The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources across the world wide web.

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Coontact Tale #801 (September 21, 2007)

I've been a Niggermaniac lurker for a few months now, and was a shining example of the most liberal, pc person you'd ever want to meet. Moving into a Nigger neighborhood changed that all for me, and having to deal with TNB led me to find comfort and consolation at Niggermania. Yes, I can now use the word 'nigger' in a sentence, without fearing that the PC Gods will strike me down with lightning. My boyfriend is a former teacher who was assigned to work in a nigger school straight out of college, and tried his best to teach the boons. He realized the futility of this after a couple of years and quit, although he's still as liberal as they come.

Here's our hilarious coontact:

We visited an amusement park over the weekend, and had a lovely time. No coontact until late that evening, when we went to ride on the swinging chairs know the one where playground-type swings with long chains are swung around a's kind of like flying? Well, we'd had such a nice time on it that we decided to go again.

Almost all the swing seats had been filled with kids and their parents, when a ghetto-type Negro lady found the only open to us of course. I was glad it was only one, but then she was joined by three other, quite loud, adults. Drat.

One of them was, I kid you not, about 300 lbs. How she was going to fit into the almost child-sized seats, that we just about fit into, was beyond me. But try she did. To my amazement, she managed to shimmy her spandex-clad butt into the seat, the lumps of fat sticking out from the sides of the seat bars. The process was fascinating to watch. Then I guess she decided that she was uncomfortable, or the ride scared her, so she attempted to get out of the seat. To see her rise, with the metal seat attached to her butt, was quite the sight. Her male acquaintance helped to remove the seat after some time. I was really thinking that they would have to call the fire department or something to get her out of the chair.

I heaved a sigh of relief that she was gone, but wait...she was replaced by an almost, equally-as fat boon. Great. She was slightly older, mid-forties perhaps, and she managed to squeeze herself into the seat in front of me.

Their male friend approached the swing next to my boyfriend to sit in it. "Yo, how you get in this thing?"

The process involved in getting into the seat, by the way, amounted to lifting the small metal bar at the front of the swing seat above your head, so you could hop into the seat. You'd then let the bar drop down in front of you, so it would function as a lap bar and prevent you from flying out during the ride.

Mind you, this was primarily a kiddies-and-their-parents ride. I saw 5 and 6-year old human kids get into the swings by themselves. It was that simple, that even a child could do it. And this idiot couldn't figure it out.

All of this, so far, was such textbook Typical Nigger Behavior that I couldn't have scripted it better myself.

But wait, there's more...The buck finally sat himself in the seat, and then saw that everyone around him had attached the seatbelt that dangled from the swing seat's bottom to the lap bar. "Where the seatbelt be at? Where my seatbelt?"

Again, 5-year olds had managed to figure this out. He was raising a ruckus and calling the attendant to help strap him in. At this point, my boyfriend and I locked glances, and exchanged low-key grins. It was then I knew that my PC-man and I were on the same wavelength, being both amused and amazed by the monkeyshines.

So! The ride begins. The swings lift up into the air, and we start swinging in a circle, some 10-15 feet up in the air. The older she-boon in front of me starts screaming, "Oooooooooooooh LAWDY! Oooooooooooh LAWDY!" I have to tell you, folks, there is nothing more disturbing or amusing, than having a 200-300 lb. she-boon flying through the air, a mere 2-3 feet in the air in front of you at 25 mph, kicking her feet in fright, and screaming, "Ooooooooooooh LAWDY!" repeatedly for about 2 minutes. It was surreal.

To further compound this situation, the buck right next to my man started singing (as we're flying through the air) in a hoarse, off-key voice, "Happy Birthdaaaaaay Tooooo Yooouuuuuu, Happy Biiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaay dear Dennnnise!", over and over.

Between the singing behind me, the "Lawdy"s in front of me, and the general nigger cackling all around us, I didn't know whether to laugh or be pissed off. I turned in my swing to yell to my man behind me, "I don't know if "it's" (meaning 'them') enhancing the ride or ruining it!" Grinning, he yelled back, "I think it's enhancing it!"

So, we got off the ride, and I was miffed. A perfectly good ride, ruined by monkeyshines. My man thought it was hysterical, and the true niggermaniac emerged from my sweet, pc liberal man: "Did you see that guy trying to get into his seat? It was like a chimp. After he got in (which I didn't see, as they were behind me), he was banging all around in the seat, and kept bumping into me!"

He kept using the words 'chimp' and 'gorilla' to describe them, and I was surprised and pleased. He had no idea that the boon in front of me kept hollering, "Lawdy!!", and we amused ourselves on the other rides by yelling, "Oooh, Lawdy!" to each other for the rest of the night ?

But wait, kids, there's more!

We went on another ride, an indoor one.

There were some loud nigs in line in front of us, and I asked my guy if, when we sat down for the ride, we could do our best to avoid sitting near them. He agreed.

The premise of the ride involves walking into a house, and riders sit in rows facing each other. The 'house' is decorated with pics on the walls, lamps on tables, etc. The catch is that the floor is not attached to the 'walls' of the house, and the 'walls' turn around, making it seem like the entire room is spinning around you. The floor on which you're sitting also tilts back and forth; it all makes for a grand optical illusion.

Of course, despite our best efforts to avoid them, the nigs sat next to and behind us. You couldn't take any bags or stuffed prizes on the ride, and people with them were asked to deposit their stuff outside the exit, and return to their seats. The nigs, of course being lazy, tried to pass their toy down the row to the people nearest the exit. When no one would take it, they threw it across everyone's laps to land outside of the exit.

So the ride starts, and the floor tilts, and you should have heard the yelling in our ears from the boons behind us. Then the walls started spinning, and they totally freaked out...screaming, yelling, hysterics, chimping out. Their sense of reality was being turned, literally, upside down, and the way they were carrying on, they were actually scared.

I wanted to yell that it was an optical illusion, but I knew they wouldn't have understood. I could tell from the expressions on the human riders opposite us that they were annoyed. My boyfriend was totally cracking up.

When we left the ride, their toy was of course, right in front of the exit door, so everyone had to step over it to leave. I refrained from kicking or stepping on it.

The upshot of all this is that my man is no longer afraid to use the word 'nigger'. The rest of the night, when we would run into loud, annoying boons, he would turn to me and roll his eyes, as if to say, "Can you believe this?", something he's never done before. Another closet Niggermaniac comes in from the cold!
Coontact Tale #802 (September 21, 2007)

I just ran down to the grocery store to pick up dinner. My neighborhood is lily white. Niggers can't afford houses here. Anyway I walk into the store and get blasted by incessant ape-like shrieking. I look around and not a boon in sight so I'm going, "what the hell?"

This store has those little cars attached to the front the shopping carts for the rug rats to ride in. I walk around the register and sure enough two niggletts sitting in one shrieking and making a monkey racket. The lady pushing the cart was white. Most likely she is a foster parent holding these chimps while their mammy serves her time.

Niggers are annoying at all ages.

Coontact Tale #803 (September 23, 2007)

I was helping my son move into his new place Thursday night. When I got done I stopped at the local 7-11 to get a six-pack. It was about midnight. When I was walking up to the door I saw a nigger sitting in the driver’s side of a car out front and there was another nigger at the counter. There are very few niggers around my neighborhood so my spider sense was tingling.

I walked in and put my hands in my pockets to look casual. Of course my right hand was wrapped around the butt of my model 36 Smith & Wesson.

It became obvious the nigger was just buying some shit so I got my beer and got in line behind it. The coon was searching its pockets for change to pay for Kools and taking some time. It turned around and said, “sorry.” I ignored it. Then it turned back and said, “You look familiar.” I’m thinking, “Shut up and get the fuck out, nigger.”

Finally sambo done and it leaves. Just after it’s out the door, the sweet looking little old lady at the counter, who had to be at least 75 said, “he probably thought you were one of his prison guards.”

I laughed my ass off all the way home. More people know about niggers than you think.

Coontact Tale #804 (September 24, 2007)

I remembered a coontact I had when I was a freshman in college the other day so thought I'd share it. This was back when I thought that "not all blacks were bad" and judged them individually.

I lived in an apartment in a government housing building that was located within walking distance to campus. When I first moved in it wasn't so bad but after the new owners took over, the place went very down hill. There used to be a cop living downstairs from me but he moved out so some niggers moved in. At night the niggers would smoke marijuana outside talking so loudly I couldn't sleep. I was probably the only human in this entire apartment complex by now but at the time I didn't notice. I kept to myself all the time since I've always been a bit of a loner.

One day I was walking to school early in the morning. The way I would go was through the other apartment buildings in front of me and then down a country road with no sidewalks that lead to a student parking lot. A nigger popped out of nowhere and ran up to where I was to start walking with me. It was one that looked homeless and all raggedy with alcohol on its breath. I was a bit alarmed at first but there was no one around me on this country road that could help me so I started a friendly conversation.

The nigger was now telling me about his fambly and stuff like that until we got to the student parking lot. I said "Well, I better get going to school now. Nice meeting you" and prepared the leave. Suddenly, this nigger grabbed my arm and looked at me in the eye and whipped out a pocket knife. My eyes bulged out of my sockets and looked to see if anyone was around. The parking lot was empty this time of day. The nigger then said "Ima nice guy but sometime dem nice guys get CUT!" and then left back down the road. I was so afraid I didn't know what to do.

