The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources across the world wide web.

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Coontact Tale #851 (November 3, 2007)

She beez eatin' healthy an sheet I can't believe the stupidity of niggers!! There is this 400 lb sheboon that I work with. It's trying to eat healthy and lose weight but is completely CLUELESS.

Here she was eating Nothing but iceberg lettuce for lunch. She kept dumping a TON of regular ranch dressing on it.

Silly nigger!! Doesn't it know that iceberg lettuce has almost no nutritional value. On top of that, it doesn't taste that good. ( just my humble opinion)As far as the dressing, it is loaded with fat and other junk. It's actually healthier to eat potato chips or french fries!! At least potatoes are high in vitamin C.

Why are niggers so damned retarded?!!

Coontact Tale #852 (November 3, 2007)

Ok guys this is my first post so be tolerant of my long post.

I am originally from a small Kansas town (2000 humans, 0 niggers). So in seeking a better paying job I moved to a larger city in Kansas (150,000 inhabitants) So I have had almost zero coontact in my life.

I work at a factory which manufactures garage doors. My job is locating parts and door sections to be loaded on the shipping dock of said facility. Today, while pulling up door sections I came a cross a nigger who was trying to put empty product cart back in the empty cart lanes for his assembly line. This nigger was moving as slow as could be and seemed to be having trouble getting the cart in the lane. He was in my way so I decided to help him out. When I helped him I pushed the cart in with a good amount of force, apparently he was not ready to move this fast and when I pushed he lost his footing and nearly fell down. Then he screamed at me "you better watch it man!" in a rather threatening tone. I said "or what?, I was just helping your slow ass out!" When I stood my ground he was taken back, he acted like since he was a nigger I should be scared of him or something. I think it scared him when I stood up to him, he must have never had a white person stand up to him before. The look on his face was priceless.

He was just a little nigger 5'7" 150lbs, I am 5'9" 215lbs I am built like a boxer because I used to box at our small town armory from my freshman year until I was 19. This dumb ass chimp does not even know simple laws of physics 150lb Vs. 215lb that's 65lbs of muscle and training his crack smoking ass has never had. I wish he would have called my bluff but, I probably would have gotten HIV from his filthy ass, or he would have found out where I live and robbed my house, or he would have grabbed 10 of his friends an beat me down.

I have been lurking for weeks, I so am glad I found this site, the more I am around these chimps the more I feel they really are animals. They are loud, obnoxious, stupid, lazy, animals. There is no decency in them. Where I come from if a person acted like a nigger they would not be tolerated.

Coontact Tale #853 (November 3, 2007)

Bait And Switch Niggers

Here I am all excited that I get to have a nigger free day of shopping. The first place I walk into is full of Niggers. Guess that is what I get for thinking a nigger would keep there promise to not spend money today. I guess technically the chimpout was to not spend money and had nothing to do with being in the stores stealing. Oh well maybe next year they will have this thing better organized. What a let down.

This post was dated November 1, 2007 and what was supposed to happen in Al Sharpcoon and friends declared some sort of "Nigger Not Spending Money Day" in protest to the Jena 6 nigger bullshit. As could be expected this was the first of the month and Sharpcoon not bez expecting niggers to shop? Nigga please!!!

Coontact Tale #854 (November 3, 2007)

Library Negroes

This weekend I took my little niece to the Paterson library to a storytelling event they were having. Afterwards I decided to go upstairs to the reference area where all the public computers are to check my email. They probably have around 50 computers there. When I walked into the area there was not a white face to be seen and my niece and I were the only Hispanics. It looked like that Intergalactic Cafe on Star Wars with all the freakish Africans around. You just should have seen the Negroid menagerie. Some of them had bastard babies with them even though they were little more than babies themselves and the children were crying, screaming and being disruptive. Some of the mothers were cursing at the children in response. Several of the women had hair that had been tinted colors not found in nature similar to Orca Bella Abzug. And of course with about 45 nigs you can imagine that the area needed a lot of AirWick plug-ins! Boys were wearing t-shirts with lewd things on them and had doo-rags on their heads.

The clothes were either old and worn or ridiculous nig styles and colors. One of them was wearing muslim garb. As I glanced around at the various screens, I saw that one seemed to be job searching but the majority were looking at dating sites --or at least they were browsing other internet negro flesh. It appeared there were already plenty of bastard children to go around without looking for more partners. Children and even toys were blocking the aisles. Even the adults were loud and disruptive and the library employees just ignored it all.

As we walked out of the building I turned to my niece and said "I guess we've just been a part of "the black experience." It is sad they couldn't all just be taken to a veterinarian and let him put the needle to them.

And what political party do you imagine all of them are members of LOL???? These are YOUR people libturds :-).

Coontact Tale #855 (November 3, 2007)

I check for news from time to time and came across this coontact tale from a "freeper" (free republic member). I thought it was worth sharing, because it is so typical of TNB and the white liberal response:

Post #12: Quote:

At my local WalMart last year, a white woman was elbowed and shoved by black youths on Black Friday, and they yelled "white bitch" as they grabbed one of the last items out of her hands. I watched as WalMart staff did absolutely nothing. We called the local news. They weren't interested.

Of course the news wasn't interested! They only care about nooses secretly placed on door handles by niggers!

Coontact Tale #856 (November 3, 2007)

Awhile back I was a Costco and we just got in the car and a black guy was walking behind the car and my 9 Year Old yelled out the window "hey Niggar" two times.

I almost shit my pants and I have never ever said this word to him in his life and my wife doesn't speak english to him so I asked him where did he learn that word.

He told me the cartoon network!

I decided to watch the shows he watches to see what they actually say and found this out.

There is a show called Fosters Imaginary Friends and they have a small black kid with an afro who is always calling people Niggar (Not nigger). He always greets other black kids with "What's Up Niggar". He also says things like hot momma to a little white girl plus some other slang like I wanna slap you ass to her etc...

One time he said "baby gots some back" to the white girl and my kid asked me what did it mean

So is my kid racist for saying this word?

Sadly, no he isn't a racist.

He is in fact, a wigger.

Smash your TV.

Coontact Tale #857 (November 11, 2007)

Tonight my daughter had a basketball game, and as we are sitting in the bleachers having to listen to all the sideline coaches, in walks a teen age nigger buck. It sits down two rows in front of my wife and I. At this point if figure great, shitty day, why not a shitty night having to smell nigger stench, so I am sitting there wishing that the game would end and my wife leans over to me and asked me “what is that smell?”

With out missing a beat I looked over at her and said, NIGGER. It must have came out louder then intended because the guy in front of me about choked on his coke from laughing , and the jungle bunny turned and tried to eye fuck me, I think it got the point I was not happy when I shot it the bird, it got up and chicken walked off mumbling something .

On the drive home I had to endure the wife giving me the speech that she could not believe I said that, and she has “black” friends at work and that they are “people” too. As she is ranting and raving at me all I can think of is only nine more years of this and I am FREE.

Coontact Tale #858 (November 15, 2007)

Why I hate nigger customers. Act 1.

I work in a shop that sells performace automotive parts. In this line of work, I don't get a lot of chimp customers. But it's always a pain when I do.

We have a small display at the front for parts and I was unlucky enough to be at the front counter at the time. Some nigger comes swaggering in, lanky mother f**ker. Unfortunately, I'm obligated to ask him if he needs help.

The nigger chooses to ignore me and instead he pulls out a cell phone and calls up some other nigger. They speak ooga-ooga clickity click language for a couple seconds and when he is done with his call he makes a "tsst" sound. I looked up, startled at the sound, and he's motioning for me to come over. What kid of civilized way is that to call someone? Hissing?

Anyway, the guy is looking at a brand new set of headers for a Bentley Conti GT. What are the chances that this nigger has a Bentley. He asks me the price and I tell him, 1600 before installation. The nigger pretends to be outraged, and starts ranting in a VERY thick accent (that I could barely understand) about how this part he has seen at other shops for much less. (He obviously hasn't, this could be the only one in the province.)

The whole time I am standing there with my hands at my side, nodding sympathetically and waiting for him to finish. Finally he grunts at the headers and says "eight hundu mah, eight hundra. Nigga I got cash." At this point it took everything I had to not knock him the f**k out. "The price is 1600, we don't 'barter' here", I told him. He got even more indignant and I told him that I would take it to my sales manager to negotiate a better price for him.

Now obviously this was a bluff, I'm the acting sales manager and I wasn't prepared to bend over backwards for a f**king monkey. I suppose what he was trying to do was get a better price for the part and then turn around and sell it for retail. I grabbed the header off of the wall (because he would obviously try to steal it) and went to my office to play solitaire. I came out a few minutes later and told him no cigar. And surprise surprise, he called me "rayciss" and stormed out, making sure to try and slam the hydraulic door.

Dear nigger, I'm sorry that I'm a big "rayciss" because I wasn't prepared to give you a better price than I would give "white folks". I wish I could have security turn them around at the door...but, of course, that too would be "rayciss".

Coontact Tale #859 (November 15, 2007)

I run into the same shit from niggers. It comes in and axes fo a estimate for whatever. I take my time from what I was doing when it came in, to put an estimate together for the nig, using the same parts & labor guide I use for everybody. (Unfortunately there is not a secret "its for a nigger" button I can press to make it double) So I tell it the estimated price for said work, and a chimp out ensues. "Shit nigga, I beez gettin that same fuckin thing don down da street fo haf dat" In my experiences, if you try to be polite, you get nowhere. get rude right back, saying something like "Well then I can't blame you for getting the fuck out of here and going down da street fo haf dat" It will either leave, or have you do the work.

