The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources.

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Coontact Tale #701 (July 20, 2007)

As if my concert experience weren't enough, I had a coontact this morning as well.

As you know, my shop is on the primary migratory route from niggertown to the nearest C-store. This morning, a washed out nigger crack whore comes in. The conversation goes like this:

Ho: Scuze me

Me: Yeah, what is it?

Ho: Do you hab fiddy cent fo me to make a phone call?

Me: I have fifty cents but I'm not giving it to you.

Ho: Well, lemme use yo phone.(demand, not request)

Me: Of course. It'll be fifty cents.

Ho: Fuck you mudda fucka. I'll jis go sumwhere else.

Me: Please do, and don't come back in here. (It has been begging from me before)

The attitude that I am supposed to just give in to their demands really pisses me off. Not just this nigger but the entire species. Whether it is fifty cents or millions, the shitskins think that if they want it then YT should roll over anve it to them.

Screw these animals!!!!!!!!

Coontact Tale #702 (July 20, 2007)

How egyptians deal with niggers.

Hi, I just came across this forum and i love it! just thought you guys might like this cute little news piece which is a bit old, happened at 1/1/2006, thought this fits under the Coontact category, and quite a large Coontact at that:

Basically, Hordes of subhuman Sudanese scum who unfortunately infest Egypt by hundreds of thousands, are systematically scamming UN refugee agency to relocate them to western countries by claiming that they have fled from the inter-nigger war in Sudan and that they "face discrimination" in Egypt. The agency, fed up with their bullshit, politely said that their won't be anymore Sudanese moved into western countries because tens of thousands have already been moved into europe, america and Australia, and due to the simple fact that the war in sudan has ended and they should return home. Niggers refused to return to their shithole and insisted on being moved to western countries...Agency completely closed their doors on their faces.

So WWND? (what would niggers do)?

They swarmed into a large PARK in front of the UN Agency in Cairo which Egyptians used to sit in, and turned into a horrid, disgusting Nigger infestation zone which they used to do their daily activities in the open: Eat, sleep, shit, fuck, drink alcohol, and their where even cases of nigger females who shit out offspring right in the PARK.

they kept this up for 2 MONTHS, increasing in numbers until it reached THREE THOUSAND NIGGERS LIVING IN THE PARK!!!!

Egyptians went insane with this infestation and called for the police to get this aids-infested ape-fest out of their district, but the Egyptian government ignored them due to fear of the UN reaction and some political agenda where they suck up to the Sudanese so they won't fuck with the Nile water distribution.

They tried to "peacefully negotiate" with the niggers to leave. but of course the outcome was the the typical ape stubbornness. "TAKE US TO A WESTERN COUNTRIEEEE WE BE OPRESSED!!", they screamed.

Finally, after 2 months of this filth, the Police found out that you can't reason with these creatures, so they mustered up the forces and prepared to storm the infestation zone.

"Please start leaving within 2 hours and clear the place now or we will storm the place".

They repeated the warning THREE TIMES but the niggers responded by throwing rocks at them.

Orders finally came: fuck this bullshit, fuck the UN, clear the place out by any means necessary.

And now I'll leave these beautiful pictures speak for themselves of what the niggers got :

Egyptians were cheering for the police during this one, yelling "wash this filth off!"

And finally, they got packed up into busses like sardine fish and shipped off to the desert:

Total niggers dead in the raid: about 30!


Normally I wouldn't put this here but egyguy responds to niggers claiming to be Egyptian an shit.

I know, I saw some of their bullshit in the internet and at first thought they were kidding or something, then at further investigation I was shocked to find out that many Americans actually believe that ancient egyptians were niggers!

I don't really have to argue with that crap, all I have to do is walk over to many of the ancient sites or museums and look at the statues, drawings, busts, mummies which all clearly show non-negroid facial features to laugh at the simple idea that these great people would be niggers.

here are some mummies which clearly show either caucasoid or Semitic facial bone structure:

Ramses II



King Ababbbu

Coontact Tale #703 (July 20, 2007)



I'm in Vegas right now - can't say WHY because that would be TMI for people... I'm getting paid for this after all. But suffice to say, these apes go really jungle out here.

I was here with 2 friends and when they had to go to a prior engagement, and left, 2 she-boons that had repositioned themselves near us closed in. The lighter-skinned one POUNDED on the bar and said.. "Yo friends be leaving you, mmm hmm, watchoo gonna do now? Where you be from?"

Needless to say I played down the ape advances and later talked to a VERY nice blond 21y/o at another bar and had fun social adventures.

Why must ape-women always hit on me? It's like a curse - some White women are very interested, but ape-women are ALWAYS interested.

Just some rambling from a White man in Vegas. I'm heading to Florida in just over a week and can just imagine the monkeyshines out there. Please... White women... save me! I'm not lacking for female attention but meeting a champion that knows the score would be awesome. I travel fairly often and would love to meet a fellow Niggermaniac.

Jasmine? I saw your posts and you live in south Florida. We seem to have similar (not simian) interests - I DJ'd at a club like yours for awhile. I'm visiting a fellow Niggermaniac in Florida soon (not a member of this forum, but he HATES apes and is a good guy despite his shortcomings).

Are you cool? Let's hang out in early August... help save me from niggerdom! LOL


Coontact Tale #704 (July 20, 2007)

I have a contact tale that happened quite a while ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday:

When I was in high school, I worked in a supermarket in my nice, upper-middle class, white town. The part of town where the supermarket was located was close to the border of the next town and in close proximity to the next town’s lovely Martin Luther King Boulevard (Or the “Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, if you prefer). Since MLK was so close to the store, there were a fair amount of simians that spent there food stamps in our establishment.

One day, I was working the seafood counter when two sheboons and a niglet female (on the cusp of sheboondom) approached me for service. Being the nice guy that I am, I greeted them in a friendly manner as if they were human and asked how I could help them. The fatter of the two sheboons told me she wanted 3 pounds of shrimp and wanted them shelled and de-veined. Upon hearing her speech (complete ghetto nigger speech patterns) and observing her nigger mannerisms, I deduced that there was no way these coons could actually afford to PAY for the shrimp. I had no intention of going through the trouble of de-veining 3 pounds of shrimp when these spooks were mostly likely going to try stealing it. So, I told the shines that I didn’t know how to clean the shrimp.

Not to be deterred (we knows how dem sheboons loves dem shrimps!!!!!), the fatter of the two spooks then axes for 3 pounds of the already cooked and cleaned shrimp and some flounder. I put the shrimp into 2 packages for her and the flounder into a separate package. While I was preparing the order, she axes me how much the shrimps be costing. Now, a human would have looked at the price sign that said “13.99/lb” and multiplied approximately 14 dollars by 3 to arrive at $42.00. Since monkeys can neither read, nor multiply, I told her the price. I then gave the jungle bunnies their order and sent them on their way to shoplift throughout the rest of the store.

