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Coontact Tale #1,001 (December 13, 2007)

Is there anyplace you can't find crazy Niggers running loose anymore?

I made the mistake of going to the Home Depot in the "Niggerfuxated" side of town, since the one out in the suburbs didn't have what I was looking for in stock.

Yeah, I could have gone somewhere else -- but I decided to take a chance.

I'm walking down the main aisle and pass a stock girl and another Human worker struggling to set up some kind of display. The girl was a reasonably cute blonde, so I took a quick glance and went on with my business.

Coming towards me is some strung-out Crackhead Nigger, looking almost like Antonio Fargas (Remember him? The pimp from Starsky and Hutch) except more of a down on his luck and addicted to drugs version.... And of course he's mumbling to himself out loud.

Sure a shit, he sees the blonde and just has to open his half-toothless chimp maw and scream out loud enough for everybody to hear, "I'm in love, for sure!" -- but of course it came out more like, "Day-um! I beez in luv fo' sho', Uhhh!"

Great, a Crackhead with a sudden "Muh Dik" attack. Christ on a cracker.... is there any chance that I could get through a day without some kind of annoying coontact?!!

Coontact Tale #1,002 (December 15, 2007)

I grew up in a small town in East Texas with the majority of the population being coons. There was only one regional chain store in town that sold groceries, but there were quite a few small individually owned stores that collectively did most of the business. A large part of that was because it was a poor area and the small stores extended credit. That was before food stamps, so most niggers had to stay fairly current on their bill and suppliment it with stealing in order to eat. In that era they had to do minimal work at some repetitive job to keep themselves in wine and food. Most didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing. A drunk nigger shitting in your yard was a real possibility.

A friend of our family owned a small grocery store close to niggertown. One day he was behind the counter when a 300 pound she-coon wondered in and started looking around. She was the only customer in the store. He asked her if she needed help and she said she was only looking around. She and her husband had a charge account and he knew her well. He knew to keep a sharp eye out whenever there were niggers in the store.

As a side note, about every tenth nigger in small southern towns is a reverend and has some kind of off the wall church in a shack somewhere to fleece other niggers and screw the bitches. The she-coon in the store was married (do apes marry?) to a nigger reverend, except he called himself a bishop. She claimed to be a reverend also and had her own congregation out in the woods somewhere.

Just prior to rev. coontress entering the store my friend had taken a call from a white customer asking him to set a canned ham on the counter and put it on the account. He did as they asked. He got another phone call while the negress was wandering around. He turned his head for a couple of seconds, and when he looked back the can of ham was gone. She moving toward the door, but she was sliding her feet along and not actually taking steps. He quickly moved behind her without being noticed. He patted her on the shoulder and loundly said, "You come back now!"

It scared the hell out of her and the canned ham fell from under her dress and hit the floor. She had grabbed it from the counter and shoved it up into her crotch and headed for the door. He asked if she was intending to buy the ham? She said, "What ham?"

He said, "The ham that just fell from under your dress!"

Nigger: Oh lawd, I don't how dat ham got up theruh unduh my dress!"

With that she ran out the door. He picked up the ham and it smelled so bad he threw in the trash. She didn't return for several months. TNB!

Shortly after that Father Lyndon decided to pay niggers with checks and stamps to do nothing and the rest is history. The town is now more or less a slum. Niggers finally realized they had the numbers to vote a gomonkeyrillamopotamus into every government office and control the economy of the city. It is full of drunk and drug addicted niggers and isn't safe in the daytime, and is extremely dangerous at night.

Coontact Tale #1,003 (December 15, 2007)

My wife and I did some Christmas shopping last night at the mall. The mall is located in a relatively uninfested area, but the usual collection of bussed in teeniggers are present wandering aimlessly in their troops.

I'm on high alert as my wife enters the Gap for a couple of gift certificates for our neices and I wait outside the store by the escalator that overlooks the first floor of the mall.

A troop of 5 teenigs pass me in their ridiculous tribal outfits heading for the escalator to take them down to the first floor. The troop of 5 encountered another troop of 3 and something must of offended one of the troops (territorial encroachment?) because all hell broke loose.

I watched in utter fascination as the opposing troops flailed their arms, thumped their chests, bared their teeth and screeched loud enough to break glass.

After about a minute, the troop of 3 eventually back down from the troop of 5and began going down the escalator as one teenig from the troop of 5 kept yelling "S'up, S'up, S'up" at the top of his lungs with his arms in the air.

The troop of 5 scattered in all directions as mall security was about to descend on them.

Just then my wife comes out of the store and asks: "What's all the comotion?"

"Niggers", I reply.

Another human, about my age, standing next to me says: "You've got that right".

Merry Christmas Niggermaniacs, may your Holidays be nigger free!

Coontact Tale #1,004 (December 15, 2007)

GOD WAS WATCHING!!!! he hates niggers.

Yesterday I was called to a scene where a nigger was helped home by some other piece of shit niggers after trying to steal some copper off the roof of a medical clinic's high pressure cryogenic freezer condenser. The niggers cut a 2 inch. copper coil with a pair of bolt cutter when it snapped back under pressure and the refrigerant freezer burned this nigger's face and eyeballs. This nigger tried telling us he did it moving a kitchen refrigerator... Then an Air Conditioner (In the middle of winter... Yeah Right.) Back at the medical center an alarm system had activated when the temp. in the freezer dropped and when the person in charge responded 10 mins later found a ladder propped up against the building and called the police where we found the tools and damage. The clinic saved 2,000 embryos used for fetrtility that would have parished if not for these niggers and the alarm going off... Later at the hospital the nigger was confronted with the facts about what was found and arrested. He was told there was little that could be done as far as fixing his now very bubbly face and would be lucky if he doesn't die of infection or later to lung damage. He told the Doctor he was going to sue the hospital if they did not save his face and eye balls. The doctor was told about the situation at the clinic and said very loud and sarcasticly to the nigger after it finished chimping out. "Will someone please fetch my magic wand and ready the time machine in the basement so we can strap Mr. Carter in and send him back 4 hours and warn him not to steal copper and kill 2,000 people!... Stop being fucking a-hole!!!!".... I almost fell on the floor laughing. I was told that this doctor is not a big fan of our turd colored menace's and isn't afraid to share his feelings.... LOL. My christmas wish is that this nigger lives a long and fruitful life blind and scared

Coontact Tale #1,005 (December 15, 2007)

I went to the bank today to deposit my paycheck. When I was exiting, I saw a skinny teenaper walking down the sidewalk babbling on its phone and it was coming my way. I rolled up to the exit ramp and blocked the sidewalk so the chimp would have to walk around. I heard some of the chimpout; it was telling its nigger over the phone "DAYUM, DIS WHITE MUHFUGGA BE ALL BLOCKIN ME, STOOPIT-AZZ RAYCISS BITCH".

So the nigger stops and I know it's about to run across the street. When it starts running, I take off and made it stop until I went past. When I looked in the rearview mirror (with a smile on my face), the nigger was in the middle of the street screeching out some niggerbabble and waving its paws in the air.

Niggers suck.

Coontact Tale #1,006 (December 15, 2007)

I completely forgot about this one. An old buddy of mine brought this up to me during lunch today. I haven't seen him in about two years and he's home for the holidays, so we got together as soon as possible and are planning to have a card party later this evening.

April, 1987 - Rural PA, roughly 25 miles from Mercer

Our youth group from church was going out to a "camp" one weekend during the summer. It was one of those places for school groups and youth groups - had all the fixings, bunks, showers, cafeteria and things where we climbed walls with nylon straps, went on nature hikes and all that crap.

On our last day, we were instructed to all gather up and hide under these bunk beds in another house on the camp's proper. We all bunched up and hid under the bunks and the adults left for a couple of minutes.

A man was hiding somewhere in the place and came out when there was a knock on the door outside.

Person outside: You have any slaves in there?

Person inside: No, I do not.

Person outside: Well, we saw some running and hiding in your house.

Person inside: I do not believe in slaves. I am an abolishonist. But no, I am not hiding anything.

Person inside: Care if we take a look around?

Person inside: Sure, come on in.

The person from the outside came in, looked down and saw us all hiding under the bunk beds. He yelled, "Get out! All of you! Get out!"

We all came out and stood there, being eleven years old having no idea what this was about other than we were being stuck in some play-act kind of thing.

We were then told to come with the person who checked for "the slaves" and we went to this barn somewhere else on the proper.

Two other guys at the barn, one of them our group leader from church, came up to us kids and goes, "Yeah. These look like strong slaves. How about ten dollars a pop?

Anyway, me and my buddy forgot the rest, but I told him that they were conditioning us for the "required love for the nigger" because, quite frankly, during my childhood, I really didn't know of any coontact nor did any of us.

Then my buddy went on to talk about his "sensitivity training" for the Marine Corp and later the Coast Guard. He's been in the military off and on since we both were about 18.

"You won't believe the shit they put into your heads about being friendly to niggers and minorities. And the sexual harassment shit; don't get me started on that!", he claimed.

"Yeah, I know. I read a lot of the things regarding that sort of thing posted on a website", I replied, obviously referring to Niggermania.

Anyway, the story about the "camp" and their white-man-selling-slaves crap was much more extensive, but neither he nor I remember it in much more detail than what I've written.

Anyone else experienced conditioning attempts when they were younger? Share yours here.


Coontact Tale #1,007 (December 15, 2007)

This is in response to Coontact Tale #1,006. It's enough to make vultures vomit.

That's an awful thing to do to kids. Stupid liberals!

