The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources across the world wide web.

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Coontact Tale #901 (November 22, 2007)

My wife sent me along with my young daughter to niggermart this afternoon to pick up a few last minute items for tomorrows holiday........

As we stood in line at the checkout, my daughter to break her boredom was trying to remember the words to the song "The 12 days of Christmas".....

She kept asking me things like "Do you know what they had 8 of ???"

I can barely remember how to get out of the front door these days so I was of no help to her..........

As she kept singing the song over and over trying to figure it out, to my left was another checkout line with some young nigglet sitting in the cart staring at my daughter..........

I was thinking 'My God...Muh-dik even at it's age" when suddenly this little baboon began singing a song itself.....( never an original thought, niggers imitate their way through life).......

The song it chose to impress everyone with was the singing of it's ABC's........

People I shit you not this is the way this nigger sang the song......

R-T-O-P-G-E-S...........L-K-J-V-B-X-V.........L-H-B-C get the rest......

The nigglets mammy was talking on it's cell phone and patted Sambo on top of it's nappy head as it sang the song.........

I could hardly control my laughter and my daughter even stopped singing to listen to this nigger do it's ABC's......

I whispered in her ear "Brainiac must be working on his new rap" ......And she began laughing out loud .......

I'll swear on a stack this is a true story..........

Fellow niggermaniacs this is your tax dollars at work......

nigger mammy's are paid by you and me to sit on their asses all day and take care of these little monkey's.......

Maybe read it a book...Teach it something besides how to "Get over on da man".....

I am so fed up with the nigger race I cant stand to be in the same room as one anymore......

God I hate niggers........

Coontact Tale #902 (November 22, 2007)

Nigg A. Mortis is filing this Report Of Coontact which occurred today at approximately 6:00 PM:

I had to pick up a few items at my local supermarket. Now, as supermarkets go, this is a fairly upscale place, so I was somewhat disturbed to find that free-range niggers were wandering the aisles.

Anyway, this store has a very nice area where they sell all sorts of cheeses, and they had several large plates of samples cut into small cubes. Sure as shit, there were these two grotesquely obese she-boons crowding around the goodies. You'd think they were handing out free crack and welfare checks.

Of course there were toothpicks and napkins provided to take your samples, but since these basic implements of civilization are unknown to niggers, the boons were sticking their monkey paws on the plates, grabbing a whole fistful of cheese, and then shoving the entire wad between their everted animal lips.

In fact, as they were chomping on the cheese, they really did look like this:

OK, here's where it gets a bit gross: I observed the she-boons licking their fingers, then sticking their hands back on the plates to take more free food. Barf-o-rama! People were walking by and giving them the WTF stare.

Moral of the story: when you eat free samples in a supermarket, you might also be eating groid spit.

Nigg A. Mortis

Coontact Tale #903 (November 22, 2007)

I had to go to the bank today to get a cashier's check. I generally use the ATM for everything I possibly can, preferring not to risk coontact or, at very least, teller incompetence, but of course in this case there was no choice but to go in. And boy did my worst fears come true.

I had barely stepped through the door when I saw a large groidle of niggers, making a ruckus as they attempted to navigate the roped off course of the line. A line is unnatural to niggers, as it is to third-world types generally, but the velvet ropes were kind of hard to ignore. Reluctantly I took my place among them, right behind an enormous babbling sheboon. Behind me was a midnight-dark buck with a "due rag." Another nigger was wearing a white linen jacket, despite the fact this it was freezing outside. Somehow they all seemed to know each other, jabbering away in incomprehensible niggerese. I guess they were in high spirits on account of the holiday – a couple days of fatty foods and malt liquor induced stupor await them.

Anyway, as I was standing in line, waiting for an enormous chimp-out, I began to notice a metallic ringing sound from the teller windows (they were behind plexi-glass, of course, it being a fuxated neighborhood). What could this be? I looked closer and, to my astonishment, almost every nigger who went up to the window was getting coins from the bank. Coins! I couldn't figure it out. Were they cashing their entire checks, including the odd cent amounts, rather than depositing and then withdrawing even amounts, as any human would do? Nigger after nigger did the same thing, reaching its paws into the little metal troughs to withdraw its two dimes, one nickel and a penny. I still can't quite understand it. Another nigger mystery I suppose…

Coontact Tale #904 (November 22, 2007)

An Evening Of Shopping With Be-Boppin Turd Nuggets

I needed to get some Christmas shopping done this evening and figured now would be the best time to stop by Niggermart since it's before Thanksgiving. I must admit that I've come to despise the Christmas shopping season for the commercialism and insanity of this time of year. But out I must go, for the gf would not be pleased if I delcared that I was opting out of gift giving this year.

I walk up to the store and some jigabaoo was ringing da bell for the salvation army. I regret that I had no $1 niggermania bills to put in the pot, so i just walked on past without making eye contact with the ferile beast. I walked past the portrait studio and see a negress behind the counter and a nigger fambly rambling on to her. I couldnt' help but laugh. I look to the left, then to the right - NIGGERS EVERYWHERE. I had expected as much though.

The store had a very foul stench. Finally i get to the product i was looking for and as i'm there looking it over I hear a wild pack of niglets screamin and screechin like ravenous apes. They come running at full speed down the aisle towards me. They quick run down the aisle next to me then come back around and up my aisle. 4 niglets, aged 8-14 running wild, LITERALLY in the store. They push my cart aside as they run by. I think nothing of it, after all would you expect an ape to act any different? I go back to looking at my product when i hear a giant crashing sound ! I look up just in time to see the tar babies knock over a big stack of laundry baskets. Then a couple of the shitskins stop and come back. Foolishly and naively I thought to myself, "well i guess they'll pick up the baskets they knocked over". I apologize to all niggermaniacs for thinking that, its' just that i try to avoid coontact at all costs and I am used to human behavior. Of course, the little shitbags were just running back because they saw a Walmart worker. They didn't pick up the items at all, of course.

At this point, i'm still comparing items and i don't know where the fecal-colored fartknockers went. But all of a sudden i look up and see a nigger employee inspect the damage and he had that "Sheeeeeeeeeyut!" look on his face

He leaves for another aisle and all of a sudden i hear the adult orangatang employee marching the shitlets back down the aisle. "Wee diii-ent doooz nuffin!!!" they protested as the Nigger Buck yells "RAH RAH RAH" which i had to think about for a second, but I got out my niggerbabble translator and it translated as "right, right, right!" Then he says "Yoozins actin like yooz outside o' sumin"

No niglet "parents" to be found anywhere folks, but again, that's nothing unexpected.

About 2 minutes later I hear monkey calls the aise next to mine and all of a sudden one of the monkeys, in a textbook nature call, warned its fellow shitlets that "stop, stop! lez goo! He beez comin!" Then the same apes took off running down the aisles again.

Luckily that was the last I saw of them until about a half hour later, one of the turd nuggets was standing in the middle of the aisle and i was coming down it with my cart. It didn't even look as i approached, didn't move and i wwent around - heck, i certainly didn't want to risk touching it and getting a disease!

I wish i could tell you that this story was my only coontact of the evening, but it was not to be. I was looking in another aisle at some clearance items, and this is a nigger magnet. An older negress was there niggerbabbling to itself while it blocked the aisle and it kept coughing reall hard-like. I turned the hell around as soon as i heard that and walked away, but the negress followed, coughing all the way. Ho, ho, ho, you fucking nigger hoe!

The rest of my coontact was just your normal monkey antics. Some nigger was walking fast behind me down an aisle, which naturally drew my suspicions. I figured it was cool because he was talkin real loud like any other nigger with a cell phone. He walks past and OMG the nigger didn't even have a cell phone he was just walking around nigger babbling! There wasn't even anyone it was talking to!

Another aisle section was blocked by 4 teen apers standing there congregatin in da middle of the walkway. The ass of their pants was hangin down to the knees, and they all had on the most ridiculous hats. I thought maybe i should offer to buy them a belt, but instead i turned and went elsewhere.

Last but not least of my unfortunate coontact was stopping by the electronics department. They had tvs on display, with nigger "workers" (who were busy keepin it real wit dey homboyz instead a workin). Anyway, it was so bizarre and made me laugh as I saw an old negress with glasses standing there watching the tv, which naturally was tuned to a nigger station playing rap videos. There was a video on with a nigger in a niggerball sports jacket and baseball cap, dancing aroudn, be boppin in a high school gymnasium niggerball court. His entourage was spinnin and dancin to the thuggish lyrics, all in one down-low, entirely gay, and ridiculous typcial nigger video. I wonder what that old negress was thinking as she stood there be-boppin to the music. "Dat der beez a fine young nigga" "Heez even beez chuckin and divin on a bakka ball court. Makes ma proud to be a nigga"

Fuck, one trip to Niggermart per year is enough coontact for a lifetime! I don't know how you do it Vixxen!

I got my stuff and got out. Strangely enough, i went 2 stores down to a craft and hobby store and there wasn't a single nigger in the place! All humans! I guess it takes too much work and skill to make crafts and models for a nigger!

Then i hit Niggergreens and passed a niggermania $20 bill.

The end

Coontact Tale #905 (November 22, 2007)

I am dictating this for a close personal associate as he has been working katrina for nearly two years....these filthy savages I have noticed have completely taken advantage of our government. We have provided for them so that they could try to better themselves after the storm, however, these beasts used the money that our government gave them to buy four wheelers, chrysler 300s (the new nigger rod) crack, and have completely spit in the face of the white man, that is there, to help them out. And its sad to see is such a society as great as these United States that a nigger would have more rights than me. I was there, when the Jena six incident happened, and witnessed first hand on the news, sixty thousand shitskins marching for the rights that they should have, to beat the hell out of a white man half to death and get away with it. Its pathetic, what has this country come to, a bunch of pussies, we as a humans, should come together, and stand up for ourselves and not cower in our homes in fear of retribution or ridicule because of what is deemed politically correct. We should, however, rally together as one, and stand together in sure might and teach these niggers that we are right. Once and for all. This concludes my close personal associates rant.

Coontact Tale #906 (November 22, 2007)

I drive a couple of extra mile to go to a store that rarely has any niggers there. Being that the neighborhood is almost all white, niggers really stand out. Well in the past year, I have really started to notice more and more niggers in the neighborhood and at the store. Today I open a area newspaper and low and behold, they have a story about the rising crime rate in the area. People are afraid to go to the store because they are being robbed in broad daylight. Houses are being burglarized in broad daylight. I see more niglets walking to the school. I wonder if anyone has made the connection, yet. It won't be long before whitey moves out and the niggers take over.

Coontact Tale #907 (November 22, 2007)

Today i saw a teenage nigger buck riding a razor scooter hit a curb and fall flat on his face. I laughed so hard. Damn wheres the video camera when you need it.

Coontact Tale #908 (November 22, 2007)

This past April, MC-YT got caught with an illegal substance, and because of this I got put on felony probation.

Fast forward to this past monday....I was returning home from a business trip to Japan. I had permission from the judge and my probation officer to go on this trip.

