The following are true stories involving Tales of Coontact gathered from a variety sources. A collection of Stories were gathered from mainstream chat boards and posted by people just like you and me.

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Coontact Tale #451 (October 6, 2006)

Last night I was across the street at my neighbors house helping him repair his sprinkler system. He is a good neighbor from South America. Anyway, I sent him to Home Depot to get some PVC glue and a few parts. I was continuing to work when his yard ape neighbor who lived behind him came over and threatened his 17 year old son.

"ize tired of hearing yo dog bark, it be waking me up when ize be sleeping. Everytime he barks it echos tru my window" He then goes on waving his hands. His son explained to him that his father was at the store and would be back if he wanted to talk to him. he then babbled" I ze don't know what i goona do bout that dog but i gonna do something maybe i will call da poe-leeece" Enough was enough, I stood up and told him that he was threatning a minor and that if he wanted to talk to the "po-leeese" we could walk across the street (next door to me) and talk to the officer that lived there and discuss how you theatened a minor.He then grunted and said that he would talk to his father the next day. Stupid nigger. I wonder how he would feel if he knew he was in the presence of a Niggermaniac?

Coontact Tale #452 (October 6, 2006)

Years ago I was trapped in NYC during the summer and a friend suggested we take a day trip to the Long Branch, New Jersey shore area. I didn't want to go, but he talked me into it. I wound up drinking too much beer and getting sunburned, and I didn't care much for the Jersey shore.

When it got dark we boarded a train for the trip back to NYC. By and by a nice looking young blonde woman got aboard and sat with us. She was very friendly and from Holland. She wanted to talk about one thing and one thing only: The subject of racial injustice in America. We obliged her.

After a couple of stops a pair of old drunken Negroes got aboard and the blonde was overjoyed: She would quizz them about racism. They were in their late 60s and blitzed. The fat old guy was soon passed out and the woman started to chatter about her life as a kitchen helper in a sanitarium. She would guffaw and cackle and every now and again draw a mayonnaise jar full of water out of a shopping bag and drink from it; then screw the lid on and put it away. After awhile she said she needed the ladies room and went forward. Shortly afterwards the blonde said she too had to go, could I show her where the w.c. was? So I led her forward. I threw open the door and we stood on the platform between the cars and I suddenly discerned in the darkness that the old Negro woman was pissing like a cow off the train. She started up with her insane witch, hen cackle laughter as some of the piss blew back in the wind.

After this we all resumed our racial dialog until we came to a town where we all had to transfer trains. The old guy woke up and as we were filing out, he fell head first between the trains and was lying still on the gravel and ties. the blonde yelled out, "It's racism, it's racism, nobody cares if he's alive!" And the old Negro woman started to laugh hysterically and said over and over, "He awright!, He's haid be like iron! He jes' an ol' nigger! Yu can' hurt no ol' nigger! Ain' nuthin' rong w'thim! And sure enough, he came to, then got up and walked to the train.

Coontact Tale #453 (October 6, 2006)

I was driving to school the other day when I came to a red light at an intersection and stopped. The light turned green and the most hideous sheboon imaginable starts crossing against the light. She(it) starts making the most ridicoulous hand gestures like a gorilla trying to imitate the hand signals used by a parking control officer. I honked when she crossed in front of me and I got the dirtiest look. I could just hear what she was thinking. "Sheeit whiteboy hod yre dam horses Is be crossing the mothafucking street". I know this is prety standard TNB the idea that the rules don;t apply to them and that everyone else can wait while they do what they want. The thing that made this notable was how disgusting she looked. No sheboon is attractive, but I almost got sick looking at her.

Another coontact tale that happened took place in a hotel next to my apartment building. This hotel is an SRO which if your not familiar with means it has tiny single occupancy rooms and common bathrooms. Its full of nigs, prostitutes and drug dealers. When wellfare checks come in the mail the nigs will take their checks and live in the hotel until the money runs out and will then live on the street for the rest of the month until the rent comes. Anyway a local reporter is doing a story on the hotel and lives there for three days. One night he see's nigress being thrown out of the hotel. She was caught sleeping in the bathroom without paying for a room. She claims its unfair that she is being thrown out. "I stah huh all da time theys be owing me me for da money I be spending here". She thinks the amount of times she has stayed in the hotel entitle her to sleep in the bathroom for free. On top of the she says the hotel is run by thiefs and they have stolen her money in the past. How was her money stolen, well aparently one time she soiled the sheets so badly that they couldn't be washed or reused and she was charged for them The other time she was "ripped off" she stole towels from the room and was charged for them. Niggers earn the name everyday. Who else but a nigger could tell you with a straight face that being charged for property they destroyed/stole was an example the man ripping them off.

Coontact Tale #454 (October 6, 2006)

Ever been in a hospital for any length of time? This may scare you.

I had mentioned in a previous letter that I had once managed a large, three hundred and fifty seat cafeteria in a Major Texas hospital. Again, as I said before, this was a few years prior to the wet back invasion so the majority of our low level work force was mostly nigger. And as I mentioned in another previous letter, when a nigger attains a position of power and authority, you will just about have to kill them to get them out of there. They dig themselves in deeper than an Alabama tick so most people above them just give up and quit trying to remove them. They only hope that some how, by the grace of God, maybe they will get hit by a train or come down with some incurable illness and disappear forever. We had a number of these in our Hospital. They were known as “Unit Secretaries.”

For reasons known only to God, All of these positions were only staffed by older, She Boons. Ever floor and every unit had one. In our Hospital, when a niggress attained one of these prized (to them) positions, they were there for life and they made sure every other nigger in the hospital KNEW it. They were the royalty of our in-house nigger society and the other niggers bowed low to them. Unfortunately, they also made sure everyone else on staff knew it too. And this is where my story begins.

I had a girl Friend that worked nights as a nurse in the SICU upstairs. That stands for Surgical Intensive Care Unit. This is where you go in any hospital when you are walking the tight rope between life and death and the smallest ‘Puff of Wind’ could send you to Eternal dream land. These unfortunates were monitored 24/7 and the staff was no more than ten feet away.

Anyway, often times when my Cafeteria closed, I would wander upstairs to see her and sit and watch the goings-on in that unit. You may think you’ve seen something similar on television but let me tell you, Television isn’t even CLOSE to reality. I’ve seen Doctors and Nurses literally elbow deep in a Patients guts. My girl Friend was one of these. God Bless her. On especially bad night, I was there for a live performance.

As you may know, people in these wards have so many machines attached to them; they often look like an exhibit at an electronics trade show. Lights and bells and beepers and all sorts of other electronic stuff. I have no idea what any of it is for other than to tell the attending staff about what’s going on inside that person. One night one of the patients in that ward went into “Code.” This is where the patient begins to fall off the tightrope and if someone doesn’t catch him, he’s going to leave that unit feet first. It was bad. His machines went off like it was New Year’s Eve. Of course, the good Doctors and Nurses there were on him instantly, doing their thing.

As I watched the drama unfold, one of the staff does a 180 away from the scene and runs across to the unit Secretary clutching a vile of some sort. She says to the She-Boone sitting there “Take this to the “Tube” and get it to the lab STAT!”

Now, I must interject here that many hospitals are equipped with a system very similar to what you see in a bank drive-thru. It’s a vacuum affair that will send items from one location to another much faster than they could be carried there. In a Hospital, this saved critical time. Anyway, back to the story…

“Get this to the ‘tube’ and send it to the lab, STAT!” That nigger looks up from her magazine (cell phones weren’t invented yet) and very calmly replies “Hey Baby, I’m on break.” And goes right back to her magazine, totally ignoring this nurse! At that instant, the nurse wheeled away, running out the door and heading for the tube to send that sample.

Do I need to get specific here? That was one LESS trained pair of hands who could have been in there attempting to save that patients life. She was now performing a task that should have been done by someone else. Remember that phrase, my young readers as it is one of the most common phrases heard in all of Niggerdom. When you need something done you will frequently be met with “Hey Baby, Iz on break!”

I don’t know what ever became of that unfortunate patient. I am aware that NO action was ever taken against that particular Unit Secretary. Oh, she may have been ‘written up’ and the incident documented but what’s that to a nigger? Just a worthless piece of paper.

If you even TRY and use these documents against them, they will find ten different government agencies that will blame YOU for being a racist and a bigot. It’s just not worth the effort to try and get rid of these niggers the legal way. You’ll just end up losing and coming out on the short end of things. I find this horrible for the regular person who may be involved with a nigger but a regular person can deal with it. For a person lying in a hospital bed, walking the line between life and death, it’s tragic.

Coontact Tale #455 (October 6, 2006)

My coworker and myself drove into Pittsburgh to meet with a customer on their latest computer upgrades - they went from NT Server to SBS 2003 and all PCs up to XP Pro. Okay, that's for the geeks...irrelevent and common setup, but oh well.

I asked my coworker driving: "LET'S GO SEE SOME COONTACT!" I didn't say "coontact" but I said "Let's go see the niggies!"

He had told me about this gas station down the street from the customers that was always a nigger magnet and it was a complete nigger circus by the time we got there.

We pull in and there's a pack of nigger bucks, probably aged 13-16 (at 1PM, mind you) doing their usual "pack thing", which is moving around in any direction where they look like a big plant in the aquarium swaying from the bubbles coming from the oxygenator or whatever it's called.

A couple are slinking backwards, other's to the left, other's to the right, others forward then to the left, others backward then to the right...the pack itself was like it's own living breathing thing as if it had life...expanding, contracting, taking different forms. You get the picture! A normal chimp pack.

Of course, as usual, they're in the way of the doorway - far away to get to the doorway but close enough to cause obstruction. This positions is MANDATORY with the nigger inner chimp in it's subdued or "chilled" mode - if there's a doorway, be near it!

So I go to the other door on the side and the sun's beating on the door causing a reflection so I can't see through it. I open it, some older nigger buck, maybe aged 40 or so, standing right next to the door, not blocking but also putting me too close to the simian.

I walk up to the counter and there's this she-boon and this other mud-somewhat white person with a Star of David necklace, he was obviously of Middle Eastern genes, had an Israeli flag tacked up behind the counter and him smelling like whatever fashionable teen cologne is out now where they all submerge themselves in it before leaving the house creating an eye-watering experience for everyone else. I thought, "Well, this explains the nigger patronage!"

"Pack of...", I asked for my cigarettes. The she boon went right for the Marlboro Lights.

"How'd you know I wanted those?", I asked.

"Ya'll luv dem things", said the she boon.

"What if I asked for Kools?", I asked.

"Nah, dat wuh-int happ'n", said the she boon.

"I see", I said, paying for my smokes and leaving.

I got back into my buddy's car and said, "Okay, I had my fill. Let's go."

Until next month when we venture into Shittsburgh, you all stay tuned!


- flattenedsprog

Coontact Tale #456 (October 6, 2006)

I've been feeling a lot bolder regarding niggers recently, and it has everything to do with Niggermania. Why should I sit back and let them have their fun and not say anything, especially now that I know better about how truly worthless and rotten that species is? So now I'M the one fucking with THEM.

I was at the laundrymat today and there was a really pretty girl there doing her clothes, way too young for me but what the hell, it turns out she was in college with her first apartment and didn't know jack about doing clothes. Enter Lancelot.

There was this mopey looking nigger working the counter, prob. in his late thirties, he had that look like he'd been in and out of jail a few times and here he is working in a laundrymat, prob. the only job his sorry black ass could get. He was well within earshot of me and this young girl as I noticed her just lumping all of her clothes together to throw in the washer, meanwhile there's a bottle of Clorox righgt there, so what the hell is she going to do, bleach EVERYTHING? I had to step in. So I told her to hold it, and that she needed to seperate the clothes, do the whites in hot water and add the bleach when the light told you to, apparently stuff they don't cover in high school these days. So she's happy for the help, but then gave me the greatest set up ever. She asked if "it was really, REALLY that important to put the whites seperate, and not just throw it all in together", like it was the biggest pain in the ass ever.

I couldn't help myself. Jigger-Boo Sam is over there about five feet away doing something with the clothes people bring in to be washed, and I look at the girl and say "It is EXTREMELY important to ALWAYS segregate the coloreds from the whites! They should NEVER mix!"

