The following are true true stories involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. A collection of Stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

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Coontact Tale #551 (April 15, 2007)

There is this dumb nigger bitch who plays at my casino all the time. Lately her gambling addiction has gotten worse and she is more like a cracked out Whitney Houston. She acts all high-class, yet she can't count to 21 on her blackjack hands.

About a month ago she accused me of underpaying her on a $7 blackjack. I gave her $10.50 and she made a scene. I had to have the pit boss cut in and explain the basic math to her. Bitch stormed off and didn't apologize for accusing me of trying to rip her off.

Today when she was playing blackjack(shitty $5 per hand) she flexed her finger out. I see that and give her another card. She busts her hand(she had a 13 vs. a dealer Jack), and starts to go off on me saying she didn't want a card and did NOT hit. I told her I thought she did. She then starts screaming at me about customer service and how the customer is always right.

At this point I am getting pissed at being called a liar. The game is at a stand-still. I call the pit boss over and explain the situation so they can call surveillance to run the tape.

During the wait I'm told what a piece of shit I am. How slow I am. What a terrible dealer I am. How she will never tip any dealer again. ***She is a nigger so she automatically does not tip. I have never received a dime from her in well over 1000 hands dealt, so no loss for me.

The pit boss comes back and what the fuck do you know??? I was right. The tape revealed she made a hit sign. The bitch starts to argue again. The pit boss gets advice from higher up and tells her the decision is final and wil not be debated.

The game starts up again and the negress is being more obnoxious. She is talking so much shit I am ready to pull a Michael Richards. I stop the game and scream for the pit boss. I tell them the negro is making it personal and I do not have to take this shit. The nigger tells me that it is personal and than she does not like me!

I end up dealing the shoe for maybe another 5 minutes or so. All the while this bitch is talking shit to me about whether or not I saw her signal and shit on every hand.

When I leave a player throws me a $25 chip. Fucking awesome. I smirked at that piece of shit nigger and walked off.

I can't believe what a piece of shit some people can be. It was a $5 bet, and the bitch was caught on videotape. All the bitch can do is make scene.

Fuck the nogs!

Coontact Tale #552 (April 17, 2007)

My town has one upscale supermarket which carries slightly higher priced merchandise which I like to frequent because I don't mind paying more if I can avoid the usual nigger infestation. Imagine my surprise when I noticed this knuckle-draggin GORILLA come in, dressed in rags and reeking of filth, obviously of sub-normal baboon intelligence, digging his filthy shit-encrusted hands into the chips and dips the supermarket had laid out for customers to sample! (WARNING! Do not EVER partake of public food samples! You don't know who has been there before you!) The friggin APE was standing over the bowl of dip as he chewed his mouthful of chips and the DROOL was DRIPPING from his chin into the bowl of cheese dip!!!!! Ahhhhhh, God, it makes me sick to even recall it. Why do the goddam apes have to spoil every single thing with their animal behavior?????

Coontact Tale #553 (May 2, 2007)

I live in a dog neighborhood. It has many lovely parks and greenbelts, and everyone knows that it's a wonderful place to let your dog run off its leash. There are a few black people in the neighborhood, and I've NEVER had any problems with them until a recent event. My younger dog is possibly the wimpiest thing out there, as I have seen her fall to the ground in fear of a three-year-old giggling at her.

On to the story. Walking her one day, I managed to not see some nigglet's hiding behind a car parked near the basketball court (Of course). The dog ran up to them, and they immediately started to scream and cry. One even climbed up a tree to avoid this horrible onslaught of the 30lb puppy. One of their mammy's saw this, and started bitching about the leash laws, and how she was going to call the cops and have them put my dog to sleep.

I wasn't worried, as I have a foolproof way of dealing with coontacts... speak in a deep European accent, pull out your phone/watch and tell them the time.

Coontact Tale #554 (May 2, 2007)

Walmart Tale# 1, 2, 3 and 4. The wife works at walmart in a very white and clean part of k.c. a hypermart (big walmart store) closed right after christmas .did i mention it was next to a big shopping center that is now empty.thousands of square feet of buisiness space empty because of T.N.B. and affiliated crimes against mankind. Anyhow, it closes and over night,this is not an exaggeration, over night her store turns to shit and now have a fulltime cop on duty. They won't say what the shoplifting increase is but when you work there , you know. from a pristine parking lot .i went last x-mas and for the traffic there was very little looks like a landfill now every morning. I pray these useless shitskins with here pack is "headed for prison".

Off spring can't figure out the self checkout lines or the place will come to a standstill, as the try to figure out how to steal from a goddamn machine. my god why did we allow these animals to stay after being freed is beyond me.they are right,we do owe them.a fuckin boat ride back on a ship named i was finishing this tale, my wife who works nights has just came in... four more jimmi jigs arrested last night for stealing.

They worked there... nuff said and may you have a spook free day.

Coontact Tale #555 (May 2, 2007)

Just wanted to add this to don't do business with niggers. Was on the road for 6 weeks. When I got home my wife had hired the 2 jamaican niggers who had done the neighbors ceramic tile. When I walked in the house they were about 2/3s done. I surveyed the situation and saw how the tile was 1 1/2 inches out of square for 6+ rows while standing in my living room looking back at my rear french doors to my sun-room. I brought this to there attention. They wanted to make excuses and argue. So I told both to pack there shit and leave immediatly or I would call the police and have them escorted off the property. My wife naturally was nervous. They still tried to argue. I picked up the phone and dialed the sheriffs office and began to explain the situation to the deputy. Before the sheriffs could get there he agreed to correct his mistake. In the end, fuck 'em. I stayed to make sure they finished the job my wife was paying for. Because I was paying too. I'm not the least bit intimidated by niggers. My 12 gage is loaded with 3 1/2" magnums. I will shoot. Not a problem. I told her to never have a job start without me there to see that its done properly.

Coontact Tale #556 (May 2, 2007)

Hi there,

I have so many tales of Coontact, I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with yesterday (Friday) night, driving home. I live on a one-way street just off of the main drag. On weekends the bars and restaurants are busy. There is bar/restaurant on the corner with bouncers out front. I am waiting for the light to turn green so that I can turn the corner onto my street, when I notice someone is yelling loudly nearby. I look to my left and there is this black bouncer, about the size of Shaquille O'Neill, who is cutting up, laughing. Of course, he is 5x louder than any normal person, which is why his noise grabbed my attention. The light changes, the car in front of me turns and I am following right behind when the car in front of mine comes to a complete stop just inside of the crosswalk. Now I am stopped, sitting with my tail in cross traffic as the light is about to change and there is absolutely no way for me to pass because this is a one-way street with cars parked on both sides. Well, guess what? Yep, the idiot in the car is the bouncer's black buddy who decided that was a perfect place to stop for a while and have a chat. The huge black bouncer strolls from the door of the bar to the car. I honk my horn politely (trying to avoid a chimp-out) and the bouncer looks at me and says "Y'all be alright", completely dismissing me and then proceeds to chat away for about a full minute. I have to say that I was pretty stunned by the way I was totally dismissed like a piece of garbage because almost any decent person would have apologized and then moved the car out of the way. There was absolutely no reason the driver could not have simply pulled forward 20 feet and parked where there was an available spot. Instead, I had to wait about 2 minutes, for them to finish. What really bugs me is that when I first honked my horn and asked them to move, they both looked at me, paused, and then resumed their conversation as though I was of absolutely no consequence. I would bet a lot of money that because I look like your average nice white guy, they presumed that they could completely disrespect me without consequence or shame. Common decency was never even a consideration for them.

For that matter, what is the problem with blacks and traffic? Any time I am driving and there are pedestrians in front of me, once they notice a car coming, they almost invariable speed up and try to get out of the way...unless they are black. If they are black, they act like traffic should stop for them, even when they are crossing illegally. It's almost like they are daring you to run them over. In Irvine, they are very, very few black people. Almost none, except for a handful of college students. You never see anyone cross the street illegally, except on time this black guy walked right in front of my car in the middle of a 4-lane road with no other traffic anywhere nearby! When black people do crazy stuff like this, I have no idea how to react because it boggles my mind that anyone can be so stupid, reckless, and selfish. Again, the only time I have been stuck behind a group of pedestrians around campus was in a parking lot, when there was no one else around except a herd of black girls who, with excruciating slowness, crossed a parking lot diagonally, so that there was no way to get around them without clipping one of them in their protruding butts. I tell you, experience has taught me that any other race of people make way for oncoming traffic and no other race would walk by and glare at you like it is your fault for driving down the road when they feel like walking through the middle of it.

If this sort of thing was a rare occurrence, then I wouldn't feel the need to get it off my chest. Unfortunately, I have seen this ugly behavior again and again, always with blacks, almost never with anybody else. But, if I speak the truth about what I have experienced, then I get in trouble because that is not acceptable to speak of such things in today's America. I have been assaulted twice in my life by strangers, once with a knife and one with a gun, both times by blacks. I have been approached by street hustlers countless times, always black. And you know what gets me? Blacks in the media are always raising a huge stink about racially insensitive remarks against blacks. Well, in my personal experience, 90% of the racially insensitive remarks I have heard actually come from the mouths of blacks and directed at other races.

I wish that we really had freedom of speech and whites would get over their guilt, so that people would just speak their minds. Because blacks need to get an earful for their bad behavior! I am sick of of how the complaints made by black people are treated like gold, but complaints against black people are tossed in the garbage!

Coontact Tale #557 (May 2, 2007)

Why do niggers feel its there right to walk right out in front of you while your driving?

A couple of weeks ago im in a hurry to make the bank before it closes (three day holiday) the road im on (troost in a nigger magnet. I look ahead of the car in front of me and jigaboo joe has started to shuck and jive out into the street .car in front of me brakes for this oxygen thief. i turned into the other lane and as i passed the car and missed leroy with my truck mirror by inches. (FUCK) when i looked back he was performing some of the best chimp out ive seen out side of the jungle.its now almost dark im on same street going oppisite directionas i approach the before mentioned spot , this dumb fuck walks right in front of me ,holding his junk and the same shuck and jive walk as before. I had a cigar lit so i slowed enough to let him be on my side of the truck. and as i went by i said remember me? and flicked my cigar at him.damn this is funny! it hit jigaboo jim square in the head. all i could see was a shower of sparks and this primate chimping out ,pants fall down standing in the middle of the street. i laughed so fuckin hard i almost wrecked.i got home, and had tears in my eyes and my wife and a buddy thought something happened to me .I could barely tell the story to them, from uncontrollable laughter! on a serious note, that same shuck and jive (i hope) got struck and killed in same spot later that same night.see ,muh fuggas don b larnin to quik. tee hee!