After an 11 hour flight from Tokyo, I arrived in Dallas to make my connecting flight.

As I came up to the immigration lines, I noticed that there was a nigger immigration officer working in the line I was standing in. In the back of my mind, I thought it could mean trouble, but I was too lazy to change lines.

so i come up to the counter, give the nigger my passport and paperwork. he runs my passport in the computer, asks me my Social Security number, and then I wait a few minutes. evidentally there is some kind of problem and they take me to some back room.

Once I get to this room, this nigger stares at me while this other mexican officer starts running his mouth in a very rude condiscending manor. he was openly hostile towards me, and this was before he told me what the problem was. evidentally this nigger immigration officer decided to run a random check of my immigration status, and discovered that I was on probation, which was when this nigger and mexican started fucking with me in the backroom. i beg them not to put me in jail in this foreign town, and I ask that they call my probation officer. when I asked why I was singled out for this interigation, this nigger said that I was 'one of the random 10% who get screened coming into the country', yeah I know that's bullshit. they screen maybe 3-5% this closely, this nigger just didnt like my face.

these fuckers had me so scared I was shaking.

After getting fingerprinted and talked down to for about a half hour, the mexican finally calls my probation officer, who tells him that I have permission to travel.

After all this, they finally let me go.

As I am standing outside this office, waiting to be escorted down to the baggage claim to get my bags to check in for my connecting flight. the nigger tells me to keep my hands "where he could see them", this was after I and my bags were thoroughly searched. i put my hands in front of me, like i was trying on a keyboard. he then said "no no, put them down by your side", so that i "wouldnt HIT him!" LOL! this was a big nigger, about 50 years old but a good 6'3 and 280 pounds. I am 5'9 and 165. I was terrified about possibly having to spend time in an unfamiliar city's jail, and I made my feelings known to the nigger and mexican immigration officers, but now this big old nig is concerned that I was about to take a swing at him, while surrounded by 3 other police officers.

I might be crazy but I am not stupid. I would NOT do anything to get myself arrested in that airport, even if I wanted to take a swing at him, I knew better.

Fucking nigger knew he deserved to get punched for putting me threw that abuse.

Niggers always find a way to abuse any authority they have to disrespect and mess with white folks.

Coontact Tale #909 (November 23, 2007)

This marks my first real bit of open public hostility towards niggers.

I went to see Steven King's "The Mist" last night with some friends (somewhat mediocre movie, by the way), but I also made the mistake of going during opening night AND Thanksgiving break for many gubbmint nigger workers. So of course the theater was absolutely packed full of wild Africoons and the stench of that hair slime they all use.

Anyway, the was about 20 nogs in the front rows of the theater all hooting and hollering for no apparent reason for the better part of the movie. About two thirds of the way through the movie, though, I guess they got scared, because they started talking out loud like they were trying to compete with a jet engine, laughing at stuff that wasn't funny, and being a general bunch of jackasses. Patrons were starting to get upset. Finally my friends started in, alternately giving the obligatory Shhh! or "Be quiet." This only seemed to egg the niggers on, however.

Finally during one scene where there wasn't much audio, one of the niggers shouted out some sort of obscene sexual comment, like "OH HE DUN GONNA PACK YO BUTT, BOY," to which all the other nigglings EEK-EEKed with laughter. This pissed my friend Matt off, who yelled back at them "Shut the hell up, for god's sake. Unlike you, we paid to see this movie." Some patrons applauded, but that made one of the 'braver' nigger stand up and yell back something to the effect of "WUT BOY! COME ON DOWN HERE AN SAY DAT SHIT!" All the other niggers backed him up with grunts of "UH-HUH" and "DAT'S RIGHT!"

I finally had enough, and yelled out as hard as I could "Shut the fuck up and sit down, you greasy haired bubble-lipped baboon." This set off a lot of laughter and clapping in the dark theater, and a couple teenagers sitting behind me patted me on the back. I also guess the niggers were taken by surprise a non-nigger would stand up to them, because finally the standing thug sat down after looking around for a minute trying to figure out who said that.

Finally when the movie ended and I was heading out into the parking lot, the whole herd of niggers were standing by the exit doors with (what I assumed) was the brave nigger looking through the crowd trying to figure out who it was that made fun of him. The other niggers were trying to make him leave, but brave nigger kept standing by the doorway looking around and muttering "NO I GUNNA FUK HIM UP."

I just smiled and walked right past him. He didn't even notice. He really had no clue who yelled at him in the theater, and so he was just trying to make a show for his nigger pals. When I looked back towards the exit doors from my car, the nigger was still looking around like a retarded ape searching for a banana.

So I consider that the "good ending" to a rather so-so movie

Coontact Tale #910 (November 23, 2007)

Sheboon fight at Sears

Today I went to the mall with my son that's in a good area. Not many niggers usually but today it was mobbed with both people and those sickening animals. Jc Pennys had a door busters sale with very low prices that even niggers with gubmint checks in paw could afford. Normally, I never see niggers in stores like this but today they were infested like cockroaches.

We made some good buys after getting there very early and then went to Sears. I couldn't believe that there were niggers all around. They don't get up until noon or later! The nigs must have heard about the good deals to use their welfare checks on or something. We were looking in the men's clothing for shirts and that's when we heard some loud ruckus. It was coming from the furniture department. We went over and saw two sheboons fighting over a box of silverware that appeared to be the last one around.

They were screaming and clawing at each other's head and some weaves came out. Right before us like a pack of wild hyenas. Niggers are savage beasts that belong in zoos! They were screaming in nigger babble as they clawed each other for it. A crowd of people started gathering around them but further away in fear they would get slapped too. People just stood gawking at the sheboons like they were at a freak show. These boons were two of the most ugliest and fattest I've ever seen. What reason would they need silverware for? Everyone knows that niggers eat from the plate or troughs like pigs and cattle.

Finally, two big security guards grabbed them and dragged the niggers away from the crowd. A nigger dropped the silverware box and a human woman picked it up and eyed it for awhile before putting it down. No one else in the crowd wanted it either. It was cheap looking flatware for $14.99. This one man said "There is a reason why it's called "Bl*ck Friday*" and people around him chuckled. As we walked away I said "Nigger Friday" is more like it. Some people heard that and laughed louder.

The rest of the shopping wasn't so bad but there were lots and lots of niggers all around. This ugly retarded looking buck (I think he had Down Syndrome..but all niggers are retards) bumped into me and said "Skews meh!". Other than that, pretty minor coontacts of various natures. Fat boons forming a line so humans can't get by and have to drag on behind the slow shitskins. Mammies with four to nine niglets running behind without a buck in sight. I felt so sorry for all the shopkeepers who had niggers by the truckful come into their stores and mess it up. This mall doesn't see niggers on normal days. The apes only come to get the sale items and then leave. fucking coons!!

Coontact Tale #911 (November 23, 2007)

Christmas is fast approaching and we are being overrun by coontact tales having to do with shopping.

Damn Nigger Friday


Let me tell you something right now, I know that niggers are the biggest piles of shit ever imagined but today, I seen it all. As anyone knows, today is black friday, or as I and my fellow niggermanics call it, nigger friday. NIgger friday is a nigger's biggest day, for today, with all the shopping, it's easy to steal something or get back at YT day. Either way, today was something else.

We started putting some the stock like 12 midnight and for the most part, it was ok, no big things going on. Humans, in their zest starts to congregate bout 2am and stayed behind the rope barriers. Most folks said it was to cause a problem but the real reason was that the merchandise was still on the pallets and would be easier to check in while it was on there. I thought we'd form a single line but higher ups said to just let em go at 5am. I knew this was a recipe for disaster.

I didn't see but one thug nigger about 4:30 am and thought to myself that I probably would not see any cause what nigger would get up at 4:30 am to shop? Then a cold thought hit me, like a nigger realizing he's at a secret KKK rally, what about the niggers that have not went to da crib yet? The sound of Kee Kee Kee hissssss Kee Kee Kee solidified that thought as I looked up and seen about 15-20 niggers standing over near the frozen foods. Typical niggers, running in a pack. Dey wuz i'n dem diktal cameras for shore too. My next door neighbor was standing there, wanting to get one of those Kodak digital cameras for his daughter so I went over and told him that I'd make sure he'd get one. This guy, as a lot of you have read is the typical biker type, about 6'5 and 350 lbs of nigger hating fury. You could see in his eyes that he was pissed off about something. When I asked, he tells me that one of those 'stick niggers' told his buddies that he was going "'ta run over dat big white cracker and beez da frust nigga in da line for dem cameras". After telling him that I'd make sure he got one, his facial expression changed from "Damn, I might not get one cause I'm going to act like a human and wait my turn" to "The hell with this stick nigger'. I asked just what he was going to do and he says "Just Stand". Just Stand? That didn't make a lot of sense to me but hey, he's da mans. At 5 oclock they drop the rope line and we're off! People running like hell to get to the 'bargains'. Ol Tube (short for Tuba)gets in front of this stick nigger and does exactly what he says, he stands. We had some pallets of stuff out and in order to get to the cameras, you had to walk between the pallets. Quite effective if you're not in a hurry. He get in between those pallets and puts those big ass arms out to the sides, grabbing the pallets. Ol Stick Nigger was about to shit on himself,trying to get around. There's no way this 120lb nigger is moving this guy and the whole time he's saying "Move Muddafukker, gawd damn you...move cracker". But here Ol Tube stands with this big grin on his face. I'm kidding you not, nigger tried to crawl between his legs! 4 or 5 of these niggers tried (to no avail) to push him thru but he's standing pat. The pile of cameras by this time is slowly dwindling down to nothing. Nigger gets desperate and tries to CLIMB the pallet but he can't get a nigger toe in. Camera pile shrinks more as nigger sees his chance to photograph white wommenz going down fast so he gets desperate. He pulls out from behind him and tries the old end around on the Tube but beings he played college ball (a damn fine guard) he justs waits till nigger boy is almost around and steps thru the pallets to block his scrawny ass again. This time he grabs the pallet and one of the poles and again, blocks this nigger to getting by. Old ladies are asking nicely if they can pass and he's stepping aside for them but stick nigger? No fuckin way! His nigger buddies are chimpin out over to the side and this guy is about to throw a grade a, 100 chimp out himself but beings he's 120 lbs and Ol Tube is about 350, nigger feels like he'd better git hizsself some homies. I get down to the last camera and yell out. All out of Kodak digitals. Humans were nice about it and decided they'd get another brand insted (which was a little father down). Tube lets go and this nigger runs up , out of breath from trying soo hard to get by the tube. "Gib me one of dem Kodak cameras" "Sorry sir, I"m all out" I tell this nigger. He turns and begins to chimp out. Cussing me, cussing everybody going by, stomping his feet, typical nigger. Tube comes up and I had him the one I had saved for him to which this nigger goes into nigger orbit. "Gawd damn cracker bitch, you sezs you didn't hab enny more of dem cameras!" Mudderfukker, cracker this and bitch that. "I'm sorry sir but this one escaped my attention" I tell this nigger, trying to stifle a laugh. Ol Tube is red in the face from laughin so hard, and points out that he needs a SD card, so he heads toward the rack of cards. Now nigger boy must have had a snort of jenkum in his pocket and thought, "Hell yes, I'll get in front of this YT cracker and he won't gets of of dem cards, hell yes, that's what I'll do" So nigger gets between the pallets and grabs both sides.tensing up them nigger arms to stop the Tube. He sits the camera back on the counter and tells me that he'll be back in a min, go ahead and start ringing up a sale. Now nigger's back is to him and tube sees this, takes off in a RUN and plows into this nigger. He knocks this nigger a good 10 ft past the SD cards and into a clothes rack which promply turns over. Nigger lays there, rolling on the ground holding his shoulder (I'm guessing both are strained like hell by now). Tube gets one of the cards and walks back to pay for it. Hiz buddies are chimpin out by this time as they come over to scrape his nigger ass off the floor. "Let's git dis cracker motherfukker" they start grumbling. Tube turns around and starts to walk of the the photo lab, hears the grumbling and tells these niggers. "Listen niggers, unless you want to end up like your friend, best stay out of my way". I guess even niggers know when it's up and don't say another word, just drag Leroy out of the store, still groaning.

