The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources across the world wide web.

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Coontact Tale #951 (December 2, 2007)

While I'm on the subject of college coontacts, I might as well keep going.

In college, I was on the committee that had a budget from the student's general fund to bring different people to come speak at our campus.

One year, we were approached by the official campus nigger group, they wanted us to help pay for bringing Black Panther Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture to come speak.

I was completely against the idea, I thought our money would be better spent bringing in speakers that the entire campus could enjoy, not just someone who would benefit only a minority of the students. And besides, they got plenty of their own money, OUR money, to fund their bongo parties. We held a vote with the nigger representatives right there in the room with us (big mistake) and I was the only one voting against it, the others on the committee either felt pressured to vote yes, or were liberal nigger lovers.

The "speech" by Kwame Ture was a complete disaster. He was up on the stage surrounded by all of his bodyguards dressed in african garb. He acted like he was high on crack or jenkem or something, niggerwhining about racism and white devils and the like. Coons in the audience, a lot of them too old to be students, agreed, shouting "right on!"

I could only take a few minutes of this crap and left, feeling pretty disgusted That was my last semester volunteering for that committee.

Coontact Tale #952 (December 2, 2007)

Coontact with crackhead nigger on bicycle

I woke up early this morning and I wanted to get some breakfast. my car is in the shop, so i walked to Burger King to get some breakfast. as i am talking down the street a nigger wearing a long sleeve hooded sweater (in South Florida, obviously he was high on crack) rode by me on the sidewalk, turned around, rode by me again this time going the other direction, checking me out closely, giving me a dirty look, obviously looking for someone (me) to victimize. It was 6 AM and still dark outside. I had just woken up but this nigger was obviously up all night high in crack cocaine.

I made eye contact with him as he passed me the second time, and he didnt say a word to me when I looked at him.

As I crossed the street to go to the Burger King, the nigger yelled 'wussy' when my back was facing him while crossing the street from a distance.

Then when I was walking back home, I see the same nigger coming towards me down the sidewalk, I move to get out of the niggers way, and he gives me another dirty look. This nigger is trying to start shit with me.

When its a good 30 yards past me, it yells out 'iz gonna git you, muthafucka'

I had enough of this retarded nigger, so I start walking towards it, and it rides off!

So I go into a gas station to get something to drink, wait outside several minutes for him to 'get' me, but no sign of the retarded ape, so I walked home.

Niggers are predators in every sense of the word.

I was hoping that the nigger would get off his bike and try to fight me. and soon as it wouldve stepped off his bike, i'd of knocked him out, and then stolen HIS bike!

The predator would become the pray real quick.

I really dont' need to be getting into fights because I am on probation, but damnit this nigger was asking for it.

Coontact Tale #953 (December 2, 2007)

This happened a few years ago, and I completely forgot about it until it just now popped into my head!

I was filling up my SUV at a local gas station -- a huge place just off the Freeway. It was Friday, and of course jam packed (why in the hell does everyone get gas on Friday?)

Some Nigger was driving a beat up looking Ford Escort or some kind of ghetto piece of crap mobile like that, and took great effort to back in behind me (this should have been my first clue!)

Bongo Boy hops out, and starts pumping gas into his tank -- he's looking left, and looking right, and looking all around all over while he's doing it....

At this point I have that "feeling" that something isn't right, but I can't put my finger on it (another clue.... if a situation doesn't feel right, it probably isn't!)

So I'm looking at the Nig, trying to figure out what the hell his monkey ass is up to. Just a Solo 'Groid, there was no one else in the car, and I can see right into the hatchback area of the car -- it's empty. No tools, no weapons, nothing. Actually, I was half expecting the inevitable "Wha-choo lookin' at, Muffuguh?!!" chimp-out at this point.

So I finish, and DOUBLE CHECK that I've locked my doors before I walk inside the gas station. I also made a mental note of the type of car, color, and plate number. Sure enough, there's a line inside. I knew the cashier, and when I finally got to the counter she asked if I was on pump whatever number it was. Nope! I was on the other one. Right away I knew what had happened -- the twitchy Jigaboo had pumped about $8 or $10 dollars worth of gas and took off! My SUV was blocking the cashier's view of it's car, which is why the 'Groid backed up behind me to begin with.

I gave her the info I had, but kicked myself because I was fuzzy on a couple digits on the plate number. But then I got pissed with myself, because I KNEW something was up -- but didn't quite take that extra second to write the plate number down to be sure (I always keep a pen and scrap of paper ready everywhere I go now. I have also been licensed to carry a concealed pistol for years, which I actually have started doing consistently now).

Lessons learned:

1) Criminals have the advantage -- they look for the right time and situation to commit a crime. The victim is the person that usually just happens to be there at the wrong time, or is an easy target.

2) If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. Those hairs rising on the back of your neck are telling you something for a reason. Your sub-conscious mind is sending a warning -- DO NOT talk yourself into thinking a situation is safe just because you're tired, lazy, or in a hurry to get something done. If something looks out of place, feels wrong, or seems odd then chances are something is / or is about to happen!

3) Jot down any suspicous info on paper -- believe me, you'll screw it up if something bad goes down because your brain will get overloaded with the new info flooding in (scenario -- you see a car pull in front of a bank, and two guys go running in. You can see the plate number clearly, but don't write it down. When they come running back out with guns drawn and take off, your memory goes completely out the window!)

4) Stop and look around BEFORE you get out of your car and go inside a convenience store, gas station, liquor store, pizza place, wherever. Pause again before you go inside. Take a look at the clerk's faces, take a look at the customers. Is a hold-up going on? About to happen? Is something just "Not Right?" Don't just wander into a bad situation. Be aware!

5) I do not advocate violence, but if you're gonna carry it, learn how to use it -- and be prepared for the aftermath of bad things that follow from a legal and moral standpoint if you have to use a gun in self-defense. If you have in ANY way initiated, escalated, or made a situation somehow worse and used deadly force you most likely are now in serious deep shit. Brandishing a firearm will get you in deep shit as well. Be smart, be safe, be legal. Know the law, and avoid bad situations. 'Nuff said?

Coontact Tale #954 (December 2, 2007)

Yooz want flies wif dat?

Yesterday, I finally got a sat off and thought, "Hey, I'll go out and run up the old man credit card". Seriously, we did have to do a little Christmas shopping and thought since it's such a nice day, let's go down to Mama's BUffet and have some breakfast. This is a local restraunt that has some good food, and usually is not too crowded.

So as we got closer, we seen a tour bus in the parking lot, which is not too unusual so we pulled in the parking lot. It's a big place so one tour bus isn't going to be too bad. But on the porch was a big buck nigger, dressed in a purple suit, lookin like someone had dressed up a Barney turd in a suit. Nigglets climbing on the railing, running in the parking lot. Husband turns to me and doesn't have to say a word. "I'm not eatin with a bunch of niggers" he says and I just nod my head. Well damnit, niggers ruin a good meal with their presence. I can imagine these shit skin, knuckle dragging. mouth breathing spawns of hell in there now, fingers in everything inside (a nigger cannot get a small sample of food on their plate, they have to take the damn serving spoon and eat off it.) Those big, nasty, nigger muh dik sucking, inflate to 40 lbs inner tubes flapping, shit flying all over the place, eww damn. I"m not going in there!

So we head on down the road, seeing first a McNiggers which after peering in the windows as we drove by, screamed a bongo party going on inside. Fucking niggers on the jungle gym outside, and you know there has to be that many more niggers inside. I guess they had to relive their life in da mudderland. Anyway, McNiggers is out (didn't care for the grease anyway).

Next up was a Nigger King which looked promicing till we drove up and there was a nasty shitskin cleaning (OMG, did I actually say that?) the windows. He turns to clean another window and a nigger couple comes up..dragging 2-3 shitlets with them. Nigger Kang and this nigger slap hands for a good 5 minutes so this place isn't for us either. Heck all we wanted was a biscuit to tide us over till he takes my big ass to Giovanni's (I KNOW there is no niggers there, these guys are reportly have some mafia connections. They treat you right thought but don't take any shit).