Coontact Tale #558 (May 2, 2007)

To lazy to pick up money. Two different instances. I was standing in line at a local gulp and blow and the fuckin sheboon in front of me after being rung up three different times(adding shit after the sale) gets her money out and drops two one dollar bills. Sheboon then, looks down and gives it the ole "fuck it" look and doesn't bother.

With the effort it took to bend over and pick it up. It gets its change and waddles over to the door, turns, using her ass to push the door open.she sees me picking up the bills, and says dats ma moneys muh fugga. I totally ignore her as I pay for my gas and beer. "I said dats my moneys cracka!" I spun around and told the sheboon to get out of my way before I punch you in the cock sucker! She stood there in stunned silence. I quess never being talked to that way but before I got to my truck, she was outside chimping out fullbore. I floored the stereo and laughed on the way out.

Another time this pimp wannabe cut in front of me just as i reached the front of the line.before i could say anything. I see him pull his hand out of his pocket and drop a wad of cash that fell into a rose display at the counter.he must of had to wads ,because he paid looked at me like i was dirt on his shoe,and shuck and jived on out.i reached down a grabbed the loot, put it in my pocket and was out the door.he was two cars down standing there patting his pockets and looking in his gangsta mobile for his lost loot.i get home and count out three one hundred dollar bills, and 35- 20 dollar bills. Not bad pay for getting cut in front of!

Coontact Tale #559 (May 2, 2007)

Hello, and first off, thank you for a great website dedicated to the education of the untainted masses about the black plague that is niggers. This is my own story, and a lesson as to why niggers shouldn't be allowed in the same workforce as whites.

I work at Kelly Moore Paints, I supervise some of the employees there. One of my former coworkers was a darkie by the name of Darnell. We were hired about 2 or 3 months apart, so we started not too far apart. And at first, he was a good worker. On time, polite, eager to learn, and we all thought he would do well. But after about a year or so, the TNB began. I was promoted to a supervisory position. Darnell was bitter because he thought he deserved the job. Well, no one else seemed to think so. He had no reliable mode of transportation, relying mostly on the bus or his girlfriend. The higher-ups also didn't think he'd do too well with the responsibility of handling money. And thus began the downward spiral of disrespect and common nigger work ethic. He was late constantly, and could never be found when he was needed to do any sort of task. After about a 30 minute absence, he would emerge from the bathroom. And then he would decide that it's time for his break. Breaks are 15 minutes of company time, but he'd manage to get 30-45 minutes to himself, and he'd gripe and bitch if anyone EVER accused him of being late, claiming that we were "hatin' on him" and "makin' up bullshit." Fucking lazy good for nothing worthless piece of nigger shit. And if he ever was doing something in the store, more often than not he could be heard moaning that "I'm the only one in this motherfucking store working, ain't i?" (he obviously didn't speak this coherently, but to save myself the stomach ache of trying to type out niggerbabble, I'll type it like a normal person). He was eventually fired for constant tardiness and absence. Which made me smile, because last that I heard, he was hard up for rent money, about to lose his place to live, going paycheck to paycheck, spending all his extra cash on food and probably drugs. I've heard tales that he's a crack addict. Which explains how he can stay so skinny while shoveling fast food down his gullet all day.

The moral of the story is, when a nigger works with you, you will have to do extra work to cover his sorry ass. And God forbid that he should do anything on his own, because he will whine and cry and make sure everyone knows just how unfair the workplace is, when a nigger has to actually work and do his equal share. But I suppose racial equality doesn't necessarily mean equal work, does it?

Coontact Tale #560 (May 2, 2007)

I don't really have a tale per say more what life is like here.

I'm irish and over here we didnt have to deal with niggers ever. I'm mean im 18 and I went 16 years of my life with out seeing a real life me lucky.

then they invaded our shores in recent years and when they did they literaly up rooted there family trees and brought them over here on their fucking coon bannanna boats.

I always wondered as the innocent youth that I was before I'd met one "why are people so racist? I mean aren't they the same but just a differnt color?" yeah....big mistake.

See we dont have the (at least somewhat) domesticated ones that live in america, we get ours straight from the dark continent. the thing is i have yet to meet a person here who dosent hate blacks, you never see interacial couples or anything.

Now I work in an internet cafe in a town just outside dublin city and our prices are four euro an hour, in the city its one euro an hour and the price for a return train tickett is 7 euro so i get jungle bunnys coming in at least once a day with:

tar baby : "no no dat vury expansive id only one in city"
me : "yes but but the cost a train ticket plus one euro makes it eight euro its half the price here "
tar baby: "no you make id cheaper"
me: "no you fuck off outa my shop"

At this point it will degenerate into them thinking their being all big and clever talking in front of me in their muck savage "language" so i retaliate by speaking in irish i.e "is fuath liom fear gorm" means i hate black people you should see the look on their favorite thing about the whole situation however is the only interacial name they understand is nigger, so i can calll them coon,nog even boy and they dont notice.

Coontact Tale #561 (May 3, 2007)

I have funny stories. I will say this, so me and this schvartza named Tyrone it was actually his name was arguing with me tha the Moors were Black Africans, who took over Southern Europe, since I am part North African ie Libyan Jew, i told him that the Moors were Arab-Berber admixture, and mostly Caucasiod, it was mostly Arab men and Berber women, and their childern were called Moors, much like what Mulatto is mixture of Black and White, the Moors were mixture of Arabs and Berbers. I also told him why the paintings of the Moors shows them to be olive skined to brown skined with Caucasiod facial structure, and some even had light hair and eyes , practicaly red haired. Then he said ok ok, the Moors are not Black, but the Egyptians were, i told me even modern day Egyptians are Caucasiods and its only 13% of their gentic material comes from the Nubian Negriods, and most of the Egyptian skulls show them to be Caucasiods, he said to me Yu know wat, da that white and da arab lies, you stinky arabs don't do know anything. I told him a jew, and he said suck my big black dick. No wonder Arabs made poems about the idiotic schvartzas. Tyrone also said this to me Da White man steals black ideas, we blacks are gensueses, i told their was never genesius named leoray or tyrone. I even told him that the Ethiopian civilization was bulid by Arab Sabeans not Negriods, what dat Ethiopians bulided their own civilization you dump jew, Arabs are did not have no relations to ethiopia. The idiot does not know that Arabs controled ethioipia for centuries, and ethiopians are mixed with Semities alot. The idiot Tyrone was a history of class students of african studies lol.

Coontact Tale #562 (May 8, 2007)

Nigger Almost Killed Me This Morning

As I was driving on the interstate on my way to work this morning, I saw a large American sedan, which was traveling in the opposite direction as myself, as it was entering the flat, grassy median between us.

Even after it hit the grass, it was driving at full speed, probably 70-80 mph, not slowing down as you would expect if he had a flat tire or other car trouble. At that speed, it was churning up a lot of grass and dirt. There's no guard rail along this stretch of road.

At first, I thought it was law enforcement. On this stretch of highway, I sometimes see police cruisers making emergency turns in the median. I thought it might be an unmarked Crown Victoria, like the state police and federal DOT interceptors use.

But as it got closer, I saw that the car was just a junker -- it had patches of primer and was generally beat up. Also, it was not turning around, just driving in a straight line, angling its way across the median. It was coming right at me.

I was in the far left lane, closest to my side of the median. I changed lanes, moving over quickly to the far right lane, and slowed down.

The junker car kept going -- it crossed the median all the way into the opposing lane of traffic, right where I would have been if I hadn't changed lanes.

As the car passed me, now driving on the wrong side of a busy freeway, I could see what was behind the wheel -- a nigger, black as coal, like one of those Nigerian niggers, awake, leaning forward, kind of ratty looking (like its car). I can't say for sure, but since it never swerved or hit the brakes, I got the distinct impression that it fell asleep at the wheel and was just waking up as it entered the opposing lane of traffic.

If I hadn't moved over, I would have had a head-on collision with a nigger at a combined speed of about 100-120 mph.

I watched in my side mirror, fully expecting this filthy nigger to kill some innocent driver in the left lane. But apparently everyone else saw it coming, too, and the lane was clear.

After driving on the wrong side of the freeway for a few hundred feet, the junker car then crossed back into the median, where it came to a stop, hitting no one. I called the state police from my cell phone and told them the story. We can only hope they hit this nigger with a tranquilizer dart, or a tazer. (I'd use a 12-gauge, if I were in charge.)

Then, a couple of miles down the road, I hit a traffic jam. Two niggers in a fender-bender screaming at each other, leaving their cars in the lane of traffic, as though the po-po are going to show up and dust for fingerprints or something.

Then, after I got onto the surface streets, I hit another slowdown -- when I finally see what's slowing everyone down, I see 3 police cruisers on the side of the road, surrounding a niggered-out Mercedes. They have this one nigger wearing a black, stretchy head-wrap on its filthy head, being bent over the hood of a car by one of the cops, getting its paws slapped in handcuffs.

Just another Tuesday morning in Nigger-land.

Coontact Tale #563 (May 8, 2007)

This filthy fucking ape has called my goddamn HOUSE phone 2 times this morning claiming it was the number of her stolen cellphone! I already tried hanging up, calling it all kinds of racial names and threatening to call the police. It says "uh-uh, go ahead and call duh po-leece 'cuz I knows you done gots mah phone".

I don't have caller id. Can I dial "0" and have an operator trace the number, or do I have to go to the police and have them fuck around with the phone?

I know at least one of you guys has to know how I can nail this nigger to the fucking wall.

Coontact Tale #564 (May 8, 2007)

The other day I reported a coontact tale about some gummie bugs and a 400 lb she boon. Personally I thought it was over...till yesterday.

