The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources across the world wide web.

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Coontact Tale #751 (August 16, 2007)

ARGH! Niggers next door!

Hey all... I hope you enjoy this latest tale of woe, complete with pictures!!!

There's a small house kinda two/three doors up from our house. It's opposite our place, but at a 90-degree angle, if you get that. It's been empty for a few months, with a "for rent" sign outside. The other day, much to our dismay, shock and horror, a BMW (surely a bad sign already?!) pulls up outside, and a couple of 'groids get out (d'oh! I knew it!). It appears as though they're moving in, as they're carting junk out the trunk into the house.

Anyway, we ignore them, hoping there's not going to be any niggerbabble parties at night, with crap music thumping away into the early hours. A couple of days passes - i'm suprised. Nothing! They're keeping themselves to themselves. Excellent! Here's their house.

I woke up this morning, and opened my curtains and windows (as most of us do) to enjoy the morning sunrise and some fresh air. What the fuck? Why is there garbage all over my front yard? Why are there bits of cardboard and polystyrene in my plants? WHY is there an orange juice carton on my driveway?!

Then I see it. The nigger bin/dumpster - call it what you will. Let me explain. Over here, we have two types of bin. One for landfill rubbish, and one for recyclable materials, that have to be cleaned prior to disposal (plastics, paper, cardboard etc). Each bin is collected once a week. The basic rules of waste disposal are:

1) Do not put things in the bin that do not belong in the bin.
2) Do not overfill your bin. The lid needs to close securely.

Here is an example. This is what a bin is supposed to look like when it's put out for collection:

Now am I overly complicating the explanation here? Is everybody following this so far? Because the niggers sure as hell aren't. The collection day was yesterday. Our bin got emptied because we put it out like the above photograph shows, and we followed the rules. The 'groids put their bin out like this (and this is an actual photo people!):

So consequentially, the lid has blown open, and their rubbish has blown all over my yard, driveway, plants and car. Please see the evidence as follows:

So I gathered up all the rubbish, and went to knock on their door. No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. So (and I hope you find this appropriate) rammed as much of the rubbish into their letterbox as possible. Obviously the large cardboard sheet and orange juice carton wouldn't fit, so I left these on the doormat. Exhibits as follows:

I've also closed the lid to the bin, and moved it back up their driveway. I anticipate a confrontation of some sort later on, when they arrive home to find their front room filled with their own rubbish.

Any other thoughts on dealing with this problem?

Coontact Tale #752 (September 3, 2007)

A good example of TNB and of Typical White Behavior

On a typical sultry August day in Houston, four rather obese Negresses in a large worn out green Dodge had stalled in the middle of a busy intersection. This not only created a traffic disturbance, but put them and the other drivers at risk of injury. A Mercedes-Benz S-Class parked on the shoulder behind them. Out stepped a middle aged white businessman in a white shirt and tie. He wasn't a large man, rather short, actually, but looked as if he had spent an hour or two at the gym. To tell the truth, it looked like he had spent an hour or two in the gym every day since high school graduation. He instructed them to put the crap-wagon in neutral, then reached down and put both hands on the bumper. He took a deep breath and pushed the two-ton junker and the 1500 lbs of cargo across the intersection to safety. He climbed back into his Benz, and went about his business. TNB: creating a safety and traffic hazard, and not taking any action to remedy the situation, even though they could have probably pushed the car themselves. Yet, they remained uable to help themselves. TWB: a white man coming to the rescue, taking time out of his busy day to help them just as he would help any creature in distress.

Coontact Tale #753 (September 3, 2007)

Right i'm Pakistani and this is my story of TNB.

I was just walking past a shop one day minding my own business deep in thought and this she-boon walks out and smacks into me, i'm just about to apologize and say 'sorry' which is what you do as general civil behaviour when she stays threateningly 'watch it man!' and stomps off.

What the ? I had the right of way, she was leaving the shop and should have said 'sorry' but out of good manners I was going to say it, this is England, it's where if you bang into each other and even if it's not your fault you apologize!

TNB behaviour, no cooncept of manners at all and the scary thing is people of other races are picking up this attitude.

Coontact Tale #754 (September 3, 2007)

Over the centuries much has been remarked concerning the overpowering stench of africoons. With this coontact titled "Skunky," I hope to throw some light on this malodorous subject.

Perhaps twenty five years ago or more I traveled from Boston, Mass to Buffalo, NY on Amtrak. Around Utica an old, wizened, toothless, flat-nosed, tar-black, rag-headed aunt jemima-type negress boarded the train and sat in my section. Immediately my nostrils were assailed by the most dreadful stink, organic and pungent, which for years afterwards I was not able to accurately describe. The old coon was nervous and chatty, constantly asking where the train was and and if Rochester was near. It was likely she hadn't traveled in decades, and that perhaps she was a relic from the era of segregated travel. At any rate, she finally left the car at Rochester, and then the foul odour began to dissipate.

Fast foward: Years later I was involved in a garden project: We decided one day to plant tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs. The next morning when we went out to resume our work, we saw every bulb dug up and placed on the ground. I consulted an oldtimer who laughed and explained a skunk was the culprit: It was an instinctive response to dig up something somebody had buried----might be something good to eat! He recommended we buy a big bag of bloodmeal, and re-plant the bulbs sprinkling some of this into each hole. He assured me the skunk would run from the smell of bloodmeal.

I went down to Agway and bought the stuff. When I opened the bag the stink rose and hit me in the face. Instantly I remembered the Amtrak journey of years ago. "My God," I thought to myself, " This repugnant bloodmeal stinks just like that old jig mammy in Rochester."

Coontact Tale #755 (September 8, 2007)

Had a run-in with a she-nig at work yesterday.

My previous manager hired three fat ugly she-nigs over the course of the last year, then transferred to another group, leaving us with the mess. All three are completely fucking useless.

We've managed to run two of them off. But the remaining she-nig is digging in her heels.

Today she went off on me in a meeting because I criticized her half-assed approach to her job. She went all "Oh no you dinnit! Let me finish! Let me finish! Excoose me! Excoose me! I is talkin' now!"

I let the oook-oook beebuh beebuh storm run its course, then asked her to explain why she felt it was ok to not do her job. She stomped out of the conference room.

Had a meeting with my manager about it. He said not to worry about it, he and the other white managers will have all the nigs cleaned out in a couple of months.

Message to nigs: You cannot win. Whitey rules this house.

Coontact Tale #756 (September 8, 2007)

A Nigger ran into the back of me, totaled his car;got out of his car with a WALKER, and then in front of the cop asked me to drive him home....swear I am not making this up

Coontact Tale #757 (September 8, 2007)

I was having dinner with some friends (outdoor cafe) and this disgusting nigger AIDS-infested-lookin crackhead bum comes over and stands on the street by our table. My girlfriend starts taking money out to give to him and I quickly pull her arm back and order her not to give him anything. I wanted to teach that fucking nigger bum not to bother people while they are trying to eat.

The bum then started calling me a cracker motherfucker and shit. I really wanted to smash his skull in, but I didn't want to get his AIDs-infested blood all over me. I just ignored him :-(. What else could/should I have done?