When I got to school I called the campus police reporting the incident and was told they would look for the nigger. I started thinking that if I had tried to ignore or run away from this nigger when it first came up to me then I might of gotten mugged or even killed. My human friendliness probably changed the nigger's mind about hurting me! Why do you guys think the nigger spared me from its violence?

After that day, I brought a thing of mace with me and a swiss army knife in my pocket but was never bothered by any niggers on my way to school again.

Coontact Tale #805 (September 24, 2007)

I just gave a nigger five dollars. I didn't want to but I was worried about my safety. It is about 6:40 am local time and a few minutes ago I went to get something to eat. I have bad insomnia and have not yet been to bed. Anyway on the way to get a breakfast burrito I was able to dodge some major coontact in the street aka niggers selling Valium and other drugs. One nigger latches onto me and follows me into the restaurant. He already tried to approach me on the street and I rebuffed him and know he is asking my opinion about drugs. He says he got some crystal and wanted to know if I thought it was real. Like I would fucking know. I told him I didn't have a clue, although to be honest I think it was a nigger scam and it was baking powder or flour he thought he could sell to dumb ass whitey. Any way he proceeds to show me various drugs and then what was either a crack pipe or a pipe used for smoking meth. I once again told him I don't know what any of that junk is.

Anyway after pulling all this he tries to shake my hand (Why the fuck do niggers always want to shake your hand?) and talk to me like a normal human. I am doing my best to ignore him but I get nervous as he starts talking about money. All of a sudden everything he is saying is about how he needs some money and this and that. Anyway after I pay for my order I have about five bucks left in my wallet, and this air thief starts asking me for bus fare. At this point there are about 7 or 8 drug dealing bucks just outside the restaurant, so I decide to open my wallet and give this nigger scum five bucks so he can see that the rest is empty and I have no more money.

Of course YT giving this nigger 5 bucks out of fear is exactly why he will do this again and again, and probably makes quite a nice living off of scaring decent white folks. On the other hand five dollars seems like a small price to pay to avoid potentially violent coontact. Be honest did I screw up? I am furious that this nigger has unearned money that I have him, but I was shocked at how outnumbered I was by niggerbucks.

PS I thought about bringing my knife with me to go get food, but ended up leaving it at home. I know that was a major mistake on my part. I just want feedback on the money thing. Nothing in the world is more useless then an unloaded gun, or a weapon you can't reach.

Coontact Tale #806 (September 24, 2007)

This one happened a couple of weeks ago. A very small chimpout; probably a 1 on the nigger Richter scale. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have even found this coontact to be noteworthy, but I've had minimal coontact in the past couple months due to school so here goes.

I'm riding home on the train one evening, and everything is peaceful. That is, until the train stops in Oakland. A couple of nigger bucks along with their sows get on the train. Of course the pleasant quiet on the train is disrupted: "WHOOP WHOOP", "WHAT IT IS", "SHEEIT, BUST HIM UPSIDE HIS HAID NEXT TIME", and some other typical niggerbabble fills the train. The niggers are so goddamn loud I can hear them from halfway across the train car.

The train reaches the next stop, and the niggers get up and start to get off the train. Apparently they changed their minds and got back on the bus; in the meantime a white woman sat in one of the seats vacated by the nignogs. One of the sheboons, a wiry bitch with dreadlocks, sees that the white woman took its seat. "BONNIE AN' CLYDE! BONNIE AN' CLYDE! SHE DONE STOLE MAH SEAT!" The white woman looks like she doesn't know what's going on. One of the nigger bucks approaches her and says "AYY you got to git up." So the white woman gets up and the niggers reclaim their seats. She looked scared.

Apparently the sheboon must have realized it was being rude because it tried to start a conversation with the white woman. "Thank you. Wut's yo name?" The woman replies "Allison". "Dat's a pretty name."

And then the niggers went back to their loud niggerbabble. The funny thing is, I'm sure the sheboon thought it was being polite even though it had just intimidated a human into giving up her seat.

Coontact Tale #807 (September 24, 2007)

Hello all! It's been a while since I've last posted. I need to vent so I come here, otherwise there is no telling what I might do.. I do not have much time to write this, but I wanted to share this with you guys, so this will be quick.. LOL Recently a new Wendy's opened not too far from my home. This new Wendy's is very convenient for me considering I live out in the country and all the other places are 15 miles away. I work a lot and take classes in the evening so that made this Wendy's even more convenient. I stopped by there for the first time a few weeks ago and seen that there was a mainly white staff, which for this area is HIGHLY unusual. The service was a little slow, but they were apologetic and kind, so the slowness was not really an issue. I am guessing that the white crew must have been the owners because I drove through the drive-thru two days ago, and it looked to be all apes. The service was horrible. I had to take my double back because they gave me a single that was burnt with no lettuce, tomato or anything. The manager was a white lady. I told her whoever was at the window was very rude and told her what was wrong with the burger. The niggress who worked the window was hidden from my view but I heard her start laughing that I expected her to say thank you or have a nice day.. The niggress was very loud and said " Like I's gonna say thank you or have a nice day!!".. All the apes starting laughing and the white manager was saying " Kiwi this is not funny, why are y'all laughing?" I just told her I wanted a refund and left.. I expected this kind of attitude actually because that is normal for this area.

Also, I noticed that loctite was put on my lug nuts. The last time I went to have new wheels put on my truck, I think a baboon worked on it.. I recently had to remove my wheels to get to my brakes to work on them, and it was almost impossible to get them off and noticed what looked like glue or loctite placed in the threads. Like I said, I do not have much time to go into details about this but just thought I'd write about this..

Coontact Tale #808 (September 24, 2007)

I had to run downtown today to pick up a few parts. Here’s a sampling of what I saw;

--Two sheboons getting a ticket for causing an accident. It appeared they had pulled put in front of a college student, and he had broadsided them. Sheboons were standing there with this snotty ‘chimpout pending’ look on their faces while the cop was writing the citation. Sheboons car was totaled by the way.

-- Two nigger bucks standing in front of a young (and attractive) woman’s car, blocking her way, and flipping their arms toward the woman in ‘what the fu*c’ chimpout fashion. Seemed the woman had her bumper about half way over the sidewalk and these two chodneys didn’t like the idea of having to move their knuckling to one side of the sidewalk. I was hoping the woman would stomp the gas, but she didn’t.

-- Various working age and school age negroes wandering aimlessly about in the middle of the day. Let me guess; they all had night jobs and night school, right?

They're just like us except for melanin huh?

Coontact Tale #809 (September 24, 2007)

I was near the same area in Paterson, NJ where I whacked the nigger in the head with the pipe. (see coontact "pipe hit nigger") I came around a corner and there are several porch monkeys on a second floor balcony shouting down at a nigger in the street.

The nigger in the street was shrieking niggerbabble up at them and they shouted monkey talk right back. Then the street nigger picked up something from the street and flung it at the niggers on the balcony. They ducked and it missed but it shattered the window behind them. All the balcony niggers disappeared inside.

Suddenly they came boiling out of the building on to the street to confront the street nigger. There was a lot of junk lying in the niggerfuxated street and the street nigger picked up something else and threw it at the first balcony nigger who was attacking. I don’t know what it was but it hit the first baboon right in the teef. It went down like it was pole axed. The other three niggers pounced on the street nigger and started beating the shit out of it.

Just then several new niggers boiled out of the building across the street. Apparently they were in the same herd as the first nigger so they chimped out and jumped into the fight. I now had seven or eight niggers fighting in the street. “Time to go,” I thought and I wheeled around and walked briskly in the other direction.

Around the first corner I saw a pay phone. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. Amazingly enough the 911 operator was a sheboon. Perfect. “911, watts yo mergency,” it said. I said, “There is a bunch of niggers rioting in the street at the corners of X and X.” It started to chimp out on me saying, “What you say, what you say!!!!” I said, “ I did not stutter, bitch, THERE ARE A BUNCH OF WILD NIGGERS RIOTING AT THE CORNER OF X AND X!” “Now get off your black ass and send the PO-LICE.” Then I hung up.

By the time I got to my truck I could hear the sirens. Shortly after this coontact I got the hell out of there and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Fewer niggers.

Coontact Tale #810 (September 24, 2007)

Oddly enough, in a small town nearby Rome, a nigger sow, with two shitlets, made an unexplicable appearence in one of our own Commercial Center just a few hours ago... Think of a Wal-Mart or something. Probably this she boon was the sow of some US force nigger daddy, because there's a military camp in proximity, and maybe they gave the nigger a chance to invite his fambly. I don't know, just a guess.

So, since this presence was very odd, I kept an eye on them. She boon was fat, short and covered in sweat. She was dizzy. No Maple Bacon. No Colt 45. No Kool cigarettes. None of those familiar fat food she used to stuff in her monkey mouth in the States. And, of course, she couldn't utter even a broken sentence in Italian, and couldn't read it. So she was rambling round and around with an empty basket, shaking her head with an upset look on her monkey face. "Deese mothofuggin' Italians got no mothofuggin' sheet!" - this probably was echoing in her empty skull.