After the jigaboos left my area, I called the manager over to the seafood counter. Being a conscientious employee, and not wanting the porch monkeys get away with TNB, I told the manager about the blacks who ordered shrimp and flounder and didn’t seem like they could pay for it. Being white and knowledgeable about niggers, she said she would be on the lookout for TNB. I felt pretty good about myself. At the time, there was a lot of stuff in the news about the state police using racial profiling and I felt like I was doing my part to make the world a better place by employing the same tactics as the cops.

Sure enough, when the burrheads got to the checkout lane, they only had one package out of three (one shrimp package) on the conveyer belt. The manager was watching and came over to question them. They hemmed and hawed and eventually owned up to hiding the other shrimp package. Then the manager questioned them about flounder. Surprise, Surprise!!!!! That was also hiding on the bottom of the cart.

Fucking niggers. Jesse Jackson and Fat-ass Al Sharpton would have said that I be racist for profiling fine Nubian females as potential shoplifters. But what happened in the end? Fucking niggers tried to steal.

Man, I hate niggers.

Coontact Tale #705 (July 20, 2007)

Acres of TNB

Last night (Wed. nite) I had occasion to attend a concert in Nashville, Tennessee given by the nigger Beyonce Knowles. I assure you, fellow Niggermaniacs, that I did not purchase a ticket but was given a backstage pass by a relative (white) that works for the shows production company. For the purposes of this coontact tale, you may consider me an "Imbedded Reporter".

That being said, I am here to tell you that I witnessed, with my own eyes, TNB on a scale the likes of which I have never seen before. On stage as a part of the show I saw:

- Acts of simulated gang drug activity.
- Acts of simulated prostitution.
- Acts of simulated assault.
- Acts of simulated sexual assault.
- Acts of simulated muggings.
- Acts of simulated homosexuality (both male and female).
- Acts of simulated rape.
- Acts of simulated drive by shootings and murder.

In the audience, I saw the most vulgar collection of niggers, whiggers, coalburners, crack whores, pimps and just general trash that I have ever witnessed. I am not eloquent enough to describe it in words. Needless to say, if there ever was a reason to be a Niggermaniac or you are not sure if you are a niggermaniac or not, then go see this show when it comes to a town near you.

The worst part for me was the fact that I saw human parents there with their children of 10 +- years old. My daughter is 10 and there is no fucking way in hell I would ever let her see a show such as this.

Observing niggers in their natural habitat does take your breath away.

Coontact Tale #706 (July 20, 2007)

Man, had some major coon ignorance today. I teach, and have many groids in my classes. Was using an example of a hypothetical situation to make a point--I was cornered once in a laundromat by an insane man who told me about the "psychic police" who could read your mind and convict you on that evidence. Told the class how the "psychic police" had a quota system--if they couldn't find perpetrators, they'd make it up to meet the quota. Just an example to try to make sense of Dostoyevsky and Kafka. Two of the groids axed me what states these psychic police were allowed to function in.

Coontact Tale #707 (July 21, 2007)

Got a sheboon who sits approx 36 inches away from me at work. Yesterday we all pitched in for some lunch, and my white buddy did the run for us. He came back with separate bags with our names on them, and we were grateful that he ran the errand for us. It was close to 110 degrees outside and because he did the run for all of us, I paid for his lunch. No big deal. That's what friends do.

Sheboon's order wasn't quite right, she didn't have the 'right amount of mayonaise' on her chicken sandwich and chimped out big time! She said she is so sick of people messing up her food orders and paying so much money for it. First she questioned my friend for not looking in her bag and making sure there was more than usual the mayonaise, then she ate her lunch... after she finished eating every last bit of the 'bad' food, she got on her phone ON COMPANY TIME and dialed Wendy's 1-800 number to make a formal complaint. The boon was on that phone for over 20 minutes complaining. After she got off the phone, she stood up and said "I'm just so upset and stressed out, I need to go take a cigarette break."

We couldn't believe our ears. We couldn't believe our eyes. We all looked at each other in disbelief and shook our heads.

After she walked out, everyone in the office said, "Never Again".... "Not for her".

Coontact Tale #708 (July 21, 2007)

Several years ago a coworker and I were sent to a Habitat house to connect the electric service and install a meter. Right next door was another Habitat house that the fools had finished building a couple of months prior, and at that home were several niggers sitting in the back yard and drinking beer at 10 am while watching the dumb sheep work on the newest home. The niggers made no effort to help the very same idiot volunteers that had built their home.

Coontact Tale #709 (July 21, 2007)

man, don't have a car and have to use the "drive up" atm at the credit union. It's embarrassing to have to walk up and stand in line between cars--they don't have a walk up atm. approached it today from two blocks away--certainly figured whoever was at the atm would be done before I got there. No such luck. Nigger was screaming at the machine, hitting the screen. When I finally got there, I got my cash and noticed it was out of receipt paper--think the monkey was upset because it couldn't get a receipt. Seen niggers park the car ten feet or so in front of the atm and get out and use it. What the fuck is up with that?

Coontact Tale #710 (July 21, 2007)

I just returned from Niggermart and had a typical coontact experience. I was trying to check out and a black buck and some unruly nigglets were behind me. They were staring and pawing at all my items on the conveyor belt and bumping into me. I was being nudged forward and didnt even pay yet. The nigger buck didn't pay any attention. I took my sweet time and gave them one warning look, like quit or else. All I want is a nigger free day. I had to come home and bathe nonetheless.

Coontact Tale #711 (July 21, 2007)

I'm standing behind a couple of she-boons at the grocery store today and in typical niganimal fashion they are it up. I couldn't help but overhear them. Anyway, the one 375lb she-boon starts babbering about "how com dem copz be hurrassin' us all the timez? I gotz poowed ova once and dis cop sez I'z gotz seben (7) wurrantz. I wuz like ya lyen pig...I knowz how meny warrentz I'z gotz and it'z only fo (4)!"

HAHA!! I let out a laugh at this point and both she-boons looked back at me. I said, "You only had four huh?" It replied, "Uh-uh " I said, "That bastard should have just let you go" kept laughing.

Coontact Tale #712 (July 21, 2007)

Foolish Nigger Thinking with "Muh Dik"

I'm in the Air Force and I was TDY to an Army base for technical training at Ft Meade, Maryland. There was this one buck who would literally try and screw every female that came through. Typical "muh dik" mentality.

I recall one instance where a new student arrived and made it known that she isn't sexually attracted to niggers. Somebody must have warned her about him because it is highly irregular for a person to show up and state something like that. If I was a woman I wouldn't want that nigger in my face all the time trying to get in my pants either. Well it worked.

Anyway, yet another new girl arrives and he starts up his nigger ways with her as well. She obviously isn't interested in him but his skull is too thick to realize that human women aren't typical drawn to a guy flirting with every female in a detachment and talking about how big "muh dik" is all the time. We had this duty called CQ where a student would be scheduled to sign people in and out for accountability purposes in case of a fire. There was a message box where people would leave messages.