I went to a mostly white elementary school where each class had 0-2 niglets in it. The niglets were always the ones that caused problems for the teacher every year. It was February, nigger history month, and this one teacher wanted everyone in the class to learn a song about Docta Martin Looter King. It went to the tune of the BINGO dog song:

There was a man who had a dream
his name was Mar-tin Lu-ther King
Mar-tin Lu-ther King
Mar-tin Lu-ther King
Mar-tin Lu-ther King
His name was Mar-tin Lu-ther King

Doctor King, he had a dream He wanted peace for everyone P-E-A-C-E P-E-A-C-E P-E-A-C-E
His name was Mar-tin Lu-ther King

and just like the BINGO, you took out a letter but instead of clapping you had to both clap and smile at the only niglet in the class that was the one with the behavior problem. I remember the niglet saying "Iz feel so special wit everyone smilin at me!" This niglet was never punished for his behavior because they only sent him to D-hall which was always a bongo party. All the niglets in the grade got sent there. I got into a fight so was sent there once myself and was called a cracker. I didn't know what it was referring to at the time.

This other conditioning method was having the class watch Roots in high school. After it was over two niggers fought a white kid at lunch time.

Coontact Tale #1,008 (December 15, 2007)

Yet another response to Coontact Tale #1,006.

My experience was, I guess pretty mild.

I remember that in junior high they did try to present MLK, Malcolm X, and W.E.B. DuBois (sp) as "good men" who were trying to do the right thing, to end the "oppression."

There wasn't any explicit nigger praising, however. On the other hand, I attended a private school for Junior High that was not cheap. The tuition cost was comparable to the tuition cost at a public university. There was, surprisingly, one nigger student there. She and her family were of the Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima variety.

I do know the tuition itself filters out the niggers, since after all paying the cost means actually caring about your children, which isn't characteristic of niggers.

I was just glad that my parents agreed when I told them that I wanted to go there. I thought I'd like it better than going to a public Junior High school, and I was right. It was the best childhood experience I ever had, and I probably learned more too.

Coontact Tale #1,009 (December 15, 2007)

So I was at my local supermarket for a few minutes yesterday inn just enough time to see the cops put da smack-down on a high yellow nigger. I'm not sure what it did to get arrested. Just a few minutes before the cops showed up I saw this nigger in the market, it looked like it was in line at the pharmacy and I thought "Damn, what an ugly nigger!" It had that nasty look of a wizened half-breed, with the humanish skin-tone but more like gray/yellow and with those damned ugly nigger features (wide nose, tiny ears, pin head). On my way out the paddy wagon showed up and just to see what was happening I looked around and sure enough, two cops had "old yeller" in cuffs! Might have been prescription fraud or something, but who knows. The nigger could also have been an on-the-run raping murdering beast reported by a sharp-eyed Niggermaniac.

The thing that impressed me most was the response time. It seemed like it was maybe six or seven minutes between the nigger being in line and being in the wagon, and not a cop car either it was one of those reinforced steel vans! I forgot to check the news.

Not really a Coontact Tale I included this because it was cute and might inspire you to make something up for your children.

Mad Libs Nigger Edition

Man, the bad thing about this site is that it is friggen addictive

Remember Mad Libs when you were in school? (I'm dating myself here problably). What if there was a Nigger Edition?

Today I saw a ___________ a) nigger b) chimp c) she-boon at ______________(place). It was _________a) stealing b) fucking c)attempting to steal d) attempting to fuck a _____________(noun or pronoun), then _____________ a) ran away in $200. stolen black market sneakers b) drove away in a POS SUV c) did a drive-by shooting through _______________(place) while a) leaning to the extreme right of the drivers seat b) riding on 22" rims c) smackin it's lips on bloo-toof an cruising 20 mph below the posted limit with one wheel off the road d) smacking it's hole) all the above.

Make your own Mad Libs Nigger Edition to use every day! Be creative! Have fun! You can't go wrong with Mad Libs Nigger Edition because it's repeditive TNB!

Coontact Tale #1,010 (December 15, 2007)

Sheboon central at da mall.

I was at work today at the what used to be nigger free Twelve Oaks mall (It's becoming more niggerfuxated as each day passes,) and I was just coming back into the mall from taking out the trash. My store is in the center of the mall near where they have the big Christmas display up where Santa is sitting at for the little kiddies. So there are people all over the place in front of my store. I attempt to get by the pack of about 3 sheboons and from what I could tell about 8 niglets (Who knows where the buck was or how many shitlets each boon crapped out.) They were all completely fascinated by the display like they had never seen anything like it before. Needless to say they were blocking the entrance to my store. They were niggerbabbling really loudly, and some of what I could understand was "Sheet there be's Santa!," "LaShawna (That was actually her name) be up here gettin a picture wit Santa," and my personal favorite: "Why do Santa always gotta be white?" Yep, that actually came out of the groids mouth. After attempting to be polite since I was in work clothes, I finally just pushed through them and knocked one of the niglets down. They were completely oblivious to their niglets so they didn't even see or care that one of the shitlets got thier shit ruined.

I bet if I stood there long enough I could have heard something like this come out of thier mouths: "Santa beez a nigga en sheet! Hez be egypshun jus like us!"

Coontact Tale #1,011 (December 15, 2007)

Well I guess after the first coontact post there's not much question what I used to do for a living. I quit years ago, mostly because I burned out due to dealing with niggers.

Anyway, one thing you''ll notice is that in a courtroom, humans will always dress fairly decent. They understand they are facing the system of justice and need to show at least some semblance of respect, not so for niggers. (Big shock there huh?)

Niggers would come to court in the most outrageous get ups. Once I had a young buck show up on a drug possession case (another unbelievably irony) in sideways ball cap, baggy pants down to the bottom of his monkey ass, and here's the worst, a black t shirt with some (c)rapper on it with his middle finger up saying "f*ck you". Get this, a nigger showing up to go in front of a judge with a "f*ck you" t-shirt on!

Now if this were today, I'd have led him right to the bench and let the judge check him into the nigger Hilton for contempt. But this was in my liberal days (yes, I was one of those right out of school) so instead I flipped out on him and told him made him turn the shirt inside out, pull up his pants and remove the hat.

I had another buck I had to take to a jury trial. This one was prone to show up in a get up like the one above. So I told him to wear something very conservative, like a suit. I learned then and there you have to spell it out completely for the stupid nogs. He shows up in some bright purple nigger zoot suit. One thing you want to do in criminal cases is have the defendant keep a low profile. This idiot couldn't have been more noticeable if he'd gotten up and taken a dump on the bench.

This just scratches the surface. If I had the time to write down all the nigger-shines I have experienced it would fill a book rivaling the bible in length. Any questions why I left the law to for another career?

Coontact Tale #1,012 (December 15, 2007)

Just Got Back From NYC - NIGGERS GALORE!

This is my second time to New York, but previously I never really noticed the niggers. They were "there" but they weren't registering on the radar so much because the previous visit was an in-and-out sort of thing.

Well, this time I went for a visit for a of those chicks in the fambly that just had to get out of her doldrum boring life and needed some non-stop overwhelming lifestyle I guess. She invited some fambly members around our age to come and hang out for a few days and all that happy shit.

I'll just say it...I fucking hated that town. Niggers here, niggers there, niggers niggers everywhere. Niggers begging, duh, niggers shucking and jiving, nigger bums, plotting niggers, in your face niggers, creeping and slithering niggers, niggers of all sizes, shapes and God knows what else. Niggers on the downtown corners doing backflips, jumping around and some SERIOUS MONKEY SHINES...I swore they were two cells away from being legitimate chimpanzees. Niggers begging for cigarettes, Africoon niggers selling stolen property speaking in ook-ook language...oh man, I couldn't take much more.

I was supposed to stay there until Thursday, but I had my fill -way past my fill, actually. Naive attitude has struck me once again and yet another lesson learned.

Gave my cousin a hug, told her "something came up at home" and I had to go. Jumped in the car around noon and got home around 7PM. Call me boring, call me mundane, call me glad to be home without any coont act.

I've seen some serious coontact in my day...but nothing, I TELL YOU NOTHING, competes with the shit I saw in New York. I could care less if I ever go back there.

Coontact Tale #1,013 (December 15, 2007)

Ok, I work at a Very small private phone company and have excellent telephone etiquette. I always try to be pleasant with everyone I speak to even rude bill collectors who harass me at my house.

Well this morning I was getting Many calls from the same bill collector. They are calling for my father who doesn't live at my house. I kindly tell them he doesn't live here at first. they keep calling so I tell them they have already called several times and that they need to note in the account he doesn't live here. well they keep calling anyway and I am getting upset because it is early and I have a baby trying to sleep.

Every time the company calls it is the same fucking nigger beast so I get VERY upset the last time because I explain to it that I know 'her' voice and now it is harassment. It proceeds to say "ma'am, do you know when he might be home"

I just lost it, I have a deep clear voice and this nigger sow knows damn well I am not a female, I tell her "Ok bitch you know damn well you just called me a girl, if you want to start name calling I will be happy to put you in your place NIGGER" and I hung up.

So now this nigger sow has provoked me into telling it what it is.. a nigger.

Does anyone think I could get in trouble?

I feel I was clearly provoked and the nigger beast is in the wrong but I still feel like any second now the NAACP is going to be knocking on my door rightly labeling me a racist. With al sharpscoon nearby in Chicago anything is possible.

