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    Alt.Flame.Niggers (AFN) is a wonderful place where members of non-nigger races can join together to discuss the "Typical Nigger Behavior" of nigger bucks, sows, and nigglets.  It is a Usenet newsgroup where the "n" word can be used freely, without fear of receiving the death penalty of political correctness..

     Members of non-nigger races come to AFN to voice their frustration with society's costly and failed experiment to train niggers to act like humans.  Niggers come to alt.flame.niggers because there's a sign on the door that says "niggers".

     So, if you're a decent human being, stick around and post a few jabs at our pet niggers.

     And, if you are a nigger, we cordially invite you to "HANG around"…


Table of COONtents...

1 - Why do AFN members dislike niggers?
2 - Who is allowed to post on AFN?
3 - What is "TNB"?
4 - What is "niggerfuxation"?
5 - What is "niggerwhine"?
6 - What is "niggerbabble"?
7 - What is a "niggerfact"?
8 - What is "coontact"?
9 - What is "chimping out"?
10 - What is "niggercide"?
11 - What is "niggerstanding"?
12 - What does "DAFN" stand for?
13 - Do AFN members actually shoot niggers?
14 - Do AFN members actually keep "pet niggers"?
15 - What is a "PNL"?

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1 - Why do AFN members dislike niggers?

     Because niggers are not human, and won't stay in their places.  They create, carry, and spread horrible diseases; and unweave the moral fabric of every society that accepts them.  They "dumb down" our schools, slowing the progress of the White race.  They commit crimes at a far higher rate than any other animal or human on earth, and are extremely costly to maintain.  They devastate any city, country, or organization they infest.  They are parasites, and will stop at nothing short of killing their hosts; regardless of the impact it will have on their own shitskin hides. (Back to the TOC)

2 - Who is allowed to post on AFN?

     Anyone.  Although AFN is primarily intended to give a sounding board to members of non-nigger races, we allow our pet niggers to post here on AFN (even though they don't type or spell well).  Without niggers, it is very hard to flame niggers.  So, therefore, our pet niggers, the bleeding-heart liberals, and even the white crack whores who screw niggers, are welcome to post here.  But those scum elements of society should not expect us decent folk to treat them "politically correctly", as they whine and demand elsewhere.  We AFN members are sick of niggers and their cohorts, and take extreme pleasure in showing it.
     HOWEVER, niggers; though your White Massas allow you to post on AFN, you MUST, on pain of whipping, follow the "AFN posting rules for niggers" within each and every niggerpost.  This is MANDATORY!  Should you send one post to AFN that does not conform to these rules, a severe niggerwhipping will follow! 
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3 - What is "TNB"?

     "TNB" stands for Typical Nigger Behavior.  It includes smoking crack, stealing gasoline by torchlight, robbing, raping, murdering, crotch grabbing, not working, and surfing scat and faggot websites.  It also includes nigger bucks leaving their sows as soon as they get them pregnant, and sows getting pregnant fifteen times from fifteen different nigger bucks, to get more welfare.

     At a minimum, TNB simply demonstrates the stupidity of the nigger race.  At its maximum, TNB results in the death of one or more niggers.

     The following are some well documented and indisputable examples of Typical Nigger Behavior.  These are the facts that the liberal news media do not want you to see...

Niggers "were 7 times more likely than Whites to commit homicide in 1998".

Niggers are four times as likely as Whites to kill their children...

28% of nigger bucks go to jail, vs. 4.4% of White males

Black bastards! 68.7% of niggers are born out of wedlock!

56% of sow niggers have genital herpes!!! See page 21 of...

Though only 12% of the population, more niggers are on welfare than Whites!
See Figure B of...

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4 - What is "niggerfuxation"?

     Niggerfuxation is the result of TNB.  When niggers get a-hold of something and completely ruin it, that thing has become "niggerfuxated". (Back to the TOC)

5 - What is "niggerwhine"?

     "Niggerwhine" is what niggers constantly do when they don't get their way.  Humans all over the world are sick of hearing the "niggerwhine" of members of the "non-human" shitskin race affectionately known to all as "niggers".  They want handouts, reparations, and settlements; and generally, something for nothing.  We AFN members think they should work for their money.  Preferably in cotton fields, while chained together at the ankles. (Back to the TOC)

6 - What is "niggerbabble"?

     Niggerbabble is the unintelligible babbling that comes out of a nigger's mouth.  It may come out sounding like "I beez wantz a White womin", or "I beez killn Whitey", or "Muh diKKK, muh diKKK".  Niggers often issue forth these babblings while grabbing their crotches, in a desperate attempt to keep their sexual organs from falling off due to the effects of the many niggerborne communicable diseases they're infested with.

     With babblings such as, "Whitey owz me a livin' ", or "What I did beez Whitey's fault", niggers often use niggerbabble to avoid personal responsibility. (Back to the TOC)

7 - What is a "niggerfact"?