So myself and a couple of guys left a message for this buck that said it was from this latest girl he was trying to screw. We used stuff like, "You can be the field slave and I can be the massah's wife", "mandingo warrior", etc. Clearly, it was fake and any human would throw it away after either laughing or getting offended. This dumb nigger reads it and actually believes it's from her. He shows it to her with a big grin on his face and she completely blows up in his face. She was pretty irate. People were passing it around and then laughing at him for being such an idiot. It looked like he might almost cry. I think I pulled a muscle trying not to laugh.

I've heard he has been kicked out for failing his Career Development Course test twice. Unlike the promotion tests that requires job knowledge you can past this test by simply memorizing the questions at the end of each section. They are word for word straight out of the book and you only need to score a 65% to pass! And he failed twice!!!!

Coontact Tale #713 (July 22, 2007)

LaTrine Jakscoon is a long time Plantation Overseer and the niggermania plantation and offers many insites into the ongoing niggerfuxation of Great Britain

Bus Chimpout

I went out shopping in my car this afternoon, and I was stuck in traffic for ages. As we crawled towards the hold up, I see a bus surrounded by a couple of cop cars. I told my husband 'I bet there has been a chimpout on the bus'.

And sure enough, as I got nearer there was this big nigger mama in full africoon regalia, turban and all. It was waving its arms wildly and there were at least 5 cops trying to sedate the wild sheboon, but it was a difficult task. I didn't hear what it was saying because I turned on my radio up loud as I did not want to hear those monkey like noises. Another cop was directing the traffic, so after about 10 minutes we managed to drive away from the scene. In my rearview mirror, I could still see the big fat creature shouting and waving its arms about

Coontact Tale #714 (July 25, 2007)

This actually happened before...almost the exact same situation...but hey, i'm a glutton for punishment so I went back for more today...

In the small city of Smyrna near where I live I took my step-son and wife to the water park. The water park here is a free public park with a concrete platform about 150ft by 100ft with various sorts of spraying and water dumping devices for kids to play in. The rules are no running and it's for kids.

So we arrive and there aren't too many filthy niggers there. My step-son has just turned 6. There were two little niglets running around with powered water pistols. I'm a fairly aggressive person when it comes to defending myself but I'm a "rabid dog" when it comes to my family (as most people should be).

So, my step-son starts playing in the water park and these two little niglets single him out and start spraying him in the face because he's the smallest one there without a parent right beside him. He tells them to stop. They continue. I walk over to them and tell them to stop. They look at me and then run off.

The she-boon that brought them is sitting over on her lounge chair on the side.

They leave him alone for a while and then they find him again and start shooting him directly in the eyes with their water guns. I come over right in front of the she-boon, tell the kids to come over who have the water guns and tell them very loud "I told you little shits not to spray my step-son in the face and not to spray him at all." You little punk-bullies need to find someone else to pick on since you little bastards want to start trouble all the time." Now DON'T FUCKING DO IT AGAIN, YOU GOT THAT??? They nodded and looked scared like they were looking at one of their bucknigger daddies who just beat their mammy after he found out she took his crack. I looked at the sheboon and said "control your niglets you lazy ape!" ...

I promise you I did this and used these words. I'm not bullshitting you or exaggerating. I felt completely safe because she didn't have the minimum 5 bucks required to chimp-out and I am growing less and less tolerant of these fucking filthy nigger animals.

So, I guess you could say I over reacted...if I did oh well. I'm sick of it.

Coontact Tale #715 (July 25, 2007)

Standing in line behind a couple of niggers. One in front of me gets to the counter. Stops jabbering on his cellphone long enough to slap a hundred dollar bill onto the counter and demand "change dis fo me." Cashier, negress but annoyed, told the stupid fuck three times she couldn't do it. Nigger kept axing, over and over, "don't dis be a sto an shit?" Had the nerve to axe me if I could change it. Yeah, right, then you know I have cash on me and can rob me outside (didn't have it anyhow). Best part is, there was a bank right across the street. Dumb fucking coon.

Coontact Tale #716 (July 25, 2007)

Nigs at the Liberry

I went to the public library today. As anyone with sense knows, libraries are supposed to be nice quiet places where people go to learn, read and get work done.

Nope. I walked in the door and about six nigs were chimping out with security guards. One nig had a basketball in his hand. Only a nig would bring a freakin' basketball into a library. Not sure what the chimping was about and I didn't care.

Niglets were running amok.

There were numerous nigs on the computers... playing games. Not looking up information, not researching. Just playing.

I noticed security guards on all floors and several signs posted about library behavior. I know that after school, the "liberry" is overrun with niglets, since nigs figure the library can serve as a babysitter until it closes.

While waiting in line to check out, I imagined the place without nigs. It was a lovely daydream.

Coontact Tale #717 (July 25, 2007)

There is a new guy at work named Bryce on my floor so my buddies and I decided to go to lunch with him at a nearby delicatessen to get to know him. We all sat down and started having a nice conversation until two nigger bucks came in to order ten sandwiches to go.

They paid with a credit card for the $60 bill and my buddy said rather loudly "He better ask for an ID because it's likely to be stolen". We all laughed and Kevin said "Stupid niggers probably stole that card". Bryce lurched backward in his chair and said "Are you all racist or just you two? Don't you know that all people are equal?". He seemed to of been asking me if I was "racist" too so I shook my head. "I'm not a racist, but a specist. Those niggers aren't human beings but animals!"

My buddies all laughed but Bryce said "They've had it so rough, being underprivileged and all. That's cruel that you would say that about people just like you!" I said "They aren't people, don't you see? Liberal apologists like yourself want these beasts to act human in society when what all of those animals need is to go back to Africa."

Bryce had had enough of our "racism" so quietly got up, thanked us for lunch, then left. We sure won't speak to that liberal loser ever again. Someone needs to dump him in a niggerfuxated area so he gets a good taste of TNB. That'll change his mind real quick!

Coontact Tale #718 (July 25, 2007)

Ok My friend moved here from up north a few years ago. He related to me a hilarious coontact tale.

He was doing inner city education with the public schools and decided to take the ghetto nigger kids to the park. he got the buss and loaded it with nigs, who even though they lived ten miles away never even knew the park existed.

As the stench of unwashed niggers filled the buss they turned into the park a niglet said " HEY LOOK DEER" he turned to look thinking deer and saw two horses' with riders. As he turned back to correct the niglet he saw that every other nig in the buss had turned to stare at the two deer with saddles.

He still cant believe how stupid these nigs were.

Coontact Tale #719 (July 25, 2007)

A nigger Jehovah's Witness approached me this morning

I was in the parking lot of one of those large 24/7 combination gas station/convenience stores that have popped up around here in the last 5 years. A sheboon got out of a car with Louisiana license plates and approached me about the good news. She smelled horrible, as is standard with niggers. I told her I was a Muslim and that she was an infidel (which I'm not) and was not interested. I don't think she knew what infidel meant, because she didn't chimp out . She told me that I was going down the wrong path and that the good news was always available and put a Watchtower Magazine in between my windshield wipers and windshield. Religious niggers are the worst.