I'm doing my job (which usally is running the photolab) when the HNWIC (Head Nigger Wannabe In Charge) comes over and wiggles her finger at me. HR girl takes me to the sto managers office to question me about what I did Sattaday to them pore oppressed niggers. I said "Oh you mean those niggers?" I swear it blurted out before I thought about it. My gawd it was like I had spit on the grave of the pope or something. I was thinking the HR girl was having a seizure or something. His eyes get all buggy and he says that Someone might take offensive to what I just said" "What about the guy in receiving who runs about with his ass cheeks hanging out and grabs his dick? Isn't that offensive to the females in the store? (yeah, he's a nigger) I am not paid to do anything except print pictures and wait on folks. If they come in and give me respect then by gawd they'll get it in return and I'll bend over backwards to help out customers. But Niggermart doensn't pay me enough to allow them to think for me or to see if I am up to their standards of morality. I knew then that my ass was gone. He sat there for a min and told me that I could go. I went back to my job and just KNEW he was going to fire me. In about 15 min he comes up and askes what exactly did I say to those NIGGERS? For a second I had to think about it. He said NIGGERS! I told him that I said I had 2 lines to get the free samples, one for folks with manners and one for those without. It is up to you to decide which line you belong in. He tells me that I handled myself quite well in the situation and that no remarks would be placed in my record (as the nigger lover in HR wanted to do). He personally thought that niggers (yes, he said it again) caused a lot of trouble for the store and that Don said (remember he was the one the she boon pulled into all this) that I handled the situation very well and should be commended to which that WOULD be placed in my perm record. I about passed out. Apparently the she boon had called back in the sto and said I was being racist to her chillens, that I had refused to give her kids any free samples and thought that NiggerMart should give them...are you ready? a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE for her trouble. He said the HR girl was going to do all that but because the gift cert was a gift, she had to get permission from the sto manager. Which is how I got drugged in. He told me not to say in front of a customer the N word thought. He said that would cause him a lot of grief.

Perhaps I should show him niggermania sometime.

The HR dept's Bitch of the Month


Coontact Tale #565 (May 8, 2007)

Unfortunately, this doesn't involve them losing their welfare money.

So I park my car and am on my way to walk into the casino. Niggers are few and far between here, so I was surprsied to see one with enough pennies to put in the slot machine. Anyway, there's the really drunk white chick riding on the back of her husband (piggyback style, seriously) shouting all sorts of stupid shit. She shouted something to me but I just ignored it.

Anyway, just as the nigger comes out of the car, he closes the door car door and starts walking to the casino.

"HEY," stupid white bitch screams. "MAKE SURE ITS LOCKED!! LOCK IT UP!!" She laughs at herself for some reason.

The nigger either grabs his dick or scratches his crotch - couldn't tell which because I was behind him - and said, "Sheeeeeeyoooott. This shit ain't even mine. Muh dick."

Okay he didn't say muh dick. But isn't that fucked up? If I'm borrowing someone else's car, of course I'm going to take care of it better than my own car.

Then what should have been obvious occurred to me - the piece of shit car was either stolen or a crack rental.

What would you niggermaniacs have done? I was tempted to call the police, but that's just blatant, and I'd have no plausible deniability what with cameras all over the place.

Coontact Tale #566 (May 8, 2007)

Ok I'm pissed.

I have seven niggers in my history class. two are nigerians who are returning home latter. The other five are housing project dewlers. One is female and the other four are bucks. At the start of the semester I told the class " its your butt, Im' not going to make you do any work you dont want too. Your high school students and you know the stakes so if you turn in the assignment and do the work in class and you will pass. Don't do it and fail." Simple right?

Well guess who the only five who never did the work are? Now their mammies are yelling to the boss and the school board about " Dis raycizt white who wont let our childs out his class." I explained the reason I didn't force them to work is they were responsable for it themselves. They could do it any time they wanted their were few deadlines. result all but one of the school school board members sided with me. The niggers went ape. Today someone keyed my truck.

Its TNB at its best. Be told your own future is up to you, fail it this simple task and then whine till someone changes things. When they dont go yor way riot.

Coontact Tale #567 (May 8, 2007)

So I was stuck behind this stupid nigger spinning stupid nigger tales..

Can anyone help?

I was at a gas station way here up north, waiting to pay for gas, except this nigger was exhorting the Paki attendant about his wealth and riches. I actually had to push this damned nigger away to get to the counter.

This nigger looked like it was wearing a $20 jacket and was driving a 1995 Corsica, but this is a close transcript of its niggerbabble:

"Yo, I's independently wealthy, an' me and my bruddah own 800 acres down in the Bayou of Mississippi.. well you know, the gubbermint contacted us to raise trees on our acreage, on account of the fack dat the o-zone layer be getting depleted, and I ain't against trees, but my bruddah you know, he need to be on the same page."

I was coughing from hearing all of this niggerbabble, but the thought struck me that some Democrats might actually be doing this!!!

For anyone reading this from the south, is there some US Government plan to have taxpayer-subsidized niggers plant trees to combat GLOBAL WARMING?

Say it isn't so!!! I'd like to think that this nigger was ripe into a crack rock.


Coontact Tale #568 (May 8, 2007)

The other day I went to Dennys and knowing all of the servers that I do I was put in my usual nice quiet corner to enjoy my meal. Halfway through my meal the on duty manager seats 2 sheboons right behind me and for the last half of my meal I had to listen to these two apes argue about which has less sugar Kool Aid or Capri Sun. Then they discussed ablout all of the flavores of kool aid that they liked.

When I went to pay I went up to the manager and expressed my dislike for having to listen to that nigger babble and how my meal was ruined. I explained to them that I do not appreciate being seated next to loud, rude , uneducated niggers while I try to enjoy my meal.

He told me that if I did not like it I do not have to eat here anymore.I have been eating here regularly for 9 years and if those yard apes are more important than a regualr CASH paying customer so be it. Never again to eat there.

Coontact Tale #569 (May 8, 2007)

I didn't see this happen but my husband was there

When he was in hs, they told a nigger on the feetsball team that parsley smelled just like pu$$y. Apparently this nigger didn't like the sound of that. Anyway, they'd put parsley in his shoes, in his helmet, in his locker, just to watch the chimpouts. So at one of their homegames, someone put a sprig of parsley in his helmet and he went out on the field, putting on his helmet. They get down to hike the ball and this parsley fell in front of this niggers face, setting him off, He jumps up...clawing at his helmet screaming like a nigger, whooping and hollering, rolling on the ground. People thought this stupid nigger was having a seizure or something. the team tackles him and trying to hold him down (not everyone knew about the parsley joke). EMT's come on the field and they axes him what is wrong to which he replies Parsley them muddafuggers put parsley on me. Team is penilized 15 yrs (unsportsman like conduct) and the game resumes. 25 yrs later, at the HS reunion, SOMEONE filled his car up with a box full guessed it..PARSLEY

Niggerologist Break!

As you may know, the average nigger obtains an IQ of 85. What you may not know is that Koko the Gorilla was taught sign language and tests in 80's and 90's. So on a good day, Koko can outwit most niggers.

Coontact Tale #570 (May 13, 2007)

Submitted by Vampire Archimiel this is a very special Coontact Tale backed up by video. Actual chimp sounds, no shit!

Tonight me, my wife, and an old friend of mine from high school went out to eat. Before we did, we had to stop at the mall to drop off our wedding rings to have them worked on. When we were leaving, my wife wanted to stop by EB Games to see how much an old Playstation game could be sold for. I wanted to have a look at what Nintendo DS Lite accessories were sold while my old friend was browsing XBox 360 games.

I hear a crash and looked over the aisle to see a niglet, probably 8 or 9, making a total mess of the Nintendo DS games aisle. I ignored the little shit and went back to my browsing, but seconds later, the little twerp was again making a mess of the aisle and making LITERAL chimp noises. Did I shake my head in disgust and ignore the creature? Of course not, I whipped out my cell phone and pressed the "Camera" button, then "Record", so that I might get the nigger antics on video to post here so we may all laugh at it!

At some point in the video I deliberately looked all around the store to demonstrate that, surprise! No nigger parents anywhere in sight. ALL the White children in the store had at least a big brother with him, not this little waste-of-sperm.

At the end of the video we see him looks like trying to dry hump a human child. Lets hope after I left the human child curb stomped him.


Raw Video Footage

Coon Hunting Inspired Video

A followup email from Vampire Archimiel reads:

I hope the little shits mother DOES find this video. In fact, I'll direct her to the site personally if I could ever find her. Maybe after seeing the utter humiliation her son is going through, she'll be more adept to make her child behave like a human boy. Some things that happened, but were NOT caught on film include:

*The child making an utter and total mess of the DS accessories aisle.

*The child grabbing the controller of a demo XBox 360, playing for a minute, then letting go and slapping himself in the head repeatedly.

*A could of White human children looking at the niglet in pure disgust, looking at me, then scrunching their faces up as though they just smelled a walking pile of shit in a red shirt.

At one point the little turd was actually DRY HUMPING THE FLOOR! I whipped my phone back out but by the time I got the camera online he had stopped and was walking around to see what else he could damage. When he finally left, he stood outside for a solid 5 minutes with his disgusting face pressed against the glass, peering inside.

Coontact Tale #571 (May 19, 2007)

Niggers Ruined Cancer Walk!!

They had a cancer walk today near my town in Texas so I rounded up the family since my mother had died from it when I was 16. We had raised some money too and were going to drop it off. The place had free food which I probably should have known would attract the nigger animals.

I was right! When we found a parking spot another car swerved right in out of nowhere that was full of niggers. They slammed out and nearly hit us but I hit it in reverse just in time. We found another spot closer luckily so those niggers weren't going to get us down. We started walking towards the stadium that held the event and there were niggers as far as the eye could see. This big herd of them was planted in front of the entrance just fraterniggin' and holding everyone else up. Most didn't even have matching t shirts on and probably hadn't signed up. You sign up online before coming with your donation money and they don't really check so let anyone in it seems.

