The following are true stories of Coontact gathered from a variety sources.

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Coontact Tale #651 (July 4, 2007)

So I go to Publix supermarket this morning to get some groceries (I quit going to Niggamart due to, well, niggers). I’m going through the isles and come up on a blockage where only one cart can get by. There’s this older white guy coming the other way at the same time. We go back and forth being courteous...”you go ahead”...”no you go”...”O.K. Thanks”....”No problem”...”appreciate it”. You know, common courtesy. I get down to the magazine isle and what is before me? Two boons reading the latest issue of Jet or Mammy Monthly or some other nigger filth, niggers cart is right in the middle of the isle. I stop and wait, nigger glances over and goes back to reading it’s nigger filth. I pick up the cart, move it to the side, and pass by. Niggers start saying something, couldn’t make it out due to the niggerbabble factor distorting the English but I just ignored them. Of course I was packing Mr. .45 and would put down a rabid nigger if it attacked. Just goes to show you what a filthy, good for nothing, scum race of creatures these niggers are. I guess I can only dream of a world without niggers.

Coontact Tale #652 (July 4, 2007)

I had to go to the hardware shop today to buy a few bits and pieces for my car, so I decided to go pick my husband up from work, and then go to the shop, as some of the bits were a bit heavy, and also, he doesnt drive - the reason he doesnt drive is because he likes niggers even less than I do and would probably be running them over.

Anyway, normally it takes us ten minutes to get from his office to the retail park but today, as soon as we got on the main road - which is normally very fast flowing one way system - traffic was at a crawl.

I told my husband, I'm sure a nigger is behind all this, and sho enuff, when we finally got to the end of the road about 45 minutes later, there was this small multi-coloured camper van with the hazard lights on, in the middle of the road, and beside it, trying to direct the traffic around it, was this small nigger

Of course, being the nigger than he was, he couldn't be bothered to ask any of the other niggers in the area to give him a push to the side of the road or maybe he did, but being niggers, they are too fucking lazy.

Anyway, we finally made it to the shop, got our stuff, then went to have a look at some other shops, we were in the retail park for about an hour and my husband said why dont we avoid that road, but I thought surely the nigger can't still be there after an hour - WRONG!!! Although someone had by this time pushed his crapper van to the side of the road.

Recovery services in this country are fairly reasonable, less than $100 a year but niggers don't think of using these services. After all, they are just stooopid niggers.

Coontact Tale #653 (July 4, 2007)

Well I took a trip through the jungle earlier. It was about 5:30 pm when I cruised thru on the way to Nigger-Mart. Not much activity...a few sheboons, couple of Silverbacks, a few nigglets here and there. Got my supplies and walked outside only to see the jungle warden buzzing pretty low in a Helocopter. Well on the way back it was obvious there was some kind of round up going on. As soon as I was on the trail back, I noticed one of the Nigger limo pick up stations was completely empty. You could tell they had been there by all the Mc Nigger's trash on the ground and bench. Typical niggers. The sheboons, silverbacks, and the nigglets further up the trail had been awakened and scared out of the trees by the low flying helocoptor. They were everywhere running amuck. Hundreds of em. Needless to say, I didn't stop for fear of being attacked. Anyhow, I learned a valuable lesson today. When the warden chopper is flying...never, never, never go out in the jungle. I was really lucky there were no bubbles, boxes, or donks playin jungle music when I passed thru there. That stuff really sends the groids into a frenzy.

Coontact Tale #654 (July 5, 2007)

Boons + fireworks + my house = DUMB

In the past year or three, my neighborhood has seen a few niggers move in (more on that later). After a night out tonight (July 4th), I was sitting here reading all of the excellent articles by Tom and the crew when I heard fireworks going off right outside my house. I didn't pay any attention to it for awhile but they started getting real close. After a couple big ones, I walked outside to see wtf was going on.

On the sidewalk at the corner of my home I see 2 boot lips, one 11 or 12 and the other about 30, shooting fireworks in the street. Mind you, there is a public building across the street from me that is totally empty (it's 1:30 AM) and has a nice parking lot that holds around 75-100 cars! I watched them for about 5 minutes while they shot them off in the middle of the street. They did not pay attention to oncoming cars and they had to stop, wait, and hope the shit didn't hit them. A couple people yelled at them but I couldn't make out what they said.

Finally, I felt that I had to put a stop the show and told them that the parking lot across the street was probably a better venue for it. They mumbled something (probably 'muh dik') and shot off a couple more before obediently shuffling off to the parking lot.

I credit for the way that I handled this incident. Before I discovered this site, I would have yelled at them as one would a young person being stupid, wrong, and maybe this 'dress-down' would stick in their heads and they would learn from the experience as I did as a child. After reading the articles here (coupled with my own vast shitskin experiences), I am now aware of the fact that they are niggers incapable of learning and would probably retaliate against my home and family if given a good 'WTF ARE YOU DOING?' dress-down.

Thank You as I no longer hate niggers. Truth is the antidote for hate.

Exactly the correct attitude to take.

200,000 years ago, humans were as dumb as niggers are now; surely we should cut them a little slack and not judge them by the standards we set ourselves? You wouldn't expect a dog to drive a car; you wouldn't expect a chimpanzee to perform brain surgery; and it is unfair for you to expect a negro to display any cognitive awareness.

Coontact Tale #655 (July 5, 2007)

In my development of about 50 homes, there is one nigger 'fambily'....

They have cut their grass maybe 3 times this year and have a broken storm door on the front of their house....

The pool in the backyard (it was there when they moved in) is not open as of yet, and has grass growing high all around it (they have not cut that part this year).....

To say they stand out in this neighborhood is an understatement.....

Of course I was not surprised last night when after midnight, these niggers start setting off fireworks.....

I was hoping that one would land on their roof and burn their house down when suddenly and without warning, the sky opened up and it started pouring down on the niggers harder than I can remember it raining in a long time....

I was laughing as I heard them screeching and running around trying to 'saves da chicken'.....

Although we were in a tornado and severe storm warning last night, these niggers apparently had no idea the storm was comming....

I'm guessing it's because BET does not post storm warnings.....

Coontact Tale #656 (July 5, 2007)

I went to the big Tesco superstore on the outskirts of town today to get some soft furnishings for my new house - I'm getting out of Coontown next week -

Usually its relatively nigger free, most of the staff working the tills are humans. There were a couple of niggers doing the shopping but they seemed to be under control - their Massa must have given them a good whippin or a dose of Valium.

As it was lunchtime when I got there, I decided to treat myself and have something to eat at the restaurant there. So I sit down with my fish and chips and there is one really ancient granny sheboon sitting opposite looking at my dinner with those glazed nigger eyes. An old man, a human comes and sits down next to her and then a younger human which seemed like some sort of old folks carer person came and brought them their food - the place is a self service. So I just managed to ignore them and enjoy my fish and chips.

I got lots of stuff for the new house (my husband is not going to be happy when he sees the credit card bill ) and I am looking for a till to pay for my stuff. The place is pretty crowded and then I see an empty till so I push my heavy trolley over there and then I realise why its empty, its a young sheboon sitting at the till. So I'm about to go elsewhere when the sheboon axs me can uh pack yo stuff fo yo so I decide to stay there as she seems to have been tamed. So all my stuff goes through the scanner and she packs it and I'm thinking, so far so good. WRONG!!!

When its time to pay sheboon gets really flustered and completely fucks up the transaction and I spend at least half an hour and its mumbling niggerbabble until finally a human steps in and takes over. Phew!!!

Coontact Tale #657 (July 5, 2007)

A two for one story today about niggers stealing bikes. A post and response.

Well, it finally happened, some coon stole my bike. I live about a mile from where I work in Chicago so I normally bike when the weather is nice, it only takes me 15 minutes or so. I HAD a nice bike, cost me about $400 a few years ago. Went out to get my bike from the metal bike parking thing (for lack of a better word) after work and saw that it was gone. They had to cut through 2 locks to get it.

It burns me up to imagine some useless teenigger riding around on my property that I worked hard for.


A forum member responds.

This happened to my stepson. I was working for the sheriff's office at the time in that city as a Deputy Sheriff. I was particularly annoyed because 1) he should have locked the bike after I told him to and he didn't so it was bound to happen. 2) I was angry also because I gave him the bike myself it used to be mine. So the nigger took the bike but I figured niggers are pretty stupid so it probably lived just around the corner and put it in it's own garage or hid it under its own porch. I want for a walk and covered all corners. Sure enough, 2 blocks away one street over, there was the bike.

I started to walk away with the bike and the little nigger came out and asked me what I was doing. I said I was taking the bike back and that one of you stole this from my step-son. He chimped out and got his big brother. Big brothu came up to me and acted like he was going to do sumim. I showed him my badge and asked if he'd like to go with me and discuss it with the district attorney. Suddenly he changed his attitude. The animal knows when the massa is in the house. I told them before I left that if I come back and find any other stolen property by the time I got there that he and his lil bro would be looking at bars before the day was over.

I didn't go back but did noticed that there garage was completely rearranged when I passed by there again...probably got rid of everything that they had stolen or could remember stealing. FUCKING NIGGERS

-Bas Connery

Coontact Tale #658 (July 5, 2007)

I was driving home from work today, and I stop at a red light behind a nigger in a Mercedes. The light turns green, nigger doesn't go. He's looking at some shit or another inbetween his two front seats. I count to ten and beep. Still doesn't move. Another five seconds and I beep again. Were in the city and it's rush hour, so there are a bunch of people behind me. Another 5 seconds and now were just sitting at a green light in the city during rush hour for a full 20 seconds. He looks in the mirror, gives me a nigger look, and goes, albeit slowly.

Next light I pull up next to him, and don't make eye contact. I stole a quick glance, he's about 20 and has gang hair. I can see in peripheral vision that he's rolled down the window.

N:"why you gotta keep beepn' like dat?"
Me:"why didn't you go?"
N:"I was gunna, why you got ta beep like dat?"
Me:"why did you hold up traffic?"
N:"you need to calm yo shit down"
Me:"when the light turns green, that means go"
N:"you wan to git out da car?"
Me:"fuck you asshole"

And then the light turned green, and I drove off, slowly. And then I turned, he didn't follow me. Fucking niggers. They can't imagine that people have places to fucking go. And how did this poor underprivilged dick wipe get a benz?