Moral of dis hear stories is:

Don't piss of a big cracker, deys some bad azz mudderfuckers

Coontact Tale #912 (November 24, 2007)

What did I tell you? Even more shopping with nigger stories!

I went to Best Buy today to do some shopping for my wife's Christmas gifts. Normally I don't see too many niggers in Best Buy because niggers steal any electronic stuff they want so I wasn't expecting to see any today. As I walked around the store I only see humans until I walk by the BlueTooth display, and I swear I could've had my eyes shut and ears plugged and STILL known that that was where the niggers were. There were DOZENS of them all packed in a 10X10 square ft. area, and they stunk like hell! What is the big deal with niggers and they bluetoofs anyway?

Coontact Tale #913 (November 24, 2007)

This crack, or maybe jenkum head buck, that was sort of a regular comes in with a sob story. "I aints be gots any cash, but my wife (350lb sow) got a check at her job waitin fo us. So all i needs if $10 worf of gas to gets to her job, then to bank, then back here to fill up." I say no! Long story short, it tried every angle, then got pissed off because I wouldn't give in. It then had the balls to pull a $100 bill out of its pocket to buy gas with. I hit the roof I was so pissed off. I almost called the cops on it for attempted burglery.

Coontact Tale #914 (November 24, 2007)

In the other 2 years I've been a Niggermaniac, I've never stretched the truth... never embellished a coontact tale...never made it ,"more interesting", or any of that shit. I've had a lot of coontact.. some half-decent, some amusing, some near dangerous...but this one, might have gotten me, or worse, my wife killed had I not listened to her. I am incredibly sorry to all of Niggermania for what I did.

We stopped by a nearby convience store to get gas. Bear in mind that all afternoon I'd been putting up with nigger shit and finally.... I just couldn't help but want to degrade and insult a nigger. I had my best friend in the front seat and my wife in the back (she doesn't mind this one bit, the friends 5'11" and over 250 lb, the wife is 5'3" and 121.....very petite. Long story short, to get home quicker we cut through a niggerhood. Now I am very aware you shouldn't tease wild niggers, but as we went down a street a bit there was a lanky, ugly fucking specimen of Welfaris Collectois.... blocking half the street, leaning into a shitty looking Chevy Caprice with "dem spinnas".

I lost my self control, leaned out the window and yelled "MOVE IT NIGGER!" to which I got a babbled "Shut da fuck up" or something like that... we turned a corner and I noticed nig mobile was following up.

Oh shit....

So I took another back alley turn, and ran right into a 4-way stop, right behind another nig-cruiser. At this point, I honestly don't know what the nigs are going to go. I was carring my Springfield Armory XD in a side holster and was scrambling to get it out in case he comes up to the window with a weapon, when I see the car in front of me haul ass straight through without stopping. 2 seconds later, I hear gunshots not more than 15 feet behind me. THE NIGGER IS FIRING AT MY CAR!!!!!

He squeals past me and flies down the road to the left, we go to the right. We went to a well lit area for damage accessment, not one bullet hit the car....

My wife and friend were petrefied..and I guess... I should have been too. But I wasen't. I know the courts would have said I provoked it by calling a road-blocking nigger a nigger, but I would have sold whats left of my soul to Satan himif I could have got out of the car and emptied the magazine into its occupants without being caught.

THIS is the REAL nigger mentality people! Niggers obstruct, loaf, and drag down others, and if you say anything the nigger finds "disrepektful", he thinks its his perfect right to whip out his 9 and bust caps. More than I hate myself for putting my wife at risk with my carelessness... I hate myself for NOT getting out of the car and emptying the entire 12 round .40S&W magazine into the back of his fleeing car. Please forgive me mods if this is breaking a rule..... in his car he can hit the gas and flee after firing a few cowardly shots...but had he done thison foot, in the street, on EQUAL footing, this nigger would be dead, and no amount of "Comeon dawg yous called me a nigga first!" would have made me spare his life.

I'm very ashamed I let my anger get the best of me. I put my wifes life in danger because I let a worthless sub-human get under my skin. It was simply a bad night to be a nigger, and I felt even worse because had he charged my car with his gun, I was wearing mine under a leather trenchcoat and could not have it out in time to defend myself or my wife.

Again.... I apologize so deeply to my fellow niggermaniacs. The only good things about this were no police were involved (would have been disasterous for my side), and out of three bullets not one so much as grazed the Mustang! )

Note: I know I stated I've never been one to bullshit or stretch the truth, so if anyone doubts my story in the slightest, PM me and I'll provide all the verification necessary.

Once again, forgive my stupidity Niggermania, but please let this be an extremely valube lesson: I know a lot of us like provoking niggers, but if you must, do it alone... you never know what the stupid savage animal will do.

A deeply depressed,
-Vampire Archimiel

Note: Extremely tired writing this, will check tomorrow for errors

Coontact Tale #915 (November 24, 2007)

Last night here it was -9 degrees C which translates to about 16 F. I have two Greyhounds, which I walk three times per day. I live in an apartment building stuck in the middle of a niggerfuxated neighbourhood - surrounded on three sides by nigger welfare projects.

Unsurprisingly, we live with the consequences of being surrounded by niggers, to wit:
- Frequent apartment break-ins
- Vandalism outside the building, both on the building and its property, and on cars in the outside parking lots
- Frequent car break-ins and vandalism in the underground parking garage
- Niggers loitering outside the building, openly smoking drugs and/or drinking
- Niggers loitering around all building entrances trying to slip in the doors behind unsuspecting tenants

So last night around midnight I took my dogs out. I've been living in my building for a few years, and I've gotten to know all of the other tenants who have dogs, so I know who does and does not belong in this building. When I was going back into the building, as I was approaching the door, I ran into three niggers, each with a pit bull in tow. In my province we have a pit bull ban and strict laws governing pit bull ownership. Any existing pit bulls (acquired before the law took effect a year ago) are to be muzzled at all times when not in their homes. None of these pits were muzzled, of course (TNB), and I didn't recognize these niggers or their dogs as being tenants.

When I got to the door, I found that the niggers had stuck some garbage (a broken piece of a coat hanger) in the door lock to prevent it from closing or locking properly. My suspicions as to whether they belonged in the building or not were thus confirmed. Happily, I removed the garbage as I was entering the building, so the doors closed and locked behind me.

It must have been a cold night for those nigsicles, since I doubt there was anyone home to let them in if they had buzzed up!

Coontact Tale #916 (November 24, 2007)

A while ago, I heard a knock at my door, so I put on some clothes (I was in the shower) and opened the door. Behold a stinking, burnt, sheboon with hair that resembles a cheap broom. The sheboon had a pamphlet in her hand; the buck has a white messenger bag in his hand.

Me: Who are you? She boon: How are you? (looks shocked)
Me: Who are you? (I raised my voice)
Sheboon: How are you?
Me: Who are you?
Sheboon: Uhh, can we speak to da guardian of da place. (I'm well over 18 and nobody is around.)
Me: I'm the only person here.
Sheboon: ...
Sheboon: You can bring yo' guard down.
Niggerbuck: We ain't be da bad guys.
Me: So are you selling something?
Sheboon: Nah, we be with da anti-crime youth program.
Me: (smiles)
Sheboon: I guess you be too old.

Coontact Tale #917 (November 25, 2007)

Flying Niggers... That's the big question: why do they? Why do niggers pretend they have anything important to do that requires them to be on time?

A couple of days ago I picked up a plane to Venice and a nigger couple was stuck at the police control barrier. The baggage the niggers had, of course, were big, blue plastic bags - those you usually would use for trash - I suppose filled with all kind of junk they'd sell on the streets. No suitcase for the niggers.

She boon: she was fat, smelly as a pit latrine and dressed in typical Africoon rags. Like this:

Her face was not too dissimiliar to

Her baby-daddy, on the other side, was dressed like a human. It was so odd, given he could only babble some Africoon guttural language, it seemed like a dog with a shirt on.

So they get to the control barrier and we were all in line. One of the officers wasted around 5 minutes to have the nigger sow understand she had to remove all her shitty Africoon jewlry to pass through the metal detector. All the nigger sow could utter, in reply, was some "ooga booga oooga" nobody did understand. In the mean time, Baby-Daddy was trying to pass through the metal detector, but had a couple of boots made with metal pieces all over them. The officers - Italians - were very rude and annoyed by the nigger. The metal detector kept giving the alarm and so one of the officers said "either you put away those boots or you'll have to catch a train today, man". So the nigger said, trying to be funny "I cans put boot away, but me cants puts me trousers off too, it bees dangerous for you hehehehe". Nobody laughed, people in line became restless and the officer simply said "I can be much more dangerous to you if you don't quit wasting our time". When he was told that, nigger put away that stupid smile he had on his face, removed his boots and made it through the metal detector.

While I was witnessing all this, I kept wondering what it would have happened if this were USA. I guess the nigger would have find a way to a lawsuit against the airport staff, against the company - or something. Niggers can't help themselves being stupid, retarded apes from the stone age. Give them rights and all they will do is using them against you.

Coontact Tale #918 (November 25, 2007)

Coontact at Ikea

I'm not sure if folks in the US have Ikea stores there yet...

Ikea is a Swedish furniture/housewares big-box chain. They have pretty good deals on some stuff. And of course, any store that has cheap stuff is a nigger-magnet!

Today I went shopping there because my kid is moving out on her own, and needed a lot of household stuff. It was like stepping off the boat on the shore of Nigeria or something. Niggerfuxation abounded. I had a shopping cart. since we were planning to buy a lot of stuff.

I wish I had a nickel for every shitlet that almost ended up as road kill. Even more, I wish I had a nickel for every minute I stood trapped in an aisle behind some buck or sheeboon standing there, either picking their nose or a flea off of their rump, or yapping into a blootoof or a cell phone. I could have retired six times over by now.

