rufus" turned and niggerbabbled somthing to her, and then turned back to me. He axed "So wut yoo is, elektrishun, plumma, aya kundishunun"? I told him "No", I am a General Contractor and would be handling all of the work to be done on the property. This guy got a puzzled look on his face and then said to me, "Yoo da genera"?
Without hesitation he turns to "Beezy" on da couch and exclaims to his apemate, "cmere baby, yooz gots to meet da Genera"! This guy was fuggin serious. He actually thought I was some sort of General and that in his niggerfuxated pea brain that we had a military structure to the industry. I lost it right then and started smiling to conceal my inner laughter as I witnessed the greatest feat of strength ever undertaken by a 300 pound sheboon to lift her fat azz off of that couch rocking side to side a few times to get to her feet. She was so exited to meet "Da Genera" she extended her hand to shake. I quickly opened my briefcase and grabbed a pen and pad and stated that we better get started b/c I had other meetings to get to. Whew! I avoided that handshake and proceeded with Rufus across the complex to do my inspection and estimate and got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Coontact Tale #1,278 (03-06-2008)

Niggers Vs Human Joggers

I used to run to stay in shape,and cuz it was fun. I noticed that whenever I encountered 2 or more niggers,they would invariably get mad and chimp out at me! They were really angered by a white man running!! Once I was running in Oak Park,Il--a great town but attracts many niggers--this one young nig ,wit all da fellas,starts loudly mocking me by imitating the Rocky theme;done not in any humorous way,but really loudly and aggressively,I knew this nigger was ready for a chimpout. Nigger couldnt just live and let llive? WTF?? I hated that nigger,I wanted to spit in his nigger face,but I wasnt about to invite a nigger riot down on me. Another time i was running at the Univ of Il,which had lotsa niggers in the area,and passed a couple of sheboons. They HAD to make a disparaging remark,of course. One girl said,as I passed,"Tired,huh?" To which i replied,"Black,huh?" and kept on trucking! I heard a LOUD chimpout and a lot of "fuck you's" behind me!! One amusing incident. I am a vet,and joined the Il Natl Guard years ago. On our fitness test,I outran everybody,pissing off the several niggers there. One nigger--bless his nigger heart--ran like a DOG,trying to keep up with me. Couldnt do it. he later tried to salve his wounded nigger pride by coming up to me and saying,"Yaz a jogga,right?" or something like that. I said yeah. Nigger was reassured!!

a reader replies:
Reminds me of the time, some years ago, I went to a McDonalds with a co-worker, who happens to have an artificial leg. A teen-igger happens to see this fake leg (he was wearing shorts at the time), and starts pointing and laughing his ass off at it. Typical nigger, thinks it's funny to lose a leg. I felt like saying to him "Yeh, he lost a leg, but whats really funny is you will most likely die of a gunshot wound by the time you're 20 or else die in prison." And they wonder why we hate them?!

Coontact Tale #1,279 (03-06-2008)

Niggermania has trained me well

I just stopped in at my local C store for some chips and some quick food.
As i was heading into the store there was a delivery truck pulling in beside the store, i didn't think anything of it at the time, just another early morning delivery.
When i left the store i heard a lot of banging and crashing coming from inside the truck accompanied by some off-key mumbled singing, my first thought was "I bet thats a nigger".
Sure enough as i came around the back of the truck i saw a prime specimen of the urban gorilla sorting the stock inside by the simple method of throwing it around until he found the order he was looking for.

Coontact Tale #1,280 (03-07-2008)

Coontact at the waterslide

Believe it or not, i have a waterslide / pool park near my house and in the summertime, the negresses drop their little shitlets off by the busloads, pay for a day's entrance fee and take off. It's just nothing but babysitting for the fucking adult apes that then go smoke their crack and whatever else it is they do. I don't go there because i don't want to swim around in water with nigger grease floating in it. It's really sad, because if it was just whites, i'd go there all the time.

a reader replies:
I know a woman who used to work at a pet store in the mall. The boons would drop their nigglets off there as if it were a day care, then come back hours later and start screaming about "Where da f$% my kids at I left dem here?"