Coontact Tale #659 (July 7, 2007)

Raptorman, I very much hope you will consider this true life experience of mine for inclusion in "The Coontact Tales." It has a title: 'An amazing and revealing Juxtaposition'

A few days ago I was walking around a shopping mall near Rochester, New York--basically killing time until I had to go back to the job. I went into a Dollar Tree shop which is a chain that sells all types of cheap, imported from Red China knick knacks, gee-gaws, and household items (yet useful bargains can be found there).

As I was going through one narrow aisle, I saw there was a little girl of perhaps five years standing and looking down at something. The child saw that a small bag of merchandise had fallen out of its bin, and she was trying to figure out what to do. It was a clear, plastic bag full of some type of candy; she soon figured out it had to go back into the bin with the others bags containing the same type of candy. When she had completed the task I heard her mother's voice say, "Why thank you, Sarah, for putting that back where it belonged."

I left the Dollar Store to go to a Sports Authority. As I walked across the parking lot I came upon a black nigger leaning against a white Mitsubishi. He had on playa or pimpish type clothing, and he had processed hair: the kinks were semi-straightened into dangling "loops or ringlets" and he had poured some type of a special coon concoction on his "haid' to effect the greasy poodle look. The baboon had bought (perhaps stolen?) merchandise and food around the mall, and had taken it all back to the Mitsubishi so he could enjoy ostentatious pride of possession while blaring the boom speakers with (c)rap. "Hey, mofo' looka' mee. Ah beez dee baddest nigger in dee mall!" The entire car was surrounded with the bags, take out containers, cans, paper, plastic hangers, etc from all the stuff he got at the mall. All this trash was thrown on the ground.

I told a manager in a nearby store about this nigger slob and he shrugged his shoulders: The cops can't give a ticket for littering on private property.

Later I thought about the implications of the two scenes:

1) The child had a natural, inborn sense of right and wrong; as well as a natural sense of responsibility to others. The Negro had neither--it was completely oblivious to the needs or considerations of others; acting in a selfish, animalistic, and ultimately immoral way.

2) The child 'knew" she was part of a greater part; that she was part of society; she acted as she did for the benefit of all---and she did it without being prompted or with the expectation of reward. The Negro lived in a universe of animalistic, muh dick, "Me-ism."

In this experience I perceived why Africoons will never be able to build societies, and why left to their own devices they will always fail miserably.


I used to be a racist and I hated niggers with a passion but I don't anymore. Why? Because I came to the realization niggers are not human beings thus it's wrong for us to continue to hold niggers to a human standard.

If a plastic bag of candy fell from a bin would you expect your dog to place it back in the bin where it belonged? Would you be disappointed when your dog failed placing candy back in the proper bin?


Then what right do we have to be disappointed when niggers act like niggers?

Accept the fact niggers are born stupid. The average nigger IQ is 87, a full standard deviation from the mean, so why do we expect niggers to behave like human beings when so many niggers have less cognitive awareness then a family pet?

For example, let's assume you have a male family dog and the poodle next door goes into heat. Your male dog, being the male dog he is, is going to go over, under or through that fence to satisfy his muh dik so what right have we to be upset when a nigger behaves the same way?

So, my friends, cast your racism aside to accept as reality niggers will always act like niggers. What right do you have to expect niggers to behave otherwise?

I just wish we would spay and neuter niggers when they reach breeding age, say 4 or 5 years old, so as to better manage the herd.

Thank you for your coontact submission.



Brown v Board of Education 50 Years Later - By Tyone N. Butts

Coontact Tale #660 (July 7, 2007)

Flea Market Coonery

Today I decided to head on to the largest outdoor flea market in Texas, Traders Village, in Grand Prairie with my son. Mostly Mexicans come here to buy and sell goods and you get some really decent deals. I noticed when we got there that several niggers were out and about. I don't usually see many here but I guess the news of good buys reached the ears of many a Leroy so here they are!

I seriously wish I had brought my digital camera because I saw some hilarious coonery going around here. This groid couple were lugging around two huge speakers in a cart with their nappy headed cheerins riding along the sides. I let out a boisterous laugh at the sight! Then what made my side ache from laughing so hard was this ape who wanted to try out one of those motor scooters that they sell here like hotcakes. The nigger climbed aboard but it was set too high so he tumbled off it onto his ass. Then gets up to do the same thing and falls on his ass again.

This huge sheboon pushing the scales at 800 lbs I'm certain had its fat stuffed in the tightest spandex pants. Its ass stuck out so far that it was coming up towards the nappy head. The corn dog I had earlier started coming up in my mouth it was so nasty! My son just stood and stared at the boon until it made eye coontact with him and winked! He laughed so hard he nearly fell down! He had brought his money to purchase a BMX bike and here you can get a great deal on them. We went over there and it was a Mexican salesman. We managed to talk him down to $30 less than the asking price!

My son was wheeling it around the walkways as we looked for more good buys until he had to use the restroom. I was looking at some shirts and had my hand on the bike handle. Suddenly I felt a tug and I looked back and it was this teen nig that looked all bewildered with a yellow gaze. I said "This is my son's bike so paws off!". The monkey said "Aiight mah mon! I aint be wantin it enyways!" and knuckled away. I made sure to keep a firm grip on the bike if any more apes should cross my path. My son got back and I told him what happened and he was really angry and wanted to know where the monkey went. I said that I didn't know and I doubt we could find it since they all look the same!

There is always lots of theft going on here -mainly niggers- so the streets are patrolled by a security guard riding a golf cart. This gaggle of groids was fraterniggin' in the middle and wouldn't move for the guy to get by so he honked his horn, and they still didn't. I saw him turn around the monkeys and nearly hit the garbage can. After he left, the niggers dispersed in opposite directions! I'm like..couldn't they have done that while he was honking at them? Stupid coons!

They had this Mexican radio station here that was giving away free tshirts and other stuff by throwing it into the crowd that gathered around the DJ. These fat niggers were in the back and as soon as the guy started to throw a keychain they started trampling on the mainly Mexican crowd. These niggers don't care if they hurt someone when a "freebie" is being given out.

I bought a nice "Git R Done" hat with army print and some nice tools before we left. As we were coming out to the parking lot, I saw this double cab truck pull up and this nigger gets out while this boon is rolling up one of those off road 4 wheel bikes-most likely stolen because they were trying to load it as fast as possible! When it got into the back of the truck, they discovered the hatch wouldn't close so the buck had the boon get on the side to hold the bike in place while they drove off! They didn't get very far until the bike rolled out and almost hit the car in front. My son and I were laughing so hard our ribs hurt us. The boon almost fell out with the bike!

We stood lollygaggin as we watched the niggers in action. A Mexican man got out of his car and went over to them to assist in loading it properly since they were holding up traffic. He slanted it sideways so the back hatch closed perfectly. Then they drove off. I got their license plate number so went over to the security guard and asked if a 4 wheeler had been stolen. He said he didn't get a call about it, but I reported those suspicious groids and gave the license in case.

It was so hot outside so we embraced the air conditioned car with open arms as we drove away. This is one of the few places I go to on weekends that isn't overrun with niggers, but I guess that has changed. I probably won't come here again unless I bring some mace or pepperspray to defend myself against these savages in case they try to steal from me again!

-coonskin cap

Coontact Tale #661 (July 7, 2007)

When I'm not doing my proper job I take odd jobs to keep the cash flow coming in so to speak.

I was/am working for a nice Italian restaurant doing promotional stuff, just a high falooting name for handing out flyers with discounts on them in Times Square.

This nigger saw that I picked a nice spot and stood right in front of me to hand his cheap ass tour bus crap out. OK, sometimes it takes a lot to piss me off but this did it. I told him he was a lazy black fuck and should get the fuck out of my way because I was there first. After a bunch of nigger babble which was and is to be expected he moved like the dutiful little slave nigger that it is.

I not only did that but walked and stood directly in front of it, pissing it off completely. This animal was one moment from a chimp out but I would have hauled open a can of whoop ass on it's nigger butt, and police were around which at times is nice, because in all honesty even though they can't admit it, here in NYC, police know that niggers are niggers and that someone who's lived here for 30+ years without a problem isn't making this shit up on a whim.

Another stupid nigger down.

Edit: Don't even get me going off on the fucking nigger smell. Especially when the animals stand there with their arms on their heads. I mean it's probably embedded in them that they need to be searched when they're arrested so are used to having their arms over their heads but fuck all, I don't want to smell it!

Coontact Tale #662 (July 8, 2007)

I got niggers thrown out!

Last night I went to go see "Transformers" with my son. We arrived 10 minutes before it started and not a nigger was in sight so I let out a sigh of relief. Many times when I go to the movies, I will leave and see another if there are a gaggle of groids and no seats far away. We got in the central middle row, the best seats and wait for the movie to start.

About 20 min or so into the movie, a collection of coons wanders in the dark but I could make them out as the lights were flashing. They were stepping over people as they made their way in front of us (oh the horror!). The coons started niggerbablin loudly over the big bag of candy they brought with them! The wrappers made such loud noise and the niggers gobbled them up like the animals they are.

I suddenly saw a red light flashing and it was the buck filming the movie with a small camcorder-stolen of course. It was telling to other three boons to be quiet while he filmed but he was making louder noise than they were. A chorus of "shhhh" soon followed but he chimped loudly with his own "shhhhs" back at them. I couldn't stand this any longer so I left to get the manager and report these monkey shines. There were three other people talking to the manager about the noise but he didn't know they were filming the movie too. Good thing I came out there.

I went back to my seat and pretty soon, two security guards walked over to the buck and force it to leave with them, taking the other apes too! "I dint do nuttin! I dint do nuttin!" the buck chimped loudly. They then stopped the movie as this was going on but resumed it when the niggers left. The manager then apologized to everyone about the interruption. I'm sure that nigger was arrested because they don't take too kindly to pirating movies here in Texas. I hated the movie since it had lots of meaningless nigger characters that would have been better suited for humans.

