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Coontact Tale #51

Yep. That would be TNB... at least according to my cop friend. He told me that all you have to do in order to catch a negro fugitive is to locate the girlfriend. They always hide out at their gf's home.

I once asked... err... axed him why there were so few black serial killers.

He looked at me like I was some sort empty-headed racial-egalitarian, "Well, um, you see.. the reason they're called 'serial killers' is because they're intelligent enough to elude the police for an extended period of time. That kind of excludes your garden variety negro."

Coontact Tale #52

OK, I couldn't resist. I was playing chess down at a local chess club. This black bystander stares at a pickup game that me and some Russian guy were playing. The black dude keeps making armchair comments like "nah, I wouldn't do that" or "I would have played bishop e7". I didn't appreciate those comments since me and my opponent were playing for money. Sure, the bet was small (a quarter or fifty cents per game), I'd appreciate not having side comments ruin the bet. But this guy looked like a thug (and possibly packing) so neither myself or my opponent said a word. Yeah, I'm a chicken shit.

After a few games, the black dude pulls out a BIG WAD of cash. I mean BIG WAD, perhaps a 50 Franklins. In a room full of chessplayers, he asked out loud "anyone wanna play fo' hundred bucks?" Of course, nobody is stupid enough to wager that much, especially with a shady character who might not honor his bet. When nobody took the bet, he arrogantly said "shit, nobody can take me 'round here" and walked off.

Fucking idiot.

Little doubt exists that what the coon was looking for was not a game but a chess player who happened to have $100 on his person. If found he would have been mugged and robbed because that would be TNB and TNB is the nigger way.

Coontact Tale #53

One day I got on the BART and headed out to the east bay... There was a very, very, very black family (mother, two kids). The mother looked like a crack addict, the kids were typical little uncouth, loud, out-of-control niglets.

The kicker is they were eating pancakes. Yes, pancakes, and not the mcdonalds pancakes, pancakes from like a denny's or lyon's, with LOTS of maple syrup. Syrup was EVERYWHERE, and the kids were getting it all over the windows, walls, you name it. The kids were being VERY loud, the mother clearly wanted nothing to do with them (was busy trying to sleep), and all the passengers were just looking on in disgust. I finally moved to the next car after watching for awhile to see what would happen.

An out of control niglet? I can't imagine that! Actually I can and most often every niglet I have the misfortune to run across is an incorrigible ghetto monster a criminal in the making.

Coontact Tale #54

I just had an experience relevant to this thread that happened just 30 mins ago.

I was shopping for clothes at Old Navy. In the store was a black women with a misbehaving child, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. When the kid wouldn't stop misbehaving, she TOOK OFF HIS PANTS and started slapping his butt making a loud noise. Bare cheeks and all.

When I saw that, the first thing I thought of was "black outburst thread"...

Niggers should not be allowed to visit the same stores as white people. This is why I refuse to shop at our local NiggerMart.

Coontact Tale #55

It was 1992 when I found myself running a construction crew rehabing buildings for the Kansas City Metropolitan Housing Authority. The building I was assigned was a three story apartment that was about ten years old and was in desperate need of a total rehab.

We could start a whole new thread just about the way niggers live.

Work needed was repair of holes in walls where the niggers would actually tear a portion of a wall out between the apartment units so they wouldn't have to go into the main corridor to travel to the neighbors. Also needed was the total replacement of the plumbing going so far as to replace a toilet that some nigger had ripped up to sell to some pawnshop I would gather. You can imagine the smell was ghastly because niggers, being niggers, continued to use the bathroom shitting down hole in the floor where the toilet used to be.

Also needed was a complete replacement of the roof.

The Housing Authority moved all the niggers out and gave us twelve weeks to complete the project.

The building was at the only entrance and exit to the complex containing a dozen typical buildings each having 40 units so there were a good 400 to 500 baboon tribes that used the entrance everyday on the way to the liquor store or welfare office.

We would get to work at 7:00 AM and all was quiet until around noon. At noon the niggers would start to stir and the first thing you would notice is the niglets showing up to play around the dumpsters followed a couple hours later by the dope dealers.

At 4:00 the place started to come alive and jump. The sound of sporadic gunfire that told us it was time to pack up and go home while the sound of automatic gunfire telling you it was 6:00 PM and you had your two hours overtime in.

The roofing crew hated niggers to a man and occasionally one of them would toss a heaping handful of roofing nails onto the entrance way drive three stories below. It wasn't long before this game caught on and I would imagine there was a good twenty to thirty pounds of roofing nails tossed on to the driveway everyday before noon. You can imagine the chaos this caused with 30 to 40 coonmobiles suffering multiple flat tires on a daily basis. Of course, being niggers, nobody had a good spare tire which caused a traffic jam every bit as congested as a LA freeway at 4:00.

Around noon one day some pimp nigger in a new flashy red convertable coonmobile, of the kind with the gold tires, crushed valore seating, chrome pipes, gold wheel rims and curb wiskers, came rumbling in to pick up one of the working girls and damn, if that nigger didn't get two flat tires! He was pissed. This nigger goes into the projects looking for some help leaving his car blocking the entire entrance.

Big mistake!

The roofers were putting down the shingles using compressed air nail guns and it want long before you heard the distinctive sound Pfssst-Ping! as one of the roofers took aim and parted a shot. This game caught on real quick and before long it was a steady Pfssst!-Ping! Pfsssst!-Ping! Pfssst!-Ping as six automatic nail guns were taking dead aim shots at the disabled vehicle.

I was laughing so hard I almost puked!

Most nails found thier mark and when they did they would chip a little paint leaving a white marked dent where they had hit. Nails where everywhere and it wasn't long the seats were covered with nails.

Pfsssst-Ping! Pfssst!-Ping! Pfsssst!-Ping! Pfssst!-Ping

In twenty minutes there were enough nails inside his car to re-roof a dozen moderately sized homes.

Our Supperfly nigger shows back up and was he ever pissed! I just remember the light reflecting off his gold chain as he did little circles kicking his feet out and swearing "muthafuckers!" while looking up at a dozen workmen, some still holding nail guns in their hands, all laughing their asses off.

I could tell the nigger wanted to come up but it is a good thing he had enough sense not to because he would have had his black ass thrown through a third floor window.

Don't know what happened to the car. It was still blocking the driveway when we went home but it was gone when we returned to work the next morning.

Coontact Tale #56

Ok, so I volunteer in my condo community. We have had VERY cold weather the last few days and it is policy here that even if your condo is vacant, you must keep the heat on to at least 55 degrees to keep the pipes from bursting. So I started getting calls Friday afternoon that three condos were flooded. Turns out that the nig b-otch that owns the unit on the 3rd floor rents out her unit. It has been vacant for months and the power off. You guessed it, the poor souls in the units below hers (you gessed it, white people) are flooded out of their places with THOUSANDS of dollars in damages. The stupid nig finally shows her black face at 5 pm TODAY and is very flippant about the whole thing. She claims she didn;t know the rules and wants to know why our insurance won;t pay for it. I tell her that it is her negligence and that the insurance company will agree. SHe starts ranting about it being a racial thing and that I need to "recognize." I told her that it is not a racial thing, but a negligence thing and that the only thing I "recogize" is her stupidity and laziness. She stomps off mumbling cracker bitch and a few other niceties and was doing the head bob thing that nig women do when pissed. Well, apparently she jerked it a little too hard and slipped on the ice and went down with a big thud. Then had the nerve to say she was going to sue. We got the whole thing on video and there were witnesses. Dumb black bitch.

That settlement was going to be her big ticket out!