Three times, I had to politely ask she-boons to pick up their diaper-dripping spawn from the middle of an aisle so I could pass by.

Now I know why Americans call Wal-Mart "nigger-mart". Up here we don't have as many niggers yet, but Wal-Fart is still the shallowest gene pool you could dip a toe into.

Coontact Tale #919 (November 25, 2007)

Today at Work

This is nice, short and without bad incident.

I catch people who steal.

Today, one of my guys called over the radio he needed help. I misunderstood that he was being attacked. I run out to where the activity is taking place. I notice he's trying to pull a coon out of it's car and the driver is trying to drive away which was a wigger woman. He is about 80 lbs my superior but I slung him out of the way since I felt he was in danger, grabbed the beast under it's arm after pushing it's head out of the way and slung it a few feet out of the car and onto the ground. I applied an ankle lock which I pinned under my knee to where the coon's struggle would do nothing to free it. I let it struggle for a moment, then hooked it's arm and said "we can do this easy or hard, YOU tell me which it is." The coon mumbled "easy"...I lifted the beast up and brought it in to be processed by the local HazNig. Turns out this damned savage animal had just got out of jail...back to jail it goes.

I feel pretty good about that one. Nice, clean cut, arrested nigger. Fucking animals!!! (pardon my language).

Coontact Tale #920 (November 25, 2007)

Just 10 minutes ago I went down to Safeway to pick up a few things. The drive lane in front of the store is narrow, just one lane each way. I drove in one way and I saw a car stopped in the other lane blocking traffic with three cars stacked up behind it.

As I drove by, naturally there was a nigger buck on its cell phone just stopped in the lane by the door, apparently waiting for another nigger completely oblivious to the traffic jam it caused.

Niggers are such a disease on the world. They could fuck up an anvil with a glass hammer.

Coontact Tale #921 (November 25, 2007)

After reading Vamp's post yesterday (See Coontact Tale #914) I was reminded of a shooting coontact that happened to me quite a few years back.

My brother,a buddy and I were going to a wrestling match in St Louis, this was prob 20 years ago or more.

We were driving down the street when a couple of niggers in a old beater make a right turn off of a side street and right in front of us, didn't even look or slow up, well about a block or so we hit a red light roll right up next to them where upon my dumass brother looks over at the groid and says "You dumb fucking nigger"

Major chimpout!!

We get the green go on to next red light(St Louis has one on every corner) and niggers get in behind us and I see nigger driver jump out point a pistol at the back of my Scout and squezes one off at us. Well I floor it as my buddy starts yelling look!! look!!! The dumb fucking niggers didn't have enough brains to look behind them before pulling their monkey shines and there were two detectives in an unmarked police car out with their guns drawn on the niggers!!!

We went around the block so we could be witnesses against them( this was pre PC when cops would screw the niggers in a heart beat) and asked the cops if they needed us for anything. They just said nope we saw all we needed to see. LMAO

When we looked at the back of old Scout there was a bullet hole right next to the gas cap. We were young and dumb and thought that was hilarious(we even added a few more on our next camping trip LOL)

Found out later from a friend whose dad was a cop that both the shitskins were out of nigger college on probation and that they were on there way back there for taking a shot at us!

I lived in the Saint Louis area 25 years ago, this was before moving to western Missouri to escape the high levels of niggerfuxation, and I can attest to the fact Saint Louis and East Saint Louis niggers are among the most feral of the planet. East Saint Louis has a "sister country" in Africa that goes by the name Zimbabwe. It is just that bad.

Had business at the court house once and as things ended up I had a four hour wait with nothing else to do so sat about watching some court proceedings. The criminal cases were all niggers.

One I watched was where five or six coons were getting nailed for gang raping the sista of one of their pledged home boys who participated in the gang rape. True nigger fambly values. Apparently what happened was the brother of the victim had to set up and participate in the gang rape of his sister in order to join the gang. What can I say other then they're niggers?

Coontact Tale #922 (November 25, 2007)

This happened to me a few years ago....

Near where I live is a fairly affluent little city which at one time had been exclusively white, but now is becoming more Niggerfuxticated everyday.

It was summertime and I was driving along down the crowded Main Street thoroughfare -- it was a slow "Stop and Go" crawl due to heavy traffic and pedestrians. As I'm coming up to an intersection, two women walk out between some parked cars to cross the street. I tap my brake (not knowing if they were going to step out into the street or not) and some fucking nigger behind me driving a Lincoln Navigator slams on the horn.

I then did what any normal human being would do -- and gave the chimp a "One fingered salute" and held it there awhile. This was an area crowded with pedestrians, and the likelyhood of someone stepping into traffic accidently is certainly possible at any moment -- i.e., being aware and ready to react to possible hazards is the prudent thing to do.

Apparently the Navigator Nig's "Inner Chimp" took offense and he went ape. He lays on the horn again and flips me off. In my rear view mirror I can see the goddamned nigroid bouncing around inside his truck as his Simian brain starts overheating. I swear, if there had been a tire hanging from a rope inside the Navigator he would have been swinging from it and making agitated chimp noises!

Of course the Nig can't let it pass. When I got stuck at the next traffic light, he whipped into the left turn lane next to me, and rolls down his passenger window. I had just gotten a call on my cell phone, so I look over and this nigger is giving me the "death stare", making those stupid crippled looking hand and arm gestures and saying "Wuss up? Yo, wuss up?"

I did some quick mental math and decided I didn't need to get slapped with a "Road Rage" charge (or worse) if this thing escalated -- and I wasn't carrying my piece with me at that time, either. I took a quick look at traffic, and made a sharp right turn from the center lane (a classic nigger driving technique in these parts) as I flipped him off once more.

If he decided to give chase, then the law was on my side. What a nigger.... Fuck him.

Coontact Tale #923 (November 25, 2007)

Flashback from a couple of decades ago....

At one time I used to work at a gas station. We'd get the usual regular customers in, as well as every wandering lunatic off the street. The fun never stopped....

One customer that I could have done without was a god-awful bug eyed pregnant nigger sow that would come in to buy cigarettes. She looked like she was about ready to drop a litter of 'groids out at any moment, but just had to come in and get her "pack of Koo's" (or was it Kool Milds?) on a daily basis regardless of the health impact on her unborn sprog.

The fact that she was extremely pregnant caused more than one cashier to hesitate about making the sale, to which she would go into major Chimp-Out mode and start swearing up a storm. The goddamned bitch had a major attitude problem, and pretty much was looking for a confrontation everytime she came in.

Even at a young age, it gave me insight into the culture of "parental neglect" that permiates nigger society.

Coontact Tale #924 (November 26, 2007)

About a month ago my girlfriend and I stopped by the local Dollar Tree to pick up a few supplies for a party we were going to. I do know that almost any dollar store would be a great place for TNB at its finest, however we didn't have much cash to deal with. So in we go, find our things, and get to the register. We get behind this double wide sheboon with two little shitlets running wild behind her. Here's the fun part. The little male niglet was taking the toy guns and shooting at us like we was da' po-lice, and and then proceeded to run around us, making chimp noises and beating his chest. It stopped that fairly quickly, until he did what I consider to be the icing on the cake. The little shitlet undid his belt and put both hands in his pants and started playing with his dick. The mammy of course didn't do anything or care. I looked at my girlfriend and said, "No matter what age, niggers are always thinking with Muh Dick."

Isn't that the truth?

Of course thats what I get for going into a dollar store.

Coontact Tale #925 (November 26, 2007)

Seben 'leven coontact proves everyone hates niggers!

Well I was at 7-11 earlier today, you know, keepin' it real, buyin' a slurpee and some chips. I was at the register, and in front of me was this great big nigger buck with his shorts sagging halfway down his ass, and a shirt three or four sizes too big. And don't forget the fake bling that he beez wearin round his neck! Well he wants a lottery ticket, and one of the Arabs behind the counter says something in Arabic to the other one, and I could clearly pick out two words in English: lottery ticket and nigger! Just goes to show that the shitskins piss everyone off!

Oh and the nigger looked a lot like this one, but then again they all look the same.

Coontact Tale #926 (November 26, 2007)

The nigger car chase.

This is the only dramatic coontact I've ever had, thankfully. It happened about 10 years ago, so I'd forgotten about it until today for some reason.

I was in college, living with my girlfriend. For whatever reason, I'm in my girlfriend's sporty little car driving home on the feeder road to the freeway, and a early 80's Cutlass or some other similar rusty shitbag niggermobile comes up on my ass rather fast. I'm already over the speed limit a little, and not in any particular hurry, so I keep cruising. I'm especially not going to speed up, as there is a lot of law enforcement in this town, being that there are several state prisons in the area.

So this thing gets right up on my ass. I let off the gas a little and pull to the side a bit, so he can get around me easier. He doesn't. So, I speed up a good bit. The nigger speeds up too. Well wtf, sorry dude but I'm not going to do over 80 in a 55 or whatever. Now he's flashing his lights or honking or whatever. At this point I notice that he's a mud beast, so I know he doesn't have any place important to go. Fuck it, I tapped the brakes to hopefully give him a hint.

Well, that set off a Category 3 chimpout. I start slowing down to turn left, about 1/4 mile from my neighborhood. Now keep in mind, this feeder is a 2-way feeder. One lane goes north, one goes south. This stupid nigger finally passes me on the left--hey great, it's about fucking time. But he's not speeding up to pass. He's in the left lane, potentially facing oncoming traffic to scream at me.

He saw my blinker I guess, so he swerves in ahead of me. Now up until now, it has been a Category 3 chimpout, but suddenly it escalates into a full-blown Cat 5 chimpout. I've only seen about these on the news. Uh oh. Get this--he's ahead of me, he hits the brakes and sort of parks his car diagonal in the middle of the road! He then gets out of his car, leaves the door open, and starts The Belligerent Nigger Posturing (TBNP). Chest out, arms a' flailin', shouting god knows what, probably "Wha cho wan? Yea, come on, ah KILL YOU, muthaFUCKA!".

My heart is racing, naturally. But fortunately, this nigger is stupid. He could have played it cool, if only he weren't a nigger. He could have followed me right to my house on the cul-de-sac and trapped me. All he had to do was be cool, don't tip me off, and follow.

But as I said, he's a stupid nigger. The road that leads to my subdivision road is quite wide. Not much traffic, it's just wide for whatever reason. So, no matter where he parks, there's no way to block me. I had stopped the car for a second, out of the sheer WTF factor of it all. I almost panicked and rammed his car. Then as he started walking towards my car, I used my White Man's Advantage (WMA), and collected my wits. I simply darted around his car.

He got back in his car, and tried to get back on my ass. Now this little car isn't fast. It's an economy car basically, but with a tuned suspension and all that. So, I whip around and take a right turn ahead (thank god no traffic at that stop sign, because I wasn't going to stop). Then a sharp left. He's trailing pretty good by now. Then I came upon a small winding stretch of road and didn't let off the gas. I didn't look back, but I'm sure his bloated faux-lux barge was all over the road with it's sloppy factory handling and shot shocks. My next turn was into the heart of town, where I made all sorts of random turns while the adrenaline wore off. I then went home and loaded up the shotgun. I never saw him again though.