Coontact Tale #663 (July 8, 2007)

Damn, I wish my cell phone had a camera. Yesterday we went grocery shopping at a store where niggers seldom go. As we were starting out, a hugely obese nigger sow waddled in, followed by half a dozen noisy, destructive niglets. The niglets headed straight for the cookie and candy aisle, and the store stationed two employees there to keep the niglets from stealing the goodies. (I think they've had niggers there before.)

The sheboon settled her fat ass in one of those electric carts for handicapped people. She yelled to her niglets and they ran back. When they got to the fresh fruit aisle, (wheah de waddymelons am) she tried to get out. And was stuck. Her niglets started pulling on her but no soap. She started making noises ' Hep me, hep me' while all the whites laughed their asses off. Finally a store manager half dismantled the cart so the niggeress fat farm could waddle free.

The niggeress pushed the manager aside, tossed her groceries out on the floor, called her nigglets and shouted "Fuggin' crackas, I'se never comin' back here!" and waddled out.

I sure as hell hope she doesn't.

Coontact Tale #664 (July 9, 2007)

A day in the park - illustrated coontact tale

I went to the park this afternoon with my dogs, and I could hear some very loud boom boom music so I thought I am not going to venture too far, just wait for the dogs to do what dogs do and then go home. So I did not see any niggers except for this one that was sitting at a bench near the park entrance. Now what do you make of that?

Coontact Tale #665 (July 9, 2007)

I posted in another thread a while back about how I once had a job that included me repairing and maintaining a bunch of those electric carts for a large supermarket.

I used to f__king hate it when the fat sheboons would flop down in them.

Those carts were provided by my store as a courtesy for old folks and disabled people.

Or the occasional joe who had wrecked his dirt bike or something and had a huge cast on his leg. They were NOT intended for fat ass sheboons who are too lazy to f__king walk!

The sheboons would almost invariably f__k them up before they were through.

They would also quite often put one or two of their little niglets in the basket up front too.

I guess they figured they royal niglets shouldn't have to walk either. This of course was against the rules, but you couldn't tell them that.

The abuse of these carts got so bad that my boss had me install key lock switches on them, so you had to go to the courtesy counter to get a key to use one.

But that didn't seem to stop the sheboons. I saw just as many using them after that. I even saw a couple of normal sized sheboons that could walk just fine using them!

I guess they figured their royal nigger asses shouldn't have to walk when they do their shopping.

I guess you can tell I'm passionate on this subject.

I can't help it, even though that was nearly 7 years ago when I worked there, I still see fat ass sheboons using those carts at various stores when I go shopping today.

It really pisses me off!

F__king fat ass lazy niggers!!!

There, now I feel better.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Coontact Tale #666 (July 9, 2007)

How niggers can help you lose weight!

I went to McDonald's for breakfast this morning, I'm not proud of it. I was rushed okay? So it was staffed by the usual sullen niggers who looked at me like it's MY damn fault they didn't get an education and a good-paying job. Right. As usual, I developed a sudden fascination with my phone and tried not to look at them while they got my order.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually) I looked up just in time to see this female ape who was waiting on me grab a cup with her monkey fingers INSIDE THE CUP to fill with orange juice. Like I would drink that! I asked for the manager and she said, "I AM a manager!" Uh, right. I just calmly repeated, "I need to talk to another manager then." I was prepared to sit there til Jesus came back and I think she knew it. She heaved a big wheezy sigh and eventually a harried-looking young white guy came to the window and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he apologized and offered to make me another juice.

I declined. And then I gave him back the breakfast, saying, "If they can't even hold a cup properly God only knows what they do to the food." I drove off while the poor guy was saying something about a refund. Poor man, I can imagine what he has to put up with.

I didn't hang around for a refund, I just wanted to get out of there and pick up some fruit and water at the store on the way to work. I had a Bible verse in my mind, "What the devil intends for your harm God can turn to your good." By employing dirty animals instead of humans, McDonalds actually helped me realize I don't want to eat that kind of food anyway. I'm smarter than that.

No more fast food. Ever. Thanks girls. Have fun playing in the grease and getting even fatter and smellier!


Coontact Tale #667 (July 9, 2007)

I was downtown at Union Station in Chicago a few weeks ago waiting for the bus. Most of downtown is OK until you start getting to the southern part and then you run into the crazy homeless niggers. One nigger was walking across the street (at the crosswalk, I was amazed) and suddently started shouting something at a car. I didn't look over quickly enough to see what was going on, but the nigger was clearly agitated at something. It came over and started talking to some random guy waiting for the bus and then decided to walk down the middle of the street, whooping and hollering.

Anyway, at the bus stop there was a fairly nice extended cab Toyota truck at the bus stop, right where the bus is supposed to pull up. We all watched for a while as a couple of nigger bucks crammed 5 chilluns into the back seat and tossed their luggage into the cab. Meanwhile there's a fat, useless cop standing around doing who-knows-what. Too old and fat to do anything but 'guard' the bus stop. After about 5 minutes of the bucks fussing with the niglets and doing who knows what in the cab, the bus finally pulls up and is basically blocking half the street because it can't pull into the bus stop. It was sticking out into the road at about 45 degrees, blocking two lanes. Keep in mind this is the middle of downtown, traffic was being majorly held up. The lead nigger buck looks back for a second and continues to do whatever the hell it was doing in the cab. Another severals minutes pass, the bus driver is looking pissed off and the people waiting for the bus are beginning to get agitated. Finally the fat cop waddles over and says something to the driver about getting the hell out of the way. The nigger nods and continues to sit in the cab. By now the people at the bus stop and glaring and cursing under their breath at the inconsiderate niggers. It was then that I noticed that the driver nigger was drinking some kind of red liquid out of a clear plastic Dixie cup. I don't know if it was kool aid or MD 20/20 or what, but the buck in the passenger seat was clearly drinking from a bottle of beer. I don't know if the fat cop didn't see it or just didn't care.

I swear it had to be around 10 minutes from the time the bus pulled up until the niggers finally left. I have no idea what they were doing in the cab besides niggerbabble, probably kekekeing about holding up YT.

Coontact Tale #668 (July 10, 2007)

The only real coontact I have is when I have to leave my sanctuary in the woods. The wife & I had to go to Lourdes Hospital in Paducah yesterday morning, and a group of niggers in a junk 1980's Chevrolet Celebrity were parked in the handicap spot, just "hangin' out" in the 100 degree heat. I saw one ebola negress shuffle into the building, while the rest of the group stayed in the scrap metal excuse of a vehicle.

Well, when we walked out an hour later, their parking spot was vacated, but there were two fried chicken bones laying there in big grease stain.

I said to Mrs. Larsen, "Look at what those niggers left!"


Coontact Tale #669 (July 11, 2007)

LouisFarakoon brings us an Audio Coontact Tale!

Niggers Don't Tip!

Coontact Tale #670 (July 11, 2007)

Military Niggerdom

I’ll share some stories of my experiences with niggers in our fine United States Air Force. Wow… where to being?

Basic Training:

We had a few of the “cool nigger” types, and the TI’s loved to put these in charge in order to make the Whites bow down to the ape-man. You could see it in almost every flight – niggers would be at the front of the line.

One nigger in our flight was a mush-mouthed southern baboon, who told me early on that “you’s gonna have a hawd time, mmm hmm, you be slow an’ shit” or something to that effect. I really have no clue what possessed him to say that, since I was getting along just fine and had no problems in the six weeks that I was there. Later on, -he- had problems and was almost recycled (sent back a week or two due to incompetence or other problems). He also got into an argument in the laundry room and went on the funniest niggerbabble tirade I’ve ever witnessed. You literally couldn’t understand a word he said.

We were all lined up and sitting on the floor one day when the TI’s decided to play a joke. They called out several names, and said “these Airmen are on the vaccination list for a special shot. The needle is very long and wide and it’s a bit painful. One warning, though: if you’ve had any sort of intercourse with farm animals in the past year, you CANNOT get this shot. So speak up now, because you might have to go to the hospital if you’ve had sex with animals and get this shot.” This nigger near me had this nervous look on his face; you could tell he was scared to death of this shot. So he raises his hand and says, “Suh, I think I’s may have experimented!”. Of course, there was no shot. We all had a good laugh at the monkey’s expense that day.

On to “tech school”, this is where you are trained for your career field. My school lasted 8 long weeks, and there were niggers galore. Again, we had a nigger in charge of our group, he was a slow nigger from my home state. There were 3 other male niggers and one female in our class – and our class only had 12 people or so in it!

Watching sporting events with the niggers was always a blast. They would jump, hoot, scream, holler, and generally go ape. “AWWWW SHIT I TOLD YOU MUTHAFUCKA!” was often heard during football games.

I’ll always remember the time someone ordered a pizza in our dorm building. The food would be delivered and the person that ordered it would have to come down to get it. The pizza was sitting on the floor and before the person that ordered it could even get to it several niggers attacked it, stealing several slices before the poor guy had a chance. I watched this and wondered what type of gorilla-parents could raise them to behave in this manner.

The nigger girl in our class would always crack me up. She had mastered the art of niggerbabble and would carry on constantly. She talked about her friend who was injured and needed to be carried away in an “ambulamps”.

Onto my first (and last) base. My first job – the shop was run by niggers. The Master Sergeant was a nigress that wore more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker. She resented Whites, and her behavior proved that all the time. The only upside was that I was working away from the shop in a place full of Whites. My supervisor was replaced with a White wimp, what I would call a “White Uncle Tom”*, that kissed minority ass every chance he got. Then – it came. Our house nigger. Like many niggers he made a good first impression, but my friend told me it would only be a matter of time before he started fucking up. Boy was he right. I had to pick up this nigger’s slack every day. He would take 2 hour lunches and satisfy his “muh dick” urges while the White Uncle Tom did nothing – WUT would obsess about my every move, however.

The house nigger eventually got into trouble for smoking his marijuana, so he was gone. I was moved to the night shift where I could work alone most of the time and was quite happy. Then one day WUT and I had a dispute over something that I was supposed to deliver. WUT loved to try and trip me up every chance he got, and this time he won. I had to come back into work and have a “meeting” with him and our new Master Sergeant, a male ape.