It's best to always ignore niggers who can hurt you or your loved ones. If you do something to piss them off they can go completely ape on you and are even willing to sacrifice themselves to hurt you. Kind of like a pit bull, but stupider.

Coontact Tale #758 (September 8, 2007)

My neighborhood is whitetrash and mexicans, working class and sort of out in the country. The houses are not crammed together, and the area is coming up as people fix up old houses and build new spec houses on the empty spaces. Overall it is very quiet - some yuppies move here for the peace and quiet.

Today, for the 100th time, the only black family is out on the driveway blaring rap music in their pickup truck at about sunset. I heard some lyrics about "the crack in my ass" and "fuck" this, "fuck" that.

Why is it that tyrone and sheba are unable to conform to the unspoken neighborhood behavior of peace and quiet? Are these people just so briandead that they are incapable of observation of everybody else? NO ONE HERE WANTS TO LISTEN TO THAT GARBAGE.

Should I call the cops? Should I wait until 2 AM and blare my stereo - some nice Big Band/Glenn Miller music?

Niggers understand very clearly that you value peace and quiet, and that's exactly why they are destroying it by blaring their music.

Remember, niggers are completely powerless over their own lives. They have neither the intelligence nor the tools to succeed within the system. The best they can do to feel some sense of self-worth or importance is to have some effect, albeit negative, on YOUR life.

The same phenomenon can be seen in crosswalks (slow walking), checkstands (slow paying), Subway (spread dem tomatoes out), and various "oh no you di'int" situations in which they feign indignation at some perceived violation of their sovereignty. If we can't succeed ourselves, at least we can make whitey's life a little tougher.

Seriously, you shouldn't live around niggers at all. The existence of a SINGLE nigger within five miles was a 100% deal-breaker when I was looking to buy the home I currently live in.

The thing is, once niggers get into a workplace they might as well be protected by an invisible forcefield that repels normal interaction with coworkers. Everyone is afraid to say the wrong thing, or god forbid offer some constructive criticism for fear of being fired or worse, exiled to diversity or sensitivity training.

But niggers don't make good workers for the most part. They are lazy, inflexible, poor problem solvers, unwilling to follow the conventions of the workplace such as showing up on time, being respectful to customers and superiors, etc. They end up in jobs where they can basically consult a list or be taught by rote what to do, things like the DMV or other government jobs are right up this alley. Once they're in the union mentality takes hold. "I ain't doin' shit! Ah'm on mah break!"

A former liberal responds:

I'm in my 40s, lifelong liberal, believer in affirmative action and all that, and sadly, I have come to buy into this sort of thinking 169%, due to working with and around a lot of lazy black women. I work on a client team consisting of about 15 people in the U.S. and Europe, and the ONLY person on this team that I can't rely on their work product is my black female co-worker (BFCW). We have a system of "Q.C"ing each other's work, and normally you get a document from somebody, you only have to just glance at it and know that it's right. But my BFCW ALWAYS -- and I mean ALWAYS -- has mistakes in her work. Each time I ask her if she's proofed her shit, and she swears up and down she has, but she'll have stuff like "$1,500,000" shown as "$1500,0000,000" or something that doesn't even make any sense. It's gotten to the point where I just do stuff myself because if I ask her to do it, I know I'll spend just as much time proofing her work, and ending up having to re-do most of it anyway. In addition, she refuses to voluntarily interact with anyone else in our department, and is basically a ghost, coming and going without anyone really knowing what she's working on, etc. Sure, she's nice, polite, quiet, etc., but it's all to cover up what a mediocre, lazy worker she is.

Coontact Tale #759 (September 21, 2007)

One time I had a doctor's appointment with a new doctor and it turns out it was some 250 + lb sheboon!! The nigger did not look very professional. It was wearing an overly baggy sweater and pants that don't match. It also looked kind of stoned. Needless to say, I did not stay there very long and I sure as hell didn't come back.

Anyways, I find out later that this niggress wasn't even a real doctor. She had forged all of her documents and the nigger got kicked out of her office for not paying rent.

One day the police show up and tell my dad they need to park in his drive way. The shegorilla lived just a few houses away and the cop was waiting for the nigger to come home.

The nigger was arrested. I don't know what happened afterwards. Hopefully it is in jail and is someone's bitch right now.

Coontact Tale #760 (September 21, 2007)

Urinating in public

Last weekend we went to this weekly outdoor food fair in Brooklyn, where street vendors sell delicious Latin American food for cheap. Humans come from all over the city to eat the most delicious Mexican, Guatemalan, etc. food you can imagine. It's held in a gorgeous park with lots of grassy areas to sit and eat on.

My husband was in line getting food while I waited with our little puppy. I was sitting in an open spot near a huge oak tree when this nigger and four little male niglets strolled nonchalantly over. They were dressed like humans and the adult even sounded articulate when he was calling to his sons. So it was in total disgust and disbelief that I watched them, one by one, stand in front of their father (who was trying to "hide" them from human eyes) and unzip their flies to urinate on the tree.

People were eating not 10 feet away from them, too. And the park was crawling with police officers. And there were chemical toilets available maybe 50 yards from where I was sitting.

Needless to say, I got up and took my puppy and found somewhere else to sit. Thanks for ruining my appetite, you nigger filth! TNB at its finest.

Coontact Tale #761 (September 21, 2007)

I hope this link works.

I'm doing the, uh, ahem, "Internet Dating" thing, due to my inability to meet women in this town who despise Marvin Gaye songs (see an earlier post of mine). Anyway, I get these "helpful hints" from the service, which matches me with my special someone based on personality and location. Just look at what this fucking computer thinks is one of my "Ten Matches of the Day":

Holy Shit guys- the computer wants to set me up with a NIGGER!

Wow, and look at that pic too. She's 23, huh? Bitch, you so old you owe Fred Flintstone a food stamp! You be 23, huh? Bitch, you so old yo Social Security number be ONE! You is an OLD NIGGER BITCH and no man wants none of you, yo puddie-tang, or your old knuckle-draggin' kids, all nine or ten of 'em, and that is the Good Lord's truth!

I think we should say "Hi" to this lovely nigress. Anybody got any ideas?

Coontact Tale #762 (September 21, 2007)

A few years back a new nigger Battalion Commander (LtCol) decided that he would make up his own rules and violate the drill and ceremonies manual. During all Battalion formations instead of the Battalion Sergeant Major calling the Battalion to "attention" as the Battalion Commander made his way to the head of the formation he ordered that over the loudspeakers in the Battalion area that "We are FAMBLY" be played.

A few hard core members of the Battalion refused to assume the position of attention upon hearing the music. Threats were made to them for refusing to obey and order but upon challenging the threats it was determined that the nigger CO was issuing an unlawful order and the "We are Fambly" tune was reserved for the chucker and his maple bacon pig roasts.

Give a nigger any authority and they'll fuck it up.

Coontact Tale #763 (September 21, 2007)

Glad to be here. I am not a nigger hater and can publicly get along with them but I'd gladly blow a nigger's head off if no one was looking and knew I could get away with it. I really harbor no hate towards anyone but life is business, and business is business. I feel there's a duty to help family and those like us for the benefit of who we are. Let's face it, life is all about increasing the health/wealth of the self and related ones for the benefit of self-preservation.