Coontact Tale #860 (November 15, 2007)

I don't have any real exciting ones to talk about as i went to school in a district that was roughly 60-40 (in favor of niggers) for the most part. There is one period of time, though, that is particularly painful: I had to ride the bus and it was myself and one nigger boy left who were the last ones to get off. I got off, fortunately before he did. What would happen is that once everyone else was off the bus, the nigger would start coming around to me, trying to grab me in places that I would rather not discuss here (just use your imagination), and make utterly filthy comments. This was done openly, and either the bus driver was a nigger or just was totally oblivious to what was going on. Anyway, I never told the adults at home, but I dreaded having to come home on the bus. Fortunately for me, the family decided to move out of the house we were living in and out of that neighborhood.

I will have to say, that my next noteworthy encounter with a nigger was when i took a job at a local call center. By the way all, if you need to find a job and wish to avoid coontact on the job, do not take call center or collection agency jobs: nigger jobs. I was in coontact with this nigger lady "minister" who also started there the same time. My biggest thing with her was when she claimed there was a "spirit of confusion" in the place brought on by demons because of two homosexuals working there. Well, the homosexuals were also niggers, but the one thing I figured out quickly about nigger christianity is that it is nothing more than shamanism or worse. Oh, and another, nigger teachers. I started to go back to school at a local community college and took a course on study skills, thinking it would be beneficial. A nigress was teaching the course and I don't think she ever taught us one thing. But there were other niggers in the class who just kept praising her for what a wonderful teacher she was. gag!! Still, it was the easiest A I ever got.

Coontact Tale #861 (November 15, 2007)

Hello to eveyone! I’m a newbie here but I hope no one minds me diving right in head first!

My family is from the old school south & we have always been anti-nigger. As soon as I saw this site I felt like I was home again! I ran across Niggermania when my cousin & I (we are both 26 yr old white females) were Googling for an answer to her most recent coon-tact problem. (long story…will post in “coon-tact” later). Of course there is likeminded people where we live & all our family & friends share the same views, but I have to say that the nigger “issues” are getting really bad out here in California thanks to all the Liberal Democrats. While the city I live in is not completely overrun yet (I.E. Oakland, CA), its getting to a point that my cousin & I are scarred to even leave the house at night alone…..EVEN WHEN ONLY GOING TO THE WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS!

Fortunately for me, I have a big, strapping, Deputy for a husband & he was able to get me a concealed weapons permit. But just recently we realized, that’s not enough… husband found it necessary to get me a Police trained K-9 for personal protection after an I experienced an attempted Carjacking. Fucking monkey ass africoon came out of nowhere….IN BROAD DAYLIGHT & I didn’t even have time to even reach for my gun. Knife held at my ribs, demands my keys & purse. I live in the middle of the top 5 counties in California for auto theft & I drive a 4 door “grandma style” sedan JUST BECAUSE OF THAT REASON. So I screamed in his face “Go ahead you fucking nigger!” it caught him so of guard that as he screeched “BITCH I’LL KILL YOU” in some sorta jungle coon-monkey call, he didn’t even notice the off duty fireman rushing him. Luckily….so very luckily….the fireman was there. God only knows what would of happened otherwise. Then, as I’m sure you can believe, this nigger had the nerve to accuse me of instigating this whole thing by calling him “racial slurs” when he asked me for directions.....he only got his knife out because I scarred him!!!!!!! And of course, since I was in the mall parking lot at 4pm, there was some little school nigglets hanging around waiting for the bus, claiming they saw the whole thing. Now ince I am a officers wife in a vehicle registered to an officer & even my Drivers License even says “Law Enforcement” when they run it (perks of marriage!) of course the cops believe me. And I had my fireman rescuer as a witness to the whole thing. YET, I STILL WAS HARASSED, by the public defenders office for weeks. They tried to get his case dismissed based on some little nigglets statements & he actually wanted to press charges on me for a hate crime! That didn’t even make it past the secretary’s desk & eventually he was convicted of attempted strong armed burglary or some crap. 4 months is all he got & didn’t even have to do jail time. He got to pick up trash or some other bullshit alternate jail crap.

Now I have a good personal protection dog & my car is rigged with a system that can roll my windows down at the same time that I hit the remote to unarm it. Giving my dog the ability to come to my aide if need be.

Added to the top of my list of reasons to hate them this is undoubtedly the worst but sadly, not the only one of my coon-tacts. We live out in the country, on a dead end road, on a 200 acre horse & cattle ranch. I think 10 neighbors on the whole 9 mile road & yet they still find their way to our door selling or asking for stuff….no really…. one showed up just a week or so ago asking for spare car parts!?!? WTF??? My ranch hand had run him off with a shotgun in hand because he wouldn’t leave.

I can’t wear the clothes I want because cute tight little outfits aren’t exactly easy to hide a Glock in. I can’t go to the mall without multiple people for fear of being robbed. I never really ate or shopped where there were niggers if I could avoid it, but now it seems this is mandatory. My husband now leaves multiple extra magazine clips in our vehicles “just in case”. Now I feel the need to HAVE a guard dog everywhere with me (problem in hot CA weather). And to top it all off, I have to worry constantly about my cousin who can’t even sleep at night because of the niggers that have infiltrated the rental house next door, who break into her car, steal her mail, get drunk & yell disgusting things to her through the doors & windows. Then threaten her when she calls the cops.

And the general public is worried about foreign terrorism.

Coontact Tale #862 (November 15, 2007)

Grandson's niglet coontact

So I am out with my daughter and family enjoying dinner. My daughter tells my grandson to tell me what happened at school today. He is in pre-K. He tells me, they were out playing and he was knocked down by a "brown boy" who wouldn't leave him alone. "I don't like the brown people." At 4 years old, he is learning TNB.

Coontact Tale #863 (November 15, 2007)

Buddy of mine had extra ticket to Blues / Red Wings game last night and I got to go, hadn't been to a game in 20 years but knew niggers don't like/can't afford hockey.

Well buddy informs me that some nigger loving church group buy up cheap tickets and give them to people who can't afford them, niggers.

As game gets going seats next to us stay unoccupied and every time I seen a nigger(yes there were more than a few there) I would tell my buddy oh oh row T (where we were sitting) and we'd get a good laugh looking at the groid.

3rd period starts and people in front of us get up to go to crapper and they no more leave than two coconut smelling baboon nigger fucks and there wigger buddy slide into the seats! I say very loudly "No fucking way" At same time my buddy says " Hey shitlips theres people sitting there" So they move over 1 seat LMAO At this point the usher looks over at me (he was human) and I give him the old thumb like out of here and he comes over and says "Tickets please" all the while smiling at us. They mumble some shit and I just had to try to start a chimpout and said "Why don't you speak English monkey boy" niggers didn't say one not one word and got the hell out of there and you bet they heard everything we said as people in rows behind us were laughing there asses off and usher even gave us the thumbs up. Not much major coontact but the niggers didn't get the good seats.

As we were leaving going to car there was a nigger pan handler annoying all us humans and as I got to him I said very loudly " Hey nigger you got a dollar?" That went over real good as all I could hear was human laughter and people saying hey did you hear what that guy said.

Coontact Tale #864 (November 15, 2007) Problem with "Tweequa" at Starbucks I got a free $5 gift card in the mail for Starbucks yesterday so this morning, I decided to drive there to get something. I don't normally go to Starbucks because I think it's very overpriced but think the quality is good. There was a long line inside so I went in to the drive thru window. I wanted to try an iced carmel apple spice latte that was on the holiday menu. I was thinking I'd get a slushie type drink with coffee and apple flavoring. I gave the card when they told me it was $3.05 for a Venti size. I thought that was expensive but it was free so what the hell. I got back the card and was given the drink.

It had lots of whipped cream on it so didn't notice there was something wrong with it. I then pulled over to a parking space and proceded to drink it. An applie juice flavored liquid came up the straw instead of a slushie. I was surprised so spit it out the window. I looked at the drink and it was apple juice with ice in it.. with whipped cream on top. I was like WTF is this??

I went into the store and understood why my drink was messed up. It was all niggers except for the two human cashiers working the front and the drive thru! I went up to the front of the counter with my drink and said "I just came through the drive thru and you gave me the wrong drink. I wanted a coffee slushie, not apple juice with ice in it!!" I then showed the receipt that said "iced carmel apple spiced" so the cashier told me that "iced" means they put ice in it and "frozen" meant a slushie.

I'm a Starbucks newbie so didn't know. The cashier said she would have "Tweequa", an ugly sheboon, prepare it for me. I looked at this fat nappy headed spook that looked smelly and flithy. I said "Could you please, miss. I'm in a hurry and she looks too busy". I didn't want a nigger making my drink.

Now this man knows his niggers! Never allow a nigger to touch, much less prepare, your food. When ordering fast food I never drive through but go inside to get a coon count. If niggerfuxated I will wait for a white staff member and I am very, very blunt; I'll tell her I want her to prepare my meal and if she does it I will tip her $3.00. Trust me, this always works. If you're a cash paying customer you can be as racist as you want to be. If niggers are going to touch my food I go elsewhere or I'll go hungry. The thought of niggers touching my food makes me want to vomit.

Tweequa gave me a dirty look like it knew I hated niggers. The cashier said she had to do the register so couldn't make drinks and didn't even know how. Tweequa started making the drink and all the while was looking at me with the stern YT hating gaze. Tweequa put the drink down hard on the counter and said "Habba ni' dah!". I picked up the drink and tossed it in the trash can in front of the nigger and stormed out. Fuck Starbucks! I'm not going to drink anything prepared by a nigger.