So after heading down the road a little further, we can across Hardees and pulled in the parking lot. Clean place, no niggers outside. We could see inside and didn't see a nigger one. Damn, this is great. Go in and don't see any sign of a shit skin nigger! Wow..head up to the counter..clean...all humans is great! Head up to the counter and the manager yells out. "Where LaTisha? gawd". You could hear that record needle ripping off the record at that moment. I knew it had to be a nigger, shirking her job. OUt in the back I hear "Ah'z coming, Ah's cant move any faster". Husband breaks out in a slight giggle. Thats ok muddafuker, she's gonna take your order too I think to myself. and around the corner she came. Big fat naaassty sow nigger. She waddles up to the counter and tells the old mas "Whatchoo wan?" and starts popping them big lips. I lean in and whisper "Yeah muddafukker whatchoo wan" He clears his throat and pretends to study the menu then gives her his order and mine. Thankfully, its something that doesn't require the nigger to touch it. So we move down and there is a jarhead behind us from the recruiting center next door. He orders his stuff and requires 2 things from the nigger (1) a duplicate reciept and (2) produces a credit card. Oh shit, that threw the nigger in a loop. Niggers are repetitive creatures that cannot deviate from the norm or they go into a nigger meltdown.She yells for the manager to come hep her out and steps back. I guess this is the nigger's way to deal with a crisis, yell for YT.By this time the manager is pissed off cause this AA nigger cannot do this simple task. "You need to be able to do these things LaTisha so watch closely" and pushes 2 MORE buttons on the screen. But is the nigger watching? Hell no..she's heading to the back to retrieve her cell phone. She gets back and tells the manager that she needs ta check up on her babies at home. Jarhead lets out a chuckle and whisper to the old man "They aw'light just give em a tree and some rope" I'm guessing he's not a nigger lover himself.

So the food comes up and jarhead says to the nigger, "They made a little mistake with my order" Nigger comes over and looks down. "Whut's wrong, dat's what you ordereds suh" He opens the wrapped biscuit and says "I ordered a ham biscuit and this is sausage" SO this stupid nigger leans over and flips the top off the biscuit and picks up the sausage patty, and is looking at it then lays it back down on it and covers it up! I kid you not! I guess she was using her nigger mind to magically change it from sausage to ham, like Jeebus did dat waters when he changed it to wine. In a split second this jarhead's entire outlook changed, veins buldged out, sweat broke out on his forehead. Husband leans over and says to me "He's gonna BLOW!" "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST DO? YOU STUPID BAG OF FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO???" The manager appeared and tries to calm him down but he in a 4th level of rage by now. He storms out of the place, telling them that he'll never be back, stupid shaved off baboons serving food, ect" She looks at LaTisha and tells her to 'just go away, take a break or something' She goes to the back and makes us some fresh food, apologizes a time or so and says to my husband "Think he'll be back?" My husband tells her yeah, when you get rid of the nigger in front. She nods her head in approvement.

Nothing good can come when you let a nigger do anything..nothing

On a side not, we had lunch at Giovanni's....not a nigger to be seen!!


Coontact Tale #955 (December 2, 2007)

On friday I came home from work, ready to kick back and enjoy myself. Then I hear a knock on the door, turns out its my friend. He says to me "yo man you wanna go to a party?" I honestly did NOT want to go, but I didn't want be a dick so I said I would. I asked him where the party was and he tells me "at a friends house". So we pull up on the driveway, and I can hear nigger music blasting. We enter the house and what do I see? A bunch of niggers wiggers. I swear I wanted to put a fucking bullet in my head. I FORCED myself to act polite when introducing myself. Then a wigger walks up and says "yo homie, you want a drink?" I got really pissed off and sent him away. Then I hear a nigger start talking about how much he loves fucking white girls. I couldn't take it anymore, I stood up and said "fuck you, you fucking worthless coon." All they could do was look at me as I walked out of the house. As I started to walk down the street, my friend comes after and asks what my problem is. I look him right in the face and say "don't talk to me ever again, you fucking nigger lover."

Coontact Tale #956 (December 2, 2007)

I Went Out To Eat in a St. Louis Suburb

Okay, so yesterday I went to this other suburb of STL so I could get my windshield fixed. I recently bought an old car with a busted windshield that I had to fix. No, I didn't buy the car from a nigger, there's no way I'd do that. The seller claimed it was always in his family (until me, anyway), and after test driving it, looking at it, and even looking at the Carfax I decided that he was telling the truth. Bit I digress.

So, I drove to this suburb to get it fixed. I drove a long ways since if I did I could get it fixed sooner, and I didn't want to wait any longer.

The auto glass place did have one nigger there, but it was the only nigger and the rest of the staff seemed to be white, so I wasn't too worried about whether the job would be done right.

Since I was far from home and very hungry, I decided to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. I saw a Denny's nearby, so I decided I would go there. My experiences with Denny's have usually been good ones, since there usually aren't many niggers, although I'm sure a location would be nigger-infested if located in a nigger-hood. This particular suburb didn't seem like it had a nigger problem, since I looked it up on the Internet before. I've even thought that I should move there, since it has a lower niggers percentage than the town I currently live in.

But, once I got there, oh boy. So I get there, and most of the staff are white, which makes me feel good. So I say "One for smoking, please." They let me choose a seat, which is good since despite the numbers of white people, I saw a groidle of five niggers. Of course, I chose the spot located the farthest away from the niggers.

For two reasons, I ate as quickly as a could. One, was that I was in fact, very hungry. Another was that I didn't care to hang around all of those niggers.

While I was there, I did observe the groidle. Of course, I heard a bunch of unintelligible niggerbabble. The table was a bit messy, as you'd expect. The niggers were mostly dressed in clothes that are of a typical nigger fashion, except for one of the she-boons, and this is why:

The ultimate urine-icing on the turd cake was that one of the she-boons must have weighed at least 400lbs, if not MORE. She didn't appear to be that tall, so of course the horizontal size was very hard to miss. Her gut was squeezed between the booth seat and the table. I don't even want to think about how much food she must have eaten, or how they could afford that. She was also incredibly butt-ugly, even by nigger standards. I can't stand to look at niggers, but this one was even worse.

She, along with the rest of the groidle, were there before I came in to eat, and they were still there after I paid and left.

I also left a reasonable tip when I left. This is because I tip based on whether I think the waiter/waitress is working hard and quality of service, regardless of whether I think the food is any good or the atmosphere. Also the poor white woman who was my waitress was also the waitress for the groidle. I hated the fact the groidle was there, but doggone it, I was hungry. I also felt sorry for the waitress, so I left a reasonable tip despite the presence of the groidle. Hopefully the niggers didn't steal the tip money after I left...

If I weren't so hungry, I probably would've looked for another restaurant, one with fewer niggers. I was a bit surprised, since this suburb has a smaller percentage of niggers than the town I live in.


Coontact Tale #957 (December 3, 2007)

The only time I ever had anything stolen from me at CHURCH...for god's sake, was when this nigger family joined the congregation. This big ape named Roy ( I don't know why he had a normal name) stole my Sunday school lesson booklet and when he finally gave it back several weeks later, it was all torn up. Of course, this was many years ago when I was in my early teens and scared of the black bastards so I didn't tell anyone about it. Man, I can't stand it when some people say that niggers are just normal people with dark skin. Fucking animals!

Coontact Tale #958 (December 3, 2007)

My end all be all Coontact at Baker's Square

When I worked in foodservice when I just started out in the workforce I worked at a shitty Baker's Square in my area right by the nigger infested Livonia Mall. Needless to say half the staff there were niggers and 3/4's of the customers were niggers. I was a host and a waiter, and at the time of this coontact I was the host. This is not your typical case of coontact, but more of my way of dealing with the coons. As every nigger came in, I would sit them as far away from the front of the restaurant as possible, so the white people could dine in comfort and be free of niggershines. It ended up that I completely segregated the restaurant for the period of about 30 minutes. That made me very happy. It did actually quite down the niggershines and the white customers were very happy.

I am proud of myself for that one

Coontact Tale #959 (December 3, 2007)

Kikk, Kikk, Kikk, Kikk, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo

I listen to the radio at night usually tuned into talk radio. I wake up a lot at night and I lie there and listen sometimes. I live on the Maine coast and the frequencies vacillate between stations sometimes. I was rudely awoken by a New York station this morning that was broadcasting a room full of laughing niggers. I waited for it to die down before i reached over to change it but it never did. It went on for 10 solid minutes I shit you not. Some buck kept making little utterances and grunts in some unintelligible niggerbabble and the whole thing would erupt again. Rage engulfed me and I cursed the stinking lot of them as I reached over and changed the station. Granted it was 7:30 and I should be awake anyways but that was sure a rude awakening.

Coontact Tale #960 (December 3, 2007)

When I was about 13...we had moved and I was starting at a new school. Played some ball one day in PE and did pretty well. That day, walking home, these 4 niggers pull up in a car and jump me. After kicking my ass, while 3 of them held me down, one of them said "you ain't stealing my spot" and crushed my hand with a cinder block. 7 broken bones over the fear that I was going to steal his spot on the baseball team.

I got even with all of them eventually, but sadly, it was not enough. Hatred was born that day that will never, ever die.