Anyhow, been a while since I associated with niggers. I grew up with them and even listened to their music and sort of became one of them in essence for some of my adolescence. But I realize just how different we are from them after taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese the other day. I had niglets asking me for tokens, niglets trying to coerce my kids into running around and acting wild like them, and loud 'YO TY-RONE' ramblings could be heard randomly. They're so fucking loud mouthed and have no manners.

And why do so many niggers speak of church/jesus? A lot of good that does. White atheists greatly outnumber black atheists. Why is it always whites pushing the envelope of science while blacks linger on magical or illogical shit? And why don't niggers know how to take care of shit? They treat people as they do their property, like shit. They seem to lack refinement. To me, they're tantamount to fucking apes. They seem to lack a refined sense of awareness, to be specific.

I don't know how many blacks lurk here but I'm speaking in general terms. I'm not ignorant but all groups of people have general differences, get over it. Yeah, I know, you're just like us in that you have feelings. Who gives a shit. I don't let feelings get in the way of business. I hope niggers are reading here so you can see how the fuck everyone else sees you. We're all racist, and if you don't think so, you're lying. That's why there's starving kids on the street and people who just don't care. We're all on the lookout for us and our own whether niggers or nigger lovers want to admit it. That's nature, that's life, that's business. Don't let anyone tell you guys you're in the wrong if you're looking out for your race.

Coontact Tale #764 (September 21, 2007)

This evening my wife and I decide to eat at Olive Garden. Usually no big deal, niggers don't usually eat food that isn't fried so I figured the coontact would be kept at a minimum. WRONG! We get there and there is apparently a shift change of some sort going on with the greeters, and since both of them are niggers they of course fuck up the order of who was there first, second, and so on. Naturally, they let the only nigger in the lobby go in first. A little old white lady said," Excuse me, we were here first". Now, a human customer would have said "I am sorry" and let the lady go.Not a nigger though. It just looked at the lady with its evil grin with a "I just fucked you over whitey" expression on its face. So we finally get seated and I go to wash my hands. When I come back there are 2 nigger sows with 3 chirrens in the booth across the aisle from us. I tell my wife that I want to leave but she says that she didn't eat lunch and she was hungry. We make our order and the waitress then goes to the nigger fambly. The niggers spend about 10 minutes ordering, which makes our order take longer because the waitress hadn't sent our order to the kitchen yet. 5 minutes after the niggers give their order they tell the waitress that they want to change their order. They do so and generally run the waitress ragged. When they leave they leave absolutely zero tip. I see the girl cussing under her breath and I said to her, "Don't you just hate waiting on niggers?" She looked shocked as hell and looked all around to see who was listening and then she said "Hell yes!" That's when my wife hit me on the arm! She said that I could get that girl fired. I said I would make it up to her and gave her about a $20 tip.

After dinner I decide that I want to go to a football game where my high school that I graduated from was playing a nigger school. The nigger school's band consisted of drums and tubas...that is all. I am not exaggerating, that is all that they had. This is a 5A school in Texas, which means that the school has well over 1000 students enrolled. I reckon that they only had niggers that could beat on the bongo drums for their band. The nigger "drill team" looked and "danced" like prostitutes. During half time the nigger band leader or whatever kekeke'd very loudly and shrilly so we heckled the hell out of it.We all had a good ol time laughing at them. The nigger football team was so focused on chimping out after every play that they ended up losing 35-0.

Coontact Tale #765 (September 21, 2007)

Awhile back I was making a parts delivery to a customer and was driving up the interstate during rush hour through nigger town. Well being the observant driver I am( raced stock cars for many years), I notice some bootlipped nigger get on the highway and proceed to weave in and out of barely moving traffic. As he gets to me I goon him and he gets hung up behind some cars and is fucked for a little while, or so I thought!

Now here he comes up the inside shoulder I'm watching,waiting,waiting, and when he gets to me I fake a swerve to my left SFN is talking on his cell phone over reacts and creams the inside wall. Now I'm laughing my ass off as is the guy in the lane to my right. But it gets better, the traffic was slow because there was a wreck on the inside shoulder. A cop see's the nigger hit the wall and pulls him over, as I go by I'm yelling out window stupid fucking nigger, cop stands there laughing (was a white cop). But it gets better yet!!! On my return trip came back through about 10 mins. later after dropping stuff with the customer, here stands Tyrufaboon on side of highway in handcuffs!! Laughed my ass off all the way back to my shop and proudly called everyone I could think of to tell the about latest nigger that I fucked over!!!!

Coontact Tale #766 (September 21, 2007)

Well I had some Xbox games about 2 years old in good condition and I went to a Gamestop in a shopping center next to a recently opened Niggermart to trade them in. It was either at that Gamestop or one in a mall less than a mile from this location, the mall is niggerfuxated and has that soul-sucking atmosphere malls have. So I went into this Gamestop near the Niggermart and told the nigger there (used to see human employees much more frequently, seems the area is getting more niggerfuxated) I wanted to trade in these games. I was tired and didn't really feel like driving elsewhere just because a nigger was there.

It pretended to scan the games to see what the trade-in price was, it had that soulless and sociopath "KEKEKE FUCKIN OVER YT" look and told me I'd only get 50 cents for the two games so I shouldn't trade them in. I smirked at the ridiculous nigger's obvious lie, said "monkeyshines" and left. The nigger was just another combination of stupidity and laziness, probably didn't know how to trade in games because it's troglodyte-brain can't learn, but why would a nigger want to do it's job if it helps out de white man anyway? Ended up going over to the mall, surprisingly few niggers or anyone else there at about 7:45 PM on a Thursday night, you can bet they will be out in herds tomorrow night though. The Gamestop in the mall had human employees and they gave me a hell of a lot more than 50 cents.

Coontact Tale #767 (September 21, 2007)

Sheboon Waddled over and Swiped Package

I went to Nigg Mart.As I was about to park and I saw a huge Shegorilla waddling to the front door with nigglett in tow. A customer leaving must have dropped a bag in the crosswalk and didnt see it.

The sheboon did...she shoved her nigglett towards the bag and picked the bag up and looked inside, this ape grabbed it off of him,looked in the bag,left him in the middle of the street and waddled back to her car and threw the bag in the car.

I stared her down but she had no shame.

She is hoping a whitey dropped it. What a loser.

Sheboon walked just like her legs were super glued together??

We know thats a lie.

I saw her in the store with a buggy full of sugar, chips and oil.

Coontact Tale #768 (September 21, 2007)

This One Is From a Buddy...

As some of you guys know from what I've mentioned recently... I hang out with a local motorcycle club here in Detroit... Well the other night when my buddy called at friggin 2 in the morning... We were just shooting the shit about stuff... So he tells me about this nigger he had leave the front of the clubhouse...

So today when I called him I asked him to tell me the story again because when he originally told me I was half asleep and not really coherent... So he goes on telling me he pulled up in front of the clubhouse and see's this older nigger standing in front of the door... His beer mug and cell phone were placed on two of those metal posts you see in front of various things in front of buildings... Well anyway he tells said groid to get the stuff off the posts and get away from the front of the building...