Coontact Tale #57

When I was on vacation in Manhattan I decided to stop in the Barnes & Nobles bookstore in or around Washington square. I noticed a very nice addition of W. E. B. Du Bois “The Souls of Black Folk” prominently displayed. At that time I was much more “open minded” so I decided to buy the book. I thought I learn a little about the rich cultures of colored jungle bunnies. While waiting in line with 10 or 12 other people 4 or 5 jungle bunnies just butted in front of everybody. What they were doing in a bookstore I don’t know. All the Whites just looked at each and shook their heads. How ironic, the actions of those monkeys told me more about the souls of black folks then the book ever could!

It is common knowledge that the fastest way to turn a PC liberal around is to have him live in the ghetto amongst those savages he defends.

Coontact Tale #58

We are getting off topic here but I am going to let this one slide in under the radar because I like it.

The topic here is "nigger rant" not TNB or "Typical Nigger Behavior". A personal website devoted to the telling of personal TNB experiences can go on and on forever and is beyond the capabilities of this web site.

One Christmas... well, we usually spend time with family and such. No details on how this came to be, but a nigger is part of my "extended" family.

The guy looked to be a nice person. He kinda is in some sort of a very basic way (he'll say hello and greet you with no strange hand movements, and he won't use bad words in public). Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure his IQ is below 80, or something.

Anyway, he is at my parents' home. My cousins are there; they must have been around 10 years old. I bought them all R/C cars for Christmas, so they are asked to play with them outside. They do so, without hesitation.

Anyway, fast forward to 11:00 PM. The kids are asleep. This nigger looks at the RC cars, takes *both* controls in his hand, and begins trying to drive *both* cars *at the same time* inside my parents' house. Now, I understand kids in the ghetto don't have this kind of toys, but he should have gone outside. My mother is an avid collectionist of antiques.

After roughly 10 seconds, the nigger slams one of the cars in an antique chair... which happened to have an antique Pinnochio carved out of 100+ year old wood. Pinnochio falls to the floor, 4 feet away. Pinnochio is destroyed. My mother locks herself in her room, crying. The nigger says "the kids must have left the cars on, or sumthin'". The nigger is never invited again to my home (obviously, he didn't even try to pay for the damn thing).

Years later, I noticed how he smelled like shit, his teeth were rotten, and how his kid is a complete fuck-up.


Our poster received a scathing rebuke about his "racist" attitude and replied with this.

No "lol" whatsoever, dude. My mother had the thing brought from Italy. It was worth a small fortune.

What pisses me the most is that so many people would have at least had the decency of saying "I'm sorry". Whatever. This guy blamed the kids for something EVERYONE saw him doing.

My mom's Pinnochio is all patched up now. Sadly, my perceptions of this particular nigger aren't. And other experiences tell me I should not change my perceptions.

A reader comments "There's one fundamental difference between whites and blacks, which is nicely illustrated by the radio-car/Pinocchio incident.

For most blacks, "morality" is a foreign concept, and is at best something externally imposed. The "law of the jungle" is fundamentally their arbiter of conduct. "What can I get away with to get the most 'stuff' for me, my family and my herd?' becomes the operative question, rather than "What's right, and what's wrong?"

For whites, by contrast, morality becomes internalized at an early age, and they feel an innate pressure from within to "do the right thing" whether or not anybody is watching. Yes, some white criminals learn to ignore their internal moral compass to a greater or lesser degree (often under the influence of Negro or Semitic culture), but the fact remains that it's there, and is often the source of great anguish to a white criminal.

When a white person is wronged by someone he trusts, or by someone whom he considers part of the "extended family" he will naturally expect the other person to be motivated by a similar internal measure of "what is the right thing to do?" rather than "what can I get away with?"

As such, it's natural (and nice) that crazy-Pinocchio-mom assumed the best of her Negro "family" member, and trusted that he would "do the right thing" and cause neither a scene nor an injustice. Sadly, events proved her wrong.

She should have realized that the nigger-childlike-radio-car-driver lacked that internal sense of decency, that "moral compass", that white folks take for granted.

This, by the way, is why integration SOMETIMES produces civilized Negroes; if black folks grow up as participants in a white society, they will sometimes develop the same innate moral compass that is so alien to Negroes in the wild."

Coontact Tale #59

Yawn, someone complained about the thread and received this response which I thought said it all.

Nigga, pleeaze! As long as your race keeps behaving as animals, as long as your race keeps being perceived as a threat to ANYONE (not only whities) alive, as long as your race keeps playing the victim, as long as your race keeps being as vile, and rude, and uncultured as it is, there will be threads like this one to remind you...


Seriously. As one poster has so brightly put it, if all black people behaved more like Colin Powell, we would be taking shit about WHITES. As it is, nigroes behave like fucking gangsters. So either do something about it or shut the fuck up about this thread being "racist".

Coontact Tale #60

Once I was returning a video at Blockbusters when I ran into a guy I went to high school with. I asked him why he was walking with a cane and he started tell me about a police shootout. His voice was getting louder and louder as he was recounting a drug bust which he kept referring as a police "hit". He was at a low shout, talking about police brutality when his sister (a year younger)walks out of the store and goes, "What the fuck are you talking about?" Then she leans to me and says, "He got shot in the ass. The boy was running from the cops. The cops gave him a new asshole." I'm desperately trying not to laugh. Her brother turns to her and starts yelling, "Goddammit bitch. What the fuck do you know? You wasn't there. It's a THIGH wound." She doesn't back down one bit. She says, "Is it in the front or back? Huh? Where is it? Tell him."

I slip away to return the video and I can hear them arguing to their car. The guy is still muttering something about reloading and the sister is rolling her eyes.

A thread for another day. Are niggers capable of telling the truth?

Coontact Tale #61

My friend worked the overnight shift at Denny's in college, and served the usual collection of demanding or fall-asleep-in their-breakfast drunk-ass people who go out for a grand slam breakfast after a night of clubbing.

So anyway, there's this group of black folks at one of the round booths where a catfight breaks out, because some woman stole some other woman's boyfriend or sucked his dick or something. The fight started in the booth and went up a level when the two women stood up on the booth seats and started screaming at each other. One pulled the other one's hair so hard her weave came out and a big long braid flew into the next booth area and landed, you guessed it, on someone's waffles.

The manager threw them out, and they said it was because he was "raciss."

This wouldn't have bothered me one bit because the potential entertainment value far, far exceeds the discomfort the situation presents.

Coontact Tale #62

I'm at a gas station checking the air pressure on one of my tires. A black woman pulls up and says that she need to use the air hose. I replied that I was not yet finished. She got angry and went to get the gas station attendant.

The (white) teen-aged kid comes over with her and tells me that she wants to use the air hose. I said that I was not yet finished but that she was welcome to use it after I was done. He shrugged and walked away. She got back into her car and yelled at me--saying that I was "uncouth"--before driving off.

I couldn't help but laugh at her thinking that she had somehow insulted me by using some word she'd probably didn't even know how to spell.

Coontact Tale #63

So I'm at a fast food restaurant and get there a few minutes before closing time. They went ahead and locked the doors to keep more people from coming in when they were closed. About 10 minutes later a group of black guys tried to get in, banging on the door, they saw us white guys in there eating and yelled about racism and stuff why they weren't let in.

I noticed a bunch of signs at a Waffle House recently (after they were involved in that nigger lawsuit). The signs had to explain to niggers, that if you have a large group of people, smaller groups may be seated before you even if you were waiting longer. And that orders take different times to cook, someone might get their food earlier even if you ordered first etc. All common sense stuff that triggers "racism!" to any black person that thinks whitey is out to get him.

Coontact Tale #64

This was back about 1972 or whatever. Seeing "The Godfather."