Coontact Tale #865 (November 15, 2007)

Walgreens Coontact w/ Gumsmacking Boon

I really miss this forum guys. Havent had the time. Hope everyones doing good!

Quick Coontact story!

Went to Walgreens on the way to sons Dr. Appt. I bought some glucerna shakes that I had a coupon to get free. Big obese boon cashier wont take the coupon, hands off to big boon assist manager, who then gets with nigger buck assist manager #2. Nigger aggravating whitey situation!

Im following this smelly nigger (no joke there) it is totally ignoring me being rude. She goes to the super computer to check out this brand ....all the while smacking and popping her gum at like 40 years old!

She goes to get mr. head manager white gay. says"Hi mam,let me help you" I said" she is rude and is just acting stupid ,smacking and popping her gum" He is caught off guard and shocked. apologizes. the sheboon acts so surprised!! yeah right. she goes"oohhhh!"all proper. knowing she wanted to kill my white a$#! Man I cant stand them

Coontact Tale #866 (November 15, 2007)

Dad Meets Sharpscoon - old coontact
Or, "Sharpscoon Gets Owned."

This goes back to when I was in high school. And no snide comments about my age, because it wasn't that long ago.

My dad worked as a NYC Corrections Officer - one of "New York's Boldest". Back when the pack of niggers that raped the Central Park Jogger was being held at Rikers, Dad happened to be manning the guard booth on the Queens side of the bridge leading to the island. Part of his responsibility was to patrol the parking lot and write summonses if necessary.

Well, one fine afternoon, Sharpscoon and his groidle pull up in their "Linkum Conteenental", planning on visiting the pack of wild animals, and he parks in the bus stop. Dad leans out of the guard booth and calls out, "Sir, could you please move your car? You can't park there!"

Sharpscoon's response: "Do you know who I am?"

Dad: "Yes, Mr. Sharpton, I do. Please move your car. You can't park in the bus stop."

No reply from the nignogs. They just waddle onto the bus and go over the bridge to Rikers. So Dad walks over and writes Sharpscoon a ticket for illegally parking. Then Dad really gets to work. He notices that one of the taillights is broken (after his Mag-Lite "accidentally" hit it), and he writes a ticket for that. The registration was expired as well - by one day - and Dad wrote him a ticket for that too. All told, about $70 worth of parking tickets, and these are 1988 or 1989 dollars.

Sharpscoon comes back about an hour or so later and finds the tickets on his windshield. Using the three brain cells he's got left that the jenkem hasn't killed, he figures out who did it. Charging up to the guard booth, he yelled, "Who is your superior? I want to see your superior officer!"

Wouldn't you know it, the captain on duty was one of the American Nazi Party's finest. And Fritz, may he rest in peace, never took any guff from niggers no matter what status they thought they had.

Later on, Sharpscoon wound up serving time on Rock Island for several unpaid parking tickets. Three of them were written by... well, I think you can guess.

Coontact Tale #867 (November 15, 2007)

Went out of my way to incite a chimpout...

as I was trimming palm trees at some condominium place today. I very rarely have coontact at work as I own my business and refuse to do service for niggers. But niggers live in this place I was working at today and I noticed around 5 that one had some rather expensive looking steaks, that I'm sure the government paid for, and some little shitlet, heading towards an outdoor grill. Fortunately, the grill was under the next two palms I had to trim. What luck! So this nigger is grilling his steaks, and his shitlet is digging in the mud at the edge of the pond, and I set up my ladder and start to climb up. Nigger neither says or does anything. So I trim the tree and cover his steaks in shit (palm trees are filthy when they are trimmed, dust and squirrel shit and God knows what else) and I come down the ladder. Finally this nigger is trying to say something to me, so I take off my ear plugs expecting chimp out, and what do I get? You beez dun uh gud jah man, dez treeez be pretta. WTF? So I figure whatever, get up in the next tree, cover his steaks with some more shit and go on my way. At least I got to season the shitskin's steaks. What does he care anyway, he didn't pay for them.

Coontact Tale #868 (November 15, 2007)

I was walking by the University in Rome, talking on the phone, and a disgusting nigger approached me.

His approach was part of a routine niggers are using all the time here in Rome: they pretend they are selling nylon socks in the street - who the hell would buy nylon socks from a nigger walking by? - then, as they approach you, they try to get and shake your hand - something an educated person do not refuse - and then, when they get your hand, they ask you whispering for some money to buy something to eat with - which obviously they'll spend on Kobret* and booze instead.

"Don't need to buy anything, boy" - that's what I said to the nigger. "You does not even shakey me hand, boss?" - "No, go away. Get lost".

Oh boy, you should have seen the nigger's face. He was fuming with hate for whitey. But he didn't have the guts to say anything, so he simply beat it quick.

Disgusting niggers, they are bumming euros all day long just as gypsies and other scum - except they are the only ones who can always came up with some stupid scam to do it.

*Kobret is a very cheap drug niggers sell and consume: it's made up of the toxic waste of illegal heroin manufacturing plants.

Coontact Tale #869 (November 15, 2007)

My Dad loved telling this story.....Right after I was born, (60's) the neighborhood we lived in was quite niggerfied. Since my Dad wanted his first born son to live, he started looking for new surroundings. Well, he tells the real estate agent that he wants a house in an area with NO NIGGERS. So, the agent takes him and my mom they look at this beautiful house. They loved it. They were seriously thinking about it and my dad asked the realtor "are there any niggers around here?". Well, the neighbor next door was outside raking his lawn, and the real estate guy said "no niggers anywhere, lets ask the neighbor if you don't believe me". So, they yell over to the guy and ask where is the closest nigger family. The guy said.......One just moved in down the block, that's why MY house is up for sale too!

Coontact Tale #870 (November 16, 2007)

In Pittsburgh there is this section of the city called Oakland where the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Carlow University are located so it is one large student ghetto. In this student ghetto being in an urban enviroment we have nigger problems.

One night I was out drinking up a storm with my buddy, J, we both of course are bona fide niggermaniacs, and we are coming to this intersection outside of Gene's Place (a bar) and we see a small group of humans having a confrontation with a group of niggers. So we go over to reinforce the human numbers, by then the confrontation was being broken off, and J is giving the loudest nigger hard looks.

Now this nigger was a skinny little twerpshit wearing an oversized white t-shirt, and he's jumping up and down while screaming at J, and both of us by then are looking at him as the nigger is being dragged off by the other niggers. These niggers act as if they are doing us a favor by dragging the other chimp away, so we tell them to "go ahead, let him go!" Of course they don't.

The simian was just some skinny coked up nigger who would have just ended up taking a header into the pavement, but it shows that when it comes down to real heat, the nigger backs down and flapps his boot lips.

As we left we ran into some of the human group that the niggers were going to attack, and we ask why those niggers wanted to attack them. Yet all these kids could do was act flabber gassed that we said 'nigger.'

Coontact Tale #871 (November 16, 2007)

This coontact is one of the reasons why I became a niggermaniac.

I attend church regularly, one of those that people refer to as "born-again". I love my God, but when I get to Heaven, I plan to ask him why he put niggers on the earth. Is it because Ham "exposed the nakedness" of his father Noah, or because Cain killed Abel?

Anyway... I was at church one Sunday. Now, you have to understand that my grandparents helped raise me, and some of their ideas have stuck with me, none of them bad. One of the mores I was raised with was that one should dress properly for church. As a result, if I'm attending any sort of function held on church grounds, at the very least I'll wear a blouse and skirt. So naturally I was amazed when I saw a she-boon sitting in front of me wearing a black velour warm-up suit. To make matters worse, she had a body to rival Al Sharpscoon's before he lost weight, and her top kept riding up, exposing her nauseating midsection.

Now, please understand that I was still unenlightened, and still under the misconception that these were merely humans with darker skin. So I leaned forward, tapped her shoulder, and whispered, "Excuse me, sister... pull down your blouse. You're all exposed." This earned me the look of death as she reluctantly pulled it down. Periodically she would turn around and glare at me with that "die YT" expression.

Towards the end of the service, I noticed that her top had ridden up again. This time I knew better, and rather than say anything, I closed my eyes and forced myself to concentrate on the sermon. As soon as the pastor gave the altar call, I ran for the door.

Coontact Tale #872 (November 16, 2007)

When I was at uni, I worked part time through an employment agency. You see, unlike niggers, I had to fund my studies.

The agency could send me to anywhere they asked me to, within London. The sort of work I did varied, but it was mainly clerical or customer services work. I did not like working with the public because odds were I would get a nigger or two. But as I was strapped for cash, I had no choice.

Well, this time they sent me to work at a well known UK bank. I will not name it, but lets say this bank loves niggers. My job was to take in deposits and make withdrawals for clients, and to write the odd letter or two.

Well, when I got there I found out that my supervisor would be an uppity sheboon. You know the type, skinny, goes to gym, affirmative action nigger, or as we say here (un)equal opportunities nigger.

I tried to get out of its way as far as I could but one day it came up to me and says 'Uhz gotta check yo letters beefo yo send dem out in case yo make spellin mistakes'. This coming from a nigger who had only got the job because it was a nigger. I was furious!!! Next day I asked the agency for a transfer. They sent me to another branch of the same bank, but thankfully all the senior staff were humans. We did have a lot of niggers coming in and trying to open fraudulent accounts though, and lots of other chimpouts that happened with niggers - we even had a gang of teenniggers raid us once which was pretty scary - some clients chased them and I was the one that called the po-leeese.

Coontact Tale #873 (November 16, 2007)

I went up to south carolina this weekend to see the gators play the gamecocks, and ran into a few niggers on the way.