So said nigger gets an attitude with my buddy and starts babbleing off if the club allows niggers inside... My buddy says no, etc etc etc... So said groid asks somthing about if they are racist... My buddy says its got nothing to do with race blah blah blah and to get the hell out of here... So I asked my buddy if this was a thug type nigger being that there is a sports bar next door, he says no just a lazy older one... Then I asked if he's seen the groid next door at the bar... And he said no he's never recognized him in there...

Man I hate those fuckers to no end... There was a time however that they did let niggers in the club to hang out and such... But due to the fact that the club was losing respect in the local biker community/sub culture due to them letting groids hang out they stopped... They also stopped because as we all know niggers when drunk and/or high tend to be unpredictable... And the fact that the groids when they'd be inside the club would tend to invite others in... Fortunately this all stopped before I started hanging out...

Coontact Tale #769 (September 21, 2007)

My Fathers Wisdom

Let me start by saying that my father is 73 and has been a rabid niggermaniac since at least the 50's. I asked him what he thought of this recent OJ mess and he said "niggers just can't fucking behave". That pretty much sums up the entire species on a global level.

Last night we was two massive sows wearing spandex pushing shopping carts full of government paid for food. My father said "god dam they are some disgusting specimens". I started laughing so loud that the sows turned around and looked at me. Joke was on you fat whores.

Coontact Tale #770 (September 21, 2007)

Nigger On The Subway[NYC]

So I'm taking the F train back to Brooklyn and somewhere in Manhattan this nigger window washer gets on and bumps into my wife without saying excuse me, in fact it looks hostile as if my wife did something wrong. So I get myself prepared for battle. I'm willing to let what happened thus far go[don't want to go to prison yet!], but who knows what will happen next. So this nigger sits down across from me and basically goes to sleep. This train ride is trying on the nerves because of other sub-humanoids which I can't elaborate on due to forum rules, but suffice it to say by the time we reach Brooklyn[in general, not just this day] I'm itching to harm something. So we are passing through the orthodox Jewish area where humans once again begin to board and one kid gets on and sits across from me[next to the sleeping nigger that bumped my wife 45 minutes earlier] carrying a baseball bat. So I comment to this young man "good idea, carrying one of those on board". This comment awakens the sleeping nigger window washer. It says to me "talking like that will get you in trouble". So I asked it, "from who, you?" It repeats the same thing again with more emphasis, I repeat my statement again. So the nigger begins mumbling incoherently and after a minute or two, I say "listen, I am not interested in your [deleted] opinion, I am not speaking to you, shut the [deleted] up. 2 more stops and I'm home. At the stop before mine I inform the nigger I am getting off at the next stop, and he should also get off so we can finish this. Bottom line, many niggers are cowards when you get in their face, there I was, on the platform screaming at this nigger to get off the train, and the conductor actually kept the doors open longer than usual so he could if he wanted to and the dirty nigger just sat their silent scared to death. I am someone who believes that violence should always be a last resort, but more and more I am convinced that a faster,swifter violent response is necessary with niggers and a couple of other groups.

Coontact Tale #771 (September 21, 2007)

So I'm volunteering my time to work in the concession stand at my son's high school for a girls volleyball game. What coontact could possibly take place at a volleyball game between 2 schools that were predominantly white?

I soon found out.

At the beginning of the night, I chose to be the one that cooked and handed up the hot dogs to the servers waiting on the customers. The way it's set up is that I was standing in the back part of the kitchen, separated from the serving station by a counter and a partial wall. I was facing the serving counter so the only part of me that a customer could see was from my fat, white stomach on up. This is important later in the story. That's why I'm telling you this.

The person working the counter yells back to me, "I need a hot dog." Or "I need to hot dogs." Or "I need 3 dogs, 1 with kraut, 2 without." Or.... well, you get the picture.... and then I put the roll on paper hot dog tray, place the dog on the roll and hand it up over the counter to the server.

Everything is going very smoothly. Lots of white people ordering cokes & hot dogs and nachos grande and skittles and.... well, you get the picture.

About 3/4 of the way through the evening, all of a sudden I look up at the window and here comes a full blown nigger! It was about 40 years old or so and was dressed rather decently. I didn't get close enough to get whambboozled by it's smell, though. It even had a nice camera in it's paws. I immedialtey reached for my cell phone to call the cops on account that I knew he must've stolen it, but I decided to wait.

After perusing the menu, the fucking thing blurts out, "I think I'll have a hot dog."

Man, upon hearing this my mind raced into overdrive... Could I get infected by handing a dog to another human worker who then in turn hands it to the nigger?? Do nigger germs run against the current?? What will my kids say if they found out I gave the nigger a straight up white man's hot dog??

Doom and gloom encompassed my soul, I tell ya.

But being white, I knew I could thwart this apes attempt at self-engrandizement if only I could clear my mind for a few short seconds.

Then it hit me!

I quickly thought about what my beloved fellow maniacs would do and the solution rained down from the heavens on my pearly white ass like sweat through the asscrack of a nigger sow waddling after some free jenkum...

So I replied to the server, "Coming right up. I just need to get out a fresh pack of rolls." As I bent down to act like I'm getting the rolls, I knock a hot dog off the grill and onto the floor. Quickly, I roll it in some dust and shit and then slap it on a roll. A blind man could see the dirt on the fucking thing! I didn't even try to hide it!! Then I start to giggle a little.

I tell the server, "One hot dog!" As she takes it from my caucasiatic grip, I feel the laughter start to rumble up from deep within my German/Scottish/Irish/Welsh soul. Oh no, here it comes! I'm going to burst!!

As she's handing over the dog to the nigger, I erupt. Couldn't help it. It just came out. So I quickly step to the left behind the wall and the tears are flowing down my cheeks....

After I get myself a little under control, I look out into the eating area and I spy the fucking nigger turning away from the confection table and shoving the fucking dog into it's mouth. It took at least half the dog in one bite and had a look of lovely satisfaction on it's face.

Well that was the last straw. I broke the fuck up. I couldn't stop laughing and had to excuse myself for a few minutes.

About 10 minutes later, the same nigger comes up to the window again and says to the server, "Can you do me a favor?"

She says, "What would that be?"

It says, "Could you watch my camera while I go to the bathroom?"

She was about to agree when I blurted out, "Sorry, we can't do that. Our insurance policy won't allow us to because some people have done that in the past and then come back and say the thing is broken and then expects the school to buy them a new one. We don't play that game here."

The nigger looked at me, looked at the server and said, "That makes sense. I never thought about that."

Sure, nigger. Sure.

Coontact Tale #772 (September 21, 2007)

Passing some bills at the Post Office

I've taken to writing ' on all the bills that I get (especially ones, since those are the most highly transmitted). My love for niggermania and BigCat's thread in the Off Topic Sticky gave me the idea of starting to write '' on any bills that I use for vending machine purchases.

So as luck would have it, I needed to purchase some stamps tonight! I looked in my wallet, and all i had was bills marked with Ron Paul. So it was off to pick up some photos first, and get some change for my 20 ! Fate smiled upon me this evening as the photo place took my internet-printed coupon and I got back some of the most crisp, freshest 1's i've ever seen in my life! Straight off the printing presses! Out to the car i go with my cheap photos and brand new, soon to be advertising for niggermania!