A couple negroidal teenagers would yackitty yack everytime some white dude gets popped.

Then comes the conferences of the Dons in the middle of the movie.

The Dons are talking about herion.

The Don from Detroit, notorious for repeating the obvious, says, "We must only sell this to the dark people. They are just animals and have already lost their souls."

Suddenly the bruthas were totally silent and remain so for the rest of the movie. They heard something that was too close to home.

Excellent observation!

Coontact Tale #65

One night, back when I was in college, I decided to study down at a local Denny's at around 2am. The book I was reading was Tom Kemp's "The Climax of Capitalism". Some nigger comes around and sees me reading that book. He then says "does that book tell you that the white devil keeps the masses impoverished?". He then starts lecturing me on not believing everything one reads.

Another story, unrelated to the first. How come every time I visit San Francisco, especially at night, black folks would come up to you, extend their hand and say "hey, shake a brother's hand, bro"? No, they aren't asking for money. Only to shake hands. WTF? I don't wanna touch a stranger's hand, whether it be black or white.

Especially in that faggot city by the bay!

Coontact Tale #66

The year was 1997. Nevermind how I got 'involved' in this story. A construction crew was building this warehouse. The foreman made the mother of all mistakes, he hired a nigger to do elevated construction work. Now mind you there are several spooks doing ground work, only this one on the arial aspect of it. The rule working was before you move, you hook in to the safety wire system with your harness hook, THEN you move. This seemed to be a difficult concept for Jamal to grasp. He unhooks, then goes to move, he slips and grabs the safety wire with his hands, this nigger is now hanging 60 feet in the air by its paws, and is it howling! Other workers are scrambling to get to him but it takes time (plus they didn't seem to be in a *really* big hurry. Boing, off slips one hand, everyone is screaming for him to use the free hand to grab his safety line and hook in. Response from the groid? Just more screaming. Over, and over, and over, everyone is screaming for him to hook in.

Twang! the safety cable vibrates like a guitar string, Jamal makes his final decent, screaming like a bitch all the way down and lands dead on top of his head, that melon split clean in two and its entire brain and both eyes popped out of its skull! Of course that day, noone was laughing, but shortly thereafter, if there was a nigra on the construction crew they want to get rid of, they put him on highline duty and he promptly quit! Those nigras were scared as shit,, during the entire construction project not a damn one of them would even walk across the spot he fell on. Something about death being in that spot. LOL!

"Hanging by his paws!" Bwahaha!

Coontact Tale #67

Great reading...

Here's one.

Many, many years ago I was the sales manager for a retail furniture store. One day I found out the the owner of the operation had hired a fat ugly neegrow to be a delivery driver (bad move I thought to myself). Anyway, I'd always give this guy some green from petty cash to put gas in the delivery van with explicit instructions that he bring me the gas receipt.

Of course, without fail, he'd always manage to 'lose' the receipt before I got the opportunity to look it over. Of course, our van would always run out of gas and I'd have to leave the store to rescue it.

Inbetween deliveries, he'd always complain about being hungry. Tired of his incessant ######ing, I bought his lunch one day - big mistake. Now he felt he was owed a meal each and every day - "Wells, I mans gotta eat" he'd whine. This guy was tipping the scales at about 300 pounds - hardly a candidate for a soup line. When I refused to fund his obesity any longer, he simply stole more stuff from the warehouse.

One day he called complaining that he was stuck a few miles away with an out-of-gas delivery van. "Did I not give you 20 bucks for gas this morning?" I asked. "I don't know what happened to dat monies" he moaned. "Fine" says I. "My car's in the shop and the owners wife has his vehicle. What do you suggest we do"? "You can drives mines, da keys be in my coats pocket". By this time the owner was privy to this situation and volunteered to drive this man's vehicle to pick him up. Bad move.

The next day our delivery driver shows up late claiming his car's clutch is ruined and we're responsible. The owner eventually capitulates and gives this guy a new clutch.

We fired this guy not soon after. A week later our delivery van was stolen and eventually recovered from an abandoned downtown warehouse stripped to the bone. We gave the police all the information about our prime suspect but later learned all the information he had given us prior to his employment was false. (he also didn't have a phone)

In discussing our unpleasant experience with negritude, the owner and I came to a mutual agreement - never again.

Coontact Tale #68

So I'm at the Chinese place around the corner, it's a family owned business, very hard working people, the kids usually work the counter.

A group of black thugs show up, you know the type, very loud, rap video clothes, late teens. they rolled up in a classic drug dealer car, supped up to the max (with the neon on the bottom, of course) they start with the hollerin', but that's nothing new in New York

then they start harrasing the other customers (all white) including me. one of them starts poking and punching the menu I'm looking at while I'm trying to decide what to get. saying shit like "you like dis?" [poke] [poke] "how about some of dat? huh?" [poke] [punch] "huh? you like dat?"

I decide that its not wise to get shot over some kung-pau chicken and just ignore him. he tries some more shit with other customers but no one is in any mood for a confrontation.

Then they start picking on the girls behind the counter (who are only 13 years old), calling them bitches and hoes, "don't screw up mah order bitch, I told ya just how I like it, ho!". The cooks are also targeted ("whatchu lookin at, puck ass bitch?!?huh?!")

Finally they get what the're looking for and one of them really snaps - "oh!?!?! you think I did't hear dat?!?

I heard what you just said! Yo, did you hear what she just said?!?

she called me a black bastard!!!!

Bitch, I know I'm black!!! so motherfuckin what?!?!?

you think you're better than me cuz I'm BLACK?!?


well this nigga is gonna get his gun, and I'm gonna shoot all you white motherfuckers Im'a come back here and blast all y'all!"

I'm still waiting for my order and I'm thinking , if he actually does what he's threatening to do then this should get very interesting..

but of course they were all bark and no bite, they got their fried chicken and drove off.

But to be on the safe side one should never underestimate the wicked, mindless violence a nigger is capable of if he perceives himself as having an upper hand.

Coontact Tale #69

During my first year of college at Cal State Northridge, my English composition class was taught in the Pan African Studies department. Not surprisingly, most students were black, as was the professor. The L.A. riots occurred that year, and shortly afterwards, the professor invited students to speak in front of the class their thoughts on the riots. One after another, these students not only admitted to taking part in the riot, but laughed about it and showed off their new leather jackets or CD players they stole. And the professor (who, by the way, won some Distinguished Teaching Award a few years ago) smiled along nodding in approval. You'd imagine this pillar of the community would step-in and lecture some morality and decency.

After the class was over, I spoke to him in private. I'm Asian and I mentioned politely these riots probably set back the image of Africa-Americans by decades. He agreed. Funny he agreed because he sure didn't sound like it when his kids were showing off their loot earlier.

Sure, Cal State Northridge isn't exactly the Harvard of the west. But these were COLLEGE STUDENTS, not some hardcore inmates or gang-bangers. If the educated segment of your race are scum, that says poorly about the rest.

In defense of your professor I would have nodded approvingly as well if it had been my class. It is important for everyone to recognize TNB.

Coontact Tale #70

Ok, I am white. I was raised to accept all people as equals with no regard to color. I have been up to now raising my child in the same manner. Nigger,by definition is more a lifestyle and way of conducting oneself than anything. But, I am sad to say, there is a lot of truth to all that is in this thread. Here is my story. I have an 11 year old boy in 6th grade. My school system was sued by some blacks a few years ago and they stopped bussing. My son is the only white kid in his class. His TEACHERS (black AND white) speak ghetto slang IN CLASS! I challenged them on this and was told, and I QUOTE, "We have to get on their level to be able to teach." WHAT THE FUCK??? I am sorry, but isn't it the teacher's JOB to TEACH??? So my white son is speaking ghetto slang, which I CONSTANTLY correct and has been called "Opie, Cracker, Whitey, etc." and I have had to explain to him that these are just ignorant people that have not been raised with proper values. My son totally does not understand why he is being called names and when he struck back at one after WEEKS of putting up with it, the BLACK principal gave my son in school suspension and the other kid who had been calling him names for weeks got an apology from my son and no punishment himself.