I smelled Chickfila sandwiches coming from the back so I walked over to get one but they were all gone. As soon as they brought a new box a nigger sow grabbed two in at monkey paw and started eating right in front without moving. As she stood eating she axed the white delivery girl what the sandwich had in it. Chicken and bread you fucking nigger! I wanted to scream that out at her. Finally, she moved and all these nigglets pushed in front of me and grabbed the sandwiches with their greasy hands. There was one left that was smooshed in the corner so I passed and walked away. There was other food too but it was miraculously gone before I could get over the nigger crowd. I did end up getting a dill pickle and a cup of popcorn though. There was a big table with snack bars on it and I saw one nigger sow grab three handfuls and stuffed it into one of the cancer walk plastic bags that you are supposed to use to gather fliers from the various booths. I couldn't believe it!

There was a live band too and they were playing themes from movies like Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and Forrest Gump. One nigger bucked yelled out "Play something from "I Love my Wife" or "Daddy's Little Girls" -both nigger infested movies. The bandleader yelled back that he didn't bring sheet music on those movies so the nigger started bitching about how they were only playing music to white movies and being raycist! I couldn't believe my ears and eyes at this coon buffoon.

Finally, the walk started so I figured the niggers would start leaving the concession area so my son and I could grab something to eat. I was wrong because very few niggers actually walked around the lake with the other cancer walk participants. My jaw dropped because it was then that I realized that they had come just for the food and probably didn't even bother to donate any money to help cancer research. I was mumbling under my breath how greedy niggers were when this other white gentleman nodded and said he figured it would happen. Then he went on to explain what happened at a recent AIDS walk he participated in. "Even though it's niggers who mostly have AIDS they pulled the same shit over there by not donating or walking. Lazy bastards!" I agreed wholeheartedly.

Not one of the cancer walk staff asked those niggers why they wouldn't bother to walk and why they just sat on their fat asses eating. After we walked two good miles, we were so thirsty so headed over to get a soda from the massive ice bucket that held several before. I was shocked to see that not one was there but there was lots of bottled water. We figured that was the best thing for us so drank three each of the small bottles. Niggers never drink bottled water, only guzzle unhealthy soda pop. It's no wonder they are so fucking fat.

I had about enough of this nigger infested day so we proceeded to walk back to our car. Once we arrived there was a large dent on the side and parked next to us was a niggmobile I'm sure of it. It was a rusty old dodge from the 80s with spinners and tiger seat covers. I was so fucking angry so bashed into their car with my own door although they probably wouldn't notice since their own car was all damaged from multiple crashes.

The nigger day wasn't over to my dismay because when I pulled out this big group of niggers were yelling at me saying that they saw what I've done to that car. They started screaming that they were going to write down my license plate number. I began to laugh and just went on my merry way. Everyone knows that niggers can't write and those who can use chicken scratch that not even they can read. Stupid coons.

What was supposed to be a day in honor of my dear mother turned out to be a disaster, all because of the nigger animals!

Coontact Tale #572 (May 19, 2007)

Niggermart is in trouble. As some of you know they did away with the layaway policy last year, which resulted in a 15% DROP in sales. Now the latest stragedy to boost revenue is to get rid of some middle management. They are shifting bodies around and got my boss today. I really got along good with him, as long as you did your job, you was ok. Yesterday he tells us that we're getting a new boss and they are shifting him to another dept. I asked, "Who we getting now?" and he says Bill. Now you have ordinary niggers, you have dark niggers, big lipped niggers, fat sow niggers but this guy, he is the kang of ugly good for nothing mandingo big nose thick skulled niggers. I mean stand this nigger outside shut his eyes and big ol lips and you'd never see him. So today, Cheetah comes in and gets everyone in the lab together (mind you this was 8 am) to introduce hisself and give us the pep talk. First thing he wears is one of those Africooon shits all painted with red and green, you know the one wif the continent and the words Diversify under it. One of them stupid beenies that uppity South Africooon niggers wear and sandals. He tells us that He's Da Mans now and he's the one what makes dem decisions. I'm wondering if I could get unemployment if I told them that my boss was a stupid nigger. You'd think that before putting a dumb coon somewhere, they'd at least teach Sambo how to turn ON the machines. My old boss axs me if I'd show hm around and I give him "On my dying deathbed" stare. He then axs a nigger lover in the dept to show him around. I told someone else the only thing they need to show this ape was how to get out of the way. I figured he already knew how to get out of work so why bother. This simian brain's biggest decision of the day would be to if he wanted bbq chicken or plain for one of his 45 breaks he's gonna take. One of our new photo processors uses ammonia and bleach in the processing of pictures. It is CLEARLY labeled not to MIX these chemicals under ANY circumstances. Guess what Mandingo Boy does first thing? Dumps BOTH in the same container. Stupid ape isn't there 4 minutes and he's making chlorine gas. We called Fuji and found out that the tank has a purge valve on it and wouldn't disperse chlorine gas into the air but that the pumps and hoses would need to be cleaned out now. Also that the processing drum is now ruined. My guess is that it's gonna cost Niggermart about $5,000 to get it repaired. 3 minutes after he's destroyed this machine, nigger goes on a break. He's been at work less than 30 min and is already cost us $5,000. How would someone get rid of this AA ape before he blows the fucking store up? Lord knows you can't say anything or the wrath of the NAACP, the ACLU and countless other nigger loving organizations would be on your ass. Any suggestions? (other than quitting my job, I'm not about to let a nigger run me off). Hep me Lawd, hep me!

Coontact Tale #573 (May 19, 2007)

Anyone ever date a nigger lover?

Not saying prolonged, but lets say you didn't know, and it was just for a night? I met this woman in New York on the subway. She started a convo with me, gave me her number and she was kinda cute so I called her. So we made a date to go see Spiderman 3 and went tonight.

On the way to the theatre, she asks if she can change the music. I'm like well, sure I guess. So she puts on some shit rap station, and I'm like no sorry I can't listen to that and turn the radio off. Then she says something about the nigger rapper that was on the radio (no idea who he was) and says "oh I love him he's sexy".

Now I'm absolutely fucking appalled, and the rest of the conversation went like this.

Me: "Do you find dogs sexy?"
Whore: "Dogs? No Why?"
Me: "How about Cows, or Horses?"
Whore: "No, what kind of questions are these"
Me: "Any other type of livestock?"
Whore: "Why are you asking these ridiculous questions?"
Me: "Well, it seems you are attracted to monkeys and gorillas, and I'm just trying to see what I'm getting myself into here"
Whore: "Monkeys? What are you talking about"
Me: "You know, like Cornelius from planet of the apes that you had on the radio, niggers. Seems you are a fan of niggers."
Whore: "You're a racist pig take me home"
Me: "Ok, I'll take you home now and I am racist, but not a pig. Pigs sleep with other people outside of the human race. So, is this a visual fascination you have with niggers or have you actually slept with one?"
Whore: "None of your fucking business"
Me: "Come on be fair. I have to figure out how hard to scrub the leather seat your nigger loving ass has been sitting on to make sure my car doesn't smell like nigger"
Whore: "Asshole I don't even want the ride home let me out"
Me: "Ok, do you need money for cab fare? We are driving through a nigger neighborhood at the moment and I would hate to read a horror story in the paper tomorrow."
Whore: "Fuck you"
Me: "Have a nice night, you looked radiant by the way."

I swear, there should be some type of tattoo on a woman that says "Nigger lover". Kinda like the famous literary work the scarlet letter, but in this case maybe a chocolate letter would be more appropriate. Oh yeah, went to the movie anyway, I thought it kinda sucked.

Coontact Tale #574 (May 20, 2007)

I have funny stories. I will say this, so me and this nigger named Tyrone it was actually his name was arguing with me tha the Moors were Black Africans, who took over Southern Europe, since iam part North African ie Libyan Jew, i told him that the Moors were Arab-Berber admixture, and mostly Caucasiod, it was mostly Arab men and Berber women, and their childern were called Moors, much like what Mulatto is mixture of Black and White, the Moors were mixture of Arabs and Berbers. I also told him why the paintings of the Moors shows them to be olive skined to brown skined with Caucasiod facial structure, and some even had light hair and eyes , practicaly red haired. Then he said ok ok, the Moors are not Black, but the Egyptians were, i told me even modern day Egyptians are Caucasiods and its only 13% of their gentic material comes from the Nubian Negriods, and most of the Egyptian skulls show them to be Caucasiods, he said to me Yu know wat, da that white and da arab lies, you stinky arabs don't do know anything. I told him a jew, and he said suck my big black dick. No wonder Arabs made poems about the idiotic niggers. Tyrone also said this to me Da White man steals black ideas, we blacks are gensueses, i told their was never genesius named Leoray or Tyrone. I even told him that the Ethiopian civilization was bulid by Arab Sabeans not Negriods, what dat Ethiopians bulided their own civilization you dump jew, Arabs are did not have no relations to ethiopia. The idiot does not know that Arabs controled ethioipia for centuries, and ethiopians are mixed with Semities alot. The idiot Tyrone was a history of class students of african studies lol.

Coontact Tale #575 (May 20, 2007)

When I had a capitol one credit card I always has to deal with apes. I dont care what race you are as long as you can do the job right. After messed up bills and babboons cursing me over the telephone I told them to stick it. I have alot of stories to tell woth affirmative action people. ALOT

Coontact Tale #576 (May 20, 2007)

yes I got jumped by 5-6 negros with knives when I was 16. I've knocked a few out when I was working the clubs to fund my education and the other day I almost ran one (a known parasite nig nog drug dealing degenerate) with my truck a few months back. The sad fact is that they are everywhere here. Nova Scotia, the dumping ground for the Americans and the end of the "underground railroad". It is too bad that the Lincoln didn't send them all back to be quite honest. Boy are we paying.... This is comparable to Israel NOT expelling the Muslims after the 1967 war... Do you think they've learned from their mistakes? I highly doubt it.

What is more repugnant is the White, Asian and even Jewish kids Ape these apes...

I'm listing to the News right now and we have the "Black Business Development" which the Government thows money at blacks to open business solely because they are black. Now the news are propagating the "Black Basketball Tournament".... Amazing.. Can you just imagine if it was "White"... We have lost our country. They are interviewing this animal now and he can BARELY speak coherant English... Oy vey...