Coontact Tale #961 (December 4, 2007)

Nigger beez eatin healthee at Souper Salad

Today for lunch I went to Souper Salad during my hour break in the city. This is a very clean restaurant near some hospitals and most customers are medical staff. I got a salad, potato, and soup and sat down to eat. I got up again because they brought a fresh tray of corn bread and a huge obese sheboon clad in scrubs with Boondocks comics all over it came in. It had another ugly fat sheboon with bright neon pink scrubs on. I could see these were AA medical staff at first glance. Both apes had to be 3 feet wide and their stomachs sagged into their pants. I was feeling so sick and lost my lunch. I heard them babbling to each other "Youz can beez eatin all ya cahn ere cuz it beez healthee eatin!"

I sat down and to my dismay I could see the sheboons coming over towards me with their trays filled with the most unhealthy food in the restaurant. Big globs of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, chocolate pudding, pizza, ice cream sundae, breadsticks, mac and cheese, plus more. Of all the seats in the place the sheboons sat at the table across from me that was made for four people. The obese boons "kekekekeke'd" as they each stacked both chairs side by side and then sat down with lots of fat heaving over the ends of the chairs. Keep in mind that these chairs are made to fit the average human but these animals take up one for each ass cheek with left over fat. I felt so sick that I decided to leave at once.

As I was leaving the door opened and let in a gust of wind through the restaurant. I caught the most putrid stench as it encircled my nostrils and lingered long enough for me gag loudly. The niggers looked over and babbled "Eez dat crakkah choekun?"

I said "Yes, choking on your disgusting stench!" and then left. I could hear the nigs say "Dead dat honkeh tay wat I tink eh dead?"

Fucking niggers ruin everything..even a hardworking man's lunch hour.

Coontact Tale #962 (December 4, 2007)

Tonight i had to run to the store for a couple things before it closed. As i'm in line waiting a nigger walks up and puts his item on the counter. Its a big ass bottle of grape drink. I started laughing and couldn't stop. The checker was looking at me weird but i couldn't help it. All i could think of was niggers sipping on grape drink. So typical. Stupid niggers.

Coontact Tale #963 (December 4, 2007)

Has anyone else seen this shit? As of this morning I'm officially shopping only at Whole Foods or the upscale grocery store. I watched in the parking lot as this sheboon changed her niglets diaper then left it in the shopping cart as they drove away. And this isn't the first time I've seen it. When I was in high school I worked at a local grocery store and saw it all the time. That and they bring bags full of trash and bottles, open them in the store and return the bottles for $ while leaving the trash in the cart and falling out on the floor.

But leaving a diaper filled with shit and piss lying out in public? What fucking animals. My cats can use a litter box for fucks sake. But I guess my cats are higher up on the evolutionary chart than niggers.

-Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan, cats are smarter then niggers.

Taylor responds with this shitty diaper coontact report.

I've seen it. I had an office in a building where the landlord rented a residential apartment to niggers. The residential part had a small chain link fence surrounding a very small yard. The small yard was filled with dirty pampers and the fence kept the huge pile of diapers contained. Something eventually happened because the dirty Pampers started sliding down the small incline into the street, and that's when the landlord had to clean the mess up. Even animals don't do that.

tiredofthem responds (Good God I love this one!)

A couple of years back, before my truck had a topper, I was in nig-mart one day & came out to find 3 diapers in the bed. Looked next to my truck, & what is parked right there but a hooptie, lime green, with bling.

Well I look inside, & see a child seat (yes I was shocked too).

Lo & behold, kid left the rear window down about 4 inches, so being the environmentally conscience person that I am (at times) I disposed of said diapers properly (through the open hooptie window).

And while I was at it, I figured what better time than the present to dispose of that trash that had been accumulating in my truck. Also emptied both ashtrays that I had been neglecting for some time.

While filled with the cleaning spirit I picked up the trash in the immediate area of my parking slot as well (various fast food papers, soda bottles, & about 10 empty or near empty beer bottles.) Try explaining that to the nice police officer when they got an anonymous phone call from the pay phone outside of nig-mart about the open container & child seat in said hooptie.

Coontact Tale #964 (December 4, 2007)

I know best, I have a nigger roommate!!!!!

First of all, let me tell you how angry and frustrated I am to live with this sob nigger!

I have done everything y'all just to get him out of my room.

I go to a Christian University in Texas and here it's all about tolerance, even and especially when the nigger is the one who cause all the nigger drama, mess and chaos!! So the residential services of my college just wouldn't make him move even though this nigger has violated all rules including calling me names.... I wish I have the gut to call him nigger but I couldnt because I dont want to get kicked out of my college

I will tell more of my nigger encounter with this bastard so please check back and tell me what do you think.

I would love to post his nigger face if I am allowed.... he looks just like this ugly nigger here... and for God's sake I am not used to living with ugly niggers, I have never even seen one back in my hometown Down Under

Coontact Tale #965 (December 4, 2007)

I already posted a coontact tale about my experiences. But I'll try to sum it up here.

First of all, he stank to high heaven! I don't know how it is possible for anyone to stink that bad for that long.

He came from a middle class family, but thought it was a good idea to order clothes from J Crew, and then claim the shipment never arrived so he wasn't obligated to pay for it. UPS called up one day looking for him when he wasn't there. I told them, yes the box did arrive and read them the tracking number.

He'd come in and watch tv, my tv, turning it up LOUD at all hours of the night, not caring that I was trying to sleep. My first trip home, the tv went home with me. This caused a minor chimpout when it was discovered.

He'd never lock the door and members of his tribe would stop by at all hours of day and night without knocking, more than once I was awakened in the middle of the night by a spook walking right into the room without knocking. I started sleeping with a knife under my pillow.

I had to put up with enough of this torture to be granted refugee status in any UN country. But, to our liberal faggot residence hall advisor, my roommate just came from another "culture" that I should try and understand better.

The all time best (or worst) story was the "MUH DICK" story, the night he was on the phone with some sheboon, trying to get her to come up and have sex with him. I was asleep, or was asleep until he started the phone call, I had to lie there and listen to all this. He told her I was asleep and they could still do it in the room, can you imagine?!? He tried every peer pressure trick he could possibly think of for about an hour, and then went back and tried them all again. Fortunately, it didn't work.

He had no problem referring to me as "that cracker" to his friends on the phone. Pretty sure I remember him saying something about "white devils" on several occasions.

Thankfully he moved out the next semester to live with one of his tribesmen. That next semester he was arrested for stealing credit cards out of the campus mail and using them to buy clothes at the local mall. His co-conspirator who worked in the mail room, was vice president of the campus nigger group, the "official" one that received student funds to better help them stick it to YT.

I also remember there was a campus nigger fraternity. They didn't have a house since it mysteriously burnt down a few years earlier. Their hazing rituals involved beating their pledges to near death, and branding the fraternity letters onto their arm.

My advice to anyone forced to live with a nigger roommate: Don't leave anything valuable in your room, always keep track of your wallet and credit cards. If you have a computer, make sure it is protected by a password, to prevent unauthorized nigger usage (not to mention getting grease all over the keyboard). Always take the high road, you don't want him complaining to the powers that be "he called me a nigger" even though he probably will if there is any kind of conflict. Your best bet is to call him out on his monkeyshines as soon as there is a problem. If he's on the phone late at night keeping you awake, tell him you're trying to sleep and that he should knock it off etc. If he stinks, get some STRONG smelling air freshener, it will stink too but not as bad as the nigger, maybe he will get the hint. If you find out about any illegal activities, go to the POLICE not the college, since the college will just want to cover up any criminal activities by its nigger students.

Coontact Tale #966 (December 4, 2007)

I'm standing in line for some stamps today, with several people in front of me. There is one nigger child, maybe around five years old, stamping around all over the place while his nigger mammy waits in line to mail her God knows what...what do niggers have to mail anyway, certainly not the light bill or their insurance payment...anyway, the nigger child spots a younger human child. walking but still with pacifier, i dont know how old that makes it, in line with his human mother and keeps trying to engage him in some sort of primitive niglet game. Human child approaches the niglet, but never too closely, and comes back to the safety of his human mother repeatedly. There is a bin full of stuffed toys for sale and the niglet takes one and hands it to the human child. Human child, young as it is, already knows that stealing is for niggers and walks over and replaces the toy in the bin. At this point, LonTeesha wakes up from her state of niggermortise and screams at jerome to get over here and get his hands out his mouf (jerome has had one of his primate versions of the opposable thumb in his mouth this whole time) then starts beating him right there in the post office for all to see. Finally they get called to the window. I dont know what it was she was there for, but it only cost eighty four cents, which means she could have done whatever it was in one of those "hainted" machines instead of standing in line and inconveniencing a human. And despite what insane liberals would have you believe, children are not taught racism, they are born racially aware. This white child demonstrated that today, by not only knowing instinctively that the little niglet was dangerous, but that the nigger was giving him stolen property and not to take it.