This is why, I have decided, that people by and large do not like blacks. THis is a prime example of NIGGERISM.

Coontact Tale #71

Year's ago, in a McDonald's during breakfast hours - family consisting of man woman, little boy (5) and little girl (10 or 12)-

Man - "Put summa dat syrop on Jesmo's pancakes."

Mom - "Zat your firs order of de day?!"

Man - "I don need no atitude from you bitch. Give dat boy his syrup, you can see he wants it"

little boy - (begins to cry and scream)

little girl - "Mooma can give you orders all she want, you welfare motherfucker!"

General melee ensues, a real screamfest, and the guy is spanking the little girl too hard for anybody to handle, so the cops are summoned.

Cops arrive, calm the family down, looks like everything is going to turn out OK even though Mom is still clearly fuming. As cops go to leave, Mom yells out, "You KNOW dis man gots warrants fo his arrest!"

Cops grab the guy, cuff and stuff. He's screaming obscenities the whole time.

Ahh, family.

In intact gorillacoon family is is something to watch.

Coontact Tale #72

I was in basic training, on KP duty.

I need to mop the kitchen floor so I go out to the eating area and ask the black female private out there if I can borrow the mop since she wasn't using it. Sure thing she says.

So I go and start mopping up the kitchen and about 5 minutes later the female comes back and says she needs the mop now. I say "ok just give me 1 more minute I am almost finished here"

"No, you give me the mop back now! You knew I was using it and you took it anyway you shouldn't have it one second longer"

"I only need it one second longer, seriously, just hang on a second"


So the drill sergeant calls us both over. The drill sergeant who was in charge of neither of us (he was from a different company) says "you finish your mopping and give it back to her, both of you see your drill sergeant at the end of the day and tell him what happened."

When I give her the mop back I call her a bitch (she was being a bitch.)

So at the end of the day we line up and we are dismissed and I start walking towards our drill's office and ask her where she is going. "Oh let's not do that" I say whatever and go in there anyway. I tell the story to the DS and it all he can do to keep from laughing in her face. He all but said it was ok for me to call her a bitch.

I'll never forget that bitches name. Her name was Pvt. Ellis. Fucking cunt

Many of our citizens learned to hate niggers while serving in the military. Many have grown up in lilly white neighborhoods not having experienced TNB before but nothing like TNB to get a convert!

Coontact Tale #73

Blacks scream racism from whites at the first sign of any perceived slight but it is truly ironic that many blacks are racist themselves. I've seen countless times when Chinese, Indian and Mexican children / teens were insulted and taunted by black kids at the local high schools. Everyone is minding their own business and these negros start screaming shit and jumping around, trying to impress their hooting and hollering friends.

Witness also negro hero Shaquille O' Neal's latest leadership motto:

In his most recent racial taunt of Yao Ming, Shaquille O’Neal told a reporter, “Tell Yao Ming, ‘ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.’”

Racism isn't okay when it's directed at blacks but it's okay for them to clown on other races. 500 years of opression must have granted them that right.

We see this double standard on television all the time. Niggers are shown to be smart, reflective, wise and educated while whites are portrayed as stupid bumbling hicks.

Funny thing about Hollywood, they often portray the complete opposite.

Coontact Tale #74

A week ago I go to a Dunkin Donuts to pick up a cup of coffee. As I enter the front door I see a mid-20s moolie doing the "pimp roll" toward the store. I hold it open so he can come in behind me and as soon as he sets foot inside he yells over the top of my head to the woman behind the counter "Yo, medium regular." So, even though he was entering after me he thought it proper that he bark out his order so he can be served before me. Fortunately the clerk ignored the chigger and she made him wait until after I paid and left. Dumb-ass.

Coontact Tale #75


Just reminded me of another niggy story!

Many years ago, I saw a wreck where this Chevy suburban rear-ended this shitty grand prix niggermobile. The nigger had the seat laid so far back (and it was unbelted) that the impact knocked him out the back glass. The nigra was dead lying on the ground UNDER the suburban! He flew out the back glass, over the trunk, hit the ground and the truck ran over his ass! His black ass on the asphalt looked like a greasy fucking speedbump!

Coontact Tale #76

I was visiting a friend (female!) in San Francisco. We decided to do some Christmas shopping and to avoid the crowds we got up earlier and head out before 8:00 am. Walking to Macy’s we come across the line colored youth. We walk along the city block and see the line of filth goes all the way around the other side of the building as well. So, I immediately think there must be some to be welfare handout going on. I surely did not think it was a line to apply for jobs.

The racial composition of the line was about 80% african jigaboos, 15% mexican jigaoboos, 4% oriental jigaboos, and 1% white ugly females with big butts jigaboos hanging on there african jigaboos.

I just could not imagine what would get these lazy parasites up so early. Later, after leaving Macy’s I see the line is still stretching around the block. I asked a guy selling pretzels what’s going on. He tells me that Nike was releasing a new athletic shoe today. So indeed on closer inspection these jigaboos are waiting to be the first to get the new shoe and the store security is only letting a certain amount in at a time.

One reason why this seemed so strange is that San Francisco is the most jigaboo free city in America that I’m aware. Thats why White liberals love the place.

Coontact Tale #77

Here is a variation of the coontact known has the coonattack.

I spent the whole weekend working (as usual) so that one day I will have save enough money to have a family, buy a nice house with a picket fence, and send my children to all private ALL White schools. I’m very White as you can tell. I obviously don’t have any coon blood in my family tree.

Anyway, after getting home about 8:00 pm Sunday night I decide to go for a little walk to relax in my MOSTLY White community. Wearing nothing of values (still saving for those future children), just sweat pants and t-shirt I start on the walk.

I heard what sounded like some ‘african america’ voices behind me. I thought to myself: “they sound like ‘african american’ voices. I better not turn around or I may offend them, they may think I was suspicious of them ONLY because they where ‘african american’”. See, I just could not stop being White! I did not want to offend anybody. The next thing I thought was “what they did the ambulance attended just say, what is that police officer asking me, why is all this blood all over my.”

What happened as seen by witnesses was that this wild pack of youth niggers approached me from behind and hit me in the head with a pipe. This pack of savage niggers proceeded kicking me in the head and face. I needed stitches to close the three places my face was tore open and the back of my head from the initial blow. I had many other bruises on my head and face. One eye completely swelled shut. My face to completely black, blue, and purple. I did not have one bruise or scratch on any other part of my body.

These niggers, all 4 of them, just started kicking me in the head and face no reason except for some savage instinct that over came them. The only analogy I can think of is the stories you hear every once in a while where a families pit bull goes berserk and rips a toddler to shreds. The family says, it was such a good pet and never did more then bark and growl in the past. That what these niggers are like, they run around making intimidating noises and for no reason what so ever just go wild sometimes. Maybe, since I was very tired from working, they thought I was some wounded animal in the bush and would be easy pray. Thier savage instinct just kicked in. I don’t know. The solution is, just as with the pit bull, these niggers to be ‘put to sleep’. It is the only solution. Society should hold niggers to the same standards as a pit bull.

So what would have happened to me if some woman standing on her porch did not scream “I’m calling the police”. Would I have died that day? Would I be blind, have brain damage?