A good niggermaniac is a prepared niggermaniac, and I had taken a felt tip pen for just this occasion. As i sat in the car writing '' on the borders of my bills, i couldn't help but bust out a laugh at the thought of a nigger, or even my girlfriend getting one of these back in change! So off i went to the post office to get my stamps and put my bills back into circulation.

The way this post office works is that the main office is closed at night, but you can still go in and mail letters, use the stamp vending machines, etc. So i pull up and the only one in there is an older white gentleman standing rather close to the vending machine as he sorts his packages. I come up and pretend to shuffle through my wallet so he will realize i need to use the machine.

"Oh excuse me." says the gentleman

"Excuse me," i say.

I start feeding the machine one dollar niggermania bills, double checking to make sure i got the right ones as i feed them in. And then a teenage negress walks into the facility. I flash her a big grin, as i turn back to feeding bills into the machine. She quickly drops her mail in the bin and leaves.

The older white gentleman then proceeds to tell me:

"That machine gives back new Presidential Dollars."

"Oh that's pretty neat," I say

In typical white person friendliness, I make small talk with the man.

"Do you know which President is on the newest coin"..... we briefly discuss.

The stamps i need are $8 something and i didn't have 8 ones so I put in a 20, collect my stamps and then about $18 dollars in coins comes out, presidential dollars and nickles.

He says "wow, you hit the jackpot!".

I pull them out, and say, "Looks like Thomas Jefferson, do you have that one?"

"No, i dont' think i do"

"do you want one?"

"Well, i don't have any ones on me"

"Here you go, don't worry about it!" as i hand him a coin.

"Thank you very much!"

"You're welcome!"

"Have a great night!"

"You too!"

It was truly a scene out of the 1950's, something that never, ever could have occurred with nigger participants, and the greatest thing of all is that there are now 4 more 1 dollar bills with "" floating around out there!

Coontact Tale #773 (September 21, 2007)

The other evening, I went to the supermarket to get a loaf of bread, and a couple of other items. I was standing in the express checkout lane when I smelled this horribly obnoxious odor.

I looked around, and there was a nigger sow right behind me. She had one of those big bottles of Colt 45 malt liquor and a package of chitlins or something nasty. Anyways, she was right behind me, breathing on me. I glanced backwards and noticed she was wearing flip flop sandals on her feet.

So, I acted like I didn't even know where she was, and I just sort of stepped backwards with one of my feet, and put the heel of my boot on her toes. And I put all of my weight on that one foot for a couple of seconds.

You ought to have heard that sow yell.

I just acted like I didn't know she was there and told that sow she shouldn't have been so close behind a person.

She hung back about 4-5 feet until after I got thru the checkout lane. And I walked to my truck with a big grin on my face that went from ear to ear.

Coontact Tale #774 (September 21, 2007)

I was in a department store today when a fat nigger sow waddled up to me, handed me its bag and said "Hold dis. I gotsa find something." It started to rummage through a purse the size of an overnight bag.

I dropped the bag on the floor. The sow glared at me and said, "I axed you to hold that."

I stayed calm. "I am not your servant, you fat worthless sow." I responded. I kicked the bag over, spilling the stuff out on the floor, glared at the shit spilling out of it, and walked on it. "Are you going to do anything about it, Jemima?" I walked away. The sow stood there gibbering. I've found, if you confront lone rude niggers to their faces, they freeze up.

Coontact Tale #775 (September 21, 2007)

Sorry if you expected a video link, I wanted to mention this really cool coworker though, that I ran into the other night for the first time in quite awhile as our shifts rarely overlap these days. This dude has Tourettes Syndrome and it manifests itself in basically one way with this guy, every other sentence he injects a twitch,he spits then blurts out NIGGER!! I LOVE BEING AROUND THIS GUY!!! There's alot of niggers at my job who are used to it but still it's a freekin piss and a half. A typical conversation would go like this;

Me; Hey Tony, what's up?
Tony; Hey how ya NIIIGGG doin?
Me; Great, heard any good music lately?
Tony; Oh yeah I got this Led NIGGER!! Zeppelin CD,uhm Nigggg,spit
Me; Oh yeah, which one?
Tony; The NIGGER Remains The Same NIGGG,spit WITH bonus NIGGER tracks!!

I'm not kidding, it's a FREEKIN PISSER!! The first time I met him he started doing it in front of a nigger truck driver that was making a delivery I damn near fell over!! Tony is not his real name by the way. I wonder if he's a niggermaniac? I should have told him about this website, next time.

Coontact Tale #776 (September 21, 2007)

A couple years back I was in a remote section of Northern California on business during a hot summer day. I was gassing up to head home, when a nigger came up to me and asked me if I would squirt some gas on his hands. You rarely see a nigger in that neck of the woods. Knowing this was too good to be true, I asked him what for. He said he had "honey on his hands from an acorn." I know acorns don't give off honey under any circumstances. I said show me. In his trunk, he had about a dozen pine cones just dripping sap all over the place. I explained this to him although I'm sure he didn't understand. I sprayed some gas on his hands with the prayer that he might light up a smoke, and sped away. Stupid nigger.

Coontact Tale #777 (September 21, 2007)

Funniest thing that ever happened to me with niggers.

This mega fat nigger mammy was talking to her boo or something on the phone at the bus stop today. All of a sudden, she fucking turns to me (I was getting my ipod out and draping my headphones around my shoulders):

Nigger Mammy: hey youse! come hea! how do deze pyants mayk me look?

I summoned up the most disgusted face I could muster and plastered it all over my face. I hitched my throat like I was going to puke. God help me, I even tried to turn green. She started niggerbabbling and chimping out. I believe I caught the word RACISS but I'm not sure- my headphones were on and I was blastin' some good ol' fashioned rock. My bus had arrived at that point, so I just tipped her my special 'fuck you and good night' salute to infuriate her and got on. I still giggle thinking about it.

Coontact Tale #778 (September 21, 2007)

I had to go into the city today. I’m walking down the street and I come upon a constructions site. Across the street there are two huge “Sidewalk Closed” signs. Naturally I wait for the light to cross the other way to go around. However a sheboon walks right past me and squeezes its fat ass between the signs and proceeds to walk down the closed sidewalk. There is dangerous construction shit all over the place. The city requires a cop to be at these sites to control traffic and niggers. He stops the niggeress and tells it to go back and around. Of course, it stands there spouting nibberbabble about why it doesn’t want to go all the way around.

By this time I’m already across the street and walking parallel to the site on the proper side of the street. The nigger is still there babbling at the cop when I am all the way around. By now I’m sure the cop wants to slam it in the mussel with a brick. Finally the shitskin turns around and goes back, still babbling like a monkey. I was laughing my ass off. Stupid nigger

Coontact Tale #779 (September 21, 2007) a couple of weeks ago, i was walking around a mall and got a couple of compliments on my t-shirt. it's a black shirt i bought at Hot Topic, and on it is a black-and-white mugshot of Jim Morrison. two separate nigger bucks stopped me and told me they liked it (in actuality, one said he liked it, the other said "Dat shirt's hard, man"). i can only guess that they just didn't know who it was and just liked it because it was a mugshot. unless The Doors have alotta nigger fans!! funny aside: a white kid of about 19 or 20 was working at one of those kiosks in the mall and was eyeing my shirt as i passed. here's the conversation we had, verbatim:

him: "Who's that on your shirt?"
me: "Jim Morrison."
him: "Jim Morrison the serial killer?"
me: "No, Jim Morrison the singer...y'know, he was in The Doors".
him: "Oh..." gets goofy look on his face, starts laughing

either this kids every bit the stoner i had him pegged as, or kids just don't know shit these days!!