I found this on the internet. "Because this is Canada. Dr. Antony Sutton was absolutely correct when he called "Canada is Fascism with a smile."... If whites tried anything...automatically we'd get bent over and railed being labeled "racists" and some Socialist scum attorney would sue for "hate" crime.. Canada is a sick nation that is lying on its stomach, pumped full of drugs waiting for a very big anal probe.... Canada, in my opinion, is FINISHED!"

Coontact Tale #577 (May 20, 2007)

During my time in the Navy I lived in very close quarters with several Negroes. The thing that stands out the most from that time is their hair. Negroes have alot of trouble with their hair & have to give it special treatment. Now remember these were military men with short haircuts. But they still trouble with it. They had to use special afro-hair gels & funniest of all they slept with nylon stockings on their heads. They would take nylon stocking & cut them up & tie a piece of nylon around their heads before taps. It was just an odd sight, all these "manly Negroes" getting ready to hit their racks fussing with their hair, wearing pieces of pantyhoses on top of their heads. Some of them were noticeably uncomfortable having to do this in front of us White guys.

Coontact Tale #578 (May 20, 2007)

Here is another one. We had a bunch of African students at y school who got government scholarships. They were the cream of the crop students of their countries, and their govrnment was sending them abroad to study. They were nothing like the lazy and stupid watermelon addict negro stereotype.

Back then I knew absolutely nothing about the negroes and thought they would be 'normal people'. Anyway, there was this group of four staying at the same apartment as roommates. One of them, our classmate, came to school with a bloody eye and stitches on his face. We asked what happened. He wouldn't tell anyone, but later we found out what happened.

Apparently, his roommate got the habit of eating random stuff out of the fridge without checking whose food it was. He ate our classmate's eggs and milk, when the classmate protested, he got nasty and ate his food the next day too. They eventually had a fight and the roommate negro beat the crap out of our classmate negro. Classmate guy then proceeded to take his revenge by tossing the roommate's expnsive stereo out of the 5th floor window, and when the roommate returned from school and saw his dear stereo gone, he lost it and completely trashed the classmate guy's room, tore all of his books etc.

All of this over a bunch of eggs and milk. I don't want to know what they would do if they were fighting over something of value. They caused each other hundreds of dollars damage, not to mention the permanent scars and all... Over a bunch of eggs and milk! Then I realized negroes were just doing the negro thing. And these were the top educated, better ones from Africa. I nderstood then why all the tribal wars were happening.. Probably a good deal of them started over a bunch of eggs or something!

Another anecdote regarding these same negroes. The third roommate started dating this really hideous, 50 year old fat woman (twice his age). Food thief roommate felt jealous and the next week, he got himself a hideous fat girlfriend too! Only that one wasn't 50 years old, but just as hideous and fat as the other guy's girl. hat became some sort of trend among them

Coontact Tale #579 (May 20, 2007)

I feel a book deal in the making here. Once I worked in an office in which we employees all had "send lines", outgoing lines which were unlisted. One employee had a line one diget away from a black City Counselman in Los Angeles. He got hundreds of wrong numbers. Finally, we all got tired of it and began taking the calls, (from other Negroes) in the name of that official's office. Example:

Caller: Wes got a problem herea and needs help.
Us: What is the problem?
Caller: Wes be livin' behind an alley and da alley is fol (full) of trash. Nobody wants to help.
Us: Well, due to budget cuts, our office cannot get involved directly, but I will tell you what to do. Can you get the other neighbors to assist you?
Caller: yes
Us: rake up the trash into one large pile in the middle of the alley. Next, you and your neighbors need to buy orange jump suits so that the officials will recognize this as a scantioned event. (prisoners dress in orange jump suits) Then, you and your neighbors set fire to the mound of trash. After it is buring well, you call the fire department and notify them that a "controlled burn" is in progress. Now, repeat the instructions back to me.
Caller: repeats the instructions.
Caller: thank you for your help and tell Counselman __ __ thank you also.

This poor Negro and his neighbors undoubtedly went to jail. There were many other calls like this one. Over the years, we saved the city of Los Angeles a great deal of money and administrative effort while having a great time.

Coontact Tale #580 (May 20, 2007)

I have to share my encounter with the negroes. I was at a movie set, and there was a huge crowd of negroes there as extras for a scene. A bunch of negresses, who have never met before and didn't know each other (I overheard them talking) started GROOMING each other.... They made a chain , each negress grooming the hair of he next one... They all had chemically straightened hair. That was unreal. It looked like those chimps in the animal planet or discovery channel documentaries... You really had to see it. Then they whipped out a camera and started taking photos like mad. It was announced earlier that taking photos or using recording devices was forbidden at the set, but negroes being negoes, completely disregarded it. When the set manager came and confiscated their camera and gave them a good yelling they got extremely upset, but after a few minutes they started grooming each other again!

Coontact Tale #581 (May 20, 2007)

I happen to work as teacher in the far east together with a Negro from New York. He is the single most retarded person I have ever met, mid 30's, probably gay, great general knowledge, but no brains.

Negroe-diaries part 1:

The almighty chicken nugget

He claims that he can cook almost anything and his father owns a seafood restaurant.

Further more on his CV he claims to have been a cook in a restaurant for 3 years (turned out to be KFC).

Now to the chicken nuggets incident.

Negro comes to our kitchen and asks me if you can fry chicken nuggets in a microwave (without a grill).

I ask him: "Why don't you fry them? We have a pan and a stove right there."
His response: "You never know, how long they take"
Me: "Haven't you done that as a profession?"
Him: "Yes, but we had a timer!"

(Even though I might be the world's most retarded cook, I know how to fry chicken nuggets for f*ck's sake!)

So he put his frozen chicken nuggets in the microwave at full heat for 8 minutes! He took them out and showed them to me.

"Are they done yet?"
Me: "Yes, of course!"
Him: "I better make sure. I'll put'em in for another couple of minutes."

So he did.

When he finally took them out the chicken nuggets were dead-dry and they looked like leather. He chewed on them for the time being and finally threw them away. be continued (I have a lot of stories)

Coontact Tale #582 (June 10, 2007)

Ok, so as many of you already know, Norway is becoming quite niggerfuxated.

But here's my coontact tale:

Yesterday I ran to the store down the street to buy some Cocacola. I come in, grab what I want and proceed to the cash register. It was a big line, and at the head of the line were these two seriously gangsta niggers. Looks like they were trying to buy some smokes. They couldn't talk Norwegian, instead made an awe full attempt at English. (They butchered it big time, I couldn't even understand it! )

Anyways, they were standing in front of the cash register waiving money around yelling at the cashier because he wouldn't sell them any because they couldn't show any ID. (They'd "lost it" I think one said.) This was holding up the whole line of about 8-10 people!

"I, I haff noe uhh.. umm... id! I haff lousted it..." and they continue "I uh... need muh cigarettes!" Then the cashier says "I am sorry, but I cannot sell you tobacco without an ID!" Then these ganstaz continued "I need uh... to speak to uh... yo' manuhga!" People were getting real pissed by now as this was going on for near three or four minutes. Just when the cashier was going to call the manager, an older bald (white) guy finally got fed up, and in a loud and very aggressive voice (in broken English) said "CAN YOU GET DONE! WE HAVE THINGS TO DO!" LMAO!

You should have seen these boon's facial expression! It's like they just got shipped off for slave labor! Priceless, I busted out laughing in the back of the line at this. The gangsta coons got all fussy and just gave up and stormed out the store.

When we got out, I saw the boons standing outside, and they asked me "can uh... you go and buy some uh, cigarettes fo' uhs? " I didn't even acknowledge them. I just ignored them and kept walking.

I have many more coontact tales from America and Europe, I'll see if I can't post them some time.


Coontact Tale #583 (June 10, 2007)

My dryer stopped working so I had to go to the laundromat today with my wet clothes. I went in the morning to avoid the crowds (and niggers) that I remembered before I even owned a washer and dryer. Niggers never get up early on a Saturday so thought my time there would be free of fuxation. I went over to get quarters from the change machine but suddenly I heard a loud boom so sprung around.

It was a huge sheboon trying to get through the door since only one side was unlocked! She had 5 niglets with her that were outside trying to carry a rather large laundry basket. Even with all 5 trying they couldn't lift it! After the sheboon squeezed through the door, I couldn't help but study this ugly nigger up close. It had greasy hair matted under a du-rag, wearing tight see-through sky blue spandex that showed its underwear and camel toe. I almost threw up it looked so nasty. It's t shirt barely covered its enormous fat stomach and was wearing flip flops with snaggly dirty toenails exposed. The smell was disgusting, a mixture of cocoa butter and shit!

The niglets managed to get the laundry basket to the door but couldn't squeeze it through the one opened door. The sheboon stormed over to the Asian manager and said "Ching chong open dat otha dang door! Mah babies needa get dat baz-kat thru". The manager grunted a little at the racist name but said nothing as he opened the other door then apologized. The nigger looked all uppity and said "Uh huh!!" and rolled her eyes. Finally, she helped the niglets bring the baz-kat inside and began kicking it over to the washers with it's feet. The manager looked horrorfied because it was a black basket and might streak the floor but said nothing.

I quickly went over to the open washers furthest away and started filling them up with my clothes. I separated the whites from the colors (like it should be everywhere mind you) and within ten minutes or so I had filled 2 washers up with my clothes. I walked over to the soda machine to buy a diet coke then sipped it as I watched a morning talk show on the small overhanging tv.

Every once in awhile I studied the obese sheboon like the good specist I am. It was having its kids do all the work while it sat its fat ass on a changing table even though there was a large red sign that said "DO NOT SIT ON CHANGING TABLES". The manager looked like he went into the back room to avoid these niggers. When the niglets were done filling the washer, they ran over to the laundry carts and began playing with them. I almost got my foot ran over when they raced towards me with it. I wanted to leave but was afraid to leave my clothes. I have some pretty nice stuff like Tommy Hilfiger jeans (a good American man who doesn't want blacks buying his clothes) and Ralph Lauren polo shirts. I was so bored beyond belief so figured they would be safe for ten minutes. I went outside to go buy a paper at the next door gas station so I would have something to do here while waiting.