Coontact Tale #1,014 (December 15, 2007)

I work at petsmart and was infuriated at this nappy headed ho and her niglet. This creature comes over "I want snails, where are your snails?" But I do not speak nigger talk so I had trouble deciphering the language. Finally I realised she wanted snails so I pointed down the wall of fish when she wanted to know where they were. I was not going to interupt what I was doing to help some nappy ho. This btich comes back a few minutes later... can I get some snails. Ok....... we have 4 different kind of snails.... what kind do you want!!! Oh...the $1.49 kind.... k... we have TWO DIFFERNET KINDS OF THEM. Fucking coon could not get it through her nappy hair that she had to make a desicision. She watned to get 13 and 7 black ones... my manager walks over sees her wanting to get black snails and whispers to me... "(what they don't want any ivory, only black snails)" Well, I have her snails but made sure almost all of them were dead. Mostly emptied out shells! I even gave her extra snails... then again nothing inside. I just felt like using her fish bag as a trash bag. The fucking coon wanders around the store and waits 10 minutes before coming back. She can't even be polite and say thank you to me, or wait while I get the snails. I throw them on a fish cart for her. She comes back because the bag is leaking and doesn't want another bag over it, which I do for ALL customers and not one humam has complained. She wants us to cut open the bag, and take all the snails out and put them into a new bag, which is a pain in the ass because we were really busy. Fucking coon deserves what she gets.

Coontact Tale #1,015 (December 16, 2007)

today's coontact

Fairly minor, considering. I was out and about and decided that I wanted to go to Wendy's for a burger. When I walk in there were only a few people in line and a sheboon was running the cash register. The lady in line in front of me only wanted to buy a Wendy's gift card, presumably fro someones stocking stuffer or something at Christmas. The stupid sheboon told the lady that "i ain't be trained yet on how to do dem giff cawds". The lady left and the nigger axed if it could help me. I said, "Why should I trust you with taking a food order if you can't even summon the mental power to sell a gift card. I think I will be going somewhere else today." Since the stupid nigger didn't chimp out I assume that its monkey brain didn't fully process that fact that I told her she was an idiot to her face.

On a side note there is something that I find hilarious that I would like to share. I browse this site using Firefox and when you are typing it underlines words that it thinks you have misspelled. You can right click the underlined words and either pick from a selection of words with that similar spelling to get the correct one, OR you can ADD to the dictionary. I laugh my ass off every single time when it asks me if I want to add the words "sheboon" ,"groid", "shitstain", "teenaper", and so on.

Coontact Tale #1,016 (December 22, 2007)

I wasn't quite sure how to explain to my nephew about my experience with niggers so I said "hope you dont mind me calling them niggers" when he smiled and said in my college our codeword is "neighbors" cause it sounds like nigger but the niggers have no clue you are talking about them. Just thought I would pass this on, NIGGERS equals NEIGHBORS.

Coontact Tale #1,017 (December 22, 2007)

Its getting closer to da big day in a niggers life...the day what it can return all it's stolen loot wifout a receipt. Niggers dream of this day like a craka does for cripmus

I had a customer who was lookin at a digital camera, actually 2 of them and had them side by side . Because of theft, we have ONLY EMPTY BOXES that are sealed up outside of the cage lockup. When you buy one, we go to the back and retrieve a real camera in a box (keep this in mind fellow niggermanics) I seen this shitskin nigger standing there eyeballing my boobs. The guy decided on which one he wanted and we stepped to the register to pay for it. I looked around and shore nuff, dat diktal cameras was GONE! But this was a smart nigger unlike most of the knuckle draggers that usally come in. He didn't try to steal it, he went straight to the front and gets hisself a return tag. Pretty smart for a nigger cause she really didn't question him (it was super busy). The nigger heads for the return desk to gets hisself a refund. So within 10 min, they were calling me to come and check it out. I get there and say to this butt ugly nigger "Didn't I just see you at the photo counter less than 10 minutes ago?" Nigger says "Dun't tank so, Ah'z just gots hear" "So you want a refund, may I see the reciept?" "Ah'z dunt hab dat, kin I get a gift card instad?" Without a receipt, we will give a gift card BUT little did this nigger know, Niggermart RECORDS all the serial numbers on items like this. PLUS THE BOX IS EMPTY! " I need to run the serial number first sir, this will take but a moment, then you'll be all set (all set to go to jail muddafukker)" I scan the serial number and guess what? This serial number is invalid (no camera, no serial number!) So I get this real stern look on my face and tell Super Stupid here that "Why this item is turning up never sold!, When did you buy it?" Course this gets a and niggerboy says "I didn't steal nuffin cracka bitch" "I didn't say you stole it sir, I said that it's saying it was not sold when did you buy it?" Now nigger thiks he's gonna chimpout and get me to just hand over the item in question. Which to me is ok cause the only thing he's getting is an empty box! "Muh wife braught dat camera rite here at dis sto (haven't I heard that before!!). "Well sir, beings you look honest, if you will show me your drivers license, I can issue you a refund based on the serial number of the camera. Nigger boy think by gawd I'z got dis cracka bitch now. The girl behind the counter is about to crap on herself to say something but keeps her mouth shut. I get him a card and hit the serial number again so the computer can check the number and put on the card how much the camera was without a overring (but because the serial number is invalid, guess how much is on the card?) then do a price check and staple that to the card's reciept then hand him the card. If this stupid sprog would have looked at the back reciept he would have seen that it was a price inquiry not a reciept Niggerboy's eyes all light up and he heads for 'lectronics as fast as him nigger legs will go. The girl behind the counter says "Why did you do that for?" "Well young apprentice, I have his license which I'm handing to security, I give him a worthless card with no money on it and now he's heading to 'lectroncs." She give me a I dont get it stare but I have my trap all laid out. Nigger is in the back already with a PS3 trying to use this worthless card. "Dis receipt sayz I hab 271.03 cents on dis card, how come it's comeing up wif nuttin" (Yes niggerboy, I did a price check and give you THAT RECIEPT) Nigger sees me and starts monkey babblin about dis hear cards you gib me is worthless. I tell him that "the computer puts on the card the exact amount of the sale when it scans the serial number, I have no control of it". OMG, he goes into the 5th nigger orbit and I call security. Nigger is escorted out, still babbling for Ray Cist.

and I have a cup of coffee and scratch off another day....



Coontact Tale #1,018 (December 22, 2007)

I just had a terrible experience with a nigger today. I decided to go to the mall with my friend and my sister to buy Christmas presents. Now the mall is filled with niggers but nothing really happened to us until we left. As we were walking out this nigger buck pulled up in some pimped out SUV that he probably he bought with the money he made from dealing crack. Anyway the nigger yells something at us in his unintelligible ghetto jive which none of us understand so we just keep walking. Apparently this pissed the nigger off so he yells "Yeah juss ignore me ya white bastards!" I was seconds away from yelling "Fuck you nigger" but for all I knew he had a gun so I didn't say anything. I mean I'm unarmed and there was at least one other nigger in his car (I couldn't tell if there were others because of his tinted window) and I had my little sister to worry about. So I just ignored him and walked away. I talked to my Dad later and he said that I should have called him a nigger but I'm not sure. What would you guys have done?

Would you antagonize a wild Bear or a wild Gorilla? Of course not! So why would you antagonize a wild nigger? Especially one in a group and that may have a gun. You did the right thing.-OoogaBoogaBooga

Avoid the Groid.

Coontact Tale #1,019 (December 22, 2007) Oh boy, do I have many coontact tales to tell, but this one is set in Paris, France. It happened a little more than two years ago; I was studying in Barcelona at the time, part of a foreign students program. Once vacations hit home, some friends and I decided to spend a week in the City of Eternal Love, see if we could meet some nice French ladies, enjoy the historical architecture (all of us architecture students at the time), sip some wine and have fun. The terror took place sometime in the afternoon of that week's Thursday. We were headed to Montmartre, the sky was grey with clouds and the street lamps were already starting to light up; we had to either climb some long stairs or take an elevator lift up, whatever the case, we had to cross a pack of niggers standing there, doing nothing but glaring at tourists and locals alike. There was a somber, electric feel in the air around us, and I remember telling my buddies "I'm sure these niggers are into some shady scamming business (experience from my Coontacts in Barcelona, but that’s another story) or up to no good, let's find an alternate route in, I hear a metro station connects to some nice area up there" However the two guys called me a "fucking racist" and we walked right through the bongo crowd. And before we knew it, each one of us was held hostage by a different nigger and they started coiling wool shit around our fingers! I tried to jack my hand free, but damn nigger had already coiled a load of wool all around my index finger and the thread went all the way back to a bag he was holding. The following conversation took place while he was weaving his shit around my finger:

Me: Hey!
Jamal: Hallo! Speak English? Yes?
Me:... umph, yeah.
Jamal: Ah, good. This I am doing is an African luck amulet
Me: No shit, really?
Jamal: Yes, where you from sir?
Me: Mexico
Jamal: Mexico? You don't look no Mexican. You look white, like French or Italian
Me: That's because I am white...
Jamal: I want to go Mexico, pretty place, many sun, spicy food.
Me: Yeah, whatever...
Jamal: I come from Niger. You know Niger?
Me: Only what I've seen on National Geographic

At this point I noticed the coon was pissed off by my commentary, probably knowing National Geographic shows them Nig(g)erians in true colors, smearing cow shit over their heads and eating menstrual cow blood for “bigger manhood”. In any case he shut up for the remaining of the hostage operation. When it was finally over, this happened:

Jamal: It is ready, sir! African luck amulet. I don't look no color I put on you, it is destiny, Blue is color of your destiny *wide white grin*
Me: That's a nice touch, but I don't believe in Determinism.
Jamal: ........
Me: ........
Jamal: It is 10 Euros!
Me: What?! You're out of your fucking mind! There's no way I'm giving you 10 euros for this!
Jamal: 10 Euros, sir!
Me: I told you already, I'm not giving you 10 euros for this, lower your price.
Jamal: (visibly pissed) Sir! 10 euros, sir!
Me: Listen for once, I didn't ask you to weave this shit around my finger, I just arrived to Paris (lie) and I am looking for somewhere to spend the night and I'm not on the luxury of wasting money, I'm not giving you 10 Euros, I'm giving you 4 and that's final.
Jamal:.............good sir, have nice day.