The girl is too young, and probably too stupid to get the meaning of my remark, but Sambo wasn't. Out of the corner of my eye he was giving me that "nigger leer", you know the one, that hateful, despising look they save just for whitey or their baby momma when she wants her "chile suppote chayk". But he didn't say shit, because he was the laundry nigger and I am the customer, so fuck him. I finished washing up and got out of there, but made sure to stay until this young girl finished too. I didn't want her there alone with this savage, especuially after I put him in his place and he knew it. This was my best nigger insult yet, and I'm going to try for more in the weeks to come, and see if I can provoke a real chimp out. It was all worth it just to see that asshole fuming behind the counter as I warned a young white girl to NEVER mix with the coloreds, ha ha!!!!

- NorthwestEd

Coontact Tale #457 (October 6, 2006)

when i handed out the math test in my high school class today nigger says "deys too many problems"!

it was fucking classic.

had to really hold back the laugh.

Coontact Tale #458 (October 7, 2006)

This is a followup to Coontact Tale 451

"If dogs could type, they would be on here as well bashing niggers."

You beat me to the punch there Clint, I was thinking the same thing.

"Put a previously nigger owned dog in the care of a human being for few days, and pretty soon he'll be salivating in anticipation of biting a nigger. Guaranteed."

It's funny that you mentioned this Nathan, I found a stray pitbull that didn't look too healthy but had a beaten demeanor about it and nursed it back to health (in my area if they find a stray "viscious" dog breed they won't allow it to go back to the owner it simply gets destroyed) since I seem to be a natural with dogs (dogs can sense I mean no harm to them and it came in at a time when my pit died a few months earlier about few years ago). After about three weeks I found a few flyers in my neighborhood about a missing dog and a reward with a dog tag matching the flyer.

I placed a call to the "rightful" owner which happened to be a girl who wanted to pick up the dog right away which was ok with me since I was doing some lawn work. A few minutes later a horrible distorted booming sound came towards my house and out of the car came some coal burner and her in tow "boyfriend" wanting to pick up the dog. When I opened the door the dog made an immediate beeline towards the "chew toy" and proceeded to play "police dog" with the screaming negro immediately. The coal burner desperately tried to order the dog down and trying to jump into the fray (she was actually trying to physically pull the dog off the negro, but her screaming and yelling most likely pushed the dog into the frenzy more).

After hitting all three with a hose to separate them (and being concerned about a possible lawsuit) things calmed down a little. During this little escapade, one of my neighbors came out with some towels for them to dry themselves with (but confessed to me later that he was rolling with laughter and wanted a front row seat to hear what happened) and found out the pitbull escaped when negro buck was trying to "toughen" him up (obviously for fighting but the negro is too stupid to properly train a dog for such endeavors, beating a dog doesn't make it "tougher") but I guess the dog wanted to repay it's tormentor. If it wasn't for the hose most likely the negro would have died, he was much bigger and stronger than the dog but when panic set in (negroes have an unusual fear of dogs) and to some small degree the dog may have thought that the negro was going to take him away from heaven (the way the dog ate initially I could tell it wasn't fed regularly, and it filled out quite nicely in my care).

After hearing this I refused to hand the dog back to them (my neighbor told me if I didn't say something he would, my neighbor fears and hates this breed of dog but it shows what goes thru the minds of moral people where they can show empathy for those creatures that they consider "dangerous" being mistreated). This was followed by the coal burner's failed attempt to call the cops (her phone was damaged by the water I sprayed to separate them). This was turning out to be a minor stand off as coal burner wanted "her" dog back but they realized that they had opposition who wouldn't fork the dog over.

Unfortunately for me some other neighbor did call the cops and what happened was that the coal burner and "chewblacka" decided to reliquish the dog when it came out that there might have been intentions to fight it (glad that my neighbor was a little nosey, having a witness was a good thing here) and decided it might be better to go to an emergency room as well (that's the last I saw of them) and animal control took away the dog to be disposed of. I decided then and there I wanted the dog if they'd let me keep it but due to it biting a person that unfortunately they had to process the dog. I remember talking to one of the cops who thought it was a shame that such a "playful" dog was going to be destroyed.

This story had a second sad ending as well, I guess the animal control agent and the cop decided the dog wasn't a threat and actually found a home for it out in the country (off the books). Unfortunately the coal burner and fiend tried one last effort to get the dog back and this attempted report forced the animal control agent and cop to really return the dog (they almost were fired for this). I found this out when shopping at walmart and the officer was out of uniform and recognized me told me about it. Damn shame, the dog almost had a second chance in life and it seems the negro was able to take this away from it as well. I hope that the dog has one last reunion with this buck in "doggie heaven" or "negro hell" to even the score.

Coontact Tale #459 (October 8, 2006)

Good morning class. Today?s lesson will cover Automotive TNB and how to deal with it.

Several years back, when I was young and single (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth?) I was working and living in L.A. I was very fortunate to live in one of the ?beach cities? (Redondo Beach) that had not yet been swallowed by the nigger/wet back swarm that has now taken over out there. It was a very quiet and pleasant neighborhood only a couple of blocks from the Pacific Ocean. I was living in a very nice house that had been divided into apartments. Not terribly large but what the hell! Sun, surf and the cuties was only a couple of blocks away! Not too bad for a young, single fellow.

Everyone on my street was very nice and we never had any problems. All were white, upscale working folks just trying to survive in a town like L.A. seeing as how many of these homes had no garages; folks were forced to use the street in front of their residence. Not a big deal as everyone pretty much knew which cars belonged to who and thus, not to park in that spot. It was just one of those unwritten, neighborhood things. If you erred and took someone?s slot, they would leave you a nice note letting you know that they lived in that house and to please refrain from parking there again. As we were all White and working for a living, we all respected each other?s wishes and there were never any problems. This also included respect for those sleeping at night as many of us worked odd hours and had varying entry and departure times. This simply meant keeping the radio at a reasonable level and keeping your car in decent order so it wouldn?t rattle the windows when it came by. Again, not a big thing?.until a NIGGER moved in down the street.

Ever been through one of those mind-numbing twelve hour days where the only thing you want to do is park your car, shower up then make sweet love to your pillow for about twenty hours? All you can think about on the drive home is how damn good that shower is gonna feel and how sweet it will be to slide under those covers for a long trip to Dreamland! Yea, it?s all so good you can almost TASTE it as you sit in traffic heading for home! Yup, right up till the moment you pull up in front of your residence and find that some nigger has parked his ?Hooptie? in your spot and now you must find a spot in some strange neighborhood three streets away and drag your ass home in the heat all the time hoping that you haven?t accidentally taken someone?s parking spot in that neighborhood, pissing him off enough so that he calls a tow truck and has your car hauled off to who-knows-where.

This is EXACTLY what began happening to all of us on our street when that Nig-Nog moved in. We tried leaving him nice notes on how this was our spot and could he please use his own space and so on. I came out one morning to find his car gone and my note crumbled up and thrown in the street. This happened to several of my neighbors also.

We called the city and asked if they could tow him away but it seems he wasn?t breaking any laws so they couldn?t help us. The private Tow companies wanted too much cash and basically didn?t want to deal with a legally parked, legally registered car. It was up to us to deal with this nigger as best we could. This is where I came in.

If I am good at any one thing, it?s fucking with people?s minds. I can?t hurt anyone physically but I will put them ?on their knees? mentally. With niggers, this is just a ?walk in the park.?

I started slowly with this one. Nothing too flashy or outlandish. Just something to get his ?attention.? The first ?problem? he encountered was with his windshield wipers. We were in the rainy season at that time and, wouldn?t ya know it, all the small screws in his wiper blades and arms just mysteriously vanished. Odd how that happens. Heard him chimping-out to a fellow coon a few days later about how ?Da muthafukkin winshild wipas just flew right offa da damn car! Couldn see nuttin! Damn near hadda accident!?

I let him go to Auto Zone and get these fixed and left him be for a while. Let him get nice and comfortable. Seems he then had a strange problem with his gas tank. Seems some asshole went to Auto Zone and spent $5.95 for a locking gas cap that was an EXACT fit to his car. Huh, isn?t that something? Seems this asshole replaced his original gas cap with a brand new, shiny one that had a lock on it. And that asshole went and lost the fucking key (threw it down the street drain, actually?) Man! That nigger was PISSED!

We could all hear his ranting and screaming to his friend all the way up and down the street! Seems he was on his way to work when he pulled into Chevron for some gas. Popped open the little gas door and got fucked! No gas for him that day! ?And that muthafukkan locksmif wanted fifty bucks just to cum out! Fukk dat sheit! I jes took a tire iron and busted dat muthfukka offa da fukkin car! Mannn! I gots da muthafukka offa der but I dun went and fukked up my car! Muthafukka!? You would think by this time the nigger might be getting ?wise? to what was going on. Naaaa, this is a nigger after all!

He continued to play his ?thumpin-Humpin Boon Tunes at murderous levels at all hours and STILL parked where ever the hell he felt like parking. This was getting serious. Time to quit playing games with this ape and do some serious ?mind control.?

Seems that particular car must?ve had a bad problem with screws. They just fell out at odd times. And all at once, too. How unusual. I noticed a few days later that all his tail light lenses were gone. Someone either stole them or they simply fell out into the street. Now who would want to steal a tail light lens from a pile of shit like that? Damn screws.

Was walking down the street one afternoon and noticed this nigger entering his car from the passenger side, attempting to work his way over the transmission hump and the arm rest between the bucket seats. Damn! That looked to be a big pain in the ass for someone of his size. Yup, it?s tough for someone of that size to contort his body in such a way so as to manipulate it into position behind the wheel. And to do it each time one need to use the car? Geez! What a pain in the ass! He really should consider replacing that driver?s door lock right away. Terrible things, those tooth picks coated with super glue.

Did I mention that a friend of mine had one of those bumper sticker printing machines? I don?t know what the hell he had it for but it sure came in handy. Printed up a nice bumper sticker that simply said ?White Power? That?s all it said. Nothing more, nothing less. A very simple message for a nigger. It appeared on his rear bumper. Did I fail to mention that there was a second bumper sticker directly hidden under that one? It said ?Fuck Niggers.? I just can?t imagine what he must?ve been thinking after peeling the first one off and finding that. Bet it was good, though?

I think all of our shananagins began to sink in as he was a good boy for quite a while. But we knew it wouldn?t last. He eventually went back to his old ways. Pity, I thought he was trained. Guess not. Time to teach him his final lesson.

Went to Wally?s and purchased myself a box of twelve gauge shot gun shells. Took ?em home and said to myself ?Self! What the hell are you doing with twelve gauge shot gun shells? You don?t even own a gun!? Well sir, here I was with this fine, American made ammunition and nothing to do with it! What a pickle. What to do? What to do?

I carefully (VERY CAREFULLY) took one of those fine shells and separated the shot from the powder charge, discarding the shot. Now all I had was this small package of gunpowder neatly wrapped. The more I looked at it the more I realized that its diameter was an almost exact match to an automotive tail pipe. How interesting. Wonder if it would fit in there? I waited for our nigger to come home that night so I could test my theory.

About four in the morning, under cover of darkness, I crept up on said nigger mobile and carefully crouched down behind the rear bumper feeling for that elusive tail pipe. There it was and it was stone cold, too! Car must?ve been parked for several hours. Perfect test bed for my little science experiment!

I crouched down and ever so carefully fit my little prize into his tail pipe! It fit perfectly! I then took my little toy broom handle (Just happened to see one of these at Wally?s and thought how useful it might be if I ever have a daughter?) and ever so carefully shoved my little gift down the tail pipe until it fell into the muffler. I then crept quietly away.

A few days later I happened to be coming home from work early and saw this nigger loading boxes and clothes into his car. I quickly changed into my ?duds? and went for a casual walk around the neighborhood. As I strolled by I chatted with him briefly. ?Moving?? I said. ?Yea, man. I gotta go. Sumone here been fukkin wid my car at nite and three days ago dey tried to blow it up wid me innit! I asked ?What happened?? And he replied ?I wuz on my way ta work an jus sittin in traffic. Juz then dere wuz this huge xplosion directly under my azz ann my muthafukkin muffla goes shootin into da street all by iz self! I dam near had a muthafukkin hartattak! Cops came and everthang! Wondered what the hell wuz goin on! Ya man, I gotta go fo someone killz me.