This is when I learned that niggers really can’t understand reality. To give you some background, as I said before, I was working nights – and nobody would relieve us. Christmas? Everyone else got a week off. We were told “you get a week off too!” – after we worked SEVEN nights straight, we got seven days off. Too bad our regular schedule was 3 on, 3 off, so we really got no time at all, even for the holidays.

So what does this nigger sergeant say to me when he’s bitching me out about not delivering a part? “Yo, we gives you guys all da breaks, gives you time to go on yo appointments, gives you times off, and dis is how we gets repaid. I’s sick of dis.”.


I suppose in his mind I got tons of time off, time to go on appointments, etc. – while I worked at night and had to go to appointments on my personal time, while I worked seven nights straight over the holidays while day shift people got seven days off, etc. OK, Nigger Sergeant. This baboon even had a Jamaican flag decoration in his car. Disgusting!

Prior to this, when I worked day shift, I would deliver parts to a certain shop. In this shop, the White supervisor told me specifically to put the parts in a bin marked for the parts. Very simple, right? Not when niggers are involved. A few days later I was doing what I was told to do, when a big steroid-looking nigger went APE on me. “Yo, watchoo doin’? You don’ts put that’s there!” I replied, “This is what Sgt. So-and-so (his boss) told me to do”. His reply? “I don’t cares wut he told you to do, you do what *I* say!”. He made a big scene and apologized for it a week or two later since he was so obviously wrong.

Nigger karma: a couple years later it came out that his wife was cheating on him – with some broken down, old-looking nigger boss of hers! Since adultery is against the law in the military, they had a trial and everything – and the old nigger beat the rap! I guess the nigger wife got religion and decided to tell her husband what was going on. I would run into steroid-nigger after this incident and he was really quiet and humble. Guess not being able to keep your wife happy and having the entire base know about it will do that to a man.

These are just the highlights of military niggerdom I witnessed, hope you were entertained.

* "White Uncle Tom" is a term used in the excellent book "SIEGE" by James Mason. I think it should applied to all Whites who would favor niggers or nigger interests over the interests of their own people. White Uncle Toms are lower than any niggers could ever be since they are traitors.

Coontact Tale #671 (July 11, 2007)

I was at nigger central (Houston Municipal Courts) today fighting a ticket. Of course, the two prosecutors were niggers, so they're going after all the whites. Put a nigger in a suit and give it an affirmitive action position working for the courts, and it thinks it's all high and mighty. There's all kinds of niggerfuxation going on. There was a Somalian Muslim nigger sow who didn't take off its headscarf when everyone wearing a hat or cap had to. There was niggerstink in the courtroom. I saw nigger cops walking in and out of the courtroom with that "nigga gangsta" strut. Niggers were late to court, of course, forcing the judge to repeat instructions, thus slowing down the process.

And to top it all off, there was a hot cougar (MILF) in the courtroom who kept looking over at me, and I never got to talk to her because I stayed a lot later because some chimp in a suit was out to get me. When my case was over, I was forced to sit on the front bench, right behind where the nigger's table was. The stench of its afrosheen nearly knocked me over. The obese shegroid clerk was arrogant, but I finally was able to walk out of there. Walking to the car, I was almost run over by a nigger cop that ran the stop sign! I was forced to sit through random acts of TNB from early-morning to early afternoon. When the clock hit 7:30AM, I was sitting in the courtroom freezing my ass off (is it a courtroom, or a morgue?). As I was walking out of the courthouse, it was 1:15PM.

I get to work, and I find out from my co-worker that I had a missed opportunity to cause a chimpout. He said some fat shegroid walked in wearing one of those nigger power t-shirts (the kind with all those nigger "leaders'" faces on it and a raised fist). He said it told him that it just moved to Houston (right, probably after Hurricane Koontrina), and that it was begging for money. He was giving it a blank stare, and it snapped at him, "WHAT? WHY YOO LOOKIN AT ME LIKE DAT? I LOOKS LIKE DA DEVIL? YOO THINK I A DEVIL??" With that, he said "get a job", and it stormed out of the building. I missed the opportunity to ask a nigger sow wearing a black power t-shirt why it wasn't too proud to "axe" YT for money! That doesn't come along too often!

Overall, this is one of the crappiest days I've had in a long time. Fighting a ticket shouldn't mean that I should be subjected to TNB. It makes me want to run from the next cop trying to stop me. I thought I had rights in this country, I have the right not to be around niggers. Oh, the horror!

Coontact Tale #672 (July 11, 2007)

Helped bust some niglet shoplifters....Jeezus they are dumb

I stopped by the grocery store the other day on the way home from work.

This store happens to be on my route home and I stop there once in a while becuase its not a huge asss super-mega-store. You can get in fast and exit fast.

Anyway.....I'm up at the checkout with my items and sure enough in walk 2 pre-teen niglets. You can just tell they are up to no good.

Get this: Its 90 freakin degrees out and they are wearing baggy ass jackets and those dip shit baggy shorts. I knew what the shit-stains were up to the minute I see them stroll in and I'm no way in the security biz.

So they make a beeline to the candy shelf right behind me and as I'm standing there I casusally glance over and see the fuck-nigs acting like super genius criminals by stuffing canding into their jackets. It was so fucking obvious a blind, deaf, 90 year old lady could have seen it.

So I decide to have some fun and I tell the cashier whats going on.......she rolls her eyes ( must have happend before as if you'd be suprised) She picks up the phone ,calls manager ,and in a second this big white guy comes up from behind and grabs the 2 shitbags and off the office to call the cops. Of course you can hear the niggerbabble and chimp outs from 3 blocks away as the little curs are herded back to the managers office to wait for the cops.

The cashier said she's so sick of these Section 8 housing niggers who live in a complex acrross the street come in and lift shit all the time. Its the same dozen or so who do it. They are so fucking dumb and obvious at stealing its amazing.

You'd think that niggers would learn this from shoplifting 101: Your black in an all white store and you dont think your being watched? Might as well put a fucking red strobe light on your nappy heads that says: Dumb nigger who will be shoplifting here.....please watch me!!


Coontact Tale #673 (July 11, 2007)

I was walking the dog down the street so she gets exercise and we found ourselves in the nigger infested 4H homes that's several blocks away. There was these niglets with a rotten wood table out on the side of the street, even though there are sidewalks. Loud cRap music was playing out of a -stolen- boombox behind them. They were selling pink kool-aid from the looks of it. I was incredibly thirsty since it's a hot day outside but I wasn't going to get any of their monkey shine. This niglet ran up to me with a glass and said "A dolla missa!" and I said "No thank you!". The niglet yelled "It waddamelon kool-aid and tastay!". I wish I brought a camera with me to catch this funny sight! I turned back and the niglet was stirring the kool-aid with his hand after adding in more mixture. Three bucks came over and bought the drinks from them as I turned the corner. I sure won't walk this far again but I needed the exercise and so did the dog.

Coontact Tale #674 (July 11, 2007)

I am looking for somewhere else to live. So I look at this one place and it seems pretty nice. I tell my dad where it is and he gets really upset. He told me that the neighborhood is loaded with niggers and that across the street are a bunch of niggers that deal drugs and hang out.

When I saw the place the first time I didn't see any niggers. Around here you can't really tell if a neighborhood is nigger or not by the looks of property because we have a lot of slumlords that won't fix the properties or keep them up. Plus my town is only 7% nigger.

My dad told me that I should check the neighborhood out and drive around. I didn't believe him.. I didn't want to believe him.

Well out of nowhere, just like cockroaches, the niggers came out of hiding. Niggers everywhere. There was a group of 7 or 8 loud mouthed thug looking niggers across the street, the house in back has niggers. Hell the whole neighborhood is heavily infested!! Then I found out the place is about 2 blocks from the projects so EVEN MORE NIGGERS!! I saw nothing but niggers.. niggers riding bikes, niggers going down the street in cars. NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS!!!

I got my hopes squashed. The house was much nicer than where I live now but the rent is cheaper. Now I know why!!

Coontact Tale #675 (July 11, 2007)

Yo Boss Man!

As a newcomer to this forum, allow me to introduce myself.... Despite years of intensive brainwashing about the benefits of coontact, my feelings on race mixing were not unmixed: I wanted nothing to do with muds. Unprecedented levels of Turd world invasion has, however, made this well-nigh impossible. I once had a job in a bicycle shop which was located in what was once a decent neighbourhood but had become, in relatively short time, a hopeless ghetto with black 'barber shops' on either side of our premises. Despite blacks preference for top of the range Mercedes and BMWs some of our clientele were inevitably niggers. I always dreaded hearing the words of the title of this piece: 'Yo Boss Man!' and looking up to see some dreadlocked creep who was trying to get something for nothing. The general attitude of the nigger was that you were in his ghetto to serve him and so therefore tools and air for their tyres etc were free. How one was supposed to make a living under such circumstances obviously never occurred to him, after all the White man will always provide....

Apart from expecting not something but everything for nothing (for the nigger there is no such thing as a paid lunch!) Sambo also expected a high level of service; after all he was gracing your premises and expected some sort of recognition for this honour. Apart from the fact that you were unlikely to see him again (and wouldn't recognise him if you did), he liked to imagine that he was a good customer of the shop and that therefore a deal could be struck in recognition for such loyalty. When he finally realised he would have to part with some of his welfare check there were always disputes about the prices of products, the worst being about the cost of repairs. He couldn't understand the concept of paying someone for a service: he probably couldn't understand why you weren't part of some government initiative to give niggers a free ride.

Another aspect of negative nigger impact on the bike retail trade is their prevalence for bike theft. (Joke: What did the nigger get for Xmas? A: Your bike!) This meant that White customers (the only ones in my experience who actually bought bikes) were reluctant to buy an expensive bike, knowing that it might disappear within seconds. (Despite the fact that the niggers never invented the wheel they weren't slow in pinching whitey's wheels from under his nose!) Crime became a major issue when a group of nigga youth entered the shop, tension levels immediately shot up and it was all hands on deck to get them out in a polite a way as possible. Even one nigga could be a hassle, TNB is demonstrated when I asked one nigga youth, lurking in the doorway, if I could help. It turned out he had decided to use the shop to wait for the bus because it was cold outside! (Unfortunately the bus stop was right outside the door). With customers like that I'm surprised the shop is still in business!