When I got back, my jaw dropped open! Those fucking niglets had opened up one of my washers and was throwing my wet clothes on the floor while laughing. The sheboon was laughing hysterically in loud thick shrieks. I went right over there and put my clothes in the laundry bag I brought and got out my other clothing too.

Something was missing, a polo shirt! I looked all around but couldn't find it anywhere. There is a sign that says they aren't responsible for any lost or stolen items so I couldn't get the manager about it. The filthy sheboon was sitting there staring at me with a proud nigger look and pursed lips as if she was waiting for me to ask her if she had my shirt. I saw it underneath her chair wadded up in her huge fake Coach boon bag. Without thinking, I went over and snatched it right out and she began niggerbabbling at me that it was her shirt.

I looked her in the eye and said "Fucking nigger, this is my god damn shirt bitch!" Her mouth dropped open and her niglets stood still lolly gaggin at me. I took my other clothing, which was now done, and left the laundromat.

It didn't take long to find a place in the mostly Mexican part of town and washed/dried without any problems. I swear, those niggers are programmed to steal at birth and even encouraged by their parents to act like chimps! Fucking niggers!

-coonskin cap

Coontact Tale #584 (June 10, 2007)

I have lurked here for quite sometime and found this site both humerous and truthful. I wanted to relay something that happened today at the local niggermart, and hope it is ok to make a first post here instead of in the introduction threads.

Today I was at my local nigger mart when this she boon was standing in the middle of the aisle. As I approached her I could see that I would be unable to get around her because she was holding a bottle of something at arm’s length in front of her while her big fat you know what was sticking out behind. I’m sure you get the picture. As I got closer she glanced my way, and then went on about her business. I knew that she knew she was blocking me, and with all of her nigger arrogance assumed I would have to lower myself to ask her to please let me by. Well, as I got closer I realized that the narrower front part of the cart could squeeze behind her, but the wider rear would hit her. I figured what the heck; I’m not going to humiliate myself asking this pig to move and guided my cart behind her. Midway through the cart touched her and as I kept pushing it moved her right out of the way. She turned and looked at me, started screaming and yelling and I did not look back; just kept on going. When I got to the checkout aisle I could still hear her yelling about how some white #&&#%%#& tried to molest her and so on and so forth. I got to the checkout line and, while paying heard over the store paging system “all available managers needed in the Pharmacy Department” where this all took place.

Later on, I was at another store where these two guys were pointing and laughing at me. One of them came over and said they had observed what had happened at the other store. They said that by the later the woman was waving her arms at the manager yelling at him how she had been attacked by a wild white man who tried to knock her down and rob her. I started laughing at it all, but told those guys “I sure felt sorry for the poor manager.” Guess what though? One of the guy’s said to me “Don’t worry; the manager was just another nigger.” Gawd, what a day!


Coontact Tale #585 (June 10, 2007)

I guess this is a coontact tale. My friends sister received one of the many nigerian scam emails and decided to pursue it and see where it goes. She received in the mail from the UK 3 Money Gram Money Orders in the amount of $1500.00 dollars each. She showed them to me and , damn they looked real all in a series 028, 029 and 030. Looked real so she decided to try and cash them at Check Cashing Place so that she would not endanger her own checking account had something gone wrong.

I told her to bring them to me and I sat her down and explained that I though that they were fake to which she stated " They look so real" and they did. I then told her that when dealing with niggers something is always wrong. I call Money Gram and gave them the check number and then they axed me what the amount of the check was, in which I replied $1500. She then explained to me that the check was already cashed in the amount of $12.00 and that this money order was a fake.

Anyone here suprised??? Niggers take a lot of time and effort to create phoney money orders that look real and wonder why they never acheive anything. Too much time thinking of ways to scam.


Coontact Tale #586 (June 10, 2007)

Ready for another niggers in the restaurant tale? I was having lunch in a local Irish pub style restaurant. They never play cRap and there are almost never any niggers there. In the middle of my lunch, the door swings open and ten fat nigger sows waddle in. Ever see those nature programs with hippos wallowing in the water? This looked just like that.

They started squealing, fortunately they had no niglets with them, and gabbling niggababble. The waiter comes, passes out menus and they all order the lunch special, all the time whining about the prices and trying to chew the waiter down. He rolls his eyes and says, 'The prices are printed on the menu. I can't change them.' Finally they get the message (No you goddam sows, I won't give you free food.) and order. They all order iced tea, and when it comes, dump lots of sugar in it. They bitch about the music, and want it changed to niggerrap or some other nigger noise. The bartender says he won't change it, and walks away.

All through lunch they shout, whine, bitch, brag, piss and moan about they bucks, weffare, they niglets, the food, the music and everything else. When they finish gorging themselves. (Ever see sheboons eat? Pigs are neater.) they call for the check. Of course they want separate checks, and argue over who had what. They whine some more about the prices, it must have been over a hundred dollars for ten lunches, desserts, and iced tea and get up to go. The table looks like the Strategic Air Command (my old outfit) worked out on it for a week. One of the sows says 'Shee-it, we forgot to leave a tip.' A fat she sow says "I get it dis time." She throws one dollar into the mess on the table, and the whole drove of hippos waddles out. One dollar, for a tab of over a hundred, and a mess like a war zone. And these fucking sows probably thought they were being generous.

I order a strong whiskey to wash the smell of nigger out, and overtip my waiter.


Coontact Tale #585 (June 10, 2007)

Ever notice when you are in some professional-type situation with a nigger, like maybe at your job or elsewhere, how they make complete buffoons out of themselves with the awkward use of 50-cent SAT words? I often hear niggers that call into radio talk shows misuse and mispronounce "intelligent-sounding" words, revealing their ignorance.

Do they honestly think that humans speak like a college professor at a lecture during normal day-to-day dealings?

I remember I worked at a totally niggerfuxated call center for a major cellphone company. This dumb nigger bitch customer called in and was all upset about the fact that she went over her minutes (typical nigger problem, can't shut the fuck up). Naturally she was charged extra $$ for the overage.

But in true nigger fashion - it was not her fault whatsoever, but the company's. Now, I know cellphone companies do make mistakes, but I was professional and checked the bill over - like 99% of the billing disputes, the charges were legitimate.

We went around and around for a few minutes; I'm trying to be calm and explain the SAME SHIT over and over, and she keeps trying to turn it around and say things like her friend had this problem and they credited him, etc. But I wouldn't budge for this rude sheboon. Plenty of human customers realize this and play by the rules and pay. No way this nigger is getting anything from me!

At one point, she paused and said that she "felt...indifferent about the situation."

I knew in the context that she used the word, she meant to use an adjective that expressed her frustration, maybe "incensed, enraged" - something like that.

Now it was time to really fuck with her. I said, "If you are indifferent to the situation, why have you been disputing the charges?"


"Because you do know 'indifferent' means that you don't care at all about it."

"Let me speak to a manager."

Put the bitch on hold and sent her to some sheboon supervisor. But I did it with a big grin - twisted that nigger all up!

Descendant-of-slave ghetto trash need to realize they are WAY out of their league when they try to communicate like a human!!

If it looks like shit and smells like shit, it must be a nigger!


Coontact Tale #586 (June 10, 2007)

I usually avoid going to my local store because it is full of niggers, and so I order my stuff online, but today I decided to get one of those internet radio thingies that works off the wireless router and I couldn't wait for the delivery. I had the cash in my pocket so I decided to go to the shop. Before I went, I used their online reservation service, and I got a reference number which means that i don't have to look for the stuff on the shop floor - it should be ready and waiting for me behind the customer service counter.

Well, when i got there there was this dreadlocked nigger in a rasta hat who was asking the human female assistant 'Uh can't switch on muh computah' and the human female was trying to tell him that he had to push a certain button, but the nigger was finding it very difficult to comprehend.

I was getting pissed off and impatient so I went to Comet in the same retail park - they are another electronic shop, which also sell computers, but not as specialised as PC World. I had also seen the radio there a few weeks ago, but didn't have the money for it at the time. I'm trying to look for an assistant when i spot this nigger wearing the Comet uniform. As i cannot see any other shop staff, i decided to ask the nigger but as soon as he sees me and my husband approaching, he sits down, whips out his mobile phone and makes a phone call in intelligible nigger speak. I try looking for another assistant, but cannot find anyone else. By this time, the nigger has already finished his phone call to his drug dealer so I decide to risk it and ask it where the internet radios are. It gives me a blank stare like only niggers do and mumbles something and points to where the desktop computers are. I dont think it had any idea what I had asked it for so i get pissed off again and decide to go back to PC World, hoping the other nigger has fucked off.

When I get there, joy oh joy, its relatively nigger free, but the only person free at customer services is this mixed race sheboon. I give her my reference number and she gives me a blank nigger stare too, and says Uh can yo go try and find it fo me? Well, I am well and truly fuming by now and decide to get the fuck out of the shop, forget about the radio and go back home and order it online. On the way out, the human manager sees me ranting and raving and practically having a chimpout and asks me what the problem is so i tell him I have this reference number and lazy so and so behind the desk wont get my stuff for me. So manager gets very apologetic, gives the sheboon a warning look as if to say you are on your way to the welfare queue and not only gets my radio for me but knocks £10 off the price.

Radio works great too, really pleased with it

LaTrine Jakscoon

Coontact Tale #587 (June 10, 2007)

Man I'm still pissed.

Ok so heres the setup. my lady friend christy talked my into going to meet her parents at a family reunion in Houma Louisiana. Houma is named after her tribe and the town is cajun and indian with a few niggers here and there. Haliburton has a big place and the town is historic.

After the reunion (where i managed to convince her parents i'm not a bad guy) we were drivign home in my pickup truck. I stopped near the boat docks on the edge of town to get gas the pump refused to turn on after i swiped my credit card so she went in to in to pre-pay and get a soda. She came out crying about a minute latter. Apparently the nigger behind the counter refused us service because she and I were indians. I walked in and found a nigger praying to a malcoon x picture so i asked him to turn the pump on. He replied by putting his hand on his face and making idiotic hollywood war hoops inbetween telling me " Dar bezz no gaz for you red skin here.Try dat der fire water."

I left the joint and went to the asian owned place up the street. My gas was pumped and paid for in less then three minutes. Christy is still shook up from the whole thing shes never had any real racist crap happen. I'm used to it. We had a long talk on the ride home about the nigger inferiority complex.