Just as any intelligent human would avoid a pit bull after being attacked for no reason I avoid niggers. I would advice all other White to do the same.

My appreciation to the writer of this coontact story.

Coontact Tale #78

hat never ceases to amaze me is that niggers consistently believe that an average white person is going to fall for one of their low i.q. con games. Back in the mid 80's I was a rock guitarist on tour with a band in Texas. Due to a family emergency I had to get back home to North Carolina. Having just put most of my earnings back into equipment, I was forced to take a Greyhound bus (oh dream come true) back home.

Memphis, Tennessee. Greyhound bus station. 4:00 a.m.

We had pulled in to make a short rest stop before continuing, most of the passengers had gotten out to stretch their legs. It being 4 in the morning I decided to stay in my seat where I was lightly dozing. A few minutes later I was awakened by a wiry, jittery nigger buck who informed me that he was "greyhound security" and would have to take me into custody because I looked stoned!

I was absolutely straight but you can imagine what you'd look like at a bus stop at 4 in the morning. I asked for some ID. He said " I leffs it in ma awfus, camone wit me!" There was no one else on the bus then (naturally), so I figured at least if we go in the building there'd be other people around. Naturally his plan was to get me somewhere alone and rob me or God knows what.

He was dressed like your typical crack nigger too. Old, dingy clothes. He had that intoxicating nigger aroma of which we're all so fond. I would really have to be high on some really good stuff to believe this bullshit. Anyway, I follow him into the station building, looking around for any real security people, when I notice that the ground floor we were on is pretty much deserted. Luckily for me there was a floor underneath ours. We were walking beside each other, with him by the wall. About halfway along the hall, there was the long stairway leading down to the floor below. As we're walking along he's sprouting typical nigger bullshit and of course seemed pretty oblivious to his surroundings. At just the right moment as we crossed the stairwell, I turned and kicked him with full force down the stairs. He was cursing and yelling all the way down. Amazingly, no one seemed to hear what was going on. As soon as I kicked him, I just turned, walked back out of the hall and back on the bus. I sat down in my seat and within a few minutes everyone was onboard and we were gone.

The memory of that small time hustler getting knocked down the stairs still cracks me up.

Thank you for your contribution!

Coontact Tale #79

International Coontact! Wherever you travel niggers are always the same. Coons in Canada, where slavery never existed, want reparashuns? Bwahaha, read this excellent report on Canadian Coontact.

I live in Toronto, so the excuse of "we were slaves once" just doesn't hold water. I have so many stories to tell. The one's that stick out most are:

1. The Yonge Street Riots. During the LA riots, the negroids in Toronto suddenly decided they too needed to let loose. They rioted along several blocks of Yonge St (Toronto's main street), looted stores, flipped hotdog carts, torched a few cars, and generally went crazy. Damage was in the millions.

2. I was riding a city bus once, when this welfare mother and her brood of 5 niglets got on. The kids ran to the back of the bus, and just went ape-shit. They were swinging on the poles, jumping from the seats, ringing the bell. Mother ape just sat there and ignored the mayhem. Keep in mind, this was around 6pm, it was hot, and most of the poeple on the bus had WORKED all day. Finally, the driver stops the bus, and tells the woman to get the FUCK OFF THE BUS. She starts yelling racism, "i pays my fare", etc. Bus driver says he isn't going anywhere until she gets off. Finally she does, and everyone cheers.

3. Once our house was broken into. They didn't take anything though, just left a damaged door. A neighbor had also been burgled. All they had stolen were some hats. Cop said that black kids love stealing hats for some reason.

Another observation: Blacks seem to want instant gratification, regardless of consequence, whereas whites usually think of the consequence of their actions. This could explain black's propensity towards violent outburst, armed robbery random, unprotected sex, etc. All are for instant gratification. If they see a car stereo they like, they steal it. Same action toward women (have unprotected sex without thinking of consequence of pregnancy).

Call it "Niggertude"!

Coontact Tale #80

Few months ago I was showing this 40 year old nigger bitch how to use some software. I was working with her personally at her computer. I said something like.. "This is pretty easy, just go through these pages, it shouldn't take as long as they claim it should." I don't know the exact words but it was along those lines. Whatever I did say, it had absolutely nothing to do with race...

A little while later this fucking cunt said I should watch it cuz what I said was racist.

Fuck you nigger bitch, the whole bunch of them were a bunch of middle-age fucking nigger cunts who feel entitled to everything and even when you try to train them they will turn around and bite you.

And in fair defense, I know a lot of blacks who are great people. They work hard, they are responsible, and they do NOT deserve to be grouped into the other filth like that bitch. However when 90% of your interactions with blacks are negative, it makes it really really hard to consider them all "equal".

My compliments the writer, and a fair tale of Coontact, but why the apology at the end about knowing "a lot of blacks who are great people"? There is no reason to make an apology like that because you can't know any great black people because there aren't any. We all know that any attempt of a white person to befriend an afroid always, without exception, ends in disaster for the human being.

Hollywood would have us believe differently but we know the truth. Name one instance where there is a nigroid/human "partnership" of any sort (business, marriage or friendship) that has existed for long term that ended well for the white person.

I can tell you are a good person but truth leaks out when you write "Fuck you nigger bitch, the whole bunch of them were a bunch of middle-age fucking nigger cunts". "Whole lot"? You are right here, the whole lot of them are worthless and you do not have to offer apologies for it.

Face it, niggers are worthless.

Coontact Tale #81

A long, long time ago I was sitting next to a Negress who was editing a document in WordPerfect (yes, it was a long time ago). When she needed to insert a few words in the middle of the document, she followed this procedure:

1. Count the number of letters to be inserted (say, 90).

2. Toggle insert on.

3. Press the space bar 90 times.

4. Toggle the insert off.

5. Type the new text over the spaces.

I pointed out to her that she can just press Insert and type. She screamed at the top of her lungs that she doesn't want me looking over her shoulder scrutinizin' her work (niggers love multi-syllable words) and that she knows how to type and doesn't need anyone's directions.

Another time she needed to insert a long passage in the middle of a document, she deleted the tail end of the document, typed in the new text, and re-typed the tail end.

Bwahaha! Niggers in the workplace! That can be a whole nother website!

Coontact Tale #82

ObJigroid Story:

I'm at gas station near the mall...I'm filling up the gas in my car....the other side of the gas machine....a Dodge caravan with a Jigroid family pulls in....there's a father, mother, three kids maybe...the fat chick tries to fill up gas....she laughs and yells to the husband "It's say yo gotta pre-pay inside to get gas!....I only has $2 on me!...laughs...and she goes to pay the $2"....

What the?! was obvious as fuck, that they never intended to pay for gas, fill up and take off.....

I have noticed the closer you get to jiggabo town the more apt you are to find "Pay Before You Pump" gas stations. Anytime you get within two miles of niggerfuxation in Kansas City you got to pay before you pump. Niggers, natural born thieves.

Coontact Tale #83

Many of us have wondered about this question.

Someone I know very well told me why blacks speak so funny. It's the pigmentation. Their vocal chords have it, too. So their voice will *never* be the same as a white person's one.

Same thing for their smell. They don't think they smell because they have grown accustomed to it. White people smell differently.

So if you are a bastard who thinks a nigger is someone who smells funnily or talks funnily, fuck off. They are different, that's all.

If you are someone who thinks a nigger behaves differently, and in an inexcusable fashion, I applaud you. Because that's what a nigger does.

Coontact Tale #84

Now get this. I was driving along minding my own business, this shitty niggermobile cuts me off! I honk my horn he just ignores it and keeps driving. I notice and record the phone number on the forsale sign in the back glass.