So where are the niglets? The niglets were nearby, in the Playstation boot. They were loud and were...Kind of dancing while touching everything, making strange noises. The niglets were hyperactive in front of all those games and of course got hooked on a Playstation put there for customers to try out the latest game. Screaming, dancing and beating each other while playing... A little (white) kid was with his mother, saw the scene and he looked at them and started laughing. One of the shitlets noticed this and shouted something at him. I just understood "shit", but unfortunately I am unfamiliar with ghetto lobster slang.

I paid the stuff I bought and went away, I don't know how the story ended and if she boon managed to find something to fill her guts with. No matter where they are, niggers are always worthless niggers. The whole story about their life in the States being oppressive is just a tale, like their reknown "we beez eggyptian" story, which gives me a good long laugh everytime I hear it.

Coontact Tale #811 (September 23, 2007)

My Lib~Dem Mother told me tonight that her oldest brother who moved to Maine after WWII ( Navy Vet ) had an incident in the late 40s with his 1st wife . He worked nights at a Paper Mill ( retired in the late 80s after 40 yrs ) & was told by a neighbor, coworker or friend to go home early one night, but wouldn't say why . My Uncle had noticed a recent odor at his house, but didn't know what it was . He found out it was his wife's Late Night Coal Burning . He told her not to be there when he came home & she wasn't . Luckily this was in Maine & not North Carolina where he was from .

Years later his son ( music major ) had a band & was married to a girl who always went to private schools . Her parents & my cousin got along really well & still do . Well one day he came home & found his wife with the Radiator Hose . He divorced her & she went away . He nor her parents have heard from her in years .

Coontact Tale #812 (September 23, 2007)

Last weekend we went to this weekly outdoor food fair in Brooklyn, where street vendors sell delicious Latin American food for cheap. Humans come from all over the city to eat the most delicious Mexican, Guatemalan, etc. food you can imagine. It's held in a gorgeous park with lots of grassy areas to sit and eat on.

My husband was in line getting food while I waited with our little puppy. I was sitting in an open spot near a huge oak tree when this nigger and four little male niglets strolled nonchalantly over. They were dressed like humans and the adult even sounded articulate when he was calling to his sons. So it was in total disgust and disbelief that I watched them, one by one, stand in front of their father (who was trying to "hide" them from human eyes) and unzip their flies to urinate on the tree.

People were eating not 10 feet away from them, too. And the park was crawling with police officers. And there were chemical toilets available maybe 50 yards from where I was sitting.

Needless to say, I got up and took my puppy and found somewhere else to sit. Thanks for ruining my appetite, you nigger filth! TNB at its finest.

Coontact Tale #813 (September 23, 2007)

I remember when I was about 7-8 years old, and we (mom and I) were at a McDonalds drive-thru. I wanted a hamburger, and this time mom said okay (this was before total niggerfuxation of McDonalds). The nigger operating the drive-thru thought it was going to be a smart ass and frustrate my mother (mom spoke with an accent, I'm first-gen American), but mom spoke good English.

After a few unsuccessful tries at getting the deviant nigger to get the order right, my mother drives up to the window to give the order. The nigger sow says she would have to drive back around and re-order, which meant she'd lose her place in line. My mother complained, and the sow replied, "sorry ma'am, but ah cain't unnastandz yoo", with that typical smart ass nigger grin. My mother told her, "that's because you're black", and drove off. The look on the shegroid was priceless, and that niggerish grin was gone from its face.

This was back in 1980-81. Today's fast food drive-thrus should be avoided due to total niggerfuxation, unless you can find that rare place with a non-nigger staff.

Years later, I would remember this coontact when, at a Whataburger drive-thru, I gave my order SIX times and the sheboon couldn't get it right ("huh?", "what'choo say?", etc.). I asked it, "would it help if I spoke in ebonics?", and the groid went into a four-alarm chimp out as I backed out of the drive-thru. As expected, the sheboon understood that last comment. Soon after, I adopted Raptorman's no-nigger policy.

Mom always did know best.

Coontact Tale #814 (September 23, 2007)

after work today, i went to the liquor store to pick up some vodka. since it was on the way home, i stopped at a store located across the street from some project. i don't worry too much about that location because i grew up very close to it, and i ALWAYS carry mace and a boot knife.

anyways, i walked into the store and walked back towards the vodka section, only to see a bootlipped coon, staring at the bottom shelf vodka. already knowing what brand i wanted, i grabbed the mid-shelf smirnoff, and turned to go toward the register, when i heard..."yo yo, dood wait!" i turned to look at the filthy creature and said "WHAT" the nigger said, "yo yo, i onlee gots five bukz an i wuz wonnerin if yoo cood spare a fyoo buks, so i can gets dis bottle" (pointing at the cheapest crap in the store)

i said "no, i won't have anything after i pay for my stuff", but the stupid groid just didn't get the point (by this time, i had my hand in my pocket reaching for my mace canister).

it said "dood, i no yoo gotz sumtin too spare"

at that moment, i pulled out my mace and showed it to the dumb coon. at that point, it got the message, backed off, and went into the next isle to go around me to get away, quickly leaving the store empty handed.

when i went up to pay, the lady at the register (who was about 75) said, "i saw what happened, and i'm sorry but that guy always comes in to buy the cheapest thing available....those coloreds never behave themselves."

Coontact Tale #815 (September 23, 2007)

Since I live in a nigger-free country, you'd think I don't see much niggers, right?Well, that just makes it that much more horrifying when I do. I've decided to compile a short list of my experience with niggers from my journeys:

First stop: France

I was lucky enough to arrive there before the nigger riots. Still, Paris and Nice are infested. As I walked off the airport and made my way to the subway station, the first thing I noticed was a bunch of niggers lying on the ground. Being an optimist, I actually bothered to ask one of them for directions:

(note, the following conversation took place in French).

Me:(in grammatically correct French, although with a noticeable accent) Does the train to Porte de Montreuil leave from this side of the station?
Nigger #1: How the fuck do I know, I'm just sleeping here.
Nigger #2: Go fuck yourself, mister. (this one was trying to make fun of me by imitating my accent and trying to sound polite like me. It did quite well for a nigger, actually.)

So I went to the info center and bought a map of the subway, and got to my station. There was another pile of niggers there, running a "souvenir shop", with all of their "souvenirs" (Eiffel tower models in 6 sizes) placed on a sewn blanket with strings attached on each edge. As I approached one of them, looking at their "shop", I realized what the strings were for: As two police officers (humans) walked into the station, the niggers grabbed the strings so the blanket formed into a nice bag, and started running like hell.

I've sighted such "tourist shops" on just about every subway station in Paris and around most of the famous sights.

So anyway, once I got on the train, I thought I was out of immediate danger of coontact. Wrong! This sow came out of nowhere, with her 5 nigglets following her. She was walking from passenger to passenger and handed out some leaflets. Curious, I picked one. It said something like "I'm poor, I have 5 children I can't take care of, my nigger left me etc...". When she was done passing those around, she started her second pass, collecting money from naive humans. I read the leaflet and chuckled. She immediately started shouting at me in a weird french dialect I didn't understand (infact, I'm having doubts whether it was french at all), accompanied by her nigglets. I was pretty sure they were going to jump on me, rip me apart and cook me in a stew, when I was saved by, of all things, a dog. One of the humans sitting next to me had a huge mastiff, and the dog must've decided he can't stand the combination of nigger stench and chimping out anymore. He got up and started barking and jumping at the sow. She then pulled back into the next cart.

On my way to the hotel, I've had to avoid another 5-10 niggers begging for money. They all claimed it was for food, yet arrogantly refused when I offered to buy them a sandwich from a vending machine.

Next Stop: Leicester. Stay tuned!

Coontact Tale #816 (September 25, 2007)

My Extra Special Coontact with Muhammed Ali...

Just remembered this story: Back in the mid-eighties I was working for this company that Muhammed Ali was investing in. I'll spare you the details.

One day Ali comes to visit. He was supposed to come into our department and some skinny Nigger handler comes running in, all excitedly, saying he's coming and he'll show us his levitation ability. All of us are looking at each other like, WTF? And then the guy comes in the door, all stupid looking from the years of being punched in the head. He looked like some walking vegetable.

For some reason the skinny Nigger gets me to stand in front of him to show me how Ali can levitate.

Then Ali does some stupid thing with one foot behind the heel of the other lifting himself a few inches off the ground. The skinny Nigger handler is running around yelping "looki dare, Hez be levatatan' and shyeet!" Meanwhile, us whites are casting sideways glances at each other like BFD, right? Here, I am with some big buddha Nigger in front of me, hopping around and I gotta act all impressed for the management.

So I says to Ali: "Can you do that and touch your nose with a finger?" And the Nigger does it!

Everybody got a laugh, I kept my job and we got a mid-day Chimpanzee trick! Just wished I had some peanuts or a banana to give him.


Coontact Tale #817 (September 25, 2007)

Hello fellow niggermaniacs!

Though you guys could appreciate this. I told a relative about this and she refuses to chalk this up to TNB.

I slammed my thumb in my car door earlier today. It started to swell up badly and hurt just as bad, so I went to the nearest ER.

I got a she-boon for an ER doc. She just looked at my thumb, and told me it was just a bruise. She sent me home with an ice pack and told me to take Motrin for the pain. She refused to even get an X-ray on my hand!