Coontact Tale #968 (December 6, 2007)

Well, I had to go down south for a few days. I get off the interstate and check ito a motel. I never make plans, just saddle up and play it by ear. So as I go into the office, it's late, about 11:10 pm. My father and son are waiting in the truck while I get the room. Two niggers walk by and I tell my dad my nigdar is on high alert, stay on your toes. This was Sat night.

Sun morning we head out and return after midnight. Room service never came in,we were out of clean towels. No big deal, I can reuse a towel for 2 days, I try to understand as good help is hard to find.

Monday morning, before we get on the road, the maid service is close by and my dad asks for more towels. Sure-n-shit, it is a nigger. She hands him a few towels and axed if we needed trash service. He says, "Yes, please." She handed him a trash bag and axed if we could put her down for full service. He only acknowledged her by thanking her and I got in the shower. I told my son to bring everything of value as the niggers will root through our belongings as soon as we were gone. We get back in late Mon night, still no room service.

Tue morning, we check out and the manager is beaming ear to ear, proud of his franchise. My guess is he is Indian and is here working, investing, getting himself a slice of American apple pie. I asked if we were square on the bill, he said yes and asked me if everything was to my satisfaction. I told him there was no room service. He was dumbfounded and showed me the nigger maids checklist where they acknowledged servicing our room. I told him no, they never stepped foot in there. Man was he pissed. He asked me to come with him to where the maids were encamped. While enroute, he told me he pays them $2 per room per day. I told him it's their loss as I pride myself on being a generous tipper and would have treated them well if they warranted it, therefore it was no big deal to me. He was livid that they beat him out of $6. I'm sure he didn't want any complaints to the corporate office either.

When he asked them, in my presence, if they serviced my room, they both did the nigger response and said they did. Wrong answer. After a bit of back and forth niggerbabble, he called them on their bullshit, apologized to me and proceeded chewing their asses.

I headed to my truck and departed. It must be tough owning a business and having to find someone to do the job. I only wish I could hear his conversation when he vents and has to pour out his frustrations about having to motivate niggers.

Coontact Tale #969 (December 6, 2007)

I was eating at Arbys today and this ugly spook comes in that is holding a Taco Bueno bag filled with dirty bottles and cans. (I say "it" because I can't tell if this bum was a buck or boon). On its back is a filthy blanket tied to it by rope like it was carrying all it owns. In its monkey paw was a plastic cup with frayed edges like it was pulled out of the dumpster and it went over to the serve yourself soda machine to get ice and soda. It then stood in front, blocking paying customers from getting a drink, while it gulped the drink down.

Then it went over to the sauce station and started filling up cups of Arbys sauce and then drinking them. It reached in the lemon wedge bin and grabbed a whole fist full. I saw the manager looking at the nigger like he was used to it doing this a lot.

He was calling the police about the coon with a frustrated voice. I bet the police don't do a thing about this nigger bum parasite. After the nig left, an employee went up to clean all the spilled sauce and replaced the bin of lemon wedges like it was routine. There are damn niggers doing this same thing every day at other places too. Niggers are a disease!

Coontact Tale #970 (December 6, 2007)

First let me give everyone a little bit of my background. I grew up in a small town in California where there were very few coons. The ones we did have, did not act the same way as the niggers I have seen since then, so I didn't understand people's disgust toward them. Then, after I was exposed to them more and more, I completely understood almost immediately.

I was in the military when this chimp out occured, and it is definitely the craziest one I have seen to date.

I was in my Occupation Training School and the whole company was outside for our Physical Training, preparing for a run. The Drill Sergeant split us into groups according to our running ability and the group I was in had all females in it. We get started running and get about 50 feet from where we started and a sheboon in the group falls out of the run and sits down on the ground.

Our Company Commander happened to be running with the group that day and she went over to the boon to find out why she fell out of the group. This sheboon started to and cry about running. The commander tried to help the animal to it's feet and that started the even worse !!!

This beast started flailing it's arms and legs and screaming and cussing at the commander. All over a stupid run, nothing more.

One of the Drill Sergeants (also a boonboon)ran over to help the commander and got kicked a few times for the effort. They finally had to get a few other DSs involved to get control of the monkey and take it to the commanders office. She later got convicted of assault of an officer and kicked out of the military.

I'm just glad that I was only an observer of that Chimp Out, and wasn't directly involved. Craziness.

Coontact Tale #971 (December 6, 2007)

TNB with me at school yesterday

I had just finished with 2 students getting a few last minute cites for their papers. Went to lunch, Daisy had made me some fried sausage and rice. I no sooner sit down to eat than some 300 pound 5'5 nigger walks in and "I smelt your food, what is it, can I have some"

I was bemused at first but he stood there staring at my chow so I had to nicely tell him "no, this is my lunch. Now go away" I thought the fucking ape was gonna cry right there in the door of my office but after about 15 seconds he turned and left. We have had one girl that left for major surgery last month and I have been having to cover 2 campus 40 miles apart. The satellite campus is about 85% niggers. I was surprised how many actually study hard and try to get good grades. Of course it is a poor farming area where they live and 99% of them talk about nothing but getting educated to escape to the big city. From what I am seeing, if the mexicans don't buy the land, white folks are.

Coontact Tale #972 (December 8, 2007)

I was at a big box retailer buying an extension cord for christmas lights on my way home from work. The line I was in only had one customer in front. A black female with a WIC card trying to buy food. They were jaw jacking around carrying on talking their time. Naturally when it came time to pay, her WIC card did not have a balance to cover the groceries.

I grabbed the extension cord off the conveyor belt and started to walk away, telling him he needed to be faster in checking people out. He said "THEN GO TO ANOTHER LINE NIGGER". I said "What did you just call me" and he instantly pushed some emergency switch on his cashier light making it blink. Then he told me to go away and use another line. I could tell he realized he was totally fucked. I have never seen a negro blush, but he was blushing, big time.

Manager came over, apologized and checked me out. Saw the cashier outside smoking a cigarette and confronted him again. He yelled for a nearby security guard to come over, which he did, and I told the guard(black guy) that the cashier called me a nigger inside. Security guard looked at the cashier like he was totally fucked.

Should I take it further and send a memo to their corporate office or just let it slide?

I'm thinking let it slide. But then again, no one calls me a nigger to my face.

Then came this comment:

It's probably videotaped. If you're serious, call their corporate office and tell them to keep that tape safe.

That cashier should have been fired on the spot, or pending review of the tape which should have taken 3 minutes.

If the manager has not taken action, he should be fired.

A similar thing happened to me at a Rite-Aid a few years ago. I did the above, but they were all NIGGERS and nothing was ever done. They claimed there was no tape. Even though, at the time in the store, I asked the manager whether the camera pointed at the action was on tape, she said yes, and I told her she better save the tape.

Fucking niggers.

Fuck Rite-Aid.

Fucking niggers.

Update a few days later:

A cashier called me a nigger a few days ago, I wrote a letter to their corporate offices, a message was left yesterday from their customer service diversity department. Little do they know that it was a nigger who called me, a white guy, a nigger. The Diversity Department sheboon is a nigger too.

Should be an interesting conversation when I return the call today.

My wife thinks it's funny, then she punched me for making fun of the woman's name who called me. My wife says I had that coming, since I use the n-word way too much.

Coontact Tale #973 (December 8, 2007)

This is turning out to be one hell of a Christmas. Last week me and my buddy sent an unspayed girllilla to jail, today I sent two chest beating stink-kongs DOWN TOWN!

I was in a video game store in a strip mall pricing some playstation3 games. I walked out to leave and saw two grape-apes running out of a Ross department store. Both of em were carrying dufflebags that were busting at the seams. I knew they had just performed a grab and run at the place and we both got to our cars at the same time. I was parked up close, they were parked way in the back of the parking lot. They fired up their Welfare-mobile and headed out of the complex, I decided to follow em from a distance. We went about one mile, they pulled into another shopping center, this time they walked into a T.J. Maxx (Free-J-Maxx). I called the cops on my cellphone and told them I witnessed these monkeys stealing from Ross and told them they were now at a T.J. Maxx store. I also told them they were doing "grab and run" theft. By the time I gave them my personal info, the jungle-boyz were already running out of Maxx and heading for the hoopdee. I began following again, and called the cops to let them know that Maxx was history and they were on the move again. The 911 lady discouraged me from following them. I told her they were pulling into another complex. She AXED me which one, I told her,...and the only retail place in the joint was a Dollar General Store. So she re-routed the cops from Free-J-Maxx to Balla-General. The fuzz arrived just in time and tackled both niggers within 50 feet of the store. They saw the cops and started pulling merchandise out of their pants and tossing it like crazy into the parking lot. One of the overgrown niglets decided to fight the cops, he got his ass kicked bigtime..the other dumb ass tried to roll under an SUV thinking that the cops wouldnt come after him there. He got drug out from under the SUV by his pant legs..and you guessed it, the pants were so loose they pulled them right off his tree climbers.