My only regret was that I wasn't driving my full-size extended cab chevy pickup at the time. It was an old farm truck, faded paint, and bumpers that have proven to be invincible more than once. Had I been in that, there would have been no darting around his car, and I did not give a flying fuck about the truck's cosmetics--I simply would have had to drive past him and take his car door off it's hinges (remember, he left it open). That was my first thought when I paused for a second, only I really didn't want to tear up the girlfriend's car. I wish I would have, perhaps a doorless car in the dead of winter (and something he couldn't report to police) would have taught him a valuable lesson that every brutish niggerbeast needs to have drilled into his thick armor-plated skull: Learn to respect your local white man.

Coontact Tale #927 (November 27, 2007)

It was a typical laundry day, nothing special really, until I went inside. This was a Laundromat with a small bar right near the entrance, and there was a big nigger buck sitting there. He was talking to a homey or something, possibly a lowdown butt-buddy, who knows. Anyway, his ebonics were very hard to understand, but I caught, "an sheet", about three separate times in the short time it took me to walk past him. He was very loud, and being very stereotypical, I elbowed my mother, she didn't get the joke.

Well, then he walked over toward the washers after going to his car to get his clothes. Did he come inside to have a drink/chat with his homey before putting the clothes in the washer? He made his way over to the washers, loaded them up, and proceeded to put about five quarters in a washer he had no clothes in that was already running. He loudly said the "F" word, and bobbed his head like he was about to chimp out at himself or the washer, I'm not sure which.

By now it's starting to get more sad than funny, I mean, he's a nigger, he can't have that many quarters to spare. But then he calms down, and goes to the little bar, his "Muh Dik", starts kicking in. There's a pretty redheaded young woman who works there, he starts chatting her up, for no real reason, just "Muh Dik" time I suppose. He wont shut the hell up, he keeps chatting her up, his pants sag, showing his underwear, did he make that happen on purpose? So I put on my best mighty whitey face and give him the old stone glare. He sees me, and surprisingly, he leaves, after shuffling his feet of course, but I won the "primal face-off".

And there is the end of my first coontact tale, I hope it wasn't to boring, but I don't see a ton of niggers here, so my material is limited.

Coontact Tale #928 (November 27, 2007)

A Blast from the Past....

When I was a teenager I worked as a Busboy for one of those restaurants that old people usually go to.

We were in a nice, crime free area populated by Humans -- but for some reason one night we had a huge party of niggers having a Bongo Fest of some sort in one of the dining rooms. Our manager grabbed me and told me to start clearing off tables and sweeping up the carpet, something which is usually done after the customers leave.

Puzzled, I walked into what seemed like a scene from Hell. The place looked like it had been ransacked by wild apes -- there were dishes, silverware, glassware, and food strewn all over the place. Packs of Nigglets ran amok, screaming at the top of their lungs and tearing up the place while Fat-Assed Sheboons hunkered over their plates of food, smacking their lips and seemingly oblivious to the chaos their ill-mannered and out of control sprog were causing.

Some stoned looking 'Groid with blood-shot eyes slouched in his chair and mumbled something to me with a lit cigarette between his lips -- too lazy to sit up straight or even speak clearly. I still had no idea what the hell he wanted after two attempts, and finally I left to get a waitress to figure it out.

The waitresses were majorly stressed out from running back and forth constantly. It seemed like every ten seconds some Boot Lip or another wanted something -- a refill on coffee, soda, iced tea, God-Only-Knows-What.... even though they were surrounded by half a dozen half-filled glasses, they always wanted more!

When the last sub-primate finally groidled out I couldn't believe what a disaster the whole room was, it had absolutely been trashed! There had to have more food on the floor than on the plates. It looked like a bomb went off....

As we rumaged through the mess, the waitresses got pissed. Apparently the travelling pack of feral 'Boons left little or no tip. What a bunch of assholes! That had been longer ago than I'd care to remember, but it left an impression on me that would last a lifetime, niggers weren't Human.... not even close!

-Doc Johnson

Coontact Tale #929 (November 27, 2007)

Niggers in a restaurant is always a bad scene. The way you described the constant refill request with half full glasses reminded me of a coontact. I was at a all you can eat pizza buffet. There was about eight niggers in the middle of the place with tables pulled together. They were loading up their plates with slices, taking ONE OR TWO BITES of each and throwing the remains in a pile in the middle of the table. They were asked to leave finally and not come back. Is that ignorance or what?


Note from Raptorman: We could create a thousand additional coontact tales just from watching niggers smacking their nigger lips in restaurants.

I've heard it said many times niggers do not tip.

Coontact Tale #930 (November 27, 2007)

Why here's another one just now!

But revenge is sweet!

Many years ago a buddy of mine delivered Chinese food for a restaurant on Milwaukee's north side. On the weekends I'd ride along if I didn't have anything more important to do.

He had a delivery to an especially nasty looking house inhabited by Lord-only-knows how many dozens of filthy 'groids. They hasseled him relentlessly - demanding a discount because "da foos too late." (It was right on time, BTW.)

The next week my buddy is preparing for a delivery run. He come walking out of the kitchen eating out of a box of shrimp (what else?) fried rice. With his mouth stuffed absolutly full he asked me "remember those niggers on 43rd. street?" I replied "Yes, what about 'em?" He spit the mouthfulll partially chewed rice back into the box and mixed it in with the rest of the rice. He used a different spoon to stir the contents. Then he told me "They ordered again, here it is." The box of rice went into a bag with the rest of the order and was delivered.

On the way back to the restaurant he asked if I noticed that he used 2 spoons, one to eat the rice and another to stir the pre-chewed rice back into the box. I said yes, I saw that. The spoon that was used to stir the rice made a detour through the bathroom. My buddy urinated on that spoon and rubbed his genitals on it! I nearly busted a gut with laughter.

Coontact Tale #931 (November 29, 2007)

I have to take some of the blame here.

I was standing outside a Thai Resturant (my boy freind was inside, a non smoker) having a smoke. A nigger passes and asks me for a light, stupid me says "OK and hands it a lighter, it lights its ciggarrette and goes to walk away with my zippo. I grabbed the nigs hand and got my lighter back, but then the nigger punched me right in the face. The end of the story is I had 2 nights in hospital trying to mend my nose, my Boyfriend is out hunting the nigger who hit me. And number one GIVE THE NIGGERS NOTHING!

Coontact Tale #932 (November 29, 2007)

New Orleans area returnee commentary.

I write this post out of sheer frustration.

I moved back to Louisiana after 2 years in Florida following losing my house and business in Hurricane Katrina. I won't go into details about being the wrong color to qualify for any type of FEMA assistance or any type of financial aid, I have always worked for everything I own, so we decided after the infrastructure in Louisiana looked like it was making some improvement we would return. We would not have left, but the economy was in shambles and it looked grim for the forseeable future. No complaints or whining, I am the master of my own destiny, and will survive any circumstance. (Fortunately our children are grown and gone, which obviously made things much easier).

I won't go into the details of the home invasion, murder, rape and pillaging that went on and was curiously left out of the news coverage. Basically for 3 months I could not let my wife leave our home alone unguarded, could not leave our home unattended, and had to pull nightly guard duty with an M-14 to guard our generator, gasoline, and (to) prevent home invasion rape and robbery. Not a whole lot scares a nigger more than a 6'4" 275lb tattooed white man in black fatigues with a military weapon. I made a habit of popping a few rounds off occasionally when any of the home invasion\looting gangbanger crowds got within 200 yards of our home. The only highway intact out of Sodom and Gemorrah (New Orleans) went right past my little town about 25 miles North of New Orleans.

To be honest, New Orleans was a big toilet that needed to be flushed. 90% of the people that live there are the 4th or 5th generation public assistance recipients, and now they will be permanent victims. Actually Mississippi was hit worse, but they did not complain (being mostly white) and now things there are mostly back to normal. In New Orleans though, every nigger buddy of every nigger politician has his finger in the federal pie. This has been a field day for ripping off YT. They caught the nigger US senator with $90,000 cash in his freezer, and this nigger criminal will get reelected. They caught Cleo Fields (state senator) on camera putting $20,000 in his pocket and never took any legal action against him. Every federal Katrina aid dollar has at least 50 cents going into a nigger pocket as a bribe, front for a minority owed business or some other nigger scam.

Fortunately, most of the niggers moved to Baton Rouge and Houston. The murder rates went from 2 in Baton Rouge (pre Katrina) to over 200, and crime has gone through the ceiling. (poor fuckers). My little town has mostly settled down, after a few well publisized shootings most of the hard core gang bangers found easier places to get over (defined as having a higher proportion of wiggers.)

I have carry a .45 automatic when working in New Orleans, and when driving over this cess pool on the way to a job, always make sure to drop a few 9mm rounds off the interstate. Hopefully if they run out of ammunition killing each other, they will find one of the loose rounds I dropped and maybe whack another nigger, my gift to humanity. Of course, every gun store within 20 miles of New Orleans was looted and , oh, yeah, that decision the city council (all niggers) made 5 years ago to make the Police Dept. represent the "diversity" (all niggers) of the community ended up causing a 50% desertion rate. No 911, no police, you were responsible for your own safety.

None of this ever made the news because there again, the media was too busy feeling sorry for niggers who were too stupid, greedy (many had visions of looting YT for everything), or lazy to evacuate.

If you know any wiggers, dare them to go to New Orleans for a vacation. Dare them to walk 1 block off of the designated French quarter area. Better yet, tell them to take a walk around the cemetaries, in the day time it should be safe....right? Tell them to mix with the disadvantaged New Orleans people who should be happy to get tourist dollars and be so very friendly to the tourists. Welcome to Mogadishu motherfucker.

On a positive note, the city has been filling up with hispanics who are not afraid of work. Most of the work done here has been accomplished with Mexicans who came here to work. None of the niggers want to work, they are to busy getting YTs handout... Having the hispanics here really pisses off the niggers. This will cause serious racial problems when only 100,000 niggers live in New Orleans now (and not increasing) and there are 40,000 hispanics with a 20% annual increase. I foresee come serious entertainment out of all of this

Coontact Tale #933 (November 29, 2007)

I work as an ambulance driver while going to school. Two years ago I was working in a shop in downtown Los Angeles. Most of the clients lived somewhat to the south and east of our shop, which meant Inglewood, Compton, the area around the airport, one nigger-infested shithole after another. There is no end to the number of coontacts I have from that particular summer. It pounded into my head relentlessly that I must have no further contact with these people at any time in the future. I find myself wishing for the Pacific Northwest to become a hotbed of Klan activity in the next few years.

This one particular nigger I worked with grew up in Pasadena, CA. It's a really nice town. It's one of the premium places to live in LA County. You've made it in life if you own a house in a nice part of Pasadena. The Beach Boys wrote songs about it, they host the Rose Parade because it's such a beautiful neighborhood, etc.