Two hours later, and the pain was getting worse and worse. I couldn't even bend the thumb, so I went to the ER...this time, a different ER. I got a white physician's assistant, who upon seeing the thumb, immediately offered me a couple Vicodin, but had to rescind the offer after learning that I drove myself to the ER. Didn't want to give me anything that might make me drowsy for the drive home. He took some X-rays, and sure enough, it was more than a bruise. My freaking thumb was dislocated! He had to put it back in place, but once again, couldn't give me the shot of Demerol and Valium that they usually give people before they put joints back into place. I told him to go ahead and do what he had to do. The doc grabbed my thumb, squeezed it kinda funny, and it cracked back into place. He gave me a prescription for pain medication and I was on my way. The thumb felt better before I even got to the car!

No matter how desperate I am for medical care, I'll never again "settle" for a nigger doctor.

Coontact Tale #818 (September 25, 2007)

I believe I caused a major chimpout today but wasn't around to witness the results of my handiwork. I was walking through Squallmart's large parking lot after purchasing some 1 gallon jugs of motor oil (on sale). I get to my ride and see a beat-up SUV with a rather large Obanana 08 sticker on the back window. Hmmm, luckily in my truck I had a black Sharpie which I had "borrowed" some time ago from work. It wasn't dried out, in fact it was brand new. So under the pretext of returning my cart to the corral, I stopped and added a few words to said bumper sticker.

Sorry about the weak art--there's just this crappy old Paint program on the work PC--but you get the idea. Though I wasn't around to witness the explosion, I did notice that the rear of the vehicle was pointing away from the doors. The chances of chimpee driving around the hood for a while without noticing the enhanced sticker are pretty good.


Coontact Tale #819 (October 24, 2007)

"Dis sheet take dem stains right out....."

A few years back I lived in a small town in rural North Dakota. The house was very old and large. I was taking my dog Sam up front to let him out to do his thing. I open the front door and theres this gangbanger looking nigger standing there. Now my first impression was that I was about to get shot. Because A: This was a small farm community as white as fucking Mayberry. B: It was well known that I am a skinhead and I thought some city nigger had come to blow me away. C: He immediately said "yo check dis out" and reached into his coat....

Instead of a pistol he pulls out a spray bottle with no markings. It looked like it contained some yellowish liquid. (I thought it was either piss or malt liquor.)

He starts out with "I heard 'bout yo crapet" (carpet) Now its 8am, I am still drunk from the night before, the dog is going apeshit, I am standing in shorts and a fucking Hitler t-shirt and its cold as hell with a babbling nigger on my step talking about my goddamn carpet. Odd fucking situation.

I say " What the fuck are you talking about?" So nigger says "Dem people dat usa lib here had 'bout fo dogs and shit. Da carpet all fucked up. From dogs pissin and shit. Dis shit here, you cain't find dis in de sto' Dis shit scrait from fuckin Chitown baby. Take dem stain right out."

Ok. Hmmmm.... By now the dog is just about ready to eat through the leash so he can eat the nigger- seriously, Sam is a huge Rott and was chocking himself to death trying to get at this retarded nigger.However I am drunk, its cold and Sam was nearly asphixiated by the leash so I told the nigger to go around the side of the house to the patio door so I calm the dog down. I lock up the beast and went back into the rear of the house.

I open the patio door and this nigger is smiling like he just won a lifetime supply of chicken. He starts going into his sales pitch again, and trying to look over my shoulder. Instead of nasty "crapet" (which I had replaced when I moved in) he sees 3 things A huge rebel flag, a swastika flag, and 6 very drunk skinheads staring back at him. On the stereo I believe the song "Brown Town Burning Down" by Angry Aryans was playing a full volume.

He stopped his nigger babble and stared up at me. "I said can I ask you a question?" He smiled again said "Fo sho" I asked him quietly, "Does that shit take out blood stains?' He gets all excited "Hell yeah, take dat shit right out. You got blood in yo crapet? I said, "Not yet...." And I gave him a big smile...

He left pretty quickly and I called the police. What the little fucker was doing was canvassing the neighborhood looking for houses to break into. If someone answered the door, he had a little cover story. If noone answered he would break in. He was caught a couple hours later in someones garage with an armload of tools. When I called the police station I said I wanted to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. When the dispatcher asked me "In what way was he suspicious?' I answered, (still drunk) "Uhh...he was black." A deputy was at my house in less than 10 minutes...

Coontact Tale #820 (October 31, 2007)

Can I has internets?

I was gonna post my coontact tale yesterday, but unfortunately my ISP was being as reliable as a typical nigger.

One came into the place I work yesterday. Unfortunately I have to be civil to them, but this definitely does not mean I have to like it- my employer can dictate my actions, but definitely not my thoughts! There was very little TNB, but a whole heap of nigger illiteracy:

Nigger jives in... "Does you got any compootahz?"
Me: Yes, we have several thank you!
Nig: "Can ah borrow da internets?"
Me: Sure, as long as you give them back (followed by a very forced smile to indicate that it was a joke at his expense)
Nig "Uh, woteva. Does ah need bankard?"
Me: Sorry, can you say that again please?
Nig "does ah need a bank card?"
Me: "Points at many and varied notices above the terminals saying FREE INTERNET ACCESS* No.

This made me think of the " My Little Caesars Coontact" post. If niggers don't understand free, then what hope was there of one understand "complimentary?" Still, what difference does it make anyway; they try to steal everything they want...

Coontact Tale #821 (October 31, 2007)

My favorite was a while back where a buddy invited me over to shoot the bull while he handed out candy to the local kids - the usual. We're sitting on the porch and I couldn't believe where in the hell these niglets were coming from asking for candy. I heard there were some niggers nearby, but not this many. Then again, niggers being like cockroaches - see one, thousands are nearby.

Lots of human children of different ethnicities...mostly white, a few browns and tans here and there, all saying thank you, some with creative costumes and their parents walked them the whole way.

Niggers? Different story...of course. Nigger mini-vans full of niggers of all ages popped out as if the mini-van was a clown car. Some mini-vans were actually nigger-booming, as in having the bass setting cranked up to eleven.

What I found funny was that most of the niggers were clearly too old to be out doing Halloween. My buddy's basic thing was giving them what he gave the much smaller humans kids...two pieces of candy. These nigger sow/buck larvae would give him a confused look as if he wasn't giving them enough, but would turn around and leave. No thanks, no nothing.

Plus, he had some knotted roots in his front lawn that anyone could easily trip over. I told him, "Make sure they take the sidewalk and driveway. Don't need some lawsuit".

Human kids took the driveway and sidewalk. Niggers, walked right through the lawn. I swear, niggers have like this other sense that heads right towards something where it can trip, bust it's monkey teeth out and cry lawsuit.

My favorite was this nigger sow probably in her late teens/early twenties. She comes up with this miniature splib in a carrying seat where it's about as big as a small shoe box, at best. Comes up with her pillow case, opens it up and doesn't say anything.

My buddy grew a pair of stones and goes, "What?"

Nigger sow goes, "It's for muh baby".

Buddy goes, "That baby eats butterfingers? Come on, lady"

Nigger sow then goes, "Fine, den! Come on, baby. Dey don't wunna give us no candy cuz we be black"

I then asked him, " your neighborhood?"

"Shit, whatever, dude. These little things (niggers) run up and down the street screaming and yelling, you can hear them streets over from here with their big mouths. Can't go anywhere at night because they're always hanging around or walking in front of your moving car", he replied.

I just drank my coke and listened to him rant for a good five or ten minutes about niggers without saying "nigger". I figure by now - I haven't spoken to him in a while - finally got fed up and every other word out of his mouth is "nigger".

Coontact Tale #822 (October 31, 2007)

I'll never forget the Halloween I spent babysitting my younger siblings and cousin. I was in high school then and excited about the prospect of handing out candy while my parents were at a party and a neighbor took them trick-or-treating.

The night went okay for the most part. All the human children in the neighborhood were polite and cute as could be. They always thanked me profusely, even if the younger ones sometimes needed a little prompting from their parents.

Then, long after the human children had been put to bed and the candy divided up and put away, someone started pounding on the front door. I opened it to find a gaggle of niggers standing there, staring at me expectantly. No "Trick or treat!" or greeting of any kind. They weren't dressed in costumes. Half of them were older than I was. Their mammy was waiting in a nigger shitmobile at the curb, bass thumping even though it was fairly late in a quiet neighborhood on a weeknight. I didn't say anything and neither did they. Then one of the bucks took a step forward and peered behind me into the house.

Even though I wasn't a niggermaniac back then, I slammed the door in their face and rushed to lock and chain it up. Rushed to the back door and did the same. A major chimpout ensued, as you can imagine, and the next morning our pumpkins were smashed and the flowerbeds were all pulled up. Someone (the niggers, of course) had dumped a full ashtray in the street in front of our house. Neighbors later told us that they got similar treatment, whether they gave the niggers candy or not.

Coontact Tale #823 (October 31, 2007)

Good story, so typical of niggers. It took me a while to say "nigger" too until my life was directly impacted by their savage nature. I think that happens to most people, honestly.