After I got back to the office, I spotted the niggers phone number lying there on my desk. I decided to call it. When the nigger answered, I yelled "You're an Stupid fucking nigger!" and hung up.

Next to his phone number I wrote the word "stupid nigger," and put it in my desk drawer.

Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills, or had a really bad day, I'd call him up.

He'd answer, and I'd yell, "You're an fucking nigger!" It would always cheer me up.

Later in the year the Phone Company introduced caller ID.

This was a real setback for me; I would have to stop calling the nigger if he got it.

Then one day I had an idea. I dialed his number and when I heard his voice, "Hello?" I made up a name. "Hi. I'm with the Telephone Company and I'm just calling to see if you'd be interested in our caller ID program?" "No!" he shouted and slammed the phone down.

I quickly called him back and said, "That's because you're an fucking nigger!"

The reason I took the time to tell you this story is to show you that, if there's ever anything really bothering you, you can do something about it. Just dial ***-****!! (privacy reasons, I removed the #)

(Jump forward 3 months)

An old lady at the shopping center really took her time pulling out of a parking space.

I didn't think she was ever going to leave.

But I patiently and kindly waited for her to leave.

I understood her extra caution, and was not mad with her at all.

Finally, her car began to move and she started to very slowly back out of the slot.

I backed up a little more to give her plenty of room to pull out. "Great", I thought, she's finally leaving.

All of a sudden this black cadillac comes flying up the parking aisle in the wrong direction and pulls into her space.

I hit the horn and started yelling, "You can't do that. I was here first!" The guy climbed out of his niggermobile completely ignoring me.

He walked toward the shopping center as if I didn't even exist.

I thought to myself, this guy's another fucking nigger; there sure are a lot of niggers in this world.

Then I noticed he had a "For Sale" sign in the back window of his car.

I wrote down the phone number.

Then I hunted for another place to park.

A couple of days later, I'm sitting at my desk.

I had just gotten off the phone after calling ***-**** and yelling, "You're an fucking nigger!" (It's really easy since I have his number on speed dial now.)

I noticed the phone number of the guy with the black cadillac there on my desk and thought I'd better call this guy, too. After a couple rings someone answered the phone and said, "Hello." I said, "Is this the man with the black cadillac for sale?"

"Yes, it is."

"Can you tell me where I can see it?"

"Yes, I live at **** West 34th street. It's a yellow house and the car's parked right out front."

I said, "What's your name?"

"My name is Leroy Johnson."

"When's a good time to catch you, Leroy?"

"I'm home in the evenings."

"Listen Leroy, can I tell you something?"


"Leroy, you're an stupid fucking nigger!" And I slammed the phone down. Then, I added Leroy Johnson's number to my speed dialer.

I must say, for a while things seemed to be going much better for me. Now when I had a problem I had two niggers to call.

Then, after several months of calling the niggerss and hanging up on them, it just wasn't as enjoyable as it used to be.

I gave the problem some serious thought and came up with this solution:

First, I had my phone speeddial nigger #1.

A man answered nicely, "Hello?"

I yelled "You're an fucking nigger!", but I didn't hang up.

The asshole said, "Are you still there?"

I said, "Yeah."

He said, "Stop calling me man."

I said, "Make me."

He said, "What's your name, Pal?"

So I told him, "Leroy Johnson."

He said, "Where do you live?"

"**** West 34th Street. It's a yellow house and my black cadillac's parked out front."

"I'm coming over right now, Leroy. You'd better start saying your prayers."

"Yeah, like I'm really scared, bitch!", and I hung up.

Then I called asshole #2. Leroy Johnson answered, "Hello?"

I said, "Hello, nigger."

He said, "If I ever find out who you are..."

"You'll what?"

"I'll kick your ass."

"Well, here's your chance. I'm coming over right now, asshole." And I hung up.

Then I picked up the phone and called the police. I told them I was on my way to **** West 34th Street and that I was going to kill my gay lover who cheated on me as soon as I got there.

Another quick call to Channel 13 about the gang war going on down on West 34th Street...

After that I climbed into my car and headed over to 34th Street to watch the whole thing.

Glorious satisfaction!

Watching two niggers kicking the crap out of each other in front of 6 squad cars, a police helicopter and a news crew was one of the greatest experiences of my life!


Coontact Tale #85

I was in a gas station on Broadway in Oakland, actually a nice part of town but three dusky guys decide to gas up, one of them drapes a rag on the end of the gasoline hose and sets it on fire, the Hindu in the little hut runs out with the extinguisher. Somehow they get the thing put out without blowing the whole place up.

I didn't pay much attention. It was just one more piece of TNB.

I can understand your indifference. When you are in the niggerruxated part of town you see this everyday.

Coontact Tale #86

This thing should have its own damn website! What a thread!

So I am at the check-in window at my doctors office and this black woman gets beside me and starts yammering to the Receptionist that she "ain't got time to be up in here all day." Nevermind that I was talking and already there. I say "excuse me." The woman shoves me sideways and says "no excusing yo kind. you all gonna burn in hell, white devils."

ABout this time, the Receptionist closes her window and comes out to the waiting room. She apologizes to me and asks the woman what exactly her problem is and explains that her behavior will not be tolerated. THe woman bitch slaps the receptionist and by this time, the doctor himself has come out to see WTF the ruckus is about. The doctor tries to separate the receptionist and the black woman and gets STABBED, fortunately in the arm, and another waiting patient has dialed 911 by now. The police get there very quickly and are cuffing the woman. She is screaming racism, burn whitey, etc. On the way out, she says something to the effect of "I ain't never had this kind of problem at that other abortion clinic."

Turns out, she couldn't read and came to the wrong place. I was at my dermatologist! DAMN.

Coontact Tale #87

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. If someone were afflicted with cancer, you wouldn't make fun of him, would you? I didn't think so. And yet our cities today are witnessing a plague. A horrible plague.

It's a disease called Negrosis. And you people laugh and make jokes about it.

Negrosis cannot be cured. It cannot be treated. Once you are diagnosed with this disease, you have it for life.

Let me give you an example of what Negrosis can do to you. Twenty years ago I was a poor college student trying to get from Los Angeles to Kansas City. All I could afford was a $100 Greyhound bus ticket. I sat on this Greyhound bus for 40 hours, stopping at every tiny little town in the West and Midwest.

When we were in Texas, a man with Negrosis boarded the bus. He smelled like he had shit his pants. Indeed, he had shit his pants. He went to the toilet of our bus and stripped off his turd-caked underwear. And he left this toxic waste on the floor of our toilet in the back of our bus.

The story of this man with Negrosis does not end here. Later, he made friends with some homey. And the two of them sparked up a joint and smoked it right there on the bus. In five minutes, the bus driver pulled the bus over. He walked to the back of the bus and told these two Negrosis-afflicted men that, "If I smell any more pot being smoked back here, I'm gonna call the cops at the next station and they're gonna come back here with the dogs." He then walked back up to the front of the bus, started it up and drove away.

Later I heard these two men muttering to each other: "Motherfucker. Gonna get the dogs. Fuck him..." over and over. But they didn't smoke any more grass on the bus.

Coontact Tale #88

Okay here's another one.

Riding the subway from uptown to downtown.

Just a bit below Central Park this black guy gets on. Only thing is, he is dressed in a pink tutu, some weird fishnet hose, boots, a light purple tee shirt, some deely-bobbers antennae-like things, and is carrying an empty KFC bucket in one hand and a wand with a star on the end in the other.