He won some kind of an essay contest and was provided with a full-ride scholarship to a nice small college on the East coast. From what I hear, it was supposed to be an excellent school and a nice opportunity for him to make connections for the future.

He drank his future away and dropped out in the first quarter before he got F's in everything. He moved back to LA and married this other welfare queen with a glit in tow who wouldn't move away from her mother. They lived around 50th street east of the 110 freeway. The incredible descent he made is just headspinning. How did this happen to him? And he's working this shit job with me for $10 an hour,

He seriously thought he was doing well for himself. He was proud of supporting his family and working 60-70 hours a week to put a roof over their heads. I told him to his face that I thought he brought the general neighborhood in South Central down even further by moving there. What kind of a loser do you have to be to pull that off?

There was one nigger client who tried to bite me in the face and had to settle for spitting on my shirt. He always laughed at me after that day. Every time I saw him he'd eyeball me and laugh. Very creepy.

How about the one nigger who picked up a chair in the office and held it over his head, threatening to bash another nigger over the head with it? That was fun. The seated negress was unable to perform very simple subtraction. "I'm no good at math," she'd say. Uh, it's 120-80. Can you just do your paperwork? She couldn't do it, I'd always have to fill that part of the form out for her.

Unfortunately, there was one negress who had a very good education and planned to work at the CDC when she finished her MD program. She was on her way, didn't fraternize with the worst of the chimps, and in fact bought me a copy of Darwin's Origin of the Species. Very nice girl. She came up to me while they were fighting and pointed at them and silently mouthed to me that she's not with them, they're not like her, she's so sorry I even have to see this. It was pretty sad.

The jews who owned the place never did anything... or even said anything... about the chair thing. They both had a run coming up and would probably not see each other for a couple hours and they figured it would blow over by then.

It did.

In that time, another nigger was getting his knob polished by a race-traitor half asian/half white meth-head chick. They got walked in on by one of the supervisors. The super came back up, never said anything about it. The nigger busted in the door and started yelling, "Yeah, she sucked my dick. Shut the fuck up. Yeah, she sucked my dick!"

It's like living in a cartoon world. I had to quit after a while, I hated it there so much.

After I quit, they got investigated by the police for dumping mental patients on Skid Row.

Coontact Tale #934 (November 29, 2007)

Ever notice a business that is ran by niggers is full of filth and trashed out?

Went to get some parts at the autozone in nigger town, big mistake, this place was f-cking nasty, niggers everywere not doing sh-t but standing around with there thumbs up their azz it was me and another worthless nigger standing at the counter we watched niggers do nothing, the nigger manager finally gave in and came to the counter and i told him what i needed and of course they didnt have the part but he said the part is available at the other autozone, " ran by whites", it was like night and day the floor was mopped, merchandise wasnt all over the floor, people actually working and etc. soon as i went to the counter i was helped by a white autozone employee and got my part. this isnt just an isolated incident this happens almost everytime i go to nigger town

Coontact Tale #935 (November 29, 2007)

Ive had the most disturbing coontact in a while yesterday! My mail carrier is now a Crackhead Sheboon and its no joke. This groid flies down my driveway blowing her horn like mad and has that typical "crackhead" look. I was handed an armful of mail and then told to sort through and whatever didnt belong to me, put back in the box?? WT.......This nut was so jittery and glazed over, I was not believing it!!

Me being concerned of her welfare and all.

Had to call the Postal Inspectors because our mail is all over the place. This nigger looked like she just came off of a weekend in Nawlins. Big gold hoop earrings bearing her full name I have to find a pic of a similiar groid to show you all how ridiculous she looks!

Needless to say. The Postal Supervisor was cracking up at the story. He said he is not surprised.

Coontact Tale #936 (November 29, 2007)

On Monday my Nigger professor (who is from Afreaka) was drinking some kind of Africoon Malt Liquor.

Anyway, he came in today and these frat boys in my class said that they wanted some of his malt liquor. So, he actually goes back to his office to bring the Africoon malt liquor for everyone to try. I passed on the opportunity of course. The dumb frat boys and a few girls and a she-boon try it. Of course, they didn't like it. He then tells them that it has a little Africoon poop in it. I was tempted to shout JENKEM! But I didn't. He said that it was some kind of voodoo, nigger magic drink. Hmm, maybe it gives niggers their powers to fly and build pyramids?

I can't wait until this class is over in 3 weeks. It has been one ridiculous thing after the next with this nigger. I have learned very little because of his monkeyshines.

Coontact Tale #937 (November 29, 2007)

For the longest time in my life, I worked at the shittiest rundown niggerfuxated mall in my town. The hallowed Livonia Mall. I worked at a GNC there and the monkeyshines were numerous. I will note here I am not embellishing these stories at all. Here are a few highlights i can currently remember.

~Dirty old nigger smelling like three day old Colt 45 comes into the store looking for something he calls "kestero." Mind you he had hardly any teeth and mumbled everything he said. Eventually I figured out he wanted testosterone boosters so he could fuck his nigger sow more often. Disgusting...always thinking with "Muh Dick." Of course he wouldn't buy anything (Those products are well over $50 minimum, more than he could afford living off of YT's welfare after he factors in his Kools and malt liquor.) Then he attempted to shake my hand. I immediately went and washed my hands after he left.

~A niglet about the age of 8 in human years was running full speed away from its mammy and ran head first into the weighing scale we had out in front of the store. Of course mammy was about 5 minutes away on her bluetoof. Bashed his head in good, stupid nigger.

~Many fat nigger sows came into the store looking for diet pills. Whereas the white customers were willing to work off the pounds while using the pills for extra support, the niggers just wanted the pill to melt all the fat away without dieting. Lazy and incompetent niggers for you.

This last one is my favorite. My absolute favorite.

~A nigger buck in his late 20's in human years comes in and is talking on da cell-fone and will not acknowledge my presence. So I just ignore him and go about my day. All the sudden he starts chimping out at his homie on the other end and says "Muh Dick." No fucking joke here people. He actually said "Muh Dick." Indisputable proof of what nigger bucks are always thinking with.

I will post some more when I remember the rest.

Coontact Tale #938 (November 30, 2007)

I had to drive down to niggerfuxated Florida for Thanksgiving. The wife's parents & all! ROLLEYES Anyway, I have it all worked out as to how we can avoid coontact.

We had use of a condo, in a golf community.

I ate exclusively, home prepared food.

Everything was working to perfection, until...............

The morning we are leaving, I go to the bank to get a C-note to give to my niece, and I pull behind a fat sheboon in the drive up ATM lane.

The fucking piece of shit is just sitting there, screeching niggerbabble on it's goddamn cell phone, about 5 feet from the ATM


Just sitting there!

I know better than to honk the horn. That will only jar a human out of it's subconscious state.

So, I put the car in park, get out, and walk around the niggers car, in order to conduct my transaction.

I get the cash, receipt, and my card all in about 60 seconds.

Walk back around the niggers shit-box, where the nigger is still sitting there, with the goddamn cell phone still plastered to the funk on the side of its gorilla head.

Whereas I say to it, "Silly ape. These machines are for humans."

Then promptly hock a greenie (I've got the flu) on it's passenger side window, and back out of the fucking bank parking lot, all because of one retarded ape.

I almost escaped without any coontact what-so-ever, but that one little bit is enough to last me for years!

Worthless pieces of shit!

Coontact Tale #939 (November 30, 2007)

Where I live we get alot of snow alot of the time. I had niggers live in the building across the street before now there is a new fambly of them. The first of the month is tommorow so I imagine they don't have rent ready.

As a city by-law you must (if you own) shovel your walk and the sidewalk in front of your house. I rent now but I do it in our building out of respect for the others and I have a great land lord. I also do it for 2 elderly ladies that live down the street for free. Not trying to sound like a saint but hey that is a duty (Plus I usually get a case of beer at christmas from them)

A couple hours ago I was out doing ours and I let it go and the snow was packed down from all the walking on it. Very hard to hack out. I looked across the street and seen this older gentleman I would guess 65 shoveling the sidewalk. Turns out the nigger that he rented to wouldn't do it. But what do you expect? Oh well the niggers will be evicted like the last ones that were there.

Now I don't know about how all you grew up but with me senority is a big thing. Even if the guy is 1 hour older than you! You have to get the tab, you have to do the work, you get the back seat! That is just the way it is. Only a nigger would be so low to phone a 65 year old to shovel a walk way that takes 15 minutes and have him drive across down. Just pathetic! I hope someone goes and sprays the walkway with a hose so the nigger slips and breaks its neck!

Coontact Tale #940 (November 30, 2007)

My girl works at a bank in the credit card department. Customers with questions or complaints about their cards call her and she gets to listen to them yell at her because they spent all their money.

Just about every evening she comes home with a new tale of some dumb ass nigger who called because of the late fees and charges they keep getting. She always has to patiently explain over and over in very simple terms that if you go over your credit limit and keep spending, you will be charged a fee. Kind of basic logic, one would think. She told me this evening that she was on the phone today with a nignog for nearly ten minutes carefully going over every one his charges going back a whole month and specifically reading off exactly where and how he had exceeded his limit. Dates, store, amounts, everything... At the end of this the nigger was quiet for a moment and then, "Yeah, but why da fuck ya'll be chargin me and shit?"...... Christ, what do they need a fuckin Powerpoint presentation and a pie chart to understand that if your credit limit is $500 and you spend $1100, there may in fact be a fee or two....

I feel bad that she has to endure this shit every day. Although we get to laugh at night while tells me about all the retarded monkeys she gets to send huge fees and late charges to.

Coontact Tale #941 (November 30, 2007)

I've just finished high school, and me being new here, I feel I should share with all of you, my magical first day at that high school. I moved up from the Gold Coast (the main tourism hub on the east coast of Australia) to Brisbane which is my state's capital city. I settled on Kedron State High School, a school which I thought was alright, until my first day there in year 10.

I was nervous and didn't know anyone at all, but one nice guy came up and introduced himself to me and all his buddies. We all joked and laughed for a little bit, then we preceded to wave at some of the niggers in a sarcastic manner who congregate on the basketball court and play niggerball.

Now a quick note, the niggers we have aren't half-breed mongrels or whatever, they are fresh-off-the-boat niggers straight from "mudda afrika", whose only indicator of existence that ape-like smile they make after they have taken a hit from their Jenkem stash (oh god I only just recently found out what Jenkem is).

Anyways, we waved at these niggers, and they chimped-out on us and ran up the stairs from the basketball court, to fight us....for waving at them. And before I know it this huge pure-blood monkey she-boon has got me by the throat and is choking me, and I started to black out. So, faced with a choice of being almost killed by a female nigger and not fighting back, or fighting back and hitting this so-called "female", I chose the latter option. I hit that thing right in it's nigger lips and nose and made her bleed. Now by this time a huge crowd had formed.