Coontact Tale #780 (September 21, 2007)

Yesterday I was trying to merge onto the freeway, but this stupid teenage boon behind me started speeding up every time I had a chance. It was in a piece of shit car that was filled with his fellow chimps, so I just hit the gas on my car and forced my way in. This caused the monkey to do a vehicular chimp out, laying on its horn and driving its car within inches of my car. I was in a company car (and I am not a primitive savage who reacts on emotion) so I just drove steady and let the chimp lose interest and it eventually drove away from me.

Coontact Tale #781 (September 21, 2007)

I have been nursing a bad back for two weeks and haven't been out of the house, so when the wife asked if I wanted to ride with her and the grandsons to pick up some groceries I decided to tag along. When we get their the boys saw a little carousel type kids ride and wanted to ride, and me being the great grand dad I am I said sure. As they were about to get in I look up and see this huge wasp nest and I point to it and tell them why they can't ride, and we start to walk away when this fat sheboon with a couple of nigglets comes running up, and the conversation goes as follows.

Nig- is you going to ride that?
MM- no,why?
nig- I thought you might let my chilrens ride to.
MM- No, they aren't allowed to ride, but if y'all want to ride, I'll give you the money for the coin slot.

I give the nigger the change and grab the boys by the hand and beat a fast retreat. We get about 15' away when I hear a hell of noise. I look back and wasps are swarming all over the place and stinging the shit out of the niggers, and mammy can't get the little shits off the ride for swatting the wasps that are popping her all over, and I'm laughing so hard that I've got tears coming out of my eyes, and then I look up and I see the wife with that old I can't take you anywhere look, and once again she has ruined my trip to the store.

I told her, honey, I was trying to be nice, to which she just said, bullshit!

Best god damn 75 cents I ever spent!

Coontact Tale #782 (September 21, 2007)

About a year ago, I was driving home from work in a nigger infested area. I was stopped at a stoplight (of course had my windows up and doors locked-don't want a nigger carjacking me) minding my own business and listening to my music at a more than reasonable decibel level as all humans do. All of a sudden I hear that loud thumping base that of course accompanies all nigger vehicles. But I was SHOCKED when I looked over. It was a nigger buck on a pink (!) Harley-Davidson with after market speakers attached to his motorcycle. Attached to both handle bars, were two speakers and each was the size of a boom box- no joke. He was blasting his (c)rap so loud is was unbelievable. I was shocked because (a.) I had never seen a nigger on a Harley and (b.) I had never seen speakers attached to a motorcycle. But of course I had a good laugh at the coon's antics.

Coontact Tale #783 (September 21, 2007)

Coontact in the local newspaper - Please Critique


I have been really getting active posting comments in the online version of the local paper. I am real careful back up my comments with facts and figures and my posts have been getting a lot of chimpouts. Surprisingly though, many more whites are standing too.

Read the link below and give me your critique... No need to read the actually story as it is about the election of our local chimps - just skip to the comments. Mine are listed under ANTHONYWHITE.

Posted by AnthonyWhite on September 17, 2007 at 4:12 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Redneck, no. Educated white man, yes. I don't have any issue with you wanting to see the black community helped more. Thats is perfectly natural. It's also perfectly natural for me as a white man to want to see the best for my race. Of course I will be called a racist for saying that, but the NAACP and other pro-black groups can say the same for their race and it is ok.

I think we would all be much better off if we could separate the races and live with our own people. Diversity is a myth that does not work. We spend so much time trying to force everyone to get along that it is counterproductive and has the opposite effect. Look what we all do naturally - on Sunday mornings at churches, in lunch rooms at schools, in our neighborhoods. Separation is the only thing that will ever work.

I am having a blast getting all the locals to chimp it up. Nothing like confusing them with facts!

The comment I made about being "culturally competent" is because the blacks in this town said that White people could not run any of the local schools because they were not "culturally competent" enough to educate blacks!

Coontact Tale #784 (September 21, 2007)

Nigger goes to the Po Po

Last night about 8 or so, I was getting my big ass ready to head home. It had been a good day, no uppity niggers, the Colts won, Miami got their ass handed to em. All in all was a good weekend. I turned to shut off the fan in the back when I heard some kee keeing at the counter. Wouldn't you know it, there stood 2 blak yoofs with a camcorder. Immediately the alarm went off in my head that (1) it's stolen and (2) God help them if they asking for a refund. The first Einstein nigger was trying to get the camera to open up and the second one axs

"If we'ums selb arry battys n chargers n shit for dis cameras". What he was holding was one of those new DVD's camcorders (looked like a nice Sony) and he had just 'got it frob dey nigga next do". He then looked at the other nigger and started the kee keeing again. I then asked if he got a manual with the camera and he laughed and said "Naw grrl, I didn't get any of dat shit" I asked then if I could see it and see if we had any batteries for it. I know what you're thinking but it was the only way I could think of to get the serial number off the bottom. I excused myself and went to the back, called central dispatch and told them that I had a stolen camcorder here at Niggermart. Lucky for the niggers, they ran the serial number while I was on the phone and sho' nuff, it was stolen. I mean if a nice looking white man comes in with a camera and acted like it was stolen, I'd done the same thing. But you know a nigger don't have the $$$ to buy a expensive Sony 3 CCD camcorder so I ran the serial number. I went back out and stalled the niggers till a plain clothes cop comes in and acted like he was a customer. He approached these 2 niggers and started to tell them how nice the camera was, ect ect. Nigger then TRIED to sell it for $250. The cop told him that'd he'd buy it but they'd have to go to the ATM outside. Once there, niggers were busted and hauled to the PoPo. Niggermart was soo happy with me that they give me a $25 gift card. (barely covered the disinfectant it took to get the nigger stank off my hands )

Yes, you can say yesterday was a good day

Coontact Tale #785 (September 21, 2007)

detailing a nigger car

i have been detailing cars for fifteen years, and this happened around 1998, when i worked for a car dealership.

i have cleaned some pretty nasty cars over the years, but this was the worst.

a nigger fambly came to the dealership to trade their 3 year old mustang for a fambly car. after they drove away in their new car, my boss came to me and asked if i could make this mustang spotless, so he could re-sell it.

WARNING: the following contains nigger filth, continue reading at your own peril

when i opened the door, the smell wafted out and nearly knocked me over...i smelled a combo of piss, shit and old moldy grease. after i finally got over the smell, i went in...