He is so fucking filthy the smell alone would knock the buzzard off a shit wagon. He's hitting people up for "spare change" - his black/gayboi lisp is as swishy as they come - and a couple of people drop some coins in the bucket.

Stop or two later, a group of bruthas gets on and proceeds to taunt the living shit out of this fairy all the way downtown. "You fruity mutha-fucka!" and so on.

As he gets off, he glides by these bruthas and taps his wand near each one's head: "Turn to shit, turn to shit, turn to shit!" he proclaims as he minces off the train. They were momentarily dumbfounded and I almost pissed myself laughing. It might be a gay thing more than a black thing, but it still sticks in my mind.

"Turn to shit, turn to shit, turn to shit!"? Bwahahaha! That is about the funniest thing I have heard of in a long time!

Coontact Tale #89

So I used to live near a predominately black neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. Going to the closest grocery store the first week of the month was a huge pain because that's when the foodstamps were delivered.

The store was set up like most chain groceries: Near the entrance is where they put the hot food and impulse buys. Over the pile of rotisserie chicken and barbecue ribs there was a large hand-drawn sign exclaiming "Hot food can NOT be purchased with foodstamps!"

I purchase my basics: Milk, eggs, beans, rice, pasta and some diet soda as a treat. (I was saving like hell to get out of Tennessee)

I get in the shortest line, which means I get behind a 400 lb. she-boon and her four niglets who has a cart overflowing with...Crap.

Cookies, donuts, candy, danishes, gallon jugs of flavored sugar water.

As the cashier begins to scan, the hideous she-boon starts pulling out book after book of foodstamps. Jesus...Buying a cartload of items with no nutritional value using foodstamps.

Except for the slab of warm barbecue ribs at the bottom of the cart...Which the cashier eyes and says "You can't buy that with foodstamps"

Hideous she-boon starts to LOUDLY argue with the cashier. "I do dat shit all da time, why yall givin me shit? Dey let me bah it last week!" Blah, blah, blah.

The niglets are spazzing out around me, and one manages to run into the corner of the conveyer and pop himself in the forehead. He begins to wail.

So now the she-boon is arguing with the cashier AND yelling at her screaming kid. She grabs him and smacks him a couple times HARD on the rear-end. Oh, that helps. The kid screams louder.

I put down my basket and walked out of the store...I never went back.

From then on I would drive the 10-15 miles to get to the Safeway in a predominately white suburb. The food quality was better and the few middle class blacks were appropriately socialized.

"She-boon"? Bwahaha!

Coontact Tale #90

Just now, I was at the college checking out the babes. Some black ho rushed into the library and screamed she needs the rest room. Five minutes later she walks out funny and quickly leaves. The next person going into the bathroom comes out and says the kaffir went all over the place, literally. Man was the cleanup guy pissed. Nasty kaffir ho didn't even say anything.

I debated whether or not to add an apes bathroom habits to the list of coontact tales. After thinking about it I decided I would just to show there is a difference between she-boons and silverbacks in the wild. Silverbacks are cleaner.

Coontact Tale #91

I can't believe it. I just hung up with a friend of mine, who related this story. He just came back from DisneyWorld. He was amazed that, for the first time ever, someone was rude to him there. He said he went to a restaurant with a couple of friends (don't remember the name), and the hostess told them that since the party wasn't complete they would have to wait (yeah, a nigger).

So he waited, and finally decided to tell the waitress they would be going in. She threw a hissy fit, but gave them a table for 4, and then told them she would change their table if the other two persons arrived.

When the other two arrived, she told them she wouldn't change their table! The restaurant was empty except for a couple of patrons. My friend went to the manager (another nigger) who told them they could either leave the place or seat on separate tables.

The waiter (a white guy) apologized profusely for their behavior and gave them a table for 6.

One of my friends went to one of the managers and he told her the "seating hostess" would be severely reprimended.

Oh, btw, here is that niggerbitch name, if you see her in Disneyworld, tell her to fuck herself:

"Precious Gift".

Yeah, that's that nigger's REAL name.

Fucking LOL.

Coontact Tale #92

A couple years ago I was in line at a grocery store. The store was pretty empty, in front of me was a black lady, another black lady and the second lady's daughter. The little girl must have been 5 or 6. The two black women are jabbering at each other when the little girl turns around and says "Hey, can I have a quarter"? I just looked at her for a second and then she repeated, "Hey, can I have a quarter"? Her mother heard the second request and she grabbed the girl by her arm, yanked her around and backhanded her hard enough to knock the girl to her knees. The mother than said with more hate in her voice than I have ever heard before "girl, I am gonna BREAK you when we get home". I was fairly stunned and I'm sure my mouth was hanging open. The cashier, a white girl of about 18 gasped and put her hand over her mouth. The mother looked at her and said, "I dare you to say something. I DARE you." The cashier just handed the lady her change back and they left the store. I paid for what I was buying, like magazine and a Coke or something. The cashier had tears in her eyes...when I got out to my car I realized my hands were shaking. I thought about calling the police, but I didn't know who the lady was, what her license plate was.....nothing. I sat there for awhile before I drove off.

The little girl? She didn't cry at all when she was struck. I suppose she was probably used to it. I always wonder what happened to her.

Typical behavior in the hood. Black family values.

Coontact Tale #93

My funniest outburst was actually my own to a nig. I used to work as a principle software engineer for a gov't contractor.

There was this FAT black bitch that I had working under me who was OBVIOUSLY a "racial balancing" hire. She knew jack shit and had no college education.

One day she was asking me how come her EXCEL files wouldn't open. I asked her to call tech support cuz I was busy.

I got a nasty email from the IT manager saying this cunt was rude to her Help Desk Guy.

I asked her what the big fucking deal was. She said that "That little fucker said I had to INSTALL Excel in order to view the file. so I told him to FUCK OFF I'll call a local tech."

Well, calling a local tech just aint allowed because some info is classified.

SOOO, I call this Nigger Brute into my office and explain to her the rules. She said "I gotsta gets my 'Sell sheet wurkin ro else I's a gonna git behind".

I tell her to make sure it's installed. She said "What I look like, a Motherfuckin moron". I said "NO BITCH, YOU LOOK LIKE A BIG DUMB MOTHERFUCKING CUNT, NOW GO DO AS I SAY OR THIS VERY SECOND WILL BE YOUR LAST ONE EMPLOYED HERE, GOT IT MORON".

She went and sure enough, Excel wasn't installed.

She filed a complaint against me the next day. I told the CEO that she "wanted to take excess vacation time" so when I declined, she got vengeful.

The CEO asked me what I was going to do. I asked permission to fire the cunt and he said if it was documented what she did, then ok.

I fired the bitch the next morning. Funny thing is, she had like 6 kids at home and her hubby was a total loser.

Felt good to "contribute to the ghetto."

The best way to avoid huge potential problems is to make sure you never hire an orangacoon in the first place. The government has enough jobs for them so let them go there.

Coontact Tale #94

This one isn't all that entertaining, but it's the only one I've got.

In high school, I worked in a Baskin-Robbins (ice cream shop). One afternoon, this gigantic nigress lumbers up to the counter and says, "Gimme a taste of butter brickle." Since we have little spoons so you can taste the ice cream, I dutifully give her a little spoonful of butter brickle. Next, she asks for a taste of pecan praline. Then strawberry cheesecake. On and on she went, trying [I]every single flavor we had,[I] including chocolate and vanilla. After she tasted the last one, I asked, "So, what'll it be?" Her angry response, and I quote:

"Well, goddamnit, I'm full now!"

And with that, she lumbered away

Did she have a hair weave and that purple axel grease hair look?