The cops took all the crap out of the hoopdee trunk and transferred it to another cop car. A cop got in the car and started driving so I followed him to see what he was going to do. He pulled into the Free-J. Maxx store. I walked in a minute later and acted like I was shopping..the front desk was paging for the manager while the cop was standing next to them. A lady responded and he gave her at least 10 womens purses out of a duffle bag, then gave her the duffle bag, it had their price tag on it. I was going to follow him to Ross to see what they took from them but I had already seen enough and had alot of Xmas shopping to do. I spent so much time on my cellphone telling my friends what had just happened, I ran out of time and had to go to work. I didnt get much of my Xmas shopping done but I sent two niggers to jail! I should get a paid holiday for that alone.

Coontact Tale #974 (December 8, 2007)

For those of you who've worked with groids, especially the steppin-fetchit types, it really sucks having to do all the extra work that doesn't get done, and dealing with all their excuses and monkeyshines. On the other hand, every once in a while you get a good story to tell. As I think I mentioned on a few other posts, I used to work with "Leroy," a fairly slow witted (whoops, I guess they all are) nigger. One time, I was on vacation for two weeks and was starting my first day back. I had to go in at 4 a.m., and Leroy was scheduled to come in at 5 a.m. I got a phone call around 4:30 from the manager, telling me to send Leroy home if he came in. He wouldn't tell me why, he just said "tell Leroy he cannot work today and to go home." Apparently he'd been told not to come in, but he was expected. The boss said he'd be in a bit later to cover the shift. Now, some of you might be thinking, wait a minute--they told a nigger he didn't have to come to work, and he still showed up? But Leroy was one of those special niggers who thought the department revolved around his work, and would collapse without him there. So he comes shuffling in, and I swear he looked like someone who had just shot a Keith Richards load of china white. I told him to go home, and he said something like, "iz needz duh money fo da dentisht now." I convinced him to go home, and waited for the manager to come in. Now, if it had been a human, I probably would have thought to offer Leroy a ride home, being as he was in such bad shape. It didn't occur to me though. When the manager came in, I found out what had happened. Leroy had maxed out his dental insurance for the year, and he'd tried to pull out his own tooth with a screwdriver, pliers, and a bottle of whisky instead of paying the dentist $100 to do it. Apparently there was some sort of abscess as well, and I guess the poison was leaking up into what little brain he had. And he ended up having to pay a few hundred dollars extra for the dentist to get the little piece of his tooth out that he couldn't get with the pliers and screwdriver.

Coontact Tale #975 (December 8, 2007)

This was a few years back, and my sister was just making new friends fresh out of high school. So I'm sitting back one night having a beer and playing around with my guitar, and in comes this niggerbuck with a Kool hanging out of his bubblelips (I could tell it was a Kool by thier foul stench.) Immediately I tell him to take his cigarette outside, there is no smoking in my house (even though both my sister and I smoke we just stand on the front porch and smoke.) So the shitskin finishes his Kool and comes back inside and starts to rap for no reason. So I get off my duff and tell him to leave. My sister starts to argue with me and the nigger has a small chimpout on me. He starts up the niggerwhine about how "Iz not be fair I not do nothin!" So I tell him that he disrespected my house and that he needs to leave. so then he calls me rayzist and starts to puff and and push his lips out, you know, the standard nigger hard stare. I start to get really angry since he won't leave and my sister is yelling so I finally tell him to get his nigger ass out of my house or I will call the police. He literally runs out of my house, never to be seen again. Apparently he had a warrant out for his arrest. From that day on I told my sister never to bring a nigger over to the house or I will not let the animal inside.

Coontact Tale #976 (December 8, 2007)

Oh snap!...literally. Continuing tales of the Applebee's nigger.

Today started as it usually does, baby crying at 3AM, bottle, diaper change, back to the crib. I put on my cowboy coffee( beans boiled on stove) and got on niggermania. After the posts on liberal pukes, I was in a shitty mood. As usual I trudged off in the freezing cold to my shitty job.... I was prepared for another long shitty day. But things rapidly improved.

It became apparent pretty quickly to my boss that the new nigger was incapable of cooking after our last crazy night, (you guys can thank me later) So Ben has been assigned to just prep work in the mornings. (Yeah, his name is Ben, but because of that stupid fuckin rag he wears on his head, I call him Ben Laden... He doesn't care for that.)

Anyway, to continue. We have certain standards of quality and all meats come in large heavy duty plastic bags. If one is opened it must be re-sealed. The machine that does this is evil. Literally. I call it "jaws". Its a metal box about 2 feet square. At the front is a steel bar about 1/4" wide. There is a heating element on the underside of that and another just beneath fixed in place. You have to place the lips of the open bag between the top bar and the base and push a switch on the side. Now this thing doesn't just close, the fucker SLAMS shut. Hard. Now why in god's name anyone would design it like this is beyond me. Its called a VACMASTER, but it should be named 'Be careful or you will never play piano again asshole.'

We have experimented with it. It will snap a carrot in half, and once I cracked a pencil pretty good, and couldn't pull it out until the timer stopped and the bar snapped up. About 15 seconds. It had lovely scorch marks...

Well Ben the nigger had apparently not been listening when I gave him the tour his first day. I said "You have to watch out when you use this. Sometimes the bags are to short to rest on the counter and you MUST hold the bag up so the bar can seal it, and push the button with your other hand."

This morning I was in back grabbing a box of pasta. Dumb ass was sealing up bags of chicken and babbling to one of the wiggers about the "Tupac murder conspiracy" of all things. Well shit for brains wasn't paying attention and had two of his fingers too close to the bar... So he is yacking away in his niggerbabble and as I watch he is holding the bag of chicken breasts up to the bar and pushes the button with his other hand.....

Yep- SNAP!!!! Man, I haven't heard a nigger squeal like that in a long time. Shit, maybe never. Like I said, this goddamn machine is evil. That bar will NOT come up until the little timer inside releases it, not to mention the fact that his fingers were between 2 heating elements that were engaged in melting plastic. A normal human being responds to another in distress so I run over and grab his arm. Nigger is yelling his nappy head off. I am yanking on his wrist and this shit is not moving. About 7 or 8 seconds have passed and he is SHRIEKING in my ear "MOTHAFUCKA MOTHAFUCKA MOTHAFUCKA!"

Finally I gave it all I had and RIPPED his fingers out of the clamp. Oops! We left the last half-inch of skin of his fingers and one of his nails still sizzling stuck to the heating elements. Christ what a stink!

So Ben Laden went to Merit Care and I spent the rest of the day in fine spirits. My boss even gave me a free steak and a beer for "helping". From what the boss tells me, we are decommisioning 'jaws' because of the accident. I kind of want to take it home...

Coontact Tale #977 (December 9, 2007)

I got back from nigmart to get two cases of Slim fast because I'm trying to lose weight. As I'm going in, there is a big fambly of young looking sheboons with their niglets. One of the boons looked bright eyed and smiled at me saying "Hi!" I didn't want to talk to a nigger so I ignored the boon. It kept looking at me and saying "Hi" "Hi" "Hi" over and over. I looked at the boon and frowned and then went in. I was thinking about this nigger while shopping. Why did it go out of its way to try to get an answer from me? Maybe by a human saying hello back the nigger might feel special and equal.

Coontact Tale #978 (December 9, 2007)

Today as i was walking out of K-Mart, I saw a crackhead nigger get stopped by store security and a state trooper that happened to be at this store, and he was caught with something in his pocket from the store that he did not pay for. the nigger was taken back into the store, and as soon as I was leaving, a cop car was pulling up to take the coon to jail. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I bet niggers do most of thier thieving around the holidays.

Coontact Tale #979 (December 9, 2007)

Here is a coontact tale that happened to me a month or so ago...

I really needed a beer after class one day, so I stopped off at the local store to pick up a 12 pack. It had been one of "those days", and something told me that it wasn't over yet. I parked the car, went inside, and was immediately assaulted with the stench of cocoa butter, old sweat, and something that reminded me faintly of Jeri-Curl. I knew at that point that there had to be a better place for me to make my purchase, but I decided to just hold my breath and forge ahead.

I got my beer from the cooler and got into line behind an aging Silverback. Not too long after that, another younger buck got into line behind me with "he bottle o Henny". I looked up, and there was yet ANOTHER one - a mid-aged sow with the "erboddy owe me sumthin" facial expression - behind the register. I was beginning to feel as if I had been dropped in the middle of the Congo somewhere.