(i have cleaned upwards of 5,000 cars in my life, and this was the only one, that i wore rubber gloves)

...i remember thinking; how can a three year old car be this nasty?

but i went in to clean out some of the garbage and here is what i found

1 old, shitty diapers
2) about fifteen fast food bags
3) moldy, eaten chicken bones
4) live cockroaches
5) stained, urine soaked seats...among many other things

it took me 4 days, to clean a car that would normally take 3 hours!

after cleaning the inside of this car with stong, enzyme detergents, and incecticide, i left it to sit for a few days to dry out needless to say, the car sat on the lot for 6 months, because the smell still lingered, and my boss finally sent it to auction a three year old ford muustang, totally destroyed by niggers!

i remember my boss telling me afterwards (the dealership lost a lot of money on that car) that he would be more cautious when taking a trade-in from niggers. (yes, he said "niggers")

Coontact Tale #786 (September 21, 2007)

I was at the Arby's near here that has an all human staff to try the new chicken shakers. There was two bucks sitting in a booth eating behind me and suddenly I heard "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!" boomed out extremely loud followed by applause. It sounded like Maury and it was a ring tone on the nigger's cell phone! The humans on staff were shocked and were bothered by the nigger's cell phone ring and a woman said "That's the oddest ring tone I ever heard of theirs". Then the nigger began babblin on its cell with loud bursts of "Kekekeke!" like it was pleased it had done its nigger duty of the day by annoying more YTs.

Coontact Tale #787 (September 21, 2007)

So yesterday I'm heading to Penn Station on the A Train[THE jigaboo express, but also the fastest route on this journey,now a partial safari]] to meet my wife for a relaxing afternoon out on Long Island at Oktoberfest, when this gay nigger dressed like he's ready for a bicycle race gets on and sits next to me. He opens up this laptop. A couple of minutes later, I'm just looking straight ahead and decide to glance to the right, ok, THEN, glance to the left.........the fairy-boon is looking at photos of penises on his computer! Ruined my whole appetite for bratwurst, damn nigger.

Coontact Tale #788 (September 21, 2007)

I just got home and recieved a letter from the Federal Gummint stating that I owe $241.00 for an overpayment when I retired from the service in Jan 2004. The letter goes on the state the penalties and interest that will acrue If I fail to pay. It's not the paying back of an overpayment that hacks me off it's the fact that after 22 years in the service and all the shit I did for it that the government cannot wright this off in some way.

How many school loans and Fanny Mae home loans do they let the nigger slide on in a year? Fuck the guy that broke his ass for the good of the country, we'll get his fucking money for sure. Don't fuck with the monkee and the tens of millions they default on every year.

Coontact Tale #789 (September 21, 2007)

Last night we had a family night at a friends house. Your typical get together people were drinking good food and since I don't drink anymore and had to drive anyway it was boring as hell. We had the football game on CFL (or other wise known to Americans as the Crappy Football League). This nigger on one team got smoked hit so hard and I started laughing

I went outside to have a chew and get some fresh air and the guy that owns the house came out to have a smoke. He said eventually to me did you see that nigger get smoked that was hilarious. Then I didn't know what to say I said "It is always funny to see that especially to niggers". He went off on how he can't stand niggers then he told me to check out these 2 websites. I said sure.

He went into the house grabbed a pen and on the piece of paper the 2 web sites Niggermania and kfcisforniggers. I played dumb and didn't say much just said I would check them out. So if you are a member here and reading this let me know.

The Irony!

He's going to know you now!

Coontact Tale #790 (September 21, 2007)

I have to take the bus to work and hate it, it's crammed with niggers, today I got on and was just able to get on as there where so many niggers!, how dare they take our white mans space?. Anyway I was rideing the bus when I felt this poke in my back I knew it was a nigger I could smell them, im actually amazed my smell of niggers has increased, I can smell one from a great distance now.

I turned around and gave it an evil eye only to be poked again, I turned around and said exuse me stop poking me to be laughed at, I said why are you laughing?, whats funny about that?, at this point I wanted to shout out you FUCKING NIGGERS FUCK OFF!, but the bus was crammed with people that would dob me in to the cops as usual. But I think they got knew anyway I dont like niggers!.

This proves my niggers and stillness thread, they can't stay still.

Coontact Tale #791 (September 21, 2007)

Last night I was walking to get some ice cream in a part of the city with a lot of local shops and restaurants, and saw a nigger jazz band setting up to play right on the sidewalk. Now these were some of the greasiest looking niggers I have seen in a while, I saw one with an afro even! A small crowd of niggers were gathered around shucking and jiving, I crossed the street because I felt uneasy around such a large gathering of niggers. So I went in, got some ice cream at an ice cream shop that had no niggers on staff (made sure to tip them). I walked back out to the parking deck and heard the nigger band start playing, with yells of "yea!" coming from niggers. I drove out, circled back around the street next to it (they were one way streets), and turned back onto the street with the niggers, and while the niggers were getting into their first song, I held down my car horn. I let go and a bunch of them were yelling at me, I smiled and did it again. They were in yelling as chimps do when I let go of the horn again, totally pissed off niggers. I gave them the finger and drove off laughing.

Coontact Tale #792 (September 21, 2007)

Well I decided to go out late tonight to drop off some library books that were due and then went to fuel up at a gas station at a busy intersection. It wasn't busy tonight very few cars on the road around 3 AM especially on a Sunday night/early Monday morning. So I had just finished fueling my car when I heard a loud boom, at first I was worried it might have been a gunshot. I saw a car speed off, it looked like a Cadillac. The sound had shaken my nerves, it took a moment for me to register that the other car which limped a few feet had just been hit. So I cursed and grabbed my cell phone that I hardly ever use and sprinted towards the car. Inside I find a white girl probably in her early 20s, the airbags are deployed, smoke from them in the air around her. I asked her if she's alright and she says she is fine and I called 911 for her. I ran back to the car to get a drink for her, which she does not accept but thanks me. The cavalry arrived (no niggers) and as far as I know she only got some friction burns on her arms from the airbags. They asked me a few questions, took down some information, thanked me and then told me I can go home.

I'm pretty sure it was a nigger perpetrator, considering at this time lots of niggers are out. I saw briefly what appeared to be a Cadillac, or in the general shape thereof, speeding off and we all know niggers love those types of cars, and a hit and run is typical nigger behavior. If I get any more information I will tell you, I hope the police catch whoever did it.

Coontact Tale #793 (September 21, 2007)

My new nigger manager decided that life at CVS was too strenous and decided to leave last friday for the wonderful world of the check cashing "loan" extortion business. Althought the white guy thats replacing him is supposedly lazier, it will have to be an improvment.

Coontact Tale #794 (September 21, 2007)

This was a while back, but before I moved there was this shop where I was a regular. I was talking to one of the employees there and he went to St. Louis to watch a sports game. I can't remember what sport, but this is irrelevant.

I don't know how this happened, but at some point he was driving through East St. Louis, IL (a suburb of STL on the IL side). Maybe he got lost? I don't know. Keep in mind that this city is 97.7% black, 35% of the population are below the poverty threshold, and crime is very high.

But, at some point, a black cop pulls him over. He didn't do a single thing wrong, so there's no way to bust him. The police then try to plant cocaine on him, the idea being that they can bust him for possession of drugs.

Thankfully, he somehow managed to get out it, and no charges took place. I'm not sure how he did it, but he did.

He should have talked to me first. I could have told him that going there is a bad idea.