The funny thing is that four hours latter, on our way down off Montmartre, we were surrounded by the same niggers trying to weave more "luck amulets" in our fingers! We had to show them the previous ones to repel them like bad voodoo spirits, but they insisted those we had were made "by other people" and not them, the same fucking nigger had the nerve of playing dumb when he looked at me. We had to push our way out of that scamming pack, and I guess we were lucky they didn't knife our guts out.

Later tonight, our eerie experience at the Metro station in Saint-Denis.

Coontact Tale #1,020 (December 22, 2007)

I was out with the misses and some family last night. We went to a Upscale Proper Dress restaurant. The meal, company, atmosphere was all excellent. I went to get the coats from the coat room and I hear a comotion coming from the entrance. I turned to look and in comes this filthy dreadlock nigger in a olive green army type jacket with a african patch emblazoned on the back. He's got his paws all over this squat sheboon with purple lipstick. I was shocked at the site of this turd in such a environment. Right behind comes the valet informing him about the dress code and the nigger just keeps on walking ignoring everything.

What gall these creatures have to barge into a place and carry on with their TNB. I would be embarrissed to go to a nice restaurant dressed like a bumb from the ghettos of Somalia.

Yet it means nothing to a nigger to shuffle on into a place it must know it is not wanted.

Coontact Tale #1,021 (December 22, 2007)

Just got back from the emergency room. I was having really bad wrist pain, and considering I broke the same wrist five years ago, I thought I'd better get it checked out. Thankfully it's just tendonitis.

The triage nurse was a darling Filipino lady, and the doc, X-ray tech and nurse were white. Unfortunately, the receptionist was a mumbling, slowpoke sheboon who seemed like the last thing she wanted to do was anything to help YT. Makes me wonder why she's working in a hospital in a primarily white community and whose clientele are primarily human.

Coontact Tale #1,022 (December 22, 2007)

Yes,it's true but before you all take a vote and decide Klinger has surely gone insane and must be lynched with his own PNL for heresy,let me run it down. As a few of you know,I have been in a super nasty child custody battle with the mother of my 2 daughters for the last 2 1/2 years. Yesterday the case went to a court mediator. In my state the recommendations of the court mediator is always followed to the letter by the family court judge. The abuse the mother has heaped on my two daughters in the last 2 1/2 years is unforgivable and I will not go into detail about it on the board. Let me just say that when they left my house they were "Daddy's girls" but after spending all that time with the mother they now tell me to go fuck myself to my face. As my son and I are sitting in the waiting area to be called,the door opened,a sheboon appeared and called a set of parents in for their mediation appointment. I thought,"Holy shit that's all I need now is a damn nigger mediator to deal with." I had to re-think my strategy quick as to the way I was going to put my case forward to this Simian. I decided the best way was to put on a "secular liberal multi-culturist personna" for this affirmitive action Moon Cricket but I had to be careful how I did it. When I was called in she had already talked to the mother and was giving me a look that is usually reserved for a lynch mob ready to dish out justice to a child molester. There is no telling what kind of horseshit lies the mother had told this shitskin about me. She invited me to have a seat,took her place behind her desk and copped the attitude of,"OK,now let's hear YOUR SIDE of it,muddafuka!" I was very polite,stated my concerns for the well-being of my kids and began to put my case forward for joint custody. When I finished she said,"Is there anything else you'd like to add?" I said,"Yes,I'm also sick and tired of all the racist comments the mother makes to and in front of my two daughters all the time. I can't beleive in this day and age of multi-culturalism and secular-progressive states that people like her still exist. I know that she's from the South but I find it hard to beleive that even some people THERE are still that way." You have no idea how hard it was for me to say that and keep a straight face. The sheboons eyes lit up like a Kawanza tree and veins started to pop out of her neck as her inner chimp loomed close to the surface. She said,"What kind of racist remarks?!?" I replied,"I really don't want to repeat them,I'm merely concerned that my daughters may start beleiving that crap and it will case them trouble in school." She said,"Everything said in this room is confidential between us and I would like to know what she says to your daughters." I said,"Well,everything is always "nigger this",nigger that,stay away from niggers,no good ever comes from dealing with niggers,worthless niggers will be the downfall of this country and if I ever catch either one of you with a nigger I will personally perform a late term abortion on both of you!" That did it. The sheboon dropped her pencil on the floor,bobbed her head from side to side and said,"Dat's criminal and has to be stopped! What would you like,Mr........,joint custody? Kids on the weekends too? Is that what you're asking for?" I said,yes Mam,that would be fine." She replied,"Im also going to make the drop off and pick up point for the kids in the parking lot of the main police station so the mother will be less inclined to cause you trouble when you exchange them." It was a slam-dunk. I left the court house walking on air. I played that shitskin like a fine violin and got what I wanted handed to me on a silver platter. The look on the mother's face will be priceless when the judge orders joint custody and the kids with me on the weekends. The court date is Jan 2nd and after 2 1/2 long years and thousands of dollars in attorney fees my kids are finally coming home.

Coontact Tale #1,023 (December 22, 2007)

My suburb is quite nice, in that it is 98.9% nigger-free. It's great. However, since we have niggers, we have chimpouts. I was the victim of one today.

I was browsing the personal finance section at Borders, when a nigger sow comes up. It selects a book from the shelf, opens it, and pretends to be reading. It's not really reading, because it's a nigger. Even if it could read, it would only read about muh dik. Anyway after about 3 seconds of pretending to read (threshold of nigger concentration), the sow turns to me and goes "yous wants yo house cleannnnd? ah have a cleanin serviss". I slowly twist to look at her and tell her "Get away from me, nigger bitch." The nigger chimped out, yelling, bobbing its head, and saying I was rayciss. The manager almost came over, but the chimp started muttering about crackas, and waddled out. I told the manager what happened, but he was a liberal nigger lover so I didn't tell him I said "nigger".

Just goes to show you, niggers are niggers and niggers chimp out, chimpouts are unpredictable, but they are always humorous.

Coontact Tale #1,024 (December 22, 2007)

Nigger sow be shuckin n jivin in the parking lot.

I rolled into the parking lot at work today and rolled around trying to find a damn parking spot in the jammed lot. I knew this was going to be a lesson in patience, but I didn't think it was going to involve niggers in it. As I come down an aisle, there is a pack of about 5 huge nigger sows (surprisingly enough, no niglets in tow,) just shuffling along towards the mall right in the center of the aisle. I slow down and signal for them to move over, of course they don't and just keep on going. Then I guess one of thier cellfone's be ringin, so the sow starts shucking and jiving to the ringtone right in the damn middle of the aisle, holding me and the five cars behind me up. So I start to get really pissed and honk my horn and move up a little more towards them. That still did nothing and they just gave me the old hard nigger stare. So, in my disgust, I just went forward and made them move for me. Of course there were a lot of middle fingers in the air and I think I heard a "muddafuggin cracka" or two, but each of the cars behind me just plowed through the middle of them too and broke up their little bongo party.

Lazy inconsiderate niggers.

Coontact Tale #1,025 (December 22, 2007)

About 30 minutes ago I was walking back home from the store ( I needed a bottle of wine for dinner). As I am coming down the sidewalk to my house I see the two niggers who live 2 buildings down pushing their shitty 92 Cavalier backwards down the driveway towards the street. Apparently the piece of shit isn't running again today.... One nigger in is front and the other is on the driver's side. I couldn't tell if the drivers door was open, it looked like he was pushing on the windshield.

Well I hear a big ass diesel engine behind me and see one of those brand new Dodge Ram monster trucks hauling ass down the road. It was only maybe 50 feet from the entrance to the driveway and the scenario played out in my head in about .5 seconds so I yell out "Hit the fucking brakes!!", at the two niggers.

The one on the drivers side snatched the door open and slammed on the brakes, but there is ice and snow everywhere and the Chevy slid out into the street. The guy in the Ram swerves and misses the bumper by no more than 6 inches...

I walk up to the nigger in the drive way and say "Jesus Christ! That was fucking close!" This piece of shit looks at me and says "Mind your motherfucking bidness cracka!"

I am completely stunned. I will never understand the animosity, uncilvilzed behavour and sheer fucking hatefullness of niggers. I yelled out from concern and trying to stop someone getting killed and this nigger insults me. Unbelievable. Most whites would have scurred away, but I apparently don't have much sense, so I fire right back,"Go fuck yourself nigger!" Nigger #1 blasts me in the eye, and I slip on the ice, falling on my ass. He jumps on top of me and proceeds to pound the shit out of my face.

Nigger #2 runs up and starts kicking me in the side. This was getting bad. I had the red wine in my right hand I had purchased for our dinner and smashed into the side of the his fucking nigger head. The bottle breaks and now I have glass and wine all over my goddamn face. Nigger #1 rolls off of me holding his head. I jump up and tackle nigger #2 and gave the motherfucker everything I had. I spent 8 years in the joint and this nigger was in for a taste of one angry white motherfucker. I hit him maybe 10 times as hard as I could in the face, bouncing his head off the sidewalk.

And of course, since I am the luckiest man on earth, a city cop on patrol rolls up and jumps out of his squad car, pulls out his piece and starts screaming for everyone to get down and blah blah blah.....

Well two more cops join the fun, along with an ambulance, and everyone is in handcuffs sitting in the snow. As usual the niggers are saying I called them nigger and know the routine. Apparently God decided not to fuck with me today because a young hispanic woman and her 12 year old daughter who live in the same building came out and told the cops exactly the same story I did, that the niggers had jumped me...

So the niggers went to jail, my eye is swelled up, and now I have to go back to the liquor store for more wine. What a fucking day.