Coontact Tale #676 (July 12, 2007)

One of the classes i need to take for my BA is all booked up at my home University so i am taking the class across town at a community college. The moment i pull in to register i see a nigger with one of those spandex things around it's monkey head driving a rusted out piece of shit car. So pulling in this appeared to be a bad omen. I go to Admissions and the place is full of god damn niggers! At my university there is not one nigger in admissions, registar office, cashiers office, student advisement or anything. This sow is in it's 50's. So yes, it was obese and had one of the ugliest mugs you could imagine. THe bitch stands with her back to me for half a minute then turns around and says "Sumone be wit u in a second' then fucking turns around and doesn't to anything, just stands there. 2 other old she-boons were staring me down as well. Thank God a white woman walked out and helped procees my papers. When she was doing it the nigger bitch finally turned to her and axed if the white woman wanted her to scan my drivers license. The white woman said she woiuld do it herself and did so quickly.

I had to walk down the hall to the cashiers. At my University it's just like the bank. THey have a counter and the clerk is facing you with the computers and registers out in the open. Here It is a (probably bullet proof) piece of glass in the middle of a wall. The cashier speaks out of a little round voice hole and there is a very small dropbox. To get in there, their is a locked door that is pretty solid with no windows. I thought to myself 'Why all the security measures?' I pay my fee and turn around and there is this fatt ass nigger kid in a XXXL Tupac shirt. Answered my question. THe place was mostly deserted at the time, put a precurser for coontact to follow.

Coontact Tale #677 (July 14, 2007)

OH, sweet memories!

I remember back when I was a boy living just outside of a Gary, Indiana. My father at the time was working in the booming alarm industry of a rapidly decaying nigger infested urban area and he always would be warning me about how non-human and animalistic niggers were. He had once told me about how he went to install smoke detectors in a month old housing project and the niggers had already removed the bath fixtures to use as barbecue pits or how after his crew installed smoke alarms in an all black public school and the niglets were tearing them down faster than they could be mounted or how the apes could strip the aluminum siding from someones residence and cut an entrance through the wall with a chain saw to steal the contents inside. My dad's stories were to numerous to mention, but I think you can get the point. As usual, I chose to ignore the ole' bigot's comments because in school I was being taught that black people are the best thing that could of ever happened to this great country. Because I lived in an all white town some 35 kilometers from the urban area, I never seen a real nigger except for the ones in school books and television and I could never fathom such a noble race committing such atrocities, but all that was about to change.

One day I successfully begged dad to drive me into the city so that I may buy a then popular toy from a large (now extinct) department store with my allowance money.

I remember as if it were yesterday when my father told me "what your about to witness will forever taint your young innocent mind"; and it did. Upon entering the store I noticed that dad and I were the only white people around, but I paid it no mind as I darted strait for the large toy department. Much to my dismay, I couldn't find my much anticipated toy(intact anyway). Almost everything there had been opened and strewn all about the isles while little nigglets were running amok playing with or smashing everything they could get their greasy little hands on(no fucking joke, I'm strait serious!). After a brief search I found the toy I wanted nearly intact with only one or two accessories missing. On the other side of the isle closest to the wall I started sifting through a waist deep toy pile that ran the length of the department hoping to recover the missing parts and complete my toy. This area was dank and smelled of urine. As I took a step backwards I noticed something didn't feel quite right under my shoe. Low and behold I was stepping in human (or ape if you prefer) excrement. Yes! I had stepped in a pile of fucking nigglet shit! There was nigger shit piles every fucking where, and I looked over and witnessed a nigglet currently producing a fresh batch not 20 feet from me. Feeling nauseated, I quickly found a clean spot on the floor and made hast with wiping my shit caked shoe before heading to another isle stepping over and maneuvering around scattered toys along the way. I then paused to reflect upon what I just witnessed(I think the shock was setting in). As I was standing there speechless one of those little nigglets ran up and snatched my prizes strait out of my hands and ran off in the other direction. With tears in my eyes, I then turned to the ole' bigot who was just standing there grinning and said "Dad, please get me out of here!".

Now I know why father religiously strapped on his gun before heading for work and why he would never participate in taking me with him for parent career day.

By the way, this store now lies in ruin along with many others and the rest of the rotted shell of what one was a great city as a grim monument to our governments achievements.

"How can some people be so blinded by blatant ignorance? Why can't they notice the path of destruction these uncivilized creatures leave in their wake? Just look at Detroit, South Africa or any other area infested by these "urban apes". Please, show me an all black "good area" or an all white ghetto as dangerous as Detroit. Who are we to play God and intervene with nature's process of evolution and try to alter the course of natural selection? Remember, you cannot fool mother nature, and she will eventually succeed in her plans. People need to wake up and smell the fucking toast burning before it's too late."

Coontact Tale #678 (July 14, 2007)

I was at the gas station the other night when I was approached by a nigger. I couldn't comprehend the babble that was emitting from this proto-human's mouth orifice, so I just tell it "I'm sorry, but I just cannot comprehend a word you are saying". It's eyes just rolled and I believe it told me that I needed to learn how to speak English, or something along those lines. It then started repeating whatever it was trying to convey and I again informed it that I could not comprehend it's nigger babble. Frustrated and confused, the proto-simian rolled it's eyes, flared it's nostrils, then gave me a menacing glare just before it finally aped off in disgust with arms flailing about. If anyone needed to learn English, I think it ought to.

On the way home I was patiently waiting at a red light when all of the sudden my head felt as if it were about to implode! My entire car began to vibrate and rattle as I was having difficulty breathing. Trying not to float out of my seat I noticed to my left I could now see a rather disproportionately large shiny wheel attached to some lifted old rusty piece of shit pre-1987 Buick( I think it may of been an "ape shit greenish -brown" for the most part). My privacy was now fully invaded because I could no longer hear my car stereo; just feel and hear "hoop hoop,... booga booga,... oop oop,... booga booga,... ook ook,... booga booga!!". I finally said "to hell with this!" and ran the red light. Judging by the glare I was receiving, I think the ape creature was offended because it could sense I wasn't "getting jiggy with it's jive".

Maybe we should learn to communicate:

How can some people be so blinded by blatant ignorance? Why can't they notice the path of destruction these uncivilized creatures leave in their wake? Just look at Detroit, South Africa or any other area infested by these "urban apes". Please, show me an all black "good area" or an all white ghetto as dangerous as Detroit. People need to wake up and smell the fucking toast burning before it's too late.

Coontact Tale #679 (July 14, 2007)

As I have stated in other posts, my neighborhood has seen an influx of niggers in the past few years. In the past 8 months or so, I have noticed (while doing dishes) that boons would occasionally stop on the street beside my property and check out my dogs in the backyard. It was too intermittent to cause alarm, but odd enough for me to take a mental note.

Earlier today I was showing a friend how to hook up his mixer to his mac laptop and we were jamming away, drinking beer, recording and screwing around with garageband. All of a sudden, my dogs (which are in the backyard) start going ape-shit and I hear voices outside my house. I walk out of the back door and my smallest dog (toy pom) is freaking out on the same side of the house that I heard the voices. I didn't think much of it so I went into my unattatched garage at the opposite side of the house to grab an extension cord. I immediately heard a voice yelling buggady-boo shit right in front of my garage door. I walked out of the side door (where I came in) and there was a shitskin in my driveway!

The bootlip looked like I caught it off guard and it was kinda' out of breath. I asked it what it was doing and it told me that it was selling magazines. I looked it over and noticed that it had no pen, paper, NOTHING that you would need to sell magazines. Plus it wasn't dressed for it, even for a nigger. I immediately told him that I was not interested in any magazines and it said 'O.K', thanked me, and went on it's way.

After a minute or 2 (to get my head together), I thought 'what the fuck was that fucking nigger up to?'. I got my buddy, jumped into my car, drove around the blocks near me, and guess what I found. Nope. No niggers selling magazines in site. After putting the evidence together, those shitskins were out to steal my fucking dog tonight! As I was outside dealing with bootlip #1, my friend was watching bootlip #2 out side the window on the opposite side of the house. The jibberish I heard outside the garage was bootlip #1 yammering to bootlip #2 in an attempt to corner the dog.

This is fucked up. I have had to put good locks on my shed and garage beacause these motherfuckers were screwing around there, but FUCK WITH MY DOG! The dog those bluegums were targeting is a 10 year old, 4 1/2 pound pom that was worth around $1500 in her younger years. She's worth a million to me for the years of companionship and knowledge that she posseses from our romps through life. This dog used to go everywhere with me, even to all of my gigs (especially outdoor ones where she was great at fetching food, and women!) but has since been retired since she can't run like she used to. The possibility that she could be taken from me so some sheboon could try to get her to sit on it's fat ass (she also does not care too much for niggers and will run away) makes me sick. As if I already don't have enough shit to do in my life, I now have to watch my fucking dogs when they go outside.

Coontact Tale #680 (July 14, 2007)

I go to this buffet called Souper Salad quite often since it's healthy and cheap. I usually never see any niggers there at all as this is healthy food. Today on the buffet they had pizza and breadsticks and I started groaning because I know this kind of food is sure to attract niggers here. I was right! When I got to a table, this fat sheboon stomped up to the buffet only to grab the entire pizza pie to her plate without getting any vegetables.

I start eating my salad that I was able to prepare exactly the way I like. SS has everything you could ever think to make a salad with! In this place you pay for your food and drink up front when you walk in and a wait comes to your table to bring your drinks. I don't know why they don't just make drinks get it yourself too but it probably gives it a restaurant type feel with waiters.

Usually a waiter will give me my drink within seconds of sitting down but today 20 minutes past and no one had come! I am just about to get the manager when this heavy set nigger buck with a pattern of some kind (maybe a gang symbol) shaved in his nappy hair comes up to me and axes "Hey mah name Courtney and I be waiter fo yo today. What drink yo be wanting missa?". My mouth has dropped open by this point and no words are coming out. A nigger waiter? I've never seen one in all my years of coming here! Seriously!