We never saw that nigger again. It is my sincere wish that he learned something from his experience here, but probably not. He is a NIGGER after all?.

Coontact Tale #460 (October 8, 2006)

Years ago I was trapped in NYC during the summer and a friend suggested we take a day trip to the Long Branch, New Jersey shore area. I didn't want to go, but he talked me into it. I wound up drinking too much beer and getting sunburned, and I didn't care much for the Jersey shore.

When it got dark we boarded a train for the trip back to NYC. By and by a nice looking young blonde woman got aboard and sat with us. She was very friendly and from Holland. She wanted to talk about one thing and one thing only: The subject of racial injustice in America. We obliged her.

After a couple of stops a pair of old drunken Negroes got aboard and the blonde was overjoyed: She would quizz them about racism. They were in their late 60s and blitzed. The fat old guy was soon passed out and the woman started to chatter about her life as a kitchen helper in a sanitarium. She would guffaw and cackle and every now and again draw a mayonnaise jar full of water out of a shopping bag and drink from it; then screw the lid on and put it away. After awhile she said she needed the ladies room and went forward. Shortly afterwards the blonde said she too had to go, could I show her where the w.c. was? So I led her forward. I threw open the door and we stood on the platform between the cars and I suddenly discerned in the darkness that the old Negro woman was pissing like a cow off the train. She started up with her insane witch, hen cackle laughter as some of the piss blew back in the wind.

After this we all resumed our racial dialog until we came to a town where we all had to transfer trains. The old guy woke up and as we were filing out, he fell head first between the trains and was lying still on the gravel and ties. the blonde yelled out, "It's racism, it's racism, nobody cares if he's alive!" And the old Negro woman started to laugh hysterically and said over and over, "He awright!, He's haid be like iron! He jes' an ol' nigger! Yu can' hurt no ol' nigger! Ain' nuthin' rong w'thim! And sure enough, he came to, then got up and walked to the train.

Coontact Tale #461(October 8, 2006)

This is a true story from several years back but I remember it vividly because it was my first real exposure to the dreadful consequences of Affirmative Action. The Astor & Tilden Branch of the New York Public Library (one of the largest in the world) had built a modern annex two blocks away because the had run out of room at 5th Avenue and 42nd St. I had requested something at the old library and was told it was only available now at the annex. So I walked over and immediately saw the collection was immense---there were four or five floors in what once had been a department store---and it was packed with people. In the lobby was a circular desk with an INFORMATION sign over it. I approached and saw that two people were standing inside the desk; a young blond woman and a 40ish Negro male. The blond had a long line of people but seemed to be fairly quickly directing them to whatever they were asking about. There was no one on the Negro's line and he seemed to be very happy---grinning and bopping around. I thought to myself, "Should I get on the blond's line and wait and wait---or should I ask the Negro---although, very apparently no one seemed to trust his judgement?" I decided to go with the Negro because I assumed the library would only have hired someone qualified for the job. (????///!!!!)

I asked him, "In what area is there material concerning agriculture, poultry operations, and animal husbandry?" The coon looked at me and threw back his head with throaty Negro laughter, guffawing and disturbing the whole library he said, "Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa, mofo' I ain' nebba herd o' no animal husban! Where you think yu is, a lyberry o Tiajuana! People on the blond's line glared at me, I guess they figured it was all my fault. I knew at that moment what Affirmative Action would do, and that the Library and America had changed for the worse.

Coontact Tale #462(October 8, 2006)

Talking about nigger shit. My son worked mall security for a while. One evening, an elderly lady came up to him and said "there is a black man going to the toilet in front of Payless'. He went to the store expecting to find that some nigger was acting like a nigger, and whipped it out and pissed on the floor. Instead he found a disgusting pile of shit. What is also amusing, the janitor refused to clean it up and was fired. The uppity manager bitch had to clean it up. Serves her right, she was cheating on her husband with a groid.

Coontact Tale #463 (October 8, 2006)

Yesterday was shopping day and I usually go to the family dollar not to do my major shopping but pick up things for half price that I would be getting at Kroger anyway.

Family Dollar is always full of niggers but with the savings being what they are, I figure between $10 and $40 a week, I hold my breath and go in anyway.

Yesterdays visit was no exception ahead of me was a fat baboon buying up Little Debbie Cream Pies, no shit the shegroid stood 5'2" tall and had to weigh in at 280 lbs, had a dozen packages in her cart along with Cocoa Puffs and Sugar Frosted Flakes. Sitting on the counter was her two year old niglet that had to take a shit so it did. Nigger bitch picked up the niglet that had a leaky diaper which left a shit smear and little pieces of shit across the counter. The bitch saw it, I know she saw it, but without skipping a beat or saying a word she loaded the shit factory onto her cart left.

I put my stuff down and walked out.

Coontact Tale #464(October 10, 2006)

My worst fear may yet be realized. Our neighbors across the street are selling their house, and just my luck, a Hummer full of rowdy groids piled out of their coonmobile to have a look. It was broad daylight, but I knew I had to do something to discourage these niggers from setting up shop.

Dashing inside, I stripped down to my boxers. Digging through the recycling bin, I grabbed a long-empty bottle of Maker's Mark and filled it partway with apple juice.

Stumbling back outside, I shouted a hearty "how'shh it going, brothers", smiling broadly as I swigged my "bourbon". While I waited for an answer, I began scratching myself in an indecent manner and belching. This didn't seem to faze them at all. "Wassup, yo", bellowed the silverback. The nigger family continued inside without giving me a second glance!

How the fuck can I keep these monkeys off my block? They weren't even shaken by a half nude skinhead drinking publicly at 10 am on a Sunday. My foul disposition towards spooks is well known around here, as is the fact that I spend a good portion of my free time training to stomp niggers more efficiently, but I doubt that's the kind of thing the neighbors are going to tell a family of coons who are looking to buy their house.

Any ideas on coon-proofing my 'hood? Aside from things that will get me thrown into prison, that is.

Coontact Tale #465(October 12, 2006)

Every year, for the last 8 or so, useless fucking politicians in Kansas have tried to get a concealed carry law. Every year, they fail.(i call every politician useless because they are).

This past spring, the bitch gov vetoed it as usual. Fuck me to tears, the politicians overrode that miserable bitch and now we can carry as of 1 Jan 07. Got to take a 8 hr class, fingerprints, etc.

Fast Forward to this past saturday. 12 names are on the list for todays class. at 8 am, there are 11 people there. class starts. around 8:15, outside we hear a niggermobile pulling up to the building. three car doors slam shut. In slithers Leroy the liver lipped nigger and 2 cum guzzling,gutterslut coalburners. Instructor tells shitskin that if the white wimmenz gonna stay, they gonna pay for the class. leroy starts babbling about how whites are total shit. instructor says he may want to be quiet because there are 11 others that are here because of TNB and they all have guns. Leroy chills. Time to shoot. Leroy the sprog pulls out this piece of shit that I wouldn't hammer nails with. It is a 9mm and he has 45 ammo. Stupid fucking nigger!! Instructor lets him use his pistol. Sambo holds the gun sideways like in the movies. target is 7 yards away. it is a full body target about the size of an average 15 year old. leroy puts 7 out of 25 rounds ALL OVER the target. Have to make 22 to qualify. Back at the classroom, instructor gives everyone a certificate except the dark shadow. Shitskin goes crazy. No matter if you pass or not, money will not be refunded, class is $150.00. That fucking nigger says everyone in the class is gonna die. Instructor is off duty county cop. calls his on duty friends. problem solved. Can't ever get away from these fucking animals.

Coon was around 5'8" tall, which is pretty high for stacking shit, probably at least 300 lbs, most of it lip, had on black jogging pants, a red set of drawers hanging out and then a pair of white ones under them, also hanging out past the red ones. had at least 25 lbs of bling hanging around his neck, should have been hemp rope, and i shit you not, must have had his teef taken out and replaced with twice as many baby teefs. every one of the was gold or silver. smelled like a road killed possum that had been laying in the road for a week and everyone that passed by stopped to piss on the carcass. you the the kind, typical fucking low life nigger. i gotta go watch the babies for tonight. next couple days i will tell ya about the shit skin that went swummin at the lake labor day. good evening.

Coontact Tale #466(October 12, 2006)

I worked at a gas station through high school. A nigger bitch got a ticket from a cop for running a red light. Her car wouldn't start afterwards, so our mechanics were looking at the car, and she waited inside. She said, "he only gave me that ticket 'cause I'm black". So I said, "did the light turn red because you're black, too?", and walked out (I could hear the white customers giggling at the shegroid, we were in River Oaks, which is where a lot of the rich people live). One of the women walked outside when her car was ready and told me she was glad I told that nigger what I said and that it was too bad that most whites stay quiet when niggers bitch. I thanked her, and I keep in touch with this woman to this day.

Coontact Tale #467(October 15, 2006)

I call these "spuds".. when you can only see the pointy tops of their little nigger heads, they remind me of unpeeled potatoes at the grocery store for some reason.

The reason for this effect, of course, is that when you're a nigger, you have to have your seat (or seats, in this case) reclined so far back that you're driving from the back seat. As you can imagine, the view of the road is somewhat obstructed when you are looking through your steering wheel, which explains this nigger's position relative to the center of his driving lane.

It's probably not the safest thing taking digital pics doing 70 mph while tailgating two meandering Illinois niggers in the fast lane on I-94 between Chicago and Milwaukee, but think that the picture turned out pretty well! You can practically count the spook rows on the passenger nigger's wooly head.

Note the conscientious posture of every other driver in this picture.

I "blacked out" the license plate, not because niggers deserve courtesy, but because it was a personalized license with one of those ridiculous ebonic nigger names on it. The less I have to see that sort of stuff, the better.


Coontact Tale #468(October 15, 2006)

The part of town where I live is chock full of niggers; I don't like it, but our place is cheap and we are saving our money to buy a house well away from here eventually.

Every Thursday morning, we put our recycling bins out for collection. Some people put plastic soda bottles and/or aluminum cans in their recycling bins because I imagine they don't want them accumulating in their homes and they are too lazy to cash them in at the local stores.

Every Thursday morning at about seven AM, doesn't old "Slappy" appear on our street riding his old bike, laden down with white plastic grocery store bags full of large plastic pop bottles and cans. You ought to see the monkey pawing through peoples' bins.

I like to go walking a lot, and this sorry old specimen has tried to chat me up! (Despite my forum name, I'm a female). I am also in my early 50s but that doesn't seem to bother old Slappy. He sometimes whistles at me, too, the nerve.

One morning he asked me if I wanted to come to his place (in government subsidized low-cost housing units, of course) to drink beer with him! I told DH about it when I got home and he spat, "You should have told him that you don't drink beer with niggers!" DH works second shift, and told me that he'd go for a walk with me the following Thursday morning.

We were up our street a bit and didn't old Slappy come pedalling along on his rusty old bike, armed with his grocery bags. DH saw a bag of soda cans in somebody's bin and waited unti Slappy had almost reached the bin and then he snatched up the bag right under Slappy's splayed nose. You ought to have seen Slappy's face.

"De lady in dat house puts dose dere for ME!" he cried, beginning to chimp out a little.

"Tough titty," snapped DH. Slappy answered him, but a city bus rumbled along and we didn't hear what he said. He took off on his bike.

The week after that, we got hold of a large empty plastic soda bottle and filled it partially with gasoline. We put the cap on the bottle so tightly that there was no way that an old nigger like Slappy could ever get it off. We know that Slappy uses the recycling machines at a local grocery store and that once the plastic bottle was crushed inside the machine, the gasoline would leak all over the machine's innards and reek. We were hoping that someone would complain and call the manager, who would boot Slappy out of the store.

I've put beer bottles that have strategically been broken in places that Slappy wouldn't initially look, hoping that he cuts one or both of his paws on them. I place them in random neighbours' bins. Beer bottles have a ten cent deposit on them and ol' Slappy can't resist them.