Back on topic, I didn't actually get to do the Halloween thing as a kid, but my parents would still give out candy to the white children/others when they came to the door. Except niggers.

If they didn't outright refuse them they'd use other tricks. For instance, one time on Halloween a bunch of groids were cruising the neighborhood for candy (we could see them going from house to house from the living room window since we lived in a cul-de-sac). So my mom called my dad to the front door, and when the niggers finally rang our doorbell, they opened it up and started a fake argument between each other in Mandarin about putting shoes and other stuff in the closet. Of course, the niggers had no idea what was going on (they don't speak anything other than gibberish ebonics), and they eventually pissed off. Then my dad closed the door, and said in perfectly articulated English "Goddamn blacks" while laughing and pointing at the door.

I was about nine or ten when this happened, but I laughed my ass off.

Coontact Tale #824 (October 31, 2007)

This year I was at a family Halloween party for grownups and kids with some friends in a real nice section of town. This area goes all-out for every holiday, with the nice old homes all decorated and with lots of people sitting outside, handing out candy and wearing costumes, there's probably 50+ homes that do this so it is a real treat for the kids.

We took turns standing outside or by the door for every 20 minutes or so, lots of kids came by. It was hard to tell because of the masks and make-up but i did not see anything I'd identify as a nigger. Anyhow, it was around 3 and halloween was over at 4 and suddenly we got hit with group after group of kids. At first they were mixed but after a while they were all niglets, rude little shits who just march up to the door and grab candy and walk off, typical direspectful shits that they are. There were kids who didn;t even have costumes, unless wearing clothes is a "costume" for niggers pretending to be humans. I didn't hand out treats anymore but I was stunned at the influx of niggers and I asked my friend why so many kids "from in the city" (code word for the inner-city, the projects) were coming by so late. She said "the kids from poor neighborhoods" show up in the area every year because their parents bring them to a better neighborhood to do trick-or-treating.

Coontact Tale #825 (October 31, 2007)

In a previous post, I talked about last years coontact, but here goes again

Last year I went all out and had a haunted garage/maze setup. It was awesome if I do say so myself. Well late in the evening, the crowds had died down and I was just hanging out in front of the garage admiring my handywork when this minivan full of nogs show up. The mama sow yelled from the car "ya'll got anymo canduh?" I should have said no, because it was obvious they were rude ass nigger from a nigger neighborhood, but I couldn't resist scaring the shit out of these nogs. Which is easy to do, they scare easy over the silliest shit. Anyway, I said "yeah, we've got some candy left, but you have to go through the hauted house" So I left the candy tray sitting in my lawn chair and proceeded to lead the niglets through the garage, when something told me to peek outside at mama saw. That damn nigger had my candy tray and was dumping it into one of the kids bags. I went out, snatched the tray from the nigress, ran back into the garage, through the makeshift maze just as the niglets were getting to the exit, I let out a hellacious roar and yelled "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" The niglets took off like a shot from a gun, I told the mammy not to come back next year.

The upside, I did get to scare a lot of niggers that night. Hell, like I said before they scare easy.

I'm not doing a haunt this year, don't feel like dealing with the bullshit.

Coontact Tale #826 (October 31, 2007)

I went to the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. Now, I didn't see all that many niggers around SF itself (except for the mandatory niggers and "human statues" begging down near Fisherman's Wharf).

But the ball was FULL of niggers, hoping to get a look at some scantily clad white wimmens! Tickets to this thing were $70 so I have no idea how so many niggers were able to afford to go there! The ball was fun and the niggers seemed to behave themselves but it would have been a lot nicer without them.

Coontact Tale #827 (October 31, 2007)

About 20 years ago when I was newly married, my wife and I handed out candy to trick or treaters for the first time. All but one group was white. The white kids normally had a parent with them. After giving them the candy the parent would say, "What do you say?" and the kids would say, "Thank you!". The one nigger group that showed up was three niglets and a sow. After giving them the candy, what did the sheboon say, "Man, you be stingy, gib us sum mo!".

I used that line for the next 15 years ("Man, you be stingy, gib us sum mo") instead of "thank you". Maybe that's why she finally dumped my sorry ass.

Coontact Tale #828 (October 31, 2007)

nigger coon-tact with my fist..

ok, this is one of my best nigger coon-tact tales, a couple of years ago, me and some buddies are hanging out at a bar, and I go to use the restroom and there is a line. So I fall in behind the last in line, everyone is white that I see.

Just then, a nigger saunters by, about 6'1-6'2 and in shape. background, (I am 5'10" 180). Well I had been working out at the time, but not like hardcore body builder working out, more just fitness.

Well he walks by everyone in line, and as it timed just right, before anyone could say anything someone was leaving a stall and he starts going. (I mean no one could grab him, I didn't know he was breaking in line. So I was fuming, and I was more toward the back of the line, but I was at the door of the restroom and I could see what was going on. Now all my friends are still at the table at this point, but these two guys I didn't even know were goading me on like "do something". All I could say was "thats fucked up" . So the nigger starts talking shit, like talking to us like we were bitches, well then that got me more fuming, (he is still finishing up, back to me.) So I said "Just shut the fuck up." Then I guess that set him off, because he is saying "NOBODY tells me to shut the fuck up". And I said something like, "here i am".

Anyways, he finishes up, and we meet in the middle of the room, and he hit me in the side of the head (I was so amped I didn't realize till later).. but I am moving forward so fast I just stepped through it and all of a sudden, I have him in a headlock, with my left arm. Well this is a big nigger, so he just tries to just his hands and flip me backwards. Luckily, just as he does this, I grabbed on to the sink with my right hand, and I still had my left around his nigger head and neck. So he is trying to lift me up, but I have all my weight, plus I am holding on to the sink, my fingers slipped tight into the top drain hole. (probably could have broken em)

Well I guess he thought I was a lot heavier since I was holding my self down, and so he gives up trying to lift me up, so I just held on with my left ard, and gave up the sink with my right and then just started punching the SHIT out of the top of his NIGGER head. Well I hit him 3-4 times and I guess he slipped out of my grip, and he was just saying "wheres my glasses" over and over. He had been wearing those faggy-artist type designer fake glasses. Anyways,. he picked up his glasses and I was still kind of bowed-up, but not sure what was happening but ready for the next round, but he just got his glasses, and left. NIGGER!

Coontact Tale #829 (October 31, 2007)

I went to Target yesterday to purchase some new shirts since it's close to where I live and I didn't feel like going elsewhere. I figured there would be less coontact there than the shopping mall, which has become a haven for fraterniggin gang bangers.

I got in the sto and to my surprise, every SINGLE apeloyee was an turd-colored coon! I probably should have left then and there but I really needed new clothes for work this week because I had no time to do the laundry. My washer broke down during the weekend so it was either shop or spend a long night with niggers at the laundromat.

It was weird how there was not any nigger customers in the entire store, only niggers that are "working". I went to the men's department and sitting by the dressing room check in were a coongregation of sheboons. All were niggerbabblin about bucks and their babydaddies. As I passed by, not one of them acknowledge my presence or axed if I needed help like a human employee would have.

Instead the damn animals laughed and I heard a faint "crakka" comment within earshot. I decided to ignore the coons and look around for anything wearable. I finally found three shirts but then cringed because I needed to try them on. I learned my lesson last time when pants that I purchased on sale didn't fit when I got home so I vowed to try on everything from now on. I decided to try and bypass any inter-apetion with the nigs since I figured they would ignore me anyways and continue to niggerbabble. I was so wrong!

I almost made it past this obese sheboon when it realized it was there for a reason, to work! "Aye! Yooz needza be chayking yo ahticals ere missa!" the boon axed me with a patronizing tone while bobbing its head. The other sheboons went "kekekekekeekeke" and I heard one whisper "Dat dayum crakka prolly beez fixin ta theeve demz shurts!"

"I wasn't trying to steal anything but need to try these shirts on. I didn't want to interupt your socializing even though you are supposed to be working here" I said and sneered at the obese sheboon who was givng me a tag.

I then heard more "kekekekekeke" as I went in to try things on. Everything fit ok except one shirt so I brought it with me too. I threw the other shirt on the counter in front of the hideous sheboon and stormed off. I heard some loud niggerbabble that was indistinct as I went up to customer service to ask for the manager. I wanted to report those filthy turds for their racist language and rudeness. No surprise here but only the ass-istant manager was available and it was a fat ugly short sheboon with acne all over its face. Even so, I told it about the niggers in the men's department. It acted cooncerned like it was going to do something but I doubt it would after I left.

I went to pay for my shirts but all the cashiers were coons! One of them said "Aye canz halp yooz ova ere" and I replied "Oh hell no!" leaving the shirts on a display counter. I heard the boon ax "Wut yo mean 'Oh hellz no'?" with a niggertude. I had all the turds I could take today and didn't want to give this store my business! I was here two months ago and there was only a pawful of nigger ape-loyees around and the rest were humans. They must have done some major die-verse-shitty downgrading here.

I decided to just wash some shirts for the rest of the week at a friend's house while we watched a football game. Why do niggers always have to ruin the day like this? Oh yeah...they are niggers that's why

Coontact Tale #830 (October 31, 2007)

My mother worked at Folsom Prison (California) for six years as a Peace Officer, and she told me this one story about niggers sagging their pants.