Coontact Tale #1,281 (03-07-2008)

Sowgroid Conversation on the Train

On my way home from school today, two sheboons sat down near me on the train. One was enormous, had dreadlocks and glasses, and the other one was skinny. For the purposes of this story, I'll refer to them as fat and skinny. I'm going to try my best to accurately recreate their conversation.

The fat one was trying to explain to the skinny one how to use the a checkbook balancing application on her phone.

Fat: Iss very simple. You jus enter how much yoo got here, den if you buy somefin it subtracts it fo you.

Skinny: I gots seben-sikky-three in mines.

Fat: 'member when you bought dat pizza for thirteen? Dat means now yoo got seben-fitty left.

Skinny: I ain't got no muddafuckin money.

Fat: Dat's cuz you ain't tight with yo money. You gotta stop smokin all da time. You be smokin dat stuff with people who ain't got no money. If you beez smokin someone out den dey need to pay you fo' dat.

Skinny: Yeah I know you right.

Fat: You ain't got to be all like dat. Jus smoke one blunt wif dem an' that's it.

Skinny: Weed cost as much as crack does... sheeit. I need to make me some money.

Fat: You heard about dat nigga Eugene? He tryin' to sell clothes. Dat's stupid. He don't even know if people wear that kinda clothes. That be like if I'm tryin to sell weed but I don't know no potheads to sell it to. You gots to have clientele.

Skinny: Mmm-hmm.

Fat: You need to start sellin weed at school. Dat's what that nigga Travis does. I could git you some baggies and weigh the shit out.

Skinny: Remember when he was giving me a hug and he started rubbin my lower back an' shit?

Fat: I don't remember dat.

Skinny: Yes yoo do you was dere!

The niggers chimped out and argued for a couple minutes.

Skinny: I wanna move to Frisco.

Fat: It's hella expensive in Frisco. Even da ghetto parts. Imma show you on craigslist, da cheapest place be about eight hunnerd a munf.

Skinny: I cain't afford that. My momma don't gib me shit. My daddy don't gib me shit neither.

Fat: Dat's why you got to start sellin that weed, girl. And don't be smokin it all.

Two nigger transit cops get on the train. The fat sheboon turns her head and looks alarmed.

Fat: Oh shit da BART police over dere!

Judging from the sheboon's reaction she probably had drugs on her. I would have informed the cops, but the cops were niggers too! That was my stop, so I got off. Twenty minutes later I was relaxing at home in my nigger-free neighborhood.

Coontact Tale #1,282 (03-07-2008)

Quit your bitchin,nigger!

After work today, I stopped in Joey's and grabbed a few six packs.There was a nigger ahead of me. Not too surprising since I live in coontown.But this nigger looked no older than 16 and he was trying to get beer. The cashier wouldnt serve him. He was chimping out and everything.I was in a good mood today and I said to the niglet "If you have your ID,show it,and then you can get what you want." The nigger said to me"Who da fuk doo yoo dink yoo are? I aint axin fo yo hep.". I have a short fuse and that blew it. I told him "Okay blackie obviously you arent of age so why dont you get the hell outta here before I call THE MAN(I made sure he knew what I meant). He snickered at me and left. I said to the cashier "I feel for you. I wouldnt be happy to put up with niggers all day". He corrected me by saying "I agree with what you are saying but please be careful of your choice of words cause I dont want to get fired." I said "okay,its cool". He must be a niggermanaic in disguise.

Coontact Tale #1,283 (03-07-2008)

Well, I outed myself as a niggermaniac to co-workers. Uh oh.

As many of you know, I moonlight as a bouncer at a nice Irish pub a few nights a week and do research for a local hospital by day. Well last week after returning from the hospital, I received a thin envelope from a medical school and knew exactly what it was - a rejection letter from the admissions committee. Despite knowing that applying late during a rolling admissions process left me w/ a slim chance of matriculating for this coming fall, I took the news pretty hard.

That night I had to watch the door at the pub and must've looked pretty upset, so the bartender came over and gave me a shot. Then another one, then another one. After closing time and all the customers were out, we were enjoying a few shift drinks. Everyone was pretty drunk for some reason that night, especially me, and considering my lack of regular drinking makes for a low alcohol tolerance, it was the wrong night to get blasted.