Coontact Tale #720 (July 25, 2007)

Gather round Chillens Part II

Did you really think it would end with this white grrl getting the best of a nigger? If so, then I have some beach front property in the Andes Mts for sale

I get called into HR today, notwithstanding as I get called in there sometimes for returns that were made in my dept and how the other ASSociates handle it. I got in and shut the do as I have done numerous times in the past. She pulls out a report and I see MY name on it. Seems like I was accused of calling a customer a nigger!. She reads that one this day a customer brought in a return of a shirt and a gallon of pre mixed paint and when I refused her refund, her husband roght in the same merchandise and I said and I quote "Here comes another nigger" to an associate. She says that her 'investigation' of the matter showed that 2 other associates did not hear this remark but could have been so far away they would not have heard it anyway. She closes the folder and says "So what happened" and folded her hands in front of her. I told her that I didn't say that and if I did, show me the security tape along with the sound (in customer service, the cameras not only record video but sound). She could not produce it. I told her that she is taking the word of a customer who was trying to scam the store into a return knowing good and well it was NOT a legit return. She could not rebuke it. I find out later that they brought the stuff in a 3rd time and they were given $17 for the stuff. I told her that I was not 'caving in' to a obvious shakedown. She said "Well I don't think it was a shakedown" "Well then I guess you give them $17 cause you felt sorry for them" I replied "and furthermore, if you need someone to work in CR when someone is out, do not ask me to in the future cause I cannot in a good conscience give a refund when none is due". I got up and walked out. My dept manager (who is a nigger) said he was going to take this matter up with the sto manager and not to worry about it like I"m going to. I think it's bullshit to give a refund cause someone is a stinkin, good for nothing nigger.


Coontact Tale #721 (July 25, 2007)


So this fat niggersow was working behind the counter at DuaneReade (local drug store).

I hear the niggersow complaining to one of its co-workers loudly about some cigarettes being out of stock. It is clearly worked up about something. Perhaps it doesn't have bananas for its niglets? Who knows? I am not a primatologist.

Another customer walks up to the niggersow's register. Puts the shopping basket on the counter.

"Ah aintz takin' it owt. Umm umm."

"Excuse me?"

Anyway, pandemonium ensues, and the niggersow ends up getting into a shouting match with its trainer (manager?) and manages to get itself escorted out in a cloud of niggerfuxation. WE humans were standing around laughing at it.

Coontact Tale #722 (August 5, 2007)

The big bad man (a story of well-behaved niggers and their religion)

This coontact tale is not one of those racial confrontation stories, just a little something that shows their mentality.

I was riding on the METRA train. These are commuter trains to and from Chicago. They run on time and are kept reasonably clean, and the level of niggerfuxation is fairly low (at least when I ride them). This is very unlike the CTA trains in Chicago itself, but that's a story for another time.

So I get on the train in Chicago at the beginning of the run. On the seat in front of me is a pair of niggers. A 'church lady' type nigger and a younger male, maybe her grown son. They are highly perfumed instances of ghetto respectability.

You can picture it.

They are having a conversation and I'm not really listening, but I catch the 'church lady' saying something about praying about the lottery.

The the male gets a really serious look on his face and portentously intones:

God ... is the big ba-a-a-ad man.

The 'church lady' gets very quiet and scrunches her face as if deep in thought:

Yes ... sigh ... that is so.

My station came up so I didn't stay to hear any more.

Yessiree-bob. The Big Bad Man. The Head Nigger In Charge of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Coontact Tale #723 (August 5, 2007)

I witnessed a nigger taking a facer, but I didn't have a camera running!

Funniest sight of the day.. I witnessed a pair of nigger males running against the traffic signal on a busy street to catch a bus.

To put it simply, in their typically niggery way, these two niggers ran completely outside of the crosswalk and tried to make a sharp left turn BEHIND the bus waiting for them at the corner, at which point the lagging nigger struck a patch of gravel and totally hit the pavement face first, knocking its head against the curb.

The nigger was out cold for at least ten seconds, and it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I braked my entire family behind the bus, not at all to help out, but to laugh at the downed nigger.

After fifteen seconds of inactivity, the nigger got up and scurried onto the bus. I can only imagine that its nigger paws, shins, and head were embedded with broken glass, since that is what has been observed to fill that particular nigger drop-off point.

My wife scolded me for laughing, but it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!!!

Coontact Tale #724 (August 5, 2007)

This she-boon nurse in my unit, always wears this strait haired wig. The funniest thing is she always wears it tilted forward. Last night you could see the nappy pube hair sticking out, on the back of her neck. What a goof.

Coontact Tale #725 (August 5, 2007)

This is a minor coontact, but it's funny and besides, coontact is rare where I live, so as soon as it happened I knew it was Niggermania material. I was shopping today when I saw an obese sheboon with the usual litter of niglets, and the sheboon having a hard time with just walking. She was waddling through the store and with every step she was muttering babble like "Oh lawdy" and "Muh goodnezz". Then she started grunting, and I started to chuckle because it sounded EXACTLY like monkey noises! Not five seconds later, while I was still laughing, another sow came out of the public bathroom with the top part of her pants undone and the belt loose, and started to fasten them up right there in da sto'! That gorilla didn't mind at all that this was in view of everyone! It was hilarious, but I was shocked that this was somehow OK for coons. Plus I was disgusted, because the last thing I want to see is size XXXXXL sheboon underwear.

The whole thing was pretty funny, but then I started getting a little sad because niggers have always been a very rare sight in my town, which is more than 99.5 % human. To be honest I'm seeing more and more groids, just a few days ago some random nigger buck was walking downtown, who for some reason military-saluted me in the street and held the salute for 10 seconds... Why? WTF goes thru that nappy head of niggers? Crime, crack, muh dik and KFC I guess.

This is the most niggerfuxated week I've had since I visited Pittsburgh a few years ago. Sure, TNB makes for good stories. But I don't like it one damn bit. Not in my town.

~Nigless Up North

Coontact Tale #726 (August 5, 2007)

Me and my brother went to a local McDonalds and he ordered a Big Mac with no lettuce. For whatever reason, McDonalds cannot make a decent Big Mac with lettuce anymore...the lettuce turns into a slimy mess that ends up giving me the shits. But I digress.

The huge sheboon behind the counter tells him that he can't order a Big Mac without lettuce and that he has to take one that is already made. He said that was unacceptable, polite as could be. She still refused, and he asked to see the manager. The manager comes up front and asks what the problem was.

My brother told his story, and the manager asked him to specify the person he was dealing with. He pointed at her and said "That black lady right there." Her eyes went huge and she started yelling "who you callin' black? who you callin' black?" Apparently, even using the term black is derogatory.

For a group of animals that pride themselves on their "strength", they sure as hell are the most sensitive assholes on the planet when it comes to what people call them.

Coontact Tale #727 (August 5, 2007)

A story from my ghetto store days.

I will give a little background first.