Nigger 1: me and my buddy stop at krystals in brunswick, and I sit in the truck and wait, because no way in hell am I putting that shit into my body. I see this nigress get out of some nigger jalopy and pull her shitlet out. But they dont go in. They sit on a bench while the niglet plays in the dirt, and I am like what the hell are these niggers doing. Well, in a couple minutes baby daddy shows up, huge chimpout between the buck and the nigger mammy ensues, about what I dont know, as I dont speak niggerbabble. Buddy comes out, sidesteps the nigger mess, and we are on our way.

Nigger 2: So I get to Williams-Brice stadium around 7, go in about 730. Don't really see any niggers to speak of. Until I get to my seat. Imagine my shock when some old dried up nigger and his long-dead looking nigger wife have to be seated next to me. They were quieter and more well behaved than the sopping drunk human college kids I was surrounded by, however, there was a problem far worse. THAT NIGGER STENCH!!! Now it was about 35 degrees at game time and windy, so one wouldnt expect to be accosted with any horrible odor. But apparently, the nigger stench has no adversary that can conquer it. I quickly found some other seats that were otherwise unoccupied well away from the dangerous smelly creatures. This was not a problem because about half of stadium security that was working the game was niggers, and as you've probably already guessed, they were more interested in the white wimminz than doing their lazy nigger jobs.

Niggers 3: So sunday morning we are heading back towards savannah and my buddy wants to stop at cracker barrell for breakfast. I already know cracker barrell is a nigger magnet on sunday mornings, but I think we are in an out of the way part of south carolina so we might get lucky. We put our names on the list (cracker barrell is never worth waiting to eat at) to this disgusting nigress with this huge ball of nigger naps on her "haid" and wait about twenty minutes to be seated. Up until now the overwhelming majority of the establishment has been human. Well they take us to be seated, and I soon discover why I did not see the huge party of 20 niggers on the porch that always seems to be waiting to swarm a cracker barrell on sunday mornings. They are already seated, smacking their bootlips and sucking on mapuh bacoon grease, and the hostess directs us to a table next to them. My friend sits down, I say absolutely not in a million years will i sit next to this fucking zoo and try to eat and walk out, so we leave.

After that we spend the afternoon in savannah getting drunk on the riverwalk and there are your usual niggers trying to sell trash to unsuspecting humans and what not, but no significant coontact.

Coontact Tale #874 (November 16, 2007)

Close EnCoontact of the 3rd Kind: Blocher Subtype A

When I first signed onto this forum, I said that I would have a Coontact story from several years ago; this is not that story because this happened just a few minutes ago. I'll keep this short and sour.

Close EnCoontact of the 3rd Kind: Blocher Subtype A Close EnCoontact of the 3rd Kind: Blocher Subtype A

I was coming down a hill, gliding to a stop at a red light in the darkness, when from my left a dirty blue old four-door beater crossed my path. Slamming on my brakes and leaving four 8 foot-long skidmarks on the road, I stared into the other car and could make out nothing of the driver except the profile of a round, shaved head, flattened nose and BIG FAT NIGGER LIPS!

The NIGGER took no notice whatsoever of the fact that he had nearly been T-boned but stared fixedly ahead in some sort of trance as he sped into the parking lot of a Wendy's.

I thought "WTF! I nearly nail this groid and he doesn't even notice! WTF is so all fired important?" No sooner did I finish this thought than with a glance to my right I saw the object of his attention:

A sign announcing a sale on FRIED CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!

How utterly stereotypical! A groid fixated on what was basically

And for that I nearly T-boned the ape. JFHC!!!

Edit: I had to run an errand and I got a closer look at the sign: 5 chicken nuggets for 99 cents. That's totally worth getting in an accident for . . . if you're a NIGGER!!!

Coontact Tale #875 (November 16, 2007)

New nigger at Applebee's...

Its my day off but I needed to check my schedule so I walked over to work... I stroll into door in my usual day-off uniform; steel toed combat boots, black BDUs, my favorite t-shirt- ( the one that looks like I took the flag of a former German government and made it into a shirt....) and of course my black flight jacket with this same symbol on the back. I check the schedule and am walking out the door when my boss called me over to say hi to the new guy. Well, I walk around the corner and sitting there is my boss and an ugly nigger with dreadlocks, (man I fucking hate dreadlocks) The boss had not seen what I was wearing, only from the shoulders up because of where he was sitting... So he starts to introduce me to "James" and stops talking mid-sentence for about 5 seconds staring at me.... Oops! The nigger is staring at me with his mouth open and my boss is stammering "Uh yeah this is uh, Bill our uh head cook..." So me being me I gave nigger James a big old shit-eating grin and shook his hand saying-"Hey bro! Welcome to the team!" My jacket was open so my favorite symbol was exposed in all it's glory...

I went to the bathroom and washed my hand with anti bacterial soap and walked home whistling. It always makes my day to fuck with a nigger's "brain". I would imagine that my boss and sambo enjoyed a rather uncomfortable silence after I left......

Coontact Tale #876 (November 16, 2007)

Odin's and JPerry's most recent coontact tales reminded me of an incident. Back in '89 (I remember the year as I just started a new job), I was working the 4p to 12m shift in Nigsville. I got off promptly at midnight and was sitting at a light. I saw a nigger chasing the other around the front lawn of the city's police department across the street. It just looked to me like they were grab-assing and since it was in front of the PD, I didn't pay much attention to it, the light changed and I went on my way. The next day, it was all over the news of a stabbing on the police department's front lawn about 5 minutes after midnight. The stabbee was trying to get into the PD lobby for help but the doors were locked. The shitskins were up in arms about the incident as the poor victim nigger could not get in.

The only downside to the event was that the light changed and I did not get to witness the nigger getting stabbed. What a missed opportunity. I guess niggers have some purpose as they can be entertaining if someone is lucky enough to see a nigger get stabbed by another nigger.

Coontact Tale #877 (November 16, 2007)

Today I went to the city, as my hubby was getting a new tattoo. Whilst he was getting this done, I was bored so I popped out to the coffee shop down the road, and what do I see walking towards me, not one but two filthy shitskins. They were your typical buckeye nigger bucks - yes we have them here too.

So I decide to cross the road as I don't want to breathe in the same air as those filthy niggers or inhale their stench. I hurried across the road before any traffic came and as I crossed I heard a very loud wolf whistle.

There was no one else around so one of those niggers must have whistled at me, ugh. I felt defiled and went right off the idea of coffee, well not there anyway. I got a takeaway coffee and hurried right back to the tattoo shop.

Coontact Tale #878 (November 16, 2007)

This tale is a couple of years old, but I thought folks here might find it amusing...

I was riding home from work on a crowded city bus on a hot day. The aisle was packed with standing passengers. There was one disgusting little niglet aged around 14-15 who was doing his utmost to be obnoxious - sitting with his legs sprawled across three seats while frail, elderly people on canes were forced to stand, and sticking his huge $200 shoes out into the aisle, kicking at the people standing near him, and shouting "Make me, muddafukka!" at anyone who dared ask him to move to let an older person have a seat.

Finally he kicked the side of my kneecap (I have arthritis in my knees, so this was more painful for me than it would be for most) and I "saw red" and lost it. The bus was stopped at a red light. I yanked the shoe off of his foot and hurled it out the open window behind him, saying "There, 'muddafukka' - I just made you!" He charged off the bus to get his shoe back, just as the light was changing, then as the bus moved off, he ran alongside (still with one shoe on) banging on the side with the other shoe and shouting threats at me. I just laughed and gave him the finger through the window

Coontact Tale #879 (November 16, 2007)

Here's the sorry tale of how shitskinned yardapes robbed my kid of an education. Not surprising, since niggers aren't good for much except stealing.

I raised her mainly in small towns, which are thankfully nearly nig-free. This is probably due to the fact that small towns have less free nig-ghetto housing available, welfare cheques are smaller, cops don't kiss their toby asses the way they do in the cities, and the jobs in small towns involve actual work (farm, factory and customer service jobs). Nigs aren't much into jobs, anyway.

My daughter was a good student all through school, she liked school and got good marks. The first thing she noticed when we moved to the city was that all of her stuff kept getting stolen by niggers. She'd go to school every day to find her locker broken into and all of her stuff gone. I had to replace everything - pens, books, etc. several times that year. I'd buy her nice stuff that was easy to spot when it got stolen - and it always ended up in the grubby brown paws of niggers. She started keeping all of her stuff at home and bringing it with her every day, but the nogs would just swipe it off of her desk or out of her bag whenever her back was turned.

I phoned the school administration, but nothing was done. Finally I went in to see them, but as soon as I arrived at the school office, I knew why my complaints were being ignored. The entire school office was infested with niggers. The secretary, principal, and most of the office staff were all coons. When I demanded that they get the cops involved for all of the thefts, they not only laughed, but threated to kick my kid out of school, instead of the niggers who were stealing.

I found out later that the toronto school board got sued by a bunch of niggers for "disproportionately punishing b-s", so they had adopted a policy that niggers were exempt from being punished for stuff that anyone else would get expelled for. This policy is still in force today, btw.

My daughter started skipping school and showing up late, because she didn't want to go there anymore. She stopped doing her homework and told me it was because they were teaching a bunch of shit, and when I cracked open some of her books to see what they were teaching her, it was all about niggers. Even math problems were about niggers. She told me that she hated class now, and had no friends in her school because all of the other kids were niggers, smoking pot in the back of the class, throwing stuff at each other, mugging kids in the halls, showing up without books, etc. Hygeine and deodorant were nearly unheard of. Most of the teachers were jamaican niggers with accents she couldn't understand. She used to come home and make fun of their accents. For a while I was afraid she was going to go whigger on me, because she got so good at doing their accents!