One of our female servers asked me what was wrong, and I said something along the lines of "Med schools giving the spot I earned to Affirmative Action niggers, thats what." And I said it loud. Two of the cooks and one of the bartenders already knew I was a niggermaniac, but the servers are young, innocent, naive, nigger-loving hipsters. They were shocked b/c I'm liberal on a lot of other issues like the environment.

She was so shocked she didn't say anything, and I went on. "Name one thing niggers contribute to society... Go stand on the corner of a nigger neighborhood tonight and see how long you last b/c they really love white girls... They've been around longer than white people and they're still eating dirt and living in huts...You don't see any niggers working here b/c the owner obviously has had it with them after the last two got caught stealing..." You name it, I said it. I really lashed out. Apparently at one point I called Obama a blue-gummed nigger, Clinton a nigger-loving pussy, and informed them that the niggers who robbed me of $100 with a gun back in October (you can find a post about that on here) weren't nigger versions of Robin Hood trying to feed family members.

It got worse. The girls tried to combat me, and I distinctly remember saying "I know in your safe little hipster world niggers are big teddy bears covered in chocolate and guys like me are dumb rednecks, but they're the ones who rape, steal, and kill and I'm about 100x's smarter than you, so there's nothing you can really say to me." She's pretty delicate and apparently cried, but not in my presense. I know I called the other one a worthless little hipster. It was a long night and apparently I made quite a scene.

But a funny thing happened. The Mexicans in the kitchen went off w/ me and started badmouthing the niggers who used to work there, and the kitchen manager came up to me and said right infront of the girls "I'm w/ you, man. Preachin' to the choir." It was like everyone was just waiting for someone to say something about niggers out in the open so they could quit hiding their feelings. It was like I was a catalyst for their catharses. The other kitchen guy - friend of mine who drops the word "nigger" in my and a select few others' presense - was apparently egging me on all night and laughing his ass off, but..well, yeah. That was my night. But he got in on the fun too. And now the girls know just about all the male co-workers they thought they knew and liked are actually niggermaniacs.

Anyhow it made for a couple awkward days of work this week and the guys gave me a good ribbing when I came in on Monday. I still don't remember 90% of that night. The girls look at me like I'm The Terminator haha. I apologised for being so mean to them b/c I actually feel bad. I was just lashing out. They said not to worry about it, but not to make racial comments in their presense. I said I'll try.

So now I'm a known niggermaniac. We'll see how this plays out. But geez, what a night.


Coontact Tale #1,284 (03-08-2008)

One last story from the ER

Sorry this has been so long in coming, I was down with the flu and then playing catch-up. I guess this might be considered not one but TWO fine examples of niggerlogic in one!

I was heading across the ER to see a patient when I hear "Yo get ova hear bitch and empty dis bitch". I don't know who the buck is talking to, bit I turned around to see what the problem was. He looked at me and goes, "yeah you bitch empty dis muthafucka", waving a urinal around. I've got stuff in both hands, so I told him to hang on a minute and I'd get someone to help him. He goes "I said now" and then flings the urinal at me. With two older brothers I've got pretty good reflexes, so I ducked in time, and the urinal flies over my head only smack right into the chest of another boon there. Boon number 2 immediately starts chimping out, chest thumping and all, goes to boon number one "wuffo you do dat?". Number one, in astounding niggerlogic tells boon 2, "it be her fault, she ducked". OK, throw something at me, I get out of the way and it's MY fault that it hit the guy behind me, makes perfect sense. Now chimp number 2 AGREES with this, he starts yelling at me too "why you let dat shit hit me bitch?" Now I have BOTH of them in a full blown chimp out, luckily security doesn't play around here and shuts them down before it goes any further.

I just love the thought process with BOTH of the chimps, I move out of the way of the foul substance thrown at me, and It's MY fault that it misses me and hits someone else. Actually, if you think about it a bit, maybe this explains the mentality behind the utter lack of remorse when an innocent bystander gets shot. Hmmmmm.


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