My wife and I decided to go into business for ourselves. We started out selling feeders for reptiles. Mice, rats, insects of all kinds, we sold them all. We started selling to pet stores wholesale and decided to find a place other than the house to do this. A friend of ours was selling his old commercial building in the ghetto and moving a block up the street and told us we could buy his building to run our business out of. We agreed and paid very little for the property and we were happy. We both have a love of antiquing and flea market shopping. We decided to open up a retail store and sell cheap furniture and collectibles that we purchased at very cheap prices at auctions. Of course this being the ghetto, we had our share of TNB and coontact.

Well, our first indication of what we had gotten ourselves into was noticing that 1. the county welfare office was a block away, 2. county parole office was across the street, 3. pawn shop, several dollar stores, thrift stores etc..

The town itself collapsed after the steel mill closures. There is diversity there and on any given day you see people of all walks of life. Lots of government paid housing for all types.

Anyway, one story from the shop, more later if I can remember details.

I was sitting in the shop one day browsing the internet. We were pretty slow during the week. A nigger walks in and starts babbling. I can only make out that "he wants a spida, buts not ones that shatters like glass if youz drops it." I sat there with a confused look on my face and he kept repeating it. I finally looked at him and said "I have no f'n clue what the hell you are talking about."

He starts babbling on again and I decipher in my brain that he wants a tarantula. I tell him I don't really deal in exotic spiders cause quite honestly I am like a little girl around spiders, but anyway he goes on how he heard if you drop them they shatter like glass and I told him he was wrong. Its rare to see a nigger want anything besides a dog for a pet. I am wondering if he didn't see some nature show and thought it would be good eats.

Well, thats just one story. The place was like sitting front row at the freak show. I will post a couple more later.

Thanks for reading (I'm not a poet or a writer... just a po white boy)

Coontact Tale #728 (August 5, 2007)

On Wednesday I went to the Olive Garden for my six month anniversary with my girlfriend. After we were seated I ordered a nice bottle of wine and we looked through the menus. I had been saving up for this so I let her order whatever she wanted since I wanted a nice night in celebration.

We were having a nice romantic time after we finished our meal until I caught two shit skinned sheboons in the corner of my eye coming through the door. They were both obese with a greasy hairdo that looked like they just came from a nigger salon. It's the first week of the month so I figured these nigs were spending their checks from the gubmint. One stomped up to the hostess and said "We wanna pick up ourz takeout wez ordered twenty minutes ago!" She said it would be awhile since they weren't finished with them yet.

The nigs grew more and more impatient as five minutes rolled by. Some humans were being let in to be seated and this angered the nigs. "Why did theyz whiteys going to get served before us when we was 'ere first?!" Before they could call Ray Cist, a waiter brought them two bags of food from the kitchen. It was rather far away but those boons spoke so loudly I could hear everything!

Then the niggers took their bag of food and headed for a table that was three tables away from us! The hostess went over to them and asked what they were doing since there was a wait for tables. "Wez be eatin our food we bought here. Hava problem?" Not wanting to make any more of a scene, the waitress let them be. The loud niggers rustled the bag of food and took out the paper cartons to begin munching like the cows they are. I was astonished since this was the last place I thought I would see niggers! I've never seen a nigger even work at this Olive Garden I been coming to for years.

I could see other guests were getting uncomfortable since they kept shooting evil looks over to the niggers. It was like they thought they were at a fast food joint where you eat the food out of packages. Sincerely TNB at its very finest.

Luckily the niggers came in after we were done eating but we decided to get dessert at another place that wasn't niggerfuxated. Has any of you ever seen niggers order take out and then eat it in the restaurant? I guess they do it so they can eat as soon as their fat asses arrive!

Coontact Tale #729 (August 5, 2007)

Not really a coontact tale but a glimpse of what every day should be like.

Nigger free day.

I just had a nigger free day, and it was wonderful. I got up worked on my lawn and had a light breakfast. Not a single nigger drove by. I live in an all human neighborhood, (mostly white, a couple pale hispanics, two retired Vietnamese). I heard no nigger (c)rap, saw no whiggers, either.

At noon, my wife Ellen came home from work. She teaches part time in a summer school. Her nigger stoodents didn't show up, so her day was niggerless. We went to lunch at a German restaurant, saw no niggers on the way. No niggers came in. (I guess the huge map of the old German Empire Das Deutsche Reich flanked by the huge photos of Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I frighten them off) I have never seen a nigger eat there.

We went to two grocery stores, a discount grocery and a chain. We saw no niggers on the way, no niggers in the store, no niggers on the way home. Heard no niggercrap, saw no whiggers anywhere.

A whole day, free of niggawhine, TNB, sheboons screaming, bucks grabbing 'muh dikk', nigglets, niggerstink, niggers barging into lines, niggers pawing groceries and asking stupid questions, rolling boomboxes and niggerrap. A wonderful vision of how a niggerless world could be. People were smiling at each other and saying 'please', 'excuse me' and 'thank you'.

Yeah, and we are all jealous!

Coontact Tale #730 (August 8, 2007)

Neighborly Coontact

I moved into the DC area a few years ago with no clue what to expect from niggers. Unfortunately for me, a whole pack of them happened to live next door to my new house. My suburban neighborhood is unusually sedate and crime-free, but this brood of niggers would steal shit in front of your very eyes. During the time they lived next door, the neighbors opposite them were the victims of an attempted car theft. Someone was too incompetent to hot-wire their Saleen Mustang, so they trashed it and pushed it down the street. In another incident, the niggermobile went missing and showed up, engine still running, on the Capital beltway. I watched these coons throw their cats and turned away their 10-year old niglet when he came to my door with a weed-filled cigar in his hand and said, "This is a blunt." When the patriarch was busted for drug dealing and deported to Jamaica, the rest of the family left and the house was razed to the ground because it was rotting from the inside out due to trash stuffed in the walls. Dozens of rats became refugees and fled to neighboring houses, but it was a small price to pay for the appreciation of my home that followed the nigger exodus.

Coontact Tale #731 (August 8, 2007)

Right i'm Pakistani and this is my story of TNB.

I was just walking past a shop one day minding my own business deep in thought and this she-boon walks out and smacks into me, i'm just about to apologize and say 'sorry' which is what you do as general civil behaviour when she stays threateningly 'watch it man!' and stomps off.

What the ? I had the right of way, she was leaving the shop and should have said 'sorry' but out of good manners I was going to say it, this is England, it's where if you bang into each other and even if it's not your fault you apologize!

TNB behaviour, no cooncept of manners at all and the scary thing is people of other races are picking up this attitude.

Coontact Tale #732 (August 8, 2007)

Busted a Couple of Shit Skinned Groids Just Now!

Well friends, let me tell you, I had a great steak dinner today at Longhorn, and I'll be damned if I wasn't on the way back home and I see two niglets walking down the street of my mostly nonnigger neighborhood. Typical groidling: shit-dark skin, oversized white T-shirt, ski cap on, etc.