She was working in 3 building on the cat walk, and she noticed one nigger CRIP walking down to breakfast who had his pants ridiculously low and she pointed out how he needed to pull them up (if he tripped and fell, an accident incident report would have to be filed,) so the boon tugs them up a little.

Well the nigger comes back from breakfast, up the stairs, and his pants fall down!!! And my mom laughed and off course the nigger pulls them and smacks his lips while grumbling under it's breath.

What sort of dumb ass would sag their pants in prison? That is just asking to get rectally reamed, but of course we know niggers lie that.

Coontact Tale #831 (October 31, 2007)

Coontact on the farm! *pics*

Hey all!

Time for another FrankFarrano coontact tale, with high-quality pictures! Enjoy!

We went for a trip out yesterday to a farm, which has been opened up to the public. You can do the usual stuff - pet animals, have rides on them, feed them, see bird displays etc - and I have to say, it was a really nice day. White families all over, all enjoying themselves in the sun.

As we're stroking some horses, something unnatural catches my eye in the distance. Sure enough, it's a pack of wild niggers, dressed in their Sunday best "urban clothing", complete with chains, bandanas and (probably stolen) Nike trainers. Really suitable for a trip to the farm - glad to see that monkey brain is working overtime! So needless to say, to benefit all my friends at Niggermania - I snapped a pic

We (obviously) headed in the opposite direction, and went into one of the large barns. We were admiring some extremely large (and very friendly) cows, when two of the nigger pack came strolling through. They screwed up their faces at the smell of nature (yup - this is what KFC looks like BEFORE it lands in your monkey paws) and scuttled through the barn as quickly as their Nike Air Max trainers would take them. Another moment for the Niggermania scrapbook:

We immediately exited the area, and found the following sign, which was very useful advice considering the circumstances:

So washed, scrubbed and cleansed of any niggerness, we continued enjoying our day out, and didn't encounter the nigs again. Obviously a look at "real work" scared them off!

intolerant offers a useful alterantive to the wash your hands sign.

Coontact Tale #832 (October 31, 2007)

One good thing about living in a niggerfloxuated neighborhood..

No little niglets are rapping on my door this halloween!

The local babymammies all bundle up their walking fecal matter into the SUV and drive them to prosperous white suburbs to beg for their candy.

Not a single dressed-up spooklet to be seen for a mile in any direction. I bought one bag of candy this year, and it looks like I'm going to be eating it myself.

Which received these responses:

They truck the niglets into my neighborhood every year like crazy. Only this Halloween our neighborhood association got together and handed out wristbands for the kids from our neighborhood to wear. No wristband = no candy for niggers! Can't wait to see the niglets crying and seeing the major chimpouts by the sheboon bitches!

I have segregated candy.For the white/Latin kids I know;freshly bought large candybars,For nigger invaders:penny-ante sourballs,the stale Xmas,Easter&even Valentines crap in the other bowl.

. . . Twas a nigger rapping at my door,
Rhyming, babbling, screeching on the floormat of my door,
Quote the nigger "Gib me some candy, motherfucka,
I ain't gots no money to go to tha store,"
Only this and nothing more

Coontact Tale #833 (October 31, 2007)

My Little Caesars Coontact

Last night, my daughter had some friends over, and I decided to go get pizza. I called my order in, and explained that I had a coupon for buy one get one free crazy bread. The human who took my order said that would be fine and I should be able to pick up my order in 15 minutes. When I arrived at the store and went in to pick up my order, there was a sheboon "waiting" on the customers. Once it was my turn to talk to this big bootlipped ape I told it my name and handed it my coupon and a 20 dollar bill. The monkey rang up my order and said the total was 19.80. I did some quick mental math (7 dollars x 2 pizzas + 2 dollars for crazy bread = 17ish dollars with tax) and realized that it had charged me for 2 breads instead of giving me the free one with the coupon. I told it that one of the 2 breads was free with the coupon, whereupon the ape looked at the paper in its paw and stated: "They bez nuthin on thiz coupon tha saiz itz freez." The customers behind me chuckled when I grabbed the coupon from the niggress and pointed to the word "Complimentary" and said loudly this means free!! The nigger wouldnt take my word for it and had to go get the human manager!! He apologized and gave me my entire order free and even gave me the coupon back. Even after all that, I don't believe I will be having Little Caesars again anytime soon

Coontact Tale #834 (October 31, 2007)

Ahhhh, coontact....

.....cause ya know my day just wouldn't be complete without it. It's late, I'm know the story....

Coon #1 on the train ride home: Car is empty, except for one other person besides me. Coon walks from another car into mine with an open tin of food, and decides to sit across from me to eat it (of course) in this empty car. I ignore for a minute and then glance over to see it with a piece of chicken hanging from it's mouth. Behavior disgusts me and I move to another car.

Relief! But only for another stop, because:

Coontact #2: Three coons get on, talking loudly to each other. Coon couple sits directly across from me, proceeds to yell to the other coon who has seated himself across the aisle from them. Skinny she-boon has 2" long nails.

Coon couple continue to have loud annoying coonversation, about Housing Court (predictable.)

Coontact #3: Trains are running late, which means everyone's crammed like sardines when it does finally arrive. All's quiet for a couple of stops.

Then: coon boards, shucking and jiving and talking loudly. Apparently he wasn't 'all there' in the head, and was trying to interact with everyone around him. Seemed harmless, though. Not fun when it crammed itself directly next to me.

As soon as some people got off at the next stop, i moved away from the coon, to the center of the car. Coon was begging for money, and so made its way over to where I'd moved to, within moments (of course). I ignore, he moves on.

Coon #4: So I'm now in the center of the car, holding onto a pole with a male coon. Coons all around me, but it's OK, that's what the ride home is like. Everyone is well behaved, usually.

This coon is nattily dressed, quiet. I'm thinking all is well. Then, of course, as he stares off into the distance, he starts singing aloud, softly. Out of the blue. God help us.

(What is it with niggers and singing aloud so we ALL have to hear you? And make us all aware of how much you love the music you're listening to on your headphones, by moving your head back and forth, and tapping your feet. If I caught myself doing that in public, I'd be mortified.)

At this point, I'm ready to bang my head into the pole.

Finally arrive at my station (Niggerhood!), and emerge to:

Coontact #5: A nigger rapping about bacon grease (I kid you not).

Sorry if I sound grumpy, I'm tired, and all the coontact did NOT help...

Coontact Tale #835 (October 31, 2007)

I know all about commuter coontact, I'm just glad I don't have to do it anymore.

The station I used to frequent was always full of niggers - nigger beggars on the stairs, niggers selling pirate cds outside the station, niggers niggers everywhere.

Once, on my way to work I got into an argument with this sheboon who tried to run me over with her niglet buggy when pushing to get into a crowded train, only to have her 'man' come and spit in my face - funny how they are always around to harass women

I was so traumatised that I had to turn around, go home and phone in sick and spent ages in the shower getting the nigger spit off me, yuk

I even had to get a doctors certificate because I was so stressed out by the whole experience.

Another time this nigger took objection to my pentagram pendant and started mumbling shit about da devill and then proceeded to try and rip it off me. I was so shaken my husband had to come and pick me up. He bought me a car after that, bless his cotton socks.

Now I am a full time housewife, we recently paid off our mortgage and I am quite content to stay and keep house and look after all my animals - 11 dogs and 3 cats at the mo! All much better behaved than any nigger

Coontact Tale #836 (October 31, 2007)

This happened last Friday

I was debating whether or not to post this coontact tale because it was just so generic and typical of niggers that it might not be terribly interesting.

Anyway, I was driving out to the front of my complex on my way to work on Friday morning, when I got stopped at the same red light I get stopped at every morning (screw you, five second green light). Not a big deal, I'm not late or anything. So I start searching through my CD deck, checking the radio, just doing stuff to kill time.

Eventually the light finally turns green, so I look to the left to make sure no more traffic is coming since there are plenty of jackasses in my area that love to ignore red lights on a work day. Nothing's coming, so I start pulling out. But I suddenly have to stop and slam on the breaks.


Two little nigglets, probably between 12 and 14 years old with jeans hanging off of their ass and FUBU t-shirts big enough to hide a jumbo jet in, are shuffling their feet and crossing right in front of my car. But they aren't just jaywalking, they're jaywalking extremely freaking slow.

The green light is only green for about five seconds, so inevitable coontact or not, I honk my horn. But that only provoked the little nigglets, and they both stopped walking to look at me. Then the taller nigglet, whom I assume was the "braver" of the two, slapped the front end of my car I guess to shut me up.

This pissed me off, so I rolled down my window and yelled "Don't touch other people's cars," to which tall nigglet replied "F-ck you, slant-eyed bitch!"

So I just yelled back "While my kids are in school learning and will one day be successful, you will be serving McDonald's in a few years," and drove off.

Now, normally this kind of thing coming from a nigger wouldn't surprise me, but these two kids looked like they were still young enough to be playing with toys. It just surprised me they knew such language already. Clearly their "culture" teaches them to act like thugs from an early age.

Coontact Tale #837 (October 31, 2007)

So this morning I went to my local supermarket to pick up some food.So as I'm waiting in the checkout line there is a she-boon and two niglets about to pay for their food.The she-boon takes out food stamps and hands it to the lady at the register.