Last Thursday morning, DH and I were sitting at the kitchen table and saw Slappy pick up a plastic bag, tear it open, look forlornly for bottles and or cans, and finding none, dropped it on the ground, spilling the contents all over a neighbour's lawn.

"PICK THAT UP!" DH bellowed out the window. You ought to have seen Slappy! He hopped on that old bike of his and tore down the street, taking a shortcut across a local park to get away! Niggers!

I know that someone here is collecting coontact tales, and I've had a few coontacts over the years, living where I do. I'm getting a little tired now, but I'll try to think of some more coontact tales and post them soon.

DH works with several niggers (certainly not by choice) and he has a lot of good stories to tell, too.

Coontact Tale #469(October 15, 2006)

One time I was walking down Fifth Ave in the 30s (NYC)and I saw a crack head jigaboo reaching into the garbage bags at the curb, looking for 5 cent deposit bottles. He reached in deep and suddenly lurched up quickly, shouting, "Sheeeeeeeeeet!!!!" He had thrust into a bag full of cat litter and had gotten a handful of cat shit for his trouble. The litter went all over the street and an elegant woman saw the whole scene and laughed hysterically.

Coontact Tale #470(October 15, 2006)

I had to take a couple to the airport this afternoon and as they waited to go through security I walked around the lounge looking at the shops and food joints. I got on a line of three or four people to drink from a water fountain and heard a commotion coming my way. The noise was a family of Africoons moving into the lounge area with their "luggage" of plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and numerous chirren. All they needed were pigs and chickens.

As it came my turn to drink from the fountain, one of the Negro kids pushed in front of me and put the entire spout of the fountain inside his mouth. He pressed on the water button, turned his head slightly sideways, and looked for all the world as if he were a piglet contentedly sucking at a sow. Repulsed, I recoiled from the scene of his horrible, blubbery lips fixed like a monstrous leach on the fountain. From now on it's bottled water for me.

Coontact Tale #471(October 16, 2006)

Today I was at a local Walgreens to pick up some stationary. The reason that I go to this particular Walgreens, is because rarely did you ever see a nigger or have to experience their behaviour. Well, I am standing in line to check out, and there is this huge nigger sow in front of the gentleman in front of me. When it reaches the counter to check out, the clerk scans all of it's articles and announces to it, " that the will be $27.54 ". The sheboon starts rummaging through a purse, produces a twenty dollar bill and throws it on the counter. The male clerk, who already is looking pissed off says, " That will be seven dollars and fifty four cents more ". After hearing that, it looks to the waiting line of people, almost expecting somebody to come forward and pay the remainder of it's bill. When it saw that nobody responded, she turns to the clerk and said, " Fuck You, dats alls I got ". She then slambed the bag with her fist, and everything spilled over the counter and some of it onto the floor. It then waddled out of the store. The clerk was doing everything that he could to control himself, he picked up the items and muttered, " I hate when those rotten blacks come around here ". I replied to him, " just wait, you haven't seen anything yet ". Needless to say, everyone had a shocked expression on their faces.

Coontact Tale #472(October 17, 2006)

Gods help me! COONtact up the wazoo

As a result of a work-related injury several years ago, I am pursuing legal action against my former employer. Now, I really hate lawyers, the vast majority of them, anyway ;), but this cash I'm entitled to, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit back and take an ass-fucking from workman's comp.

My attorney sent me to a doctor for an evaluation. One of those McDoctors who schedule 15 appointments at once. A day off seemed A-OK. Trouble is, I had to go to fucking PATERSON for my appt.

Paterson, NJ is one of the worst, most dangerous niggerfuxated shitholes in the Kwa. Dozens of drug dealers and gang members litter every corner and storefront. Nigger mammies nurse 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor, or hold a high-flame cigarette lighter to contraptions made of soda bottles and tinfoil, all in the privacy of the front step. Large nigger males ride little girls bicycles across the middle of the street. An elderly nigger woman squats in front of the bus stop, a stream of urine running down her leg and into the street. This is what I saw at fucking 10 AM.

Spotting the building I was looking for, I circled around in the vain hope of finding a lot for patients. A nearby traffic "cop" instructed me to "git my cracka azz out ub his fay-is". Not feeling particularly witty after having taken a Valium, I made do with a shout of "monkey nigger", driving away quickly enough that I almost hit a homeless nigger bitch's shopping cart full of soda cans. She moved quickly for her bulk, though. BTW, we don't get a deposit back for cans and bottles in NJ :)

Only 2 niggers assaulted me for a free cigarette. I don't even answer anymore. Just give 'em The Look. Years ago, before my awakening, I tried to solve the issue of nigger smoke mooching by smoking obscure or esoteric brands. "Wut de fuk beez a Dunhill?"

"Nat Sherman dun play fo' de Pistons, right? Why come he be making cigarettes?"

Niggers, though, rather than refusing a strange cig, will GRAB it, ask you for a light, and after taking one puff, tell you it's "nasty" and suggest that you buy some Newports instead. I wised up to that shit. I'll give a nigger a knife between the ribs before I give him one of my cigs.

Which brings me back to safety in P-Town. Concealed carry is more or less out of the question in Jersey. Today, I made due with a morning star flail. Who knows how I'd explain that one to the law, but I sure as shit felt a lot better with a spiked ball and chain tucked under my jacket. Too many people have seen movies like Zatoichi, so I had to give up the cane sword.

The McDoctor's was a nightmare. Niggers and mestizos, with a couple coal burners. An elderly Asian man held the elevator door for me and another White dude, but let it quickly slam on an obese nigger sow. I wanted to hug him and buy him a beer, but I just smiled.

A fat White cow sat picking her nose while her little halfbreed mongrel flung magazines across the room. A welfare mammy was near the long empty coffee pot, stuffing "free" packets of sugar and non-dairy creamer into her voluminous purse, while her equally obese teen daughter drank miniature cartons of Half&Half. Another fat sheboon was arguing loudly about why "all these White muthafuckas be going first". I only saw 2 other White patients the entire time I was there. Both were still waiting after I was done.

Several niggers showed up for "appointments" that had actually been scheduled for days, or even weeks, ago. One stupid buck showed up for his December 14th appointment. They just send 'em to the back of the line. You'd be surprized how long a bigscreen TV showing talkshows will keep niggers entertained. A groid in the bathroom apparently felt right at home; as I walked in to take a piss, he was slouched on the toilet, masturbating furiously. There was a vending machine nearby with nothing but grape and orange soda. I pissed on that.

Coontact Tale #473(October 20, 2006)

A few weeks ago I was in walmart. I hardly shop there, but I had to develop some pictures and its convienient to just get them done there. Anyways, I was standing in line, minding my business when all of a sudden, two nigger bitches about 16 or 17, start walking towards me. (They were both dressed like prosititutes by the way.) There was plenty of room behind me for them to just walk around me, but what do they do? They walk right up to me and expect me to get out of their way like they are royalty. I, of course continued to stand there and it pissed them off. One of the nigger bitches got mad and started yelling, "Well, is she jus gone stand day-uh or wut? Day-um!" She bobbed her head and swung her arm in the air and then walked around me. I turned towards my cousin who was standing there with me and I said, "Fucking hambones, who the hell do they think they are?" There were a couple more nigger bitches (actually they were mulattos but what the hell's the difference?) in front of me waiting and they heard me say it. One of them said to the other, "Un uh, you hurt dat bitch?" Then they laughed.....stupid niggers.

Coontact Tale #475(October 20, 2006)

A recent coontact tale reminds me of my own experience at a Subway(tm) sandwich shop last year.

Now the girl fixing my sandwich was only HALF nigger (the other half being coalburner which is almost as bad). She had to be about 16 or 17.

I ordered a foot long sandwich, with bacon. So after the bacon was heated up, she dumped it all in the middle of the sandwich. So three inches of NO bacon on each end, with the rest of it all in a big lump the middle. I asked her if she could spread it out evenly. This confused the hell out of her.

She tried spreading it out breadth-wise, i.e. once the sandwich is folded closed, you end up with the same big lump. She just couldn't understand what I was talking about. Even the white guy working there tried to explain, and it was more than her little brain could comprehend. I told him I was in a hurry, so he had to put on some gloves and finish it for me.

What's the point of hiring someone who so STUPID as to be completely worthless? I'd like to see her score on an IQ test, the part about spatial relationships where you have to match up different patterns (and the niggers say IQ tests are racially biased because all the questions aren't about chitlins, I'm not making this up).

The kicker to this story, the woman in line behind me had a kid, and started talking to this girl... who started talking about HER own kid! She's barely out of high school (if she even finished) and too stupid to even make a sandwich. Want to guess the race of the babydaddy? I predict food stamps in this girl's future. Food stamps that taxpayers like me are paying for.

Coontact Tale #476(October 20, 2006)

About a year ago, I made a rare stop at a McNiggers drive-up window to buy a cup of java. When I pulled up to the first window, there was a huge nigger sow taking the money. I immediately noticed that the sheboon, had that look of gorilla contempt and agression in it's eyes. After giving it the bills, she whanked my change out of the window, and onto the ground. There is no way that I was going to dig throught the snow for my change.

I was polite to it and did not insult it prior to the transaction. The only thing that I can speculate, it's White supervisor must have confronted it about being a typical, caustic, lazy nigger bitch. When I pulled up to the next window, I took my coffee and left. I was as angry as hell. Even though this is TNB, I was not going to digest this.

Being a man of action, and being very pissed-off, I did not call the local store, I called Oak Brook. I talked to three different people about this incident. The last person assured me, that this matter would be dealt with.

Out of curiousity, I drove over to the store a day later. There was a young White guy taking garbage out the side door. I approached him and asked him if there was a black girl working the evening shift. He said, "Not no more, that bitch got fired".

It pays to fight back. As small as the victory may be.

Coontact Tale #477(October 20, 2006)


I am new member. I live in the middle of 2 nigger neighborhoods and have to deal with these fucking beasts ona regular basis.

A little background. I used to live in New England and would have been considered liberal. I never used the word nigger and wouldn't associate with people who did. That all changed after chronic coontact. I moved to South Florida and my biggest fears at first were having to deal with the gays. But I soon found out, they were the least of my problems. I soon found out every negative thing I've ever heard about niggers were true!!

Anyway, so back to the story... I work crazy hours and live close to a 24 hour Walmart. I stopped there at 3am one night and found lots of filthy niggers and their nigger babies. Guzzeling down soda at 3am!! I was shocked. All the employees in the store were niggers too. There was loud nigger music and the whole.."vibe" in the store was different than anything i have ever seen. I felt like I was in a different country. These nigger clerks were unhelpful, disrespectful and couldn't speak proper English. I was confronted by some nigger who had a sob story asking for money...

I am desensitized to it now. Now when I am at Walmat in the middle of the night I make sure to confront the parents of these nigger kids. Asking them if they think its too later for the little nigger baboons to be up. I can't understand the replies. I also confront the clerks and remind them they must act like human beings when interacting with whites and other non nigger customers.

Fuck I hate niggers so much. I wish we could put them all together and send them off to a place where we would never have to see them again.. at least not without a passport.

Coontact Tale #478(October 22, 2006)

Saturday evening, the time right now is 12:06 EDT. Me and the wife just got into the door. She was a little tanked from a gathering us and a few friends had, so she hit the sack and I hopped onto Niggermania for this coontact tale.

We left our friend's neighborhood, which is all white as is ours - if you see a nigger around it's almost always passing through since our local police force is so huge that all they do is patrol the areas for cars during no parking hours and so on.

I stopped into the local gas station to pick up some cancer sticks and there's this nigger "couple" in front of me. The buck is wearing one of those leather caps, trying to look super clean and super slick...probably to keep his smell down. Then I hear him talking to his she boon.

"I don't like how yooz carry yo-self. Ya'll think ya'll so-fiss-ti-kated 'n shit. I'm a man, see. You don't know what it's like to be a man, yoo know?"