     A niggerfact is a lie made up by a nigger, which niggers then swear to be true. Examples of niggerfacts are that niggers invented everything, including the telephone, the television, nuclear submarines, and the moon; that niggers "built America"; that niggers all have big diKKKs; and that law enforcement statistics showing niggers to be murderous animals are not true.

     The term "nigger-lie" is interchangeable with the term "niggerfact". (Back to the TOC)

8 - What is "coontact"?

     Coontact is "having contact with niggers".  All coontact should be avoided, unless you LIKE being exposed to crime and niggerborne diseases. (Back to the TOC)

9 - What is "chimping out"?

     "Chimping out" is the natural and inevitable expression of a nigger's natural TNB instincts. Most niggers "chimp out" continuously, which makes it hard to determine the exact moment when their "inner chimp" actually emerges. "Chimping Out" is easiest to detect in "Uncle Tom" negroes, who spend their lives trying to act white. Golf-playing sportscaster OJ Simpson "chimped out" when he murdered his ex-white-wife and Ron Goldman. Millionaire nigger Mike Tyson "chimped out" by violently raping a woman when he could have easily paid for the most expensive hookers.

     A "Bongo Party," of course, is the ultimate and most highly coveted form of "chimping out."

     "Chimping out" occurs on AFN when a nigger can no longer stand the humiliation that his Superior White Massas deal out to him. When niggers are totally defeated intellectually, and proven to be the inferior chimps that they are, they go apeshit. They let their "inner chimp" bust loose, bang on their keyboard with a banana, and throw shit at their computer screen. Click this link to see an example of some of our AFN Pet Niggers "chimping out".  (Back to the TOC)

10- What is "niggercide"?

     Niggercide is a contraction of "nigger homicide". Niggercide, AIDS, and ebola, comprise the Great White Hope.  Niggercide is the leading cause of death among Americoons.  It happens when TNB reaches its peak, and niggers use guns, knives, or poisoned crack to put "dey soul bruthaz" on AFN's Dead Nigger Picture Pages. Unfortunately, niggers who commit niggercide usually get caught within ten minutes due to their stupidity; before they can commit further acts of patriotism! (Back to the TOC)

11 - What is "niggerstanding"?

     "Niggerstanding" is a general bewilderment resulting from Caucasian demands that are inappropriately placed upon their inferior negroid cohabitants.  The lack of mental acuity exhibited by niggers will cause that unmistakable "lost and confused" look when they are challenged to any more thinking than would be required to light a crack pipe. The inferior nigger's lack of understanding can be demonstrated in the following examples...

-  You attempt to take a defective item back to the store and the help person is a nigger. They look lost, confused and are totally unhelpful because they just don't understand.

-  A technical meeting of engineers, which includes a nigger who received his diploma from Zulu Tech. The limits of his niggerstanding are quickly exceeded, and it sounds to him that the Whites in the room are speaking a foreign language.  Niggers simply dismiss intelligent conversation as "crackerbabble". (Back to the TOC)

12 - What does "DAFN" stand for?

     "Dumb Ass Fucking Niggers", of which you'll find no shortage within AFN. (Back to the TOC)

13 - Do AFN members actually shoot niggers?

     Yes, but ONLY if attacked.  We believe that one White life is worth the lives of many thousands of wild niggers.  So, if niggers threaten our lives, or the lives of our families, they forfeit their own. (Back to the TOC)

14 - Do AFN members actually keep "pet niggers"?

     Yes.  Here at AFN, we maintain a stock of pet niggers to flame.  We take very good care of our pet niggers.  We provide them with work in the cotton and tobacco fields during the day, and we provide them three meals per day, consisting of various parts of the chicken anatomy.  Those that prove to be "good ole' niggers" that day (by not stealing anything) get a slice of watermelon after we lock them all into their nigger cages each night.

       Although we do bullwhip all of our pet niggers every day (which is why our pet niggers call us "crackers"), we have never had a single complaint from any animal rights organization concerning the treatment of our nigger livestock.  Those groups also realize the fact that you can't make a nigger do anything constructive without bullwhipping them.
(Back to the TOC)

15 - What is a "PNL"?

     PNL stands for Portable Nigger Lyncher, and is one of the greatest contributions to mankind since the wheel.  It is the brainchild of PNL Mike, of the Old Ranch Plantation down Texas way.  You can read about the Portable Nigger Lyncher and its many complimentary products, and order them, at the AFN Store.  (Back to the TOC)

        Pictures, song lyrics, and useful information are often posted to alt.flame.niggers.  The links below contain samples of our "heart warming" AFN favorites...

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          SOUTH AFRICA!

As did Zimbabwe, after the niggers killed the Whites that were feeding
them, watch South Africa slide back into the Stone Age...

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