Coontact Tale #588 (June 10, 2007)

Call it what you want, but I do like Shoneys (man, them hot fudge and we try to go there once every couple of weeks. Husband likes to go and get breakfast (he goes thru bacon like a nigger thru some KFC). Last times we went, I could see a pack of ugly niggers there already. We venture up to the bar after the girl cleaned it and after the niggers went thru. God, those are the most ignorant things Satan has ever made. Some little nigger had taken like 8-10 biscuits and stomped them on the ground, they had threw stuff in other food, had poked a finger in every thing there. His cousin is the GM of this particular Shoney's and he asked for him to come out to show him the damage. Course he hates niggers like we do but really couldn't do a thing, CEPT have the waitresses ask the real folks what they'd like to have to eat and they would bring it to them. He had to take the entire bar down and clean it. All the time them damn niggers was Kee Keeing at the antics of little Jerome. Niggers also do not know how to be quiet, they have to be seen. If a nigger thinks you're not giving him the attention he wants, he gets louder and louder. Why do places continue to seat these niggers, I'll never know. you know its only going to cause you trouble.


Coontact Tale #589 (June 10, 2007)

I was in a little tobacco shop that sold pipe tobacco, luxury cigarettes, and premium cigars. This place wasn’t saturated with brilloboons as much as the area I’m staying at now, but there were a few homeless nig-nogs and mammies with their little shit pebbles in the area. Perhaps it was the ambient music, or the little bell that went off accompanied by the automatic stares at who was coming in.

But one day, as I was observing some of the Habonos in the shop, a group of four nigger bucks come in the shop. They were dressed in the typical cRapper garb with a stench that obviously was of marijuana. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person that smelled it, as the man that was across from me had this smirk on his face.

So one ghetto fabulous nigger decides to go up to the cashier and ask “wats the most ‘spensive stuff you got?”. The cashier says “You can try a CAO sample pack for under twenty dollars.” Keep in mind this guy sells authentic Cohibas that can easily go up to fifty dollars per stick. But we all know niggers are ignorant to the finer things in life.

So the nigger babbles “Dats it?”

"Sheeit, lemme get some phillie blunts (cheap machine bunched “cigars” used for smoking weed).“

The cashier says “No, but we have some Davidoffs."

How bout Dutchies?”

The Cashier shakes his head. The nigger says “ Dammmnn, I thought yous was a cigar seller, man?”

The guy up raises his voice and says “We sell premium tobacco only. A few guys start to laugh, and the nigger starts to feel embarrassed and starts crying about how we “don’t want to treat a brotha like a customer”.

Why do niggers always act like they're the best costumers when they're the cheapest and most classless bastards to ever walk on two legs?

You don't go into a respectful car dealership and ask for a nigmobile.

-Dr Jenkem Jamal Jefferies

Coontact Tale #590 (June 10, 2007)

During the 60's I was a teenager living in a southern city that was at the center of the nigger rights movements and I have seen everything from niggers washed down the streets by the fire dept. to State Police with riot sticks giving niggers attitude adjustments.

During this time a friend had an old pre-suburban panel truck that didn't have a single piece of plastic in the whole truck, I'm talking solid steel dashboard that if you were in a wreck and hit your head on the dash it wouldn't even dent.

During the nigger uprising they started to play a game with whites where they would step off the curb in front of a vehicle and step back on the curb and give one of those monkey grins like they had just solved a first grade math problem. well we decided we were going to play to and when niggers stepped into the street and back, I would just throw the passenger door open and knock the niggers back into the sidewalk and in doing so knock the grin of their face and a few toofers at the same time.

Once when a nigger tried the same move on the drivers side his grin was quickly turned from joy to terror when he met the huge California mirrors sticking out about two feet from the door, you know the same type mirrors on a tractor trailer truck.

Oh for the good old days of putting niggers in the side ditch!

-Mad Max

Coontact Tale #591 (June 10, 2007)

I just read something in the TNB section about niggers having a graduation ceremony from prison, and it reminded me of something that happened at my own graduation from university.

Security at the graduation was pretty lax, and just about anyone could get in, as you only had to show your id to get into the main concert hall where the degrees were being given. But outside, and on the grounds it was very much open, and it was a hot summer day. In one section of the building, there was a photography studio, where graduates could go and have their photo taken by a professional photographer.

I decided to go and get a photo done, as I thought it would be a nice thing to remember the day by, so after I got robed in the robing room, I made my way to the studio. My particular uni's colours were blue with a yellow trim so I was quite surprised to see that there was a nigger in the studio having his picture taken wearing a black robe with a red trim, as I knew that those colours were not used by my institution at all.

So I was wondering WTF, while nigger was having a group photo taken with a sheboon and about 15 niglets, plus a few by himself, holding up the fake diploma that the photographer had in the studio. After the photos, nigger took off his robe, put them in a carrier bag and fucked off. I did not see it in the ceremony at all.

So now I think I know how niggers get their university degrees. Just get a robe and have a few snaps taken.

-LaTrine Jakscoon

Coontact Tale #592 (June 10, 2007)

This is my first coontact story that I’ve posted on this website, and the tale that exposed me to the true nature of the blue-gummed Africanus Bestia.

Eons ago, when I went to grade school, there was this ingenious plan to mix the “troubled kids that were a product of their environment” with normal, healthy, well-behaved human pupils. I guess with the less than mediocre education system in Florida, combined with the new wave of ultra-PC teachers.

They thought that the “innocents of children” could finally assimilate and domesticate the North American Blackback Brilloboon. Like decades in human society and bullwhips was enough to tell you that they're just not suitable to be amongst humans.

But I was very young and my parents never told me about TNB. So I was pretty indifferent at the time knowing that a wild beast was only but a few feet away from me. So we're all getting settled down to start the class, and the nigger already starts a chimp-out about what color seat was at his desk. He was crying and kicking student’s chairs, nigging and noggging about until the teacher caved in by asking another student if "Stephen" could have the blue chair instead of the red chair.

He kindly exchanges the chair, and the boisterous boon settled down. Pretty much everybody including the teachers and staff was afraid of him. I never understood why he would get away with such gross lack of respect for authority or property. He would steal anything that wasn’t nailed down and had the habit of holding up buses by chimping out on the school bus by throwing his empty backpack while jumping on the seats and making monkey sounds (I kid you not). But lucky for us, there was one kid that was not afraid of this feral nigglet.

On more than one occasions he racially butted heads with him since he was not the only “big kid” in the classroom, and refused to be intimated by this little nigger that was held back a couple of grades. He was the class clown, and gained notoriety of everybody when he put this wild mini-buck in his place.

I still smile in my dreams to this day because that little blond-hair, blue-eyed kid had more balls than most nigger apologizing adults today. Early one morning, when we got our chairs, little black Sambo didn’t get to one of his precious blue chairs fast enough, and the primitive wheels in his hollowed out nignogin were moving, and he was obviously contemplating a chimp-out.

He stormed over to that little blond haired kid, and tried to grab the blue chair from Kenny’s hands, and the teacher ran over to them, took the chair, and scolded both of them.

Then Kenny without hesitation shouted “I hate him and he looks like that monkey off of the cereal box!”

The teacher stands up shocked and says “Pardon?”

He says “I hate him!” “He looks like a butt nugget!” The chimp is in shock. Kenny shouts even louder for everybody to hear.

“Butt Nugget, butt nugget, butt, butt, butt nugget!”

The chimp stares at him, then stares at the teacher and proceeds to cry. Kenny is taken out of the room and the nigger gets pampered by the teacher while sitting in Kenny’s blue chair. From now on “Shephen” was referred to by the students as “cry baby” or the infamous “butt nugget”.

But it gets even better.

Kenny wasn’t kicked out and the nigger was caught drawing on his chair. Of course, I told the teacher, and she finally got the balls to punish him by making him set in that same chair from now on until the scribble was removed. And we all made sure to remind the teacher to make sure he sat in that same fucking chair for a few weeks. The little bastard eventually moved and was never heard from again.

Don’t kids say the darndest things?

-Dr Jenkem Jamal Jefferies

Coontact Tale #593 (June 10, 2007)

I had to go to Paducah today and take care of some business. After I was done, I decided to go into Gander Mountain to unwind, plus, I can always use more tackle!

Anyway, I'm over by the massive wall of hooks, looking for some trailer hooks for my spinner baits, when all of a sudden, this god awful smell hits me! I look to my left, and there's this rumpled up old shiny coon standing right next to me! It was horrid! Kind of like a dead rat smell. I started to get a splitting headache, and thought I was gonna pass out!

Now, this place literally has thousands of different hooks, and I knew the dumb coon would be there for all of eternity searching for "what be goo' to catch Drum wit?"

I immediately hauled ass, and went over to the guns & ammo section on the other side of the store for about an hour, then peeked back by the hook wall, and the nigger was finally gone. Now, wouldn't you know it, the bastards were all out of the hooks I needed, and 6 hrs. later, I still have that damn headache!

-Capt. Larsen

Coontact Tale #594 (June 10, 2007)

A nigger called me a racist today

Copied this over from another forum I use, thought it was worthy

This hideously ugly gorilla looking Nigger walked in on a conversation me and my brother where having. In the Home Depot of all places. We were talking about rap music and how pathetic is was for white people to asscoiate themselves with Black strife. The Nigger word wasn't used in any of our conversation. Although my brother does have a habit of not acting appropriately in public places but he did refrain from saying Niggers.

Our conversation went something like this: How is it possible for rural people that grew up in Lancaster County, PA speak like they came from the ghettos. It is a self taught speech, an emulation of some dumb ass gang banger. I understand how Blacks can relate or even look up to people like this but for some White kid too put on an act like they do is just stupid. Pants around there fucking ancles with there hats tilted and to the side. Leaning all the way back in there cars unable to see above the dash. Even wearing fucking grills and talking like they have balls in there mouths. We started getting into how rappers degrade women and glorify there gangster mentality. We moved on to other areas of our angst which alluded him I'm sure. I think we ended with how glad we were that our kids didn't like rap either.