Then I'd hear her talking with her friends, the ones she had made outside of school. Many of them were going to different schools but were also talking about dropping out because of the coonfestation. I kept hearing them all say, over and over again "Kin someone loan a nigga a pencil?" whenever they were discussing something or someone that was totally pathetic and made them laugh.

Finally I asked her about this. She told me that on the rare occasions when she actually had a White teacher for a course, the teacher would get fed up with the niggers acting up in class. There was one big gigaboo gangsta who would show up to class with nothing but a cell phone, and the teacher would rag on him for not being prepared to take notes. His reply, every time, was to turn to another student and ask "Kin someone loan a nigga a pencil?" Apparently he could afford a cell phone and $250 nike shoes, but not a pencil or a school book. She told her friends about this, and that's how they adopted the expression.

This is why these animals should be consigned to a zoo and/or a prison, and not permitted to infest human schools, where they ruin the education for the humans. Humans pay taxes to fund public schools, but niggers collect welfare, pay no taxes, and fuxxate the schools that the humans pay for. And their noglets are too stupid to learn anything except how to pick the meat off a chicken bone, or the finer points of huffing jenkem.

BTW: My daughter is currently working full time and finishing her high school diploma by correspondence. She plans to go to college once she decides on a career.

Coontact Tale #880 (November 16, 2007)

I was at Metro PCS buying a new phone and when I got out I wanted to go across the street to get a bite to eat at Don Pablos. I needed some exercise so left my car and walked over. On the way, this hideous old fat sheboon with three plastic bags filled to the top waddled over to me and babbled "Aye Aye!! Aye Missa!"

I acted like I didn't hear anything so kept walking fast hoping the nigger would get the hint. Of course it didn't and practically ran up to me so it was in my path. I almost choked at the smell that was a cross between boiled turnips and shit. I coughed and held my nose while attempting to pass this sheboon. Whenever I tried to walk, it quickly moved to get in front of me.

"Gib meeza dolla fo ah sobwah sammich! I beez soz hongray!" it yelled to me and reached out with its paw at me. This nigger didn't say please or thank you but demanded it from me. It mentioned Subway because it thought I'd give it a dollar if was going someplace to eat healthy.

"No! Get the fuck out of my way, nigger!" I shouted to this boon and kept walking. I heard some babble that I can't decipher that sounded like, "Ahcha mah fuhggitta fuggitfa kuggah ankey crookah"

There was some Mexican humans sitting on their car in the parking lot so the sheboon went over to them to demand for their dolla. Stupid coons!!

Coontact Tale #881 (November 16, 2007)

This is one of 2 coontact tales I have been meaning to post since earlier today. I rarely deal with niggers so having 2 to report in the last little bit is rare.

Earlier today I went for lunch at the pub and seen this nigger the same one who leaches smokes off everyone. I was sitting a couple seats down from it and the nigger was minding its own business for awhile. Saying hi to people being nice like a monkey with bannanas in all of it's 4 paws. The guy sitting beside me was Russian and (I am not getting Political here) Brought up Vladmir Putin the Russian Prime Minister (Or is it a president there I dont know anyway) This nigger yells out with its beer in his hand "I hate that fucker" (It sounded more like fucka but niggers can't say r's for some reason) The Russian guy who speaks good English for not being here that long asked why?

"He hates my race" the nigger says! The nigger also says "Tons of Niggers (Not the word it use obviously) are getting beat up and hated on and he ain't doing nothing about it. The nigger then goes on about threats of violence towards people over there it was actually really hard for me to keep a straight face. I never said anything as this big ape could grab me and use me as a toothpick but it was funny seeing how easy it actually is to set a nigger off. Right when I got up around the bar to pay my tab the nigger had a blueish vein stick up on its head and said I hate that Russian. I just shrugged my shoulders and left. Who is the real racist?

Second coontact

I was telling Birdman about this yesterday It is fucking cold as hell and my daughter wants ice cream? After begging enough I cave in. The store is only a block away so we walk. We have this new tenant downstairs this over weight woman. (Trust me that is a compliment to her) This nigger always visits there. The nigger is a complete flamer (No offence to homosexuals). As we walk by its car one of those old Chey Malibus I told it its tires are flat.

This nigger has the beret (those weirdo hats on) gets out and looks. "Ahhhh Shuckles" the nigger says. And in quite a femmy voice. "You might want to go to the gas station and fill them up with some air" I told it. The one tire on the back was virtually a pancake with the rim sitting on the pavement. As we start coming back from the store we seen the nigger trying to operate the jack to put the donut (Spare on) It had no idea what it was doing

"Do you know how to do this I am stumped" says the nigger. " I have no clue on anything like that" and then walked away. Hell any moron can change a tire do you think I am going to help you nigger

Then we came home and had a Rootbeer Float and I came on here.

Coontact Tale #882 (November 16, 2007)

Here's an old one but I thought I would write it up. I was headed into this strip club one time, on the sidewalk outside the establishment, I was accosted by this fat sheboon. She was looking for a "date" and before I know it gave me a hug. I fought her off and made my way into the club.

The bouncer asked me if that sheboon was giving me any trouble, I said yes, she was a prositute and I think was trying to reach for my wallet. The bouncer went outside to have a word with her, of course "I didn't doo nuffin" and major chimpout. The boon saw me peeking through the window and hurled some abuse in my direction as well. The bouncer came inside and called the cops.

I took an occasional peek outside to see how the situation was progressing. The was accosting some guy in his CAR, with the passenger door open and her big fat nigger ass hanging out, she was inside the car bothering this guy and probably trying to steal whatever she could get her hands on. I guess at some point the cops showed up and either arrested her or told her to move on, unfortunately I missed the conclusion to this story.

Coontact Tale #883 (November 16, 2007)

Here's one from the 7th grade...

This is my brother's coontact, I remember it as well as if he told me yesterday. His first day in the 7th grade, he had a nigger in his social studies class. The teacher asked the shitskin, "What is the capital of the United States?" The nigger was perplexed, thought about it while staring at the ceiling and replied, "Pluto?" That was 1973. I remembered that as it was as funny then as it is now and have told many a human of the encounter over the years. That would make him about 46 or 47 if he's still alive (unlikely).

Coontact Tale #884 (November 16, 2007)

A handful of coontact tales

1. Personal coontact: THE PITA STORY: My wife and I both worked for the same company on South Carolina's Grand Strand. We were crossing the parking lot when we passed a very black employee on the way in. He was good natured, but not exactly the sharpest pencil in the drawer, and he spoke with a thick Gullah accent. My wife was eating a pita sandwich (pita bread stuffed with cheese, meat and vegetables) and he couldn't figure out what it was. After speaking to me, he said, "Hey, Kelly, watchu eatin?"

"A pita," she replied.

He took two more steps and then locked up so suddenly he almost fell on his face.

"Say what?! A peetah?!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, a look of utter, shocked horror on his face. We had to stop and show him what pita bread was in order to calm his fear that my wife had castrated someone and was in the process of devouring his "peetah" on a sandwich with lettuce and cheese.

2. THE LESSON:While employed for the same people, I worked a lot of midnights, and one night I was taking a break in the office where a small negroid worked. I was drinking a coke when he suddenly spoke.

"Hey, man, you're White ain't you?"

"Yeah, last time I checked."

"An' you used to be a biker, didn't you?"

"Yeah..." I said, wondering where this was going.

All of a suddenly he blurted, "Well, then, you eat pussy, don't you?"

Shocked, I nodded in the affirmative, and then he asked the question.

"How do you do it?"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, how do you do it? I've got this lady, and she's so clean I want to try it, but I don't know how to go about it. Black guys don't do that, ya know, and they'd make fun of me if they knew I wanted to do it. I figured you'd understand, and maybe tell me how, you know?"

So I told him how, start to finish, and he dutifully broke out his pen and took extensive notes, nodding with a smile the whole time he was writing. Far be it from me to hold someone back who tries to better himself.

3. RASTUS GETS WHUPPED: The following video is at (for that matter, you can find it all over). In it, a nigger pimp decides to break bad on a White man who tells him to stop beating on his coalburner whore. Unfortunately for Rastus, the White man is a hand to hand combat instructor for the local police. A case of TNB=AOA (TNB = ape on asphault) at its finest!

4. A CASE OF RAPE: This was relayed to me by a chief of police, my former boss, and happened in Miramir, Florida in the late sixties-early seventies. His sergeant called him in one night, telling him they had a rape complaint, and he had never dealt with one before. Upon entering...well, I'll tell it in his words.

"Here sat the ugliest nigger woman I'd ever seen. She was a swamp nigger, as black as coal: just UUUUUgly black. She had on a sweater and nothing else, and was sitting there unconcerned on a chair with her legs spread wide open showing everything she had."

Ma'am, were you raped?

Yes, me been rape.

I thought, what the hell?

How old are you?

Me twenny an' one.

Are you married?

No, me no marry.

Do you have any children?

Yes, me have five.

I slammed my pencil down.

What the hell happened, lady? Didn't he pay you?

Dat sumbitch promise me five dollahs!

MARTIAL ARTS COONTACT: One of my best friends was stationed in Texas; he was a sergeant in the Special Forces in the late seventies. One day whilst in town by the base, he ran across some martial arts equipment in a local shop, and bought a shurikan and the heaviest pair of nunchaku I've ever handled (They were made out of the heavy nightstick-type plastic.). He still had them in the bag and was on his way back, and here's his story as he told it to me. I believe it because I know the guy very well, and this is exactly the kind of stuff he does.