Now whenever nigger bucks turn on the "But I'm a man" crybaby shit, that means other nigger sows are involved and he's acted on the nigger buck favorite of "Muh diiik". This is commonly known as "projection" - where one is found guilty of something, but of course it's never the perpetrator's fault. Because he's a nigger buck in it's pea brain that means it should fuck anyone they want at any time they want...because "I'ze beez a man".

The nigger sow's inner chimp emerges. "WELL, YOO SHOUN'T OF FUCKED HER YOU STUPID BLACK MUVVA FUCKA" screams the boon.

I knew it! "Muh diiik" was involved.

The nigger buck grabs his ho by the arm and yanks her away from the counter, I walk up to the counter, nigger buck sees this and says, "Nah, man, you ain't takin muh place. I be done in a minute"

I kept quiet to the buck and told the clerk that she may want to call the Haz, which I guess she hit some button and faster than hell two cruisers with their disco wig-wags on fly into the parking lot ready to diffuse the chimp out. I asked for my cigarettes, then the nigger buck gets mad and yells, "I told ya'll not to take my place!"

"Shut the fuck up, asshole", I said to the nigger buck, calmly but firmly. Thankfully, the cops come walking in that very second and one of them says to the nigger buck, "Sir, what seems to be the problem? You're not from around here, are you."

"I ain't doin nuffin. We just talkin. Dat guy over dere (me) is trying to start trouble", said the nigger buck projecting it's inner command of denying any wrongdoing no matter what the evidence shows.

"Yeah, yeah. Come on, sir. Let's go outside and let these people go on about their business", said the cop with two other flatfoots at the ready with him.

"Oh, I see how it is! Take the nigga but leave the white dood out of it. Dats' right. Okay, okay", bitched the nigger buck. His sow was quiet as a church mouse.

"Heh-heh-heh. Stupid bastards start trouble everywhere they go", I said to the clerk who looked like a college aged girl and was probably liberally poisoned still, but I figured such TNB in front will be remembered in her brain, so I hold no ill will towards the naive due to their ages and environment.

I go back out to my car, the wife is still sawing logs, the nigger sow is dicking around in some Lexus with a Buckeye (Ohio) personalized plate that reads "U GET1 2" and a niglet crying inside at full tilt. I guess she brought her niglet out late at night so she could have her date with this nigger buck. What the nogs were doing in this neck of the woods I haven't a clue. They've never seemed to stop before. When there's a cop every block in a nice clean area, niggers don't hang around because most of them probably have a warrant.

Ohio niggers, even though the border is 50 or so miles away, always find their way into the PA creating mischief or TNB.

God help us if Ohio suffers complete nigger rule soon because once that happens, that place will truly go broke and they will roll into PA with a vengence. They've already tried to work out "compromises" with PA many times in the past year, which means they're begging for money. Ohio is not PA. Fuck 'em. I'll be damned if I pay taxes to support another place due to it's own TNB and corruption.

Coontact Tale #479(October 22, 2006)

Had to go shopping for the week today and went (as always)to a supermarket in a very White, blue collar area. The help in this place had formerly been almost exclusively Irish-American, so I was taken aback when I saw several Africoon-Americoons at the registers and bagging. Perhaps somebody had complained the all White set-up was racist or was denying "equal opportunity."

I approached a young jig whose name tag read, "Shaa'kob." Sha as in shark and kob as in corn on the cob. I asked where the carts were now kept and he answered in a lazy, bothered, surly way, "Ahh, don' no!" and walked away.

I got a cart, collected what I wanted, and got on line at a register. The check out girl was a young she-boon named "Shawkeeshqua." She had straightened, dyed "blonde" hair, and huge earrings in the shape of trangles. Shawkeeshqua didn't know what artichokes were; didn't know what aspargasus was; didn't know what boston lettuce was. She scanned a coffee cake twice, and then told me there was nothing she could do about it!

I went to the courtesy desk to get a refund and this, thank God, had a White lady in charge. The devil took my tongue and I decided to complain in Ebonics: "Ah saay, c'mon maaaan, why yu be bringin in new peeples what can' do dey job? Shaakob be gibbin' me attitude n' be a lazy-ass mofo, n' Shawkeeshqua be a fool! Dat girl can' fin' huh behin' wif bof hans!" She laughed and laughed but only shrugged her shoulders.

Coontact Tale #480(October 22, 2006)

My wife and I stopped at the Snuffy's Malt Shop in Roseville, MN the other night. Roseville used to be strictly middle-class until a few years back when some damn liberal politicians decided to allow a section 8 housing project - unfortunately it's all going downhill now and will only get worse, (of course, that's no surprise to any informed 'Niggermaniac'). A quick surveillance of the place showed no niggers were working there - or so I thought. After ordering our meals I went to use the restroom.

Upon entering I detected the foulest smell EVER, and it was coming from behind a stall door - and the noises from there sounded like a wounded animal. I used the facilities as quickly as possible to escape that odorous room ASAP, and as I was washing my hands (as decent White folk do) the door to the stall swings open and out walks a nigger. Horror of horrors: he's wearing a uniform for the restaraunt we're at - and it walks right out of the bathroom without; a) flushing the toilet, and b) washing it's monkey paws! Upon returning to our table I was about to suggest to the Mrs. that we leave, when our food arrived. Fortunately the nigger had nothing to do with it's preparation - only clean cut college aged White kids did (who were forced, sadly, to work with the coon.)

Moments later a mother and her two coal-burner daughters walked in, and they brought their niggers along! They were seated closer to the kitchen and ordered their food. Curiousity got the best of me and I went over to the kitchen to see what the nigger who worked there was doing. As I peered into the kitchen door I was shocked to see the nigger as actually the COOK! Apparently he went on break as we arrived (and therefore didn't prepare our food), but was back at the grill with his FILTHY nigger paws handling everyone else's food!

On the way back to our table I caught the mother's eye and smiled at her. She smiled back and as I slowly walked past their table I commented, "Well isn't this nice - not only are they taking their girlfriends out to dinner, but their girlfriends mother as well." To which I added (somewhat snidely) "Way to go guys!" The nigger bucks slid down in their seats a bit as the mom stared at them - clearly they weren't paying for this meal (of course not! niggers expect handouts from EVERYONE.) As I was leaving I made the comment, "Enjoy the meal, you deserve it!" knowing full well it was being prepared by a nigger animal with feces on it's paws.

Snuffy's was one of my favorite malt shops where I could get a lime phosphate - but not any more. Now that I know about them hiring filthy niggers to handle the food I'll be dining elsewhere.

Coontact Tale #481(October 25, 2006)

Went to the lake this past Labor Day. Actually, we are there every free minute we have. Just sitting around, watching the ladies, people boating, just guarding the lake in general. I am a scanner freak. At home, there are always at least 2 on all the time. Had one portable at the lake that weekend.

At the back of one of the larger bays in the state park, is an area known by the locals as Niggers Nook. Has a small beach, a few mostly destroyed picnic tables, (what else do you expect from shit skins after they touch something), and of course, a basketball court. There is always at least 6 cars backed up to the beach, each one with the trunk open, belching that fucking dryer noise. (the noise your dryer makes when you put in a work boot and turn it on)

Anyway, a call comes over the radio about a possible drowning at nigger nook. It is only a few minutes away, so i say to myself, self, you need to go check it out. got there 2 min after the call. Lake patrol had 2 boats and sherrif had a jet ski. Just as i got there, in comes one of the boats and the ski. Apes on the shore are screaming and hollering and jumping all over the beach about they couldn't see the sunken pile of shit. Cop on the ski, (white) jumps in and starts searching the area. 2 cops on the boat (white) jump into the water and look. There are 2 fishermen, (white) have their finders on trying to find this coon.

Meanwhile, all the niggers are on the beach, chimping out big time. they are hollering about why no one can find the carcass. Not a one of those savages are even in the water knee deep. Yet out in the water, there are at least half a dozen people (white) looking for the sunken turd. Night comes and they call of the search. Sambos can't get it in their pea sized brain that if they didn't find the carcass in the first 10 minutes, he dead. They chimped out all night. Found it the next morning.

4 days later, there is an article in the paper about how the chimps said that if the person that had gone under was a whitey, they would have been there sooner and would have found the body a lot faster. for christs sake, the jet ski and one boat was there within 3 minutes of the call. Some of the deceased's friends decided to get T-shirts with his pic on and wear to school. (the school has a policy of no more than 2 people wearing the same thing because of gangs) Fucking animals made a federal case out of everything.

Now i hear that the chimps's fambly is trying to sue the state and county because they didn't have no swimming signs. wouldn't matter cause we all know afros can't read or swim. My only problem with this is that the others didn't try to swim out and find the bro. Maybe they would have gone away too. Of course, the state could then sue the famble for water pollution. God, i wish we cauld haul all their asses to Jupiter or Mars.

Coontact Tale #482(October 25, 2006)

I'm fairly certain I never told yall this story, so I'm going to go ahead and write it out now.

A few years ago my dad was looking to sell his old work car. It was a grey Buick LeSabre, I forget the year, I believe early 90's. He'd had particularly bad luck with this car accident-wise - He'd been in at least a dozen accidents in the car (none of them his fault), although almost all of them minor. The car was still functional, but the outside looked pre-nigged already with scratches, dents, peeling paint, busted headlights, etc. from the wrecks. He had only ever fixed it up enough to keep it legal to drive. Now, that describes the outside... but keep in mind this is a Buick. I don't know about you but my family has had an awful lot of buicks over the years and only one of them (a newer Riviera) hasn't had substantial problems. In this particular vehicle, the transmission was broken - you had to drive in first and second gear only. The speedometer did not work, as is the most common ailment in buicks. The driver side power window had had the window clip broken so any attempt to put the window down resulted in it just slipping down the track into the door. The power locks were broken. There were more things wrong but as I said, it's been a few years. As I mentioned earlier, we had used this as a work car and my family consists mostly of painter/contractors and we almost always worked the same job at the same time. Hundreds of gallons of paint had been hauled in this car and eventually as was inevitable, one had managed to bust open in the back seat, flooding the passenger side rear floor compartment. We covered it up with some newspaper. The cloth seats and upholstery all smelled absolutely terrible. As you can imagine from this description, this is a very shitty car by this point , but more importantly, a nigger magnet. When my dad had bought this car used, he got it for $1000, a very good deal. He now had it up for sale for that exact same price, although I would say not quite such a deal anymore. But to a nigger, anything that moves and costs enough for you to have crack money left over is a great deal. So this fat sheboon pulls up the drive and has a look. She doesn't need it but her friend is in the market. So she goes off and an hour later comes back with her friend. Her friend is an older nigger mammy, not a fat sheboon, but one of the wiry old grey haired nigger mammies. They look it over and decide they want to test drive it. My dad is handicapped and these days has some trouble getting into low vehicles like cars, so the responsibility falls on me to go on the test drive with them. Oh joy. The old mammy takes the passenger seat while the fat sheboon who brought her slides in the drivers side. She tries to start it, but to no avail. Apparently, my dad had managed to just get it in the driveway before it ran out of gas. (That or he had siphened the gas out to use in his own truck before the nignogs got there, and had failed to notify me.) So I grab a gas can and hop in my car and go down to the store and buy the nigresses a few dollars worth of gas. Go back, put it in the car, and the nigresses get back in. I get in the back seat, careful to avoid disturbing the newspapers covering up the paint. The sheboon starts it up and we head out to the end of the driveway. (I lived out in the country near Covington, Louisiana at the time, so we had a long driveway to the road we lived along, so this took a bit.) Before we're even halfway down the driveway the sheboon turns on the radio and turns it to some nigress music - not that rap shit, but that shitty nigress music you hear sometimes when it sounds like 5 or 6 nigresses wailing to synthetic beats. The sheboon starts flopping it's fat arms about in a mimicry of dancing. I frown, knowing that it's gonna be a long 5 minutes. Before we pull out the driveway, I put on my seat belt. Neither of the mammies use seat belts. We ride down the road for a bit, the two mammies bouncing their heads to the nigress music and I grit my teeth, and the fat sheboon in the front starts complimenting the car. "Dis is nice! Shit, it be all switching gears and shit. Dis caw is nice, aint it LaSheequa?" "Mm-Hmm. It sho is nice." (They never mentioned the fat sheboon's name. LaSheequa was the wiry old one.) They keep parroting different versions of 'Dis is Nice' and proclaiming their amazement at the few working features of the car, when suddenly a niggerish rington goes of and LaSheequa answers her phone. Apparently, her granddaughter had just shat out another male niglet named Rizzel. The sheboon congratulated her and I frowned, knowing another piece of shit had been brought into the world. We turned around and headed back to the house, LaSheequa confident that she wants to buy the car. Might I add that although the speedometer was broken, we were going at least 60 on a winding country road on which the speed limit was 30. Niggers have no regard for traffic laws. So we get back home and my dad's already written up an bill of sale. LaSheequa and her fat mammy friend and I head into the house where we seat them at the counter. LaSheequa signs the bill of sale and pays with 10 crisp $100 bills. It seems niggers always have large amounts of cash on them, and yet also still need welfare and food stamps? So my dad tells me to go make a copy of the bill of sale for our own records. I take it over to the copy machine and start copying it, when the fat sheboon spies a box of Raisinets on the counter. You know, the little chocolate covered raisin candies. She inquires politely if she may have some. And of course, by that I mean she points to the box and says "Can ah hab some o dem?" Sure... anything to shut her up. She takes the box and begins to stuff her face. The copy machine finishes up, I hand LaSheequa her copy and they leave. The fat sheboon naturally keeps the candies, although at this point they have been touched by nigger germs and we do not want them, but it is still the point of the nigger's greed in stealing them. They leave finally, and I'm quite relieved that I don't have to endure any more TNB that day. That must have been the longest half hour of my life. But it doesn't end there. Insurance is required for any vehicle registered in the state. So do you think LaSheequa got insurance for her new niggermobile? Of course not! A few months later my dad gets a call from the dmv asking why the vehicle is not insured. He tells them he sold the car and faxes them a copy of the bill of sale. I hope LaSheequa got busted.