The fucking baboons couldn't have been more than 13 or 14, and one is on each side of the road. As I was about to pass them, I was expecting the typical "walk out in the middle of the road" monkeyshines, but they seemed to have sense not to do that. However, I see one of the niggers has a gun in its hand. Couldn't see if was real or not, but it's holding it out like it "ain't no thang."

Well, it was a "thang" to me, and I immediately made a call to the po-po. I stepped out a few minutes later to get a coffee and take a casual drive around the neighborhood, to see the fruits of my labor. The niglets down on the ground at a nearby park with a couple of squad cars surrounding them.

I didn't order dessert at the restaurant, but this "dessert" was sweeter than any I'd had in a long time!

Coontact Tale #733 (August 8, 2007)

Clueless coon at ATM

I was at my friendly neighborhood Niggermart that specializes in groceries only. It's the only grocery store around unless I want to go to a Kroger several miles away. They have one ATM at the front of the sto' and a monkey dressed in a security uniform is usually not far from it.

I had an incident once when a nigger stole my credit card number so don't want them handling my cards. I pay with cash whenever I can when niggers are cashiers. I headed over to the ATM which no one was at and then suddenly this obese sheboon with a scarf embellished with Africoon colors covering her nappy head. This coon looked and smelled like she hadn't had a shower in years. Being the good specist I am I took advantage of this opportunity to observe this animal. It had long baggy pants with deep pockets (perfect for 'liftin) and a baggy shirt that said "Hilfigger" (not joking!) on the front.

The coon seemed clueless about what to do at this machine! First, she stared at it for a long time as if expecting it to introduce itself to her. Then when it failed to do that, the ape began pushing lots of buttons. "Wutdat strange language? It aint eny engish I seen!" the boon remarked rather loudly. I occurred to me that she probably pressed the "Espanol" option! After another long pause like the coon was expecting the machine to magically produce money, she started looking around for someone and spotted me. "'Cuse me will ya halp meh wit dis 'ere mi'cheen?" I acted like I didn't hear the nig at first but I decided to "halp" because I didn't wanna wait here all day.

I acted like I was going to "halp" but instead put my own card in and within minutes I had money out of the machine. The nig went ape after she realized what I did. "He thiefed mah munny!!" the boon started yelling and raving like the gorilla she was. The monkey security ape came over and axed "Wut going on ere?" The boon yelped "Dat man theifed mah munny!" I denied this and showed him my receipt that contained my name on it and I showed him my ID. The monkey explained to the boon who finally admitted that she was somewhat illiterate so couldn't read the screen AND didn't even own a credit card!

I shook my head at that clueless coon and decided to leave for Kroger. I barely see many niggers there since it's in a nice area. Where I live the nice areas are touching the niggerfuxated areas within miles it seems! I thought this was a hilarious coontact so thought I'd share.

Coontact Tale #734 (August 8, 2007)

Speaking of niggers and technology

Sort of a follow up to the ATM thread. Here's what I experienced today at work. I had go to replace this niggers hard drive and it says to me "so dat be da mamma jamma dat make dat thang work?" Of course I had to ask the sheboon to repeat herself since I didn't understand her the first time. Also I notice, niggers seem to have to "nigger up" their computers. Everyone else in the company seems to be content with the company fonts, colors and background on the PC's but not the niggers. They "customize dey shit" to the point that the fonts are unreadable and use the worst color schemes I've ever seen. Nigs are more concerned with looking cool that making their color schemes and fonts easy on the eyes. If I had to look at some of these niggered up PC's all day I would have a migraine!


Coontact Tale #735 (August 8, 2007)

Gimmie dat paper

I get off work at 7:30 AM and this morning as I am walking out the door, I decide to get a paper out of the newspaper dispencer right outside the main door.of the hospitol. I put my 50 cents in the slot and open the little door and reach in to get the paper. This nigger starts walking up to me at a hastened pace and grunts "lemme git one a does" Friggen nig wants a free paper. So I look at him, and let the door slam shut. "Wha da fug you do dat fo'?" I just smiled as I walked past the Sheriff's car parked out front with a Sheriff sitting in it, just hoping for a chimp-out. I was perplexed by one thing, what was a nigger doing up at 7:30 in the morning?

Coontact Tale #736 (August 8, 2007)

I wasn´t really sure if I should post it, but I thought maybe you´d all like to hear how bad it´s getting here in Norway.

The other day (two or three days ago) I was on MSN chatting with a fellow Niggermaniac about nigs, movies etc. Anyways, it was pretty late here, about 3 am. I hear the tarp which I have on top of my Ninja to protect it from rain being moved. (You all know what a tarp sounds like.) At first, I thought it was the neighbors cat who likes to crawl underneath it. But then I hear it again, like someones messing with it.

So I get up from from my computer, look out the window, but it was so dark I really couldn´t see anything. (Most lights around outside are shut off in the summer to conserve electricity for the winter.) So I quietly open the door, and sure enough, something was trying to rip off my bike. When I said "Hva Faen!" (What in the Hell!) I see it spurt away from the bike, running over to the neighbors.

From what I could tell, I think it was one of the niggers that just moved in almost next door. (Nothing like this happened before they moved in... Go figure... ) I take a flash light and look at the ignition key hole, sure enough it was scratched up by someone trying to break it to get to the ignition wires.

I called the police that night, they told me they´d have a cruiser do a quick drive around the neighborhood to see if they could spot anyone suspicious, and that if I wanted to file a complaint or report, that I´d have to come down the next day. (Which I did.)

I hear that this neighborhood used to be AOK in terms of being able to leave your doors unlocked when you were out, and that only a couple of times a drunk teenager would try to steal a bicycle or something. But since more and more niggers have been moving in, more and more people have been having stuff stolen from their front yards and sheds. Pottery that holds plants have been smashed etc. Heck, a month ago the local day care center had the words "Fuck da Police" spray painted on it in yellow

Coontact Tale #737 (August 8, 2007)

Back in '99, I was working part-time for a package delivery service. On my route was about 12 boxes of fund raiser candy bars to be delivered to a niggefuxated high school. When I got to the front door with a hand truck loaded with candy, there were adult 3 shegroids in the main hallway. One stated "Oh good, the candy's here." So since she was expecting it, I axed her where she wanted them. She replied, "Anywhere's fine." So far, so good. I only have one more trip to the truck and they're not heavy. So, on my return trip, shegroid 2 axes (no one in particular) "Who gonna carry dem back?" I stated, "There's 12 boxes, grab 12 kids, it should take 30 seconds." She said "What if dey get hurt?" I reasoned, "The boxes are only about 15 pounds apiece, aren't they going to carry them when they sell them?" She clammed up with her niggertude and I got shegroid 1 to sign for them and departed. Niggers always wanted to be waited on hand and foot. If she had asked me politely, I would have taken them anywhere she wanted them. No thought process whatsoever. The previous stop I got niggertude from a shegroid that was miffed because I wouldn't sign her name on the form. That was a delivery to a bank. I politely told her, "Ma'am, it (her signature) can't be in my handwriting." Nigger working in a bank should know better. Since it was a part time gig, I resigned shortly thereafter. Just kept my full time job.