The lady at the register says "excuse me m'am, but these have been expired since yestarday." The she-boon looks up at her and says "oh ma bad", and walks out with her two noisy niglets.

Coontact Tale #838 (October 31, 2007)

3, 2, 1,.....coontact!

My grandad is a WW2 vet. He is from Estonia and when the Commies invaded his country in the late 30's, he left for Germany. Already an accomplished pilot, he joined the Luftwaffe to fight on the Eastern front and take back his homeland from the Reds. Now, I know how some of my fellow Niggermaniacs feel about the Nazis, but there is a hilarious coontact story here....

After Germany lost the war, grandpa stayed in Germany to help with reconstruction and was assigned to work in the civil service Air Corp, delivering mail, supplies, cargo etc... According to him he was stationed at an air base in Southern Germany and many American Army personell were also there to supervise and help out. Along with them were a few nigger soldiers. The availability of aircraft was limited as by the end of the war most of the modern fighters and bombers of the Luftwaffe were destroyed, so many old and obsolete planes were pulled out of "mothballs" for service in many of the more mundane tasks- mail delivery, etc.. It has been years since he told me this story, so some details may be in error, but I believe he said that the mail plane he flew was a Handly-Paige from WW1,(a British bomber) a hand-started prop engined cargo/bomber from the the Great War. Apparently these original bombers had to be started by hand by someone actually grabbing the prop by one of its fins and spinning it by hand until the engine caught.

Well one day they were having trouble getting the old bird fired up. A young nigger GI stationed at the base, (this was in 1947) came swaggering up and decided he would show up the "weak" former nazis who could not spin the prop hard enough to get the engine to turn over. It was cold that morning so the old engine was just having some age issues... There was quite a bit of frost on the ground, according to grandpa, and when the nigger leaned into the prop and gave it all he had, two things happened: the engine, already warmed up from previous attemps, spun into life immediately, and the nigger had pushed the prop so hard he lost his balance on the frosted grass and fell head-first into the whirling prop.....

Needless to say, my grandpa watched from the cockpit as the nigger was disolved from the nipples up. He couldn't see it happen because of the angle of the plane, but he did see the red mist spray upwards....

Grandpa is well over 90 now and his accent is so thick you can barely understand him, but when he told me this story, he chuckled at the end and said clearly, "Monkeys.." Probably a few details in error here because this was 10 years ago that I heard the story and grandpa's accent is so goddamn thick you can understand 1 word in 4, but I got the gist of it and thought it was hilarious.

Coontact Tale #839 (October 31, 2007)

Just Got Back From NYC - NIGGERS GALORE!

This is my second time to New York, but previously I never really noticed the niggers. They were "there" but they weren't registering on the radar so much because the previous visit was an in-and-out sort of thing.

Well, this time I went for a visit for a of those chicks in the fambly that just had to get out of her doldrum boring life and needed some non-stop overwhelming lifestyle I guess. She invited some fambly members around our age to come and hang out for a few days and all that happy shit.

I'll just say it...I fucking hated that town. Niggers here, niggers there, niggers niggers everywhere. Niggers begging, duh, niggers shucking and jiving, nigger bums, plotting niggers, in your face niggers, creeping and slithering niggers, niggers of all sizes, shapes and God knows what else. Niggers on the downtown corners doing backflips, jumping around and some SERIOUS MONKEY SHINES...I swore they were two cells away from being legitimate chimpanzees. Niggers begging for cigarettes, Africoon niggers selling stolen property speaking in ook-ook language...oh man, I couldn't take much more.

I was supposed to stay there until Thursday, but I had my fill -way past my fill, actually. Naive attitude has struck me once again and yet another lesson learned.

Gave my cousin a hug, told her "something came up at home" and I had to go. Jumped in the car around noon and got home around 7PM. Call me boring, call me mundane, call me glad to be home without any coontact.

I've seen some serious coontact in my day...but nothing, I TELL YOU NOTHING, competes with the shit I saw in New York. I could care less if I ever go back there.

Coontact Tale #840 (October 31, 2007)

I fortunately live in a mostly white area, but it's impossible to avoid the occasional coontact.

I was walking through the mall, and this small group of teenapers was hanging around outside Abercrombie & Fitch. None of them standing still, all of them shucking and jiving, and running back and forth between the "sto" and the railing looking down into the lower level.

As I was walking by, one of the niggers didn't look where he was going and walked into my path. I didn't slow down or change course, brushed right past him as if he was not even there. No need to get upset or let this nigger affect me in any way. It's like shooing away a fly that might be trying to land on your plate.

Oh, and all these niggers were your run-of-the-mill, backwards baseball cap, XXXXXXL t-shirt, baggy pants wearing, suburban poser type niggers.

Did you know they actually manufacture pants with the belt worn around the thighs and the crotch somewhere near the ankles? I am not kidding about this! How fucking stupid can you possibly get! Niggers never fail to completely amaze me!

You'd think by now the whole baggy pants thing would have worn out its welcome and no longer be "fashionable". But I guess the news takes longer to reach the suburban niggerites who think they are all gangsta and shit.

Because niggers are retarded. Whiteboy Gentlemen gives his take on the latest shitskin craze.

I've often wondered about the whole "baggy pants" craze where the niggers are concerned, and the only conclusion I can come to is not so much that they're too lazy to pull them all the way up (although that is a viable conclusion), but rather that it provides easier access to their "muh dik." Can't you just hear the nigger-to-nigger advertising on that? "Yo, nigga, wear yo pants 'roun yo knees! Ain't no need in foolin' wit a zippa n' belt n' you kin rape dem white wimminz in half da time and still be back to yo' crib in time to smoke dat crak n' beat yo babymomma!"

Coontact Tale #841 (October 31, 2007)

I just came from the local market and I had to stop and make a quick post about the niggers there. As I was checking out I noticed a Nigammy and its 2 niglets at the little Debbie snack display..They where just standing there filling their ugly faces with snack cakes! And the nigger employees just walked right past them like it was perfectly normal.

When I was a kid I could not open anything until it was purchased. No one ate anything off the shelves in a store except grapes (you gotta taste one to see if their sweet). The niggers sense of self entitlement never ceases to amaze me

Coontact Tale #842 (October 31, 2007)

omg its magic city classic weekend (nigger football team vs. nigger football team) and birmingham is CRAWLING with NIGGERS.

so a lot of them are uppity niggers, well I work in a bar that also has a restaurant and some other stuff, i wont get too detailed cause i dont want to get "outed" and have MORE niggers show up...

anyways, this old old nigger whore with these huge jackie-o glasses and a younger, but still old nigger walk up (to the bar) and order coffee, well I says we dont have it up here but (this is a bar) I can communicate with the servers and get her one. Well then she says they called ahead and we are supposed to have coffee. I am trying to explain, you are at the bar, but we will get you coffee. (maybe order a jack and coke or something). well we get her the coffee and then she is all like, get me this, can i have one of those, etc etc etc, (and i know the nigger isnt leavin a tip).

so she takes one sip of the coffee and she says "the coffee is terrible" and I am thinking, maybe go to starbucks you dumb nigger. but I am polite, then she says it again. (Obviously angling for a free cup). (she got kahlua in it, so she wants the free shot). The nigger cunt has the audacity to say that it was remade off of used grounds (I watched the guy make it fresh.)

Anyways... long story long. Nigger whores go into the restaurant, and order like 3 more cups of the "terrible" coffee. FUCKING NIGGER! lol.

Coontact Tale #843 (October 31, 2007)

Niggers in action

Well, I drove down a street I hadn't been on in a while. Their was a Ryans Steakhouse there. Now it's just a vacant building. Typical of the niggers, they sucked the life out of that place and are now working on closing the Golden Corral. I remember going in the Ryans about 10 years ago. The niggers were just discovering the place, so I knew it wouldn't be long til the distroyed it. That last time, my family and I we almost the only white people there. We went to Golden Corral a few years back, and the niggers were just starting to show up there. They are really some of the rudest, loud, obnoxious beasts I have ever witnessed. They should have their own place to trash. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the 50's white and colored type arangement?

Coontact Tale #844 (October 31, 2007)

"Help de chillen!"

This is just minor coontact, it's more annoying then anything else.

I had a brain lapse earlier and decided to go into the Nigmart near where I work, since I was early for work and had to waste 20 mins.

As I'm walking up to the entrance I see these 2 bucks, one on either side of the entrance, and each with a table set up. So I start walking quicker, hoping to get inside before they set their $ filled eyes on me. No such luck.

The buck closest to me was trying to act white, he was nicely dressed and didn't speak in ebonics much.. as I pass him, he says "How you doing young lady, maybe when you come out you could donate to help the children". I forget if it was homeless children, feed the children, etc.. but I'm sure what heb should have been saying was "how would you like to give your money to non-existant chillens so I can go buys me some new rims?". I just stared at him and kept going inside.

On my way out, I didn't feel like walking all the way to the other entrance just to avoid the nigs, so I popped out my cell phone and started talking to myself, thinking maybe it would leave me alone if I was on the phone. As I said, I had a brain lapse. I was holding my phone to my left ear, because the nigger was on my left, so he could easily see I was on the phone. 'Course, he's got his heart set on a set of shiny new rims, so he just goes right back at the "young lady, would you like to help the children?". I just kept walking and he niggerbabbled something but I coulddn't hear it.