Anyway that's about what it feels like to take a short car ride with two nigger mammies, in case you were wondering, although I suppose I could sum it up in two words: It's horrible. I tend to be a bit long winded though, from BSing my way through too many english classes.

Coontact Tale #483(October 25, 2006)

In the downtown of my city, a Johnny Rockets has opened up. It's nothing special, but I remember them from No. Virginia. It has kind of a 50's "car hop" sort of feel, and the burgers are pretty damn good, if a little pricey. I saw the place the other day looking for lunch, and decided to check it out.

Imagine my surprise when I saw EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE WAS A NIGGER. EVERY one of them. The cook, the four waitresses, this other guy who looked like a "gofer" and then the manager guy or whatever, who obviously had been putting away those cheeseburgers in his time on the job. So fat he could hardly move.

Obviously, following the Raptorman Rule, I did not eat there. But here's some questions: can you IMAGINE how filthy that place is considering the hygiene standars of your typical nigger? I think I'm going to call the health dept. just as a preventative action. You KNOW there is shit running amok in a restaurant run only by coons.

Second, my town is very, very white. Even the downtown. Sure, we get niggers seeping in, but not like in the East, where places like Buffalo and Pittsburgh are seemingly 100% nigger once you are in the actual downtown area. Why would this national corp. hire a bunch of niggers, who then go hire even more niggers, and you know the whole thing is just once huge SCAM too. All those niggers getting their paws on the daily take? They're not stealing? PLEASE! It's a wonder if 10 cents on the dollar makes it back to corportate. Anyway, just thought I"d share.

Coontact Tale #484(October 25, 2006)

First exposure to niggers in college was in Athens, Ohio. My cousin of the opposite sex and of the same age was going to college a year early because she was "smart". I always told her that she was "so smart she can't tie her shoes".

She invited me out to Ohio to her college to hang out with her and some of her friends - of course, me being 17 and her with 18 and 19 year olds (older women - yes!) was obviously something I was stoked over.

I get there and her friends are hanging out with her, the scenery is Grade A. 18, 19 and 20 year olds all hanging out, talking their girl stuff, the place smelled of womanly flowers and all that girly scent stuff. I felt like a nigger in a pile of white wimminz.

Then comes in this dark as night - I mean PITCH BLACK - nigger asking for my cousin. I was rather objective during those years having gone to school with a few niggers but they were low enough in amount to know their places, but I didn't like the thought of some super black boon asking for her.

"She's somewhere, I don't know", I said.

This boon walks past me in that quick step that they do where they look in another direction and go tromping around which nigger bucks love to do. The girls there didn't seem like they knew or cared that much and then I saw the black boon go over to my cousin and he laid his big bootlips on her lips. I about shit down my leg. I knew if I told my father this he would shit bricks and probably bust his first cousin's asshole for raising a coal burner.

He grabbed her and they went off to the back room and I said, "Hey, Amy! You hanging out or what?"

"Oh, um, I'll be back" she said. Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph. She was taking him back to what appeared to be the bathroom because I suppose the niggers balls were summoning it to act on it's inner chimpanzee of "muh diik". I asked her roomate, "Is she dating that guy?" Her roomate responds, "Yeah, he only comes here to have sex with her and then he hauls ass to hang with his friends. He's an asshole" TNB, of course.

They weren't in the bathroom but for five minutes, just goes to show how much a nigger can last despite all their "music" where the lyrics talk about "all night long" and other nigger p**sy beggings so they can satisfy "muh diik".

The sprog left after a bit, Amy comes back out looking kind of so-so. Not happy, not sad, not really anything.

"If you tell anyone, I'll kill you", she said.

"Don't you worry. I'm letting them know as soon as I get home", I said.

"Please don't say anything. Grandma will kill me", she said.

"Yeah, and somehow I'm always the asshole in the family", I replied, which is true. They're all a bunch of holy rollers with their redneck bullshit stories that if it you didn't hear it from someone at church, then you're beneath them. I still, ten years later, can't stomach them all for more than 24 hours.

Anyway, she asked if I'd walk her over back to this sprog's dorm because "Bad stuff happens around there at night sometimes", so knowing she was a coal burner now and being naive at the time, I agreed to go over with her. Now if this happened today, I'd just say, "You go there yourself. You asked for it."

I walk over to the dorm and the place is CHUCK FULL of niggers. I mean 100% no White in sight nigger galore. The halls smelt like I had walked into a sweaty sock that had been worn for a week straight. Nigger screams, hemming and hawwing from down the hall and her was my cousin going to stay in this dorm chuck full of niggers for the night. I just wanted to drop her off and get the hell out of dodge.

Well, the next morning since I was so sickened that one of my own genes had bed down with a nigger and was willing to stay in a nigger filled dormatory when her parents paid for her rent in a nice all white apartment building - and I wasn't getting anywhere with any of her friends because of my young ass - I decided to leave early Saturday morning. She had pretty much ignored my ass since I got there Friday night around 7PM and the only times she really spoke to me was to walk her over to the dorm and not tell anyone home about her misadventures in mudsharking.

Piss on it, I told my father, he told his cousin (her father) and all hell breaks loose. Amy was told to "come home" for a few days and her folks were going to sort it out and nip it in the bud. Well, she refused to come home claiming she had classes and I forget the rest.

Maybe a few weeks later, she came back home looking pretty tired, her grades were in the toilet - mind you a 3.95 GPA at her high school and was always in advanced classes since she was a kid - she got niggerfuxated and that was that. Oh yeah and the nigger dumped her which she and no one else saw the sprog again. Luckily she never got preggers from the sprog.

She started seeing some West Virginia holy roller jackass not too much longer after her coal burning, which I thought was a step up, but not much. Only thing he didn't have going for him was that he wasn't a nigger. Other than that, the guy looked dumber than a box of shit. They weren't even going out for a month that Thanksgiving and she was hanging all over this hick like stink on shit.

"I bet you they're doing the deed", I said to my grandma.

About three months later this beady eyed idiot knocked her up and they got married in typical West Virginia shotgun wedding tradition. That was ten years ago. Now she's filing for divorce, rumor has it, it's "another guy" and "her husband's useless anyway".

"Is it a nigger?", I asked my grandma about two weeks ago.

"I've never met him, but I really doubt it", she said.

"God I hope not", I said.

"Me too", she said.

Needless to say, this cousin who was fairly close with when we were children and teenagers really won't say much to me now and hasn't since her nigger exposure. I was kind of bummed about it for a while, but I figured if she's stupid enough to bed down with a nigger, she's not worth talking to in the first place.

Thankfully that dorm had been closed down due to "building problems" which means the niggers probably tore it up. Despite Athens Ohio being a liberal type of town, people forget that deep down those residents have an inner redneck where the hand cannons and rifles are always closeby just in case they have to put their utopia on hold.

In 1995 - two years after this negroid incident, what happened was, the niggers got so damned bad tearing up the place that Ohio University started slowly and quietly shutting off kids coming from the Southern States because that usually meant "wild packs of niggers".

I heard a she boon talking about colleges maybe a year ago and I brought up, "I hear Ohio University is nice".

"Nuh uh. Dey don't like black peeple. I'm goin to Penn oh sum shit", she said.

Ha. Like Penn would take her greasy black ass. Hey, you never know.

A nigger in college is only there for three things: free stay, a feeling of what it's like to be a human and "muh diiik".

TNB Break, Nigger shits on sidewalk, then smells his hand! Why do we allow wild animals to live among us?

Video of Shitting Nigger

Coontact Tale #485(October 25, 2006)

To the Reader: This account is disgusting and disturbing.

A large group of us in NYC had decided to go to the beach. The nearest Atlantic beach was Far Rockaway, and that involved riding the subway to the end of the line, and then a long bus ride through sand flats and salt marshes. As I was reading on the bus, I suddenly became aware that two junior high negresses behind me were having a conversation regarding their complete hatred for the White Race in general and for White women in particular; as well as the techniques they employed to "get over." They had summer jobs working in the concessions. Both were squat, greasy, flat-nosed, brillo-headed pigmy types, but I will never forget one had a face like a baby lowland gorilla---if you know what I mean.

"Dat long nosed bitch say, git me a soda! Dat fish-ass bitch try ta tell me whut t'do! Ah say, Okay muthafucka, hmmmm let me see. Ah takes dat muthafucken soda and spits in dee cup! An' den Ah takes dat dog n drops it all ovah dee flo'. How yo' likes dat shit, muthafucka?" The other negress replies: "Ah drops dem burgas on dee flo' n' Ah stick a bugga rite on dee bun, n' den Ah takes dee ticket----Ahd like to stick some soap n' kill dee muthafucka!"

Numb with shock and revulsion, I decided to keep quiet and then to follow them and tell their boss. The plan went awry when they got off at a different stop. When my group was all together on the boardwalk I told everyone about the disgusting dilalog, and asked what I should do next. Being New Yorkers, they said, "mind your own business---don't get involved---you'll never be able to prove it---write a letter---you're the one who will catch hell, not them, etc. " So I confess that chickenshit ruled the day, and I did nothing. But none of us ate or drank anything from the concession stands.

In the weeks that followed I told various people of this event and by degrees I became aware that it was a known fact that Negroes love to monkey with food. I even asked a lady who was a banquet manager about it and she screwed up her face and said, "Well, yes, it is a probem." She explained it was part of their African voodoo religion---and that they do it to both enemies and friends. She said there are strategies for preventing this activity, the best one being not hiring coons.

I have told many people of this foul, sickening custom including chefs, cooks, waiters, the owner of a B&B, the owner of a huge catering company, and thousands of potential helpless victims who might inadvertently trust the spooks at the beach concessions. So, any who might judge me a coward and a wuss for not taking action that day, know that I will spread this truth until the day I die!

P.S.- My work became easier when Jesse Jerkson described spitting in salads for revenge, and Woopy Goldberg appeared in a movie spitting in a guest's water glass.

An educational nigger moment.

myk999 posted the following having to do with niggers and IQ. This is good information to know that just goes to demonstrate once again how stupid niggers are.

myk999 Posted: 26-Oct-06 06:26

For every nigger with an IQ of >125, there are 32 whites. For every white with an IQ of <75 (retard), there are 5 niggers.

The average IQ for whites is 100-110. For every nigger; 2 whites.