The register sow was all smiles with the aging silverback, saying "please", "thank you", and such. When it was my turn at the register, the bitch simply stuck out her hand without even looking at me. I didn't know if I was being carded or if she wanted me to "slap her some skin", so I produced my ID and showed it to her. She rang up my beer without a word, never told me my total, and tried to grab my debit card out of my hand when I tried to swipe it through the machine. This pissed me off, and I snatched it back, forcing the beast to utter an Ebonic explanation for what the hell it thought it was doing. (As a side note, I grew up in a rather ghettoized part of town and was the only Human within several miles - as a result, I became quite skilled at understanding niggerbabble) After muttering some unintelligible explanation, it rang up my order and I made the purchase. The fucking sheboon put my receipt on the counter and turned to the buck behind me, all smiles and giving it the same treatment that she gave the silverback.

I was getting really hot at this point and decided to just bag my own stuff and get the hell out of there. I reached for the bag, and heard a snort from the register boon as she turned and grabbed the bag from me... "I gots dat", it said. I started to lose it at this point, and grabbed the bag from it and said, "No, you don't. I will do it myself." Evidently this angered the buck - YT don't needz to be gettin a tude wif noboddy. I bagged my stuff and headed for the door. You could've heard a pin drop in the store, it was so quiet. I got in my car, and proceeded to drive off.

The buck came out of the store and headed in the same general direction as me, clutching his prized bottle and making a feeble attempt at giving me a staredown. Already pissed off, I returned the stare and muttered "What the fuck is wrong with these people"... Apparently, the ape saw my lips moving and went into pre-chimpout mode. It stopped dead in the middle of the road and stared at the back of my car with a "kill da YT" expression on its face. This was enough. I stopped the car, got out, and stared back at it, without saying a word. We locked glares for a few seconds, and the ape broke the silence with, "Da fuck's yo probbem?". I responded with a very loud "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE BEING STARED AT??" It opened its mouth to say something else, and I cut it off by yelling, "I would STRONGLY suggest that you keep fucking moving!" Apparently, the shitskin sized me up (I am 6 feet tall and 225 pounds), thought better of going into a full-on chimpout, and shambled off to its car.

At this point, I was shaking from being so pissed off, and really wished that it would have advanced in my direction instead so I could make an example out of it. Oh well, situation diffused....i got into my car and drove off, still shaking with anger and secretly hoping that the ape would attempt to follow me. I arrived home without further incident. Turns out that the entire trip wasn't worth much, as the beer wasn't even cold....


Coontact Tale #980 (December 9, 2007)

Today my brother Sean graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Psychology I'm very proud of him to say the least... As typical of any graduation ceremony of some sort there were niggers present... And as usual they wouldn't shut up...

I've heard the damn apes chant yo out da hood, t-t-t-t-t-t, etc... It was annoying as hell... I wish I would have brought my MP3 player inside the stadium to listen to the band RAHOWA while I was in there but I left it in the car... I was making smart ass comments to my brothers girlfriend Jennifer that the coons wont be out da hood long because once they develop an addiction to crack and/or blow all their money they will be back in dah hood...

Coontact Tale #981 (December 9, 2007)

This was a few years back, and my sister was just making new friends fresh out of high school. So I'm sitting back one night having a beer and playing around with my guitar, and in comes this niggerbuck with a Kool hanging out of his bubblelips (I could tell it was a Kool by thier foul stench.) Immediately I tell him to take his cigarette outside, there is no smoking in my house (even though both my sister and I smoke we just stand on the front porch and smoke.) So the shitskin finishes his Kool and comes back inside and starts to rap for no reason. So I get off my duff and tell him to leave. My sister starts to argue with me and the nigger has a small chimpout on me. He starts up the niggerwhine about how "Iz not be fair I not do nothin!" So I tell him that he disrespected my house and that he needs to leave. so then he calls me rayzist and starts to puff and and push his lips out, you know, the standard nigger hard stare. I start to get really angry since he won't leave and my sister is yelling so I finally tell him to get his nigger ass out of my house or I will call the police. He literally runs out of my house, never to be seen again. Apparently he had a warrant out for his arrest. From that day on I told my sister never to bring a nigger over to the house or I will not let the animal inside.

Coontact Tale #982 (December 9, 2007)

Childhood Fun

Just a few memories of my childhood I thought you might enjoy. I wasn't sure which forum to post in.

There was a particular street in my neighborhood that had a fork in it about a mile past our houses. If you went down a certain side of the fork, you eventually came upon an area where the niggers lived in little run-down shacks. My best friend's older brother actually posted a wooden sign at the fork that he had made and painted that said "COONTOWN." It was gone the next day, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

If you went the other way up the street, there was the typical, old-fashioned, family-owned store where everyone got their bread, milk, beer... and all the kids loaded up on penny candy. The niggers were always walking up and down the street too, to go to the store or to catch bus into the city.

My friends and I used to really get into building tree forts. At one friend's house, we built a fort in the very top of this huge oak tree. In the summer, when the tree was full of leaves, the tree fort was completely invisible to anyone on the ground. We spent many a summer day just hanging out in our private retreat. One of our favorite things to do was to holler, "NIGGER!!!" whenever we saw any niggers walking up the street in front of the house. The niggers would look all around, all confused and sh*t, but could never figure out where we were. We would snickers our arses off and wait for the nigger's return trip back down the road so we could "greet" it again.


Coontact Tale #983 (December 9, 2007)

Niggers Go Postal

I have been putting off writing this up since I joined your forum, because my typing skills are almost non-existent, and it is a rather lengthy coontail. It does have a good payoff at the end though.

This happened to me the summer before last.

I have a small business that I do mostly from my home. However I do have to go to the post office and bank in town nearly every day. I have come to know all the people at the post office on a first name basis as we see one another so often. We always greet each other, exchange pleasantries, ask after the others family, and generally behave as most civilized humans due.

So I walk in the post office and the first thing I see is niggers. I thank my lucky stars that there are two counters open, as anytime you get behind niggers in a line there is always delay and general annoyance. There is a nigger buck that looks to be about late 20's at the counter. There is one of the ugliest sows I have ever had pleasure of seeing. I mean it looks like it got hit by a bulldozer. It is about 5 foot tall,and has to pushing 300 pounds! It is wearing those black polyester stretch, I guess to show off that camel toe more prominately. Honest to God it has on a red tshirt that has a picture of what looks like a margarita, and has the proud text "I BE DRINKIN INSTEAD OF TINKIN" it was actually spelled that way!

They had four, count them four, niglets between ages 3 -8 that were running wild, throwing the forms from the forms table screeching like little chimps, and just really being mini niggers. They were also filthy.

So go up to the next assistant, exchange greetings, and start transacting our business, all the time keeping the nigger fambly in the corner of my eye, and I notice the postal worker is doing the same. The buck had a piece of paper in its paw and was talking some niggerbabble about a package that was or wasnt supposed to be delivered. It was kind hard to hear over the sheboon screeching to its cell phone, and the commotion its little butt dumplings were making. Now the buck was smiling, so my radar immediately goes up, I mean what would a nigger be happy about. I get done with my business, and start to leave, and the clerk quietlly asked me not leave. So I stand there and pretend to chat, but I am thinking " oh shit, monkey shines be a comin" and frankly the look in her eyes made me a little scared.

So the buck finally gets its package and starts gathering its niglets. They go outside towards their car. THe clerk tells me do not go out. From the back two uniformed city police, and two not in uniforms, feds, come running thru and out the front door. They run right up behind the whole famn dambly before the nigs know what hit them. THey tackled the buck right into the asphalt, package goes skidding out of its paws. I tell you it was priceless! The sow actually tried to run off and leave its little shitlets, but it was not going to happen. They took her fat ass down hard. You could almost here the earth move. The sheboon is screaming so loud I could hear it inside, the niglets were jumping up and down screaming just like little chimps. The buck is cuffed by now and is niggerbabbling something, probably "i aint did nuffin, or my dik".

Cop cars had arrived onscene at this point, they got the sheboon cuffed, and a female officer began to sort out the chimping niglets into her car. I was just almost speechless, and I asked the postal clerk wtf just happened. She said that all she knew was the package was from Mexico, and law enforcement had delivered one of those while you out delivery notice and the nigger had called to see if his package was there and he would come pick it up. After that the law waited for the niggers. She said she give the as she got them.

Now for the aftermath.

The nigger buck had been to Nuevo Larado just across the border from Texas. Down there are many unscrupled docters there that will write you prescriptions for basically any narcotic you want for about 10 bucks a pop.

Said nigger had purchased 100 bottles of valium. Thats 9000 tablets! I think they sell for a couple of bucks a peice in Texas, so thats about 18000 bucks.