Coontact Tale #795 (September 21, 2007)

This is a coontact I had a few years back. A friend of mine owned an auto repair garage and I was hanging out there one day when 2 sheboons showed up. When he asked them what they needed one of them pointed to a Honda that was parked on the edge of a vacant lot behind his shop and axed him if he fixed the brakes on it. He had no idea what she was talking about and after questioning her further found that she had showed up the previous evening after the shop was closed and left the car back there. This was the first time she had spoken to him but somehow she thought by leaving the car there behind the shop the brakes would end up getting fixed! After inspecting the brakes he found that the nigress had driven it till the brakes pads were completely gone and it was grinding on the calipers. She kept driving it like that till it wore through all the way to the brake piston and one of the pistons had worn through so it was squirting out brake fluid every time the pedal was pressed. A very expensive repair naturally. After she found out how much it would cost she took her death trap and drove off.

Coontact Tale #796 (September 21, 2007)

There's a girl at work who recently had a coontact and is now converted to being a card carrying niggermanic. Here's how it went down:

Her son recently started school and on the way home the other day, her son was 'beat up' on the bus by a couple of nigglets. Busted his lip, you know the drill. She comes into work all bent about this, being a single mom and all. So we're sitting in the break room and she is telling me of this. I tell her to call the school and tell them that if they jump on her son again, she's not going to do anything to her son for 'taking his part'. To be honest, I thought she was going to crap a brick. "Oh no, I could never do that, I don't think fighting is the way to solve this". So I let it go, hey, you asked an opinion, I give you one. A couple of days past and the nigger did it again. So she's telling me this again and I just tell her that "That's too bad, I'm sorry" but don't offer any advice this time. She says "you think that'll work? what you told me the other day" I told her that I thought if she would just tell them that, they'd be watching more. NIggers get preferential treatment and if the school thought that a nigger was going to be injured or worse, get grounds for a lawsuit, they'd do it. Even if her son doesn't do a thing, they'd be watching for it. SO she calls the school and tells them that, and you know? They put another teacher on the bus, to watch more. I dont know if they are still picking on her son but at least she's got a little piece of mind. Yesterday she's telling me that she couldn't believe that the nigglets moms would allow their sons to do that. I tell her that's the way of the nigger and just to pay attention to the news, the paper and see for herself that most of the crime is done by niggers.

Coontact Tale #797 (September 21, 2007)

I'm fortunate that my apartment complex is mostly white, although some Indian woman is living below me, and a black woman is living next door.

I'm a bit nervous because it appears my next door neighbor has a frequent visitor who comes from E. STL, a nigger-infested heavily crime-ridden suburb of St. Louis.

She also held a party one night. That night I was heading out to drive to the city, like I often do. On that night, I ran into some guests who were arriving. They crept me out, big time. I wouldn't be surprised if they were from E. STL. I'm fortunate that everything in my apartment was still there.

Now I'm a bit nervous. What if she holds another party, and attracts more apes? I don't know if they put out loud noise (Rap is music? No way. Music is pleasant to listen to...listening about gangstas, drugs, and pimps is not), as I was away. But I suppose if there was my neighbors would've called the cops.

I already have other motivations to leave the apartment when the lease ends, so thankfully I won't have to put up with this after that. At least the great majority of my neighbors are white.

Coontact Tale #798 (September 21, 2007)

Yes my family of Niggermaniacs... I, The Vampire Archimiel, am here to share with you more Coontact than you probably would have wanted for the next 2 months, all in the span of 3 days.

There's so much niggerification going on I'm not sure where to begin, so we'll start with da dolla sto' and go from there.

Monday we had Inventory at our store. Anyone whos worked retail will tell you this is when agents from higher up come and count your stores inventory and let you know how much shrink (theft) your store is experiencing.

As of this time last year, our little Dollar General, in a town of LESS THAN FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE, had over $80,000.00 in theft in ONE year..

Eighty Thousand Dollars... thats the same as every single resident (men, women, children, elderly, disabled, etc..) of the town stealing $20.00 apiece every year. Its pure sickening.. But this is the TRULY sad part. My manager told me Monday that THE number one stolen product out of the ENTIRE store is....

*drum roll....*


Yes my fellow Niggermaniacs, "African American hair care products" were THE number 1 stolen item out of the literally thousands of items there. Not just ANY hair care products, but more specifically BLEACHING products, and "relaxers", designed to relax the hair of these nappy headed ho's to give their hair a more European look that there could NEVER get otherwise.

Now, on to the University. Its been up since before I enrolled in August but I never noticed until recently. I can't say it without choking on my fishsticks, so I'll let the pictures talk for me:

See my point? I have literally thought of calling the woman in charge of this farce and informing her its for CULTURAL diversity, yet I see nothing but NIGGERS represented here, and demand to see some REAL "cultural" diversity, as in Germans, Celts, Scots, the English, the Icelanders, French, Italians, the Spanish, Russians and AustMods/Admins, I hereby withdraw ownership of the above picture and surrender it to Niggermania, to be used as avatars, AFN products, or whatever purpose Niggermania! sees fit.ralians.. Of course, they would be "Rayciss" This is a fucking UNIVERSITY... they are supposed to be concerned with Academics, not having a bootlip in every class. I truly want to sit that woman down and have her explain to me just ONE benefit of "Diversity"... she won't be able to do it because its a "feel good" idea, not a practical one.

Now these two pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. First, I stopped at a Krystals (LOVE their burgers and the nearby Krystals is all-White staff). On the ceiling, they have signs hanging showing the "Hall of Famers". Most are nigger, obviously, but the one below just kinda sticks out.

Mods/Admins, I hereby withdraw ownership of the above picture and surrender it to Niggermania, to be used as avatars, AFN products, or whatever purpose Niggermania! sees fit.

This last picture is a little odd. While I was driving through Coontown, admiring those flyers that have mysteriously begun appearing there (), I drove by a niggerchurch with an unusual message on its sign, so I pulled over and took a pic:

You must have REALLY lost your mind if you think I'm going to a salt and pepper church banquet. All of us know even if ZERO Whites show up, that goin bez jus fine buh dem niggas, theyz goin eats without dem krackers.

So there you have it.... more niggers in the last week than I hoped to eber see in my life.


Vampire Archimiel

Coontact Tale #799 (September 21, 2007)

I knew it; I just KNEW it! The nice, quiet human lady moved out of the apartment above me a month ago. I've been on pins and needles waiting to see who would move in next. Well, just as sure as death and taxes, it's a nigger couple. And of course, they have a stereo. "BOOMP-BA-BOOMP...BOOMP-BA-BOOMP!" The truly agonizing part is, my own lease came up for renewal in the brief period that the upstairs apartment was vacant. I couldn't very well say to the apartment manager "I don't want to sign a new lease until I see if you're going to move noisy niggers in above my head." Around here, such a statement would make the newspapers the next day. So I signed a year's lease. Gambled and lost. Give me a break sometime, will ya, God!?!

Coontact Tale #800 (September 21, 2007)

I just ran down to the grocery store to pick up dinner. My neighborhood is lily white. Niggers can't afford houses here. Anyway I walk into the store and get blasted by incessant ape-like shrieking. I look around and not a boon in sight so I'm going, "what the hell?"

This store has those little cars attached to the front the shopping carts for the rug rats to ride in. I walk around the register and sure enough two niggletts sitting in one shrieking and making a monkey racket. The lady pushing the cart was white. Most likely she is a foster parent holding these chimps while their mammy serves her time.

Niggers are annoying at all ages.

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