Coontact Tale #1,026 (December 22, 2007)

What is up with this obsession that niggers have with their blood pressure? we get 30 or 40 a day that come in and use the free machine in the pharmacy. And we sell 20 or 30 meters a week, all to niggers.

Fried chicken and hot sauce quickens the nigger pulse which is why an ape-out once a day is common.

Baby mamma drama is another artery pounder.


Coontact Tale #1,027 (December 22, 2007)

I bought a new car about 6 months ago, and my dad has been insisting that I go to sears for their "lifetime" tire rotation, where you pay like $10 per tire and you get free rotations for life.

Not more than a month ago, I went in to sears with my gf to get her oil changed. Sears would not have been my first choice for this matter, but that's where she picked. We walked in and it's niggers working the counters. All i can do is shake my head. I went and looked in the shop area and all the mechanics were white, except for one nigger. I figured that was pretty good odds so i didn't say anything.

Anyway, today I thought i'd call about the lifetime rotation. I know, i know, it's risky with all the niggers working there. But where could i go for the lifetime deal? Sure as shit, i call in and "Jamar" answers. "Dis be sears muhfugga, wachu wuh??" "Yes, do you have a lifetime tire rotation?" "You gotsa buyz tires ta gitz dat". "Oh really, i can't get a lifetime rotation on my own tires?" "Naw dawg" Click.

So folks, i find a coupon for a $26 coupon for oil change and tire rotation somewherer else. Good enough for me, and after realizing just how niggerfuxated sears is, i'll be going to car-x with my coupon instead.

But folks, i just can't resist getting a nigger in trouble nowadays So i go online, call the sears 1-800 number and get transferred to a white guy in the auto deptmt. I explain the situation and he puts me on hold while he calls my local sears and speaks with the manager! He comes back and tells me that i can get the rotation on my own tires at $10 per tire, etc. and I say "Oh, because i spoke with a 'jamar' there and he said i couldn't get it on my own tires." The rep says "Well, obviously jamar didn't know what he was talking about. The manager is going to talk to him about it." (You could tell by the guys tone that he was a niggermaniac, and he really wanted to say 'well, jamars a nigger so what else can we expect?) "Ok thank you very much sir!"

Now folks, i have no intention of going back to sears now due to the nigger infestation, but i went out of my way to get this nigger in trouble. And it feels pretty damn good!

Coontact Tale #1,028 (December 22, 2007)

Workplace Coontacts that piss me off.


You know how it is with Niggers. They don't plan ahead for anything, at any level. They only react to what they see in front of them. Drinks are a shitload cheaper at the Supermarket than from the Drink dispenser machine, but they don't think that way.

So I bring my 1.5 liter bottle of coke to work for myself during my breaks, and you see Nigger eyes light up.

"Can I habs some?", "Can I habs a glass of your Coke?"

"Go get your own!", I reply, which half annoys, half amuses them. They don't seem used to a White guy who doesn't immediately share with the brothers.

The Company kindly lets us have 2 pies a day free, which the Niggers gorge themselves on. They bring NOTHING to work in the way of food.

I prefer to make my own lunches in the evening and leave them in my fridge overnight, bring them to work in an insulated bag so they're still cool when I get to them. Once again, the Nigger mentality shows through.
They look at my lunch, and go "Nice Ham...".
Wait for it, you know whats coming next.
"Can I habs some?"
"Fuck off and get your own!!!"

Which brings us to...


Our dept has a fridge, also kindly provided by the company for us to store our drinks etc in while we're working. However, nobody ends up using it because the Nigger constantly raid it for other peoples drinks and snacks. I've seen people absolutely Furious because their drinks have disappeared in the few hours between putting it there and going to drink it.

The only person whose food isn't touched is an Indian co-worker whose wife makes lovely curry, vegetable and rice meals every day for him to take to work and use the microwave to heat up. I've told him he's a lucky man to have a wife who makes food like that for him. He appreciated the compliment of course.


Using both the workplace computer and the Forklift, and some other pieces of equipment at our place are restricted for obvious reasons. It's a HUGE workplace offence here in NZ to use a forklift without a license as the injury and damage potential from misuse is so high.

Regardless, every other fucking Chimp does stupid shit like I saw one do last week. He junmped onto the forkhoist and was going round and round at speed in tight circles, as if its fun to fuck with an unbalanced heavy vehicle with a proven propensity to fall over and crush the driver very, very dead. Another Chimp liked to go up to speed then hit the reverse gear, tearing the tyres and undoubtedly the gearbox to shreds.

The boss kindly lets me use the workplace computer but only on my breaks because he knows from full monitoring of our network that the only places I visit are news sites just to catch up on whats happening elsewhere. The few times he's let Chimps use the computer, they go straight to Nigger mating sites, Bebo and the like.


Nothing fucks me off like this does. As soon as anything happens, no matter how trivial, the Niggers all over the place immediately stop what they're doing and cluster around to see what happens. I can't count the number of times I've cleared out a minor machine blockage in a small part of the factory, and instead of finding something else to do like sorting incoming product, all the Niggers down tools and come over to watch it being unblocked, as if they haven't seen this a hundred times before.

Several times I've gotten mad, stopped what I'm doing and simply stood there completely still. Minute after minute passes, they're still standing there thinking something will happen. So finally I just walk away from it. STILL they stand there, looking, looking, looking... thinking something will happen, but nothing does. So after standing there, just staring, at a fucking motionless machine with nobody working on for a few minutes longer, instead of even contemplating fixing it themselves they finally start to get bored and one by one wander off to do something. And they leave the machine there!!!

One time we had a young Chimp standing around watching, so I asked him to go sort some product. He leaves, and 30 seconds later he's back. I ask him to go sort some product. 30 seconds later hes back again, just standing there staring. So finally I actually led him by the hand back to the work. 30 seconds later he's back yet AGAIN. A FOURTH time I led him away, and yet again he returned to stare. So finally even the boss got mad and locked the factory door to keep him out of there.


A favourite Nigger pastime. When its busy and I'm working, I tend to concentrate on it to the exclusion of anything else, it makes time pass faster plus it makes it easier because theres less work later.

Niggers don't seem to see it this way, they'll goof off constantly.

Last week one young Chimp got me riled when I was sorting incoming product to go into the processing machines. It's an unending, tedious job but it has to be done. Suddenly the Chimp goes "Look at this!", which I ignored because knowing him it wouldn't be urgent. So he goes into a frenzy. "Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this", he's going excitedly. Finally I decide to look, and after all that, its all because he's hung his fucking locker keys from a stack of boxes. I got mad at that, but all he said was "Will they be safe there?"

"But what about when someone moves the pile of boxes, will you find them again?"
"Oh", Chimp-boy replies. He finally decides to do what everyone else does and leave his keys in the office.

Sorry if this is a bit long-winded, but I had to vent steam.

Coontact Tale #1,029 (December 22, 2007)

A few years ago while working for a security company one of our vital computers that had all the companies important dispatching and contact information on it crashed. The computer was stored in a room no bigger then a walk in closet. They called an IT company to come in and try to get as much info off the machine as possible. The next day I came in and the boss called me into the office and wanted to know if I visited any websites on that computer when I was working. I did not even know that computer was connected to the internet. Seems when they opened up the files there were over 1,000 pics of nasty fat black nigger bitches and a bunch of viruses and Free AOL disk was found in the CD ROM to get it online and that killed the computer.

There was 2 white guys and 2 niggers who had access to the computer. One of the private detectives took a UV light to the floor and everyone was mortified because the floor and inside of the desk illuminated with a yellow glow. Everyone knew someone had been using the closet as a peepshow booth. Turns out it was a young shady nigger that worked on midnights as a dispatcher after they compared the finger prints on the disk to the ones on file when he was hired. In the end it cost the company almost $8,000 to get the computer situartion fixed and to have the room bio-cleaned of nig jiz. They also took the door and frame of and sealed the room off. Who jerks off at work?

Coontact Tale #1,030 (December 22, 2007)

More coontact at the office

Was gonna post this a few days ago, but I've been busy. Just moved into a new place last month, still getting settled in.

So a good friend of mine on the team I supervise at work got promoted. We had to get someone to replace his desk, as his portfolio was one of the most important on the team. So HR does some head hunting and finds this guy at another agency that they convince to bring on board. Tons of experience, already knows the drill, et cetera. We get a lot of newbies to the business on my team, so I was fairly relieved that I wasn't going to have to train this guy and he could just pick up where my promoted friend has left off.

Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the new hire was a nigger. Great, I thought, here we go again. I knew, just KNEW, what would happen. I should have bet money on it. Same thing as the last nigger we brought in, to the freaking t.

Day one. Nigger boy arrives 15 minutes late and I have to write up a documented discipline report on it. Seeing as I had been through this exact same thing a few months ago, I wasn't going to dick around this time. Coon fucks up, it gets disciplined immediately. The sooner I document its monkeyshines, the sooner we can turf its monkey ass. Even better, there has been a white girl on the team on one of the other high importance desks that has been screwing up a lot lately, showing up late, calling in sick excessively, et cetera and I had been writing her up for it. In other words, I had already established a "no-nonsense" approach to managing my team, so my disciplinary action on this coon wouldn't seem the least bit out of place or "rayciss".

Day two. To add gas to the fire, nigger boy was on a night shift and I was on a day shift on day one. So day two comes by, nigger boy is 10 minutes late AGAIN, and I check my email and there is a message from the night shift supervisor saying that nigger boy wasn't at his desk during the last 15 minutes of its shift, and he would like me to confirm where nigger boy was and report back to him. So I talk to nigger boy, and apparently it thought that "I ain't beez takin no breaks (ya RIGHT), so Iz beez gettin ta leave early an sheeyit". Another discipline report. I have to advise nigger boy that it is its responsibility to take its breaks at the accorded time (I had handed it a break schedule on its first day) and that it had already been advised when it started that it is not allowed to leave early in lieu of break time not taken. Two discipline reports in the first two days. Any white employee would be out the door by this point.