The average IQ for niggers is 75-90 (note that they had to have a difference of 15 points while whites were given just a difference of 10 points. This is a liberal method of increasing nigger scores.

The REAL average for niggers is 75-85 or the REAL average for whites is 110-120). For every white with this low of an IQ there are 2 niggers.

And the media/liberals claim we are equal. If we are equal to niggers; then someone born without legs is equal to a basketball player.

Coontact Tale #486(October 27, 2006)

A few days after Christmas about four years ago, I took the nephew to the local gamestop to return a game he didnt like, and get a new one.

The scene was your typical " after holiday " mess, people returning, parents with anxious kids, and THANK GOD not a nigger in sight.

So alls going well and we notice this young latino couple, they were purchasing one of those " racing wheels " and a racing game, and theyjust happened to ask my nephew and I which one was better, I figured id better let the kid handle that one, since hes the expert.

After my nephew gave his advice, the couple thanked him very much, and proceeded to get behind us in line, my nephew asks them about their gaming system and they strike up a conversation, the kid points out some other games, and the latino boyfriend decides to go get one and leave his wife in line.

Then it happens, a nigger buck and his gorrilanoids come in, almost instantly the place is niggerfuxated, with loud talking, obnoxious behavior, TNB.

The niggerbuck had already had a game in mid, and picked up the shitty-cent game, got his brood in order, and got behind the latino girlfriend.

The nigger starts the usual " advances " bullshit, the " hey baby " shit, the latin girl wants no part of this and tries to ignore him as politely as she could.

Back walks the boyfriend, with some shooting game the nephew suggested, and gets back with his girlfriend.

This obviously upsets the nigger, and says " Hey nigga, dont be cutting dat line nigga "

The latino turns around, and tells him, he was there first, and that was that.

Oh boy!

That nigger did not like that, he starts his act, saying hed " kick yo muthafuckin ass n fucks yo bitch infront of ya " and his nigglets start laughing saying " tell him daddy " Me, seeing the inevitable, get my nephew safely behind me, and prepare for the show. The latino turns around, and LAUGHS at this niggers face. This obviously baffles the nigger, who then gets in the guys face, the guys girlfriend tries to calm her boyfriend down, and then the nigger does it, he TOUCHES the latinos girlfriends arm, and pushes it away. That was all it took, all I saw was the guy STOMP the niggers foot, push his knee into the niggers knee, and when they both fell back, he unleashed on the nigger, I thought he was going to kill him.

I noticed two things, one, this guy wasnt your average run-of-the-mill street fighter, and two, the niggers nigglets were chimping out, screaming " get off my dadday! get off my dadday! "

After a minute of pure punches, the latino got off the nigger, at which point the security guards arrived, and the nigger got his brood and stormed out ( I assume he must've had some warrants ), the latino stayed.

They took some statements, and EVERYONE in the store said the nigger started it! and pushed the woman first, since there was no nigger to question, and the latino obviously acted in self-defense, they went on their way.

The latino paid for his purchase, thanked the nephew for his help, and walked out.

This was seriously one of the best things I've ever witnessed in my life.

Coontact Tale #487(October 27, 2006)

The class is giving presentations using power point on various topics. There is a group with 5 sprogs in it. It was total niggerfuxation and hilarity for all to watch. What ever they were talking about, the slide did not corospond. Slides were flipping at random and going back and forth... I saw one slide 4 times in the same presentation at different parts. The slide show was growing a life of its own and this sprog was fighting to control it... and having no luck at it. The class was laughing at this presentation as the nigger worked so hard to control it. Reminded me of that pic of the monkey throwing shit at a computer in a total chimp out.

Wish I could have taped it...

Coontact Tale #488(October 27, 2006)

I had three today. I usually don't see that many niggers in Tucson and now I know why. I'm at school during the day. My prof was sick and I went home at 1:30 and there they all were NOT WORKING and hanging out.

Anyway; the first experience was rich. My Mexican bus driver, who has NO white guilt, stopped at the stop. Well this buck nigger casually gets up and slugs over to the bus. She just shut the "do'" and took off while the nigger eyes bulged and he said "What the fuck?". I said "Fucking nigger" but he wasn't looking at me to see my lips.

Then after school, at the main transfer, another old buck nigger is throwing a tantrum in public; fuckin this and fuckin that. Looked just like an ape. I was ready to call animal control and have him shot with tranquilizer darts but he probably would have liked that.

Then a few minutes later, a sow strolled by with her litter of 4. She couldn't have been more than 25. I should have said "Oh what 'pretty' kids. Where do you find time to raise them and work?". The look on her face would have been classic.

Coontact Tale #489(October 27, 2006)

Today I went to Circuit City to buy a USB cable. When I exited the store, there was a niglet about seven or eight years old with a box of M&M's. It tried to sell me candy. There was a huge nigger sow, standing close by. I simply said "Not today". You cannot believe the ape look that I got from this huge, starving, nigger sow. Like they use to say, "If looks could kill". I might add, the niglet was pretty huge also. Obviously a Po, undernourished african fambly.

Is this a new nigger trend?

I called the store when I got home and told them that I would no longer be a customer if they allowed niggers to hustle on their property. The manager apologized and said that it will never happen again. We will see.

Coontact Tale #490 (October 28, 2006)

Here I have a simple observation of a nigger's 'intelligence' I made today, nothing more, nothing less.

Even chimpanzees have learned to use simple tools, but the stupidity of the common nigger never ceases to amaze me. Today I had the opportunity to watch a nigger be confused by a very simple common writing instrument, a mechanical pencil.

I was sitting in my geology class when the professor asked us to fill out a form... I get to work on that when a filthy paw reaches from behind me and taps my shoulder. "You gota pancil ah can borra?" Normally I would immediately deny having a spare pencil, regardless of whether or not I truly did, simply because I would not want a nigger handling anything of mine. However, at this particular time I did in fact have in my backpack a mechanical which I no longer wanted. The eraser was worn down, the casing thoroughly cracked, the clip broken, etc. However, it still had a piece of lead in it, so it was still usable. Wanting to see if a nigger had the intelligence to actually use a mechanical pencil, I reached down, pulled it from my pack, and slid it into the disgusting black hand. Turning back to my paper I continued working for the next couple minutes. After these couple minutes, the nigger tapped my shoulder again and thrust the pencil back towards me. "Dis sheet doan work."

Now I knew that a nigger's simple wit could be conquered by a mechanical pencil, but my curiosity was aroused about something else: The nigger had willingly given the pencil back because to it the pencil was worthless. However, if the pencil could be used would the nigger have given it back? I quickly adjusted the lead to a usable length and handed it back to the nigger, whose face looked quite amazed at my magical repairing of the 'broken' pencil. I turned back to my work and waited for the nigger to finish his and give the pencil back. Not that I would want the pencil back, as it was full of nigger germs at this point, but this was an experiment. Naturally, the nigger no longer had any intention of returning this pencil, as it now held some value. At the end of class I had to stand there eyeing the nigger for half a minute before he suddenly 'remembered' he had the pencil and handed it back. Naturally I've disinfected it with isopropyl and put it back in my pack. Not for myself to use of course, but hopefully I can use it in more nigger experiments.

Now this story might not be so fascinating, but it emphasizes both the natural stupidity of the nigger, in being unable to operate a simple mechanical pencil, and that it thought it would be able to steal my pencil, and the greed of the nigger, expressed in the fact that while the pencil was 'unusable' the nigger was willing to return it, but once the nigger could use it it wanted to steal the pencil.

Coontact Tale #491 (November 2, 2006)

A while back I was working on a project which involved the renovation of an historic brownstone in Brooklyn Heights. On day I was near the windows on the second floor and happened to look down into the street. I saw this well-known street Negro casing the trucks and cars for things to steal. The coon's name was Oliver. He lived by panhandling, soup kitchens, dumpster diving, and theft. The street was his toilet; the hydrant his shower. He was a beer alcoholic and once or twice a year he would go wild and cause damage to people and property. He was the "scholarly" sort of coon: could speak English well, and was often seen reading the New York Times while lying on the pavement. Yes, you guessed it! He blamed all of his misfortune and failure on the "racism of the White race."

Oliver was interested in a floor sander that workers in the brownstone had brought down to the curb. He also wanted to steal the special sander for corners, and a metal tool box. He tilted the sander on its tiny wheels (like those on roller skates), loaded the tool box on it and tried to make a getaway. Then I called out, "Heeeeyy Lou, some jig is trying to steal your sander!" Lou and company ran into the street and stopped Oliver. Cops arrived and he tried to talk his way out of it: He said he worked for a sanding company and they had instructed him to pick up a machine near Montague St! He said it was all a misunderstanding. When the cops weren't buying it, and the cuffs came out, he started to scream about historical injustice: "Maaaaahhhh gran' pappy was a slaaaaave!!! Mah gran' papppy was a slaaaave!!! We came in chains!!! We came in the bottom of the slaaaaave ships!!! 400 hundred years of slavery! Mah gran' pappy was slave!! One of the cops was laughing so hard he could barely make the arrest. All of the property was recovered, and I'm sure Oliver was soon back out on the street.

I am so sick and tired of the nigger slave shit.

Coontact Tale #492 (November 2, 2006)

At 10:30 am today I stopped into a "True Value" store to buy some items. As I walked out into the parking lot, saw this FAT ASS NIGGER woman with a bunch of kids. One of her NIGLETS was requesting that they go to "Taco Bell" for lunch. The NIGGER screamed at the kid. Then the NIGGER bitch said "You have all that candy you got last night. We will all go home and have that for lunch. Then the spook saw her friend come out of the "True Value" store. ( A DIRTY LOOKING WHITE WOMAN) The spook invited her to their home for lunch. The NIGGER SAID "Come over for lunch. We are going to eat as soon as we get home. We are going to have the candy that the kids got last night."

Coontact Tale #493 (November 4, 2006)

A couple of months ago I was in Calabria, in the province of Cosenza. Now, for those who are not Italian, Calabria is one of the most illiterate and "old fashioned" regions, as well as one of the three regions where a local Mafia, Calabria's "Ndrangheta" - ( "Greek Ebonics" - lol - for "brave men" ), rules the territory.

People still behave and think like it's 1950.

So I was eating at one of those restaurants on the highway, you know, the kind where truck drivers stop, etc. It's called "Autogrill".

Out of the blue, a couple of American niggers appears. And, with them, silence breaks in. The niggers started to talk to the cashier, obviously in English, but the cashier could only speak a dialectal form of Italian, not even Italian.

So the cashier asks for help and since I was the only around I had to translate. The niggers' English was the typical baboon one and I had a lot of troubles understanding it. But the dumb niggers, rather than speaking to me, kept speaking to English to the cashier, like they didn't understand how come the cashier couldn't understand them. Like they spoke some universal language. At the end I said "it's no use you keep talking to him in English, he can't speak English to save his life". So the niggers made their order ( chicken... ) and went to eat to the table. They were given a fork and a knife, but had no idea how to eat chicken with man's tools, so they ate with bare hands.

Meanwhile, I could hear the comments. The clerks were constantly joking about the niggers being apes, some even went like "uh uh uh", like emulating a Gorilla. When a dish was ready and had to be brought to the niggers, the clerk shouted "Portate questo al tavolo dei negri" ( bring this to the niggers' table ). Calling them niggers was the normal routine. Another clerk went to the waiter like "Be careful, they might eat you as well!". The niggers obviously were clueless about everything that was said and laughed at their face.

I read that in USA is a good practice tipping the 10% of the total. However I read that niggers do not tip. So I was waiting to see what the niggers would have done. I was not disappointed, the niggers did not tip. Instead of bringing their leftovers to the bin, they simply left a mess on the table and rushed away.

To this day I am still wondering what those niggers were doing in Calabria, in an almost completely desert and isolated piece of country side. When I think how much fun everybody had at them, I still piss myself laughing.

I forgot to say: the two niggers were in the mid fifties and the nigress was so fat she didn't fit in the normal chair/table. That was another reason of hilarity. The nigger looked like Crosby 100 more pounds after, and had a shirt with clashing colours on, like green lines and purple squares, it was a punch in the eye to watch.