"Take all da time yo need" the nigger babbled. I finally managed to choke out what I wanted to drink. It's been 10 minutes and the nigger hasn't arrived yet to give me my drink. When he finally arrives, he is empty handed. "Soz! What drink ya want again?" I give him a dirty look and repeated my drink order. Then then nigger said "Commin rightup!" and disappeared again. Five minutes and he brings back a drink but it's not what I ordered! I have had enough so I get up and go to the front and ask for my salad to-go!

I finally find out why the nigger was taking so long while I'm getting my to-go box by the employee door. A waiter opens the swaying door and I catch a glimpse of the nigger waiter chatting up a white waitress!

This place has lost itself a customer!

Coontact Tale #681 (July 14, 2007)

Here I was at work today, being productive and contributing to the economy.

My phone starts ringing, I pick it up. Some young yard ape starts monkey babbling really fast. I'm going 'Huh, what, who is this?'. The niglet slows down and says 'Is this Pizza Hut? Gimbe some pizza!'. I wanted to make the niglet chimp out but unfortunately I was next to other coworkers and couldn't go any further.

It was a good demonstration on how bratty and entitled niggers are. I hope he calls back.

Coontact Tale #682 (July 14, 2007)

One of the classes i need to take for my BA is all booked up at my home University so i am taking the class across town at a community college. The moment i pull in to register i see a nigger with one of those spandex things around it's monkey head driving a rusted out piece of shit car. So pulling in this appeared to be a bad omen. I go to Admissions and the place is full of god damn niggers! At my university there is not one nigger in admissions, registar office, cashiers office, student advisement or anything. This sow is in it's 50's. So yes, it was obese and had one of the ugliest mugs you could imagine. THe bitch stands with her back to me for half a minute then turns around and says "Sumone be wit u in a second' then fucking turns around and doesn't to anything, just stands there. 2 other old she-boons were staring me down as well. Thank God a white woman walked out and helped procees my papers. When she was doing it the nigger bitch finally turned to her and axed if the white woman wanted her to scan my drivers license. The white woman said she woiuld do it herself and did so quickly.

I had to walk down the hall to the cashiers. At my University it's just like the bank. THey have a counter and the clerk is facing you with the computers and registers out in the open. Here It is a (probably bullet proof) piece of glass in the middle of a wall. The cashier speaks out of a little round voice hole and there is a very small dropbox. To get in there, their is a locked door that is pretty solid with no windows. I thought to myself 'Why all the security measures?' I pay my fee and turn around and there is this fatt ass nigger kid in a XXXL Tupac shirt. Answered my question. THe place was mostly deserted at the time, put a precurser for coontact to follow.

Coontact Tale #683 (July 14, 2007)

So last week I was visiting some friends and family in a southwestern state which I used to live. It was after a party that a couple friends and I went to the most popular 24 hr restaurant downtown. Some of us were drunk, some of us were a little high.. so we sat down with some late night food to try to feel better.

When we walked near the entrance, I noticed there were several cops. This place is known for having a lot of drunken brawls in the graveyard shift but what they were doing now was patting people down, and looking in their purses before letting them in, kind of like getting in a nightclub. And immediately I recognized the reason why. What used to be all white and mexican, was now all shitskin. I have came to the place before and didn't recall seeing a single nigger. But as I walked in that day, there was about 100 of them. My friends and I sat down. A few minutes later, six huge baboon niggers sat down behind us. And a group of about 15 other niggers sat across from us, they looked to be about high school age. So basically we were surrounded by the gorillas. They were jumping around, loitering, talking shit, heads turning 180 degrees staring at every girl that walked by. Some bitch nigger got upset at another nigger for talking to a white girl and she got up in the middle of the room doing the head bobbing chimp out. Security told her to leave.

So we decided to go, and as I got up and made my way to the exit, I heard a nigger say to me, "Damn....... an asian......" But I kept looking straight ahead pretending not to hear because I felt like he had already undressed and raped me with his eyes. We went to the parking lot to find out that some genius had parked in a spot clearly marked "NO parking", blocking in my friend's car so that she had no way to back out. As we were deciding what to do, I told my friend, "I'll bet you anything in the world that the person who parked that car is a nigger."

So we walk back to the restaurant to talk to the security guard. As we were walking, the same nigger came up to me from out of nowhere and was like, "Hi Miss Asia." He looked to be about 16, baggy pants, jersey wearing, do rag, and hat to the side. I was walking pretty fast to get away but he walked faster to keep up, with his hand outstretched the whole time. He talked a lot of that nigger speak, which I paid no attention to because when they are hitting on a woman, it's all the same. And then he said, "Well my hand is out there for a reason." I was just thinking, no way in hell am I going to shake some greasy nigger paw and catch hepatitis. One of my friends there was a guy so then I quickly grabbed his arm like he was my boyfriend. Then the nigger drifted back into his herd of gorillas. walking away just as fast as he had came to menace his next victim.

We talked to security and he said they would make an announcement inside and if the car was not moved in 5 minutes, it would be towed. So we went back to wait in our car and out walks this hideous nigger, greasy cornrows and all. He gets in the car and put his hand on the steering wheel. We were in the car waiting for him to move so we could leave. But he simply keeps sitting there, just looking at us. I was getting very creeped out because he kept staring at me with his bulgy fish eyes. So the security guard walks over and I get out of the car and tell him that the nigger won't move. My friend said she saw him reaching for something and he probably had a knife. She didn't really see him, but my friend will do what it takes to incriminate a nigger. Very Happy So they talk to him and he goes back inside, only to come back out with his cousin Tyrone..who gets in and drives this time. Finally we can back out and leave.

We were doing those niggers a favor by telling them to move their shitbox car instead of having it towed and they still act stupid as fuck. I never would've expected to encounter so many niggers in a place where I'd least expect them. That was enough coontact for one day. I tend to avoid nigger-infested places but I didn't know that would be one. Makes me feel kind of sad for what has happened to that town. I don't know where they're all coming from, if they're fema sponsored Katrina niggers or what. But the whole ride home, my friends started using the word nigger much more liberally. All of my friends are starting to hate niggers more now, after I talk to them. My best friend was foolish enough to leave her Ipod connected to the stereo at a party where niggers were present and surprise! It was gone. Now all my friends know that "Around blacks, never relax!"

Coontact Tale #684 (July 14, 2007)

This is very true about niggers and clubs. Reminds me of a Coontact tale of my own.

A few years back my friends hit this club in South Beach in Miami and met up with some German friends that were in town for a night out. The DJ's were European, basically playing electronic dance music that has no appeal to niggers (trance, techno, house, etc.) No hip-hop or R'n'B, so the place was mostly niggerfree, had a cool vibe, beautiful women: good night out altogether.

The VERY NEXT night, we are going to start another night of clubbing by going back to the same place, and a friend of mine is protesting that he doesn't want to go in as we walk up. I didn't really pay attention as to why, because I must say I was three sheets to the wind. Suddenly, the bouncers are frisking us, and then we went through a metal detector!

We walk in and you would have thought that they were giving out free cartons of Newports and KFC buckets. Damn, inadverdantly walked straight into "Hip-Hop Night"!

Groids everywhere, playing that "nigger screaming over microphone to do the oogly-woogly dance" shit that they pass off as music. Hard to describe, but the place had a thoroughly negative vibe, too - not just from the niggers, but even from the whiggers and girls there. Just scowls and frowns, and fake-ass posturing from losers in bassubawl jerseys and doo-rags.

We took off after one drink, and my friend was pretty pissed about it, since he tried to talk us out of it, but the rest of us were too loaded to listen to him. We ended up going to a human establishment and bought our buddy drinks for the rest of the night to make up for not heeding his warning.

It struck me as funny how the same club had a relaxed vibe the first night, and then the very next night, patdowns and metal detectors! Well, we all know the reason why, don't we?

Remember: whenever going out and drinking, always listen to your designated nigger detector!

Coontact Tale #685 (July 14, 2007)

I went to college in Monroe, LA. The town is about 65% black and the rest white. No wetbacks or chinks, just nigs and whites. I was in my truck with my then fiance and we were leaving campus to go get a bite to eat. We see this POS Caddillac stall in the middle of a busy intersection, and 4 black guys get out to push. The problem they were having though is they couldn't push the car very fast because each of them could only push with one hand because they had to use the other to hold up their saggin ass pants! Me and my fiance laughed our asses off so hard. They heard us and just looked over and started mumbling at us which just made us laugh more. I am a pretty big guy so I knew those coons wouldn't start any shit with me.

So we graduate and my wife has become a teacher. She said that one day last year she saw a little kindergarten nigger with a ....get this..... CONFEDERATE FLAG shirt on!!! She told him that she like his shirt and he just said, "My mommy gave it to me." She asked him what his daddy thought about it and he said, "I ain't got no daddy, just a mommy."

Coontact Tale #686 (July 14, 2007)

My mate was so pissed today when I visited him. He paid $450 return to send his partner and their one-month old Child to Australia on a much-awaited trip to visit her family on a discounted off-season fare.

The ticket CLEARLY states "Arrive at the checkin desk two hours before your flight"

He arrives three hours early, and his partner is one of the first to checkin, then they went upstairs to relax before heading for the departure gate.

Before going through, an hour before the departure time, out of curiosity they looked at the checkin area, and the line was FULL of Niggers. Fat ones, skinny ones, TeenNiggers wearing hoodies etc despite it supposedly being a security zone.

They'd arrived long after the two hour limit and still expected premium service, to get through without delays etc. Many were demanding window seats, but those were of course long gone.

The result was, the flight was delayed 1 1/4 hours, all because of ignorant Niggers who refused to obey rules, read instructions or follow common courtesy.

All the other airline checkins basically stop allowing people to join lengthy queues 1 hour before departure for just this reason, to avoid flight delays. Aerolineas Argentinias (sp?) have yet to learn of TNB, it seems.