Day three. Coon boy calls in sick. Surprise surprise.

Day four. Sick again.

Day five. Sick again. At this point we are starting to become concerned. The company had actively sought out this coon and had paid it a premium wage to come on board; way more than they would have paid someone with no prior experience.

Day six . Coon boy comes in to work, on time surprisingly. Two hours into its shift it comes up to my desk, drops its head set and pass card on my desk and mumbles "Ize beez leaving". I'm kind of taken aback and didn't process its statement properly, so I respond "Are you sick again? Do you perhaps need to see a physician?" It responds "No, Iz beez meanin Iz beez leavin da company". At this point I am completely pissed off, and have to try my best to hide it and remain civil. "Is there a specific reason why?" I ask. "Iz just beez movin on ta greena pastures" it responds.

In other words, this coon had another job lined up right from the get go. It came on board for the premium wage, went through a week of training so it could just sit on its ass and listen to some guy talk for a week and get paid top dollar for it, came onto the floor and slacked off, then used all its allotted paid sick time before quitting.

I really wish HR would stop hiring these god damn niggers. Now I have to not only find someone to replace the premium desk, but now the team has to pull up even more slack after the holidays to make up for the coon's laziness and lost revenue.

That nigger doesn't have another job lined up. Its reasons for leaving could be one or more of many. Such as: 1. Finding employment because its parole officer is adamant, then realizing work is not for it. Work has responsibilities such as getting out of bed. 2. The payroll department was efficient and already garnished its salary as soon as they received the court ordered child support. 3. It found a better opportunity by hanging on a street corner selling dope. 4. The rayciss white boy (his words) in charge won't tolerate lateness. 5. It found out welfare benefits would cease if it was caught working. 6. It would have been expected to pay rent and buy its own groceries. Need I go on?

-Maxwell Smart

Coontact Tale #1,031 (December 22, 2007)

This story does not have a nigger in the starring role so it probably doesn't belong here. It involves just me and an elderly human couple.

I get all my perscriptions filled at Costco. The nearest one to me is starting to get more and more niggerfuxated, but fortunately, it isn't very bad yet. So I'm standing second in line behind a quiet little human lady. There's an elderly man sitting in a chair immedately to my right.

The cashier lady announces, "I can help the next person in line at this counter." The little old lady proceeds towards her. At this, the elderly human man stands up, walks the 3 steps to the front of the line and says to me, "That's my wife up there. I'm not cutting in line or anything."

To which I reply, "I know you're not cutting in line, your white. Only niggers cut in line!"

The man looks back over his shoulder and says, "Isn't that the truth!"

As the were waiting for their medicines, I see him talking into his wife's ear. Both of them looked at me and giggled. Then the little old lady winked at me. After they were served and were walking past, the lady looked up at me and said, "I wish you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas, young man."

I said, "Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to both of you."

Then it dawned on me. These wonderful old folks have been Niggermaniacs since before Al Gore even thought of inventing the internet!

Coontact Tale #1,032 (December 22, 2007)

So I learned a lesson tonight. Apparently thursday night is nigger night at my local watering hole. I guess I just haven't had occasion to go in there on a Thursday until tonight.

A couple of friends wanted to go grab a quick beer. I was up for it, as I love beer, and tend to not miss an opportunity to drink, if at all possible. The local watering hole is usually filled with humans. Sometimes these are yuppie asshole humans, sometimes punk-rocker humans, etc. but humans nonetheless.

Tonight...I wouldn't be so lucky. The place was mostly deserted, and I would soon find out why.

First, when we walked in, I had to shove a big, nasty sheboon out of my way to get through the door, as she was standing there on her bloo-toof waiting for her buck, or something. I should have left right then and there, but what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.

We sit at a table, and I look across the way, and there's a big, bootlipped nigger buck sitting there with his coalburner ho. I almost fucking vomited, so I got up and sat with my back to them, thinking that I could drink a couple of beers with no more coontact. Once again, that was not to be.

On one of the big screen TV's, there was african tree hockey, or bakketbaw, as niggers know it. There was a small groidle completely transfixed to the bakketbaw game, ooking and eeking every time their team made a play, and completely chimping the fuck out whenever their team did something incorrect.

There was another nigger buck at the bar attempting to lure a couple of mortified white wimmenz out so he could rape them. Thankfully they seemed to be self-respecting white women, and they told him to fuck off.

Needless to say, we drank a beer and got the fuck out of Dodge.

Fucking niggers! The only sub-species that could make it unpleasant to sit and have a beer with friends.

Coontact Tale #1,033 (December 22, 2007)

I have spent all day traveling on trains, and suffering coontact from the moment I drove up to the train station.

As I make my way to the platform, there was an announcement saying that the next train to niggerland would leave from the opposite platform. So everyone starts making their way across. Everyone that is apart from the only nigger around (I live in a nigger free area, so I guess this one must have got lost). It was a fat nigger sow, lugging a great big suitcase. The guard pointed out that it was on the wrong platform, but the sow just babbled some incoherent shit and stayed put. I think the guard probably thought fuck it, and just left it there He must have been a Niggermaniac at heart because it was a really cold morning.

So I get on the train, and thankfully no niggers around. I have to make a change at another station which is about an hour's journey, in a fairly niggerfuxated area so I am dreading it. Near the platform where I am supposed to get on there are 2 nigger bucks chimping out because there beez no first class on dat train So they stayed behind to wait for the next one. What the bucks don't know is that the next one isn't due for an hour, and that hasn't got any first class either. In fact none of the trains have Having a giggle to myself, I managed to get on the train, and there was nowhere to sit. So I make my way to the next carriage and I see that there are a few empty seats. When I get there, I find out why the seat is empty. A big ugly bootlipped buck is sitting around there It is babbling in some incomprehensible africoon nigger babble on its cellphone, and doesn't seem to want to stop. I can make out 2 words 'marriage convenience'. It seems the nigger is probably here illegally and trying to arrange some nigger scam so it can stay in the country.

It is a three hour journey so I put on my mp3 player, close my eyes and pretend its not there. There are a few other humans around between me and the nigger and because its the only nigger there I feel confident that it won't try any monkey business - anyway, its too busy babbling away to the other nigger at the end of the phone. After a while I hear heated nigger voices over my music. I open my eyes and it happens that the ticket collector is another nigger. Put a nigger in some sort of uniform, and it goes off on some power trip, especially around other niggers, and especially around those fresh off the banana boat. It happens that cellphone nigger has no ticket so it gets ejected at the next station.

The rest of my journey continues without much up close coontact - odd buck or sow here. I get to the airport, and no niggers I suppose the fact that since 911 we have police equipped with machine guns on visible patrol puts them off. I pick up sis and we make our way back, safe and sound without further coontact.

Coontact Tale #1,034 (December 22, 2007)

I Got a Sheboon Fired !!

The day before yesterday, I had been in town to run errands, and get some groceries. There are really only two grocery chains in this town. The good one is way across town, and the bad one is only a few blocks from my last errand, and on the way back out to where I live. I made a huge mistake by trying to save some time. I knew better, I knew better damn it!

First of all going to this store is like visiting a third world country, full of exotic people and oders. Secondly it is always crowded with rude folks of all colors, but you can usually count on some monkey shines from the nigger contingent. They did not let me down this time. I am barely in the store headed to produce and step in some unidentified fruit or veggie and almost slip down. I am sincerely concerned that some elderly person will step in and hurt themselves, so I look around and see a couple of blue ribbon 250+ pounder sows in the little deli cafe smacking away on, you guessed it, flied yardbird and smashed taters with heaps o' gravy. So I tell them the problem and they look at me like I am crazy, which I am for going in there to begin with. One of them licks some gravy off its paw, and points to a elderly buck leaned up with a mop under its chin, I guess taking a nap. The sheboon says with its gaping maw packed, " he be the janitor, we on break now". So I go over and tell him and move on. I managed to get thru without further incident and head to the checkout. I found a lane with one shopper and a human at the cash register.While I load all of groceries on the conveyer, they finish bagging and loading the ladies food. About this time, oh shit here comes a sow with a cash tray in its paws. I am thinking, please dont be coming to this lane please. No such freakin luck. The groidette shuffles over, barely lifting its feet, and switches out the register,plus there is someone behind me so I am stuck.

This was one of the nastiest sows I have ever seen. It was around 200 lbs, with short nappy hair that looked like it had not been combed in weeks. There was a stink field around it that was almost visible. Now I know why flies are drawn to shit, because niggers stink worse than shit. It starts pawing my items across the scanner, and I start writing out a check. About half way thru, the food starts backing up, so the weebee starts to bag some of it, and I axed it to use paper bags for my food, and of course it bobbles its nasty head, grunts, and puts two bags in plastic and goes back to scanning items. After a total comes up it goes back to throwing my food in plastic. And I say once again that I want my food in paper bags. It continues tossing my food in plastic, incredible! Now as I start to say it a third time, in a loud voice, I get about two words out when the cashier on the next lane,(a human) turns around and in a loud annoyed voice says, "linda, he wants his food in paper bags!" The nasty bitch looks at me like, "you gonna makes me due whut cracka", and it said, "oh ize charged youse for a paper" That was it, I looked at it and said, "you would have heard me if you were paying attention instead of day dreaming about jenkem and watermelon you dumbass.

I grabbed my check up, left the food, and went to find the manager. I found him and started telling him about it, when his cell phone rings. He answers and starts talking. While still on the phone he points to the exit and tells me there are customer satisfaction surveys and to fill one out. Man I am about to explode! I told him to fuck off and head out.