I heard somebody screaming, and here were these two niggers beating on a White girl, the big one holding her and the little one punching her. (Turns out they were pimps and she was one of their hookers.) Well, I wasn't about to let some nigger beat a White woman, and, since the big one had his back to me, I yanked the "nunchucks" out of the bag, ran up behind him, and whipped them up as hard as I could right between his legs. That big son of a ____ stopped, turned around, and looked at me, and I thought, "Oh hell!" Then his eyes rolled up in his head and he passed out right there. That little one looked at me and said, "I'll kill yo', yo White mutha____ah!" and then turned and ran. I jerked that shurikan out of my bag and threw it; it hit him in the back and it stuck in him, but he just jerked and ran even faster. I was airborne qualified, but I chased that nigger for three blocks trying to get my shurikan back, and I never did catch him. I lost that damned shurikan within fifteen minutes after buying it!

Coontact Tale #885 (November 16, 2007)

Coontact creating new niggermaniac...

Hey folks...

One of my acquaintances from the gym just took an assistant manager job at the "Family Dollar" store three weeks ago. He's a fairly liberal guy and he was excited about the job because the hours suited him very well and the location is close to his home. Of course, all I could think about when he told me about his windfall was all the monkeyshines he was going to endure in his thankless vocation...and boy, was I right! The other day, I asked him how the job was going. He informed me that he's uncertain as to how much longer he can stick with it. Apparently, at some point in the last three weeks, "somebody" took a crap on the floor. Right in the store. Additionally, the place is suffering huge shoplifting problems, stuff is flying off the shelves and it's nearly impossible to stem the flow of theft taking place. The clincher was this, evening last week, a she-boon hid beneath a display rack just before closing time, her plan being to come out once the human managers were gone and take the three thousand bucks in the till. My friend discovered her and detained her during the wait for the poh-leece. All during this time, the she-boon berated him, accusing him of being "ray-ciss" and saying that she didn't do "nuffin'". The real icing on the cake was her final display of nigger logic, however...she said the whole incident was my friend's fault, because he didn't kick her out of the store when he was closing! My acquaintance said "What do you mean?! You were HIDING!!!" LOL. He said that he's worried for his life, that he could get killed for three thousand dollars. I said "Oh, trust me- they'd kill you for far less!" He told me that pretty much all the customers are niggers. Then, looking around the gym, he leaned in towards me and said in "sotto voce"..."You know...they're not like us! I didn't say too much- as I stated earlier, the guy is fairly liberal. I'm giving him a couple more weeks before he quits this job and then perhaps I'll direct him to niggermania.

Coontact Tale #886 (November 16, 2007)

Our neighborhood is getting more and more niggers moving in, I guess section 8, how else, and its depressing. Welcome to America. Today My brother and I were taking our dog for a walk in the neighborhood. A little dog but sometimes yappy. As were heading back home we see a nigger woman and two nigger men on the other side of the street. One of the men was short wearing the typical long white baggy t-shirt and baggy jeans and the other had an afro and wearing a basketball shirt, its warm here in CA even though its November. Anyway our dog starts yapping loudly at the darkies, they must of 'spooked' him, so the short one runs into the street, startling me, and does a quick and perfect backflip. Talk about monkeyshines. It was our own private Barnum and Bailey circus act. We were very amused at the well trained chimp.

Coontact Tale #887 (November 17, 2007)

When I was in the 8th grade I was unfortunate to have to attend a majority nigger school. I think it was something like 70% niganimal, 30% Human...

Anyhow, I was in gym class and the guys were made to sit on one side of the gym while the teacher took roll and the girls on the other side for the same thing. One of the niggers in my class was about 3yrs older than the rest of us and loved to act tough. At one point while waiting for the teachers to come over, this niganimal walks over to where the girls are sitting, stands over a human girl and farts in her face. She immediately stands up and starts calling him names...of course the other niganimals are laughing but I and the other humans weren't. So I stood up and told the nigger he's pretty bad ass to be able to pick on a girl 3yrs younger than him. He proceeds to walk over to me, and as soon as he was within arms reach, I punched him as hard as I could right in his nose. His damn gorilla nose SPLATTED and blood flew everywhere as he fell on his ass. Now, he outweighed me a lot and was at least a head taller than me, so he did get up and kick my I still landed a few good punches and I ended up with a black eye, fat lip and some scrapes but he had a broken nose.

Anyhow, we were both sent to the deans office and the NIGGER dean asks me what happened and the nig interupts with, "This white boy called me a nigger!" I replied with, (even though I hadn't called him a nigger) "That's because you are a nigger!" That nig-nog dean's eyes got as wide as a was speechless! He then proceeds to call my dad and I got suspended for 3 days and the nigger got 5

(Btw, I was jumped about 3 more times during that school year by niggers because of that episode, but I ALWAYS had at least one nigger walking away pretty busted up)

Coontact Tale #888 (November 18, 2007)

I had a friend in high school that was always complaining about his grandfather being racist. He was convinced that niggers are just people like you and me. We only had one nigger in the high school and he was smart enough to behave himself.

What's the perfect treatment for a nigger loving liberal like this guy?

Raptorman here, I'll answer that. Nobody is born racist only a nigger can make a racist. It's Coontact. Coontact, or forced close proximity to niggers, is the perfect treatment.

When he went to college, I'm not sure how or why it happened, but he ended up being put in the ALL NIGGER dorm. Him and his roommate were the only humans in the entire building.

I'm not sure if he lasted a semester there or the whole year. But after putting up with monkeyshines 24/7, including the constant thumpa-thumpa log beating "music", niggers running down the hall SCREAMING at the top of their lungs, for no reason, at all hours of the day and night.. well this turned him into a 100% nigger hating niggermaniac!

He told me it's a good thing they don't allow guns to be kept in the dorm, otherwise he would have blown away some of those niggers on several occasions.

Coontact Tale #889 (November 18, 2007)

This was in '90, before I owned a home and was still enlisted. Anyway, I believe I was on shore leave (my paid 30 month a year vacation), and me and my wife had gone to the laundromat to do some laundry. We had finished doing laundry that was fresh out of the dryer and we were folding them on the table. The whole time we were there there was this huge nigger whale doing her three trash bags of laundry with her three or four niglets running around undisciplined without any objections from their mammy, playing with the carts, disturbing other human patrons, and making a mess in the restroom. The owner apparently wasn't there or didn't care because these little brats were running around the whole time like this while the sheboon was clicking and clacking to the older nigger sheboon (I'm guessing her mammy). Anyway, me and my wife just ignored it since we were nearly done anyway, and as we were finishing up one of the little turds plays with the carts in our vicinity and accidently lets it loose at a great speed, incidentally striking my wife (who was at the time pregnant). Needless to say, I was furious, and I started walking to sheboon, since the fuc**r ran off without the niggorilla saying anything. I was so mad I started screaming at her without thinking about what I was saying and what everyone else there would hear. But I told her something similar to "hey fatty, you need to start controlling your little beasts, did you not see what one of them did, or do you not care?" Anyway, a shouting contest ensued, and she ends up calling me a "stupid messican," even though I'm not Mexican, I'm Fillipino, and she proceeds later to call me "rayciss." I told her, in similar words, your kind need to stick to your part of town and stop letting your stupid pimps-in-training endanger everyone around them, and this is the problem with America. In any case, I left without any physical altercations (in large part because the niglets ran off), and my wife was ok, and my daughter ended up healthy. Fortunately, I now own a home and can do all my laundry here.

Laundromat Coontact can be of the worst sort. We all have had that experience, we suffered it a few years ago when our washing machine of 14 years broke down and we were waiting for the appliance store to deliver a new one. A truly hideous experience.

Coontact Tale #890 (November 18, 2007)

A few weeks back i was driving down the street then i see 3 bucks walking. Two of them were on the sidewalk but one was walking right down the center of the street dragging his knuckles and strutting like he owns the fucking street. As i swerve to go around him he gives me a fucking look like i did something wrong then after i pass him i look in the rearview mirror and the chimp is mouthing shit and lifting up his shirt like hes a badass or something. What the fuck do they think the world revolves around them or something?

Hey, come to think of it we have all seen the lifting the t-shirt thing. WTF is it with niggers doing that anyway?

As far as niggers thinking they don't. Every have a dog that was slightly retarded? Well, there you go!

Coontact Tale #891 (November 18, 2007)

Hello fellow nigger haters,

I came across your website a couple of weeks ago and have been laughing ever since. You are providing a great public service. I have got to tell you a coontact I think you will enjoy, I know I did.

About six weeks ago I am over at my Mothers house wiring up some of those Malibu lights along the sidewalk to the house. Now her area is almost totally White. I grew up there and there was only one nigger in my school. Anyway the fellow next door had a heart attack and had to hire someone to mow his yard. He did hire a company in good standing and had actually done work at my Mothers house before I moved back to this area.

Problem, he had hired a nigger and dropped him off with a mower and a weedeater. The nigger was trying to start the mower for about 15 pulls on the cord and honest to God he started beating the top of it with a stick. I am laughing my ass off internally, but do not want to interupt this chimpout. It sees me and starts groidling over in my direction. It axe me if I have any starter fewrel. I figure out it is asking me for starter spray, and I tell it I might but not sure. While I finish up wiring the light I am working on the nigger is standing there with its upper appendages crossed like I should jump up and step and fetch, fat chance. Now usually I would tell it to piss off, but I thought, nigger+machinery+highly combustable fuel= A possible huge laugh. I figured the worse could happen would be it would get the mower started then steal my starter fluid.