Actually tipping is 15% at a minimum. Most of these girls work hard hours for the money they get and if the service is excellent it should be 20% but you are right, niggers don't tip.

Coontact Tale #494 (November 4, 2006)

Reading about the high school monkeyshines, I was reminded of my own coontact story. It was back in the 70s when O.J. Chimpson was famous for his shennigans on the gridiron and Feburary had just became National Negro Worship Monff. I had an assignment to write about William Lloyd Garrison, a negro publisher. The homie-nid I was paired with drew the infamous Martin Luther King. After some time, he axxed me to proof read his report. It started out mentioning that he was born in 1929, etc, etc, and then jumped to the fact that he nailed his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg in 1517. It alternated between events in the mid 20th century and those of the early 16th century. The stupid stinknigger had copied whole sections verbatim out of the encyclopedia about Martin Luther and Martin Luther King. It was hard to keep a straight face but I managed, and told him "good job" He turned it in and a few days later started giving me the silent treatment and dirty looks. I let select members of the class know and he soon became the butt of a huge joke.

Coontact Tale #495 (November 4, 2006)

Had a run in last night, and it was minor and safe, but still goes to show what we're dealing with.

I went to the grocery last night late, coming home from work and hungry. In front of me at the checkout was a virtually orbital nigress- I mean she was so fat she was round, folks. In her basket was a bag of pork rinds, a six pack of those enormous Pepsis (24 ounces) and a gallon of ice cream. As she gets to the payment process, she turns and says "One mo'" and I guess that means "hold on, please." Candy bars were on sale, so she left the line, holding me and two other people up, and goes and grabs three Fifth Ave. bars, not wanting to miss out on the Pure Junk and Shit food group of the pyramid. And you just know this bitch had her food stamp card ready- they make them look like credit cards out here, but they ain't fooling me. And I guess you need a "code" to use your relief, and can you believe this fucking nigger BITCH couldn't remember it??? She entered this shit on the keypad at least TEN TIMES and I would not lie to you. I was so pissed I wanted to smash her head in with a club. Finally, she got her brain working somehow, and left with all her nutritious food- pork rinds, ice cream, candy and soda pop. And this is a woman in her 40's, at least.

I am so sick of all of their stereotypical attitudes and behaviors. I'm so sick of being told we're all equal and not to "discriminate". I just don't even find this stuff that funny anymore. I want them to all die from sugar shock, it's the least they could do to pay me back for all the taxes I pay for their goddamn coon junk food.

Coontact Tale #496 (November 5, 2006)

Thought I tell you all about a few run-ins I've had with some nigger out here. The first was a couple of months ago. I was late for work and hungry, so I stopped by a BK. It was in Five Point, a section of downtown Denver. Also known as nigger central, high crime and TNB galore. As I pull up to the drive though I see a dirty old nigger standing near the front door. I knew what was coming and sure enough he asks if I have an spare change. I told him to "F" off and completed my order. As I began to pull around the building I looked back in my drivers' side mirror, I notice some movement. I grabbed my asp baton and jumped out. The nigger stopped dead in his track and looked stunned. I extended the baton and told me to bring it on. This dirty ape turned gray as the blood ran from his face. A girl in the dining area was watching all of this with wide eyes. Of course since the nigger was faced with one-on-one combat he backed down and ran off. I got my order and had a good story to tell once I got to work.

The next run-in was just yesterday, another dirty old nigger asking for money. What is the most funny part of the story is that he was blown off my another nigger before he came begging from me. First time I had ever seen the "Even niggers hate niggers" concept in action. He asked if I could spare some change, I told he I had some thing for him. I grabbed the baton from the storage area in the car door. I didn't even have to extended it this time. He saw it and quickly turned and walked off.

Coontact Tale #497 (November 7, 2006)

Coontact At The ATM Machine Today

Another lovely trip into Shittsburgh was committed today on my part. Always some monkey shines around that place.

This time it was at the ATM machine; an outdoor one along the side of a bank.

It was getting dark, as in the sun-went-down kind of way, and I pulled up behind this car that was sitting at the ATM, but I didn't see any hands coming out of the driver's side window and then I saw the passenger door open up just a little, then saw some moving around in the front seat. I couldn't tell what ethnicity it was because of the lighting wasn't too giving in the ways of color, but I knew this had to be nigger shit.

Then this skinny nigger sow gets out of the passenger seat - yep, niggers alright - then it goes around to the trunk and the jackass in the driver's seat hits the remote to open it, so I knew the car was in Park. The brake lights weren't at full capacity like when you hit the brake so I was sure it was in Park.

This nigger sow is fishing around in this trunk, looked like they just hijacked a thrift store with all the clothes in the trunk all wadded up and everything else.

"Come on!", I said, sticking my head out the window.

"I'm sorry. Just a minute", said the wildebeast.

So it finds some envelope, goes back into the car from the passenger door, screws around some more, gets out of the car again, walks over to the deposit box about ten feet away from the ATM and seems to stand there looking at something I apparently can't see.

See, niggers always have to be in the way of anything that has a chance where people go through, they can never simply park in one of the many parking spots and walk up to do something that might take longer than usual, no, they have to sit their car where cars roll through and stop for a maximum of one whole minute and do something completely unrelated to what the area of transit is used for.

This type of nigger action is related to how they like to stand in front of doorways, entrances, exits and in gaggles while walking down the street in a complete jumbled pack where you don't know what nigger is going to go where and their pace is unbelievably difficult to get a sense of. Point being, if there's a walkway or any way of people going through, guarenteed, a nigger will find a way to block it while the fuck around in complete nigger-confusion.

Finally, I laid on the horn. Then some other she-boon sticks her head out the driver's side window.

"Hold on, gahd-dammit!", yells the she-sprog. Then I get out of the car.

"Go park your fuckin car in a fucking parking spot!", I yelled.

"I'm almost done!", yells the other she-boon by the deposit box ten feet away.

"Move your fucking car! I gotta get home!", I yelled.

So this stupid she boon puts the car into drive and floors it, peeling out and shoots out of the parking lot leaving her friend behind. I thought, "Oh fuck, she's going to get some gaggle of niggers nearby. Better make this transaction!"

"The fuck you yell at her foe?" asked the she boon at the deposit box. "The fuck you yell at her foe? Yo, I axed you a kweshteyun! Ya'll gotta yell and shit fo sum'im dat just take a minute!"

I completely ignored the wildebeast savage, got my 20 dollars out and took off.

"Cracka honkey mutha fucka!", yelled the wildebeast.

"Molasses in your ass slow greasy nig bitch", I yelled back and hauled ass out of there. I could see her jumping around and doing that rubber neck thing as I took off.

I sometimes secretly love going into town and fucking with niggers. I don't go looking for it on purpose, but if there's a high chance of niggers, they'll always be in the way of something. Unfortunately, I drove the wife's car today and she doesn't have a nigger-knocker under her seat, which mine is an old 70's 2.5 foot long Miller High Life beer knob where it has the Miller logo right at then end of it, so that oddball diagonal Miller High Life logo piece of wood that's actually a part of the beer-knob, not glued on, would inflict some serious pain if I hit a sprog in the melon.

That's my coontact story for this week. Maybe one next week. I'll keep you all posted.

Stay tuned.


Coontact Tale #498 (November 8, 2006)

myk999 writes about "MORE proof of the devolution of niggers"

I just got off the bus. This short, fat nigress gets on the bus. Of course, when she gets on, the entire bus tilted to the right. "They" must be paying good bucks down at the welfare office.

Anyway; at a closer look (big mistake), I noticed this niggress actually had a go-tee that would be the envy of any 14 year old boy. Mind you, 'she' was not a drag queen -you could tell by her tits which were probably used on her 8 year-old. She didn't even try to shave it.

Clearly, this is a thing to come. As the nigger continues to go down their path to voluntary slavery, we shall rule as the most fitting successors!

To which flattenedsprog follows up with this insightful commentary.

Fat nigger sows have this problem quite commonly. First of all, niggers are hairy bastards in the puberty department...groin, face, underarm, legs, etc.

Fat nigger sows lose a lot of their estrogen because it gets thinned out from all the fat, but they also have more testosterone, albeit in smaller doses than men, than the very small amount in white women. Therefore the testosterone gets amped up where the fat nigger sow has a bad case of "Muh P***y" which is the female version of the nigger buck "Muh diiik" which is why you will see fat nigger sows with kids. You think, "My god, who would bang that ugly boon?" If a fat nigger sow is in heat, she will suck and fuck anything attached to a male because her testosterone is much higher to make up for the lost estrogen.

Because of this reason, this is why you'll see fat nigger sows with facial hair and I mean LOTS OF IT, such as the sow you saw near the bus.

And how in God's name was the nigger on the bus? I rode a bus over ten years ago and it was PACKED with niggers. Niggers take forever and a day to get their shit together because they're simply slow and they love to shuck and jive before they ever pack away their stuff.

My sympathies.

Coontact Tale #499 (November 9, 2006)

As I am a traveling man, I frequently stay at a medium range hotel outside of Buffalo, N.Y. I have become acquainted with some of the staff, and have had long racial/political discussions with several. The maids, bellboys, housemen, and laundry workers are all Spanish negroes or mullattoes. The maintenance men, room service, front desk are all Polish or Polish-American.

I stayed there recently while a conference of a N.Y. State workers Union was going on. This pow-wow attracted the most vile collection of arrogant, "entitled" coons, who arrived to represent their districts (slums). I cannot write the whole story, if I did this coontact would be thirty pages long. I will only record the really low points.

1) They always whine and whinge about the "legacy of slavery" so one would suppose a formerly persecuted people would have a highly developed empathy and sense of justice for those less fortunate---but this was not the case with this gang of coons. They called every maid "Maria" and sent all of them on countless errands for more sheets, amenities, soap, cots, pillows----everything. And not one of them got a tip during or after! One old bitch she-boon called down to the desk and told the older gentleman at the desk, "Now listen, you are all here to be our servants..." He was so enraged he almost walked.

2) They consumed everything they possibly could, and what they couldn't use or carry away, they destroyed. A maintenance man said to me. "Do these people know how to wipe their asses or use a toilet?" Because they were up in the rooms constantly either plunging or snaking as the coons used an entire roll of paper at one dump. He also said when they checked out every electrical item was on (hair dryer, TV , lights, etc), the hot water was turned on, the AC all the way up, and the windows open---so they feel they can get their money's worth. They stole the irons, ironing boards, water glasses, art off the walls, absolutely everything at the continental breakfast including the orange juice machine and the toasters.

3) They left the rooms in shambles. They apparently have to grease up their entire bodies so they don't get "ashy' but then when they bathe the tub is left with the most repugnant, stinking black film sprinkled with kinky hair---and let me tell you the maids didn't like cleaning this up. One room was filled with rotten food they had hauled from buffets, and plastic liquor bottles filled up with piss.

4) Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink. The ice machine was crashing all night long and they rocked the candy machines trying to steal jujubes and paydays. I was tormented by raucous Negro chortling all night long and high pitched bitch fights as they got drunker and drunker. Finally they all went out to a nearby club where I heard they broke a plate glass window.

One ridiculous, room temperature IQ spook from Brooklyn was making demands all night long, "wer dee pool?! Wer dee sawna?! Ah needs a robe!!!! Later that evening he passed out in the hallway wearing nothing but that terri cloth robe. A maid told me when he left she found the robe ripped and filthy with a huge jar of vaseline in the pocket.

Coontact Tale #500 (November 12, 2006)

Tonight, my sister had to go to the SunCom store to get her old numbers transferred from her old phone to the new one. The store is located in a pretty niggerfuxated part of Charlotte so I had to go along for security. Upon entering the store you guessed it Complete Niggerfuxation. I told her to watch her pocketbook because this is the real deal. The guy helping her took her phone to this little secret bat cave to transfer the numbers, he told us it would be just a minute while he used the restroom. When he came out of the restroom he asked us if we had taken the phone, of course we said no and there you have it.

He replayed a security tape and a 50 something year old nigger who looked like Fred Sandford ripped it off.

This is so fucking typical, I told my sister that no matter what the age it makes no difference a nigger is a nigger till the day he dies then he's just a dead nigger.

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