So he puts them in a suitcase, packages it and mails to himself from Mexico. Heres the best part. The valium is packed in factory sealed bottles so it is most likely not going to be detected drug dogs. But the stupid nigger has to go on and throw a 10 dollar bag of weed into the case before he mails it. 10 STINKING DOLLARS!!! He just could not let yt beat out of ten bucks. Drug dog detects the weed at the border. Nigger gets set up by feds. The buck ends up getting 13 years federal time, and the sow gets 7. They both already had long criminal records, and outstanding charges. There home , money, and autos all got the shit seized out of them. The niglets go to foster homes. All that for ten dollars. Sorry I was so long winded, but this is the best coontact I have had in my forty odd years.



Coontact Tale #984 (December 9, 2007)

I went grovery shopping at the local Giant, did my shopping and was waiting in the checkout isle. There was a nigger stocking an end display, it had hooded sweatshirt over its store uniform, with the hood up, and its underware was showing. I searched out the store manager and complained that as a customer, I do not want to see your employee's underware. The manager was polite and appolagetic, but I doubt anything will change.

Coontact Tale #985 (December 9, 2007)

My gym is full of hot white, asain, spanish and indian women with almost no nigger bucks. Then about a week ago I see this buck working out at my gym puttting his soul glow hair on the equiment. This buck dresses like some kind of rap star clown..He works out and thinks he is the "bigman" notice,I said "man" more like "bigchimp" anyway, not to tote my own horn but I am a body builder and kind of big. Well when the chimp saw me he quickly turned into the fag that he is and would not bench press in front of me for fear of makeing the nigger look like a pussey around all the white women. This porch monkey needs to realize that the only excerise he should get is picking cotton fast. Just a typical action showing how niggers really are, but then again if you are reading this I dont have to tell you.

Coontact Tale #986 (December 9, 2007)

This happened to me years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. Decided to post it to disprove the lie "only white's can be racist."

I got off work one fine spring afternoon and was walking down the sidewalk to the employee parking lot, ever alert to the goings-on around me because it was right in the center of a niggerfuxated area, (but it paid good). This was prime nigger territory for mugging, assault with a weapon, and robbing at gun point, in the dark of early morning as several of my coworkers could attest. I heard someone hollar, "YOU WHITE BITCH!!!" I immediately looked directly to my left, where the sound came from, to see a nig-mobile passing by on the major 4-lane highway no further than 5 feet away from me. Hanging out the passenger window of the nig-mobile was the perpetrator, a black-as-tar pickaninny sheboon about 5 years old. I knew it's nigger-mammy had told her to say it. They cruised on down the street and I continued to walk to my car, thankful that it had not been some male ape teaching it's young male criminal-in-training the finer points of a drive-by shooting.

Coontact Tale #987 (December 9, 2007)

Those of you who read my sig will see the irony in this post.

A buck has moved in not two doors down from me! Can you believe it? I thought my neighborhood had priced them out. Worse still, he is a taxi driver, and parks his cab at all places in our neighborhood. Today, I was leaving my home and he was shuffling past as niggers do. Smiling, he looked up at me and said "hi". I grunted at him and frowned. I guarantee you I will drive this nigger out of my neighborhood. Since when are animals allowed property rights?

I guess the silver lining is that he is not a hoopty ghetto bling bling c-rap nigger. He is from africa, niggeria or something, and it hurts me that another one invaded our shores. But at least he is quiet. However, we know the nigger's GENETIC PENCHANT for thievery, ahhhhhh-ksss-sss-sss-sss laughing, and violent crime, so I know I have little time to get this coon out.


Coontact Tale #988 (December 12, 2007)

Grocery store herpes Nigger!!!!!

Today i was at the grocery store and the nigger bagbuck had disgusting herpes blisters on his big nigger lip. It was nasty. Bigass white blisters on the outside and top and sticking out from the inside. It made his nigger lip stick out about an inch farther than it usually does normally. Isn't it unsafe for that nigger to be working in a place where it comes in contact with humans?

Coontact Tale #989 (December 12, 2007)

How dare all you condem niggers? They are children of GOD!!!

Dont take the title too seriously. Anyways, I had the strangest coontact today on my very own porch!

I was sitting waiting on my porch for my buddy to pick me up. This silver car pulls up and a human white lady gets out.Then something in the back seat starts to get out. A nigger. I was mumbling to myself "Great,a f**kin nigger". Then the monkey and human approached me. They were Jevoah's witnesses.They tried to give me the books, I declined. The baboon started asking me if I knew where I was going when I die. I felt like saying "yeah, away from you." I kept telling the ape Im not interested. Thankful my ride showed up just when I was going to scream at this ape and my buddy was laughing. He is always joking around. He jokingly said "Picking up niggers now,are ya?" I just replied "No,they are Jevoah's" He said "I get them at my door all the time too, I just dont answer the door".

Coontact Tale #990 (December 12, 2007)

I'm Not In a Good Mood...

As some of you may know I've been looking for a job the past few months... Well I've been going through JVS (Jewish Vocational Services) that is the least of my problems... The state agency who is paying JVS for their services is MRS Michigan Rehab Services...

Well my old counselor took a new assignment in the state agency so I was reassigned to this sheboon... I got a letter in the mail about a week or two ago informing me of this change... Then I got another notice in the mail to see if I was still interested in "services"... So I checked off yes, signed my name, and mailed it back... Well this morning I get a call from the sheboon around 10am on my cell phone... I can't remember it's name if my life depended on it... She called me asking me if I was still interested and to set up an appointment... She did not sound too happy to leave a message on my voice mail... And on top of that sounded like a ghetto queen typical AA hire... So needless to say if I think I'm gonna get a job with the help of her and JVS I might as well move out of state...

Coontact Tale #991 (December 12, 2007)

For all you guys out there, you have no idea what us ladies go thru on a monthly basis. Getting up, throwing up like hell, feeling like shit, gaining up to 10 lbs just to get that monthly cycle over with. And every so often, us ladies have ta visit the GYNOCOLOGIST!

Yes ladies, that man who gets to see ALL those female parts. You know who I'm talking about. My gyno is a nice retired air force lady who is very sensitive to my problems. But sadly to say she is finally going to retire.

So today I had to visit her, that yearly thing that us ladies get to endure. The nurse comes in and hands me a robe, and tells me to remove my pants and panties and the doctor will be in shortly. She comes in and examines me and takes a swab. you know the usual stuff when she asks me if she can bring in her replacement (she owns the practice but has 3 more doctors working for her). I tell her, sure that'll be ok and she opens the door, guess what walks in? A fucking black as hell, short afro, big nose nigger! Now this lady has been my doctor for at least 10 yrs but there's NO FUCKING WAY a sticking nigger is examining me, much less a part of my body that my husband rarely sees (). I mean I shriek at this nigger to get out! He stands there like he's retarded and I yell at him again to get the hell out of here! (Course I was all covered up). He steps out and she asks me in a puzzled voice, do you not trust my judgment in picking a replacement? Now for a second I sit there, not really wanting to upset her (after all, she's been a good doctor, more like a good friend of the family) so I tell her, I trust your judgment as a physician and I value your friendship but I will not allow that thing to examine me, no maam. She tells me that she will send my records to whichever doctor I choose and I ask, "Why not one of the other doctors in this practice?" She tells me that "If I do not trust her judgment in picking a replacement then how can I trust a judgment in the other doctors on the staff?" I thought to myself for a second as she left the room that she was trying to ram this nigger down my throat and if I choose not to have him, then I was not going to be a patient of her practice. That the last 10 yrs of my life while under her care, she was not the friend I thought she was. Which really pissed me off. As I was leaving, the receptionist told me that they'd lost a lot of patients cause noone wants to have that nigger looking at them. I also lost it on the word nigger (she had to look around and whisper, like it would have gotten her in trouble if she said it out loud). Nigger comes up and stick out his monkey paw and says "Good luck" I don't touch it but look at him and says "whatever" and turn to leave. I cannot believe she'd hire a damn ignorant AA nigger. Oh well, her loss not mine.

Coontact Tale #992 (December 12, 2007)

This doesn't often happen, but every few months a nigger will accost me on the street and ask me for money for the McDonald's down the street. I always say "no," and walk on, and they just chimp and go away. Yesterday it happened, and instead of saying "no" I said, "sorry, can't help you--I only have enough money for my beer." Instead of a chimpout, it said, "I hearz yuh" and walked off. Really weird.