Coontact Tale #687 (July 14, 2007)

I was at Braums for an icecream sundae with my son and these niggers came in and sat in the booth by us. They were really quiet as they ate their greasy Belt Buster burgers and all we heard was smacking and grunting. I asked my son if he wanted to go to this store in the Hulen mall that is giving away free passes to an early screening of the new "Hairspray" movie starring our favorite actor, John Travolta, in drag! Laughing

Suddenly, the fatter nigger of the two axed "Whatda sto that be givin demz free passes muh man?" and started niggerbabbling amongst the other coon about the movie. "Ita one where da fat whitey wimmin dance n shit wiv dat Grease mutha". I ignored the niggers and continued to ask my son about how he is doing at his new job.

The nigger turned around again, interrupting, and axed "Yo! I be axin where dat is, ya deafo sumthin?" I still ignored the coons and kept talking to my son. He seemed uncomfortable since niggers are overly social animals and always think they have the right to be in anyone's business or conversation. They go out of their way to make their dreadful presence known to YT.

We just got up and started to leave since we were finished and the coon has the nerve to get up and walk over to touch (omg ew! Sad ) me on my shoulder! I turned around said loudly "Get your filthy hands off me! Do you think I want to see and hear more niggers in the theater? Fuck off!" The nigger's face looked like he'd seen a ghost and his boot lipped jaw fell down. He didn't say anything or do anything, just stood there in coonfusion.

We then left and drove away in silence until my son belted out a burst of laughter. I joined in and we laughed about those eavesdropping chimps all the way home!

Coontact Tale #688 (July 14, 2007)

Living where i do i don't get alot of contact with niggers, so this probably seems very minor.

Several years ago i was traveling to Winchester Va. area, it's about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive and i left the house about 1:00 pm, had'nt eaten since breakfast and was getting hungry by the time i passed through Martensburg WVa. I saw a sign for food a few miles south of the city and got off the interstate. Hmm.......a Wendys! I pulled up to the drive-through and placed my order with a white voice. Drove to the pick-up window and there was the biggest-blackest-sheboone i had ever layed eyes on, (oh no!). The nigg-a-rilla took my money without a word, a white kid slid my burger to it and it placed it in the far so good, coontact is at a minnium so far. Nigg-a-rilla passed me my drink and took the fry basket up to drain....shook the hell out of the thing, and slammed the frys into the pan, giving me that nasty nigg-a-rilla look from time to time. It scooped the frys up and put them in the container, placed the container in the bag, napkins on top......Thank you lord, we're almost done here! Then scoops the rest of the frys out of the pan and chucks them on top of my napkins!....No container.....just dumps them in the bag and hands it to me with that nasty nigg-a-rilla look. Ha!....i musta had 2-3 orders of frys in the damn bag! To this day i can't figure-out why that damn nigger did that. Damn animal did everything but snort at me, but i had enough frys to last the rest of the trip! I think you could have put silver dollars up that niggers nose with-out touching flesh!.......A true blue-black nigg-a-rilla!

Coontact Tale #689 (July 15, 2007)

Went to the Post Office to mail some packages today. I was using the automatic machine, where you can just insert a card, weigh the stuff yourself, buy the stamp and go on your merry way. Next to the machine is a big chute for the packages.

While at the machine, a young negress walked in. Looked about 18 maybe. Took her sweet time slinking up to the chute, since niggers are on CPT and never in a hurry for anything.

Anyway, the dumb ho just stared at the chute. Like it was gonna sprout arms, take her package from her and put it in the chute for her. She stared at the chute for a solid minute. Then stared at the package in her hands. Stared at chute again. Finally decided to open chute. Sloooowly. Put in package, closed chute, still stood there for a second like it was gonna thank her. Then she walked away.

WTF? It's a damn mail chute. So simple even a nig could operate it, or so I thought. Who knew such a simple object could be so perplexing?

Coontact Tale #690 (July 15, 2007)

I recall an early coontact back in the mid 70’s. I was in the last year of high school and was getting ready to drive. So my parents, I and my sister, who also drove, went up to an allstate office to get more car ins. coverage. This ‘office’ was a converted home and in no way looked like a store. After sitting for a while at the desk of the agent, in comes a old sow. The sow butts in and ‘axed’ “Cans Ien use duh baffroom?” the agent look at her and said “NO, this is not a store. Get out.” So the old sow waddles off, this was before the days of the common sight of the 400 Lb plus sows BTW. God for the good old days to tell niggers off with out worrying of getting sued.

Coontact Tale #691 (July 15, 2007)

I live outside of niggerfuxated St. Louis, MO and used to own a business in the city (for 13 years, closed it in 2001 when the area became niggerfuxated) and have performed in clubs in the area for way longer than that. Here are some statistics of my own.

My store was robbed 3 times. Once overnight when I was closed, and the other 2 were armed robberies while I was working. ALL 3 TIMES IT WAS NIGGERS. (Don't worry, I kept a shotgun behind the counter for the boons. I can't describe the look on those chimps when I stuck it in their faces! And yes, they're eyes bulge out of their heads just like the old cartoons.)

All bad checks that I have received were written by NIGGERS.

95% of all sob stories as to why they can't pay me for my work right now has been mumbled by NIGGERS.

Everytime that I have been bothered at work by idiots trying to sell junk goods, it was NIGGERS that were selling them.

90% of customers that were not satisfied with my work were NIGGERS. Out of those that I tried to remedy, 100% of those niggers could NEVER be satisfied unless it was done for free (which is never an option at my store).

Everytime that I have been bothered on the street for money, it's always niggers doing the begging.

I have had female singers in a couple of my bands and when someone messes with them to the point of getting the cops called it's always - you guessed it - NIGGERS!

I had a girlfriend that was a bartender at a strip club 16 years ago. She was followed to our home twice, by NIGGERS.

80% of all bar owners that I have had to argue with to get paid were NIGGERS. ALL of the ones that still wouldn't pay, even with a signed performance agreement, have been NIGGERS. (I ended up taking them all to court and got paid + court fees.)

I had a rack full of $11,000.00 worth of PA equipment stolen a couple years ago. They never found the stuff or the perps, but a NIGGER managed the club and I always felt it was an inside job.

My car was stolen 5 years ago BY A NIGGER. At least it didn't trash it, just ripped out my stock stereo. When I got it back, I found a nice Alpine under the passenger seat and this book in the trunk: PPP1,M1

NEVER special order something for a NIGGER as they will NEVER pick it up and you will be stuck with it.

Everytime I have hired a shitskin musician, (NEVER hired one for my PC business) they were ALWAYS late. The excuse was ALWAYS 'direksions be rong' and ALWAYS acted like it was MY fault. I figured that if everyone met at the band house and we rode together that it would fix it since they know where the house is. NOPE they would arrive late anyway and come up with some other excuse or just chimp out.

I have MANY more but these are what I could think of right now. It's AMAZING to me that niggers are still a minority here (around 12% in STL and 4% where I live) but with the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of whites that I have passed on the streets and have had to deal with throughout my life, THIS MINORITY CAUSES ME MUCH MORE PROBLEMS!

Coontact Tale #692 (July 17, 2007)

I am in nigger HELL!!!

By the time you've finished reading this post, you'll agree.

After losing my job as a Customer Service Agent at a cell phone call center, the missus went and got her a job as a grocery store cashier, and I was offered a job at possibly the WORLDS WORST nigger magnet, and I don't mean KFC.

Dollar General...

Yep.. the place thats like Wal*Mart for poor people. Sell half-shoddy merchandise, but prices honestly arn't too bad. I do have a wonderful red-headed boss and by an act of God herself, every single employee is WHITE. They had one sheboon working for them that was fired for stealing. Thanks to her, the store is nigger free of employees, but God DAMN do they patronize the place.

Keep an eye on this thread and on my future ones, you guys are going to be getting shitloads of TNB I know it already.

There is no such thing as a demeaning job as long as it is honest work.

Coontact Tale #693 (July 17, 2007)

A Tale Of 2 Walmarts..............

Walmart #1......Totally niggerfuxuated!

This walmart is on rt.322 just east of Harrisburg, Pa. and is totally saturated with nigger animals! Over the weekend a friend of mine went there for a few items, she figured it's close to home and she did'nt want to drive out of the way. While shopping she noticed 3 young buck niggers seemed to be following her so she took some extra precautions with her purse, only letting it out of her hand long enough to grab a bottle of shampoo from the shelf. That was long enough for one of the run-a-muck-bucks to grab her wallet from her purse. Before she could cancel the bank card these niggers had run-up a $700.00+ purchase at the store! Not to mention she lost her drivers licence and other cards. The worst part is, now these filthy criminal niggers now know where she lives! Lucky for her she has 2 rotwielers in the house!

This nigger infested shit hole is as bad as any nigger saturated street in any city. Drug deals abound in the parking lot, everything has been contaminated by niggers and their little monkey children. Theft is a given, what nigger does'nt steal? Hell, at 2:00 am. there's hundreds of niggers and nigglets running rampent through the damn store......There's just no getting away from them!

Walmart #2............Totally white!

This past sunday i went over the mountain into Elizabethville and out Rt.209 to the Walmart to pick-up a few things. As usual the store was clean and all employees were pleasent, not only did the greeter greet me, but every store employee i passed said, with a smile, "Good morning sir." Not only can one feel safe from TNB in this store.....It's the kind of place that if you dropped your wallet, some-one would do their best to see to it that it was returned to you before you left the place! No looking over your shoulder, no worrying about theft or being robbed, raped by a hairless silverback niggarilla. A clean parking lot, clean rest rooms, the entire place is apparently crime-free......Because it's nigger -free! You can actually take your time and shop, ya know......Look at stuff at your leisure.

Coontact Tale #694 (July 17, 2007)

Holy crap, they were EVERYWHERE today. I don't get it.. it isn't the first of the month and my town is only 6 or 7% nigger so where are they all coming from?

I went to the dollar general store just so I can save a little money. Usually there aren't too many niggers in there or maybe I don't see them because I usually shop in the morning before the jigaboos wake up.