In the end no one got punished *sigh*, but I got away from that thing - never to be hassled by the shitskins at our school again, and also got to convert a few of my buddies to niggermaniacs - that was my first ever instance of coontact and I hope it is my last lol

Coontact Tale #942 (December 1, 2007)

nigger at work n shit

So the place that I work is fairly nigger free. It's so nigger free, in fact, that there's a KFC in the same shopping center near a Wal Mart, and both are nigger free. The reason they are both ngiger free is that these stores serve a large office area, and we all know that niggers have no reason to be in an office unless it's the welfare office.

I have to warn you this isn't a particularly interesting story, but it just makes me laugh how you can see how things all come together at the end. Part of my job is doing paperwork, and the paperwork isn't complicated but there are a lot of little details to take care of. Once I'm done with my paperwork I send it to another department and they check it. Invariably something is always wrong and it gets sent back to me. I'm pretty new at my job and this sort of thing is no big deal, it happens to everyone almost every time.

Well one time I sent up the paperwork and I receive an email from a lady with a human name telling me what was wrong with the paperwork. The email was terse and a bit rude. The email was also CC'd to my boss. Over the next few weeks, I received more and more email from her, each very terse and directly to the point. Eventually, I just decided that she was a no-nonsense kind of gal. We typically don't meet in person with people from this department so I actually began to appreciate her directness rather than having to read paragraphs of bullshit.

At the same time, my boss sat me down in his office and said, "I see you had your first encounter with [this lady]." I said yeah, and my boss was telling me that she comes across as rude but he doesn't think she really is being rude and that it shouldn't bother me. I told him I was fine with it.

I'm on a new project now, and I did something wrong. This time I caught it myself so I sent her an email asking her to send it back to me. No response. A couple of days later I try again. Again, no response. I email her boss or supervisor or something and ask her to have this paperwork sent back to me. No problem, the supervisor said, I'll take care of it. The supervisor sent this lady an email, CC'd me, and asked her to send the paperwork back. Again, no response.

Just by pure happenstance, I was over in the department for unrelated business and was going to stop by to see if she was in her cube and to see if I could get the paperwork back. I peak over and, you guessed it, a nigger. I didn't even waste my time dealing with her, I just turned back and complained to my boss.

Unfortunately, my company is too laid back to take shit like this seriously. So she'll get another pass.

Incidentally, I went out for drinks with some other girls in this department, and after a few Buds I was running my mouth about her. They all agreed with me that she was pretty worthless.

Damn niggers.

Coontact Tale #943 (December 1, 2007)

Tonight I was going home from work on the bus and as it went through the intersection of 3rd and Pine (Seattle's downtown niggerfuxated hellhole intersection) I saw a big nigger brawl with 3 nigger bucks rolling around beating the crap out of each other.

2 other nigger bucks jumped in smiling, kicking and stomping the niggers on the sidewalk. Then the 2 newcomer niggers started fighting each other!

They were just fighting for the sheer niggerness of it! Really going at it, trying to kill each other! Everyone human on the bus was looking out the windows going "wow!".

I called the police from my cell phone. These Seattle liberals looked at me like I was CRAZY! They will all look out the window and be entertained by nigger antics but they don't even think to do anything about it. They think that would be racist! Personally, since becoming a Niggermaniac, I NEVER pass up the chance to try to get a nigger sent to jail.

When I was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher (a nigger sow), it asked me what "race" the brawlers were. I said the offensive A-A word, but I said it in a sarcastic way that was almost as if I had just gone ahead and said NIGGERS. These bleeding hearts on the bus looked shocked! What morons.

Google "3rd and Pine" and find lots of hand-wringing nigger-loving articles by Seattle liberals from the Seattle P-I or Seattle Times about how bad nigger crime is at that intersection.

It is sadly hilarious to read how these liberal morons try to dance around the FACT that NIGGERS are the ONLY PROBLEM in that area.

Coontact Tale #944 (December 2, 2007)

Double-barreled coontact: Moving Day

That's right folks - two stories of nigger fuxation in one!

Today my daughter moved out on her own, with her boyfriend. We booked the service elevators for specific times both at my building and the one she was moving to.

At my building, we had booked the elevator for 3 pm. I took my dogs out at 11 am and noticed that the elevator was already on service, an empty truck was parked at the service entrance, and the service elevator was sitting on the top floor. When I came back in with the dogs half an hour later, the only change to this situation was that two niggers and some coalburner white trash chick had come downstairs in the elevator with a grand total of one weight bench and two dumbbells. Dumbbells indeed - when moving, humans with brains tend to fill service elevators with as many articles as possible before bringing them downstairs. At this point I approached the coalburner and what appeared to be her nigger boyfriend, and politely pointed out that I had reserved the elevator for 3 pm, and that it was imperative that I have access to it at this time so I'd have time to get my stuff to the new building in time to make the booking I had arranged there. They heartily promised that they'd be finished before 3, no problem!

The denouement of "barrel one" is not difficult to predict. Our truck and helpers arrived on time, we were ready with a load of stuff to put in the elevator at 3 pm sharp, but lo and behold, the nigs still had it on service. Their truck was still at the service entrance, blocking ours from entering. They were still running the elevator up and down, bringing two or three boxes, or one piece of furniture at a time. I went to the super's office and complained, he went to talk to them and was promised "only one more load in the elevator, then we be done". Three loads later and their truck was still only half full. The super had to threaten to call the cops to get the use of the elevator, an hour later, after being ignored when he told them "sorry, you've lost your time slot, please vacate the elevator so these people can use it". Obviously the nig helpers were being paid by the hour!

Luckily we had enough helpers that we were able to move my daughter's stuff faster than expected, so we were only half an hour late to the new building. The new building had a shared loading dock - two spaces, for two trucks so two moves could take place at the same time. They also had a large "moving room" inside the loading dock for unloading items. Trouble was, when we got there, a large truck was parked sideways, blocking both loading bays. The moving room was packed full of furniture. The truck was still half-full, and there was nobody to be seen. We stood around and waited for half an hour, nobody showed up. Finally a couple of us went to Security to find out what was going on. At first the guard tried to tell us "It's not my problem" but after I lost it on him and threatened to take the landlord to small claims court for our losses (we were paying for our truck by the hour) he finally came down to take a look - and promptly called building management because this truck was NOT supposed to be blocking both bays. In the meantime the movers finally showed up. Guess the species - anyone?

They came shambling down in the lackadaisical manner typical of lazy niggers being paid by the hour. We noted that their truck was marked with the name of a local small-time moving company with a bad reputation, they're reputed to be run by a nigger gang better known for extortion, pimping and drug dealing. One of our male helpers asked the boons what the hell was going on, since the bays were clearly marked and there were signs all over the place warning trucks not to block both of them. He explained to the boolies that we had booked our elevator an hour ago, were paying by the hour to rent the truck, and therefore needed to get our move finished as quickly as possible, and the chimps should have been finished by now.

Unsurprisingly, this provoked a Mach 3 chimpout from the move-illas. A volley of curses and threats followed, and one of them zeroed in on my daughter for some reason (she hadn't said a word at this point, neither had I) and began to threaten her with physical violence. Since in Coonaduh we can't carry guns or even pepper spray or mace, and I didn't have my sjambok with me (nigger crowd control which I carry and use when walking alone in my neighbourhood at night) I whipped out my cell phone instead, and called the cops. (I have better things to do than be charged with a "hate crime" on top of assault, for raising a fist to these types.) In the meantime the security guard came back with a weekend super in tow, just in time to catch the threats and swearing from the boons, and the super also called the cops. The super politely asked the chimps to at least move their truck so we could unload our stuff, the reply was another apelike volley of shit-flinging, chest-thumping and cursing.

In the end we were forced to haul my daughter's stuff in through a door normally reserved for tenants and their pets. Normally the building management strictly forbids this as both a fire and safety hazard, but they made an exception because the pigs never bothered to show up to kick out the move-illas, despite the calls made to them by both me and the management. I guess the donut shop around the corner was more attractive to them than dealing with move-illas chimping out. Luckily there was more than one elevator available to put on service, though we got some dirty looks from tenants who were forced to wait longer for elevators as a result.

While we were moving my daughter's stuff, we heard a lot of smashing and breakage emanating from the moving room. And, in the time it took us to move our entire truckload of stuff, the move-illas only managed to get three items of furniture upstairs for the gullible saps who had hired them. Of course, each time they passed us in the hall, the move-illas would beat their chests and grunt more swear words and threats. Finally I advised one of them that my boots had steel toes, and if he wanted his nuts not to be cracked for Christmas he'd better shut the hell up.

Then just as we were finishing up and getting ready to leave, we saw the "gullible saps" themselves - you guessed it! A nigger couple in their 50's. Suddenly we felt a helluvalot less sorry for them.

Coontact Tale #945 (December 2, 2007)

Living in New York, a city that is full of niggers but has somehow escaped total niggerfuxation, I get more than my fair share of TNB. From time to time I will post a story or two about my run-ins with the gibbons that pollute this fair city. I hope you get some amusement out of these.

The Invisible Line

There is a neighborhood in the New York borough of Brooklyn called Carroll Gardens. Mostly populated by middle class and upper middle class Italians and a new wave of young people who have been priced out of Manhattan, Carroll Gardens is filled with leafy streets that are lined on both sides with lovely old brownstones built nearly two centuries ago. Children play freely there and the residents are very proud of their neighborhood and its history. It is a safe place to raise a family or toddle home tipsy after a night of drinking at the hippest new bars and restaurants.

Typical Carroll Gardens brownstones. Note the beautiful landscaping, well maintained buildings,
and charmingly detailed architecture. Note also the total lack of security bars on the windows and doors,
a true rarity anywhere in New York.

There are few or no niggers living in Carroll Gardens. Italians, you see, hate niggers. They hate niggers so much that any niggers who can somehow afford to rent an apartment in Carroll Gardens will find that, for one reason or another, their application is denied. Businesses treat them grudgingly and with poor service. The police make a good habit of stopping them for no reason other than that they are niggers who have crossed an invisible line. More often than not, such stops end in an arrest and of course, the inevitable chimpout.

Walking toward the water from Carroll Gardens on Court Street, you will pass through a corner of the Cobble Hill neighborhood. Cobble Hill is also full of Italians, but is unfortunately adjacent to Downtown Brooklyn. It is in this part of Cobble Hill that you will begin to see signs of TNB. In the far distance you will hear simian howls of delight and rage. The bone-rattling *thump THUMP thump THUMP* of nigger cars becomes audible. And then you cross Atlantic Avenue into Downtown Brooklyn and find yourself in Nigger Heaven.

The Fulton Street Mall is located here. An outdoor mall that specializes in discount shopping and "generously sized" (read: sheboon) clothing, it is niggerfuxated beyond belief. Denizens of the one or two housing projects within 10 miles go there to steal, litter, vandalize, and engage in typical MUH DICK posturing with their teenage sows. Graffiti is on everything--trashcans, walls, windows, cars, mailboxes, newspaper dispensers, kiosks, private homes. A McDonald's advertises more edible garbage for the niggers to consume. I have seen used condoms lying on the sidewalk. I have seen niggers openly spit wads of phlegm onto the windows of parked cars. I have seen petty theft, harassment, and even assault occur to terrified foreign bodega owners.