Now do you think that is enough TNB? Hell no, I still have to negotiate the parking lot, and you know " they always be some ignorance goin on in dem pakin lot". So I get in my car, start it up and start to back out. Now there is some freakin buck in his shitroller stopped in the lane where I cant get out. WTF is it waiting for! I look behind me, and across the lane about one space up are two elderly nigger sows loadin they car up. Now what will the buck do.

A. Back his hoopti up ten feet, let me back up, and pull into my spot.

B. Fuck with yt. Sit where it is, babbling on its phone in ubangi, as these two old sows spend 10 minutes loading they caa, diggin aroun in they perses, and fixin they nappy heads, so he can avoid walking 5 extra feet.

Well of course you can't pass up a chance to mess with yt.

Here is the only silver lining to the black cloud. I have life long friend who is a vice president at this grocery chains corparate hq in San Antonio. I called that evening and told her the same story I just shared with you. She was appalled and told me she would follow up on this. Low and behold, this morning I get a call from the store manager who blew me off two days ago. This dumbass was practically groveling. He apoligized over and over, and thanking me for bringing this to his attention. He told me that he had fired linda, and said he was sending me a 100.00 gift cert to the store. I told him that was not acceptable as I would not be going back to his store, but they could give me a cert. from their competitions store. he said absolutely, and thanked me once again.

The good thing about this is linda was fired at Christmas and will not be able to buy presents for its butt dumplings and its buck will probably beat the shit out of it. Best case would be getting its utilities cut off and they all freeze to death. Thank you niggermaniacs for letting me vent!

Coontact Tale #1,035 (December 22, 2007)

Thank God I Was Drunk And The Cops Were Around!!!!!

I was passing by an old house I used to live in. My buddy and I were coming back from the bar and what was my beautiful childhood house was now a TNB house with a f**kin TNB crime scene. I dont know what happened or what crime the niggers committed but I saw them on the porch talking to the cops. Police car lights flashing,yellow tape, I was yelling in the car but my buddy smacked me upside the head. I just cant believe it. When I lived there my mom would be planting flowers and have a little tomato garden. I still havent told my mom. Im afraid she might have a heart attack. She isnt afraid of the nigger,but she is afraid of what they are capable of.

Coontact Tale #1,036 (December 22, 2007)

Well, I was walking home from the grocery store this afternoon carrying a good amount of food. No big deal, I do it quite often since it's only a few blocks away. Along comes this tall skinny nigger, who offers to help carry my groceries. I said, "No, I'm alright, thanks anyway." He says, "I'm not going to run away with them or anything" (Yeah right, I thought). I said, " I bought them, I might as well carry them." He said, "That's a poor excuse, poor excuse." He keeps asking to take the groceries, saying things like: "You're making me beg to take your groceries from you" and, "You know, I'm trying to do a kind thing here" (He said that like he thought I didn't understand what kindness is.) He continued going the way I normally go, so I took a side road and hurried home as fast as I could.

I am almost home and I see a nigglet repeatedly throwing an empty water bottle at a crosswalk sign. The look on his face was just as empty as the bottle. I was thinking to myself that it seemed like it was wondering why the bottle didn't go through the sign and drop on the other side. This place is getting more niggerfuxated by the day!


Coontact Tale #1,037 (December 22, 2007)

I was walking upstairs to my apartment, which lately has become nigfested (yes, I'm moving), and I heard one of the niglets downstairs running around the hall singing the theme to Fat Albert. I shit you not. I almost dropped my groceries I was laughing so hard.

Coons maximize the difference between self aggrandizement and self awareness.

Coontact Tale #1,038 (December 22, 2007)

I'm on one of my infrequent trips to downtown Chicago.

I take the Metra commuter train to Northwestern station.

I go down the steps from the platform to the passage to the street. It's not rush hour and there are only a few people about. I stop to look at the big map to get my bearings, while looking at a piece of paper with an address on it. A shabbily dressed middle aged nigger (about my age) walks up to me, all smiles.

Nigger (very friendly like): Can I help you young man?

Young man? Does he think I'll feel complimented?

Me: No.

Nigger (Starting to whine): I'm trying to help.

Me (very sharply): I don't need any help. OK?

The nigger walks away mumbling.

When I come back the same way a few hours later, the passage is a little more crowded. I see the same nigger walk up to a young White woman studying the map.

Nigger: Can I help you young lady?

The woman gives the nigger a look like she just stepped in shit and moves away. Too many people around for the nigger to try anything, so he just wanders around a bit.

Good old Chicago. Such helpful niggers.

Coontact Tale #1,039 (December 22, 2007)

Went to the museum last Friday. I felt like an explorer at a nigger pygmy village. Hundreds of niglets running around being niglets. Saw a group of humans huddled around each other. Reminded me of a bunch of cannibals surrounding their next meal. Luckily they were leaving when we got there.

Niggers, while in packs, love to fan out in order to antagonize humans and other niggers. This is done to induce their inner chimp amongst each other so they can gang up and steal, draw blood, rape or worse.

In the niglets' case, which you observed, that is basically niglets cutting their teeth on the big GIMME DAT parasitic protocol they are genetically commanded to do later in their useless and pathetic lives once their reproductive organs (giblets) kick in. Then it's all about GIMME DAT and MUH DIIIK.


Coontact Tale #1,040 (December 22, 2007)

I work in human town. A town of 100,000 people, and I run into the less then 1% of groids that live here. I was travelling with another trained- coon acquaintance of mine to lunch, and she and I were in the drive-through of Jersey Mikes Subs.

Well, there we were and we pulled into the drivet-thru (not a quick one to begin with), when I realize we are behind a Suzuki mini-suv filled with animals. It was around Noon, and they looked like they had just rolled out of bed. Big fro's with combs stuck in em; two groids and two she-groids. What did I really expect... but trouble. The drive-thru moved decently until the coonmobile hit the ordering window. We sat there for 10 full minutes while they ordered, reordered, and reordered, and changed orders, and reordered. I felt terrible for human inside, but that was nothing until this gang of douchebags got to the drive-thru window.

Me and my trained passenger made our orders and were done in less than a minute, and we get up behind the nigg-mobile at the "checkout window". I notice a lot of niggerbabble going on between the cashier and groids. I see one of the she-groids in the backseat say something to the HNIC (head nigga in charge). While they are waiting it seams the she-groid wants a water. I see the cup passed to the HNIC to the shegroid on the passenger rear side, and then I see her take a sip or two, then crack the door and pour the rest out onto the ground. Now me and my trained passenger are livid.

I see bags beginning to be passed into the car from this poor little highschool human girl and the HNIC. All of a sudden, after inspection of the bags, bags start getting passed back to the poor human. It gets a bit chimpy, but theres a lot of orders being changed , and gripes being made....I guess because niggers is niggers.

Finally.... I pull out of the drivethrough line, and drop my trained negro-acquaintance off to actually go in and pick up our orders (about 25 minutes has passed since we pulled into this melee). And I get a sneaky thought....."I think I'll block the exit of this restaurant, and hold my ground. After about 3 more minutes, the flying nappy-haired fuckbags come around the corner in their Suzuki, and find me in my GMC Jimmy blocking the exit. And they honk.....and they honk again. Then they chimp out and start with Negrospeak....."Get owt the muthafuggin way mutha fugga........fugg you cracka beeotch.....I's go fugg you up" ....and the HNIC actually gets out of the car.....

Just as this happens, my negroquaintance comes out of the subshop with our food, and she's older than these animals and sets them straight. Boy, I've never seen a bunch of animals whip into shape so quickly, and they even called her Ma'am.

I was spared a beating, because of my negro-acquaintance, but TNB. Its been like 6 years since that happened. My negroquaintance had two different childrens from two different baby's daddys, but she saved me that day. I don't actually expect that to ever happen again. She didn't care for their groidian behavior either, coz she had been trained properly somewhere down the line.

Coontact Tale #1,041 (December 22, 2007)

Yesterday while at work I heard a she-boon complain because she got a pair of skates that were different sizes. Listening a little more she was complaining because she was given an 8 "Large" and an 8 "Regular."

Of course the she-boon and he-boons were too stupid to figure it out on their own and had to be told that the sizes were the same and that L and R meant left and right!

Coontact Tale #1,042 (December 22, 2007)

I hope you include this in coontact tales, I'm a HUGE FAN.

Why are niggers allowed to drive again?

I am a driver for my uncle's Pharmaceutical suppy company based on the east coast. We are located in a fairly large city of around 100,000 inhabitants, mostly comprised of, guess what, niggers. Anywho, I'm making my final delivery of the day after a long, 5 hours on the road when I witness a 60ish white male "cut-off" (I putt cut-off in parenthesis because it was entirely the niggers fault) a nigger in a 1994 buick (typical nigger vehicle, TNV). Naturally instead of simply giving him the finger or something of that nature the nigger (I'm assuming is in his 40's but who can really tell with these animals) decides to screetch into oncoming traffic to cut the white man off and give him a piece of its mind, or possibly engage in physical contact. "Not on my watch" I say to myself as I pull ahead of them both, convieniently directly infront of the office i'm delivering to. I huriedly exit my vehicle, making sure to lock it seeing as I have over $20,000 worth of merchandise in the van, and proceed to give the stupid nigger a piece of my mind. At this point The nigger had left his vehicle, right in the middle of a one-lane, two way street nonetheless, as to ensure no one could pass, and proceeded to approach the innocent elderly human. I'm a reasonably strong 21 year old so I approached this nigger without fear (surprisingly there wasn't another nig in sight) and told him to stop acting like the piece of shit it was, diverting his attention to me and allowing the elderly gent to escape. I then began educating this negroid species that he should start acting human and not act on animalistic instinct whenever a situation arises. I informed it that I drive for a living, sometimes 7 hours+ a day and get cut off countless times, not once thinking of exiting my vehicle as this nig thought was reasonable. I doubt it got the message as it mumbled back into it's car and drove off. I guess at the end of the day you can't expect a nigger to live up to the standards we hum and live by everyday...