Coontact Tale #95

It's not that I don't agree with the sentiments in many of these stories, but i feel the inflammatory language detracts from the deplorable behavior of the subjects of the stories and simply makes the poster seem prejudiced. Anyway, that being said, here's my story, it's more sad than funny:

I used to work for a literary agent who represented probably the most famous black writer alive. One day, a lady called up, she sounded like a very elderly black lady. The woman demanded the writer's home address because she "needed to write to her." I, very politely, (my boss's desk was mere feet from mine) explained that we could not give out clients' personal information, but if she sent her letter to the agency I would personally make sure I forwarded it to the writer. The caller then asked if I was married, to which I responded "I'm engaged, why?" she said "I feel sorry for your future husband. you are the meanest, most racist little bitch I have ever encountered in my whole life and you're not giving me the address because I'm black and you're terrible, etc etc" This went on for a few minutes and by the end of the call I was practically crying, she was saying such hateful things. I could only apologize for my percieved slight and tactfully hang up. But to this day when I see an elderly black I presume that they think the same hateful things about me, and steer clear.

It isn't sad behavior it is TNB!

Coontact Tale #96

I figured it was time to throw in a white person outburst so I threw this one in. Must be so superior being a liberal in Eruope but wait until the gorillacoons take over then see what he says.

You fuckin' Americans are so racist. You guys deserve everthing that you've got comin' your way. Do really want to know why black people throw fits? Let's see. You rascist crackers stole these people from the shores of Africa. Then you sold them like commodities. When it was deemed illeagal (as opposed to just immoral) to own slaves, you treated them like obsolete farm equipement. The only problem is, you spent a couple hundred years grabbing up the strongest black people you could find. Then you cross-bred them to make their children stronger. Then you forced them to work like horses fedding them beans, rice and vegetables. THEN YOU STUPID FUCKERS TOOK A COMPLETE TURN AND GAVE THEM EQUAL RIGHTS AND AN EDUCATION. Do know why black people throw fits? Because they aren't afraid of you fuckin' crackers anymore. Brilliant survival scheme!!!! Breed a super race of blacks, surround yourselves with them, and then taunt them with racial slurs. I'll take a beautiful black sister any day over your shallow stupid mall-rat american white bitches. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

This is the biggest pile of shit I have ever run across! You must have attended an niggerfuxated school because the white man did not go to Africa and capture niggers. Niggers sold niggers to slavers but bear in mind the niggers were already slaves before they ever left the interior of Africa. It was either be sold or be eaten.

Niggers were always obsolete farm equipment. Worthless. You need to go live in the hood for a couple of weeks and get your mind right.

Coontact Tale #97

I had just graduated college and was working at a hospital as a nursing tech. Twice a week we had to attend 'tech school' at the hospital. It was a six week course. The group consisted of 3 white men, 4 white women, 2 black men and 12 black women. As it usually occurs, the whites sat with the whites and the blacks sat with the blacks. The nurse who taught this class was a black man and he was usually late, as he had other more important duties at the hospital aside from teaching the tech class. As is generally the case, the whites would sit quietly and study, while the blacks would jibber jabber amongst themselves about anything and everything that crossed their minds.

One afternoon, about half way through the course, as we waited for the teacher to arrive, a black woman in the class started giving a stroke by stoke account of the wonderful anal sex she had with her boyfriend the night before. I was shocked, shocked, I tell you, shocked! I looked at the other white students in the class and everyone of them were blushing. Then I looked at the black woman and her buddies and they were just like little children at story time, very attentive and hanging on her every word. Her story seemed to go on forever so I decided to leave and go into the hall and wait. I got up from my seat and hit the door. Within a minute, every white person in the room was waiting in the hall with me. When the black RN arrived to give the class, he asked us why we were in the hall. We told him something, I can't remember what but none of us could tell him the real reason, it was just to awful to discuss.

Coontact Tale #98

A few years ago I was living in a large condo-plex. It was upper-mid class, until the A-Rabs started buying up property and renting it out while living overseas. Of course, it was simpler, less hassle to dun for the rent when you lease to section 8.

At the end of my building the Bloods moved in. They all had red cars, and would deliberately park in other peoples' assigned parking that they said peoples' paid for monthly, daring them to complain. Just trying to pick a fight in my opinion. Imagine a parking lot filled with red jig-rigs, honking horns all the time (forget them actually going to the door to get someone) - great intimidation factor. They would also throw their garbage bags off of their 3rd floor balcony, and leave them there on the ground for maint to clean up. Total apes. Well, I just started towing them. No help from management at all. PC and all that shit. I think I got up to 20 tows after a year. Following a certain tow-job (rhymes with blow-job), this towed boon-she accosted me in the pkg lot the next day, screaming, babbling, pushed me around a bit. I stood there and took it. Then I called the cops. She spent the next 90 days in jail for that and priors. The last time I saw her was upon her release, and her belongings had been kicked to the curb, and she and her picks were trying to guard it all night. Nobody came to help her out. Being a crack-ho, she apparently OD'd that nite, and the EMT's came for her, and the picks and all her furniture evaporated into Section 8 Oz. RA!

They never learn, do they?

Coontact Tale #99

Mine dates back to college when the guy who was supposed to be my roommate dropped out over the summer and I was at the mercy of University Housing.

They gave me a guy named Tyrone from Patterson, NJ. Uh oh I thought and my worst fears were confirmed on move in day.

He had the whole part down: the chains, the doo rag, the baggy pants, the ebonics, and the friends he's get very loud with.

This guy smoked (it was a non-smoking room but he decided just to smoke anyway), smelled, and stole. He was fond of playing WBLS and Kiss FM loudly whenever he wanted including when I wanted to sleep. I had awoken into a nightmare.

One evening I came back and he was asleep (face down, btw) with his rap-radio thumping. So I turned it off. Next day he scolds me.

"Don't you EVER turn my radio off when I'm sleeping."

So I replied "If it hinders my sleep, it's getting turned off. End of story."

He gets louder. "Just try it muthafucka. and what's with these big words..'hinder'?"

He had this poster called "The Afronomical Ways" a blacklight wall hanging that depicted in very graphic illustrations many methods of negro fornication. They all had big afros - and excessive jewelry.

Things go worse and worse. The housing people would do nothing to help me because my being white made me racist. "Sounds like a communications problem" said the feckless RC.

His selfish outbursts and behavior continued, the room really started to stink, and roaches appeared so I avoided going back to the room as much as I could. One weekend I went away and when I returned one monday morning the room was a mess, the light was on, and he was gone.

A guy who lived down the hall came by to explain what happened. The guy went totally apeshit over something trivial, started threatening to kill this guy down the hall, ("I'm gonna kill John Monty" over and over) the cops were called, and they took him away. In handcuffs yelling and screaming.

Did the school kick him out of the dorms? Nooooooooooo! So three weeks later he showed up again. He had another COPS moment just two days later. Only then did he get the boot from the dorm.

So the guy divided up his possessions, stowed what he could at friends' dorm rooms, and lived in the lounge for as long as he could.

Then one day he disappeared and no one saw him again.

This was 1984, Rutgers College, Campbell Hall room 117 if any of you think I'm making this up.

This had to be one great nightmare!

Coontact Tale #100

at my college in a liitle commons area at the student center there was a TV in front of me and the hallway in back...I was looking for a friend of mine so i had to look behind me every once in awhile...well after a couple times I noticed a middle aged black women giving me dirty looks..soon my friend arrived and we left..but when we walked by the nigger she yells at the top of her lung in jive 'why the fuck where you looking at me!! Everyone turned around to see what was going on..I said "don't flatter yourself lady. trust me I wasn't looking at you" she then went nuts and said more jive..I just ignored her and walked away..

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