Coontact Tale #738 (August 8, 2007)

Volleyball Coons

I am a teacher at a high school that is in the middle of a farm field (needless to say, 95% white). I also coach the volleyball team for the school. Two girls that are trying out for the team are niggers. Not only are their communication skills lacking so much I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, and they are so overweight they have trouble putting on their shoes, but they suck at the sport!!!

I was holding try outs in the beginning of the year. I do a lot of conditioning at this time. Both of the boons were slacking off (like the typical nigger). All the girls that had played for me in the past were yelling at them. They know I am not a fan of slackers. When the yelling of there own teammates didn’t work, I thought I would get in the act. So I yelled out “do to the fact that we have some people on the team that feel the need to not work out, we’ll keep work out until all of us on this team can see are own feet”. Of course ten minutes after practice ended a fat ass nigger walked into the gym. Screaming and yelling about how I’m “singling her kid out”. I looked at her and said, “I said ‘we’ll keep work out until all of us on this team can see are feet’. If you feel I was talking about your kid, that’s your problem”.

Two days later it was time for cuts. Of course I was going to cut both of these niggers. Just before I was about to make the cuts my principal came into the gym. She told me “I had two parents complain about your unfair treatment of some girls on the team. Do to this you have to keep these two girls”. You know it was the two fat ass, lazy niggers they made me keep. And I know, I was a lot harder on them than I was with any one else on the team. But, they are the race that keeps saying they are so much better at sports than whites. I just wanted to see it.

Because of this I had to make other cuts. What did I do? That’s right, when I cut the white girls that would have made the team better; I told them that I’m cutting them because I have to keep the fat niggers”. I can’t wait to see the fall out from this event. A sad, but true story.

I have been visiting this site for about a week. This made me so infuriated I became a member today just to post this. Wish me luck with this incident.

Coontact Tale #739 (August 8, 2007)

Nigglets & Woop Woop woop-woop!

I stopped in a store outside Shittsburgh last night because the wife wanted me to get bread and hamburger buns - damn her and being chincy during the weekly grocery run - and I heard some niglets a couple aisles over.

I've heard niglets do this over the years whether it's in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chattanooga or wherever when they do this "Whoop! Whoop! Woop-woop!" thing over and over again. It's always in the same key at the same rhythm. Haven't heard it in quite a while since I haven't seen any niglets in quite a few months, but it's something I've noticed with niglets.

Humans in the same aisle whenever they hear it, it's like they shut up and their ears perk up and have a concerned look on their faces.

Must be some inner chimpanzee command that comes from the African Toilet while dancing around fires where the Head Nigger Chimp puts a cut on a niglet's forehead as a sign of adulthood and the niglets start chanting it.

I got the bread and buns and got the hell out of the place.

You guys ever heard niglets do that? Christ, it's irritating. It obviously irritates nearby humans. But then again...go figure, it's niggers. Their only function is to eat, sleep, shit, fuck, irritate and breed.

That "woop-woop" shit that they do must be some noise that our inner human recognizes in our genes from our cave-days as highly irritating, possibly to set off unused defense mechanis


ms but is still in us where we think, "Uh oh. Wandering nigger tribes nearby. Hide the water and buffalo meat. Grab your spears and set out the leg traps and stab the first nigger you see. Behead it if you must"

Coontact Tale #740 (August 8, 2007)

And the latest in the "Stupid Names" category...


I swear to god, that's what this sheboon was named. It was working at a buffet (it was the reason we left, in wasn't handling the food but it was working the register, which is still unacceptable), and it was one of those scrawny no-form sheboons with the 5" talons on the end of its digits.

And instead of "Can I help you?" it said, "Whachoo wan'?" To which I answered, "A restaurant where the staff is nicer, the food is better-prepared, and the one who takes my money is a human being. Thank you. We're going elsewhere."

No, I don't normally talk like that, but my girlfriend got a kick out of it, especially when it went, "Uh-uh, no he dih-unt!" as we were halfway out the door. I poked my head back in, smiled, and went, "Buh-bye, Chimpetta, I mean, Conchetta!"

And then we went back to my hometown (we drove out of town to see a movie) and went to Applebee's, which is all-white staffed.

I'm not sure if I said that just because my girlfriend was with me, or just because the opportunity presented itself. I doubt I would have said anything if I had been alone...but then again, it's not exactly the kind of place one goes to alone, either.

But it was funny, though.

Coontact Tale #741 (August 8, 2007)

Chuckers won't use self checkouts

I was at my local Homo Depot today and the only checkouts that were open were 4 self checkouts and one human staffed checkout. The groids were standing in line rather than use the self checkouts. I've seen this behavior in grocery stores as well. My guess is there either too lazy to handle the items again or just enjoy being waited on.

Coontact Tale #742 (August 8, 2007)

Chicken Shack Ebonics

OK, I'll start off with a confession. I like the occasional fried chicken dinner. However, that changed a couple of days ago. I went to the local chicken joint to grab a ten-piece bucket, but the effort just wasn't worth it. The following conversation ensued (not verbatim, but very close):

Me:(to typical hostile sheboon behind counter) "I'd like ten pieces to go, please.

Hostile sheboon: "Dowapfobum fa blobedah?"

Me:"I beg your pardon?"

Hostile sheboon: (eyes starting to blaze) "DO WAP FLEE BLAP DE WOO!!!"

Me: "I'm sorry, I don't understand. I just want ten pieces of chicken to


Hostile sheboon:" FLAAHH!!! Whoopde ya-ya MAGDEBO de WAH!!!!!"

Me: "Never mind!" (Exit, stage left.)

Honestly, I could not understand one word of what it was saying. Look, I'll learn Spanish, if I have to, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be forced to learn "ebonics" just to have day- to- day conversations.

-Shistang DeBupmo X

Coontact Tale #743 (August 8, 2007)

1980's Arcade Coontact

The small midwestern town I grew up in had ONE nigger in my high school. He was well behaved and at least could mimic acting human (not having a whole tribe around for the critical mass of TNB).

Anyway I was at the arcade and walked up to play a game. The nigger was there and said here, give me a quarter, and acted like he put it in the slot.

Little did I know, but soon to find out, the game was malfunctioning. If you so much as touched the coin slot, it would short something out and think you fed it a quarter. So the nigger was basically adding credits to the machine for free while stealing people's quarters.

Funny how the ONE nigger in town took the opportunity to scam people with this one.

Coontact Tale #744 (August 8, 2007)

Education coontact

Ok so I paid a visit to a nigger infested high school for a tour. I wanted to see the campus and personally meet the faculty and staff.

As I strolled down a hallway in a building of the campus, I noticed a bulletin board comprised of numerous handwritten essays authored by the students. These were the sloppiest, most incoherent stories I ever saw. The grammar was bad, the punctuation was way off, and just about everything was misspelled.

Nigger pride is really pathetic these nigs are functionally illiterate and the school actually showcases them to the public as a point of pride.