It groidles back over to the mower and I stare in disbelief as it it starts spraying the ether into the flywheel. Even an idiot knows to spray in the carb after removing the air filter. Hell I knew this when I was 12 years old.I act like I am still wiring the lights and trying my best not to bust out laughing. Groid keeps a pullin that flywheel After about 10 pulls it sprays more ether into the top of the mower. And it finally happens, I hear a loud WHOOSH and a big ball of flame blasts off the niggers eyebrows, facial hair and the front of its nappy hair. The mower burned for a about a minute but the gas tank did not explode (damn shame).

I called the fellow that owned the lawn service and told him what happened, and he told me thank God, I had to hire him because I go thru Texas Employment Commision and you cant refuse hiring due to race. He was overjoyed he had a legitimate reason to fire it. Strangely enough, even after being burned the nigger had the foresight to throw the can of ether into the back of the trailer the mowers and tools were carried on. I guess they just cant help stealing. I let it take it . It was well worth the two bucks it cost to see those monkeyshines.

By the way I HATE NIGGERS!

Coontact Tale #892 (November 18, 2007)

Tis the season at Niggermart...

21 seconds after Halloween is over, Niggermart goes into Christmas mode. We've hired some seasonal hep, got all dem chirsmaas shit out of dem boxes, and gearing up for Nigger Friday which for all you non niggermart folks is the day after thansgiving. We've also started to get some new security folks and what better time to train this grrl in the ways of the security detail than now. SO I get moved for a week to the security dept. I do gotta hand it to niggermart, they pull out all the stops when it comes to cameras. Our store has better than 150 and at any given time, you can be seen by no less than 6.

SO I get to patrol the sto for a day. Boring as hell too. Just endlessly walk the isles lookin for looting niggers. If you see one, then you're NOT to approach them, just follow them thru the store. Hell, why not gib me one of Krag's ax handles and let me bash some brains out. "What!!! bash!!!! you stole a BASH!!! pack of gum bash!!! stupid bash!!!! nigger bash!!!" You get the picture I'm sure. Now the guy who worked with me has been in the security dept for about 15 yrs so he knows all the tricks. He says not to worry about the white folks, generally they are good customers. Pick a nigger (yes he said the N word) and watch them, esp if its a loud mough nigger, if its a fat she boon, if it has 7 nigglets wif em. I tell him that would describe 90% of the niggers coming in! He laughs and tells me that's why we need some more people, hard to watch all the niggers.

So we go to the front to scope out a few niggers when in walks our 2 first victims. A couple of fat mammies who looked like poster chillens of the Save the Polyester cause. Your typical 400+ fat nigger sows who think the world is lookin at them, the all eyes on me type, you know the ones I'm talking about. We've all seen them everyday, knuckle draggin down the street, bumming money at the sto's, hanging out at the local package store, typical niggers.

First thing they do is stand around, fat asses covered in green and pink spandex,making sure dat ebbeyone's eyes is upon dem fat ass. or could it be that they are scoping out the cameras. Don't do any good nigger, I'm sure you're already wall to wall in the camera booth. They waddle down the isle, draggin nigglets wif dem. Usally they get one of the nigglets to push a buggy, John says to run blocker for the mammies. The lil niggas push the buggy down the isle about 10 ft in front of mammy so that YT will step aside so queen laquisha can pass. John tells me that he hates niggers and I make a mental note to show him Niggermania later. Anyway, I flank these niggers going up the isle, would be like a nigger to steal something in front of everyone. But they go straight to the Ick isle. The Ick isle is where you seen all the overweight folks, the isle where you seen kids dragging their moms and they are saying you don't need all the icky stuff. In other words the candy isle. Nigglets running up and snatching stuff off the shelves to bring back to the queen for her approval. One nod and it's in, a shake and it's back to a shelf, not necessary where it's supposed to go. So after they make a total wreck of the isle (I counted 5 of those huge bags of candy going in there) they head to the seafood dept. John says watch them head to the freebies, just watch them (I can sense here that he's so wanting to bash a nigger so bad). Today we had some apples and a new dip out. Niggers head to this isle like a water buffalo to it's favorite watering hole. One thing I learned, is that never get in the way of a nigger heading to a freebie. They'll stomp you to death before you get away. But this selection of the day isn't up to a nigger standard, its not sugar, it's not found in the Ick isle, its not grease and this is actually GOOD for you. So after a few nigglets stick there finger in and ruin about 10 cups of dip, they head off. I'm thinking to myself, no wonder we're always losing money on freebies. Niggers go to the seafood isle and are wanting a sample of dem skrimps. We do give out small samples of the already cooked one and usally it's one and they'll buy it. But not a nigger, they complain that the last sample was too hot, could dey get one of the cooled ones. When that excuse ran out (after 5 more) they ax if dey could get some, and could dey pick out de ones dey want. I kid you not, nigger has the girl sit there and PICK OUT individual skrimps! She looks over at me and I know I got this death stare on my face. She tells her that she's got to wait on another customer which pisses off the nigger and she tells her dat she's gonna tell on her and she doesnt want the skrimps anymore. It took all I had not to go over and say something but I know I'm not supposed to 'blow my cover' so to say. nigger then heads to the fresh meat to stick a monkey paw in each and every one of the packs of ground meat. Every damn one! a hole in everyone of them! I'm thinking of the money lost to pull everyone of these things out and re package them, damn stupid niggers! niggers then pass by the fresh fruit (remember the apples n dip? niggers don't want any of that shit, its GOOD for you) and head to 'lectronics to see what they can steal. By this time, they have opened 2 of the bags of candy and are devoring them, throwing the wrappers on the floor behind them. It would be easy to track these niggers by the mess they are creating (or destruction). John at this time has cussed these niggers for each and every breath. I'm think he's gonna have a heart attack at any moment. But we trudge on, he's got this sense about folks stealing. I'm wanting to bust these niggers but he's saying to wait, 'for the big score'. Nigger bust into 'lectroics and immediately fan out in all directions. John says watch big mammy, she's going in for the score dont' worry with these little shits. I note the case with the MP3 players is open down at the bottom where they kept. Must be stocking the case I think. Big Mammy sees this and heads toward it, drawn like a magnet. She takes a big monkey foot and kicks one of the boxes to spill out the players and gets a white woman to pick up the box for her cause she hurt her back and can't bend over. Nigger looks around and then drops the box in her big pocketbook like it was some mistake. John about shits on himself and heads to the front like a nigger to a free KFC buffet! He's got this wild gleam in his eyes at the time, and goes in the camera room. "Did you get that", he squeals and the guy, who was almost asleep says WHUT? GD Fat nigger stealing he yells and pushes the guy out of the way. He's going back thru the recording and yells, There By the bitch! I'm thinking she not stole anything yet and says you gawd, got the fat bitch! So heads to the door and waits and sure enuff, fat mammy heads toward the door and sets off the alarm. Sure enough, she's denying anything while they pass the handheld scanner over her. When it beeps over her purse, I think John is about to explode. They get her to open the purse and shore nuff, someone has planted that MP3 player in her purse. Evil YT trying to keep a nigga down. The PO PO comes and in a few minutes nigger comes out and leaves. What the hell?? I say, got her dead to right. John says that she claims it fell into her purse when she seen it on the floor and had that girl hand it up to her. She threw it in the buggy and it fell in her purse by mistake. As we didn't see her pick it off the floor, a good lawyer would get her off he says. But we told her that if we caught her in the store again, we would press charges. For every nigger caught, 10 more get away he says.

Sucks doesn't it??

On a happier note, when I showed John Niggermania, the man was in love! WHen I left him, he was laughing and saying That a god damn nigger for you, stinkin bastards! Who knows, maybe a new member soon??

Coontact Tale #893 (November 18, 2007)

The difference between nigger and human:

I walk into a store and I need to get a new lanyard for my ID cards for work. I find them and start looking through them for the color I wanted. This light skinned sheboon (employee) walks up and says, “You can’t ha dat!” (Translation: You can’t have that.) I try to ignore her and she walks closer and says, “You can’t ha dat!” I just glowered at her and said, “OK…FINE” and proceeded to walk out of the store immediately. As I’m walking away she’s babbling, “NO…I jus kiddin. I jus KIDDIN! Ay…AY You ain’t leavin’ is you?” Keep in mind the whole way to the store I had experienced TNB in spades (pun intended) all the way there. So I really wasn’t in the mood to hear anything even remotely like that. Especially from some nigger employee.

The next day, I walk into the store. A white human woman walks up to me and said, “May I help you sir?” I replied, “I was just looking for a lanyard.” She then asks, “Do you see the color you want?” I replied, “Actually, no I don’t see it here, but I guess I can live with something else.” She then asks, “What color would you like?” I replied, “I was looking for red.” She then said, “Wait here sir, I’ll go in back and see if we have any red ones.” She goes in back and a couple of minutes later came back with a whole bag full of red lanyards. I thanked her, paid for the item, and I happily left.

If I had a business, the last thing on earth I would want to hire is a nigger!

Coontact Tale #894 (November 18, 2007)

Went out of my way to incite a chimpout...2

I scheduled an internet payment through my checking account to pay a credit card bill, but somehow the niggers managed to dick it up, so I had to call and straighten it out. Well of course tanqueesha takes my call and I have to listen to niggerbabble on the telephone on a saturday morning when I'm already pissed. So she is going through their script that they can amazingly read, and no matter how many times I call this biological obscenity a stupid nigger, it only repeats itself over and over again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience sir and I'll work with you to correct that, probably with its yellow nigger eyes half closed. God I wish washington mutual had a call center in india because I could live with that, but no, good old fashioned american niggers.