Dumb fucking monkeys. I wonder how many nigger loving people he conned out of money today. Anyone stupid enough to give their money to a nigger deserves to get scammed, IMO.

Coontact Tale #845 (October 31, 2007)

Racist Nigger Math Teacher

When I went back to school at the beginning of last month, I found out I had a nigger math "professor".

I was surprised since I never knew a nigger could do math . Anyway, I noticed he was always wore a ring but, since I sat in the back of the room I could never see what was inscribed on it. It looked like a crescent and star (Islamic symbolism), I thought he may have been a Nation of Islam member since he's what you would call a "snappy dresser" (i.e. corny outfits but, I have yet to to see the trademark bow-tie).

One day, last month, he decided to let the class watch a video about the importance of math. The video went through the history and many uses of math. So, as the video reached a certain point in the video about how the ancient Greeks were the first create and utilize the "purest form" of mathematics, the nigger professor stops the tape and says, "That's a lie; the purest form of mathematics was invented in Africa". I tried to keep my laughing quiet.

A few days later I was able to find out what was on his ring. It was an Ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh ?. He be thinking he be an Egyptshun an' sheet!

A few weeks later, he mentioned in class that he was, indeed, a Muslim! Now, at this point, I was pretty sure he was an NOI member. He's always bragging about be black or an "African-American".

So, today I am absolutely sure he is anti-White (or at least anti-White male). He was gone the past week since his nigger sow just popped out another nigglet. Today, the students in the class were being rather talkative and referred to him as "yo" or "mister" (and these are white kids, I might add), so he made us all stay after class for a lecture. He was going on and on about how he doesn't want to be referred to as "yo" or "mister" and should be referred to as "Dr." And what was really strange was how he brought up race; this had absolutely nothing to do with race yet, he brought it up in typical nigger fashion.

He said, "You know, ova da week I had several calls fo' betta job offerins' and from da way y'alls is actin' I think I might take dat job, since it pays mo' money dan ova here." He continued, "Dis year I have no black students in dis class; not one. We got fo' Hispanic students and da rest of you'ze iz white. I had no trouble wit muh black students back in Springfield [this is in Massachusetts], so wat does dis tell me?". That was just a paraphrase as I don't have it exactly memorized but, it was something to that effect; he was claiming blacks are better than whites. That really pissed me off, not one of the other students noticed his blatant racism towards whites because they were all to mezmorized by him since he was black and they all consider blacks to be to definition of "cool" and whites to be the definition of "uncool".

Coontact Tale #846 (October 31, 2007)

I was talking to a teacher at work today and it was cold in the store, so the topic turned to how it was cold in her class.. the nigger next to us jumps in with the comment "I hear they keep it cold so it keeps the kids woke."

Coontact Tale #847 (October 31, 2007)

I have to confess, once upon a time I was a pc type liberal--coontact cured me of that. I was in a graduate english seminar tonight, and we read "So Long a Letter," by--who cares, some female groid from senegal. Was supposed to be a post-colonial expose, or something, but it mostly just illustrated "muh dik." Except they blamed "muh dik," aka taking multiple wives, on Islam. Anyhow, stupid novel and just demonstrated niggers living in filth, except in Senegal I guess they "marry" the multiple babymommas. So these liberal idiots in the class start apologizing for nigger culture--"our culture isn't exactly perfect, how can we criticize theirs?" Such bullshit, all it meant to me was it juxtaposed the American "Muh Dik" excuse with the African "Muh Dik" excuse, but both blamed it on yt. In any case, the nigger men in the novel sought younger and younger wives, and impressed them with bling. Sorry for the rant, but goddamn when I get my degree I will never teach a novel written by a nigger, unless I'm ready to rip it into another dimension of happiness.

Coontact Tale #848 (November 3, 2007)

So I am working last night, in Shitskin Central. I notice at a convenience store there is a long line outside the door. It had me wondering what the savages were up to, but it's not of my concern. A few minutes later, I am in center city stopped at a light and there is a long line at a bank ATM, I look the opposite direction and a block away, another line at the ATM. Then it dawned on me, it's a few minutes past midnight. The welfare debit cards are credited at midnight on the 1st of the month. So there we have it, groidles of niggers lining up at midnight to get their reparation money. Thinking back, I didn't notice a single sow, they send their bucks out with the card to get the money. They need money in the middle of the night. Shit, why not? Not one has to be at work in the morning. What a worthless race of criminal parasites.

Coontact Tale #849 (November 3, 2007)

Damnit all! Paradise turns to parasite part II

Well SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wife wanted to go to the local city of 8k people to get some craft supplies for herself. I figure, I'll go so I can get out of the house and off the computer for a little bit. Well, some of you may recall the nigger sow I saw at the checkout counter in Lowes a couple weeks back. I was shocked as I live in a nigger free area. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll, here we are heading down the road and we stop for a red light. I turn my head to the right and I see TWO NIGGER SOWS walking down the street! I damn near fell out of the van. I said holy shit, niggers!!!! I've lived up here 26 years, and was completely nigger free. In less than a month i've seen three. I don't know where the hell they came from, but I really want them to go back there. They are encroaching on my area of NY and I am NOT pleased. Fortunately , there are no niggers in my town or the 2 heading towards where I saw those niggers, but how long until the disease spreads in my direction? I am seriously worried. Fortunately, I am more than capable of protecting my family in the event of any break in, et al, but goddamnit I moved away from this! WTF???

The nigger is a savage beast, and should be caged at all times.

Well damn, some people have it so tough!

Coontact Tale #850 (November 3, 2007)

Near violent coontact, advice requested.

For those of you who don't know, me and my wife are both Pagan by religion, so Halloween is a little more special to us than most. There were several buildings in the historic section of a nearby city that we wanted to photograph tonight. Problem is, one of them is in "da hood". In preparation for this, we parked the car close by, walked to the building, took our pictures, and headed back down the street. Bear in mind I'm not stupid enough to go into nigger neighborhoods unarmed, so I kept my Springfield Armory XD .40S&W in a hip holster, concealed under a long black coat I had gotten for Christmas a couple of years ago. I always chamber a round, remove the magazine, then replace the round before re-inserting the mag, so my 12+1 gun becomes a 13+1 gun.

What transpired next is difficult, so I threw together a shitty Paint drawing to better demonstrate the incident, the closest I ever came to pulling my carry pistol out.

This is what transpired: After taking the pictures of the house we were interested in (House of Interest) we turned around and proceeded down the street towards the car (which would be south on the map) About the time we got to Point 1 (indicated in the street), we heard glass shattering. Bear in mind the locations of the glass shattering are approx. My wife said seconds before the first bottle (we ASSUME it was a bottle) shattered, she had seen, in her words, "A fat nigger in an orange hoodie" on the street corner. Hearing the glass shatter, I immediently grabbed my XD, but at no time did it leave the holster. I stopped for a minute and heard a nigger yelling, "Whatchall doin over there?". To which I replied, "Just passing through, somebody broke some glass it sounded like".

It haden't dawned on me yet the nigger was THROWING GLASS BOTTLES at us. My wife proceeded farther down the street than me and whispered "hes got something in his hand". Seconds later another glass bottle shattered, much closer than before. My wife confirmed he threw the first bottle, moved to the 2nd location, and threw the next. More than I was made at the nigger, I was mad at myself because I couldn't see him. I later found out it was because as soon as he threw the first one, he shuckled over to location 2. This is why I never saw him, the building blocked my view and all I could see was where he originally was, which explained why my wife saw him and not me, the building was not in her line of sight. She said after the second bottle was thrown, he shuckled out of sight behind the house. She was hit in the leg by shards of the bottle, but unhurt.

Now to answer an obvious question of, "WHY DIDN'T YOU DRIVE TO THE HOUSE?" Simple, my Mustang has an exhaust leak, causing the car to be MUCH louder than normal. I didn't see the first nigger out and about, and stupidly assumed we could walk less than 2 blocks in niggertown without incident. I didn't want any oblivious niggers to suddenly become aware of a loud car with White people in it.

Second most obvious question was, "WHY DID YOU NOT OPEN FIRE ON THE CLEARLY ATTACKING NIGGER?". Again, simple. I did not see him throw the bottle (but my wife did), and he was a solid 100+ feet away. I did not feel shooting him from that distance would fly as self-defense in court. Had this nigger been, say, 15 feet away and physically HIT my wife with the bottle, I'd have fired until slide lock.

More than I'm mad at him, I'm mad at ME for not seeing him, even if a building WAS in the way, at least I learned a lesson: If you cannot see the target, you cannot silence the target. I hope all Niggermaniacs reading this learn from my mistake: If a suspicious sound occurs near you, FIND THE SOURCE! I do not know, and will never know, if the nig saw me grab my pistol and perhaps shelved plans of pulling his own gun, or if he might have not thrown the bottle if he had seen me grabbing it. I'm not 100% certain he even saw me grab it. My wife said the main target nigger was about my height (6'0") but over 250 lbs. She said secondary target was shorter nigger, scrawny.

Let this be a lesson to all Niggermaniacs: Stay armed, Stay alert, Stay alive.

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