The Fulton Street Mall. This picture doesn't do justice to how ghetto it is; suffice
to say the trashcans and lampposts must be repainted and the sidewalks
power-washed constantly.

I have never seen these things in Carroll Gardens.

Niggers in South Brooklyn seldom cross Atlantic Avenue because there is a tacit understanding that if they do, unpleasant things may happen to them. And smart humans only go into Downtown Brooklyn at night on their way to the Borough Hall subway station. There is literally no other reason to do so. Atlantic Avenue represents an invisible line that hearkens back to better times, when niggers understood that humans avoid them whenever possible and will not tolerate niggershines in their own neighborhoods.

I've seen a few niggermaniacs express the opinion that New York has nothing to offer them due to its large nigger population. But I promise you that there is something for everyone in this great city. Many Italians were raised by immigrants who came to this country penniless. Thus they grew up in poverty and were forced to live alongside niggers until their parents' human work ethic paid off and they could do better for themselves. Consequently, they have no white guilt and openly hate niggers. If you ever find yourself in New York, I heartily recommend a visit to one of the many Italian neighborhoods here. It is almost guaranteed to be a nigger-free experience.

Retired Italians socialize peacefully outside of a social club in Carroll Gardens

Fellow Niggermaniac Don Corrasco In Italy Responded:

Nice to see my compatriots in the United States are living good and definitely better than many of us live here in Italy. I believe many Italians who got in the States kind of conformed to an Anglosaxon way of life, that means being precise and such. It's true that America was the land of opportunity for Italians who immigrated there in the early 1900.

On the other hand, niggers have been called Niggers in Italy until the early 90's, on TV, national radio and everywhere else. They are still much hated and people treat them as beasts, never as equals. The prejudice is very, very strong and, despite nobody would claim being a racist on TV, etc. , everybody acts racist and discriminatory.

With younger generations, there have been some "changes". I have witnessed, expecially in Rome and Milan, what you'd call "integration" between the younger white generations and the sons of Africoon nigger immigrants. Youngsters seem not to have problems with it, they say they are "edumacated". I suppose it's a bad thing anyway: it's a "new" phenomenon, and what will happen when the nigger bucks' balls drop?

Some young Italian niggers dress like humans, other dress like niggers. They see their American nigger relatives in TV and want to look like them. Fact is, none of them speaks English, so they don't understand what the MTV niggers are saying. It's merely a fashion thing. They might look like your TurdPac or Flithy cents, but usually these young "Italian" niggers - Italian because they were born in Italy - or long living Italian niggers - white flies really - are not gangsta or feral criminals. It's pure breed Aricoon niggers who are into crime 100%, but still, it's probably safer to live in a peripheral niggerhood than in a Neapolitan bidonville. Niggers here are watched and they know it. They keep a low profile and don't want to piss anyone off, because that means a ticket back to the Africoon latrine. If you say niggers smell worse than some Neapolitan scum, well, you probably have never been in Naples. Neapolitans and niggers seem to be very close relatives.

Obviously, "Italian" niggers are stupid, lazy and of course are genetically doomed to live little lives. But you know what? It seems like they have accepted their place in society and don't cause much havoc. Being janitors is fine with them, they are happy holding a job. They are happy with their Waddymelons and will go fishing after they've wiped toilets clean. They are Sambos, in a word. They very rarely harass white women and usually mate with their she boons only.

Niggers here keep a low profile because they have no rights. But if you give them rights, you can be sure they'll start to chimp out, give monkeyshines and live by the rules of TNB. The secret for having a working society despite niggers is making niggers understand, from the start, that you're the master and they're the inferior, you're the man and they're niggers and that if they shit out of the can, their punishment is assured.

Coontact Tale #946 (December 2, 2007)

I was in a Target today with a buddy of mine. We were checking out some hot looking babe in the dress department when the entire experience was ruined by the sight of a 7 foot she-pan-zeee. The damn thing had a Macy's sack, the kind with the roped handles. We were walking down the main aisle when we saw it.....just as it was dropping a dress into her sack o' shit. We figured she had no plans of paying for it, since it was a nigger, and the sack wasnt from Target. We kept walking towards the music area while we bitched about how we were sick of those niggger bitches and their shoplifting. We figured if they were all locked up, the CD we came to purchase would only cost about 5 bucks, but thanks to them, we get some serious Mark-up from Target, who automatically figgers that a nigger will steal 5 before we can buy one.

So we decided to tail the bitch. She was still in the dress area, and her sack was 2 times fatter than it was when we first saw her. I had a 40 dollar shirt in my hands with a sensor tag attached to it....made a slow pass behind her....dropped my shirt, sensor and all into her sack.

We camped out at the front of the store, watched the Go-Rilla walk out the door as the Target Nigger Alarms went off. She was stopped by some old dude who asked for her to step back in. Just as she was waving her turd finger in his face, about 3 guys approached her and began yelling, they turned out later to be store security dudes. She was in a category 5 Chimp Out by then, and they had her ape face planted to the floor of the entrance. It took all 3 of them to drag her monkey ass away from the front...while she was yelling "I aint did nuttin, I got 500 mutha fuckin dollas in mah purse, I dont need yer mutha fuckin chit!".

We stuck around for almost an hour, almost gave up...when suddenly our day was complete. A cop car pulls up and halled her hairy ass out of there. For some reason, she wasn't pissed then, and seemed to be more relaxed. Oh well, she was probably looking forward to the free meal.

Coontact Tale #947 (December 2, 2007)

They won't stop hiring niggers!

Well, I did not think that the day could get any worse. By 8AM I already forsaw a shitty day. My girl smashed up the car on the way to work. And the insurance expired last week....(sigh) Also, I am sick. So I get to work and well, well, well... ANOTHER GODDAMN NIGGER! I wonder if we have a quota to meet or something. This was not a good day. The new nigger is about as niggerfied as you get. Complete with one of those dumb-assed rags they wear under their hats with the little flap hanging down. (I've always wanted to ask a nigger about that- what, they want to look like they just joined the French Foriegn Legion?) And of course he one of those mush-mouthed babbling assholes that you need an interpreter to understand. I really loved his typical nigger laugh-keekeekee.

And the icing on my shit cake was the wiggers tend to stay white when I am around, but their nigger talk was in full force today as we now have another bona-fide negro employee. I am pretty sure that one of the most annoying things in the known universe is white morons who talk like niggers. And these arent guys who grew up in the fuckin hood in Detroit or LA. No, these are corn-fed hicks from Fargo, North Dakota.

I have a nasty, satanic temper, and by the time it slowed down and I took a break, I was pretty close to actually walking over and stabbing the nigger and all the white nigger lovers in their fucking throats. I was out back smoking and trying to get myself under control when one of the nigger wanna-bees poked his head out the door and said "Hey dog, got a smoke?" I said only "Fuck you, you fucking white nigger cocksucker." I wish I had a camera, because the look on his face was absolutely priceless. I flicked my ciggarette at his crotch, shoved him out of the way and left early.

I picked a great fucking week to quit drinking.........

Coontact Tale #948 (December 2, 2007)

Several small stories of coontact

~Here are a few more stories from my days at the old GNC and a special surprise story!~

First of all, I don't know what it is that the niggers love about it, but all the nigger bucks love creatine. The think its a magical elixir that can cure them of all niggerborne diseases. They aren't even using it for a performance boosting effect either. With that said:

~Nigger buck comes in asking for creatine. As I show the monkey what I have he askes me if it will get the toxins of out his dick.

I start laughing in his face and tell him to leave.

Secondly, all niggers love colon cleanser. They all also believe that they have internal parasites and that the colon cleanser will flush them clean. I would safely assume that their diet of KFC, chitlins, and malt liquor would probably slow their digestive rate to a crawl.

~She-boon comes in ax'in fo da colon cleanser. She doesn't know what it does for her or why she wants it but she wants it. I show her what we carry and explain the products to her, and then she gets a phone call on da bluetoof. So as always when the niggers get on the fone I just walk away. When shes finally done talking to her homies, she decideds to purchase one of the items (with the funds of her welfare check I assume) and brings it to me. I ring it up and ask her for the money and she has a world class chimpout on me about the price. "It be Fo' dollas on da tag, why it be 12 dolla! I can't affod no 12 dolla!" I explain to her that it was the smaller size she was looking at and she continues her grumbling at me"I can'ts affod nothin in here I's be leavin!." So I told her to have a great day and she throws the bottle at me. What a stupid nigger.

Lastly, a story from a close friend of mine who doesn't have an internet connection to post his stories:

He was at the hospital with his mother who was very sick, and the negress next to her was moaning really loud: "Oh lawdy oh lawdy!" like she was dying apparently. From what the doctor told my friend, she was literally defecating out of her vagina. I guess she took too much colon cleanser

Coontact Tale #949 (December 2, 2007)

This is one from way back, during my first semester at college. Among our group of friends was a bl*ck guy who didn't display most of the usual nigger traits, took care of his appearance, was into fashion etc. Think of a young Will Smith.

Anyway, one time late at night, our group was walking through the lobby of our dorm. Coming the other direction, was a group of niggers. One of them, a huge ape who turned out to be a feetsball player, started niggerbabbling about something. He was obviously drunk or high on something (I don't think jenkem had been invented yet). I couldn't understand any of it but the bl*ck guy in our group translated it for us. Apparently this great ape took issue with the bl*ck guy hanging out with whites.

Our bl*ck friend tried to calm him down. Well, the ape pulled out a switchblade and headed towards us. We all RAN back to our rooms, locked the doors, and called the police. The police came and took a report from the bl*ck guy.

Well it turns out our "friend" was pressured by the other niggers on campus not to turn on one of his own, so the case was dropped and not prosecuted. It's at this point he ceased to be a bl*ck friend and became just another nigger.

Oh, I seem to remember the nigger ape feetsball players being caught with marijuana in their rooms. I don't remember the outcome though, probably just a slap on the wrist, knowing how things were done at this school.

Coontact Tale #950 (December 2, 2007)

One time I was returning from a party and I was fairly drunk. At the dorm, got on the elevator to go up to my room, a nigger buck and sow also got on with me. They were having some kind of conversation, just your standard niggerbabble.

The buck was getting off on a floor below either me or the sow. When the doors opened for his floor, he stepped out but kept on with his conversation, holding the doors open so they wouldn't close.

My internal "nigger thermometer" immediately started to rise, the longer and longer he was making me wait, the hotter I got.

Finally I had enough, I got out of the elevator to use the stairs and shoved him out of the way. He shoved me back so I started yelling at the top of my lungs "YOU FUCKING NIGGER!" on my way to the stairs.

The buck was probably stunned that a white human would call him out on his rudeness. Or maybe he knew his place. That's the last I heard of it, nobody reported me to the powers that be. Who knows what could have happened. In that college, a nigger pulling a knife on a human is accepted (we have to accept and embrace their "culture" you see) but a white calling out a nigger for what he is, could probably get expelled!

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