These niggers were in there letting their niglets do whatever they want. This one niglet was doing cartwheels right in the middle of the freakin' aisle!! This one sheboon was blocking one entire aisle with her cart. There were other niggers in there acting obnoxious.. you know, like typical nigger. Another sheboon was singing horribly and acting retarded.

I had to wait in line for five minutes because this nigger was having trouble with his food stamp card. I had other things I had to get done tonight so I wanted to pay for my cat food and other essential items and get out!

The nigger used his card to buy a freakin' snickers bar. Holy crap!! Why the hell you need to use food stamps and hold up the line to buy something that only costs fifty cents?

I know this is only mild contact but thought I would contribute and rant a bit. I hope it's ok.

Sorry to correct you but there is no such thing as a "mild coontact". All coontact should be avoided whenever possible.

Chimp-outs, graduating to ape-outs, can happen when you least expect it.

Coontact Tale #695 (July 17, 2007)

I went to the bank right around the block and next to me, in the drive-thru sits 3 sheboons in a niggered out car, black tint , rims and all. This sheboon must have had 50-100 Christmas tree pine air freshners hanging from her rear view mirror. These smell goods had to block her view. I stared amazingly at the site and she stared me down with the head bobble. I have on question? Why dont they make these in the shape of watermelons to please these niggers? I guess nothing will kill the stink in them cars and they have to put up like 100 of these things.

Coontact Tale #696 (July 17, 2007)

USPS Coonstomer Services :(

I've been expecting a delivery from the United States for the last couple of weeks. The guy who sent it paid for the USPS "Track & Confirm" service, so i've pretty much been able to keep my eye on the parcel as it made it's way overseas. I went to check on the status the other day on the USPS website, and the last update was "attempted delivery abroad" the other day.

Now here's me thinking "I don't recall anyone knocking on my door/leaving a parcel/leaving a card to say i'd missed a delivery...?!" so I did some digging with the sender, but was unable to come up with any reason as to why it said "attempted delivery abroad". It had already been cleared through customs, so I have no idea where the heck it is. I sure as shit don't want it landing on somebody elses doorstep and having them enjoy free stuff at my expense!

Obviously, as a paying customer for the delivery service, I thought I was entitled to regular updates and reliable customer service. So (being the expectant guy that I am) I coontacted USPS Customer Services on the 'phone. The international line was excellent, I could hear the automated service crystal clear - so far, so good. I worked my way through the menus, and the voice recognition service even worked with my accent! Boy am I impressed.

Eventually, I got the option to speak to a customer services operator. Unbeknown to me, somewhere in America, Lateesha Shanice Aaliyah Headbobbler was wearing a USPS customer service uniform and a telephone headset, probably sat filing her fat-ass toenails and reading a magazine article about P. Diddy, or some other "fine ass, bling bling muddafugga". Little did I know that my imminent call was about to answered by this useless, unhelpful lump of living, breathing fecal matter. The conversation went (as far as I could hear her) as follows (and seriously, this is no shit - if I had any idea it was going to be niggerised, i'd have taped it for upload) :(

Her: "Aiyyo, Uniyted Staytes customah servicez, I need to take yo' reference numbah"
Me: "Hi there, sorry, i'm having trouble hearing you - you're really quiet"
Me: "Hello?"
Me: "Hello? Are you there?"
Her: "Yo, I need to take yo' reference numbah"
Me: "Sorry, i'm really struggling to hear you. Can you adjust your headset or something?"
Her: "No, I NEED to take yo' reference numbah"
Me: "OK, here goes. It's XX1234567890XX"
Her: "Uh huh"
*more silence*
*more silence*
Her: "So whatch'yo wanna kno'?"
Me: Uhm, it says that there's been an attempted delivery made? I'm just wondering if you can tell me where that is, because nobody's tried to deliver to my house"
Her: "Uh uh, it ain't got nuttin' to do wid us, yo' need to be callin' dem dat takes yo' parcels over 'derr, Parcelfo'hce"
Me: Right. So you can't help me?
Her: Uh-uh.
Me: Right then... thanks for that.
Her: *click* - phone goes dead.

So yup, there we have it. Proof that affirmative action works. Not. No "thankyou for calling", no "is there anything else I can help you with?" - no nothing. No doubt her head started bobbling back and forth when she disconnected the call, and I imagine there was some comment about "whitey muddafugga", before she recounted the story to her co-worker Trevon Jamal Looter about how "some English ass muddafugga" dared to be axing her to adjust her headset.

I would also like to add that the last time I contacted USPS's helpline, the guy on the other end was absolutely excellent, and couldn't have helped me more. I guess this was just one of those "bad apples" commonly known as the "lazy nignog".

Coontact Tale #697 (July 17, 2007)

Coontact results in broken car

A little time ago a friend of me was working in the local supermarket, when some niggers entered. Of course, my friend followed them from a little distance to see if they didn't go steal anything.

In our country you always HAVE to take a shopping cart when you enter the market, that is to prevent stealing.

The niggers, of course, did look at the sign saying they have to take a cart, but just walked right in, without taking a cart.

My friend told them to go back and get a shopping cart, and they of course niggerbabbled about it because they didn't want to use a cart.

Whatever, they left the supermarket after that so my friend thought; Problem solved.

Well, it certainly wasn't!

When my friend was off duty, the same niggers spotted her in town.

They followed her from a distance, when we arrived at my friend's car i looked back and didn't see them anymore.

That same night, her car was SET ON FIRE. It was completely destroyed, nothing left of it.

Witnesses have seen 2 niggers close to the car at midnight, but nobody can proof they did it.

They also made a hole in the seat of my scooter, which was standing nearby.

We never seen them again, they probably have been kicked out of the country, because i seen in a newspaper that 2 niggers have been sent back to the country they came from for random vandalism.

That's my long story of coontact!

-The Coonhating Dutchman

Coontact Tale #698 (July 18, 2007)

This is my first posting on Coontact - this happened a few years ago.

I was working for a small private college. I was assigned to teach a class with only one student in it, and I decided to see the student at my business office, which was much closer to my home than the campus.

On the first day of class, I waited for 20 minutes after the class was scheduled to start. Since my student didn’t show up and I didn’t get a phone call, I packed up and went home.

Days later I got this phone call from the student, who turned out to be a sheboon:
“Puffesser Niggerologist? Yeah, dis is yo’ student. Where was you? I came an’ you wasn’t dere.”

“I waited 20 minutes and you didn’t show up, so I went home.”

Unbelievably, she took an attitude with me. Even if I’m in the wrong, usually students at least have enough sense to be respectful. Not Ms. Sheboon.

“Yeah, well I raced down dere fum my work. Den when I gets there you WERE NOT THERE, you DID NOT CALL, THERE WAS NO NOTE. I wanna know WHY!”

“But you’re the one who was late. Shouldn’t you have called?”

“OK, lissen. Dis is the way it’s gonna be. I ain’t comin’ to you office. Youse gonna meet me at the school. Dats how it’s gonna happen.”

Even though this predated my niggermania days, I had enough sense to realize that this student was nothing but trouble. So I said, “Guess what? The class is cancelled.”

“You can’t do dat. Whadaya mean da class is cancelled?”

“I don’t like dealing with your anger. You’re rude and obnoxious. The class is cancelled.”

“I’m ain't ANGRY. You can't jus’ cancel de class. We’ll see ‘bout dat.” And then this chattering Oprah-monkey hung up.

I told the dean about my experience, and he told me that I wasn’t the first to have problems with this critter. This was the only nigger I had ever run into at this school. Hilariously, the sow left messages on my email three or four times, first demanding, then pleading that I teach the class. Seems that I was the only instructor offering it, and she couldn’t graduate without it. The poetic justice was just beautiful.

I’d like to think that she learned a valuable lesson about respect from that experience – but somehow I doubt it.

Coontact Tale #699 (July 18, 2007)

fast food coontact

the other day, i was in the Wendy's drive thru. i was hungry and i didnt have alot of time so i went to this drive thru.

any way, when i pull up to the window i see this nigger bitch give me a dirty look and just walk away from the window, totally ignoring me for several minutes.

the window was still open so i heard this nigger bitch say to her nigger manager boss "oh, you wants me to take da orders, collect da money AND give em their food?" evidently this sheboon didnt want to do her job. the manager said something to her that i couldnt hear clearly, but i heard the sheboon reply "it only beez some cracker." so i waited a few more minutes, eventually the nigger manager gave me my order, but not without fucking it up so he had to correct his mistake and give me the right order. dumb coon still forgot my chicken nugget sauce and fork for my salad.

if its not the rudeness and disrespect of niggers, its the stupidity of them not being able to accomplish simple tasks, not even fast food orders.

do you think a white manager would put up with this incompetence? i doubt it. nigger bitch had a nigger boss so she knew she didnt have to do shit.

Coontact Tale #700 (July 18, 2007)

Niggers tried to cut in while driving...hilarity ensues...

Was driving to a meeting and at the present our fair city is undergoing infrastrcuture reb-building ( bridges, on-ramps, in city- interstates). So this means you get re-directed or detoured through niggerville which is close to the interstate thru town. So I'm driving along one of piece of shit one way streets and a couple of mooolenyans in some BMW try and merge infront of me since they couldnt figure out the concept of braking, looking for an opening and then gunning it. So I proceed to drive at my speed thus not letting them "in". This of course leads to chimp outs and "wtf's" as they drive along side me. Now I'm in my big Dodge Ram pick-up with dark tinted windows so I roll down window and I simply look down to the nig nogs ( the pasenger was of course smoking the ever present blunt).

They must have thought that this whitey in a suit and tie driving thru "their" hood would simply be terrified of the big bad brotha's in his hooptied up BMW!!...Wrong!!

I looked over and said " Fuck you , ya moolenyan fuckwads!" in my best dont give a fuck way. ....And so I waited for a response but got none. They probably figured I knew my way around the street , could take care of myself, and sure as shit wasn't going to let some dipshits try the thug bullshit on me.

Besides I was ready.... if they decided to flash any guns in a show of bravado....I would have rammed the little fuckers with my truck, damn the insurance deductable.

Funny how you call these guys out to their faces they back down like whipped pups.

Now would I have tried it if walking thru their neighborhood.....fuck no.

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