Coontact Tale #895 (November 18, 2007)

The following isn't a Coontact Tale as much as it is a commentary on Affirmative Action. It's one of the better ones I've seen and wanted to place it here so it wouldn'e be lost.

Thanks all for the kind and warm welcome. I appreciate it.

I respectfully don't think I'm "fooled" as some have suggested, though I understand why you might think so.

I'm honored by the fact the admins will permit me (in this forum) to use the [email protected] word. With few exceptions I will write it as [email protected], because I respect this forum.

I'll tell a little story/outline some views that doesn't bash niggers. Indeed it bashes reactions to them. No, no, it's not some liberal pile of crap.

Something I've noticed in my life: when affirmative action accommodations are made, people lose. (I'm including smart [email protected] in that 'people' characterization; sorry but I am).

In order to be viewed as non-racist, you have to treat everyone exactly the same. Fair enough in theory. Great, in theory. But, that means, in order to protect your department, corporation, call it what you will... you need to document EVERYTHING.

Sambo shows up late? Needs a warning, pronto.

Bill, who does the work of three men, shows up late once in a blue moon? Yeah. Got to warn him too. Everything becomes a super-bureaucracy.

Doesn't matter that he's the man who holds your outfit together. You have to "be fair". And by the book.

As a result, there's a lot more bureaucracy than we need. Document everything. Go through the procedures. Etc.

My Dad is technically of African birth.

Whoa Whoa Whoa! He's white. Plain and simple. Plain and excellent in fact.

But he was born in South Africa. And dealing with that government... well it was dysfunctional and repressive back in the day, presumably because it had to deal with niggers. But now? It's insane.

Can you imagine being a white man trying to get a birth certificate from an African government that's purged whitey? If you're [email protected], fine, you just scream racism! If you're white, well sod you. As my family has endured.

I needed a security clearance. Geez. Dealing with the SA Gov't was bloody miserable, but I had to since that's where my Dad was born.

A final (and nominally [email protected] note): The chap I mentioned didn't have white blood. He was pure west-African. (google 'west africa wins again' to get a feel for the improbability of that.

He taught cryptography at a top tier university and he knew his stuff. He was solid. Very, very good.


One man.

I've met between 1000 and 10000 whites/asians/whatever that could teach that course.

And one black man. (Apologies for using '[email protected]' blatantly but this particular man deserved it.)


Man, that's sad.

So: AA means a lot more bureaucracy, it also means a lot more crap messed up.

Thanks again for the welcome.

I'm not yet a niggermaniac, but you did get me to use the word repeatedly.


Coontact Tale #896 (November 19, 2007)

Hi, currently am on my Treo and can't log in - but still wanted to share some firstgrade coontact from Vienna, Austria:

As you may know, I am forced to attend school with a very ugly, stupid and annoying coon(see the Newgrange Story for more examples) who gets pampered by leftists 24/7 and simply won't get expelled or even forced to repeat a class...more on that another time.

Anyways, coonboy and his leftist friend work together on a project involving large 3m long logs of wood(for building a greenhouse). Since the assholes were too lazy to transport the logs to their final destination right away, they placed them in the back of the classroom instead...blocking my access to my desk.

Well...I asked them like 50 times to remove the stuff(toppled over them multiple times and hurt myself) to no avail...and went to the supervisor to complain because I could take it no longer.

As I was out of the class for like 20secs(walked extra slowly), I heard a huge thump. Coonboy apparently kicked against my desk(with my powered-on laptop, ipaq handheld in a cradle and Treo communicator on top of it...I am a developer doing mobile apps...need to EARN a living instead of stealing one off the state...).

No idea why it did so...just shows how coons think and act. Coonboy probably was pissed that i dared to touch his worthless wood poles while toppling over it. If my machines would have been damaged(luckily they werent), the leftist assholes running the school would for sure have found a way to keep the repair bill on me.

After all, I am a white arab while the coon is jet black... . Folks, I really don't know what to do anymore - can't one leave stuff on a desk in a civilized country??

Coontact Tale #897 (November 19, 2007)

Clickity click ugabuga ebonic speaking jungle bunny with a fucked up mouth

Ok so my friend & I went to the pet store to buy some crickets. We had been waiting forever for some help when finally this big ol' fugly spear chucker came over & started to ask us something. Now usually in situations like this (with a "trick trained nigger" as my daddy calls them) you can somewhat make out what its saying. Usually the Maasa's try to encourge it to learn english. But this time neither one of us could understand it, not to save our lives! It starts laughing about the whole thing????? Then it attempts to explain away & we manage to decipher that it recently got its tounge pierced........TWICE, so it could barely talk. Now right next to us there is also a guy waiting with his boy, about 10, for help. My friend has 2 boys, one 8 & one 10. Our 2 boys are busy making fun of the creature & all pissed off it goes to get the crickets, only a few feet away. The guys son says to my frinds son "It's not nice to make fun of retared people.....he cant help it!" My friend & i are gggling under our breath, when her oldest announced at the top of his lungs"

"He's not a retard you butthole.....hes a clickity click ugabuga ebonic speaking jungle bunny with a fucked up mouth!

I almost busted my seems trying to not laugh out loud. We could tell it was mad but it must of needed its job BAD cuse it didnt say anything! We tried to be civil but it was sooooooo funny we couldnt help it. We start laughing out loud & this further pisses off the thing & not to mention the other guy is all pissy too. Meanwhile her son is like "What?........Well isnt it?!?!?!"

Well that was all the nigger could take.....being called a itby the kid was the last straw. He starts in about:

"uza needa b-ahh leav-n ifsa u canna b axe-nt wrights...yo"

She just grabbed the crickets & we paid & left. The whole while her son really couldnt understand why the "It" was mad. Totaly oblivious that he'd done something wrong in the nigger's eyes. We laughed all the way home.....laughed hard. She didnt have the heart to give her son hell about using the word "Fuck".

Coontact Tale #898 (November 19, 2007)

I'm back, with a couple hospital coontact tales.

I got home today, full of piss but with very little vinegar. I thank everybody for their kind thoughts and prayers. Given a little luck, and if I take care of my self, I could live another fifteen or twenty years. A good thing also my blood pressure is now much lower.

And here are a couple short hospital coontact tales.

The first day I was back in the hocking fusspital, I had a semi-private room with a sow in the other half. It was constantly visited by other sows, and when two or more get together, they can't be quiet. Worse they threw their coats on my bed, and even pulled my stuff out of the closet, threw it on the floor and hung their shit there. I complained to the staff, and mercifully they moved the sow out.

When I was to go for my operation they sent in a nigger orderly to take me to the OR. This ape sat around and watched rap videos until they sent a human orderly to find out where he was.

I woke up after the operation to see my friends and neighbors there. Then after a nap, I woke to find the room full of Mexicans. The last farm I managed before I retired was near here, and I made some friends from the year round staff. They offered up a prayer and before they left one gave me some advice I'll pass on. "YOU LOOK OUT FOR THOSE NIGGERS. IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL, THEY'LL STEAL THE FILLINGS RIGHT OUT OF YOUR TEETH."

Again, thank you all for your kind thoughts

Coontact Tale #899 (November 19, 2007)

In high school my health teacher was a nigger, and not just any nigger either. He was one of those hippy niggers with the braided hair. He couldn't teach, he just showed movies all the time. Once in a while he'd put on a video related to health or the human body, but mostly it was actual movies or shows he'd taped. And I still got a D on his class, despite the fact the little work he did gave us I did.

I'd really like hang to him!

Coontact Tale #900 (November 19, 2007)

Gas station cobra!

As some of you may know, I'm currently living in a nigger-encrusted portion of the earth's crust that is called Milwaukee.

Well, as any white man must do in this circumstance, I must periodically "gas up" my vehicle at a nigger-infested Milwaukee gas station. The one I tend to chose is on the outfringes of town, but in Milwaukee, there is no escape from T.N.B!!! All pumps are pre-pay, plexi-glass cashier window, Chinese-manufactured nigger pimp baubles galore for sale.. you know, the standard stuff.

The reason I chose this gas station is because it's one of the last in the area that I know of that is still a white family business. They may hire niggers, but they also hire whites, and there's no dot-head Sammies in the picture.

Anyway, the reason I bring all up is because they're always trying to sell useless shit to the niggers, like bling-bling lighters, "candoms" (a condom for a beer can), and something being a foam snake for $3.99 that "expands" to what is supposedly six times its size.

So I went in there last week, and there was this big yellow-and-green foam Cobra wrapped around the display on the counter. Apparently, someone in management decided to fully "expand" one in hopes of moving their overpriced cheap merchandise. To be honest, at the time, it looked like some kind of extruded sponge - the thing was all cracked and looked like some cheesy piece of shit in my opinion.

Imagine my surprise when I visited the same gas station this morning. In the span of about five days, this very same cheesy foam cobra had been broken into three pieces! Moreover, it had been taped back together with packing tape, throttled (judging from the fingernail claw marks around its neck and hood), and stomped on (judging from the tennis shoe tread marks on it!)

So I asked the nigger attendant what the deal was with this broken, dirty, beat-up cobra that was still on the counter. She said that "some people had got scairt" by the snake and had had some "bad reactions", resulting in the injury to the snake. As a result, the snake was "getting beat up".

I am considering forwarding a suggestion to the white owners of this gas station not to sell life-size foam snakes to niggers, lest they suffer the inevitable medical claims of shock from the encounter.

But then again, in this current culture, they should probably know better.

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