Coontact Tale #993 (December 12, 2007)

I don't go to the movies very often, but when I do, I expect it to be a somewhat pleasant experience. Well, I don't think I'll be going at all anymore since the whole theater is now run by niggers! Not to mention that most of the patrons there are niggers too! I get past the nigger at the door to pay for my ticket, and then go toward the snack stand to get popcorn. Well there was a nigger running the stand, so they didn't have any popcorn! I was so pissed. Then to top things off, I get to my seat and then a bunch of niggers start filing in. One fat sow and her "chillens" sit in front of me and start eating food that I know didn't belong there. It made the whole theater smell like chili, which is what it looked like. Then to make everything worse, they show the trailers for the new movies, and the first one is "Why Did I Get Married?" (My husband states that the real title should be, "Why I Marry Dis Ho?") Anyway, the sow says something like, "Oooh, chile, I dun wants to seee dat!" loud enough for the whole theater to hear. When the actual movie came on, it was at least loud enough to drown out the rest of the monkeys, but I still heard them and their dumb ape noises. TNB


Coontact Tale #994 (December 12, 2007)

My gym is full of hot white, asain, spanish and indian women with almost no nigger bucks. Then about a week ago I see this buck working out at my gym puttting his soul glow hair on the equiment. This buck dresses like some kind of rap star clown..He works out and thinks he is the "bigman" notice,I said "man" more like "bigchimp" anyway, not to tote my own horn but I am a body builder and kind of big. Well when the chimp saw me he quickly turned into the fag that he is and would not bench press in front of me for fear of makeing the nigger look like a pussey around all the white women. This porch monkey needs to realize that the only excerise he should get is picking cotton fast. Just a typical action showing how niggers really are, but then again if you are reading this I dont have to tell you.

Coontact Tale #995 (December 12, 2007)

I went to do my laundry yesterday, and the first thing I see as I pull up is a nigger harrassing some old man who was trying to put a letter in a mailbox to send, this old man was ignoring this nigger, who started dancing, yes dancing in the laundreymat parking lot, making a fool of himself.

This was a crazy, cracked out jet-black nigger. he was wirey but muscular, had no shirt on, just jeans and a beanie on his head. he was talking to some puerto rican guy, about gangbanging and some other ebonic bullshit that i couldnt quite understand.

He was also fucking with the old ladies in the laundreymat, you could tell they were terrified of this guy.

So then it was my turn to get fucked with by this beast.

He walks by me and says "whats up cayye?" i say whats up.

He then asks "do you know what cayye means?" and i say nope. he then said "it means cracker, peckerwood, whitey, etc"

I told him living in this area, i am used to that sheeit.

He just smiled, laughed, and went on his marry way with that puerto rican, probably to smoke some crackrock.

Coontact Tale #996 (December 12, 2007)

A "good" groid gone bad.

My new girlfriend works in the buying department at Macys at the mall and generally agrees with me that niggers are awful except for this sheboon she is always defending. She says that some niggers are "good" and are actually productive members of society. I tell her that there is an inner chimp but she raves about her nigger pal at the store and how wonderful she is.

I had had it so was thinking of dumping this nigger lover but then I got a call from her while she was at work. The sheboon had been arrested for buying for the store but then stealing some of the orders. Apparently this AA nigger was hired to purchase clothing that coons would want to buy at the store. She said this had been going on for three years without the company knowing. She had been taking one or two small items before so went unnoticed for all those years. Then, the groid got greedy so made a large purchase for itself for Kwanzaa that was noticed right away by the store manager. The items were all her size!

There was now a big list of over 200 items that this nigger "bought" for the store, yet the store never received them! My girlfriend said she felt so bad for doubting me about the niggers and said she would never befriend or trust one again. She said at first the nigger blamed her when questioned by the manager! My girlfriend does not have a fat clothing size so was in the clear. What stupid niggers!

Coontact Tale #997 (December 12, 2007)

Remember freedom of association? There's just no escaping from niggers anymore.Drive 40min to a non-fuxated area,pay premium menu prices,scope out the place for groids before entering & still get stuck with a nigger waiter."Hi,I'm Jarome.May I takes yo owda tu-day?" Niggermaniacs know the feeling. Brain is screaming"ah,shit!.", body sphincters tighten up & forced PC facial expression must be effected.Ruined my day because I was with non-NM friends.Didn't stop the Asian group at the next table from getting up & leaving when they saw their nog waiter,though. Nobody wants nigger secretions placed deliberately, or negligently on their food!

Coontact Tale #998 (December 12, 2007)

I don't even have to say nigger do I? When you say "thief, murderer, rapist, killer, robber, bandit"...any of those words are interchangeable with the word Nigger aren't they? Well, they should be.

Stopped 3 grandma coons in the store today robbing. The youngest was 61. They tried to take over 600 dollars between the three of them. Sent to the slammer!!! FELONY!!!

Coons NEVER change their ways. I'm sure these three coons were in their nigger-church just last sunday praisin' the lawd.

These dumb animals operate purely off of whatever natural destructive instinct they are born with. I guess the same as bacteria...bacteria don't care if they kill the host...and neither do niggers. The very thing people that supports the filthy nigger animal are the ones they rape, rob and kill. Same as bacteria...not intelligent enough to understand if it kills the host, it dies too.

Coontact Tale #999 (December 12, 2007)

Niggers Are So Damn LOUD!

I work with about 50/50 white and niggers. There's two niggers who make me insane. They're so f'n loud! Every day, one of the nigs yells out something like "WHOOOOO!" for no reason whatsoever. I always jump, it's so loud. Normally this would just annoy me, but I have migraines. One of the things that sets 'em off are loud, abrupt noises just like that. The other nigress has the loudest voice on earth. Her regular speaking voice is like a foghorn, blasting down the halls. She will walk behind me, hollering about something, and it's like right in my ear. Makes me wanna die.

I know nigs are retarded and all, but are they half-deaf too?

Coontact Tale #1,000 (December 12, 2007)

File this Under Niggers Always Screw Themselves

OK folks, I know I have promised to relate my many coontact tales. Sorry but I have been very busy and haven't had time to sit down and compose. So here is a first, an oldie that proves niggers are their own worst enemy. You will have to read between the lines on some things, I can't be real specific with my position, but any human should be able to guess.

Years back, when I started in my current profession, I worked for a certain organization that provides free "assistance" in courts to the underprivileged (read niggers). One day I got assigned this young buck who came to see me all upset.

Of course he was on the hot seat for another "incident", and now had a new problem. Seems he has a baby momma and pays child support. He forgot to show for a routine case follow up. So he had a warrant out for his arrest. Being already on probation this was big trouble.

Spookamajook was using this photo as an Avatar and it screams "Nigger!" so loudly I had to keep it. Dirty, ugly, filthy niggers not to mention retarded! Niggers are the retarded race you know.

I called down to the appropriate clerk and found out it was only a bench warrant for failing to appear, but that he was current on support (one of the few niggers paying support). For those who may not know, bench warrants go into the computer, are not actively pursued and you won't be arrested unless you get a traffic stop. Not a big deal and easy to get rid of, and generally don't cause the DA to try and revoke probation.

It's a Friday afternoon around 4, and I know the judge has hit the road for the weekend. Thus, it'll be Monday morning before I can have the bench warrant revoked and get him into court for the follow up which is having the judge look at the record, see that he is paying and set the matter ahead 6 months.

I tell DAN ( my acronym for "dumb ass nigger") to be cool, meet me first thing Monday morning and we will get it straight. Just stay home and don't be out where you can get popped for a traffic stop or something stupid where they will pull him in on the warrant.

Well guess what. Monday morning Dan doesn't show up and I get a call from the jail. I go see him and here's what Dan did over the weekend.

Now remember I told this nog, to stay low. His definition was to go out and score some crack, and a pound of weed. His nigger-mobile apparently had a tail light out, so the marked car cruising through coon-town hits his lights for a routine stop. DAN, knowing his has the warrant and bunch of illegal substances, freaks. His hits the accelerator and gets into a high speed chase from the cops. Unable to to beat the cops, this idiot nigger leaves the car in gear and with the cruise control set climbs to the passenger side and jumps out, hoping the cops won't see his stupid black ass rolling along the side of the road in the twilight.

Nigger is ejected and manages to get on his feet and run. Of course driver less nigmobile goes out of control runs off the road into a play ground and almost takes out a group of niglets before slamming into a bakkaball court and almost taking out some nigga's shooting hoops.

Cops finally tackle his ass at gun point and haul him to nigger hotel.

Now this DAN goes from one simple bench warrant to multiple felony charges. Of course i was stuck with him through this felony case. I managed to plead him out to one felony 2 years to serve. He could have got 15 years if convicted on all counts. When we were at the plea hearing he has the audacity to ask me if I can get the judge to probate his time. Of course no way in hell that will happen, so he went on a nigger vacation for a 2 year stretch.

Moral of the story is, forget YT screwing over the niggers, they do a much better job of this themselves.

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