I look over and there this Nigger peering through the shelves at us.The Nigger walks up to us and asks if we had a problem with rap music. We replied with a stern - No we don't like rap music. My bother chimes in with and we don't like rappers either. The Nigger tells us we were racists because we were talking shit about rap and rappers. We gave him a look of puzzlement and I replied with a stern statement - Bullshit. At that moment I could tell he had nothing to back his dumb ass comment and he just walked away. It was a priceless moment and quit humorous. I'm sure if there were a bunch of them things would have been a little different. You know how that goes. One monkey in a tree is fine. He wont even bother you and you wont hear a peep out of him. Now when you add several monkeys to that tree you have problems.

Now how in the fucking world is not liking rap racists. WTF!

It doesn't matter what the fuck you say to Niggers everything to them is fucking racists. Everyday I grow more and more intolerant of them. The sad thing is I doubt it will ever change.


Coontact Tale #595 (June 11, 2007)

Do I ever - how much time do you have? In the past 10 days alone I have.....

Sat across from a young black woman who pretended to be asleep the minute the Metro North conductor entered our car and announced that he was collecting tickets. She kept up the act even when he gently shook her foot to "wake her up". She went through the usual theatrics - looked tired, started digging through her wallet (very slowly, of course). The conductor went on his way but said he'd be back - he was and she was still digging - insisted she had a ticket and refused to buy another, so he threw her off at the next stop. I have seen this particular scenario acted out more times than I care to remember here in NY;

Visited Philadelphia over the weekend where my friends' shoes were almost stolen by a black woman while we sat with our feet in a fountain cooling off in the heat. She said they would be perfect for her son - offered us $5 for them (only because shewas caught trying to steal them). Only an hour or so later, while buying some bottled water from a vendor, the same friend was assailed by a young black man who insisted he buy him some gum - then there are the assorted black men lying all around the parks asking for money at every turn - I could go on and on..........What a world!

Coontact Tale #596 (June 11, 2007)

I went of a job fair this morning, Sat. June 2, and I was shocked to see that some of the africans showed up with no resume, with baseball hats turned in all kinds of directions, in shorts and tee shirts with the foulest sayings on them. Don't these things have any common sense at all? This was a job fair for high tech positions, I was amazed. Due to affrimative action, some of these creatures will be hired. If you know anything about engineering or Architectural firms, they hire the negroes as 'diversity directors', 'community communicatiosn specialist', 'Director of minority recruiting', 'Vice President of Inclusion' are you guys getting the picture. In a way these make believe jobs are nothing more that an added tax to the public. Who do you think pays for these 70 to 100 grand salaries for these incompetents? The clients. It sick out there and it is getting sicker.

Coontact Tale #597 (June 11, 2007)

Dear Imerica,

I hope you sitting dowm when you read this, but I am blaming white liberals for this mess. These black kids, that right they were kids in their late teens and early twenties have been conditioned by liberals, the vast majority white, to use their color as a shield. They have told that anything they do is part of their 'culture' and white employers must take it or pay the price. I actually know some black guys that are competent and can go head to toe with any one in my field. It really annoys me to see these guys actually cringe when they say some black kid come in a really do things that any normal person of any color would never do. I have see dumb white kids also. But by and large it is the black kids that push it to the limit. Here in New York City at the college I attend we have all kinds of special programs to keep black guys from failing, they go over the top with all kinds of help and the sad part is that it doesn't work.It is the mindset that has been driven into these kids by liberal morons. When they know that they can take advantage of the system they will do it. Blacks must decide to get their act together and stop this oncoming train wreck. Whit the large amounts of Asians and hispanics employers now can not hire any blacks and still fill out the minority reports that go to the government without any worry about being sued by EEOC. They will employ an Asian before a black. This is a fact of life. Like it or not this is what is happening right now. Someone will hire some of these kids that showed up today out of fear. They will give him a special title and let him sit at a desk just pushing papers around. I am sorry but this is the truth. This makes most whites prejudge blacks and it does someone like you no good at all to be prejudged. But something must be done, because more and more black youth will fall right through the cracks. Tell as many of the kids you see to stop this type of behaviour for their own good if they don't want to be pushed aside.

Coontact Tale #598 (June 11, 2007)

I just got home where right before I left, I had oodles of coontact.

I go down three floors in this office building in Shittsburgh on the elevator and in the lobby, there is no one in sight but three fat she boons sitting in chairs monkey chattering. I see no one at the security desk. Must be a nigger security guard from one of these halfass security outsource companies full of nigger chimps. I'm willing to bet the farm on it.

The nigger sows chattering still keep looking my way and saying nothing. Then finally I see this old security nigger standing around the elevators where I just was; looking at me standing at the security desk. The stupid grampy chimp isn't walking my way; just looking. I give it a look like, "You coming over here or what?"

The old boon starts doing the typical nigger molasses-in-it's-ass walk on over to the desk and asks me what I've got in my backpack.

Old Boon: What you got in the backpack, man?
Me: NASA equipment and Nessie. (Loch Ness Monster)
Old Boon: I have to see what's in the backpack.
Me: What? I don't have to show anyone anything.
Old Boon: Sir, please.
Me: It's my right to not have to show my contents in my backpack.
Old Boon: Yes, but you are on this property.
Me: Where do I sign out? I'm not a goddamned terrorist.
Old Boon: I still have to see what's in the backpack.
Me: Fuck it. I'm leaving.
Old Boon: Sir!

My attitude must have worked it's way over to the old she-boons chattering because they started getting louder, saying things, like "Go home, man. Yeah! Haha. He said fuck dat security man. Go on!" Niggers smell aggression from any direction and their nigger brains pick it up creating stimuli to get their inner chimp bongo beating.

I went to my car undisturbed and not followed by other standby boons who want to follow a human to their car. If they want to do that, then they can do it on their own time...which is a favorite nigger pastime anyway.

First of all, I refuse to take orders from a nigger that I do not answer to on paper. I don't need some wild old nigger chimp knowing what I'm sporting so he can notify other chimpanzees with what I'm sporting so I can get my ass pounded on the way to the parking lot.

Second of all, I'm getting really sick and tired of this "We have a right to search you" token bullshit. I don't need some jackass, much less some nigger chimp, rooting around in my bag and not finding anything. If I was hiding anything, to support that damned Well, if you've got nothing to hide, then you won't mind us searching" crap, then I sure as hell wouldn't have stopped by the security desk in the first place. I would have taken off as soon as I stepped off the elevator if that were the case. Doesn't matter either way...these buildings contracting these security boons is more of a security risk than any other possibility.

This principle doesn't enter the nigger mind...they just want to know what you've got. Gives them their everlasting desire for nigger superiority. I'm sure as hell aren't giving them that satisfaction. They can watch TV if they want to see fantasy niggers in action.

Besides, if places are so big on security, then what the hell is with these office buildings contracting and hiring these baboon security "guards" that do nothing but sit around, drink coffee, play cards and probably jack off in their hidden nigger nests? That's like hiring a fox to watch the chicken coup.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. I'm just pissed off because I can sense a niggerfuxated week coming on.

Coontact Tale #599 (June 11, 2007)

I can have a cruel sense of humor and I am usually quite reserved but I have been on some anti-anxiety medication so I am less inhibited than normal. Driving back from my English class at J Sargent Reynolds Community College Downtown Campus (straight in Coontown) I was at a stoplight with some coon mobile next to me with the token fat sheboon (looked like she was a nurse) and her buck for the day. Figuring they probably weren't armed (they didn't look terribly ghetto) I gave them the middle finger and shouted "niggers!" like Kramer. They chimped out and started yelling slurs towards me and I repeatedly yelled "NIGGERS!" It was a very therapeutic experience and we parted ways when the stoplight turned green. I am still fired up over it, it was some great coontact. I realize this was kind of stupid but damn was it fun!

Coontact Tale #600 (June 11, 2007)

I hate Vacations

cause I have to come back too soon. Anyway, when I come back to da sto, there was the ugliest nigger I'd seen in a while. One of dem young bucks with tats all over hiz monkey arms, big fat nigger lips (looked like he'd been sucking a cow's azz too long)big afro ugly muddafucker. He's sitting there in the break room eating (I swear to God) one of those cups of waddymelon already cut up. "He's one of those guys from the halfway house wanting to make a fresh start" the nigger lovin HR bitch said. "Well tell him to just leave me the hell along" I tell her in my nicest go to hell voice. I look over and here's Jamal or Tyrone or whatever his name is looking at me, popping them big nigger lips at me. Niggers don't chew you know, they use them big lips to just pound the food down. Disgusting creatures if you axs me. I told the girl what was to train the Future of Niggermart to watch his azz cause as sure as hell, he'll be stealing money. She tells me that he's really sorry for what he did and that he's all changed n shit. I'm thinking she's going to look cute on the side of milk carton after Muh Dik kicks in and she gets lost. Ever notice when it's nice outside, people get real sick? You'd think that in the dead of winter that they'd be all sick but seems like in the spring and summer, those bad germs are all out in force. Such was this day and I got axed to run a register up front, pretty close to Wall St Nigger. The girl (who I will call WG) was showing this AA nigger all about making change, but it seemed like all he wanted to do was know where the $100 were kept. She rang up like 20 sales while he looked down her shirt at her boobs (Yep, they didn't go anywhere) then it was hiz turn. It was a simple sale too, like 2 items and all Sambo had to do was swipe it across the terminal and push a button. My guess is that he was doing some nuclear fission formulas in his haid and just couldn't seem to get those fingers going. WG steps in and he goes back to watching her boobs again (them pesky little critters aint going anywhere with this nigger on the job). This went on for 6 HOURS! I know I'm not the smartest bulb on the Christmas tree but damn, 6 hours. ANyway, back in the break room, she was going over some stuff and I just had to say something to this nigger. I sauntered up and axs him if he was enjoying his new job. Yeah, I iz he says and I then axs him if he was catchin on fast. He said Yeah to which I told him taht he'd learn a lot more if he'd pay more attention to the way WG worked, instead of her boobs. I thought a chimpout was immenient but he just looked at me. I guess Muh Dik was kicking in or something. We'll see and I can't wait till WG's boyfriend comes in. He's like 6'3 and 250 lbs. Could be a nigger on a milk carton soon

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