But it got worse. The reason that the essays were displayed on the bulletin board was because they were selected as the best material from that entire school. I can only imagine what the worst might look like.

Coontact Tale #745 (August 8, 2007)

Funny Coontact At Liquor Store

I know I am suppose to quit drinking I will get on itIt was 1 in the morning and I figured I would go and grab a 6 pack and the only place open is this liquor store in the East village. Basically a shit part of the city. As I walked in a man asked me for some change gave him a loonie (Canadian dollar coin). I went in and there was a nigger at the till infront of me. And this TNB couldn't of been written better than if someone seen this.

You'll never guess what the nigger was buying? MALT LIQUOR in a 40 ounce bottle. You will also be surprised how the nigger was paying. Dimes I think there was a few nickles in there also. I was bitting my lip to not break out in laughter The other funny thing was how the nigger was dressed clothes that would even be too big on fat Albert. The nigger also had no respect for the young woman working behind the till as it made her count the $4.50 or what ever it cost all in change.

When I left the store I chuckled a bit and the guy outside that I gave the change to earlier said in a drunking slur "I don't trust them folk" Then he looked around and said " I mean the negro you know that right?" Had to laugh and took off. I don't know if many on the site here know many natives or if their accents are different there. But this guy cracked me up the way he said it.

The bum in all reality is probably a great guy and could be potential NM material but I highly doubt he can afford a computer. One of those things you had to be there to see. I have shitty coontact tales but living in a city of only 1 %. So the coontact I see is not as major as the shit some of you in the south see. Still classic though!

Coontact Tale #746 (August 8, 2007)

Prison nigger

I have a friend at the orleans lock-up who's a guard. He just related to me one of the best prison TNB's I have heard yet. A nigger named sambo (I swear thats his name) was locked in a disipline cell by himself after throwing his own crap at a guard. My friend watches the security cam feed on there cells. Sambo started acting crazy and actually began to hang like a baboon from an overhead steam pipe. After he was warned several times to stop this It was decided to let sambo just hang from the pipe and Preditably the thing cracked and down went sambo. Hot steam is now shooting from the cracked pipe and burining him while he shouts "po po gez mes out". The idiot then attacks the guards the second they let him out fo the cell. A fusalade of mace and clubs gets sambo under control and he's halled of to medical.

Four hours latter he's back with minor burns now treated and is placed back into his cell. My friend comes by and strats playing "I fought the law and the law won" on his cell phone. Sambo attacked the steel door and was again subjected to a fusalade of mace and clubs and halled of to medical. I wonder if this idiot nigger will ever learn.

Coontact Tale #747 (August 8, 2007)

Nigger In English Class

A few years ago in English 101 at a community college there was a typical short, fat, stinky shitskin nigger in my English class. Needless to say, massive laughs and many jokes ensued. It was like Niggermania T.V., for real. Every day I had the class my dad would eagerly ask me for all the details of what went on in class with the Adventures of Niggerbitch as I called it at the time.

The nigger was of course the typical loudmouthed sheboon with no brains and no logic. The instructor must have been a Haznig, because he loved goading her on politely and shooting her logic full of holes just to rile her up some more. I loved the entertainment while most others in the class would at times shrug simultaneously out of frustration like in a movie because the nigger wouldn't shut up. Now for the random jokes and things I learned from that encounter:

1) It is true niggers smell like shit. Hell, shit actually smells nicer than they do. I found that out when I had to sit next to the nigger one time. As my nose started to sense the evil right next to me that joke about the welfare line being long, dark, and smelling like shit popped into my head and I distinctly thought to myself "Man, they weren't kidding!"

2) I do believe the more I study history and life that the founding fathers of the United States kept some niggers around just for the entertainment. After that English class I was hoping the nigger would next enroll in my political science class to make for more entertainment.

3) Why are the animals of Africa so loud? They have to be to hear themselves over the niggers.

4) Ever watch discovery channel animal documentaries? Ever notice all the African animals have a sort of angry, glazed look in their eyes? See? Even nature hates niggers. Thats why organisms in Africa are often venomous and just plain mean.

5) I think black holes were named after niggers. Because they tear up everything around them and are so dense white itself cannot escape.

I hope you all enjoyed this coontact. And just remember, everyone is racist and and picking on us because we're not niggers. We work and pay the fucking taxes. Give us what we earn racist liberals.

Coontact Tale #748 (August 8, 2007)

I live in an apartment, and management put a Coca-Cola vending machine in front of the laundry room. It does not like the "new" quarters. Sometimes it takes them, sometimes it doesn't. It's very temperamental. I give it three shots with the quarter myself--if it doesn't take it then, it's a few blocks to the local convenience store. This idiotic bluegummer nigger was feeding quarters into it, again and again, while I was getting my clothes from the washing machine to hang up. "Plunk. reject. Plunk. reject. Plunk. reject. Plunk. reject." So, I go and shake my clothes out and hang them, then return with another load about five minutes later. I'm not making this up--Leroy was still plunking the same quarters in. Stupid fucking niggers.

Coontact Tale #749 (August 8, 2007)

This is a general coontact tale, because it happens a whole hell of a lot. The woop-woop thread made me remember how infuriating it was/is.

While I was in grade school, high school and college, there were ALWAYS niggers that had the same damn problem: whenever they had sinus problems, they never blew their nose, they just snorted like hogs OVER and OVER and OVER again. I kid you not, it would go on for the entire duration of the time I was in proximity of them.

*snort!* -25 seconds- *snort!* -20 seconds- *snort!* -22 seconds-*snort!*

I'm not sure that "snort" really conveys the true's kind of like a wet, sucking sound, but it also seems to come from deep in their chest.

I am the kind of guy that notices a repetitive sound right away and then focus on it, which begins a slow burn of hatred that eventually causes me to either deal with it directly or get the hell out if action would not be wise.

Is there a known issue with nigras and their adenoids? I have notices many, many nigs that have a nasal sound to their speech. Check out this video of a guy I despise from Youtube and see what I mean. By the way, I fuck with this guy all the time in his comments section, and I would encourage anyone else here to do the same. His videos are all about nig power and nig pride and de ejipshuns are our ansestas, and shit like that.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this phenomenon with nigras?

Coontact Tale #750 (August 8, 2007)

Nigger Walks.

OK, we all know about the extremely peculiar "walks" these things display. However, while downtown today, I witnessed the most extreme "pimp limp", or whatever it's called, that I've ever seen in my life. This baboon was strutting down the sidewalk with a considerable starboard list; if it were a ship it would have foundered. It gyrated each leg as it stepped, bending one knee on each alternate...oh, hell, I don't have words to describe the motion. The main point is, just as I was thinking that the beast might be crippled, or something, it suddenly stopped and dashed across the busy street, running in an almost human manner. Once on the opposite sidewalk, it resumed walking like a toy robot with a broken mainspring. Do these boons get together in de 'hood at night and PRACTICE these "walking" styles!?!

-Shistang DeBupmo X

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