Coontact Tale #1,043 (December 23, 2007)

Ok so, it was our last week at highschool - and as you know, the teachers don't usually make you work in this period, as all tests are graded etc. And it was modern history, so our Communist teacher (no lying here) decides to put on American History X for us to watch while she busied herself conducting the next revolution of the proletariat. *rolls eyes*

Anyways we got upto the bit where monkey boy gets what he deserves at gets stomped, my friend and I (the first time we saw this film) cried... with laughter

And soon EVERY person in my liberal, tolerant, nigger-loving class, including the teacher is staring at my buddy and I in complete horror..this is all just a precursor.

A little later in the lesson the teacher asked me while everyone else was watching the movie, to write some stuff on the "chalkboard" for her, I said "sure where abouts on the blackboard dyou want me to write it?"

She then pulls me aside and says "judging by your reaction to that film, there are somethings you need to be educated about in the areas of sensitivity" (during this whole sentence the teeth are grinding together). She then talks about how we call it a chalkboard because the niggers might be offended, I then ask her about a whiteboard and she immediately steers away from the subject. Then as to hammer in her liberal point once and for all she says "it is a chalkboard, not - a blackboard"

I hate liberals more than most people I hate because they love niggers, and this was the straw that broke the racist's back. I then shouted at her "LOOK YOU LIBERAL TWIT, IT'S NOT A "CHALKBOARD" IT'S A NIGGERBOARD - NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER"

And after my rant i was sent to the principles office, my dear old mum picked me up, and she had a bit of a chuckle about the whole thing on the way home.

sorry about the length of that guys, I just hate being without-detail


Coontact Tale #1,044 (December 23, 2007)

Eariler this year I meet this hot chick at my old part time job. After numerous phone calls,we decided to hang out at a gay club cause she didnt want to meet alone. So she brought some of her friends and I brought mine. I dont know what the hell I was thinking letting her talk me into meeting her at a gay club,but I really had the hots for her.Anyway,My friends and I arrive early and we nearly died of laughter. There was this nigger dressed up like a vampire. Fake fangs and all! She and her friends arrived and we all greeted each other. She said she had to talk to someone and I just shrugged. Well a few minutes later she comes back over all "Girl-Sad"(Arms folded,pouting,etc etc).I asked her if she was alright. She pointed over and I looked. It was the same Vampire nigger my friends and I saw eariler.I said "Who does that nigger think he is?" and I was about to walk over and the biggest chimp out occured.She started calling me a "racist @$$hole" and among other things. I told her "go bitch at him,he is the one that got you upset in the 1st place" Her and her friends condemed me to high hell. Damn wiggers.I got my friends and said "Lets go. Im outta here." She left me nasty phone calls and emails for the next few days. But I ignored them. Its not the 1st time a girl lost interest in me cause I said NIGGER.

I thought I'd share this coontact that happened eariler this year. Enjoy!

Coontact Tale #1,045 (December 23, 2007)

Back in the late 80's, I used to work for a special events company. We did balloon deliveries, singing telegrams, small carnival equipment, games for school carnivals and the like. Have you ever seen niggers in a moonwalk. It defies gravity. Anyhow, most of our carnival events were white suburban elementary and jr. high schools. The nigg to human ratio was pretty low. But even at these events, the animals crept in.

A spacewalk is a giant inflatable cushion in which kids can go into and just jump around (like a big trampoline). I was a responsible young YT. Before I let a group of children into the moonwalk (about 8 kids at a time), I would tell the rules.


And typically, the niggs would try to get in with their adidas, and they would hit the human children, and the FIRST THING they would do is try to do a flip. And of course they climbed up the side netting like the monkeys they are and jump off. I was always throwing niglets out left and right. And at a couple of events (mostly groid events), some niglets ran arount to the back of the spacewalk and unplugged the blower that kept it inflated. When this happened I would frantically have to evacuate the thing while it deflated to make sure no kids got stuck under the material and suffocated.

The worst were the newspaper company picnics, coz all that worked there was niggers, and they all had attitudes and chimp children. Put 8 niglets in a moonwalk and the chance of injury or death goes up exponentially.

Alternatively, I once had to do a moonwalk at a psychiatric/special needs facility in the ghetto. It was like 50 crack/fetal alcohol syndrome kids in this facility. They were all crippled and/or severely retarded (even by niglet standards). I put these poor kids in the moonwalk, and only one or two of each group of eight could even jump. Those niglets were tickled to death just to be treated with some dignity for the time they spent with me. I would bounce the moonwalk up and down for them, and they laughed and played. All the staff at the facility were niggers too, so God only knows how many of them were hit, or raped, or just treated badly on a daily basis. Nothing an animal has ever done even compares to what these poor niglets had done to them by their animal parents.

Makes me wanna drink malt liquor and eat fried chicken.

Coontact Tale #1,046 (December 23, 2007)

Batnigger and Sow mammy heading to Dolla Sto

I left the Haven Hospice this morning after visiting my Aunt. As I was driving down the road, a POS niggermobile drove around me. The car it’s self was an old Oldsmobile in turkey turd light tan color. In it was an ugly buck, it’s sow, for the moment and a niglet thrashing around in the back seat. Without a seat belt I might add. Oh well…..

Coontact Tale #1,047 (December 23, 2007)

I had my afternoon planned out, I went to the farthest place I had to go to and worked my way back home. I saw about 3 dozen niggers, no major coontact, just typical shit. blocking the aisle and the like. nigger bell ringers outside bundled up with 4 layers of clothes and scarves like it is cold. It was 43 degrees, give me a brake.

Anyway, my last stop is Gander Mountain, guarenteed no coontact, right? I only needed to get a gift card for my boss. But I had time, so I was going to do a little shopping for Sir Lawrence. Back to the gun section I go, and WTF? A nigger kid maybe 12 years old gawking over an assult type rifle in a glass case. No adult boons to be found. I keep an eye on this niglet, and its guardian is this well dressed White man. I think it must have been some big brother/sister thing because this niglet was certified by the AKC. It turned my stomach.

Coontact Tale #1,048 (December 23, 2007)

I rolled into the parking lot at work today and rolled around trying to find a damn parking spot in the jammed lot. I knew this was going to be a lesson in patience, but I didn't think it was going to involve niggers in it. As I come down an aisle, there is a pack of about 5 huge nigger sows (surprisingly enough, no niglets in tow,) just shuffling along towards the mall right in the center of the aisle. I slow down and signal for them to move over, of course they don't and just keep on going. Then I guess one of thier cellfone's be ringin, so the sow starts shucking and jiving to the ringtone right in the damn middle of the aisle, holding me and the five cars behind me up. So I start to get really pissed and honk my horn and move up a little more towards them. That still did nothing and they just gave me the old hard nigger stare. So, in my disgust, I just went forward and made them move for me. Of course there were a lot of middle fingers in the air and I think I heard a "muddafuggin cracka" or two, but each of the cars behind me just plowed through the middle of them too and broke up their little bongo party.

Lazy inconsiderate niggers.

Coontact Tale #1,049 (December 22, 2007)

Not really a Coontact Tale but a well written piece about how it takes a nigger to make a racist.

COONTACT, The deal breaker.

I was raised by my parents to make my own decisions about many things in life. I went so far as to deny their values an even became a liberal for awhile. My dad always had a bias against niggers, but he never said the word "nigger" or tried to influence me in any way. He would call a freeloader a freeloader and a bum a bum. Now we exchange the word "nigger", "jigaboo", "coon", and other apt discriptions of the negroid animal freely now that i am an illuminated. They didn't teach me hate. And I still don't hate these niggers.

Anyhow, back to the topic. All it takes is coontact. I tried the liberal lines and defenses. I even believed it was "just the way they were raised". But just like many others in here, I came to believe they are nothing but animals. I thought that just because some of the ones i worked with or "got along" with seemed ok, that they weren't animals. But coontact after coontact proved me wrong. Even the one's I like secretly hate me in return.

My Nephew is 10 years old. Last year he started on this thing about hating these niglets at school. HOw some niglet girl got all up in his shxt. I, still buying the rhetoric, told him they were poor and thats "just how they were raised" etc. etc. Next time he brings it up, I'm going to tell him the truth. I just hope he can cope with the dastardly truth. The good news is that he will no longer be expecting them to act like humans because they are not. This may even empower him to learn how to train a nigger or two.

You don't need to be "raised on hate" get negative attitudes towards niggers; a little coontact will take care of that.



Coontact Tale #1,050 (December 23, 2007)

This incident happened a few years ago, but thinking about makes my blood boil to this day, so maybe I'll feel better if I write about it.

I am an avid walker, and one morning I was walking along on the sidewalk, enjoying myself until in the distance NIGGER loomed. Pedalling a bicycle. On MY sidewalk! And it was a full-grown nigger, not a pickaninny.

As we all know, nigger assumed that I would make allowances for it and step aside to let it pass on its bike. MISTAKE!

I deliberately placed myself in the center of the sidewalk and tried to get the ape to lose its balance. Though suffering from a genetic condition known as low IQ, the ape managed to figure out what I was doing and it cursed at me. Cursed at me! Can you imagine the nerve of the thing? I was livid.

You ought to have heard the barrage the ape got as it pedalled away. I was so infuriated that I didn't care who was around.

I could kick myself for not having stuck an arm out and knocked that thing off its bike.

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